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A ' ! ( I
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i. - i v-
tAwilit Wirts Hi Ci-Jtci o
CMi it Her.clulu.
Lit Azt to JLatj rru3 Cbvtls-3
Tr-st: Li Lcabd I'c?,
Wajjiu.to-, Jta. d Thar b cci
reason t?r belbvi-j tbat th icisir de
partment errd jttrdjy la decbirir 3
tb setASticnal press dissiib ficca
Honolulu f!s. Thr b ca Oit Hit
attLta, tie dopaxtcsst died It
ftbe. lbrrtoa toe auikic r3
a ilocliritioa W4i lU coaidcnc la Mia
bier Willis, Sice tii a c clil dis
patch t rwi-Lt by th eutUr Ccr-eia
bum MisuVir YUlb Lav beta r
ceivtd. They r not. it b undniucd,
so cbr &a b desired, tut froca then b
githared that tb d?prtmrt ha had
t ajtch cvuddane in WUlia, 'To
Buy that ib practical eootirantloo by
tr.o d.;:che- received fru-11 Willis bat
B.ht La astonished th stub tk-part-Cant
b hardly adequate. TL depart-
beat i amazed. .othicg ex la tuna
was. so th authority say, expected. It
wa cot thought that Wiili would do
scything It seems, hwvr. that h
has iuined frcm tb queen a promts
of amnesty to the proviaiocalitta and
hii Cic!l y acquainted the, provisional
g jveraoitnt with thb gdvernmeot's
jxiU).i. WLra tb Corwm left it i
uudrtooi! that WiilU w&a avaiticf tho
yrofiK)0i KQVtroueQt'a rvpi. That
rcvij m elected ty tb cext atraoctr.
It 1 cot t (c!rd that lha reply will U
f Avtcatia or that ti newa to data U1
ahu aaj taaterud cLaca in tho aitua-
Ar IWHer Aalnt Willi.
The fcrliaj io adaiioutratioa circle
U vrry Litttr ioard Wii.ia today. (Jm
cficiAi ry ar to tha praidDt. la
ccimoctiDj th altuatioa, aaid:
It lck trry ouch aa if Wiliia had
f)n uvar loth provisoaaJffovtromBt.
liy. tAiLi iid breaches. I doo't want
to Unt at c irruption. I martly think
tti4t Wiilia haa Ucked tha nerTJ for tha
tla i a drvaoier and it weak. 11a
t.A tha refiaeroeat o( Kfe, and 1 bava
co duutt tha pruTuioaaliata haro mada
taic vary pleanant fur him. WiJha
tu4 recommended aa a man of axecotiva
attlity and uothakat'la. It Jooka aaif
ha had prcftd himaelf tha opposite. It
i a ffrcat rui-dortaue fur tha admiaiatra
tiuo that S tilta waa appointed, 11a via
rrrveitaadM l j Carlwla, who i aoicr
thicket a draacaar himaeif. Wiilia baa
rrtialy ana r lad tbioa op beiatifulJy.
It will lake an a j pert to uarattl them."
li Akrt Doe to Hmrrmtlrr.
While SacrtUry Graahata still da
dm V aj asjthias 00 tha aubjoet of
tii Aurkbod dtapatchn a atory wai
widely circulated abuut thacapitol lat
thia aft jcon. for which member cf
the foreign affa;ra committee war gives
m aathortty. that the repiy made by tha
iaeo ia rrtjacttaj tha cSer of the
''oitl State, which' w a first tran
r.itted t thia count rj by Mr. Wiilia.
fki bo inti'fiaal trrbil reply, atxi thnt
Ut-r h aeot to .Mr. A u.i formal
writta ctmsiunieatioo ' acrepticg
tht jTopoilUyQ ttrat mi.lt ty
Villia. boi that, ia view uf this,
Mr. actM upo hia ori-
lail ioatractina and made forma! de
runt upin Pridpnt lK)!e to urirodr
tie srjvrrtisneut of i!aaai to Li Hoc ka
li.. L ! .
Tb t" Mti'd Statea toamhip Mohi
can. rreprin,r fr aa at Mare bland.
CaJirurmi, vli not bo aeat to Honolulu
to rele or aupport the abipa there.
TbM rnuch ia Wsrncd from aa authori
ttif wrxirce txlay. Tbe Mohican waa
or d-' fed to prepare) for aea airoply to
h it htr ra dy tor an emeryecej. Aa
no triXj axUt for aeodiLtf her on
any duty wilt rnaain at Mare 1 aland
in rraervt until auch iieceaaity aria?
. What VTIUM 11m lUUrL
Ntw Yoax. Jan. d A Waahiogtcm
apnd the Kf ong Suo aaya:
w.n haa ahead and raiad h L
li.i wa th undiplomatic bat et
prfpH.te tf Uncatin of a prominent a4
tut:;itrton oiciai tlay ia connection
with the UtKt na fro;u IlawaiL Sc
f'ary Ur di ;m ban revtived a dia patch
fti.ni lUnuiulu which practically con
f.r-ji U rep-rt wbicu reached hrre
Tburtday niLt via Auckland that WJ.
1.4 bad (!rotind?d tbe reaination f the
puvt..i4 iff rnnient, SoTeral mem
br c( tgr rallHl at tbe atate Ue
p4rtrfnt. and it i undrtUid tbat Sec
r"Ury (irebaru oortrm-J to them the
ta'onaatinQ tbat Mimter Wiilia hud
pro'-rtslml t carry out hia invtructiocu.
