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t war' lJ
!.,-ii..:.se aj
- -js. ln;r uur sr tf I'ie tlif vf
li eim.r Aj wim ti.y are
' ; -; t-i turd g rl will orjaipriha
laoiti.Li, i ao u.wt-
r.Aii, ,r iaoopetaat therein
-j ff-.irm temporary wl kCt M to
--if ir.Uifr with the ihaciriLReor
'-.wtti.f the Ulur uf thepriaca.
V. ris sui be dit;ttl Ly their
' Milj aa fci-i: rirst frrada. f3
.-- w.ia a r4 atr;; en the arm;
-J m. para fn ua.frai; and
Ua th.t a prUcner
r ".:V:oaa Wia ah'i 1 allowed
? ft f tkt t cf th JMi UiiiS 4Wwl co
:3trra,aai efier Vie yecoad tsrta
, i B" Scd te at ad.,' It slao pro
. j tv.at tu rwsvtuUaj til Ui.aiiautiva
- ! ,u t;u;e for tic convteta ia prwea
Uu U0 west lata -t. uj to
1 it ehrd U trj pu'od Ui6r
f ftc rvititiJ a-id allxr the law
' 5 ir Vj Tct tii computation ahaii
i t.i.ia ttr,sc tL.4 M! law. There
iV) b cocI-t4fhi iLr?raec of
; i a to tlia pc::Lu3 ti w.
' lab prctihia tttt U wa t trci
v " tL 1 Crat evutk-t t ' rtirrsJ wheie
Hy the cirr -a tJS tat
. 1 c! brrraa cerjc-i
r ; c: cetr rjr iabns:ti ly
i L'.ic;t-3.cepil-l to ciom
cuiJiXLa iiuat gni.
T-.LTssioe J. J. Larmonr of Litt! Creek
! :Vcr irtl th srtnutef to vttixhvM
:! j ad et U tii tocal tirra or iairi.
tjiat arfcdwtacij t&d tx
tz-Tlif to tb u?rias. Mf. Lwmoot
Lzj JacUreJ that t. tuiiwsi U
t s J ta4 JyuJ tii- liM tf tie Uaitsd
i .:zt to th oraor. Tti ttv
vu;. - i w ll gflly reUuot the potoT!c
tu4or-. tjt th trai that har bea
7ruc tt tcbn UI to go
cut of tS. t-uia4hk Tt
U.' fta4 tha tiut il t trit. llr
tli htfAt oGtuc drop, cil drop tani.
TotTua ilkb, Jul CL Tb eccad
wk' etftiua ct th trial of 1 1 cry AL
1-tccU' Uit to out Wkiaacj Jlay fron
ta Wajo ctuct cUrkaliip ci..wi tlxia
coco, au-i tbr U a U review at
tta"wc Wt jit to tU tat taej kaow
alout tii al.Lcatoc cf fraud ia tha
eUiCtiwa cf ISSZ. (Wer eighty hata
airo.J UiatitirO. From fort to fifty
mora M U sora ia LtLaif of May.
JthnLLCXeUa wya that ha will call
protaUy Lfty aitaca ia rebuttai.au
aa it Ivx-i tcv, nixi weak will U pretty
D-a.r!y morn Oct Ufora tha eodof tha
c4 u raachoiL
JaJBM-ol for SH,loa
Fot Watsr, Iol, Jaa. CMooroa
Joaca, formerly a t ort Wayne profe
itoaoi tal playar, who, for a number of
Art. via aa achiever on tha (J read
ivtpfcli X ladA railroad, yeatarday
vaa graataij a jcdjoBaotof tlM agalaat
tha tuUxxtd corn i ad r. Kira year ago
ha aaoiBred at iiuakreua, iikhiaa.
IIa4 X arrow lacapb
H-llt Sts. Maaza. Mich, Jaa. aTt
lure of Felloe k TradavalL who own
and c;rala a aaw mill at Kaber, forty
: niiU- frcci thia city, waa burned laat
nijht. wita a!! ita eoatenta. George F.
