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GVistona Us'ng Every Effort to
Promote Home Rule.
liberal Whip Are Dog AU They
bvju so !r) Their Meat her lata
Lute, bat VuUutlj.
Lust July 13. Domestic politic
thiek hat prod ace4ninepeciin-u
at teat Uitj rae. Th ea with
hick th government haaoverrjlon th
adfrorily, even ha it wa weighted
w ith . ma.v cUti It, h driven Mr.
Paifur, Mr. Chahrrlain aid Lord
I.aadolpa Churciud to their wit ecd
f r Mair dece to block Mr. t.adtua '
rapid progrr toward hi g''!.
tjL:.ru.-t a i it , ha been crushed
tv th civui revolution, w hich slipped
tr.- iii uic mie tilt !tc a smoothly on
l.t rli.u.-iay biht. a iu tie com
Aottre ittiti of ore Werk rrirr.
T!m ntut t .rr.r of the uuiouiet ha
r -r . , A-:? cy
ln ret !-red o'I trnijjoraxily futile
fcojrrrr. It ha C't l-et-n c-0'Ureii.
Mr. llaifuur. Mr. ihiuLrlain anl L-rl
l:')Ui'h Churchill, a.ii?!el ly Sir
1 1-r ry Ja i.iJ Ithu, iirri.lel
tr.Ujr urn' o ol!riotn.n in a r.ew firro.
'i hcj n j rparirjj t hi.IJ t aoc the
r TfTDit.ect i-ud.n? ly olitrm-tii;
'.L A'.rk -rt the pAtimt'. Th huain
rul ill mi!! l' cvt thnui;h the hoie
hy August I. Tt.e Raoieii the uniinist
'. h -xtn-r. to frolouif the t-8ii4j,
ite h at and txhaution for wrek
Ai: the fcouM? f knlhall bate re
j:tM th I !L Thy intpnt t accom'
plh thfir purr) ty meaoAcf eni'ei
n;dt:ui,i ani Jiii'n urt the tioancial
Intcml RkM-kinjc lte IlilL
They he p.! thu tn n-'lu-! the gQTFf D
t;'-tit la.-.iit)' t the uHi.m.uoi unil
etr.twliy to iln- fye nurtiAtry t-i
t:rU4tur ili-.!utin ty thc-ir nrv
ITC'-l Iruvrl.u arvi t'uilyinj;. The
I no ! ti t i u i rxvr the f
the unuxn.tt eff rt. for the unioQ.
i't !'i!r ar enH Jnt that another
ral tt the ct.iintry uM riIt
Ji'x-rnl "fAt. Thry My that Mr.
i :tl-t !" ri-atril riu -iu t th
Iri-i be aiiftiatl frm him thu
al f uM.r.i.tt elertorn. To thrir
r.iii !. any mrn t-i h:i4trri the aj
I ".i -h f the fct cr.ral rhftloC! UH
tr.ey 1;..M T h 1 1. the rr;.rtiMl of th
hue rvi!- i i!t hy the t )!. f lonlH
.':it. . !!; ! the rir, i j 1 ob
ta.nir. n the r-!utt-i:a i f thf iirrn
fc.er:t t -rii.rent, t le f ;. wt-t ini.
n "!:it- lv ry p;i al tu th c u ntry.
A n-vr rai:ii.ifi ,f ohtru-tin. tLrr"
f.Te. t aiout t le enrst with ?h
j r.j -ct .f urf.iFijr:j ni he-r fixation
f ;rtt r-tl va?e of tifn". acytliin
tl:4t fri-iit-ii C h rtTiforl In
rr'''!''X f"f ratnj.ucu. I;Urt
if 4. ,.-), t tTk.ttiie f.r l'rt , ha
t i- t-.e !: I r li .il nn t !' auier.il-I-;.
i I :.!. a ly-J hi-the
'-It r f t I.i.u a k'ivru
i, t ..f if s rr.-.ttf. . ti- r. i'l U h
v l y !se iuxieAt in their
t . ; 1 ...J e. ! 14 i-:tm th4ft!i-
'ii,!. - f.jH'r i "i 1 in a r.oel
n 4-.-.' r. a i rii' t!.- o. .i.;rt. t!K-k-.T4
if jr'i,4u -.it ury . i-f4.
W..rl .if t Uhife.
V,tl' t i Un h i tr an hat"h.iri th
I.U ,.. hte hi -- t that it -,uM U
r Ci i a o 1 t:.e r-r-.lt tf th.j
t s n. iui-f, fth.e.' i iiiti fclrp.i'l.r
1 r.r le, ,p,'y tri-1 hy the r.i-rR!tr
. f at - ol iru tive .1. i a-. Th
iv r.?.e t -e T'Jh"l th
! ,'. i.- T"r. ty a'rr;i.n t sf
t. t ' nu'J f f t io i j-titiiv)
t ! r v ". hy t-irn. They
. t!, 1 :T c:i: (fro:i tn cuch i r!er
n-. l i '., -r th..t 1 1" h"je ran he
'; tf' I! :y o yf rl-er. at th
t,r.e t by tii w-' rn-i en f ,r pr ;
r v; I-rrf- Kr-ip .f Jni. n .4fj, a t j
t . t fft.M freti fr n th.'.r "uf.
-. N r ifv.t t.'T ?riy. rh-e f tiCH
I f'.-e the riic:frr ,,pmirt i
,; -iT'nt. n it ;':ri't Httfi(i !
t ! trr the .-h,,te on tne r?inHfe.
1 '.! r ! !r ta:kirf ahout te if t
r ..VT),,. , .jof. a r it a. meaiun-p to
t.i v ?t ?;- i fi.' iij lt Ji
ri.ly h i -v-r the ir,riis
V '.' !. t gteilV-ie, The rl'rU
' - ..i.t-r i.- "it t- tinst (TiairiiMn
' i a- :. r- t'tiirtty t' h-Vt
p f vi in hu ..f I r i , r if h M 4,o
r- S!;.mmI th-y ".ft hittt.