Ml IUi or It a Conxtrd to
rVrtAd ImarMt
W.njn.T'i. Jan. fx No atatemeot
t I d-p.il upn aa truly accurate
ri b 'itHir,iJ concerning: tl aitua-ti-.o
10 Ha nisi. An cf.rial. vUw poi
tkm wo'l)l piare hir.j in th fvtMi u
cf any icf ttrmatn lontainl ia theiia-p-itcli
Pint SCTtry lirhan by Mie
vr Wiji.'ia, aUl tonight that Mr. Wd
L bJ informal tbe erretary that Li
e .o- ft hl cunantel to the conJi
.ir. inixHl tv th edminititratioa b
urt it) ipjft in her rtorntirn and
tbt Mr WiiiMi ha I aal toe prvl
t)i.it 'rtrrcnt to stp bia a fid out
art ilia BKtwith a refusal. Op poaing th.
a'ilUim!! hoi in t'u cQlenceof tb
pr-t iit SvT9Atr tirbra aad
wh.) Mt aecrtAry t.nlay with rtfer-r.-f
t. f h Hawaiian ituatwn. aays the
U'i.'.h iKu cr.nraiBJ oothirg mors
than a Ut-tnent that th ai tuition waa
unrbartrMl ae l that dtaJe I report
frm t. n tanjtr hl teen fJfniel
trrtm Me I raru-i-a by mib 'Tai ia
f -rm4-n h m;, he nttaied from
H-cetAry! I ham. Tb dMcrpn,y
V t'k Utiion?a ran not ba wtrsif bt
if. I rutj by rfprnce t Hrretary
t;f'4hA.'ttj for h refu to tAJkfs the
ubi ! tri ry rham hal g
e'nrrni bsay with tb pr4drnt,
mrrtf rii th f-r-u of farther btru.v
t.1 4 t..l )it. WU'ia
(ox;i;i ?t '. ti Titot ni.t;
LU nt T.hr Ww Will t trred
J nfo trt It '.
V-Mii'-rr-. Jan. -TK d-pfin
L th- 1 loTt- tdy f tb '-olu!i(
.,, !prrntativi! Catrhtitf-a, in
e'r-rt.'g ;th erawt at r t A.t
),: it?j.'ttt ff av. A'ia r.t IMt!'
to't"tin a-d ar .ind t,V bill tl
tn- r-..i ItUr ij-c'.-l -At any
t ?v. p-aty it I inl!uti jp.'i
K -t -- vv tVy r h.tit t---frr
Ui at ivt a.t prtftwma etjrl-
r.iTi U ciliUIa that aertipcw
l.',t it L-jj tr4 rru-x? ia thia ia
:to tl-Jo t t-i be ipo4 i
tull et:- mliA viiX ribur&
Li rr-t:r it fuaJ. for tb
tr:;"-I er'tadjs.1 la .bricjisj tt
cicUt fc Xttblr-isa. TtK aajie-.
twua ej rrctivtd with fsver and it may
Li acfrci by tla fcocra wbaa it cosxta
tulczl vi'Jx the iia jueot matabera
Ita warrtat of tb e-rktr bia bea&
Laifld for te tnmU.t ti foiiowtni rrp
rt;satiiv dsocrata: AUaa. Lara,
lloataar, Lrowo, Uuaa. Cadaiua, Cobb,
Cooper. CoraUh Iavy. FUUer. iftb
bx ilcirtoiaiaar. Lcciwood. Mtjaer,
lleLtzr., Licklv tliociJUIa, tusit,
VlLbzx; 1 ,;:a. WxluJ; rM'-'
IU:a. 1 r;bxrv, Crodr; u CfeUdj,
VtrztT. Great, tit! "sr. Lu;rra, lua
Ci-- r.XliaJL lUy. Fscrta. t:r
taaa. utzitr. White, Woorrrr; nirr
iUa: Nawlrad. Democrat. ; rvpub-1-lia,
l, tJvrits ii total. ZK
CtirrU4 VSill Wait Cotll Those tVot
La Are Acted Vpon. : '
VAtisr.TOj. Jan. ll If "th aenator
vbo ere liolJ-j 00 to the many Komi
citiorj tt-t ta them by the prvaidaat
would datcta tbecxaclvea for a raw day
ta tb Uz!s of coo firm les or rjcU2
than tbtre would be greater probability
ct truth la th report that Hecretary
Carlixl and th preidnt ar arranlu;
lata of coaisatioa fur tranamiaaioo to
th ataata. Thar &r many place to
be tilled and aora of them hat been
tilled, bo far ta th choic cf th prrai
dent r"v ,Tttr ar aom rptoint
atz'.i U.t Cida for Ntw Yorkabd
ther zt4 ciadidatea awsitisz with great
anxisO the aacounce-amta regard ic
thaae place.
1 It ia not the president who ia re
apocaible for the delay ia Cllins the
puaitiosa, bat th t?nte that permit
appoietmenta to hanj upon th execu
tive calendar to gratify the objectiona of
a few aeoator who interpret th lan
guae about "advice and conaeot to
mean that before chooaing oSceholder
the president ahail invite ad? ice and 00
taia conaeat from aenators,
' -
PenaUm CUimaaU Aak to Have) Their
Caae SI ad Special.
Wahi5CT05, Jan. 6. Commiaalooer
Lochren ia daily receiving aa unprece
dented number of applies tiona to have
rxneion claim made special by reaaoa
of the fact that th clalmante ar in die
treated circumatance and ia urgent
seed of help. Never before ia th hia.
tory of the office has there been ao much
auuering among old roldiers, and the
commiaaiooer ia doing hia utmost to re
lieve them. - F.very case that come to
his at tent 10a is made apecial, and if it
be found that the 'claim ' ia a good one,
it i immediately allowed. Many case
have been taken out of their regular
turn, examined and allowed within forty
eight hours.
Woanded TThlle llantlna; Deer On a
Leave of Absence.
Washukito-t, Jan. d Jamea EL liar
riaoa awrved in th Iowa cavalry during
the war. Ha waa on picket duty one
and actlcj: aa cook, Casually begot
leave from hia ofSeer logo out for a
deer ia order to Improve the mtas.
While watching for antler he shot him
elf. On this ground h obtained a pen
aioo. Th pension was aubeequently
cancelled, but waarvawarded with sever
al thousand dollara arrears during Har
rison's adruiuiatratln. It haa cow been
cancelled igild on the ground that Har
rison ws4 abot ia the capacity of a hun
ter and act in tbat of a soldier of the
United Htalaa. The decision will affect
a number of other cases.
Dtscaaaed IlraxilUn Affair. !
: WaAai.toTon, Jan. C Dispatches re
ceived from Captain Picking were th
baie of two conference today between
Secretary Uresham and Secretary Her
bert One dispatch waa of unusual
length and some time was apent in
translating; it from tb naval cipher.
