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Mia fc3J tia lay Bwshtr of Waukesha,
wkomq, wot a taw
As Absoa, A ug. 31. -Th eiuage
MDfc of Jum L 8bcca: ol MMI cay
k marry VI. m h!ia Mar..-y ha: '
iiU'i.Kuri A i.ai:,a from tost yce
lUUi thai th aiamaga WiU uiks
D.acc th latur part of tbs tuoiiib, aud
uyi M.aa baUtr i a popiuar youug
laUy auU a Una siugvr. Mr. bhfaoock
w was ruo wfio aaa n-U fanioua by
viow of Lta uuaua'a ui,
which lfi i ui a flartna couuugem
Upon hu marry. ug within five years
ul th tttor;a death. Barock ha
stating Waukcana annua:
ty yaia lie was a iuaro t I
Milwaukee from (.ta
ke, Luiher Jamas,
tti diacotsry of the
I tney weal to Wauke
it ibrr wrnleach year,
an oM man and Bab
tn raut cars. In
MM Mr. Janus d.l
ai. Hi Will proTideU
hat, &
that h
elate, which amounted to
ti. lred tbouaand dollars.
shoald be kf ot intact for five year,
and U.en .f HaNcocK Ma u.arried it
waa to go to h:m, otnerwiee it should
aiv ird among the hv:ra. The w:l!
. a .)! Babotx-k to be much sought
ufw and to receive numerous offers of
uiarr.age. He is a tu.et, ret.nut( MsO
' MM .-... a trie roCimu for hau-
la a Statement M ths Free Press of the
Wandutte Troupe.
I kt I pya ugust -1. Dh sM)aatlaaJi
atatement to a l'n i reporter Co: at
ag rut refuaat to administer the last
r:lee of tha church to Mr. LafenMUn
sMM of hm connect. on with secret
m I tie waa n ubatauce a foUawa:
In t.a flrt place, I was not cn!.fd
lol li :--. 'it three weeks
MrMW to ins tieath. 1 Tisited him st t::t
rpe-i of ,i s eoti and soniu-law. It
not ir ;.:V. n? was a mr.iber oi
mj . ran i r kwaaty-lfa year, or
for any id ol time whatever. At
on tiinu be bekogd to the United
eliuiati, but arithdr from ttiat wrac
y mmh a-.il thereafer was a n.cm
flM icnurcn. I went U his resi
ui:ce, m admitted to bis bedside
and conferred with h.ni. He confe."aeU
t. awi.eU.d not 11. eve that h.- soul
w Id .itc after r.is body ii:J, and, as
Mm I u tut ran castcn will not permit iu
Ciriru :: to ' - -l" the ritr t
aoeo;u..uu au l comiaumon to any one
who r.oids sucu bei.ef. I left him and
t. r W mi aiurw.ira. The next
m r i ug he called :n the pastor of the
I nited churcn at Taylor Center, not of
tae I u i lure, at Wyandotte, to
which he formerly belonged. The
main reeon way 1 d.d not MtaUDletei
t ie ritea of trie cnurcu to him was not
lecause of bis be.nx a nember of a
ecret society, although we had pre
v.ousiy tied alxjut tnat, hut becau
of bu uuOelief in the nnmortatay of
r :
aoul. It is also uutrue that I was
leeted to conduct bifl funeral and
iad. . No members of tiie ax-iet;os
ich Mr. Lehinann belonged are
iuemLers of me church.'
It Causes CcnsiJerabie Damage by F;re
in Bay Cay.
II T ( itt, Aug. 31. A lighted cigar
thrown carelessly under a wagon pint
form, adjoining the McIon iI Hard
ware company's store, at the foot oi
Font th avsnu'-, set tir to a barrel of
ga oa yesterday, and instant. y th
who!" s.dr ol trie building was on fire.