I ! i!. lrr; i, 4 . trh hhertil,
w m!4 m te ehair Mr.
J, I i f'.-'f. r ?4 f-i! -e o M a
,t.r f -: ,t ("Vr .n'inn ir ! 'jei'k
-rt j -, t 4 Ui ; mrfiArnett-
Krir M.rtr' a! lrM,
1 V m:t;nv . f th rarnr'Iit. tin 1r
'' n t.'iitT n I jj;iir,t the fiArtiJI
i-.-f.nSi. ! J pr taffy te itlnih
i f h tla'J ,i, w j!j rv)pwa4.-n
the .terrsinnt. Tf l.rne;Iit
i t "t.v t-'e lh-r rpp.nion t. ti
aii"- i -e'i! r. n i r.;!rtte"i of
Jr i f i pwi t, ip-.tnt )
ii rrirn i-ti , n , rri4r.r ,.f (reUit'i
re ? H-( i!.
Ktr Mat !. wVe ri rii;f
i I ! --I p'--' "e.j-i .,f i;, 'jti.rf
m-vii : tti. i n r H! i
-.; I tH- h.-le ?.t ':,f-X i l,rt
t f,iH.il t h tn-e i-.f tfe
. i j p.-n ni'i i f y a,.!fj rf
t ... v ' -i f r V'wi t i n fi'h th'-
i! , . o' " r 1'- o r vj
re J -t"' ! h,I I, Kii'i, ?
fritter ay tix oo auch frivchty vtea
tl. oriitoct ba4 rrf uae4 tu raut
iCi Lwur f -r ducuMUii; the rIrf f
let. of LhHiii.i uf tu unoipIuyX
half foi oikuj 'Uit-o. Kelt Hardy tU
th uaaukfu ayuipath of t&jay cueoi
fcers c i the tbUHattra aitit i'a damb
ft- that h migut Uif ui the Luu,
ajid with the aiti of the irreprraail i Mr.
Itvuchr. leait the guf rrotucot into 4
diAMttroua pitfall. li cuclfuted hita
elf, bxratttt, ltb hi prviteaL
GUdeUww Uoela tlartM.
la th to aerie of divuiuo taken
uoif th ri'Mut rwolutioa on the
torn ru3 tut, Mr. GtuUtou baa teo
a Dtfure of pathetic iaUrraL li ba
retua:cU at hw p-at, despite hi painful
rnaeja. thruuh Loth epoir, QI
haa truJel faithfully into the lobby
ery tiiue a ciauM waa vottiL On It
Thurwilav aveoio, ia tb crow Jo I Lb.
eral lotty.be ban talkittf m ith. hi
caret oeijrhhor cucorraio the Bucceaa
jf the got era went. After a tw remark
be aakU thia neighbor for hia came.
The member repheU; "John burn, air."
Mr. (.LvlrttoQe grapei the hanJ t the
c!brate4 labr agitator, aa he aii. pa
thetioal'f : "My ai;bt t failm. - Wry
cf ti-Q vol the toue cf a irrua'a f uice
eoxblea tueto rwgbixe biai.M
The convtrautioa then turned oa to
the strain tu hich the eeioa sul
jrctl the lurmtera, ami Mr. liurna re
u.arkeU: "Ilant aork tuak ork. tut
at the aaiue time tuakea one love it.
"So 1 have ftlt," Mr. lila.latone an
ariel, "ant tuay you lite manyytara
to put that principle in practice. We
t'th hae Uen harU wotkera."
The conversation waa . oerhearI by
eteral tuemtr near Mr. (ihuUtooe
during the conrt-rfaton, an t haa le-en
repeat-.! in the tvn of pat hod which
cow charactnzen m tuany of the
literals uttirautva cvccerr.tn their
aeJ I ailer.
AXtUY llll.f IS I,.W.
Tlio Ieaurt I'a! tl Ilek Itvtau
lirirtiM, July la. If the ilfbate in the
reichta; to lay hail leeu ahort anT
hiT.rou aa waa exacted in official
ciri-leM. the frupror might haxe ap
peaml in the hu."e to c!we the eiun.
Instead of closir.g the 'houe in pcr-n.
he pate that task to the chancrllor. who
raU the imjrial orJer immediately
after the paeae of the bill. He also
rral a pc h from hia majority, pari us
that the f mitral Kvernnicnt were highly
eatitiet with the teault of the tlrhfera
tin), and , had firm confidence that the
rfichtita would rant the sacn'icea
recx'nued aa necetwary. Kren thin.tho
fje-evh cintiuued. have not deceiied the
ttrm onf tctiins of the fiileratctl govern'
ueota that the protMHl increase of the
army d8iiot go beyond the absolute
re-juirerucntn. They are all the more
grateful in that they found the con
fiction aa t the ne-eeeity of the in
rreajM which ia r reiuliu more and
more in the country, had finally movi-d
the reichftaj to adpt the till.
After the reading of the iieerh the
chancellor added: "It i a special
pleaaure to rue to be charged to give
you the emperor's thank."
Co of the New ItilL
Ireident Voa Iefetzow then called
for three cheer for the enieror. and
they were given with enthuiain by all
the grout, except the eocialiste. who
hal lef t the tviue iimln the chnnrell-r
had rinirhed.
Vrterlay Ilerr Ielel, the eocial
deawcf it leading rueudier frouStra
burg, charged Il-rr IVichter. chi f of
llice m that city, with personally mat
trt atir.Z the j-pn!ace. " Incredible irra
ti n. kaid Ilerr IMel, pifvuiltd among
the AUatiaro.
lr. Ilerr Von IJ-n'twhrr paid that an
inquiry into th iiattcr had lfrn okqoi1
and if it wrre foun-l thnt ilerr Fcichtcr
was guilty he would b- punixiuvl.
The initial exi-enditurea arising from
tie o(ieraton of the ih'w military lav
wiil 1-e covered by a loan of 4"MW.IM)
inarkit. Thi l"an hae Wen approved by
the tnnJget cmiitirt-e.