Secretary Jiekert said tonight he did
cot care to give out any Uraiilian new
for publication. "It la cot important In
the sen of shotting any chanj ia th
aituatioa at Iiio." he aaiX 1
Cold lterve.
Wasiiijiotos. Jan. 6. Th net gold re
serve of tbe treasury, according to tbe
figures furniahed today, haa been in
vaded tt tb extent of IHUH).U) ia
rouol numbers, and ia today $7(177.014.
a reduction tinea yesterday of $3,0Cd,8ini
National Capital Notes.
Secretary Carlisle haa removed rJmila
Bol gnac of Arizona, a Chinese in
spector. Star arvice tetween Wexford and
Kio2!y. Michigan, baa Iwa decreased
o aa to emit llrewatr.
A petition alined by over 2,000 Texaa
property owners and voters haa been r
cmved by the Hon. J. C. Durrows, mcn
b?r uf the ways and mrana committee,
protesting against placing tb fleecy
staple on the free itt.
Th house committee 00 banking and
currency haa dcidni to report th bill
of Representative Itrawley of JVuth Car
olina, which remits all tate on circu
lating note iued by private or state
bank from August 1 to October la. mi
Representative Stephni-on haa re
eived a petition from l.TvRJ miners of
lahpeming. Mirh., protesting against
free iron ore and claiming that it would
)ev them destitute, lie has a tele
gram saying that the Mariqtte board
of supervisors will ernd hm a similar
Secretary Carlial has appointed a
crrnimiskft cnsUticg of K. T. Rirk
fori. J. C. Maguir and C F. Kemper,
of tb aupirving architect a ofS.'e. to
ppraiaa the value aad to report the
wsoat expeditious manner of dipring of
tb government bui'Jirg on tbe fair
grounds at Chicago.
The two young Hwediah naturalist.
Djorriag and Kalsteonius, who were
wrcket on th Canary Wanda in Aa
gost. W2, have aUrtl for Kllsmereland
end Mr. Kteia of tbe United HtAtes geo-
ligi-Aj survey, who ia cgaouing aa a
pittioo to that bad, will make it hi
first da ty to search for the lt ecien.
Acting Superinten-btit Nei'aon of the
railway mad service has iMul a go
eral oriler prtivUiini' that hereafter all
ir?Ad fM Hawaii. KM bbeda and Ans
trail, except N Zeaiaad.b frwardel
by the most direct rout to Vaanuvr,
It. V inrlud! la mail for di
patrfi thnc to doatiaation on the ICth
of e h m-oth.
The sett tt at the naval ordnance
a'ovjir ffn nv l siU t a ttak a a
put f va'jrji: lhi'anv frn elv
fri fourt lncb. Tbe ttat enn
fm3 tbe (fnfie oik nd repne
) t.rs ft nkki p'.it armor, island'!
f the ahb iim nntf M mada-"
a-jd th bArttte Jt th t'tirsUri. Ihe
g in ;! t a ta meS and C'!'-
p-ar b 1 i I ts
Vu 75fnptin3 to Eic: pb
With Letter. Ffcm Pfifb
ZZzhtztrz Ltttzi3 aad Troops
-CzZZl C-t - ltU tlmu
(Cerrrljtt t It tba ralt4 ft-!
Jan. CL A tsrrch d deputy da
FtlitV bec'i la 11 h-a rraultsd la
th ttUur ct overt bttra addressed
to tia frcai rrb by Xiacr Cipriani
th ;tocb!'-l tills. , Aftr fsxrcblni
D;aty d Kcllrs'a boux htr, th po
lict arrested a priest who b believed to
b ft frbzd tad poiiUcai ally cf th
eocixlu t hitr. Th prbrt tried to ea
cap by a cacret door frctn bb bouse to
tb church whta h fcsrd it police
conlnj. II wts caught with a box fall
of piper ia bb trraa, aad tcther with
hia iatr and d$rk u txktn directly
to th polios sUtioa, It b Qpposed
that th print's bouts ha bee a th
fsndeavoya cf the revclatioaary Well
bus living ia !lom.
Jtlob Leaders Arrcxtsd.
Dbpatchca from Itbr tao say that th
mob leaders ia nearly ail th CicUiaa
towca whlrh have been dbtarbed by
riob vers crrt:,rd last ni'ht Uvidenc
wta foasd by th police U serertJ cities
that th German aocixiiata, a wall aa
th Franchisers, bar apoot money in
Blclly to spread tha propaganda of their
cauNO. All the arreat cf aocialiat lead
ers har awed th ignorant r vol utloo
isb greatly. Deputy de Felio was re
garded as infallible and Invincible by
hi mora ignorant follower and hb in
carceration has injured hb prestig no
ticeably. (Th ffect was apparent in
the government reporb received from
Sicily today, and private dispatches con
firm th oracial aUtameot that th situ
ation on th bland b much mor satb
! Mertlnc Ar Forbidden.
! Tb manifecto bsued by General
Morra di Lavriano, prefect of Palermo,
tuspenda the right of meeting. A de
cree prolonging bill of exchange two
month b expected. Napoleon Cola
JannL aocbliat deputy tor Caatrogio
Taani, Sicily, has conferred with Gen
eral Morra di Lavriano and with the
prefect's aanction ha eat out a mani
I as to to all diaturbed a is trie ta. la this
maaifeato Colajannl urges th people
to rector order, aa th government b
engaged , ia bettering the condition
of th workmen and deserves at least
for a time, their confidence. People
breaking the peace, he Bays, ar traitors.
This manifesto probably will help the
government greatly ia calming the peo
ple. Th , central socialist committee in
Palermo has issued a defiant manifeafo
concerning th arreat of De Felice aad
other eoctalbte. Th government haa
decided to apj ly xceptiocaI measure
at once. Premier Crispi haa telegraphed
ordars that oumerotf communal coun
cil t dissolved at once, and th troops
be called out lor service in bicily.
8e-veral Holdler Injured.
A train carrying troopa bound fo
Sicily collided with another passenger
train at ' Aaciano. near Scienne, today.
