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But very choice, in
White Shirts with
fancy fronts.
mmm & oaxteh.
The Doctors Employed by
Leonard's Relatives.
Seem From tha Evi-lince to Hivi Beta
H Prominent Characteristics
Sutua of the Ci9 Yesterday.
Tba Leonard case continues to at
tract muoU attention, the room bein;;
filied w.ia spectators every day. Mrs.
Charles Leonard is in daily attendance,
tat Mrs. Fred Leonard baa not ap
peared so far tnis wee'. Dr. Palmer
wait on tat stand yesterday morning
and again Fred was obliged to listen to
the diagnosis of his ease. He was ap
parently unaffected.
Dr. Palmer in his testimony described
insanity from the standpoint o an ex.
pert. He said that Fred had failed
cons.deratly since last July, and al
though there may be intermissions, the
disease Is always there and the appar
ent gam is always temporary. The
progreM of the diseas is sure and its
results certain. On cross-examination
lr. i'almer said he formed no opinion
regarding the case before he saw Fred.
frvtjuaat Urunki.
While in I'etoskey the witness spent
five hours with Fred. During tnis
time Fred visited the saloon seven
titaes and after each drink he lit a
f reh cifcar. The symptoms of paralysis
could not be caused by liquor. The
witness might be mistaken in bis diag
nosis, but he was very positive that be
was not. Fred is. he sa'd, suffering
from general paralysis. Witness had
watched Fred in court and he was
more nervous now tnan he was last
summer, and in his opinion Fred can
pot live long. lie had heard of the
gold cure for the liquor habit, bat had
no faith in it aa a permanent cure
f roui what he baa observed.
The afternoon sesaiou opened with
Dr. Palmer on the stand. He said his
opinion as to Fred' sanity was formed
from Fred's own statements regarding
Mr SfeIal!M TMtlnonjr,
Dr. Justin Emerson of Detroit, a
specialist in nervous diseases, was the
next witness. He testified to having
practiced in Kalamazoo insane asylum.
He had first seen Fred Leonard in
Windsor, where he bad gone to see
Fred br the request of Charles Leon
ard. Fred told toe witness of large sil
ver mines he owned near Windsor. Dr.
Emerson made arrangements with
Fred to go to the . mines, but
Yt-d backed out. He had also
talked with Fred regarding hiss refrig
erator. Fred told witness of his alll.c
tion, and told hint of the many places
he had visited for treatment. Fred
told the witness that be had discovered
a remedy whico was doing him good,
but ha refused -to tell what it was.
Witness said Fred's talk denoted par
ajvs !, he being unable to sound the R
in his words. lie believed Fred to be
suifrrint: w.tn a jertain form of in
sanity peculiar to perrns of nervous
lmporment. He thought Fred was
incompetent to manage bis property.
Poraoa'a OdUllte.
Oa cros examination he said his at
tention was first called to the case by
Charlis Leonard, who notified him that
triers was a suit pending, and that he
was to examine Fred Leonard and to
form an opinion of Fred's sanity. He
was accompanied by DeifCtiv Morse of
Cleveland, O.iio. Morse told Dr. Emer
son t.lat Fred had been drinking a good
deal, tut it was not particularly not ca
lle. Fully as many persons ot a high
degree of intelligence became insane
as tnoi of le intelligence. Detective
MoMe and Chirles II. Leonard had
given trie witness a detailed story of
Frsd's former intc'J gcnco, by which
the witness ws to form an opinion of
Fr-d's present condition. tie said
tut wh;h he didn't consider the re
frigerator scnerne one of Fred's delu
sions, he considered it impracticable,
a he didn't think the generation of
the sta from the chemicals could be
performed in a small vee!. Witness
r.a.t nver heard cf the mines near
Another TxprU
Dr. David Ingles was the next wit
nf. His occupation is that of pro
feor of menUl and nervous d;?eas
in the Detroit medical college. He
had exam ned Frrd w;th reference to
determining h:s a-tental condition. He
a!o went with Detective Morse to
Windsor, where Fred was staying. He
was introd viced as "Mr. Humes."