Fantcrn arfairi are anin exciting
aruiety in the Cicrman otlice. KeiHrt.
fiwia A. 1'etersbuig (.tate ttiat a Ku au
I r ft 7
ex edition 5 k -ir g to Toulon arid thence
to the le,-it !in the Krericli t" t al
ready there will te ri'.f-r( ed.
Thek'.efiie ..f I c.vpt on hi v id To
the ojl?.n i f I i.rkr-y will urge ti e latter
to u' lo nrr an Tig tu to m nd a o-n-tinrit
f l'urkih tro'- to Cairo.
War hi the liebrew.
Mu' eta i-f tr. diph m iti? cir- Se hr
t nne the h.m!ih p"Jry in Frjpt
wl-ich priit the kthetlite v openly
cjerate acaim-t F.nUnd.
IriT rlntfiih ai d Fren"?i purr hit
of f-.IJ-r throi ut Aitri t ard llun
g4ry h.itef.e the Au-tr.an gorern.
r.ent r- ent dejain b fort-id th ex
f rta!H,;i of hay, ptraw and other cattle
The anti en:'e pnl liLer. floephrer.
ia !. t t4 iue a N?k entiti't I.
Jildiecfce Welthrr-chaft und iMi
lBer I ti re tr' ing the careri'f tit
IieiiW tfV-Hin c ntj ny a';d it con
pertin wi'h tb W v.:? N Horati.
with a fie to proline that the to
ce gathering c'-r.err.,, sre !:;.ke.l
t-Vrr ,s )"rt rf fitrtherirg
ts Jeih am to o .-.tn-l th " 1 -t.
The author f t e k twm th.t the
fieri irt oe f th Fviter Tekcran
e niJ"e i m :n'r i f dur-r to r
einr r and .oijbt t !- ?. -! by tl
orr ent.
lie l!atil fg A' rj'au S';j(!i!vp
f n j u ,y. it 'r ' e-. ofi
lirnu!) o. r Irej-o' o, . tir
eieT r.'r nd FoJwh wf".
h , f '.! I i! a.er,' if i" f?-e t if-e.
Three Michigan Men to Award
World's Fair Prizes.
They Do Not Care to Have Their
UacitiAea Taken tu a rVkl
ad Tried.
Chicalo, July IS Paid admiaaiona at
the fair today
The American and foreign judea ia
the departoieott of manufacture, ma
chinery and mining are on the ground
and will begin their work of examining
exhibit for award next Monday morn
ing. The departmental committee of
judge held their first meeting today
and elected the following a president
of the reiectife department: II. J.
Kimball. Atlanta. (Jcorgia, manufactur
ers; ex Mayor John A. Iloche of Cul
cago. machi-jery; Trcf. Wbito. Wvat Vir
ginia. mining. It was decide! to divide
manufacturers' building into two di
f iiiiuns, one comprising 'nine groufsi and
the other three. Dr. llunz f (Irrmany
was choaen chairman of the smaller di
f iti'D. Thia completed the work of or
ganiringthejudgei. Chairman Thachcr
met them ail at their meeting and con
ferred with them in regard to the sys
tem and mode of procedure.
The exhibitor of harvettiug machine
have Wen a d vised that it i prorxud to
hold field trialaof machine on a farm
at Wayne, Illiuois, lginning on Ion
day, July 17. A prominent local nunu
facturing Jprm u this place for it
tri.h. 'iTie otitiile exhibitorH have not
come here prepared to enter the contcet,
and sere al leading tirm have signed a
protest, ucclarioi; that they will not
enter the truila. j
Inui.tiiix Mactiine) 91 en.
The list of signer follow: Walter A.
Wood Mowiug A Heaping Machine com
pany. Horini.ic Fall, New York; Walter
A. vl Harvester company, St. I'aul;
Maneey Harriri company, Toi on to. On
tario; J. F. Seylierling" Jc Co.. Akron,
Ohio; Johnstou Harvester lompany,
llataria. New York; I). S. Morgan Jt
Co., I$rockort. New York; I. M. O
l)orne.l: Ci., Auburu. New York; Sand
wich Manufacturing company. Sand
wich. Illinois; Adrian C l'latt d C'o.,
I'oughkeepeie, New York; Aultman.
Miller t CVk, Akrou, Ohio; Milwaukee
Harvester company. Milwaukee; War
der, lluxhnell A Olener cimipaiiy, Chi
cago; Piano Manufacturing omipany,
Chicago; William Deering A dx, (Chi
cago; Ktncrson. Talcott fc Co.. liockford,
t Some r the Judge.
At interval during the day the com
mission confirmed the following judge
Presented by the committee on award:
'rof. A. E. lollear of Matachunett,
d"artment of electricity; the Hon.
Fcter White of Maruucftc, Michigan,
mine and mining: Henry f. A Id r irk.
Jr.. of Providence. Khode bland, manu
factures department: 'J. T. lUiugia of
Nevada, mines and mining; W. II, Iloag,
MinneaiIis. machinery.
Department of agriculture W. ,i.
AnditKon. North Dakota; C. (1. A verly,
lMton; Fred II Jtriggr. Moorehcad,
Minn.; J. H. Ilrinkler. MiHis.sippi; M. V.
IJro'.vn. UufTalo. W. Va.: AsLury Ilurk
head. Afa. Ma; li. I. Chew, Charles
ton. W. Vn.; I. II. Clark. Minneap
olis; Jame IJ. Cok, Michigan;
Charl8 Cuvaru. Jr.. Liiiiiana;
11. Critchtield, Sonii-iwt. Fa.;
V. H. ('utting. Kearney. Neb.; the Hn.
JasfM-r Davidm. Crnwfordiville, 1ml.;
0. T. Dennifon. Maexin City, Iowa: John
W. Fo. Oklahoma; W. H. Hilton.
Outhrie, O.T.; Charlia Keith. S. D.;
Henrv MclKnm.-U. Hnnhuille, Ala.;
John" Matthew. FortvSmith. Ark.;
lUJiert Mitchell. I'rinreton. Ind ; W. H.
