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til. Wbr iittry U lrrgi.r,
pi iul tauaiiiat canpUial lit f
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Ifcrvwa til wt k4kl lkat
rat fcavtsf rU. ltJtl
NotwUbtUnJiQX the doubt, sipresaed
Ulow, as to C:elai' election, tb
UUr rstarns, togetr-.sr with the concas
ioa mad by tho Nw York Tribune
and Comaierc.al Jtdfertiser, ruake it
appir uiozxV.y ceruia tht Mr. CIsts
Und will la the next president. I!
tbit shall to finally deterooiaed, either
by tbe houM of representatives or the
electoral eotlege, tbe republicans will
accept the verdict with cneerfulces.
It is impossible at tb hour (3 a. tn.)
to furnish poi.tive and unequivocal
figurefon tae general election main.
Tbe democrats elaim "ew York, In
diana and Illinois, and a majority
in tbe electoral college, t ut tbere is
yet reason to belief tbal tbe first
returns are not couclusiTe, although
it is probable that Grorer Cleveland
will be tbe next jirrsdent.
la the state the returns do not indi
cate with any degree of certa.ntr what
the result will be, although, Respite
tbe claims of tbe democrats, tbe state
is believed to be reclaimed from the
democrats in all department.
In tbe county tbe returns are so late
and tbe figures so complicated that
Tnc H tn ali does not feel justified in
making any prediction or estimate.
Ou tbe whote it is better to await the
later returns, which will bo much more
satisfactory in establishing the results
ia nat;o, state an4 county.
Ia calling attention to tbe recent
hostile demonstration of the anarchists
tbe Chicago Journal significantly says:
The anarchists learn slowly. Tbere
came a group of these people to this
country, settled ia Chicago, declared
that affairs here were not properly con
ducted, and terminated their unlawful
acts by tbe commission of wholesale
murder. The Americaa treatment of
the anarchists was simple. A number
of them were banged.
"In tbe hanging of the anarchist was
demonstrated plainly whatwill happen
to such persons in tbe United States
when tbey seek by force to overthrow
the institutions established by reason
ing people. The illustration was forci
ble enough, certainly, but the remain
ing anarchists seemingly learned noth
ing. They slunk from sight for a time,
but are gradually reappearing, are be
coming defiant again, and bare, seem
ingly, a reai iaith in tre eventual over
throw of existing forms of government.
Tney bare begun tbe construction of a
monument to their 'martyrs.'
It is now reported that a new "re
vong" circular has been Uistr.buted
and t.iat murderous fools of the Spies
typ9 are agiia initin their dreaming
dupes to reckless deeJs. There is but
one courts for the community to
pursue undfrthe circumstance. Hu
manity mult protect itself against
anarchists a against wolves and otner
wild baits The ravmg wretches
rr.uat to prevented from doing any
barm, if po.t'e. If at any time tbey
inert1 J for ttw moment they must be
ilfiit w.ta as wolves ar. It is a prao
I Til finest cn, and self-prrservation is
tns F.rt law. Chicago began well and
rau-t ccnt.aue its record if the need
Yesterday's election in this city
paed off so quietly that a stranger
w.tam otir gatos would n A have known
that it m progress. There were no
scenes of disorder anywhere. Uncon-jn-!OU!y,
tut nevertheless effectively,
tti solemnity cf the great contest was
brought home to every man that en
teral the poli.ng places to deposit his
ballot. The change from the former
esc.tements and passionate demontra
t jni was s marked that the strikers
ami heelers retired to thr horn in
i g i-'t twt voting. For th.s changi
the people ar indebted to tiie Aatra
l;a svtru of voting. Ey this system
th evils tut cnc corrupted elections
bar teo removed. There is neither
er;ong ncr intimidation, Kvery
man is at liberty to vote w.tno'itfeir
or rtrint. O ice i3?;de the booth ail
cmssderat ons fore go to tr and
unbought ballot are etTectually blotted
out. Ta voter sunds alone with bis
conscience and if he will vote an incor
rupt, bie ballot there is none to per
s is.le or frighten him to d- other.