The department, aesisfc d by a tire tug,
soon cit nguahed tne flames, although
at one time it !nnei a if the esora
bh k was doomed. TwentT-fivo bar
r f luKr aating oil. in the rear, were
t reatened at one time. The loss w.li
i iotl flxJ and :s covered hy insur
ance. Two farm wagons and some
agricultural Implements were de
stroyed. Trie re-t of the damage was
0OM to goods in the basement, and to
Tues.lay afternoon a
Are broke 01 in a small house at No.
21-5 Parker street, owned bv William
..dreeu. and ccup ed iy A. C
'lovatt, a be t D a i Bp ne.rs room hav
ing become ignited. Yesterday after
el l:M O'clock a fir broke out ;n
tba same house in the same room, and
it is presumed from a rtamoey in a
leai to kiMhea. Bert httle damage.
cancsr causro thr osath
Of I'.Ua Inl.r.g of Dowaglac on Saa
day. I MAJ V it mot unusual
case ol diseaae waa disoloeed by the
r'. in Monday on the Udy of
z. l'a,-i w?s . (u--. 1 I n
w . ehned can "r of the sopnagti.
between sti mach and throat, BJ
a q
Kound tsk toe woraa for weo'.y-oos
years mtnout missing a day.
Savavee the ir Drunk
Wss Arrmted.
Ha h M ton . Aug. M. -Ca; -4
Brooka f the schooner Coraican, now
hds at the do k here, and soas of the
s . ijj-S
axreala i r
it Llu;v Sunrf
baa. 4ti t .utuauu a lew Uaya.
Moaad ghiatilaia' Gram juad in a Good
Stale of frlSierratioa.
MiiKKou.s, Aug.31. AUut two years
ago a iariy of geoiieiuen in Arkansas
ilu into oat? of '.he mouml erect J t v
pottery berruat.caliy staled. Upon
bsang opened ibey were fa iwi ha con
tain a kind of gram, which pruTert to
ie a variety of . Ki lends at MOff
laaer I r. Av -nil or IttM city eenl to
rum ti.re k-raei of this ptraugoiy
found gra.n, and na gv IftaM Ml U
Waaaarasac, a M inst, with diraottooi to
plant aud ascertain if aeeda o toogdOC
aiant wouid arow. Kacb kernel has
i v u attain, wniCh ia gr
idly and presents a our ooai
A ran
,wh:ch i, pas
lunoot hj duplicated auyahere
uaps, in tne I ted Ma: a
William W:lion of Tecumseh Instantly
K.!ied at Jackson.
Ji.'k,, Aug. Ji. Wdiiaia Wilson,
a mach ai. st employed at the Micnigaa
Central shop at the junction, wa.sstrm k
b au aEB;JI about 7 o'clock lateveii
aig and mis inAiani.y k.,:e i. IK- bad
wurted lak: and wsts returning to the
1 MpeimneS li use, where he I oariled.
He wa husy talking when the train ap
proached and stepped in front of tno
angina. Ba :ody was oatiiod ao trie
undertHkiog establ.shmeut, wnere Cor-otir-r
A li-r impaneled a jury. An !i
aaeat will he oeld on Thursday morn.
Mr. Wilao'i's shoulder and ir-g were
broken and tie suta.m-d a bad aoalp
MOOndj bt delk wa caused by mtei
aal inji r i His kome is m reetuaaah,
and he .--ivesa widow ami four c!ai-
drm. He whs 4U years old.
Tba deceased sustained a severe scalp
: wound, had bis left shoulder and left
-..ken and death was probnbla
! caused by internal injuries. Mr. d-
sou leaves a wife and four children m
. imaea. He wa about torlv vears
of ae and was popular BtoOTlg bil :is
buciatea. In his pocket wan found a
ietter Irctu his wife, evidently just re
ceived, and a ticket to a rafile for the
benefit ol Bd J. poor, a worthy rail
rond employe now in the hop:tal at
Anti Afboc.
The coroner's inquest will be held
i hursday morning.