I'arker, W.iuont: K. W. Moi. S. C.;(i.
II. I'aik. Wheeling. W. Va.; A.
S. Fra'hcr. Kerbyville. Mo.; Ocorge
A. I'nett. Menoa iMC. Mich.; William
1. Seilgwick, laadou; Eugene Secor,
i o t City, Iowa; C T. l.aymond.
I..h; W. I. II Ihson. W. Va.; C. 11.
Hiarklt t n. Ixiii'il!". Ky.; J. .1. Sr '
mker. ieun.; W. II. stoke. S. D.: J.C.
i.-vlor, Ni-w Oihaii; Jot-eph Til iais
Fi.'.l. d. Jphia; A. S. William-. York;
l C. UoUcr'.on. Illinois; .1. C. W.l-etl-.
0f rl. I'a.; W. W. Wdey A ah-in.-'-n.
D. C; Charle A. I're-t n, Mis
souri. Appoiiitneut fale by Uonien.
D par intent of LiWral Aru -J. C.
(iron ii. I'luladi'lphia; W. E. Cameron,
Virginia; 11. II C'uk. Chicago; W.'iiafu
I'. Dilhiigh am, Vermont; John Katon.
New Han !iue; James WY I.l!wi'rth.
Chicago; William W. Folwell. Mmne
ei ta; J. M. Hael. Minnesota; David
Starr Jordan. I'alo Alto, ,1'alifornia;
IV r I'i Thai,. I.Auiian; FtHmin
Kiht.e. Chicago; the Kef. Paulding.
Peoria, llliia i; Alvin Cluck. Cam
brioge. Ma-'eathustf; W. O. Atwaier,
Middleton, O-iuiecticut.
Department of Pomology T.C.White,
'I he lnardof lady Inamiers con turned
much time trclaf wratgling over tiie
j.roprity of accepting certain invita
tiai to go to attraction and f unction,
The following judgt wete continued:
Fir.f a-t Mary SlMn. Ten nH-e; Mary
Hal!- ck Ff'1e, Idaho, Miw Emily Sar
tin. Pen nv Ivan ia. 1 he following nam a,
prt nt-ij y thn inilrial Kupfian com
n.ittre. to t,vt a ju Us, were approved:
PriT r h jLovukoy. fine art and
fur". Mi Hi!dcn Hagrn. mannfacturfMi;
Mi. l,HuU. Hppiil art; Mile Te.
malchkme. lilral art.
lown4t all f e liini.
The ruins of Monday lire ire nte.1
an anni ktcd e rp today. A fort e .f
mn and fifty team.. e.jual! divid-d
into shift of right hrnr each, with dr
nrW and trartion ei gine t pulll'tri
tar;dintr w aiis. are mokir.g rpid I 'n
rr-4 in cieannj awnj then of tit
ed irn ipe. tr-Ken shafting, hravy
r-e nivii'i,' ni:hiriery and charred tio
Ur. The wi! k will ! pu.ht r.igtit
aod ily until every ftige of th" ri r.
i rTi'vrl in 1 tf.e p.it where th tire
trap t'l h t-en id.-d and nal
The ps Rer.tjnd the .iW an I
'n kto k. where tt mum thought r
t,.!,.-.) ou!d r f 'Und. la t-n
errhe! ,-vj th rrajjrhJy a it rd.'
t l . irl the tanked p'p- have teen
Tv hj lfe, n 1 n lrbe W fr f iTVi't
t many to f fdiff thvt no
nf.-r h!fj-.an r!ii iH- vwii 1 f a,r.-l.
fevh of ! Irntitr.
;!t 1 A re-ial frm Pi re
1 . ' t c ' : oiiQg Man Afrxi I
i-f Hi-Hot be. th bead chief of the
whole Sioux cation. tlupd dead at
Newcaatle, Wyoaiic. cf Least di-.
He wa the iuot rriiatla Indian of ail
the Sioux, tt great friend of th guvern
meut. a was proved by hi actions in
th outbreak at ttu hmyia ISA) and
lS-'l. and the late murder cu February
1H of the four wnile nun on White tivrr.
It w a through hi aiUace that the
police arretted the murderers. Hy hi
death, without lineal ueceudant. the
mantle of chief ship fall tu Little
The Hckee lloitte FolVoti the Mo
iHNt Laiv Ex tuple.
Cinraco, July 1 -Th Uuckeye rout
will lgin tomorrow morn ng quoting
rate tJ one fare for the round trip to
Chicago from evnry I4nt on it bne.
Thi rout consist of the Erie line, ex
truding froui Chicago to Marion, Ohio,
and the Columbu. Hocking Valley and
Toledo, extending from Toledo through
central Ohio, via Columbus, to the
Ohio river at (lallipob. It ctahiLe
the one fare for the round trip rate fioiu
Tohnlo. Fotitoria. Marion. Delaware, Co
lumbus. Mansfield, Newark, Wheeling
and Cleveland.
A hurr-d call for a meeting of the
central traffic pata-cnger officials waa
sent cut thi morning, to couf ene early
thi after mam to consider means for
topping the spiead of lbg Four and
Motion reduction. Nothing t un know n
of the reduced rate of the Uuckeye
route when the meeting waa called.
Harely a quorum of lines attended the
meeting, and as nothing could t-e done
without a full attendance, an adjourn
ment wa taken until Monday. Hy that
time all of the line will know of
tho buckeye reduction, .aud the
attempt U maintain .Ohio rate will !
abandoned. . On the contrary, it i a
practical certainty that anotner reduc
tion will If made to a cent a mile basis.
It U believed that tin reduction will U
carried to the Atlantic BcaUiard and will
ermam ntly establish that basi during
the world fair. The reduction of the
Uuckeye route are exactly like thoee of
the Motion. Hi an absojute reduction
of the tirt t ela round trip rate to ojio
fare. Every privilege grauted iirl-clar
paieengera can be obtained at the re
duced rate. It i doubtful if Monday"
meeting of the Central Traffic Passen
ger otlicial cau tiefise any mean
to prevent the spread of tho reduced
rate. Were it not for the opposition of
one or two of the strong lines the one
fare baida . would be established by
Wetlnesday throughout the e;it.