Fred sa d he had been feeling very
wll and w greatly elated over his
gitd mine. He sa d Fred claimed to
nave struck a vein twelve feet under
ground wh'ch attyed ?2.000 to tho
lm.- Fred intimated that the whole
c unty was permeated with gold and
dUUd upon hit great wealth.
Ma told the wito?M cf his
refrigerator and claimed that his
t atent included all refrigerator cars.
Th- doctor noticed that Fred was
pnrt ally paralyx-M, and that there ws
general weakne m h;s muscular
niovements. Mr. Morse at that time
c:Tf red to buy a pcrCon of the gold
mme, but Fred rufusl to !!. Tho
w.tnes d.d nt consider Fred com
Patent to man? his bi:ues or to
take car? of himself.
On crrs-exmmt;on he said that
D"tectve Mow adv,et him to take
the came of "IMms the lawyer" when
a mt Fred, as he nai a great hatred
Tne caly Fur Cream of Tartar Towder.-No Ammonia No
Vczd in Jliliicns of Ho:e0 Yczro thz StosirJ
for M. I).'. The witness formed
hi cpimoa of Fxd' canity be
fore he ever saw Situ. On ro
dixecl, the wiUi said that m
aaud per-oo often had lucid epeli.
Witneaa d,d not thi.k it naturally fol
lowed that Fre-J was lciase, because he
paid his hery bill and made h.s rela
Lvea preaU oa Christmas.
George W. Bst of Ca;cago was the
next w:tn. II had known Fred for
thirteen ytars. At present he resided
in Chicago, but formerly lived in Os
wego, Y. Had seen Fred every
year when be I.ved in Oswego; had
bvuu him on tfc St. La wreut e river.
Witnea always cons dered Fred a bril
liant youiij man. Witness is connect
ed with tne United (States Indurated
Fitmr company, and Fred called on
mm for money, and be was reimbursed
by Leonard AtHiQ This was in 133;
I red's appearance wa then entirely
changed. Hewaavery shabby. Wit
ness toughi Fred a ticket for Mexico
City, wnen be made that trip
in On. one occasion Fred
asked for a hundred dollars, but the
Fiber company did not give hint tne
motiey until they bad wired (irand
Kapids concerning it. On cross exam
ination witness said he did not know
that Frtd drank, although he bad
been with Fred on times when, if Fred
was a drinking man, he would have
found it out.
John Hoistead of Chatham, Out.,
testified that be lived in Windsor dur
ing lS-Jl and part of 1322. He was em
ployed as a clerk at the British Ameri
can hotel. He met Fred at the hotel
on April 2, 19?. His wife was with
him. Fred had asked for rates, saying
he was going to stay three weeks, but
he left in three days. He came back
agan the ! same day, but left
again the same evening. Af
ter two wee as he came back
and stayed a few days, when
he left for Marquette to look after a
gold nnue. The witness had always
had charge of Fred's papers, which
contained a contract for 50,000 tons of
ore to be shipped to the old country.
The value ot te shipment was ?250,
000. Fred bad told the witness about
tho refrigerator and bad said that be
bad interest m the largest refrigerator
factory in the world; also said that he
was going to pall out as his brothers
were robbing hi in. Fred told the wit
ness that he was "on his uppers" and
was obliged to pawn his ring for $2.
It was a ring whicn he claimed his wife
gave him. Fred was very untidy and
complaints were made regarding
the state of his room. The witness did
not think Fred able to care for hia
On cross-examinatioo, witnets testi
fied that he was not arrested in Wind
sor in May, June and July for being
drunk and disorderly; nor bad he been
discharged from the British American
hotel. He said he had seen Frank
Leonard in "Blister A WinayV
(Fletcher & Wanty's) office. On re
direct examination witness stated that
Fred Leonard was not drunk when he
made the statements regarding the re
frigerators and the gold mines.