Three men were killed and several
others, most of them aoldiera were in
jured. . ,
Tbe army class of 1303 haa been called
out for service. Palermo b still quiet
despite the recur ing rumors that the
.provincial revolutionieU ar gathering
to attack the city. Many ramilto In
'the city hare been ao alarmed by these
unrounded r a mors that tbey have
atored provisions in their cellars and
have hidden their small articles of
valu. j '
Attack on tbe British Troon Satlstao
' torlly F.xptatoed,
Lo?ino3f. Jan. d CoL A. D. Ellis of
tbe Weet India regiment baa telegraphed
to tbe lit Hon. it Cainpbell-iianner
man, secretary of atate for war, the die-
patch being dated Warina. December 2HL
aa foliowa: Ml5etore daybreak thia morn
leg our camp was suddenly attacked by
a atrong fore of natirce, several of
whom were armed with rifle. For forty
minute there wa a bot tire. The
enemy uned tree for cover. The killed
cf tbe West India regiment arelieuten
aat Lisbon, Second Lieuteoant W rough
ton, Serge&nt Carraher and four pri
rate, Tbe killed of the constabulary
were: Captain lndy and two privates.
The severely wounded wers Sergeant
rield and fourteen private or
tb regiment and three private
of th constabulary. Tbe ere slacken
ing. w advanced and found seten
magstlne rine and eight CbasaepoU,
Shortly after a woundeil prisoner re-
rorted that w had been attacked by
lieutenant Morita of tbe French army.
thirty tuo Senegalea ai.rpaliooters and
l.'J KImi native.
At 11 o'clot k Lleutentnt Morita waa
found severely woundJ. Ieepite all
medical attendance he died at coon.
I Wore hi death be eaid .that native
b l told bioi that we were Sofa and
tbat be had no idea that we were Ilrit
iah. Lieutenant Morita and tn bene
caleee who had lo kilUI in the tight
tng were buried with military honor.
Captain Len ly and two constables were
abot by their own oen.
-Tbenr letter bt. .been sent to th
French consul io Kiesi informing him of
the occurrence and suriog him tbat
the friendly relatione etisting will not
lm disturbed owing to lieutnant Mor
itx'a mistake. Wanna ia witbia our
own sphere, ia which is tha source of
tbe Iiabbes river, which flow eastward.
- r 1- 1 i t -
rilavtstnnw Aerwred a Wrona Point In
Parish Cow net 1 lti:L
(rrvrUHt tH f Val'-t PfHw
IjrjitwTv, Jan. fk Th compromise in
whkh the conservative leailer Agreed to
th paj of the parish council bill
has tid the ban la d the lords as re
gards tha modificatios or rejection of
this mrsiire. which is latndl to rev
tiUtmoiie the whole syatam of rural
government la KeglatvL Th coace-
grsBted in tb mmpro-ttt to tbe
fTcief vsti vs la io wiee aif-r th ina.n
prr.pmAt to 4a tb erotr4 cf tbe
rural a'iiuiritratton un ir the pular
tut, llonrf.ath tb Agricultural U
torers, if tbey t tirw to etrtiae tlir
poer, can rot pariah interests aa tbey
TheprBt njctn 'f li'4J govrn
I mat. tfcrwoh Ttrs and "-.r Uw
j gMArd.ata, bvth iketni ly tb l-to j.
era. b abolUlJ tunl a octhod (4 frxn-
chia, quit e uif idtfit ta cuanhood suz-
Iras with ta - crst trikt incomes
law. Lva tb raUc3 cf candidate u
aliuibied. It b cooplet democralia
bom rul for Lesion, Tb tory cews-
f-spsrs area tj bs Just wtiej p to th
u-t that th cocsrvAiiv leader, ta
ajreeirjtotbs ccci rrc 'a ha ve tariocsly
cuaprvmuea Wtissi ttx The aiirra
tloa ol bcaJ rraac-Ur wuj &ceiuui
Tb coaasrvalivca, cTlrr ttadicj fc-jw
thy bar been u;;uc:sa la taeir rcoi
oompromirss, lit. Cladciar, will
Z" rrcLracta iri.-r:
ortr Cb Ult r ,
The obuUra ttv Hva rasso
th Imh msxb?r &tt th caretis
ereecb. at the crtib? cf U serdea,
hall announcs tt: crr7 tf bUI to
mrrUU ict5d trb ia Inland To
bid has ;ba p ?ri tineady la t
mnlifip with th) raceimeadaticca cf
Jus.ics ilttthsf'J coaobhion, which
was ar-pointra la lirrxUr to la
quir iato tb . ccciitioa cf th evicbd
. mm. r1 - .1 . L U . W
tenanUL ax vu ua prrzzaa mnw;u u
boui cf ccuco:i without delay. The
other billa. wticb olU L promwed ia
th queo 9-ysc will provld tor
Welsh dia-c!sbluhr:rzt on man on
rote, th local vota. ta cizblbour uay
la mines and nr; 3tlly unhealthy
industries td t! c-uahxatioa of th
rta In 1 'ulr-. in th hear
charactercftr.br jrza.'tb certainty
of a proUctsd t . a. tb Iriah catioa-
albU ssree thii u piu to ram xo re
introduce th hc3 ixl LIU until Lrw,
shortly before tt C:olutlon.
The observants cl Ua eight hour uay
la govern man t fr:tcria will bein - on
February & aad wU aCact some 20.COO
French Newp;cra Cbcwa the At
tacit A X7arlns,
Paris. Jan. tl-rTb Journal de De
bate saya it dacll&ta to believe that tb
1 1. : 1 - il. iv..:..
r renca were e4uuiui vr iu " nu
affair. It complains that th French
were never oCirially notified of the de
parture ox me uriusa iorco into tne in
terior, t I
La Libert says it has reason to be
lieve tbat the Uritbh were wholly blame-
able. - - .
The Temps expresses the opinion that
the affair was undoubtedly the result of
a misundersUnding.
French Editor Expelled.
Lono. Jan. 6. A special dispatch
from Paris says that M. Heroult editor
of the French paper Echo Dubrexil, who
was expelled from lirazil by l'restdent
Peixotohaa arrired at Bordeaux from
Santos, which places be left December
10. He waa detained for twelve uaya in
the prefecture of police ia Rio Janeiro.
French Government Not Informed.
fiRCHSiLa. Jan. d The Parla corres-
f indent of the Independence Beige says:
he French officials deny that the
French government was informed of the
Knchah eiuedition asraiaat the boias.