There i great tejoicing among the
hotel jieople at the break in rate. For
the part three week the arrival have
fallen off nNut thirty per cent from the
May and June busine, and thi i
attributed by the hotel ieople to the
belief among the rwapie in the country
that the high rate would not be of long
Young Itapliat Wild Over Sunday
Clotting of the Fair.
Indianapolis. July 15. Tho conven
tion of Ilaptibt Young People went wild
thi morning when the announcement
wan made that tho- world fair gate
w ould le closed on Sunday. They were
engaged in prayer meeting at the time
j ami .houtei an4 'tt.eereil until they
w ere hoarse.
The morning sexnion wa entirely oc
cupied with the discus. tun of mission
ary topic and the afternoon wa devoted
to a symposium oo the terser federations
of the union. At 4 o'clck thirty state
and provincial rallies were held in var
ious part of the city, where matter
jx-rtaining to the state federation were
The board of manager announced to
day that Toronto had lcen choecn a
the place for next year' convention, and
the announcement was received with
great applause by the Canadian dele
gates, who have leen struggling hard
for it. The Imard a!o announced that
it had chnen the P.ev. F. E Wilkin to
biicceeil himsdf a general secretary.
Tonight four big m.-us meetm; were
held, meeting of the ("old." 'Illue,
"tin-en" and Keil. representing re
rjK ctivoiv the northeastern, northwest
ern and southern state and Canadian
3lut Direetor l'lnetl Tor Fixing 1IU
Price Tor While .Metal.
Washington. July Fi. Mint Director
Prentoii is U-ing ti'Knled with protesi
and denunciations frrui silver naeu te
caue he refuel to purchaee the white
metal except on f'jure which the i-il.
critew claim are b;ied on the l"i,do.i
prMN. Their piof.;e:ts wdl le of no
avuil. He can bufe ni price oa what
he pieaw. and as be or the gofemment
he r"presnts is practically the on'y
maiKei ur um'u m.rkri oein lor
j. mate account to cover short sale
lie can ju-tly clion the privilege of set
ting hi own figure. If th silverites
don't lik- them tii'v can kin-p their
stufT. He tiought F':. 0 ounee yrfter
ilajatTj1.. The of i r holder n-fuseil
to sell at that figure a.id he declined to
gite more. They declared they could
get more for it :n l"u ore. lie didn't
tell thrill to go to Europe. lUi. i me
ticel they have it on their hand today.
To IVe Poor Ketcr.
WiniMTo. July IV -A. P. Hurt,
who was dm keeper f the hoiiM of
r prem ntativc during the fiftieth i on
tre4. is again an pirant for that
ti.m. He wn. then a citu-n of Mif.i-m-irpi.
but sinie then has resided do
'Iennet.e and Illinois, but may again
div ide to liecom -i cnlidite a
Miist.ippir. Mender of the Texas
de'rgation eay that if rx-t'eprr-seotatife
More intn.Js to entr the race thry
hare not len a Ivhed of it.
rlverJ lm.ii.r.
tlt-KMht). lUv, Mm.. .Inly lo.P.-ea
i l'-nt Cleveland h enjoy rl ret her
iiuiet dy at iray tables ith hi fam
ily and his nly ( uest. Dr. Itrva The
j r-i lent hl ni caller totUv. Mr.
C!rand did not even taV hit h'V'is
tonie.l drive bidwy t' the filU-e for hi
n ad, thi l-eirg attee l.-l p, by Mr.
O I'.rien. who. f r tf e p-tj m it m
Rn ft pjirg t Mon'in.r.-t Pay. !
111 foe tfe laiTing M vn.
!f"vr. t'olo July la-Sentor
Hamilton Armtforg I ft jt msM f -r
New York. Hi ohi"t is to" Pfesi
i 1 r 1 1 Jo'nprr an 1 tb" executive rv m
I rnitfe the AniKan Fr-.!"- ti.fi of
laiU-r r!itie to lesuirg an addr
I th .)ver rn-is snd rajr t th iicc".
ditional rep! of th Snermtn la.
' r.l.f ti'm n Mo?).
W.,o!i.t". .I'll; 1 Th g--l I r
' m g.tH rfirg to it
fall Tour.t S f 1,.' !' a ree'iH t
t-itht iTrT"ecrer.t in tf fefeiJ
sitnifue 1 t" 's f V'ri.'j!', a
j C-ii.) e-f TJ. oi'f J'"'f-,ij,
Treasurer Ruteman at Bessemer
Remofd From Office.
lie Ua4 Approprlatnl Maoiclpal
Fit ad aud Had it Have Aa fp
purtunttjr uf BtqaartaA.
PiiMtk. Mich., July li.-Paul Ik
Iiuteman, late city treasurer, wa dis
covered ahort in hi aevount to th city
about f lO.CUO. He ha been retncfed
from the efSce by the council and Will
liam E Prince, cashier of the First
National bank, pjomted hi ucA-rwr.
Uuteman ient large um of. money
last spring to gain au eloction, protUy
then lieing aware of hia shortage and
knowing the aituation. wa obliged to
get again elected. Owing to hi Urge
expenditure with the voter he caused
the defeat of lleprceeutativ Chamber
lain for mayor. Kuteman, being on the
other ticket, bought everything high
and low. As treasurer he had the cti
U dy of the school fund, and recently
the school board ordered il.tfUO
loaned to the city, w hich caused the
er3ure. llutemau turne.1 hi large
hardware store and stock over to the
city, and it i now lieing sold by the city
tru-tees to apply on the shortage. It i
thought the city will eventually l'e
nothing, but the lsa of the line of the
money t thi time i very unfortunate.
Judge fWeren nml Saite Take I tie
Cae I'mler Advieemeiit.