TraJew ail and faxily. who lived aboea
tha atora. Dat a narrow eeeape. Tha
Urn la P'tl'Hwiih no loauraaca.
:ilQliUaii IWr Tiu ,
W4ininj, Jan. CL Tha report of
Internal Ilateuca Coram ianioQe? Miller.
iuJ toitay, Lowe tha amount' of
rrnu tai ccircUd oa beer for the fla
cal yer cdin$ 4czt Cl 103 for the
tirt diatrict rf Michixaa. to be rAHO.
ax.d for tha fourth district 772rL21
Grl 2&al Illm laaaaew
Ca- Crrr, Mich, Jan. L WP.liam
rutouaa. a farcer liring nine mi!ea east
cf Cam City, eomcalttad filicide yeeter
day by ahcotlr hicane!f with an old
axoiy muaicet. lit had bea auffering
witii La zr pa for about four weaka and
hia tornd twang deranged.
Nw alatroa of tbe Itoawv
Hr.!.iw, Mich., Jan. fc Mra Sanda
f liJJay vt tfci city, formerly of Orand
lUpiu. haa ten ao:ctcd by tha beard
tf dirwtari to til tae rearcnb'e ponl
tton of r,atrQ of tha Home for the
Friend!. occe1iriJr MiM Lydia J.
I.lins who baa rrsicse-L
Ilrotna ltarftor Bpmr.
!?r.-Tr.i II iKftoa. M'ch.. Jan. CL It la
c vr t'it!f?Jy atated that the ff-ur cf a
;ftiptd . enticntAl railway, Ia!Iin'a
roi t fronNfai. Ja-iiana. to i!aaton
iUrrr. wii! U butit ia XSCI. and that
work will be coraturncrd npea it by
ibuary 1.
!V.t,bvl by a FuoC(MtJ.
TrftTf. MrhJn. lfjt ern
!rsr I". C V. Ah!y. aa ldciy citi
rn. waa iainj hia hnt he waa grab
Nt by teo rier, ch)kHi and rleTed of
$T4 li riny and a"m valaaSia papara.
lie wm ur.t ta i1ntify the Mf-tr.
Hi. Jimrh VTanra It.
IlTtTo Hbo. Mich., Jaa. r -Th
cifsty wst rovvat wiil b ubtuittl to
the otra tt nett Aprvi a eltiuo. The
toard cf uperTt m hare d.;ulel ia
f4ttr .T the it oilrrad ty St. Jxph,
Taluad at lO.KU
ivtwiurwxt ihw fift.
MiLPar Mith.' Jaa. Kafe-Uowara
trfke into t?ia grwrry atnre of Waarr
4 Wikine dunog th night. The aafe
wta UM.Iijihfl. taluaMa pa peri and Ii)
ia caih are aivaaic. Tha eapkwioa waa
h;ari Ut awty.
Wtr Neera In V-rt.
Th tadiea of Calumet cleared. t-XO on
tha.r thajty
Tay eouaty eipeaded !2,0tX for lu
pior during leceatbar.
T't atantrr Ht Irnace la faat ia the
U- 1 Mat-'areaw Cty.
fjit trar Tj City f.fty-flee flr,
ra-iiC a ka of JlM.fi7
A!c! fonnty KtluratloaAl c'ab wUl
ttuMt ai Vfar!ad Jan. I J.
A ei cf ina nr haa leea found at
Ha ? id IUrer. Iu couaty.
UA.XeaMitif Ea will cut iWV
CC (pet af pine thia win W.
?t.trc?yr. Ji. (U-Tha fraa-jry
i4.:a-'r t.-iy ti at rArtirirx
ef th'h fAliLX. U f U and IrUl
ITITU in czrrrcj. IntT4t to the
ar at oi rwl.w hia ri pfiit. ! :t
I B it y V-iEr e!itrartNi fpm F
Bt laio: a fiMH If it Kad Un
t"T tnt avaeva wank) efai at
Itailrty F-anptt'Te DUcNixt.