JnOg Newton Coac.udci Circuit Court
Stands in the Way.
f 1 1 MM , Mich., Aug. 8L Judge
Newton dropped into Lansing yeater
day. Ba was on un way. north bat
1 tune to pay u:s respects to the
t- v -rnor. Tk latter anhianunntlj said
mat wh.ic the vacancy on the Supreme
benoh waaoaaualljr referred t it was
cot di5CUs.)d at any length and the
call had no aignifaonac whatever in
thM ooanaqtsoo owaag to Judge Kow-
t n's po-.tion on the oircu'.t be.nch, and
th-- co npl. cation wbtck will naoaiaart
y affioa IBOOid he resign. Tlis judg
.a not a.u.-t;er .-;..' t.:at i.e wou. 1
:. s way c ear to accept the spireme
justiceship should it be teutcr.d him.
State Prison Arr.valn.
jACKaoSi Aug. 31. Frank Collins,
the Doled negro burglar, wh escaped
from the I ro . jail in July, has boon
captured at yracue, N. Y. A move
. on foot io have him eTtradittd.
AitbOOgh only '2( years old, ho haa a
very ta 1 rocord. He entered a Caab
01 i I Mtroit rpaidenceand demaaded
the aaiaaMes of the la ly. Bh n ni' d
ami ha olobbed her bate ubtntsaion.
Mi.ce this or Be 0 Mas gefVd a ! i in at
the atate pi son for another robbery
and uow be is likely to face the nuisic
for the Detroit otfenea.
W .nam i urh y, Claude Armstrong
end George Holies, three mere youths
from Pftro t. who were sentenced in
that c.ty last Friday, to two, five and
.. ,:) v. ir r--p etive y at '.e pr.on
for burglary, arrived at that institution
A man 70 years of age became a con
vict at t:.H MMta prison yesterday for
four years. He WM a Livingston
county farrnf-r n':itl Moore. His
family consist of gfoaraVsjp children,
his Wife leing m trie insane a-ylurn.
H cr.me was Q t f aau it'iii: a little
giri. He is very In firm and it is doubt
ful if he live to st? e out his sentence.
Republican Nomin.it.ons at ioma.
Ionia, Aug. .51. l ite republican con
vention nominated the following county
liket thia afternoon: J udge of tirobate,
A. Milau Wilitt; sheriff, Alexander T.
Montgorn'- coonty clerk, L. Delos
i arch; I isurer. Oeorge W. Snyder;
rol ded, I orvn I . I'aie. pro
ecuting attomaj, Koyal a. Bawsj;
Circuit court commi.M'oners, Henry J.
!Ih rigatt, John !' haddock; super
v -or, !'.; I i .Crawford, fb 00Mla
t on no t at tne op. ta h-use this after
noon and was the largest and most ec-tT-!s!at
c i !d for ytsrs. Rooalog
speeches were made snd resolutions
paed rec mmandiog W. W. MiMlhal
for the suirame lench to fill vacancy,
and endor U ( i.h!. national and
enoaty nki. JndgaCWUIett isrenomi
nab1. The op ra house sfnge was
i r ed with a larg banner '-ontam-bag
portraits of Harrison, lieid and
Reunion at Sturgia,
- MMOj Mic i., Aug. 31. For the
. pen ng day f the rumon of the BS
, -r- n ! .rs ..i ."v of otiUiWst-
'Tn M Cbt ko the oi ty was. a e and
dreaee ' gayest holiday h' t.r and
Sb MMSMM i-g train on ad the rSMM
rent, r ng here added to the throng.
fill grounda of the -turti
; . aseoeia n preaanM an anvnsaasd
spectaeie and tha rows of wh.te tents
look hke the habitation of an army.
) mar Cay ul Taa, W.ia Nma Peo
ple on Board.
MAsiffu, y jc .... tj n AM
acbouiur c.ir of loiado, beiocglOg lo
irr i
ot tiere, aioi.t 6 o'clock, hhe I .. . .
completely over in a few tn.uutee and
all bands on board were teat. She was
i-oiaman iu ty tap:. Jotai laMiU0
of ituo city. He naU n.s ;o el -'.
daughters on toard with mm. ha
halanoa of the crw aoanaated of e x
men, oosmj of whom live in mm city.