MAKyt'tTTi. Miclu July 15. The fa
mous international tangle between the
Michigan board of health and the
Canadian Pacific railroad at
Saulte Ste Marie w:uv transferred
to thi city today and occupied the
attention of the United State
court. The state waa Jeprm nted by
Attorney Oeneral Elli and Dr. Paker
of the etnte board. The question arowe
over rule of the state Naid of health,
which require emigrant coming over
the line to tw subject ed to inspection
and quarantine at the expense of the
Canadian Pacific railroad. The court
took the cafe under advisement, 'Judge
Sefern and Sage sitting blether.
Farm Fire at Flint.
Funt, Mich., July 15. Two lar.ro
I arn and soreral adjoining sheds on the
old Foster farm in Ilurton township,
were struck by lightning and burned to
the ground during the heavy thunder
storm between 1 and 3 o'clock thi morn
ing. The buildings were owned y Dr.
J. C. Wilson, and were occupied by Jo
seph Shirtz. They contained a large
quantity of hay and farm machinery, all
of which was destroyed. There was an
insurance of fTi.UTO on the building and
content, which will cover about two
third of the low.
Sympathy for Keiger.
Alitna. Mich., July 15. Consider
able difficulty i lieing experienced in
finding a jury for the trial of Stephen
I.eiger. the fifth man to lc tried for the
Molitor murder. The regular panel wa
rapidly exhausted, ami th extra panel
drawn will scarcely Ink sufficient. There
i much sympathy for Ileiger, it lieing
umli'rtood that he did not take au
active part iu the murder. Attorney
(imcral Ellis ha left for Marquette.
Kill us PI nit 1 1 U Child.
Hvsti.nos. Mich., July 15. A. Parker,
a prominent farmer of Johnstow n, came
to Hastings yesterday in rearch of hia
wife. He found her walking along a
street, with their 4 year-old child. He
snatched up the latter, jumfred into a
buggy witn the child and left. -A
daughter by a former wife drove for
Parker. The couple do not live to
getter. Mrs. Parker claiming her bus
band drove her away from home.
latticing'. Iloitdctl let.
Lvnm.no. Mich.. July 15. Advertise
ment have l-eeu inserted iu several
i eastern paper otTeriug f vi.U"t worth of
j Landing 5 per cent bridge and electric
j light liond for -a!e. und circular have
I ber-n isiiie civirg complete information
' rdative to the i'nd. tri present vaiua
i t ion and tsudeit indebtedness of the
! city and all other, information that
i broker may deire. Ihds for the bonds
j will 15 received up t July 'Jl.
I CmI Mine Afire.
I Jackon. Mith.. July 15. A fire
I w hi h ha U-en burning for several day
j in the refuse from the Emerson coal
i mine, near thi city. tday set tire to the
shaft and building, completely deaf toy.
j ing them and either destroying or badly
damaging the machinery, the he w id
reach td.oi; insurance. tJ.".K The
i mine ha not Uen in ojH'riilit'n since
Three Michigan Pliiiier.
Wamunoton, July 15. Michigan ri'tst-
ofllce appoin'ment toilay: Ali cS-CJaik
to succee.1 U. E. Howell, nmoveil. st
Croesroan. Tuwola county; J. tt. Van
Home b suri-eed E.W. !r wn.rrsigne!.
at Pittffield. Wwshtenaw omnty; I. P.
O'Sulhfan to Fic-'1 A. H. Jene re
signed, al Tyre. Sanilac county. .
lour II it lot red Men Idle.
lnrrMi;. Mielu July 15. 'I he !k
Supersr MiningtTiiii any will di-diarire
aUtul 4't mn. one third of the erttre
force, at the end of th month. This
leave or.ty o?e of th larre mine work
ing with " full f'TCe. lbe oiarting
r-i-r of the crnprty ercel fb",-
-e month.
lilrts! Bwr f be Cream.
tFivr. Mich. July i.--iJitu
odie Cam burn were ri. -n'd tv at
ing ire et!fi at the Epworth le.
Un erwf l lat night I hey 1 re.
AV ooin Kltm k tr Eichtninc
,kni. Mich. July 15-Mr. Vtt!
Poedof Ndtin township wa-stm-k
by i'ghtr.trg this uv-rning ami i Ih'eigt.t
to be fatally hurt
Aw Ex-lrnier .et lto ln Aw1.
jitSmo M llanoil
St. !' I, July 15. Md-i T. P'rd.
r etr at.rl hp. went f tf.s WkSl
t.t. Iftidectallt b weed ott ,i
t.f e at aUt v. lh nr-- yng
to th direct of fife buiklicj and lota
amiUua of which b U atHTetary.
"In a xuinute. gentieuan " That
the Last ea of Litu. lie aeew to Lav
run through lh wail, a well a to it
Logard i a mau about 'JtX and very
few year ajo woiked at th i a a
printer. Ha gf that up aud west itlo
bu.nea, organuing tu Udcj and ktan
aswuciabon witiout a tk4iar. and wa
owa enjoy ing an Lncctme at CXO a motlh
for hi aemcew a ecrrlary. H in
vested in real estate, and until today
wa classed aa rich man. Tbia morn,
icg. w bile th director wre c lam on
with hits for a aettleaeot, an "anai
cam ia and gave Howard a check, aa a
loan to one of the aciations for
rJUtUO. liogard ahook thi under th
very oo) of the rector. Later in
the day it wa presented at th hank ty
a third Iarty, but pay curat had been
lb failure on Iu face i a very ugly
one, and ubcribera to th buildup and
loan tock are greatly excited.
MAa uk tus porrca ?
Judge; UcCIuavx tm. ta tb Dcx-
PiTTsmwi, July IS. Thi morning
the attorney who re presented Hugh t,
leempsey and Iiobert J. lieatty during
their trial on the charge i totoning
Homestead workmen went into ixurt
and aked for an order emp'etit.g
them to take the dejxwiUon of IaUick
(allagher and J. M. Dvidon, who,
a'Vonling to their confoasior., allege
that Dempeev aud IWtty are innocent
of the crime lor which they are cow im
jirioneL Judg McClucg stated that
in view of the fact that there wa not at
the pren-nt time any petition for th
pardon of Dt-mpsey and Jleatty before
the btanl of urdis he did not think
that the court hivl the power to grant
the order as requebteth He took the pa
ei. however, stating that he would
look into the matter at one and give a
decision at an early date.'
