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tcorrwatt. .l
cpoa tin" la daostWdly wt
tr t Clia laa dacada ot the nine
oeatury. Eloebeard an4 hi
7 "Lrr assortment of Lon would
i.rircslj attract ptdrfn; attention In
C'-3 oweun. TSwvdreletuo of to-dj
:.!..-; ie to the hjuie ite ommu prej
C of ssory and of son?. In point
C ! crCjtic xiitsh an4 f eaeral caeJte-ap
C- world ha aerer kowv it equal
r fciia g-uoei of the FWth ArcnM
Lt-il there la a cloeet wkici. contain a
Ctltnn. So, a dovcn ot them, that ara
rzrdd aa objecte f buty by the
i. know how to appreciate thexa.
Hut t7 ons ioa.
ThJa grim aemb2f represents a
enspaoj ef lfuaot Frenchmen. Eaoh
t:an the stamp -not of Its maker, nor
jet of lu original poiwanior-bnt of hs
articulator. It U a gvaraatee of it
auiivtesi and durability.
OaJ r a m4ural stuilrai. a prafaaalotv
fj artk-ulator or a srrar ilgzr enjoys
t tha fullest extent a paap Into this
rewacane rvtraat. Oue of tha reatl-
td jjeatUwu !a seemingi minus
l.ja Tha custodian explains that they
era only temporarily detached and
piata them out snugly resting In a eor
t rr. Hew too tali to. admit of a full
I:r jtlx poae and a aitcirf poetare la eri-C-Uj
not deemed elegant for a akele
tj. Aoothicr ha beoa obliged to sacri
Lis head to space. Ites behind him
C3 tiae tbelt A tgvrm carefully en-cl-rd
la brown paper baa tha appear
r of trying to hide ala bone. In
rrility ae a rrry eoeUy specimen and
ii. exjelally jrnorded from exposure.
Tha choice oaileccicta la fur sale, tn
CriJtially or en masse, and unlike tha
r lilrjrr bat onsniprreant "sWeJton In
L- closet, tr? win Cad reafly jtut
C.sra. althouf b they ara really ex
taitre lnxuries, owin to tha tariff.
To protect t&eJkeaaieleaoo indvatry
cjint foreicB eoupMitioat an import
tlx of from thlrty-ra w fifty per
crnt. has teea impused. Despite ls
txct doajfttio akeletooa are not in de
cnd, and the regular dealer do not
C-tstj them in stock.
Preach stairtona ara tha finest In tha
cxrket and Paris la tha head center af
Lze trad.
It it not that a Trenchmanfo bones
era of snchsunerior a oalitT. It la Uxe
other Fracehmaa Hat puta ham In
shape that cvea thacs their rraat value.
TVs vtoda of preparatkm ie a vary
delicaU oparatkm. Tha aeaipel U first
called la to requisition to remove the
muaeular tfawaea Xt work bein doce
tba bones to boiled, beinj carefully
watched tneanwila that they may net
te overdona. After thi cacxii balls tic
procedure they ara bleached in tha sun.
Kvea then spot of grease are stira W
appear when they ara exposed to heat.
Thm rtYench treat these with ether and
benzine, securing thereby a dassliaff
whitens, which is a aUUagulebing
mark of their fckeletoaa, They are war
ranted never to turn yellow and to
stand the test of any climate. New
York in midsummer is not too hot for
They are put together by a master
Land. A bra rod with all tha proper
curvaturee supports the spinal column.
Pelkate bra wires hold the ribs in
place. Ilin? of tha most perfect work
manship give to the Joints a graceful
and lifolike movement. Cleverly con
cealed hooks a&d eje render dLijuno
tion at pleasure possible. Tha whole
contruetion plaiiiy indicate tha care
and kill of an artkt and a connoisseur.
Domestic skeletons are generally the
work of amateurs. Janitors in medical
eolWgea rescue bones from the dissect
ing room and cure and articulate them.
They find purrhav-r among tha stu
dents, who on the completion of their
studies resell tha skeleton, If happily
the market Is not glutted. A second
hand skeleton may thus be had at quite
a reasonable figure occasionally as low
a 115.
'I ' 111 k
1 n
Tha imported article, however,
rmngea from (50 to t00. The vary
high priced ones ara rained because of
tha preservation of the ntrvou and
circulatory systems. Of course they
are beyond tha reach of modest purses,
and as a taste for medics! and scien
tific research has not yet developed
among tha millionaires, very few 9400
skeletons are sold. They are always a
special order. -
A very fine French skeleton mar be
had fur t!3d, and. that U about astijrTi
a the general run of purchasers ear
to go.
hkxiLU, baoda aod feat may be pur
chased separately, but to obtain a rib,
an arm or a collar bona the whole affair
sacutt be buughk
A skull and croavbonas, saitab for
decorative purposas, coat but lift. The
skull has but one cut, and although it
may be very pretty, it U not artistes.