There wa.- a heavy ea v q i tb bOt
w Mat out, so aiae ao mat th crew had
to lake to the riJBg. i IT bOttMJ
aitaYMMfal ak w aicbtsd with her
dag at half-niat, making for the
beach. The tWOaaJ now las Uitioai up
atut fifty rotl north of 1'ierport.
The dead are: Capt. John McMilan,
MauiKtie, iazie Mt Milan, hia d0gk
itr:. tie orgs MoKinsey, Grand Haven;
August McNe.i, Ci:cag- ; John Ljs I .
Chicago W am MoCarthy, jotai
0 S I, : l . The schooner was
owueu by tne Mniitfie Lanahnr ootn-
pa..y. Laden with .46,000 feet of lum
bai -t.e a.U-d etcrday uoou for Mich
.gau I .v', lnd.
Copper for Chicago.
M in, Aug. ;Jl. liie Franklin
Mining company will furnish several
pieces of meat pop pas for lb oomm i
couutry axhihtt at the word's fair
Which are line specanen u nat.ve cop
par. ne is a piece aix utllaie l et
high shaped bometnaig like an hour
glass, the lower part ot winch is amyg
daloid rock plentifully fpnnkled with
line copper and lb top ot pure Copper
.- oi.n. ca-d w.fi tne . .:- ly a ...a r- v
neck of copper of ahonl twenty-tive
pounds weight, lioih piucea are very
Odd Fellows Election at Hudson.
Btrosxm, Aug. 31. A large nnmbar
Of prominent odd Fellows, from sev
eral cantons throughout southern
Michigan, were in Hudson yefteiday in
attendance at an election of majors,
OS 1 by Col. J. I. Peek, of tin tmrd
battalion. Tne follow. ng majors were
chosen: lleor;: S. lav:s, Lansing, first
battalion: J. W. Ada r. Battle Creek,
second battalion; A. A. Case, I'lttaiord,
tnird battnl.on.
Maccabees at Detroit.
DlfMf, Aug. 31. The Kn glits of
lb Manonbea met for their business
session in tue Light Infantry armory
this morning. Tnere were fully 1 ,0i0
persons preaent when the meeting was
called to order, it presenting 772 hives.
Tba usual routine committees were
appointed and the reports of the great
commander, record keeper, finance
keeper, finance auditor and examiner
were submitted.
Stole IIi Own Child.
Flint, Mich., Aug. 31. Three years
ago a man r imed Biabop was sent to
state prison from flint for three years.
About the same time Mrs. Bishop de
pal ted from her home near Kictifield
Center and left her 4-year old girl with
its randi arenta, Mr. and Mrs. Brant
meyer. Ota Btnrdy Btabnp was die
cliarged and he celebrated the t venf by
luring a livery rig and stealing his owii
Van Buran County Nominations.
ElAarFOan, Miob., Ang. 31, The re
; i.. .can representative convention
convened at tho Academy of Music
hi re yesterday, anal a. P. Thooaaa of
.South Haven ivan chosen pernnincnt
chairman and E. H. Hinkley secretary.
On hundred and fifty-three delegates
were present. The first ballot gave. C.
c. I'hiiliDs 3, J. t;. Park bond l, C. L.
Eaton 50, and A. L. Wiidy Id. A. B.
Wlldy was than nominated by acclama
tion. Off the Track.
Bxt City, Aug. 31. The Michigan
Centra tran iron Heiroit wliich
reached Bay City last night, was al
lowed to run off an open switch near
the F. v P. M. crossing by an excited
Lnterlocker tender. Tba train had the
barget for th right of way and the
tender reversed the switrh without
warning. The sleeper and one coach
went off as the train was backing up.
Three Links in Michigan.