Khouht Have Iieen lynched.
ToLtivo, Ohio, July 15. Had the Pern
lerville citizen been tetter organized
William Ck. who ho brutally assaulted
hi four small children Wednesday
night, would have. U-en lynihetl last
night. Tne ortlcer made two unsuc
cef ul attempt to take mm from Pern
tierville to liowling tlreen, the third
time Ix-ing pursued for several mile by
iW excited men. Cook waa sul se
quent ly locked up in the county jaiL
Two of the children who were attacked
are not exp cted to live. .Conk oldest
daughter confesses bt having been re
peatedly ouirageously aasaulted by her
father. Cook ha Iwen seirated from
hi wife for some time.
Killed by Miik.
Eh umond, Ind.. July 15. Mr. Jennie
Mnone late last night shot and instantly
killed Mark Hear, who. either by mis
take or intention, attempted b enter
her house. She uel a dO caliber revol
ver and the ball pierced Ida heart, he
falling dead in hi tracks. Eumor of
nil kind are afloat and the people at
Cambridge City, thi county, w here the
shooting occurred, are much excited.
Hear waa a man of prominence, known
all over the county, and Mrs. Boone was
a well known woman.
Work of a Small Cyclone.
Lima. Ohio. July 15. At 2 o'clock thi
afternoon a cyclono passed over Leipetic
north of thi city. The handome new
catholic church and several business
blocks were blown down and a numl-er
of dwelling levelled. It is impossible
to learn fuither particulars or a list of
killed or tho wounded. The cyclone
did great damage in the county, but it
main force w as epent iu the village.
Day I laicaiedL
MtLWAiKtr, July 15. A dispatch
from Indianapolis give Dr. Wiseard of
that city as authority for the statement
that 1. T. Day i un ler medical treat
ment and will teturu to thi city a
soon as hi condition will permit. He i
not aware that he ha lcen indicted, a
hi attendant do not think it w ise to let
him know the new.
IniLiiiff for a Muiilerer.
Cirlnaov, Miea.. July 15- In Calhoun
count v, twenty mile cat tf here. l.'
armeti men are ecourinjr the iHuntry in
search of a young negro school te l.er
named James Sellers, and if they catch
him he will be lynched. Sellers staMed
a comanion, namttl Walter Davis, to
death in a quarrel Thursday right.
Falcon Put
IU k.
July LV-Hi
Johns N. Y
steamer r alcon. with the 1 Vary arctic
expedition, w hich sailed from this rt
at H o'clock la.t night for tirreeland,
wu compeilril to put ba k later owing
to a heavy etonu. At daylight this
morning she again sailed.
Both I'ueliM' Killed.
SANlri.jvii.Lr, (ia, July "15. In a
street duel here today twth particijiaiits,
liicharvl r. Houghton and Frel I.'iw.
line, prominent citizen, were kille.1.
Kouctiton wh shot through the head
and Kaw ling just lelow the heart.
Buritevl hix BIm k.
Pltaant Hili, Mo, July 15. Fire,
which sfartrd in Mr, (ii1 he" three
story building on Main street, ilc troy ed
six buiMings in the bnsir.e district
thi morning. Hie loeee will amount
to ev,.uia
Iteorlver for a Brewer f.
Cincinnati. July lV-Twit receiver
were appointed br th John Kauffnan
brewery this morning. The appteration
vat made by Mrs. Mat Kauffman.
widow of the late John Kauffman, to
Judge Wilson. She own II of the
?hk. Note amounting to i(0 i.nts) will
fall dne in August. Owing to the
stringency of the money market the
co mpany euld not rie rnoey te met
thn. TTiey claim c!i amounting to
Vi).m). m,th balil. tie of ilMirri.
An effort will le toad to efTct a settle
ineut and continue buin.
rcel to Avlicn Bf Th Mev.
Chtt1"'"'S 7'enn.. Jnly 15 -Trie
Fit Tenne-je Manufacturing com
puny bly m'l n aut;fent to H.
F. risers for the U-neftt rf it ces-litor.
The etl of th crmifny are f.ACOt;
liabilities, f..(Mt. The present fnaa
.il trt.genry mad ryilrtion slow
and an aesitf-r.mer t n-esary .
Small Bank As ten.
(lAtt-ATtN. Mil, July 15--Tlje Cifi
ree " bank nf Jano :ort this mw-.Kx,
nb an assign mtt 'I nnrlay nifht for
the IVreM '-f rriditorw. It imrtiit
kr A f !(. Tb asignmrt i
due to the prernt stre in nifTy trat
ter. .
PrelBoe ret.ny Artefet.
N Vf' . Jnly 15 Tlie hTifI !i
levied1 an atta-- xun f.r ll-7 cirtt
th IbB Prr.inr c.'n?i4tr,y f l rsm
City. Ind. T cur rainy , a rapitsl
Vrk cf tV'Jr arjd tranche ia eight
titie ia jfdjar,a.
too:, all his fuhds
Sheriff VVtrnar Shot on a Sb?p
in J Csr Platform
A flew triai the OCore tfe tluirr
Eoat avstd Threw t.tr
ib Trwia litr.
IltMrHi. Tene.. July la - Rherir? W.