Fotr Wa trt, F J ai. Tv Thia aaern.
trgfMrtn fr!lt brak-an m thia
4itT!ff t-.e Skl Hat were r
r(tftl arol et r rvdnctra wr
iliMt b th rtr r f brak-nn. It ia
I that aa ef-'tt tir g naif aVr
tal.re ajittsa to prrtica.iy reduce
e;eratic tjt'.im ci tha road.
New Or'eans Grower Object to
tamiaiartA llm XUt IVeat.'y Ca
Nta OatfAjr. Jaa.rlTt-r era two
t5iTa cf tha V.'ioa L.J tvat are
ry ct-aotkea ta tha ctti,-rta c LcuLa
iana. They are tl us t-d tha
trop-esad ipraduil tbiilUt.rit cj tha
ouaty oa ruar. A n "inter c? 1; vi-rj
Lrra tal jr i'ui;ztj ci ccrcrrtiiaa
warwiatrviaa4 tZzj ca tl c--ict
Cryri ileha. itzzLUzX c7 tli Uctoa
eaUtnsi ban! wta eery a-itU ia hia
viawti li aaid tlit ha tzd t"3 a l--luug
(ieaic rat, bat thit he c-;tU net
rrew with fca pirty na th ilt'z '.iity
4 tha lacjcia tat; tixt it wca c'.:e:.y at
tariiace with a re-utiica fcrt cf gof
rnaot; that it wou.'d lead up to a aya
taa ef trpicis- that was abhomat to
th lcerco3 people, to tlf notlr j of
tha fiaoda that would ana atv CoaUau
it, lit. Ucha caui:
"Whatweof Losldaea want la pro
tee tka to ac;ar. Tha rorsrnctant
oadx' a cnJeoa contract with the pro
dunera to ce ihea a booty ct 2 crnta
ter pound for ttftaea year. Now, while
aca oppoaad to bounties ci priaeipia, I
thia it it ahoold let thie (.land as the
are, or at least pot a da ty tf 1 ta
ren'ji ca the article to harp oat foreign
imptrtatiana I beUave, wtth rropr
protection, Iulalana can raiae all tha
cir that caa be coaaatacd ia tha.
United btatpa, bat if the auzar etaaaa ut
theWUaoaUU. ia carried through it
wUJ ba a death blow to tha Indcttry ia
Louiaiana. The plantera have lavectM
mllitona dollara ia iaproreent
tha atrencth of tegorernuent'a pie!et
and if thia ia broken withoct aa eouira
loat in duty tha planter jaril be
ruia d."
IVeniJent R M. Walmaley of tha
LouiaiarA National bank, a aid:
"I do not beltaT that there ia a aingle
boaineaa man ia Nevr Orleans who has
gireo any thought to tha subject who la
not opposed to the income tax. It ia
trttaMy an undemocratic tneaaura and ia
altogether uaneceeaary. iliT not placa
a ciuty on au;ar, say ltol" centa per
ponnd? The planters would te sat ia tied
with thi and at tha eatre time the con
anmera would not feel the tax and ft
would put millions into the catioaal
treasury. 1 do not belie re tha gorernment
will erer be able to collect mora than
one-half the tax imposed upoc incomes,
becauee the hooeat man will return the
currect amount, while thoee diapnaed to
be diahoneet will eacape acot free.
iVsideot Morria of the Canal bank.
Preeidant Nott of tha Citisons' and
rreaident Nichola of tha Bank of Com
merce, all expressed themselYea ia line
with the foregoing.
Clana Bpreckela Oatwltted and flouted
by Ilia Boa Aagaetne.