United States Circuit Court.
Ira O. Smith et al. vs. Antoine .
Cartief ; by stipulation decree for com.
William B. Hall, trustee, vs. Robert
Caitbnell et al.; order by stipulation
dismissing bill aa to defendant, Peter
United States district Court,
United States va. Alexander Innes,
receiving and concealing matter re
ceived f rom the mails: on trial.
Circuit Court Part II.
In re the estate of Fred n. Leonard;
appeal from probate court; on trial.
Superior Court.
This is the last week for filing notes
of issue for the . December term of
lore the widening of East Bridge
street, from the dock lino to Canal
strttt; on trial.
Police Court.
Joseph Cassidy, drunk; committed
fifteen days. Fred Smith, drunk; paid
56. So. Daniel Langblin, drunk; sen
tence suspended. J. P. Roe, saloon
open Sunday; adjourned to Decern
ber 1. .
Holland Union Benevolent Home to Be
Opensd Next Week.
If the number of charitable homes in
the city are to serve as an indication
Grand Rapids is one of the most char,
itabie cities in the world. There are
homes for the agod, homes for the
orphans, homes tor children, homes
and Hospitals, homes for fallen women
and a home for the old soldier.
ixt week a new home will be
opened at the corner of College avenue
and E$t Bridge street, which, while
not as imposing as some of the other
homes of the city, will do a grand work
no doubt, as it is to be conducted by a
clan of people most humane and kind
to the poor ana aged. It is (be Hol
land Churches home, which is now be
ing fitted up in a cozy manner for a
home for the aged of their denomina
tion. Tne house 5s roomy enough to ac
commodate twelve persons, andis be
ing fitted with new furniture through,
out. Plain but substantial carpets
cover the floors, tasty paper adorns the
walls and a few appropriate
picture are bang in the tni'n rooms.
The home is located at the northwest
corner of College avenue and Bridge
street, in a house formerly occupied by
Sergeant Webb of the police force. It
stands far tack front tee street, with
fine old oak trees covering the spacious
lawn. Back nf the hone is a large
barn, which will be moved up to tne
house and addd to it when the pres
ent home nefds to be enlarged. C. A.
Vsrtder Veere ami wife are in charge
of the home and will be in charge
when it is opeoed. The doors will be
thrown cpen to tbe public the latter
part of ntt veck.
The plan of havmr such a home was
first proposed by th Rev. A. Kncxr.1,
who communicated hi desire to mem.
ber of his own church and then to
weiubersof other churches. The result
was the formation ot the Hollaed
L'uion Benevolent a&ociauon about
t ne year ago. Tne efheers are: Presi
dent, the RiT. A. Krickaard; treasurer,
J. A. S. Verdier; as taut treasurer. J.
C. Heyboer; secretary, Drk Meeiigs.
Some hard work tas been doue in
raising funds and the lesultisa very
fine home. On of the first in mat 04
will be J. Van Len.an, formerly editor
Of the "Yankee Dutch."
DELKNaP gains.
The Committee Discovered Plenty of
Errors Yesterday.
At the recount committee session
yesterday Belknap' string was in
creased by six votes. Errors were
found in every township counted. In
Bone Richardson gamed but one vote,
although hu petition for a recouut
claimed that in thattownchip twelve
votes which had' been cat tor hii.i
were counted for Belknap. The result
ate as fo'ruw: Lowell, first precinct,
Belknap, 232; Richardson, 130; Clute,
33; not counted, 13; Belknap's gain, 1.
Lf'well. second precinct, Blknap,lS2;
Richardsoa, 161; Clute, 33; not couut
ed, 9. Belknap's ga.n. 4.
Byron. Belknap. HO; Richardson,
229; Clute, 27. tfot counted, 14. Bel
kuap'sgain, 4.
(iaines, Belknap, 144; Kichardson.
118; Clute, 43. Notcounted, 8. Rich,
aidfon'a gain, 1.