K. Warner of CVitUnden rHinty. Ai
kansas, wa shot and r -bld or
Ill.UW U.t niLt. Sheriff Warner. iU
reside at Marion. Ark, came t-. Mem
phi yesterday for the purpose of t-cur.
ing HHHiey with which to make hie
quarterly etfJrtnent with the auditor
of public account at Inle Iw k. l'pca
hirrirl her yesterday Mr. Warner
rrceiveil flLUt) in currency, w hkii he
placed iu a etuall tiaveiing 1 ad
t-HMirded the. lattl ICnk a Meruf.hi
wa.ua. o o m lUZliX l IilU
IUck. A vthe train slowetl up at the
big bridge the ehenfT w kuocked
from th rear platfoim of the Pull
man aloe ping tar ty to n.rn.
lie was tunr.et' by the fall, but
regained his feet ami firel on hia Mk4l
ant, but a buiUt frx-m one i4 tfi rvb
ler ierxed his U-ft shoulder and arm
und o tumbled him. While on of the
btndit kept up ebudy'fre. in trotit.
the other crept tip U tiliJ th Woulalol
ortlie-r and with a powerful blow, "with a
bludgeon, on the hen f frl!r,l him t the
fktr. Tlie rohU r then grkf fd the i
of money and eciitd in the thM-ane.
The slienfl lay by the side of th rad
road track until o'eix-k thi morriir
when hew fouudiy a track wakn
and the alarm given. A diligent
tearch ha len made f.r the rd4r.
but so far the detectiie have teen ua
able to tind a ck. SherilT Waro.-r i
ctnideretl out of danger.
ORUvr Alteusi to ArrWt a Trt
Wrecktw An or Year.
AtBrQtiivvfE, N. July 15. -Seii
on trouUe with the Indian i feared at
Houck' Tank, on the Navsjo reeeit
tion. A bout t w o y ears ago t he A Cant ic
A Pacific switi h iu the Ca ruya canyon
waoened and a freight train wrec hd.
A desperate Navajo lndun was u
pected. Lilt the officer could hot I-!
Iiitu ne&r the railway, so ua To spirit htm
aw ay without interference. rterdy
afternoon Special Officer SeJvey and
Smith found the suspected lndun at
Houck's Tank. As Officer Selvey ws
putting the hand.u!T on the Irditn be
sprang upon Mr. Ik-nnett and grbled
the latter revolver, finng at t!,e officer.
i the ball striking the forehead ai d glare
ing off. belrey kept tuJir,e jth the
desperate Indian, w hen South h -t U.e
Indian dead. Indians in large nvirder
liegaa to coogregale at once. Selvey
and Smith trric led tl.enelvtw in the
store, and Dennett, who wa a!redy
wounded, caught a fteijjbt train for'
(iallup. Here the new was reptrtl to
the commanding offle-r at Fort Wirgste
and last night a company of soldier w as
sent to the scene of trouble. I'uriher
IJotslsheiri i fearvnl. but all is quiet thii
afternoon. When the troc arrived the
men wereftund urroundtl by Indian'
and were reacue!.
Tint EE boy imow.vth.
Tlicir iseaih Only Kitown by Their
Non-Aplernor- at Home.
Galviion, Texas, July 15. eirg
Iknd,"i year old. AlU-rt Hutterowe, 10
year old. atd Willie K. Law son. 13
years old. were ilro n-l m th bav t
the f.t of Thirty f fth street IKt i.igtt
while lia;hin. How the nT..lTit hap
Iened i not known. Not returning in t.
rraeouable time PufhnoweV father cut
to lok for hi on. but bndmg
no tra-e of the irty h reiumd. tnie,
thinking erha-e be had telrsed them
and that thev hal leturued. Not bnd.
iiu: them at home, he started out ftgaiu.
and lMit 1 o'clock tht morning found
their clothing on the trestie tier Thirty
t.fth street. il gave the aJarm. aii l
searching paite start el out in.m
diately. At l ID this monotg Ik nd's
Uly was found floating where thev had
left their cktthing. Al.it tw limies
later young Itutterowe' lly r
on i-iil n- ar the nei bj.t. Search is
still in progress fu-Wili,cUiK net-dy.
m i. mm i: dkoum.h
A Mother loo Iter Life Iryina- to
,-,Sve Her hildret.
Movnt VrasoN. Ind, July li - Mis.
J. D. Allis.the wife of a frterineiit brl
ware merchant of thi city, and 1 er two
children. were drowned her thi
morning. A heavy rain storm oc
curred this morning, which raised
the water of the re-k which
tuna through the town. One of
the children wa playing on th lank
and slipptrl and fell in. Mis, Abt bad
a youngr child in her irm at the tin
and running to th iia'.ik sh ple-l it
on the ground an 1 enterrrj the strevi
to wave the droanil.g tli'.d- llje
current wa n.u h stror-gT than
she su p-t-enj. howe ver, sri in a m
ment she was lettin g with the ri.ng
w atrrs in sin efTorl to esvef erxlf.
The cfrild f' ft on th lnk. u.t Ji-ci.
ating the dt r.A.ef iJ bt-aroig it nnlh
er'cry. sfstt-l ti go t' fe-r. and all
three were rn"d Vn by th ewift
currect an1 dro r.ed.
T Altlt IN J
IV NMorSm MunWrt Be-l.tsMl the
Brs t I'orl Ssntlh
Krt-HTTU, Ark, 'Jo'f 15 - IVjuty
Mrslil William '. Smith arrive,! tUy
bavirg in rharg ller.ry Kirt n1 "Kid"
Wileon. A d-pity rror-h'i f rote trflr.
a)erurt at I tenter '-irn jf l tb frty.
The officer re pfebeoie tl at ae
Htterr.pt wotjli l rueile m- nsbere in
the pttfH. m"!tittrs 1 y the fri.l if
Starr to take faim off th triun, tt
rKdhittg 1h hln l traerj iri. 1 n
inDB.ense crmr! rrJgrtl t the
A tft gt a Khm rf the fdorvi
rtdsr and iran ,atr, Strr, Tfe -ft'
eer bustled their prinoeej ffim t!itrsin
irJt a carriage, w ht-i a dnfeo rapidly
from the d k t U th f-d-rl jail 1 be
crr-wd ct ei the ewrriag t tt jail
floor. whring rd yelioiar, 'and rtr
riij'lafl gsewt ?r(e4ei. II N etbd
a snrh cf refM wbn b wne de y
wituiti the porta! of th jil ft;i' -irg,
71-e r ffw-ers rs e?r.pUl l' draw
their fjt in dr i V-p tt

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