Baj Faa.fci!ico, Jan. 6. The big dam
age auit recently brought by C4 Anyns
tua Hpreckels again at hia father, the old
sugar millionaire, Claus Hpreckels, ttsd
hia two aooa. John D. and A do! ph. was
cocs promised today. UusDpreckeit,the
plaintiff, cot only rata tha stock in the
liawaiiaa Commercial company for
which ha sued, but he it put ia charge
ox ina company. j
The inaide history of the family quar
rel ia Trry interestinc, and the cotnpro-
raiae rcalla the famoua cora promise of
William IL in New York, which waa
brought to a speedy end when tha latter
waa threatened with being ' pat en the
wttneee stand,
Young1 tins Spreckele, after he was re-
lieTed of the charge of the Fhilade'phia
sugar re an try. came back here badly
dteffruntled. He held DUO shares of the
iiawaiiaa company, but thereatar part
of this stock La J never been transferred
to hjst. bnt waa simply indorsed by
Claua bpreckela and 11. I Dodge. Last
am mar oiu Ciaoa prepared a freeaa-out
for small stockholders by levying an as
seesajot of toper shara. "Gus couldn't
pay thia end protested, but the ethers
deuared hie shares lorlTeited along with
all except tha bar re held by Claus and
Lie two eocs. So Uoi began Lis suit
claiming damages of I ilrfW.OOO. .
It waa then found that by tome orar
eight the aasosameot oa G us4 MX) shares
had been lamped by the bookkeeper
ith the other Sprecke aeeessments
and all had been paid. Whan (iua
learnnd of this he asked that his father
and brothers tranafer their atock to him.
Thia waerefueed. Then Oua played a
hrewd trick, lie had joined with him
ia his aoit C M. Wooley, who was a
stockholder nt record ia tha company,
and by virtue of thia position had tha
iLjht to demand inspection of the com
pany s booka
hen o!d Claua learned of this device
ha la aaU to hat went into a great rag.
but when he corded down ha admitted
that the young fellow bad played a sharp
game and had forced his hand. To open
the took for inapectioo would mean re-
vraSingall the carious deals rsade dur
ing the lat tea year and wasn't to be
thought cL 1
Thia menace led to the oomnromiae.
Qua gate his ah area and haa been e!ctd
prwidnt of tha company. Tha directors
are Adolah Kpreckei. M- M Wileon.
Fueir Vi:aon. C. A. Whaler and V.
I iStod. Tbew Kea are either lawyers
or rtlaUvea ci Hpreckels.
Lara; VeMl mi the Lakes ChrU
leofd Teatrtday.
Ci Rvnaxn, Jan. d Tha largest pvi
enger ateaaie r oa tha great lakes or on
frU watr wee laaachel this aftemra
trra the yarde of the t)lbs Iron Werka
ro-npafty. The tiroe set ff the launch,
ivf waa but it waa nearly .1 o'clock
hi the signal waa given for rutting
the r?ps that held th big steamer in
The launchifg waa perfect,
then ert l?cg evfn the slightest hitch.
Krerytfung to the tninutet dtalie wst
in radioee and th maaaive carrier
!i tfi lata tUw water ami.Ut the cheers
f tha crowd of spctatara aad the
hrieka cf shinties front neighboring
faitr and ra ilia I
Mi Ovtrude 1 1 anna, dangter cf
IVtMitdent L Hanna of the Ck.be Imn
NVor ke oupacy. gave th aig.ial fof tha
uiurxhtrj. and Mrs. Gordon ef u Jaio,
it cf J.tJjs Cior tin, general uaasvjvr cf
th Northern Saathip c;rapany.
chrltneti the erase t?e "N rthseat,"
tnaUirg ove the bnw a lottJ of eia,
aa imen of gund luck. FvJlr ln,0
popi watched the lau aching from the
rivrrekle and 1 (nils abute.
IMrri.rs Ind Jan. ft Jlichiel
II, laitt. the theetricai macaeer, from
Cincinnati, la died a euit agair.tt lirr
ies i',hs, cow playstar at F-ngiiaha
cjera hours ia thia uty, asking tUra-
ta ia tha uat of TiitXi Leat!t
aiera that the l-ha cucr ay La4
aa cnament ia tan rranciseo ana
jnapd from that rity to aa aartera
Iat duxioj the time of thesr eerte
6it silh hisn for leaver. Altarh
toant japera upxa the boa cCcs raoipta
Lats Uea arre-i.
titl-.M ty a Fa Uii'tx
Rcaeiml IV. Jaa. L 1L Cart;
Bmith aged of Ycvegidowa. Ohio,
mpLoy ad oa a county fcrw.-e at i.aatur
sUuuii, w ta struck and kilisd by a lUid
bg axpreaa traia today.