LaMMMQ, Aug. ;il.-F. H. Whitney
of tins city, grand mm n niry of the
M .eh gan L O. ( . F., says the" order ia
progressing nicely. There are uow tSS
lodges in the atate with a tidal member-hip
of '', 0". The higher branch
embraces 1 19 encampment and is grow
ing rapidly. The grand encampment
will meet m Detroit, Octobei I J , and
the grand lodge one week later.
Aground at Groose Point.
DaiMOtT, Aug. 31. The big barge
Tokio, consort of the kale gh, bound
down from K-cauaba wan nearly L'.-J'.KJ
laoa ol 0, Im grounded at iir. tea
Point. Th ff Olta Of the Kaleigh be
ing unavailing tne assistance of the
tug;-! One ping and Wilcox was procured
and tba barge was pulled off and
passed down last even ng. having sus-
i d twenty four hours' dotention.
Boxmakera Come to Time.
SachbAW, Aug. -Id. Th- planing mill
men and box manufacturers of the
ag!naw valiey. who were served with
a not ee th!, begbidint to lay, no cars
would be dphverc-d at the various mills
i a . ,- t n 1 1 4 1 e rs ( ,il f i i). r dav for
the car a rviee to the alnaw Yi i-v
Oar naaodation, hive all paid up ex
cept one m West I'.ay (" ty.
Republican Maj nty Assured.
( DWAVam, bticb., Aue. m. The
Harr.aon and K eh Kepti nlican oiob
o. Mi I it fin .IT'. n s last even
ing. The eiuti nun upward of 200,
including a great in.. e y who will cast
their first tote thia fall. Kopu bikbana
are churk full of enthusiasm and will
ro l ap a bg mnj'inty hi old Franco
thia year.
A ass :- ' s L - Girl.
BaoOfAW, aVdM- 31. John McFsll,
team! ' . wa an -ted vaster
day n orn ng on complaint of Fireman
F ed 1 . v 11 , 4 . hun with
alleged criminal assault 'm i ay nigbl
on b;S li near a, l .lan ! - . Both
men are ;u lb jtopSO of BaWhe .a ,
Farmer S istaina Serious Loss.
a' . Mich., A w. ll. Toeedav
T fi
av ,
IDT iyp
lilts Has No Uncertain Sound.
Whal Does This Mean
Our i'eopleV
it KkMfi With a orcat ami
Grand llojc
S.'Mic-lhin ThOtftKMl Arc
tHckirio L-r.
A Fact if Marrelloaa Import
to All.
Kaw at asi, S. Y. telegraph dis
patcti from NtVbwJgi 8 a , reveais
Hie tact that a moat marvellous chango
lias taKeti place in the person of one
of its ohlest and Ivst known ci'. .' n
H. H. fganrtet, Bag., M an old man of
7. year-, and lires at 3K1 Broadway,
Nrwburg, N. Y. It apheara that Mr.
Bbnrter, who was an extensive lumtwr
dalf, tan to grow languid, got
tired easdy. wa nervous and debih
babsd, until at last he became so weak
and exhausted tnat he was just able to
Urag himaelf aiound. He lost Hean
and strength so rapidly and became so
alarmingly prostrated that his friends
and relatival despaired of his life.
Now came the marvellous change.
Suddenly Mr. Shorter Waa trans
formed from his condition of fxtrcnie
weakueM, to one ol r-tr ngth; Ins ne
grew quickly strong aud steady, his
uinaclea becanta vigorous, his blood
Ma revitifsad and enriched, he gained
Bfleen pounds in weight, and today is
:n sound and perfect health.
Such a remarkable tra: -..-formation in
a num of his ago waa a nine days' won
der. Of course the cruee was eagerly
looked for.
Y'our correspondent, determined to
know lb troth for the paper' readers,
. -I in-d to the following astonishing
facts from Mr. Shorter's own lip:
"I feel now like a new man!