The colonial oQce was entirely unaware
of the enterprise and therefore was not
abb to tauUoa the French expedition.
Old Castle Destroyed
Btatf, Jan. d Tha old castle at
Bernburg in Anhalt hsa been destroyed
by tire. Uerr Uaftrcza. tha diaUict
director, and a cor rhziAa, who were
aaloep in the C4U, wereT)UrhW toj
death. A. number or public documents
and tha local funda, which- were kept ia
the building, were destroyed.
1 - .
Italian Banker Suicides.
Losno.x. Jan. a The Times tby
publishes a dispatch announcing tbe
failure of Porty Jt Bressy, bankers of
Saluzxo. Province of Coni, North lUly.
Tbe liabilitiea of the tirm amouat to 8.
000,000 lire. Signor Porty ha com
mitted auicido. .
Valllant to lie Tried Monday.
Paris, Jan. d The Wlief that tbe
trial of August Vaillant. the man who
threw the bomb into the chamber of
deputies, will commence Monday ia con
firmed thia morning by the aanounce
menb mad in th newspaper here.
I ,
lobcnguU os the Warpath.
Lodo.x, Jan. 6. A dispatch from
Capetown says that Lobengula haa ap
peared oa the bank of the Zambesi
river with 2,000 well armed Matabele
warrior a
Will Dtocwss the Warina Iisttle.
Lojdox. Jan. f. A cabinet council
will be conveaed oa Tuesday to conaider
the reporb of the battb
at Warina.
; HO US 12 Pll NOTltlXQ.
Ilepabllcan Itslked the D?mocrU at
VashI5C.to5, Jan. d Th proceed
ing ia th house were a repetition of
thoee of tb preceding three daya. In
the early part of the day Mr. Iloutell
atartcd his Hawaiian ball rolling, but
the speaker ruled that the apecial order,
introduced yesterday by Mr, Catching,
waa before tbe house, and on this, tbe
motion ordering th previous que
tion, wa put Yeas and cays wers
ordered, but tbe democrata had
only ldl men voting, Wing about ten
abort of a quorum.
Mr. GroRveoor had a suggestion to
offer aa to the daU for taking up th
tariff bilL Oa January 8, he eaid,-Mr.
McKicley would be inaugurate, having
been re elected governor of Ohio by 1U.
0U0 majority; and be thought that day
woulJ I ao auKptcuou time to take up
th. Wi!nn bill Th speaker ignored
tb suggestion. Th repuNican con
tinued to tillibuster until nearly I
o'clock. At thi time. Mr. Catching of
tb committee on rule came to th res
cue with a resolution, ordering the ser
geant at-arms to arrest atot members
snd. when thia waa adopted, th house
adjourned until Monday at noon.
Mld-Wlntrr CknaTreA,
8a Fr -ism Jan, d V.t Presi leat
Harrison and tinernor McKlnley have
lren invited to visit San Frsacieoo, th
former to presids over the corgresa, of
economics arl politics, which is to b
held during tbe mulsinter exposition.
Among otrw?r congreiee to le held are
one on edaration, another oa astronomy
and a third 00 mining
... H.
Forced to 1 he Wal t
OwaH, Neb-, Jan, dTb aaerifftofk
r.barg nf the stock and f icmitur 4 tbe
Wd Jt I.plemet hrciity house rf
Phillip Stimaiel this tn,r.:tu. Slira
niel today rvufenl jad;met Birgr
gAtirti? ainiV Aseta ar placed at
I1.1o.ii.IK liaUlitie at iTT.atl
ti:is ia Iteswanei
Yot ctw, OhW Jan. A-The en
tire t-lant of Aadreas Vnm. A Co. sfniiJs
at lfai!tn will put iaopratia sett
wek. The b works mill rfure
Two Antrchiitj Arre:ted Cctisvcd
to Ba Pfcpirinj
Detect tr Redenaw Itecrived a Threat
rsila LrtCrr Iroca J I' a known
PrrsuaAr ULahbux Cowba.
Dca Moixca, Iowa. Jan. d Georg
Ibiaaour. a orivat detective cf tLi
city, told a thrilHoj story today of a
plot be claims to hav seearthed to
blow up the abte capitol aad other
ttutlic buildics la De Uolnes with
dyaamlta. To prov hb asaertioca be
show th foilowinj letter, which b
says h received through the mails yes
terday: KJsotj Iledenour If jou fol
low me any more you wilt be sorry for
you have gone far enough with us and
If you get any more cf us in trouble
yours days will be ended. You balnt
afraid, but we will get and get you when
you balot looking, for your gun will not
stop it for we have got something that
beat guns all o peace aad I bop you
will take warning and keep your mouth
hut and If you do her anything keep
it to yourself. Take w arnica; from thia
or Death."
Two Anarchists Arrested.
Bedenour has been a pri vat dctectiv
for some time and ha recently don a
number of good jots. He gar the
police information which led to the
arrest of William McKenna, alba Frank
Doty, aad Charles liobson for saf
blowing and post office robbery. Us
aaya he has overheard ths coo versa tion
of th plotters, two of whom at least ar
from Chicago, and he thinks tbey arc
anarchist lie says they are manufac
turing bombs and are preparing to blow
up the federal building and courthouse.
Th latter building he say b to be
blown up to liberate liobson and Ioty.
Th blowing up of th capitol is to be
done he says while the legislature b In
IlepresentatlYe Cum mine Cornered h
Paid Lobby Attorney.
. Waahi5CTos, Jan. d -"You're a liar
and vou know it." waa the startling ex
clamation which fell from the lips cf
Represenbtive A mo J. Cumming of
New York, at the capitol today.
The remark waa addressed to J. Hal
Sypher, a former representative ia con
gress from Louisiana and cow a prac
ticing attorney of thb city. The crn
was the room of the house naval affair
committee. The subject before
the committee waa a resolution
introduced in the house by Mr.
Holman of Indiana on December
30 last which aet forth the fact
that more than 11,000,000 had been paid
out to con tractor a engaged in th build
ing of warship for premiums; tbat th
ahipa were so buJt as to secure a higher
speed than was required by the contract
thereby., permuiiux.tb cuctracicr - to
earn the extraordinary and uojuatitb
blepremiuma. . The committee on oaval affairs was
instructed to investigate the whole mat
ter thoroughly and to learn especially
whether through the colluaion of any
officer of the government these premi
um were secured.