. .. .. I
It Wilt Operate a rwuc ttact? UU
1x3 T:acttaay
The lateat novelty ia nlcklaln the
alot osachiaes is stamp vender which
ia placed ia hcttla. dru,; stare and ciar
stores, and tha tKaoea where poata'ie
stamps are kept for sale, and fernte
centa call vara aa envelop and two tw o
cent stamps to ths person patronluag
the rr.achiua. Tha profit to tha com
ray operatirj tha machine cornea
from tha entebj which are sold at
one ceat etch, while they dc not cost
that much, Another coerce cf prc&t
cornea froca drpcdtisj' advertises mat
ttr ia tici eavtlcj piztd la tha oa
china, A rr-rrr;3txUa cj tha ccn
pany which tz&Lz thi caachisaa ia U
tha city and hn Ukea t;i to crantx
a company to handle ths oachinea ia
thia city. Ha ciiini there ia A proSt of
tC3 a year ia each machine. - t-everal
man Lava a!jnied their iatsatioa of
tahinj atock and aooa atoci baa tits
aubtenbed, D, C ticriboer. tha dmj
giit, who has) saaadaed ths' caachins,
aaya there b co doubt but it wiil be
popular, far there ia no profit, but aa
actual iocs ia kecplrjf atamps iadraj
stcrea and ciar alorea.
let tukcs coyriiACTa
Hoard of Putllo Works UvtestoOb
Jqctiona to (J rode Line.
. WUllara Ilarriaoa appeared before tha
I card of public works yesterday and ob
jected to the rrade Una of West tlridge
street hUL Ha waa told that tha board
had passed upon tha grade and ha would
have to take hia petition for a rejrada
txfore the common council.
Several residents oa North Prospect
street objected to the grade established
on that street and saked for a week in
trhlch to get up a petition against , tho
grade of the street Their request was
granted. !eidcnts on Ames street aJo
objected to the grade line on thoir street.
An approximate estimate on tha Im
provement of Innee avenue waa sub
mitted. It places the figures at 11,417.
The following contract were let: Grad
ing and graveling Hamilton at reel to
Wagemaker and Myers for t'JlTo,' Lin
coln street to Miller and HoiTert for II
Cta South Lane avenue to Michaol
Tennis for V.i6L
Trtanksglvtna; Committee Report. '
The secretary and treasurer of the
citizens Thanksgiving committee haa
prepared a careful report of all collec
tions made under their direction. It
shows 1012.53 collected ia cash with fli.
ia pledgee still to collect Tha expenses
wsre til The approximate value of
groceries collected was IL1&1S3, while
the large amount of clothing collected ia
riren, but the value ia not There were
10 pieces of mens clothing, CC2 pieces
of women's and children's , clothing. -16
hats and caps, 27C pairs of ahoea and 272
pairs of socks, beaidea mittens, dry
goods and other article ia smaller
CUfJltCtl fefcllU'ICK-S.
6t Mark's Hospital Service and lec
ture In Tustin chapeL Sunday at 1 p. ci.
and Thursday at 2 p. m.
: Church of Christ (Sdentlat) Good
Templars hall, corner of South Division
and Island street a Services 10:30 a. m.
Sabbath school following. All are in
vited. Grace Church, corner Cherry and La
fayette streets The lie v. John li. Hubba,
rector. Holy communion, and sermon
at 10:30. Lvening service and choir
festival at 7.
Grand Rapids Spiritual association
meets in Locker by hall No.lL, at No. 2)
fountain street, at 10uX a. ci. and
p. m. Moeea Hall, speaker.
Circle it & p. m.
St Matthew'e Fifth Ward P. H, Qui ra
by street and North avenue. Sunday
If yoa receive no benefit from Dr. Flercei
Thia fair and
offer Is hall
out to all
women who
tbadleaaseaaMda- l
rangemeota pecu- J l
liar to their sax. L
To weakly woraenhood no triaa rooll be
rnnre sarura, nor the benefit more lasting,
than that to be erird from tha purrhaM
ci a bnttie at this famous " Prerrir(ion.