"What do you th.nk of taking an
(dd man of ! years, physically weak
and It ken down, and making hia
feel like a boy again! (.living h m new
life, health and strength, and adding
fifteen pound- of solid tlecli to his weak
and debilitated fnunel
"And all in two months, with three
bottles of Dr. Greene'a Neivura blood
and nerve remedy! Well, that is just
W'hnt lias taken place in nie. Instead of
being weak, debilitated and exhausted ,
just a'de to drag myself around, I feel
now lika a new man!
"1 advise ail to uso Dr. dreene's
Norvura blood and nerve rem dy;M
Surely this wonderful remedy is a
a most marvelous health restorer, and.
witnout doubt, the greatest medical
discovery of the age.
If it can thus glf back health and
strength to an old man, wean- Bed and
exhausted by di-raae, how much more
KUwIy and certainly will it cure the
thousands who are run down, weak,
nervous aud prostrated, who suffer
from poor blood, weak nerves, dyspep
sia, indigestion, constipation, malaria,
k; Iney and liver complaints, etc. For
debility it is a speedy restorer of
-'.length and vigor. Il you are run
down 111 health and need a medicine to
strengthen thp nerves, Invigorate the
blood, tone up the stomach and regu
late th e bowels, kklnay and hver, Dr.
Graen'l Norton blood and nerve rem
edy, which is purely vegetable and
harmless, and 13 tlio best remedy known
in the world.
I se it, for it will restore your health
and strength. Y'ou can get it at any
druggtsta lor L
It is the discovery and prescription
Of the well-known and successful phy--;c:an,
Dr. Greene, of 3-" V. 14th street.
New York, the eminent specialist in the
cure of nervous and chronic diseases,
who can bo consulted free, personally
or by letter.
ham (Mr, Theodora imck, Joaepfa N.
Ellicott, John Eaton, Hiraro 0. Stew
art, Henry T. Tuayer, Bunon lianngt r,
Henry Melkeobaofai Additional
.lames L. Stafford, Andrew J. Eritcb
ard, David O, Harri-, (iejrge Heller.
Increased vTilliarn Collins, Samuel
Rwygart, VTilliaaa J. B we. Beiawte
John P, I'erkins. Original widows,
etc. Merana N. Pieroa, Sarah E. Lyon,
Hannah C. Jonas, Elisa Turner. Bnama
Laab, Lewis Starks father), Isaac A.
Sherwood (fathar), minora 1 Alvin D.
Tnpp, Jnlin Lampion (asothor), El.ta
Loornia (mother).
Died ot Old Age.
JacxamT, Mich., Aug. 31. Patton
Morrison, 1 ne ot Jackson's very wealtiiy
oitixen, died thia morning, aged about
BO years. He had resideil here nearly
as long as any other business man, and
died from a disease incident to old age.
He leaves a widow and two sons.
Business Places all Closed.
(Vlk.mvn, Mich., Ang. 81. The fun
eral serv ers of (leorge K. Mitchell, wtio
dud on Saturday evening aftor an lib
nsa. f lo ir weeks, whs bald yesterday.
He wJ much respected and ail busi
ness placra in the Village were closed
during the MTV e.
Menkeon Forgets the Date.
OaaWD llivts, Mieh., Aug. .11. Th.e
people's party senator si convention
tor Maw and ilnakagoo eoookkM mt
in this city yetr lay. Tliern were no
Nlu-a .n deb gate preu. t.eorg
Ballard was the unanimous not! "
ol the convention.
A Mistaken Ide Corrected by One of Its
Organ re-a.
Fi rroa IT ana I a Will you allow me
apae ;n y - unins to correct a
OlftOki QJM "f vo ir IWa4Jl have
I lo I reading the interview
r)f y.ur represen'at vs with S. . Ile
I esn o? Bn City? Sun !-ave !en led
to rwiieTe that noth.nt being done at
pro.ont ftnj ihst t w vk :a at a ltnd
Still pending his return to the city.