Caledonia, Belknap, 231; Richardson,
181; Clute, 45. Sot counted, 8. Rich
ardson's gain, 1.
Bowne, Belknap, 173; Richardsoa,
112; Clute, 17; not counted, 10; Rich
arcl son's gain, 1.
Yesterday's session ends the count
of the county outside of the city; in
all, about one-third of the votes have
been counted.
Sued the City on a Patent.
Nathan D. Ross!of Peru, Ind., began
suit in the United! States circuit court
m equity jTef terday against the city of
CI rand Rapids. Roes claims that the
contrivances used in tripping the en
gine house doors in this city are an
infringement of si patent procured by
Robert Bragg, but assigned in 1SS5 to
I. C. Walker. In September last these
patents were assigned by Walker to
Ross. He therefore brings suit to have
tho city enjoined: from using the con
trivances now in use or to pay a
roraltr for the use of them. This is
the suit which has been threatened for
more than a year.
His Head Badly Cut,
An unknown man was thrown out of
Heme's raloon at No. 68 Canal street
shortly after 4 o'clock yesterday after,
noon by Parker McAuley, a bartender,
and was seriously bruised and also sus
tained an ugly scalp wound over the
parietal bone. He was taken to St.
Mark's hospital where he was attend
ed b Dr. Lupmski.
Contagious Diseases.
Harry Coles, age 4 years, No. 203
Deloney street, diphtheria.
. Real Eatate Transfers.
Boukje Armenia, to John and Henry
Kremera, lot 2. blk 3. Stocking &
smith's sub...... S 950
Chartr W. Smith to Martha A. Morrill
n 10 ft lot 2. blk 3, Centennial plat 4.500
James Ca tup hell to James Boylon. lot
10. blk 3. Campbell k Underwood's
Windsor park add - - 400
Gcorze A. Mosher to G ilbert C. Ham
mond and wite. lot 36. Hunter's sub .. 1,600
Reuben Reynolds tt aL to Charles M.
Hu3. lot t9. Merntt'ssub 650
.Charles M. lluff to lteub-n Reynolds et
al. lot 17. blk l. Reynolds & iranklins
aid 650
Estate ol Rachel 'Lapham to Arviue P.
Hunter, lot 5. blk 5, Cbapin & ilooth'a
add. Lowell 225
Charles L. Ward t John L Ward, "
sS nwU ol sec 9. Tyrone 600
Ella A. Loom In to ueerue llermar.ee,
wliKli se; ot section 'A Grand
Rapid 1.009
Amasa Hutchinson to Carlton Morse, 1
slnnw cor n- ot nc S5. Cascade 60
Mary J. Blanchard toR. Peter Dennis,
sw'i nw'4 of necttoQ 2. Nelson 300
Mary J, lllanenird to R, Peter Dennis,
sw4 ne1 ol section 2. Nelson...- 250
R. Peter Dennis to William R. Earkley
swii nwji of section 2. Nelson S00
John W. Williamson to Henry O.'
cnenneraorse, pee land on section
24, W alker 150
Marriage Licenses.
The following is a list cf the marriage
licenses Issued s'nee last publication, with the
names, residences (when out of the city), and
ages of the parties. Age,
nenryB. Ellwood. Cincinnati; Mary S.
Place. Sparta.- 23-21
William Starr and Jeanette M. Wllsoa...32 21
Do Not Miss This.
This evening there is one of the
grandest treats in store for those who
attend the entertainment given at the
Ladies' Literary club rooms on Shel
don street, by the Burns club. The
celebrated violinist, Prof. James Pad
don of New York, late from Paris,
where ho has studied under the
greatest masters of that city, and who
is now with the West Michigan college
as the master instructor of the violin
will appear among the first numbers
on the programme and those who have
not heard him will have an oppor
tunity to do so if they come curly to
the entertainment. Also tho renowned
lecturer, Rev. William A. Colledge of
CodilUc, will ta'k for one hour upon
the characteristics of the Scotch nation.
His name alone is sufficient to draw a
full house. Mrs. Dr. Hoken, Mrs.