Its socoati tn earing ell ths fanctioasl da
rsajpraMiits, painful dtaordera, azvt chronie
wakneaM rf women. wrrana its makers
la gnvtr&mUeino it, What tiua medicine has
dose for tboeawKli of drlica. womeo, rt will
do for ym. At th two critical TVTiods la
waroaas uf, tha ehange from girlhood to
wtxnaahood. aa1, tutor, tha M caansr of Ufa,"
Its aa tnvaluahle tnle and a soothing eerr
ins, which ran prodnee only gond rerulfts. It
cures raws of nreoae proatrmikia, txwornnis,
or inabitity t aWp. artd many xhttow dissr
t jts due to (Urengvcnent of the funcUooa,
Dietiawy rtf b lie Aaed.
$tmt, nmphil. mod fru(rr(Ay
rWcria tf it Iiai." Xotwrt,
Standard Dictionary
or THE
Wifk (U DntMt rtUnl JVrre Mru,
Stuff- Ylm r-4iti, tn Iltnry
rre, 114.00. 1
F' f.4tlt JJ."f i Henry
re, f2).0O.
Iukt rep Mailed freeee
M r. y .. hiti( 4 !.
..RNh.l.Il ? A aLU I IntMir Xr-K,
'm1 Krvl, MjcN , arret foe Kmt froca' j,
.-iuol at 13 a, cs. Crvic and ermoa
H a- ta by the IUt, Abrxttia Ikeve,
A cordial eelevcia Veveryuae.
Vnity Church- Leers' Litrrary club
rooea, th,a 11, IL V'zf Jchisoa, pt?r.
Fveaiej eubject: licil Arpacta cf
I'arty in IWuc." ,
IcjmaBual Pmltrrca Church
Tte liet. Jarxta ?spo paator.
I )r) a. ta.. Tte I: J Cry a tha
Church."' Noon. CJlit arbod; l p. rx,
Y. p. S. CL U; 7 n, -Tta Great At-trttt!oa--
Fcuatiia KUttt C-;tirt Chcrcb-Tta
Py, Joha U. JtcUcca, ,U r
Fe-ii carvics riiyri-j r4 eierir.
Ucrcirt subject: Tta Voctzl lTfci.l
t ta I-feat Uve-irj aa: Tta
Icrk Cocjre t-lTh IUe. Dia
P. Uradlsy. p--tcr. Hcrrirj crrvira at
10-) a. a. Lrrcca. "Tha Cosrca cf
Fower.-i Sunday ashod at Ilia Yes3
Prop's a Guild meet:r? tt 0 p, O,
Lvecirjr service cf err j cd T p. o.
5 New Jerosalea chrrch Ccrner Lyca
and Korth Uivul-a ctrttta t:rvua
Bunisy taornicj at the crtl bzzr.
Uutjactfor Jancary7i Tt Gtztz
V. tiUr.- for tha izxr Cirlria utw ci
Lots.- Tha Fv. Goer- I.
AU DoulV aTdrrrri!!tt-CtlJra
r Tree i. corr.ir ui:i t
i"rahrer, D. D.; i -cr. II
jact: -New Ytzxya Lrtrcaa,
Mrat cf the Ar&ra tcttar
street, cointf Oibta Vta Hae. Chxrlra
tlorsirj ru
urea taciect;
"Tha Dlaci;!-,ct Adrrrtlty Uuadry
school, FJn. locrj imcria i cstcuzr,
6;13 p. ra. ' ' ;H
Gervlcsa at tha Xbtrli Areas IL
E. church today tr rj fellows: lira,
Lauf a Uavllacd wiU preach at 1023 a,
ra. .The Iy. a 11 Laiih will prtrch
at 3.X) p. ex. and in tha eveniuj tha
pastor, the Ker. VT. A, Fry a will praach.