Th most commendable achievement
cf the n' system is the removal of
ih wsrd-ae!r and poliucal striker,
li s oecupatioa is xene. He can neither
I u'ldox voters nor blackms.l csndi
vlit?. Once a terror to botii be is now
er.ng'.ig iyophant without where to
p'y h.s ce;ar:ous call ng nor with
;-iir t ted the bacies nominee.
t huO'.iM'h tri that larg
-jn-t of m-ne t 're eirHrd't ir this
City t' r t itii ele ion fipvMt, j
it tint is;: nub-, y tr-i tUt ro suctfal
alKiiipts to fjirchae votes outright
were eoasumrnaUd. Tbe relief to can
didates is lmmeasuraMe. It U possible
now for a coaparativIy poor man to
ruu for o2ice. Formerly the question
was not "Is be capable and honest?"
but "ba be a fad?" Tnis is therefore
a welcome innovation to candUateand
voter alike.
l:scuing the Eugiiin demand for
land reform the Toat of Chicago says ;
English tenant farmers have begun
to cl;uor loudly for legulative inter
ference in their Ubalf. They find
tUeuitelvve io a very unenviable plight.
A succrsaion of bid harvests has left
many of them without m-acs to pay
tneirrtnt, but the landlords' agents
are demanding that they pay up as
promctly as before or get out. Tbe
English tenant farmers have noticed
that the attention of the imperial
parlumntbas bten very largely taken
up fur nearly a quarter of a century
with Irish affairs, and that the result
has been a very material improve
ment in the condition of tbe Irish ten
ants. Tbey are now demanding that
some attention be given them and that
some f the relief that has been given
their Irish compatriots bo extended to
First of all they want to bo made as
secure in their holdings as the Irish
farmer cow is. If stress of the times
compels them to bo delinquent they do
not want to bo turned out the first day
in the term. Should disaster con
tinue to attend them, so that it is
evident that it will be impossible for
them to relieve themselves, they want
to be assured of some leturn for
the improvements they or their fath
ers before them have put upon the
lands they have tilled, and to have
the right to sell these improvements to
the highest bidder and not have to
turn them over to the landlord or his
creature at his own valuation.
Now that the battle is fought and
the victory earned, The IIerild re
tires from the field of politics until an
other struggle is on "with malice to
ward none," and extends cordial con
gratulations to the people that we are
assured m the result that no American
interest is imperiled. The Herald has
conscientiously endeavored to support
the principles and candidates of the
party. Its lukewarmness towards one
of tho party candidates may seem to
have been without justification, but it
is sufficient to say that without a serious
and solemn provocation no newspaper
can, or will, ifford to withhold its vig
orous support from its party'i candi
dates. One of the reforms that needs in
slant attention is tho appointment of
quick-witted and accurate, election
clerks and inspectors. Tbe delay in
the count in this city last evening is
attributable largely to the thick-head-edness
of men on the returning boards.
These men were appointed not because
of fitness, but as a political favor. If
accurate and alert accountants
were put in these positions the re
turns would all be completed by 12
o'clock. This suggestion is commend
ed to the common council.
Ip the whole republican county tick
et or a majority of it is elected the
credit for the result will belong to the
candidates themselves. The county
committee through its very efficient
secretary and executive committee did
noble work, and the individual mem
be. s in season and out joined with The
Herald in making a vigorous and un
compromising fight for it.' On the
whole it was a great day for the county
Among other amusing features of the
campaign was the sudden and unex
pected vigor displayed by The Demo
crat after every possible chance of ac
complishing any good for its party had
been dissipated. Its conservatism dur
ing the campaign made no friends, and
possibly no enemies. A newspaper
without earnest and energetic enemies
is in the secondary stage of journalistic
Yon will not hear the familiar "1
told you to" from the fellows that
knew it all and 1-st. But deliver us
from the fe lows that bad a "present
in:ent" and won ; alio the fellows that
"figured the thing out" ; also the fel
lows tnat went broke and want to bor
row "a five for a day or two."
A pout the only glory the craven and
treacherous Eagle can ges out of this
campaign is in the re election of At 8.
White. Its lukewarm support cf the
county ticket and the grand success
the ticket achieved, makes tbe old bird
look like a singed chicken.
Sheriff McQueen yesterday swore that
he was a citizen of the United Mates
and deposited bis vote. If Mr. Mc
Queen had made such a declaration a
month aeo he would have done him
self greater credit.
Siirairr MKiniM is defeated. His
doubted citizenship led him to ihe
slaughter. The Herald wat the only
newspaper ia the city to force tbe fight
on bim, and having won, itfeelt m-ghty
good over it.
At leat$lOO.OOOehangd bandsinthis
city on the, result. Tbe betting wat at
no time spirited but no "bluffs'' were
permitted to go unchallenged to be
used as campaign arguments.