Mr. Sypher appeared before the com
mittee in support of the resolution. In
the course of his argument be openly
charged that the committee bad been
formed for the express purpose
of aiding the contractor in securing
thse large premiums.
Mr. Cummlng denied the charge and
read a letter that waa personally handed
to him yesterday by Charles M. Cramp,
th Philadelphia ahipbuilder. Thia let
ter bore the date of September 2L It
was alleged to have been written by Mr.
Sypher to Mr. Cramp. It contained
newspaper clipping and. variou other
data going to show that th matter of
fre mi urn a waa one that waa likely to be
nvestigated by congress during the
present session. Tbe letter stated
that th cruiser New York was a fraud
aad that it was cot unlikely that the
premiums tbat bad be n paid th con
tractor for excess of speed would
have to be refunded to the gov
ernment The suggestion wa made
to Mr. Rypbcr by reaal members
of the committee that the letter might
have been written with a view to secur
ing his retention by lit. Cramp in a
professional way to prevent tbe investi
gation. Mr. Sypher hotly denied tbat
auch waa hia purpose. It was at
thb point that th chairman indignant
ly aald that Mr. Sjpher was an eropbatlo
liar and curtly required tbe attorney to
con fin hb future utterance to answer
ing the queries which the committe
propounded to him. Th; practically
closed th session today, which will be
continued again on Monday.
lYankle IllnnL. the Petnate lloahsnd.
In a Srw It tie.
Fo M? Lac, Wis, Jan. d The no tor
ious Frankle Blunt, the several time
female husband, baa bea girenaec
tetc of oo year In tbe state prison by
Judg tlilson. After eer.tencs shwr t
for her chum or wife, snd they wets
closeted together for an hour or two.
She haa leen an eternpbry priwa
while ia jail, and has receive 1 lettr of
cororaecdation from Dr. Msry Walki-r
and other cranks That the prisoner t
a woman is lToed question, but sb
Las worn men clothing so many ysr
she has rquirejl the taste and peci
Haritie of a man.
ALWANarTittuTt:u nrit.i:t
Nothlna taft of the Kirwrtwre list tfe
Wsll ft 2A.OOO.
Alsasv. N. Y Jav dTbe Albrsy
theater, a structure five iKin bich ait i
enverieg an area of hair a Hoc, waa
completely destroyed by fir at xb to
dav. Save three vil't and a mxw of
dt-ria. nothing remains of ths stru
ture. The tirmrn rmjtd lo bttle ttit
dvot tbir efftvt to eavirg orrrniHl
ii.g prctetty and Vr sucrefal in ri
fining tbe flam totbelbesW bnilduig.
Tb total los in this buil Jirg is rti
mst! at H2T.t0 and the itsura&ce at
1-8 uux
IWaow la l m fnt It M ill t He
Vhu r Jss. d After a thr ffay
s-n the lV!ratKn r-f llaiiway llm,
fU'jr tlay. iH the oi.ct i-f
the B-etiif sn l bat was afr:jibd.
CSaifinn CiatWe skl: -Iivt tt-f
w ticj.!l sosi rules anj rtu'&tlo&e
te tbsyvreraciLt cf tbe aocU.U.itt.
wLL h a fused upoa r lcaUoa to be
faulty la 'ite tiftx;! io tvsa ij tbi
waa U. j-tinci; zl oi ;sct cf tbe ckU:;.
Wear conrnt tbst tbe aciia f
Juis Jetiasa ia tbe Northern IVitie
crs w iU f r J lu ;' si of
tb tlLr ccrta. Ctrr lr;j:aUu
which tay be ; ;s tJ ta ty U fivit-r-eUoa
b tbe Ctl-isrt-ll bf l cow r-eaduis
ia roGrv, ualtsU'r ainej at tb pra
veatic cf trtua rut Ulrica, (if courts
we ax ta yc.;thy with try t !Tt t
top trtm n-LLrieA. but w tbink tbat
tatbuli'l tb.e: ar suae provisos
that cijbt t costrued to lb Quad
ra ctts U railway ujjAoye."
la rrjJJ to tb colter of arUtratioa
th orsubera cx.ni iL;rad tb quectMOi
frees tb tr2;iat a Uw bv w tch
arUtratka rca be forcsd wbea tie Ufu
t$cms ta requir a ix'iicxtav bctwera
eoy rated en pie jer.
co!;s:iuacy c c:iAr.s.
Kot to Bill ttrc::is3 and UHat?
Adjutant General Aria.
TortSA, Kaa, Jta. -d Infurottioa
baa Leeo furnuhed Adjutant tircraJ
Artx t y a Fort Scott detective of a oo
apiracy by cracka to scsAMtaate Govr
nor 1 welling and capture Artx, What
tbey expect to do wita ArU after tbey
g t fciw ia cot known acd cannot b
guessed. Tb story toid I y tL de U
live has impressed tL slab huus vfZ
ebb with tb trustfulness and a rl.e
watch b beicj fcpj t for tbe would Le
tas!cs. F, J. Cius). tb povercor
prirtt secrebry. Las piaeei a larg
reviver io hb disk to be ready for any
emergency and General Arts haunts tbe
stej tad oorridora of th stab house at
all hours of the dty fur the expected
villuJua. - The cranks, accordiag to tbe
discoverer of the plot are three la cum
ber, hail from Waidron, Colo, and are
liberally supplied with money.
Four Mew, 1'rre K11W1 and the BaUd
titC Wrecked.
Ki.tofnroit, N. Y Jaa. d- Tbe Lafiia
A lbnd powder mill at Bif ton, ten miles
from tbb city, blew up this morning.
Four men were killed, Six hundred snd
fifty keg of powder exploded in tbe
drying room, and the concussion ex
ploded 'Jit) kegs in the canning mill, 'JO
feet away. Both buildings were blown
away, scarcely a plank oeing lft be
hind. Gardner Friedenburgb and Jos
eph Sau odors, who were ia the drying
room, were torn to piece and f tortious
of their bodies were wicked up Jyarda
away. Kichacl Gibba, who waa m tha
canning mill, waa burned to a criep in a
second. George Kipp. ' boss of th
powder makers, wa cruahod to death,
Two Tramp SufTVtcatcsl.