Ths revival ear vicca will be ccotiauod
through the week. .
ii. M. L.Tioo church. FLTth avenue
Tha Hev, J. 15. AUxxdtsr. ptr?.
Kelar services. - Memorial aervicm tt
3 p, nu la memory cf the lata lit Lev.
J, X Mora, D-D., ticip cf ths third
episcopal district and senior biahop of
the convention. ' lie rival serricea will
continue; light have rcsa for prsyera
Trinity Church, IL IL Johnston, rec
tor. Matins at i-10:03 with sermon,
-lliatrry. liturgy and Putnal of tha
Kpiacopal Charch.'' Evening at 7 with
sermon. "Why la It Not a Popular
Thing for Business Men to - Attend
Church." Sunday achod and bible
class at 3. An anthem, -Holy Child,
will be aung by the vested choir.
The Young Men'a Christian A emacia
tion building, corner Fearl and Ionia
streets, will be open this afternoon from
2:30 to C o'clock, Servieee will be held
at 4 o'clock. Strangers " are invited.
Keligioue services tinder the auspices of
the association will be held in tha county
jaUa: 12:13 o'clock, and also at tha
union depot at 3:15 o'clock. The public
are invited.
SL Mark's P. H. Diviaion atreet, head
of Pesrl street The Rev. Dr. Campbell
Fair, D. D rector. Holy oommunion'
at 9:45 a. ' m. Service and sermon at
10:30 a, m Sunday school at noon.'
"Son Service" at 7 n. m under di rec
of Francis Campbell. Wedneday, 7u30
p. m., liishop Uilleepia. the Iiev. a WJ
Ivie, and the recto will give short ad
dreeaesa explanatory of tha coming, ser
vices conducted by the Rev. Floyd W,
Tompkins. ' t :. .
South Coogregational The Rav. J. U
Smith, pastor. Morning subjecti "Life
Tides.' Evening subject: Tbe Neg
lected Lain pa." Week of Prayer. 3Ion
day evening subject: "She Hath Dona
Croup, Influenza, and
- Uronchitis -
, the best 1
of all anodyno
Irompt to act
Sura to Cure
Tne Boot That Efcrytoly Wants!
James Q. Blaine,
America' Greateet Ftateeman,
Literary Exeoutor.
Million of American citiaeoa are iatanae
ly intTfxl In th crrr of th eminent
etattnan, dlp'oatiat and orator, anl sill
be glad to hear that his biography I to be
written by hlchnen literary executor and
intimate friend, (all Hamilton.
The work is now rdy for delivery, and
ee elah to negotiate with a reliable, latel
licct buiooa men ebo will git exclusive
time to the tyjalnr of rtpreeenUng us ia
llkhigaa. Ad.lrraa
11 ILL A ?nUMAN.
83. Dearborn Ptret,
Ct-lcagn, I1L
sstft orga
raorr Ts Tan
wtitTje Tnat r;ca
carsrt vis To ec
inicit eeaatacaa
2m imsic!ia msmM u
v MB-
t;h-t Lis V-iUr Tu-irj evenic-
aut;::t: I I'ra lr.-vt iha.tKsssJ
IV-U HatwX'.rM F ir -th. Wed-
crrJy eveir-y ti:tl: fit Ia i;a-Xtrrr-tT
:r-r!litrt: "A
Wir r.'ra." iY.l ? ecr.:r tiJ:
-Leira to Ui Utll"
Good T:-'-r'a V-'l.Cc?tt cf Luth
DiyAdvt'J. L.7Xiti 7 rv cv Lih-
j?rt: ll;e CIt cf th Viae aai
What the Lurd lira CiU About It"
UrUj your UUta tad lot its your