From the latest avatlable and reliable
figures the elation of a congressman
in this district is in doubt. Tbe reoub
Iican presidential elector is elected by
a handsome plurality.
Wrix, if it must b- fmr years more
of Orover, there no help for it. Tut
it's a grand good thirg the McKinley
bul is ont of term's way.
Witwoct closely scrat niting the
totals it aprosrs that the Duke of Kent
succeeds b;tnelf.
M. MrKsrinr will please take the
k ndergarteti m out of the wit.
And Wrecked a Paris Police
A Box of Dynamite Found in the Street
and Explodes While Being Ex
amined Paris Terrorized.
Loxoos, Nov. 8.A d spatch to the
Ileuter Telegra u company, from
Pans, state that at 11 o'clock this
morning the policemen found cuUide
of the office of the Caruiaux Mining
Cumpany an iron vesael winch bad a
suspicious appearance. They took the
Vvs&ol to Uie police station, where it
exploded witu terrible effect. Two po
licemen were intiantly killed and an
other severely wounded. The iatenor
of the station bouse was a wreck. Tbe
woodwork was demolished and tbe
windows shattered, and fragments were
blown into the street. Tbe explosion
was produced by dynamite. The out
rago is believed to have been com
muted by anarchists who wished to in
jure officials of the Carmaux company
on account of their course during tbe
recent strike.
American Officers Take a Prisoner
Through Diminion Territory.
Ottawa, Ont.. Sor. 8. Correspond
ence has taken place recently between
thedomimon authorities, through her
majesty's charge d'affaires at Wash
ington and the United Mates govern
ment, with regard to a breach of inter
national law by United States citizens.
Iu May last United Mates officers con
veyed a Britiih subject named Emer
son Omar, who had been arrested for
bigamy at Houlton, Maine, to Calais,
Maine, a journey of ninety miles, the
greater portion of wbicn was made
through the province of New Bruns
wick. The p?rmi6iou of the Cana
dian government to conduct Omar
through Canada in the custody of the
United States officers was not asked
and the facts were duly reported to the
authorities at Ottawa. Wnen the at
tention of th? United Slates govern
ment was called to the matter the sec
retary of stato caused inquiries to be
made and a reply has just been re
ceived from fcjecretary Foster in which
he recognizes the impropriety cf an
American officer taking a prisoner
through any portion of her majtsty's
domiuions without obtaining the pre
vious consent of tbe authorities and
expressing regret for tho occurence.
The opinion prevails here tnat Omar
ought to be liberated by tte United
States government, his case being much
on a par with that of the boy CJa e,
who was liberated from a Canadian re
formatory by the dominion govern
mental the request of the American
authorities a short time ago.
Thrilling Career of a Danish Murderer
Who Meets Justice.
Copenhagen, Nov. 8. Hans Nielsen,
the notorious murderer, was hanged
today. He bad a remarkable record.
When about eight years old he set fire
to a farmnouse. Before he readied
his majority he was a murderer. The
death sentence passed upon him was
commuted to life imprieonment, but
he was released after a few years' con
finement. Hardly in citizen's elothes again, he
committed several bold burglaries, in
the last of which he killed the man be
was trying to rob. Again he was sen
tenced to death and again the sentence
was commuted to penal servitude for
life. His last crime was the murder of
his jailer.
All these crimes were interspersed
with numerous burglaries, highway
robberies, assaults and petty thefts.
He never earned an honest penny in
bis life and has never paused in his
career of crime except when he was in
Unknown Man and His Horse Instantly
Killed by a Northwestern Engine.
Chicago, Nov. 8. Passenger train
No. 53 on the Chicago & Northwestern
road struck and killed an unknown
man driving in an open single buggy
at the Oraceland avenue crossing near
Cuyler station at 10:20 o'clock. The
man was thrown fully sixty feet from
tbe place where he was struck and was
instantly killed. The horse, which was
killed, was thrown nearly as high as
the top of the car and was driven un
der a sidewalk twenty feet from the
crossing. The baegy was totally de
molished and not a strap of harness re
mained on the dead animal. The
train was late and running at a rate of
about thirty miles an hour.
Thomas B. Witberspoon Iki a Narrow
Escape lrom Asphyxiation.
Chicago, Nov. 8. Mrs. William
Lewis of No. 2002 Wabash avenue dis
covered gas escaping from a room
occupied by Thomas li. Witberspoon, a
boarder in the house, about 6 o'clock
this morning. Mrs. Lewis broke open
the door and found Witberspoon lying
on the bed unconscious. Tbe apart
ment was filled with gas, which was
escaping from two open jets. Dr. E. C.