Maxhu). O., Jan. d The city prison
took tiro at 3:15 thia morning while
filled with tramp lodger. Th lobby
and th cells rapidly tilled with smoke,
and the occupaota, lock. I securely ia
the cells, yelled ia an aony of terror.
Fortucatoly the central engine bouse ijy
cot far distant and one of the firemen
heard th cries. The flame were easily
extinguished, but not until tbe tramp
were nearly overcome by amoks.
lUrred Front the Malt
Chicago, Jan. d Th iianhaltaa
Two Per Cent Loaa company. which hta
ta q2c ia th Manhattan build intr, wiil
cot be permittvd to use th United
State mail hereafter, according to aa
order jsaued by 1'oatru aster General.
BbaelL Thi action, was taken in con
sequence of a report made by Post
ofbee Inspector Stuart who twlieve the
company scheme ia to obtain money by
false preteneor.
nioodhoaads to Catch Thieve!,
CoLVMnvs, Ohio, Jaa. d Among the
bilb which will probably be introduced
in the house ooa is one by Representa
tive Deaton of Miami county which b
somewhat peculiar in ita character. It
provides that the sheaff of each county
shall keep on hand and in pood condi
tion a certain number cf Lloodbounda,
the idea being to use them ia tracking
escaped crimicab an'd in detecting petty
thieves .
ltoad Again Dolus lloalnewa.
St. Lot is, Jan. C.Tbs Louisville,
Kvanavilie A St Luts ticket office
which bad becn.ckieed and ia tb
hands of the sheriff since Thursday
wer re opened today and tbe empbyes
of the company are xiow in cbargr.
(ieneral Freight ai:d Paassenger Ageut
)L A. Campbell gave bonds in bebiJf of
the company and the sheniT was dis
charged, t
Th ny'My Ikv
LoriariLLX. Kr Jan. d.Thb after
noon a mob of several hundred opi
gatherevl around the Flojd cunty jtil
in New Allsny ar.d thrratod to lynch
Marcua Duncan, who is confined there
chsrged with romtnlltinjr a nAtnei
outrage upon a boy named BArth.frntn
th etfeeb of which tb latter may di.
Two tkhbsn Men KIllM.
Sotnn B yt. Ind Jan. d Arthur
Powell and Herbert Herons, resideots of
ldwardeburg. Michigan, were killed to
night near tbat placs by panger train
No. 7 oa the Chirac A Grand Trunk
road bound for Chicago. Tbey and no
other man wrr in road t-srt crossing
th track in front of tbe engin.
Give a Mna Mnat Varstlota.
Nxw York, Jan. d William II.
Grimm, lb pit us young nau who wa
active in th Young PeJ s i- ty of
th llyiricutb church uttil b fieJ to
void arrest f t iri'tny, was to-lay sen
tenced by Judje Mo-re. ia tb court f
iwNi-riA. Urw!jn. ta four years and six
moatba ia Sing hg.
Two Men ttnred t Ieth.
'. 1 u. N. Jen. d A firs d.
stnye! tb tkhop of Paul Wrwli
thia mining Two takers, Cbfl
Corry rd Hecrr IVob"rn, wer
baro4 to death and Janfs DflameW
waa injml ty ,tbe falling of a root.
Lor, ft' '.cm ;
Itaby rtrtinl t s Otrv
Drrita. It.d, ;Jan. d-Mra Mai
Gerard went on aa errand Imliy, lat
Ing two children and a tjaly in a lby
rsrriag rt b Wbib she waa awsy,
tb two LiMrea et fir to tb tby
l?szj, end tbe irdatt was tirned t a
To Peer rut verh rrett iVanfe rwp4ff.
Wani'fiTO'. Jta. d Mr. Ilarter ot
Ohio lntrfelacl ia th bi tlf a
t-iil to t-)!ttaia the iJr?cy of tVi
trei3rv -f tb Urile-1 htates. lbs
ir,aaor gire tb trrltrf if tb
treais-ary fall pc-wer to H-j and fl in
such aTijnt and ench mtsn't a b
de?1 w snd at ssh t-rie aa b may
j se ft lo n jirw pr. Uritfl ftat-
j 3 f"r r r t thirty yt-at t m.ts. rAinjiiil
i aftr tive rfM5ths Th ewu w
j ref f rl to tb . an! wer-s rrea
n, I"-.
Mrs. Jino Rru:3 tni h? C;-
chelated : n:za i:::.:
TJea tts Hrlrr JLrrir.1 r 1
Vrrwrxus. Jta. d-r..- Fu-ur
jd CO years. fecLb ia cs.d ec i U
and ber dement. ! dtkbur, A mi j
years, wers burned u ti'.h ia t: t
beda at 2 o VJcm k tbis cortdrg t.t Nrw
Bi,baion 1. a few ici.lea fruri brrs. Tb y
weretiof-a a m.all t?Alory L u;-i.
acd it b xi pod tbey wrr uff-tJ
lWir tbey mold f.kk tleir iwi;
amid tbe tlatuea. Wbft tle t ra sa
dbcovcrej by ntibt-ur tb rf Lit
fallen in aad it wta too Ute to rt r
aty asUtacce. aJlJionrb tbe alruj;;i..;
form of tb pul cl-J t sru l;; i'. m
leL TLo Lre is aoppoowd to bkv l- a
caustvl by a drft-Uva I ua. Nwt'bii:
vbatfVrr was MVfrd, aiil tbia aTuj r. a
ot.ly a baedful lni cf the tru;.
fortuaats suiro wasfouod la tbe a.Lts
cf tbe burced flseibng.
Two eons of tLe o;d 11 vbo woik ca
tbsCi IV. M. rs.il road wrr t. t tcc
at th Ume,
TO .OWT Till; B)VMlfATti
htepheot Cosuitanr Wsata tbe 1 r
aviha ltsllwsy Yard aatd Ikw-Au
ILji'-A-tahi. Mich.. Jan. d-Tte L
Stepbeowoo oojiauy bua l-in u:t ia
tb ci.Toit ct-urt toe.ect tb ltlu.