Mr. M l an M tho general crgsn 7fr
an i Qperiotendentof the work. I'ndar
I: 1 r t on tha state and country at
te d a
nt in charge of
ro rs
-g :c h
a rinh. and
t si a pnl
n ra' o
aa ted and
fill I L
The Doors of Fall will Bving Wldf opea tomorrow, Mouday
IJoroing, prwetitiiiir to the jnople of Mic-hiiran tlu golden fruit
from the famous looms of the world. With this event tho Fall
08011 of 1892 Will t$
And tho ladies are cordially invited to visit the many depnrt
mentfl of interest. They will be found rich in their abundance of
all the latest creations from tho fashion centers of the worla.
The greatest exhibition oi new Dress
Fabrics, c loaks. Carpets and Draperies
ever shown in this part of our hemis
phere, outdoing and excelling the might
iest efforts ot the past.
It is with pleasure that we invite the ladies to OUT Fall Opening, U liet inp that
they will appreciate the enterprise shown in placing before them so rich a collection
of Dress Materials, the like of which cannot be found anywhere in the WV-i, and
perhaps in but tw o or three cities in this country.
Tne catalogue is inexhaustible. In Wool Dress Fabrics for Fall and Winte r
there will be found many pleasing fancies. Ymi do not care to read much ot them
when the privilege of a personal inspection is now made possible.
Handsome Cheviots in two tone effects, all colors.
"Our Own," a new and desirable fabric for Fall Suitings and Traveling Cos
tumes, in shades of iray, brown and bluish ca-t-.
New BengaUnes in all the colors.
Wool Surahs, comprising all the shades manufactured.
English Suitings, such as will be worn by the blue bloods of Europe this sea
son, in all shades and varieties.
Novelties and exclusive designs manufactured for us, and imported direct, an
exemplification of the latest Paris fashions.
Handsome patterns in green, brown and blue, the ground of which is illumined
with a dash of old or silver.
Fabrics in .silk shot effects.
Two tone effects in C amel's Hairs, shot with colors, exquisite and becomifl
Dainty patterns in Moire Goods and Kept Valiums.
Cravenettes or Shower Proof Cloth, a desirable dress fabric, impervious to
water and handsome as a picture.
English and Scotch Homespuns
Storm Serges with prices ranging from 25 cents per yard up.
All the new colorings in Whipcords.
Henriettas and, in fact, everything known to the Dress Goods business this
season will be found on our counters this week.
New Cloaks and Wraps!
Introduction of the Fall and Winter Styles. This department, mad fam u I
people in this section by its greatness and its ability to satisfy ( very taste and price
desired i again reinforced with an endless accumulation ol n vu go
The changes in style are marked and much to be desired. Garments are cut
longer this season, some having plaited backs, Russian effects.
For HVLisses axici Oliildren :
Pretty New Style Jackets, Reefers, Gretchens and Newmarkets in all th
new shadings.
For laddies:
Our new importations unfold a charming repertoire of novelties.
Elegant Astrichan Jackets in 32, 34 36 and 42 in h lengths
Plush Sacks ranging from $10.00 upwards.
Capes. Newmarkets, Reefers, Box Coats, Top Coats, Russian Tl use C
and a wealth ol ( kiside Wraps 1 l every descripti ns.
THE COLORS Bright and dark, navy blue and blacks pred minate in both
plain and fur trimnu d.
And of
We are satisfied w ith the show in this drpar
perience have made us very particular. We km
arc exclusive designs, made to our order, and that th
Exclusive to us means exclusive f you. 1 nt thai
when they COSl yon no more than the stock made goods
The fashion Fan m rs have a 1 omplished great n suit
designs and colorings this ear and also in Dresden colo
This department (second floor) will be found rit
and gems
This is the first coming out f ajrw I ashion and sh
than one hundred accomphshed salespeople.
You arc ex-m eted to Ik on s 1 t by invitation of
n n
fuliiiully opened hy
Cloaks, Carpets and Draperies!
Varieties without number. Novell
in profusion. An endless expans ol
Ricn Dress Fabrics fr bail ana Winter
wear, open and to be seen this week foi
the first time in Michiean.
nt. and ars I 4 Ettldy and f I -that
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