Miller was called and went to work on
tne unconscious man. After an hour's
work the physician gave it as his
opinion that Witherspoon would re
Irish Plotters in Chicago and New York
Cannot Be Reached.
Ixi0!, Nov. 8. The Times this
morning prints a three-column article
recounting the dynamite outrages and
protesting against the cranting of am
nesty to the men wno were engaged in
them. It says:
W cannot reach the miscreants who
direct and subsidize tbe plots from Chi
cago and New Yor. but by stern en
forcement of the law we may hope to
dampen the eager "heroism" ot their
Yoursg Russian Nobleman Taken in hj
a Pool Room Tout.
Nrw York, Nov. Prince Alex,
andre (iahtzme, a yoongIius an nohie.
n in at present ojourn ng in this city,
basakedthe police to arret lUrry
Preston, a pool rtem "tout," wno, be
sa d, bad decamped with f xK) of bis
mony. The prince has been travel
mg through tne country on a plesmire
tour for tbe past tfcre years. Last
summer be spent at Hollywood sod,
according to bis own statement, he
played tbe races at Monm uth park a
tool deal, and was known ss a pi anger
in the pool rooms.
At the White Elephant pool -room, ac
cording to h story, be n et rretor,
from whom be received many tips. Tues-
day ltheaitrrtOiJ at the White Ele- t
p jAtit auU i'rtuttsi.owed trim a num- I
ler f tU grams wuicn be represented i
be i.ad rtaiKtj froai racing niAguate.
'itiey eontaiar 1 ure tip, be ;u. Trie
priiHts aiixi,u to luvt ot, but 1'res
toa toii bim it too Uie to put up
the money iu tho pool-room, but if be
wou'd intrust the money to bim be
would put it ou hi ft said was a
"s-ire tmug." l'ti rrince intrusted
i f jo to i'reton, taWmg the precaution
ti take from r-tu.n a receipt for his
money. He has nut seen l'retou cor
bis money ince, hence bis vis.t to po
lice headquarter.
Covcrnor Foster Talk Over the Situa
tion With Mayer F.Ufauick.
New Okleans, Nov. 8. New Orleans
was thrown luto absjiute darkncs to
iitht, the electric workers declining to
wi-rk out of sympathy w.th thr ir f f How
strikers, and the Louisiana company,
wt.icn dOs8 tho istreet lighting, had no
force today to tin is lights. Keports
sys thd coiiijui'V wrote t the
mayor today uetttug that the
pol.ee trim the lights, but no action
was taken in the matter. Tbe presi
dent of the Electric Light company to
day had a long conference with the
poveruor on the situation.- Governor
Foster today sent for Mayor Fitzpat
rick, who seemed unequal to the situ
ation. In the cour.e of the iuterview
the mayor said the situation was very
erave indeed. Another interview was
held tonight.
leading citizens today have advised
tho governor to take charge of the
city, in order that a riot and lost of
life and properey may not be precipi
tated. The mayor has not swo.n iu
any special officers, because he says no
necessity for them has yet arisen. The
electric light people notified tbe gover
nor and municipal authorities today
that the city will be in darkness tonight
owing to the strike and the threat of
vioitnce ma le against their workmen.
It was rumored this morning that a
mass meeting would be called to take
place at Clay .Statue, but tbe report
proved to U untrue. Both aides are
still firm and business is tied up. No
attempt has been made to operate the
cars. It is aid that President Gom
pers, of the Federation of Labor, and
Powderly, of the Knights, hare been
sent for.
Chicago Man and His Daughter Bitten
by a Pet Bull Dog.
Chicago, Nov. 8. Henry Scroeder,
employed in the city sewer depart
ment, died this morning of hydro
phobia, the result of being bitten by bis
pet bull dog over a mouth ago. From
the time he was bitten until lastSunday
Scroeder made no complaint and kept
at work. Monday morning hydro
phobia symptoms developed and this
morning Scroeder died frothing at the
mouth and clawing viciously.
A young daughter of tier oed ers, who
was bitten by the brute on tbe same
day, was this morning, taken to tbe
Kush Medical college for Pasteur
treatment. The dog was killed shortly
after having bitten Scroeder and bis
daughter because of the outcry raised
by the neighbors for the safety of their
Sultan Relents.