Andrew Fyfe, Mrs. Nellie Owens Coat?,
Miss Alex Ross, Mr. Andrew Fyfe and
Dr. W. II. Rosn will take part in the
programme. All who can should at
tend, as the entertainment will b very
instructive and enjoyable in every
This is St Andrew's Day.
Do not forget the Scotch celebration
at the Ladies' Literary rooms, Sheldon
r.reet, tonight.
No Sleepers via D., L. & 17.
Nieht trains between 11 rand Rapids
and Detroit via D., L. A N., will e
withdrawn November '20 and sleeping
car service discontinued.
Try the new painless method of fill,
ing teeth by Robinson Dental Co., No.
66 Monroe street.
O. R. A 1.
Tri following changes take effect
overr ber 20th:
Train leaving (IraaJ Kapids at 10:05
a. m. w th parlor car will arrive in Chi
cago at 3.55 p. m. instead of 3:35 p. m.
No change in n jrht tram leaving; at
11-.2) p. m. with sleeping car, arriving
Chicago 6;60 a. m.
Nijht train now leaving: Chicago at
10:10 p. m. and arnvirf in Grand Kap
ids at 6:15 a. m. Will leave Chicago at
11:45 p.m. and arrive Grand Kapids
6:45 a. m. No change in tram leaving;
at 3.10 p. m., arriving; Grand Rap:ds
8 ;35 p, m.
Scotchmen ane an' a' shad atten
PU Andrew's fathering at the ladies'
l.terary room, Sheldon street, the
morn's nrht November 30). A srau
program is in store for them.
yon suffer it's jourown fault isall
I nave to say. Call, telephone or write
Dr. w. H. P., office Widdicomb
fcu;Id;n-, Grand Rapa, Uich.
is stamped in the best watch
cases made. It Js the trade
mark of the Keysten Watch
Case Company, of Philadelphia,
the oldest, largest and best
known factory in the world
1500 employees, capacity 2000
cases daily. Its products are
sold by all jewelers. It makes
the celebrated ?as. Boss Filled
Watch Cases, now fitted with
the only bow (ring) which can
not be culled off the case the
Ask your jewelerfor pamphlet
Signs of I!: jiIl t
You don't have to. look
twice to detect them bright
eyes, bright color, bright
bright in
every ac
tion. Disease is
only when
weak tissue
U 1 1 rr
is replaced by the healthy
kind. Scott's Emulsion of
cod liver oil, effects cure by
building up sound flesh. It
is agreeable to taste and
easy of assimilation.
Prepared by Soott k Bown, Tt. Y. All AruffftiU.
74 Monroe Street.
Oren All Honrs. Day and Night
J. V. STEWART. M. D D. 0. S Manager.
The largest and best equipped organization
for the practice of scientlflo dentistry iu the
West. All tho most approved methods, and
each department In charge ot a graduate ot
akill and experience. While our price are
moderate, our motto Is "not how cheap, hut
how good." '
Crown and Bridge Work a specialty.
Eitractlnz. . 1 15
Kxtractlng with gas or zonine. 50
Filling: with Silver 75
Filling with Plat In a 100
Killing with Gold, according to size. -
Full Sets ot Teeth 4 00
Very best teeth, foil set . 8 00
All work excepting $4 sets guaranteed.
p u nnvrc j?,
ui in iiuiul cum
Are now permanently located In their new
store with a complete new sfoclt of Birds. Cases,
lioMfish. Dg Collars and General Dog Furn
ishings. lilrdsafe!y shipped to any part ot
the state. Telephone and Mail Orders
Promptly attended to.
You will Sieed a new
blank Book.
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Barlow Bros., 5-7 Pearl St.
Near the Bridge.
Are not half puited in Over
coats; they put up with just
about half their money's
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Are you in need o! some Fancy Sills for fancy Trorlx
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Kure That Kauf !
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Capitalist, Merchant, Manufacturer, Mechanic and Laborer!
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