Kor m a skull that will anhmga and
reveal its hidden contents is p:eible
The bone of the ear ara comprised in
thl treasure.
The happy mortal who can put up
aeveoty-fire dollars may beooma tha
posbeMtar of a cranium that leaves noth
ing to be dirad In point of minute
articulation, lie has but to pre but
tonthe skull will at one reeolve lteelf
into sa aiiatomical collection. Each
component part will quiver with nerv
ous energy on the end of a spiral wire,
emanating from a brass upright rod.
Only the dahitiot fingers could handle
with impunity such au exquisite speci
men. It has the protection of a glass
Ladles who feel that thay are never
eceepUxl at their proper value in life
may eorwcvle themselves with tha
knowledge that the skeleton of a woman
brings a higher price than that of a
man. If they wish their friends to
know their worth they have but to be
queath their bones to an anatomist,
lly tha time they are placed on tha
market their true value will be satis
factorily determined.
There are sometimes very peculiar
conditions which Influence the price of
dead men's bono. A caao recently de
cided in eojt aiJords an example.
a man wno terns suxrenng irom an
ailment which required surgical treat
ment was so overwhelmed with grati
tude for the relief obtained that he
drew up a will beqneathing his brdy
after death to the surgeon who had
rescued him from agonizing pain. He
was a poor man at the time of his 111
ces.4, but with the return of health for
tune smiled upon him and when death
and the doctor claimed him ha was a
His heirs, although cheerfully conced
ing the claim of the dread destroyer,
stoutly protested against that of the
doctor. The courts decided in favor of
the legatee. The relatives buried the
bones of the testator, but the price was
Tha skeleton market is supplied
mostly from the pauper and the crim
inal classes. Patients who die in hos
pitals and whose mortal remains are
not claimed by friends, are passed over
to tha dissecting room. If their bones
ascape destruction there they are placed
together and further serve the cause of
science as skeletons. Sad to relate, the
articulator sometimes mixes bonce, and
the completed anatomical study is quite
liable to be half saint and half sinner;
a sort of Jekyll and Hyde skeleton.'.
-rnese specimens are often placed on
exhibition, as the osseous remains of
some celebrated criminal. The public
Is warned against being horrified by
them. The brutal murderer, whose al
leged bony structure confronts one
and causes a thrill to creep over com
fortably covered bones, may, in point of
fact, be a mild and innocent ' composite
The imported skeletons are guaran
teed to be all one person, The xnann-
(ytemi are dipoaed to be reticent aa
to the source of their supply, but they
aver that they Bp re 'neither trouble nor
expecee to secure deairable subject.
The "little ladies" of Paris, whose Uvea
10 quickly descend the graduated scale,
would deem it a not unhappy chance to
secure advance payment for their bones.
Their volatile temperaments would lead
them to regard tha transaction aa a
fovial alts ir. In point cf fact they
feel a certain degree of satisfaction in
knowing just what is to become of
them, and that they alone will reap the
pecuniary benefit.
Iicported skeletons are, as a rule, sold
to medical collegea and other educa
tional institution. Tha . College of
Physicians and Surgeons has a fine col
lection. They have also a circulating
anatomical library. A large number of
skeletons have been divided into sec
tion. These sections are put into nice
mahogany cases and are numbered.
Students desiring to study any particu
lar bone or section of bone consult the
catalogue and draw the case contain
ing the desired object lesson. Two
weeks is the limit of time that tha case
may be retained.
It is quite safe to surmise that tha
majority of skeletons are filling a
worthier role in their disembodied state
than they ever did in the drama, or,
it may be, the tragedy, of life. An
articulated skull than, Is valued at
seventy-five dollars, more than likely,
when accompanied by the brain that
nature bestowed upon it, was not worth
a cent. The glass case not infrequent
ly supersedes prison bars. Altogether,
it is a cheerful thought that at least
the skeleton is of some use in the world.
It is, however, quite probable that
within most of the deserted chambers
aching hearts have throbbed and
weary brains have struggled. Pathos
and sorrow have alternated with joy
and gladness. Bright eyes may have
gleamed in the unsightly sockets.
Tears have surely flowed from them.
Like the dead whose bones are permit
ted to crumble to dust; like the living
who regard them with interest or with
honor, their life stories are chapters of
sunshine and shadow, pleasure and
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