Constantinople, Nov. 8. The sultan
has pardoned Mavroyeni Pasha and re
instated him to his former favor and
place as his special physician. From
the sultan's childhood Mavroyeni has
been his trusted friend. He recently
sued hs wife, a French Jewess, whose
scandalous life had involved him in
disgrace for divorce, and to spite him
she sent to the sultan a diary kept by
her husband, iu which daily notes were
kept of the sultan's variable mind.
Tbe physician was placed under arrest
by the snltan's order. Mavroyeni
swore on the cospel that he bad never
intended anything written against the
Arrested and Released.
Chicago, Nov. 8. John P. Hopkins,
one of the democratic local leaders,
and chairman of the legislative com
mittee of the county central committee.
was arrested at 4:16 this afternoon, at
democratic headquarters, on a warrant
obtained by Charles McLain, a negro,
of No. 227 Plymouth Place, charging
him with intimidating a voter, lie
was taken before Commissioner Hoyne.
He held that inasmuch as McLain'had
voted before his arrest, the charge
against Mr. Hopkins Would not hold,
and he was released. '
Boy Sbot by an Unknown Man.
Stoi-ghtox. Miss.. Nov. 8. Twobovs
named Kay F. Wood s.nd Charles Doyle
were in a wooasneu in orin oiougn
lon this morning when an unknown
man rame out of the Woods with a eun
on his shoulder. On feeing the boys he
took aim at the n audi tired, instantly
killing young I)oyle. The man then
escapee! into the woods. Searchers are
scouring the woods fbr the murderer.
Ask for an Extension.
Ottawa, Ont., Nov.f. The dominion
government has asked the imperial
authorities for an pxtpnsion Until the
V1t inat. of tim in fwh f.h live rat tin
may bo shipped to England, pointing
out the serious loss to wmcn came ex
porters will le involved, owing to
breaches of contract, if such extension
is not granted. No reply has been re
ceived as yet.
Fooled the Mathematicians.
New York, Nov. 8. Contrary to the
general expectation, tbe number of
votes cast in this city fell considerably
below the estimates made ly the elec
tion expert mathematicians. As early
asfio'rl rk the democratic managers
admitted that the tailing oil amounted
to over 7 per cent compared with the
vote of four years ago.
Chili's Cabinet Resigns.
Taris, Nov. 8. A dispatch from Sa
tiazo svs that tbe Ctiilian cabinet bus
rrnsirned. as a result of the trouMrs
that have been for some time brewin
between the clerical and the liberals.
Yale Wins from New York.
New Yokk, Nov. 8. The foot bail
eame letwen the Yale and tbe Nw
York rlub teams at the. polo grounds
resulted in a score (f 4 to 0 in favor
of Yale.
Conv.ct Sanders Recaptured.
WArrrw, Wn., Nov. 8. Tnomas San
ders, the convict who essped from
state prion yesterday, as captnred
tins morn.ng almost famished anl
Yesterday's Fire.
About 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon
smoke li r aopniing from the
basement of E. KbTtich'8 store on
Straight St., ni an alarm was turned
m from b-.x 72t. Th tire wss found
to t i.i an !d stovp in th t-ament,
wliich had no stovepipe. No damage.
Dwyer Gave Up.
Comstock voi tJe wrtiing mstfh
between himself and lawyer last n ght.
In the fifth bout to-v stock seenred a
dargro'i hammer lock, and Iwyr
gsve up tl e match sooner than have
h.t arm broken.
Charles S. Salter Cruelly Mur.
dered by E. Liddell.
Two Employes of the Hotel Cadillac
Have a Quarrel That En is in
the Pcatn of One.
IETtu3tT, Nov. 8. And ttill another
cold-blo-ded and deliberate murder,
the third within almost as many days,
must be added to the current record of
crime. At about 4 o'clock yesterday
afteruoou, in tbe basement eugiue
roonif tbe Hotel Cadillac, a porter of
the house named Edward Liddell, shot
and killed Charles . baiter, the engi
The murderer is an Englishman, a
recent arrival, who was been ea. ployed
in the baggage room of the hotel onlv
a few weeks. He gives his age as 33
years, and has roomed at No bi Wayne
street, while taking his meals w ith the
help at tbe hotel. II is victim was a
man of 35 to 40, and resided with his
wile and only child at No. Hi) four
teenth avenue. He bad been tmployed
as engineer of the hotel for the past
two years, and is highly spoken of by
Mr. Graves, the landlord.