Iron Mountata & Vc-tm IL.i'ral
ottiMry, letter btjwn tb .-cble
singer fXKvt, fr.ui tb Ir.d cr-ij,l t-y
that compsey f- radsy jjrs rrl
dock purkns. Wbeu th n fcd sss
oonnJ-tel it was trsmfcrret to tle C:.i
ca 1 Northseteia lUi)rd cotjpthy
and bts been crjwratl by tbe lattt -evrr
since, but only dunng tr kiu;
of eaviatKm. 1 be I. r-tepht-oaon tni-
f'any, who donatf 1 tha bud acd a ht-r
rontttbe ScMeaiugr eyr.Ji -at, dii
so with tbe strut understanding Hi t
tbe line would te ojr-r"fl tn"iti uoi-J '
and they oiJctef a! ln,inLnl -,t. n
to poor !( le wbu tbcUfM tbry aw u
opiort unity for a rood inrrt trt. t,t It
was generally ie!ier. that t? ew'
railroad mart a great UKmfor Jrata
ba, aa it weuid gii this places t-tr.p'l
ing line of railway. Nobmly drt hud
that Schbainrer would ever tw r.ytbii.g
leas than tbe iro king of Amerirs.
lut slrooJHi unexyiectUy the Chn-ago i
North wee tern coinjiauy srvurrd a on
trul tl the new line set the reault was
that those who U.: tt r4d estate at fU
terminus auServd a great tir;aril isa.
'llae I. SUpbeaMi cwmpaay wi.l l i il
best to e tbat lbs Cie-ag A North
wctrD com 1 ay will ua th N hWia
ger lioe for sotoetbing mora than a tn-m
sbam. Thr are ttu&dr-1s T thoua
and of dollar i&ttd in improverar rta
on th diaputed land urh raitt-osb. a
mammoth ore dck and .netnLb;i
to coxiPirri: with liti k.
A merles n Khlpmsstrr' Auot-iaiioa
Will lUie tk VeMfU
Bar Cm, Micdu Jsa. d Tb Ameri-.
CAn SbipcianU-rs artx-iation, wbica Las
a practicad tnooo4y the tat r gcf
American vtois fvr tbe cndrniers
eat ba ectertn.1 tha fid 00. the rat
lakes ta oppoiliou to tbe ltland Uuyd'a
and t!lpi)Uaha tiHupitte rating of
lake Tmaoia for tb oomirg fj.
Competent ship builders are .'rav'f at
work on tb avwiry ine tM.a and
tbe sork Sill te tuieted a'm?d -t th
annukl publu-atu tt tb Iniund
Lloyd , ib raUnirs will t t.s ;tb
uut dn tatioo frtioi icten at'd pttsea.
I At year the reprfcen!fclie ctdfr
writers and veawl rwrrers b-Jd s wed
attended iMwiia at iKtn:t at u huh
time it was dv terunne 1 tbat runirrtus
cbang" abould l made ia lb mrhi
formei ly In vogus, bwt anient wiAny
guod tTNolu tiona and heap if tAlkiro
liuced no at previslne reault later. It 1
algeL tbat tbe llua'o una r-
writers bate bad tls t'j ;er bar I la txa '
cectioa with tu Uovo s ratitfa ao 1
used their sdta&tag l tbe ticiii!ii'r,t
of unlersntera at t birgo. Drtrvit,
Milsaukeo. and all aruard th4e UU'v.
ll ba l-n rostoniary IO the pt t
pla w no losnrart-s until s'tr tfce en '
OJal publ'CAtioQ of the !JrM.' Hr
wa ia t bhu-i of ad Um ui.i'f
wnler. Tb claim b Oisd that ! -t I
year tb Ilu?)t) Caen rM"-ed
ratine. r"t tbe than u.s.'b' !
old b k cd then srt.t ri t r"tti t.v-s
arouiid tb lake, necurirte !!-ntitm
the lKiitjeae lf.r tl eir "m)peVit r
wets realty to do buic(-es at alib
M W 1)1 1: IS JMU
Nleeen" f"hlnmen IVetrc
Srree lis ttKrl-L ! !
DrractT, Mib, Jat . &- Nit;ta
friendieas. ruoey lei and th'-roahly
dibeartoeil trt)tra( mi- J ..! tro re
tars t lying rva-pel cp in the Kj t
county yad f:r umrwo i!rtr . wtu a
good epect of lying la tlit i
wrettbed cord;twe for st int tbrrs
years to ?. The "bitA'n-n i e
waitirg tbe rottlt 4 an j';-d frte-i m
dee s 10a of tb United Mnt'S tirrud
Couit. wbr tbey nr tite;l of
bring ia tb cortry vabw.'rilly. 1 Ti.e
yf ivie f.4 f urnhikg tfiis -fi
demrd tbe Chin tie unoef tu. 1 f
SUpret.i r13rtHekstb'ott f- "ftrs
tbiod ow. snd th css rf the I .;r b
no 1 lle ffdinary roowt 4 "o's
will ft d 1 rliJ fr a bnr. t thi-t
leegth 4 iim. Durirg that 1
will Lave rsmam ia Jfcd. 4. ti
t aH sdar,fed f-r th i!irket 4ft'jr
itnriaoJW.eet is rat Short lvitbth.
7hrf of them rfrak J.f ;l.h.
Tbey ar eery tneek snd 1 1 1 ms-
tot tr, lervtari I wbt tbey ' ir : pti u..
AcoUiet airrubr ltet tt tNn
tbat tb CLifcfitnea t3r"-M C't i
their rpsJ d rt cut if jtUiftlt
waate-i tv 7 'L r sen teres wm ip.r.4
fa t Chir-a, If tbey wibi t-
trp tb fat I tld C a"' 1?T r " 1
do sv. tiee-sus all tbaftr. 's ; 7v?r;'"' ri
fur tbat ptirr tr e t tui :.!-e 1 : j - i
ciitiitfi ctnvicrx j '
Prlsnn iVeird Crrytea Ont r.ri;.
arms eif Srs IsiW.
J Mirh, Jaa. d 3-:r-F.
h at'? the ivitvo lt-J -f T -'-' - J
bse lri - t gra i'' Ur p?T-r.-t t
f'. J'i: ll f. -at gvd bta :
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