Tne circumstances of the affair are
very plain, tbere being ample witnesses
to every pnase of the crime from the
beginning of the quarrel between the
two men to us tragic termination.
About 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon
Liddell was called to take the place of
the boy running the elevator. A few
minutes later hngineer Salter, accom
panied by Harry McDonald, a steam
titter tn the employ of bamuel Dixon &
Co., desired the use of the elevator to
take them to an upper floor where Mr.
McDonald was engaged at work on the
pipes. Liddell, for some unknown
reason, refused to descend with the el
evator to tbe basement, and Mr. .Salter
theu seized the cable and brought the
car down. In the car a quarrel occur
red between Halter and Liddell as to
the former's right to use tbe elevator,
which led to blows. Mr. McDonald
separated the two men, and eeems to
have. regarded the affair as of very
blight consequence. Having shown
McDonald the work on tbe pipes that
needed the fitter's attention, Mr. Sal
ter descended to the engine room again.
In this room there were three other
men, James Preston, the fireman; Ja
cob Zerja, an employe of the Detroit
Sheet Metal and Brass works, and W.
K. Wilson, an electrical worker in the
employ of the Free Press.
hot Id tu Htad.
Mr. Zerja gives the following account
of the affair: "I was standing tome
twenty feet from Eugineer&alter when I
saw Liddell ascend to Jhe basement and
pause. Salter was near the boilers and
was talking to a man who soon after
went out. As soon as Baiter had fin
ished his conversation with the man,
Liddell approached, laid his band on
Salter's shoulder and spoke to him. I
did not bear anything that was said,
but it could only have been a few
words when Liddell carried his hand
to his pistol pocket. Walter jumped
and caught bis hand, but Liddell
jerked away, draw a revolver and
bred. SalUr fell to tae floor. It was
all done in a moment. I seized Liddell
and he said:
" You don't need try to take hold of
me; I'm not g ing to try to escape.'
"I said: 'No, I guess you won't.'
Mr. Wilt n then came up and took
Liddell's pistol. We conducted him
up-stairs and out on tbe sidewalk,
where we turned him over toan officer."
Ben Cousins, a negro kills Smith McKoy
with a cue.
Niles, Mich.', Nov. 8 Only tbe lack of
leader prevented a lynching here last
evening. Ben Cousins, a negro, killed
Smith McKoy in Patrick O'Connell's
saloon, breaking his neck by striking
him with a billiard cue. i
McKoy is a well-known farmer, 23
years of age, a married roan and re
sides near Dowagiac Last evening he
came here with an excursion to attend
a democratic rally. About nine o'clock
he was playing billiards in tne saloon.
Ben Cousins came in. Tbe two were
entire strangers. The negro is said to
have provoked a quarrel without any
apparent cause. Finally he struck
McKoy with a cue. The latter fell
with his neck broken. Immediately
several other colored men pimped on
the dead victim, kicking him in the
face m a terrible manner.
Cousins is reported to be an extreme
ly quarrelsome fe, low, and it is said
that be had been drinking heavily.
As soon as the murder became known
a wild mob gathered, and repealed
cries of "Lynch bim," and "Lt's go
eet the nigger and nil him with holes.'
were heard. The crowd stayed around
tbe jail till after midnight, and Cous
ins may be said to have naa a narrow
escape. With him were arrested two
other negroes, one of them being Jesse
Tbe report was spread among the
large crowd of democrats in town that
be had been murdered because he hur
rahed for Cleveland, and tnis report is
responsible for the dispoition many
showed to take the law in their own
bands. Tbe city is perfectly quit this
Michigan Senator Loses His Vote tn
Unfolded Ballot in His Hand.
Kalamazoo, Nov. 8. This forenoon
Senator F. B. Stockbridge went to ca
his vote and was caught with an un
fd'.itfd Ia!l,t in his hand. A dftnorra
challenged h.m and bis ballot was cast
Just In the Old, Sweet Way.
Amuon, Nov. 8. What promises to
develop into a legal scrap occurred
here in tbe third ward this forenoon.
A numlr of college students who wf re
duly re- stered were, on ffenhg to
vote, challenged by a representative .f
the democratic party and were obliged
to swear in their oU. The demo rats
say the stuJents will b arrested to
morrow on the charge of illegal voting
as students and ron-rei4eijts. The
student, ou tbe other hand, were so
sure they wre entitlfd to vo'e that
f2"0 as quickly raiM just afUr
chapel to beck them in the threateced
suit. The outcome is awaited with
much interest.
Hal a Narrow Escape.
jArKso, Nov. 8. Congressman J. R.
Gorman met with quite a serere acci
dent at an early hour this mornirg in
attoptmg to catch a morning tram.
Hsvinc but onst arm be could not save
himself and was thrown violently
against the gates, knork do"n and
brtned. He wss later pnt on an en
g ne, carried to tbe junction and
caugtt the pawenger, bxh was held
for him, and tak-u houi to CheWa.
He kAid he did not tu.uk be aaaaen
ously injured. Mr. (ioimau aaeiathe
lunch roota at thedepV when be made
tbe ruu to catch the ua:a.
KaUmazoo Sensation.
Kalamazoo, Nov. 8. MUs Ma M.
Masou, a handsome and bigtly-re-spfcted
wachrr in the public sclooIs
t ere, aud Harry W. liuahottbe Daily
Trltgraph sUff , f . r yeara prominent m
i;e siaie irxips ana isptaiu ot t orn-
uv u, eie musing iruiu tneir accua-
med places of embluv.ncnt tnia
ruing. It i sa;d thry were secretly
rued some tun ao ana have gone
their weidinff tour. The atf at has
used a sematioti. as the parties wtre
11 known in the city.
Arrested for Illegal Voting.
KiTox JUfiDi. Nov. 8. Kimer F.
an Norsdall. a clerk in th
bureau at Washington, a former reei-
em :iere, swore iu tut vote ibis niorn
ig. He was arrested for illegal toting,
lie Claim tinz that h ia i.rm.rlv
residf ut of Harry county. He was re-
aeu on a tau lond signed t y h. M.
"ilkins, the republican candidate for
state seuator.
Leaves for Chili.
Hillsdale, Nov. 8. Corvis M. liarre,
lO newlv anntiintfed ranml tn f'i.ili
- -f , r , --'
It lit-re. thlB IlKiri niO' fnr Var Ylr
hert lie Will tall f n th. T.urrwirt fnr
auama on Thursday. He expects to
ake the trip to Valparaiso, by the
av Of the isthmtia fit I'atiifii in
about twenty-eight days. His wife and
son win lor the present remain at
Accused of Stealing Jewelry.
Kaoiuaw. Nov. 8. Cteorve Anton and
James Fallon have Uteu arrested and
identified as the boys who committed
the bold jewelry roblry at Ulrica
.wieners store last week. A part of the
plunder baa been recovered but the
real of it was thrown into the river just
before the arrest. Aoton was arrested
in Hay City.
Old Detroit Resident Dead.
Detroit, Nov. 8. After seven
months' illness, incideut upon old age,
one of Detroit's sturdiest citixens,
Alanson bheley, passed to n:s eternal
rest yesterday aiternoon. He will be
ourieJ lrom the First Presbyterian
church, corner of Woodward avenue
and Ldmund place, Thursday after
noon at 2:30 o'clock.
Early Morning Fue.
Coarir'tA. Nov. 8. Fire in the eitr at
1 o'clock this morning destroyed "two
nouses oeionging to deorge i. Moreau
and occupied by C. E. Kelloeir and
Luke Cotter respectively. Los on
buildings and contents 2.030. Partial
ly covered by insurance. Cause of nre
Fire in a Newspaper Office.
Lansing, Nov. 8. Fire originated in
the office of tbe Maats Zeitung yester
day morning and did about JloO worth
of damage. Tbe loss is covered by in
State News in Brief.
John S. O'Brien, a farmer, aged 74
X-eA A nil
1 .
To-Day is what has been
known in London for centuries
as Lord Mayor's Day.
In our day this annual pro
fession which passes through
London to Westminster every
th cf Novembcr.when the Lord
Mayor is sworn into office with
mediaeval pomp and pageantry
seems ludicrous enough. It re
calls, however, the struggle cf
trade for the assertion cf its
rights against the despotism cf
Tpe ttY(K IiM-CrS
Shot Guns, New Baker Shot Guns, American Side
Snap Single Barrel Gun. Forehand s Wadswortli,
Hopkins & Allen, Merwin, Hulbert v Co. Single Bar
rel Guns, Double Barrel Breech Loading Guns, Le
fancheux Action, Side Snap, Top Snap, Biepr Gun
Daly Three-Barrel Guns, Bemington's Muzzle Load
ing, single and double; Flobert Ifillcs. all grades;
Quackenbush Safety Rifles, Chicago Air Bides, Kirn
Air Rifles, Matchless Air Rifles. Bilie Lights, Beep
Globe, Rocky Mountain and Lyniau.
Stt3-? y
Camp Stool. Camp Chairs, tamp xyis and wmp J.f"
Cartridge Belts, Ammunition of nil kinds, Powder Hak8
Shot Pouches, Game Rags and Gun Ca-es, In fact every
thing that is necessary to the comfortable existence of a
years, who lives truee miies west of
Mockbndge, wut to tbat town batur
cay xnomicg and Uugnt a lot of
wu.sky aud t-vllle ol carUliC acid.
A Itw n.:nuta Uur b told Ms daugh
ter that he bad uru a pi.. J iiow
of the acid by in.aUke. He walked to
Ir. browu's lenJcnce, wbere be d-d
in a few u iuutts.
Potato shipments at (ireenvliie have
been 1 ght for a wctk p..-t ou arvounl
of rainy weaiber. Omr about fift.iktf
has Um paid out to farmers for pota
toes at tLis market during ti.r last cine
business days, uurdav was a good
markrt day, 1U5 Iara.;t .iu kdtd
wagons wt-re ou tie ground at 1
A faithful demiae, stalled in tbe
saud and unable to gti & unn to Kala
Citr o in time to g ve bis addieaa at an
association, teuton a Uiegratu to this
erlrct: "Hopes that wrre aurris in
their birth, have ptritUd young, l.ke
things of earth."
1 be prosecutiug attorney of Calhoun
Of unty i iu a miserable portion. Pro
hibitionists are swearing tlue streaks,
claiming be clones b:s eyts to l.quor
dea'ers, and tbe latter swtar be it en
tirely loo energtt c in prosecuting
J. W. Calkins of Owosso was croelly
bi'tto by a valuable English pointer
which bad been sent to turn by a bus.
ton man to be trained. In the exciu
nieut the dog disappeared, takiLg h s
2uo valuation with bim.
Heynolds, tbe young fellow who kid
napped aud married bis 13-year-old
step aiater, is in jail at Adrian m de
fault of tl.000 as a bail bond. His ex
animation has been set for next hatur
day. Union City has it now. Twenty four
kids ranging in age from 12 to JS years
have organized a corn-t tand, and
people wonder that the miane asylums
are crowded.
The young men were out of which
we gloried to eee them bil up the
ranks in tbe march aud ;tn tleir
well-trained yells ttiey did much to
arouse enthusiasm.
A Hay City street car driver bad bis
cash box, containing 10, stolen. Tbe
burglars and sneak thieves of that
town have no rest the police take
A Jackson county w idower wanted a
helpmate, and so taught a ne gbUit's
wife for $100 and a 2 year-old coil. The
woman made no objection.
Tbe Kalamazoo t;a Light company
will er ct a jiti,0 H) plant for tt;e manu
facture of water gas to be ni xed witu
j coal gas.
j One romp sitor of the Hudson ta
; zetto's force lias tevn on duty ia that
paper's oSice over thirty-five years.
lUy City's burglars are again at
work. This time tiiy robbed the Flint
& Pere Marquette depot.
Xtiippewa county's list of lands to
be sold for taxes is the largest in tbe
history of that county.
Shelby inhabitants are threatened
with lunacy. The new baud ha. 6 eis
teen men.bera.
Tbere are thirteen labor un:ons in
Owosso now, and more being formed.
Lo,?Poor Indian,
With untutored mind shaves
off his whiskers and dis
appoints tho
It is not Lo tho poor Indian
now a-day. but lo tho poor
hunter who oes iuto the
woods not perfectly prepared
for what ho may Kieet there.
FROM SOY. 5 TO 50V. 25,
Deer may be killed in tho
lower peninsula, excepting in
Allegan and YanUuren coun
ties, and so our lht today will
prove interesting1 reading to
all sportively inclined.
Wincluvttr Killes. Marlin
IUlles, Winchester Kepeatin
1 1 i CTw
Smith & Wesson, Forehand v. Wad worth,
Harrington k Richardson Bull Dog and Amer
ican Safety Double Action.
Reloading tools for all sizes of incheter
and Marlin Rifles.
BraH Shells, Baper Shells, relt and C ard
hn:ird Wad . Premier, Hunting Coats. Hunt
ing Caps, Hnutiug Boot and Hunting Knives.

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