Tha atisttkd cf clrra cf tha above
nature or orrrtirr.t:rra cf try kind ra-
e,ttiric.y taeur j cr lr roc b ceiled
ta C; Cr-'i'-lUrj t cCrr ia sur
caw tttilsi:sr.C7 ed U Pcirlv street
One room 4,1a I Li, tea rcooj lxX one
rcora 22in td try ron 22j-I all in
U -zz) U ta Z: 'Mzi c J ta till oocu-
rtnta, cl'.i c:ir3, t-3 tad caa
ti'hti T--l--J t-rX rr,J tiavator
cervKik latra u co c-tii.-rj so csatru,
with Icra dlz'-'l '-j rctn aad so per
fectlv r-i It r''l cct H rtzXtl to
ctectl-ila trr.rr cr cr 'tra. Ncit-
i.CLCJ L,..J trri.fn ti!a tt
rl;rr tti ...... .-, . ;
! Dca't tsLn 0Trrr.j Crt.t CUrcr Dd
Lttr V7t3TS Irrij C:;ra cIL
Clek naU-aaad n Jxn e'l the trouUas tact
d-t to a b' Joua r."a f Ua fyr ara. auca aa
taiitaeaa, Kaoaas. l)mrataar. I ittnw sflav
eaung. Iaia ta tae tu la, ta tnw smmS
ranaraaUa suocaaa as be la curlag
lTeadacfM. yet C Ijttis Ura Pru
ere rquaJT valoatJa t (VetipftOoe. erT
and pi eB3ac Cv aaaeytoa ooi pUiaC bi
tbay stee ccrrert aU araurdcr ef th avenaca,
amuUta ta liver aad rtste U beweta.
avea U UJ vary
n nr3
Aeba ti-y eU r abrota rtoa as taoaa
vbo aaae tnm tbia tttrwv cowplaiaij
bat forrunatWy thrir gooCofct oom aoj ad
aara. ana vtrmm ww ww wy
, tnaaa littia pllia valabla ta ao me-T vara UuU
thar wilt not ba wOny U s e.OUl thaia.
aut anor aa mkx ana
tt the hen ef so cub v five & tt kera t eere
we ma ow treaa aoast, Our pacwreA
. whu otars do eot -
CAsrce's LiTTUi Lrrra Puxa ara wy anvaa
and ttt Mir to take, fee or two pJ
s does. TWy are atrteuy veretsw asd Ao
not rripa or parr ey thrir aru sctkaj
NeaaeaUwbouae tham. la viaia at O ernt?t
Le tor tl- 8oid rrTwbre, or ent tj uX
bJia. blfc .MKi
Va IL Pusaaa. tiaaaaya
Thurodny Evo.,
Jaaaary it
Hoiiori uCiitoll
And Bis Superb Ccupiay.
Flrtt Prod action Is rMa eity ef tha very as
eaaUul r raocS ttoenaaiM ararna.
The Face in
The Moonlight
Catnat Prioaa. Sale of seata eommeaees
m adneaday. f a. m.
Wi. H. Powaaa, ttaaac r
Flrtt aprearaa ev ia this rttr ef
la kU lateat end ffvaataat teaeeta,
"The Butterflies"
Cj Henry Gar Car-ta. nte ef "A GiUM
TViraa tl. Tie, &o. Sa ana V. fleets ea sale
r rviay moraiac at id e aiees.
kaans Gaawooas L aa n4 alaaarea
TT, IL Fewer eoitpaef rratiar ta pie-larva-)
aa lrtf k Srama,
"The Ivy Leaf."
A rraiKl la ymatioe. Tha brat triet
ti and tdarara a Airr)ra. A rniaa
IrUa ppr. ti-t l fae-wn Irf lsf ta
ttt ta vheiea ealaruoea el IrlaS eiakKJlaa.
fictar V Uae TaoaJer, Tlnr-taf sad
ftatnrtta. rie--l, m. a4 K.
.Vatt eaafc -Taa ry Leaf
A rTS, PrryHoc eat If tatyw.
k4 ril NathKHM
WadaaWaf. frwSar aad eateMaa.
Tba cheeitaad bMtyUraf swsaaseat Is
tsa cit.
Tt t aat fftffia eif a a Kirae.
SHt tv i-ara s414 A
fraa4 4vati a. laar,
vMl'r aa4 frra. Ufa rt-rtara
wiil ra t K. Sa c a -rae
rt t iririt ar4 t4(ttac
Foun SHAtrnocxs
Tt4 wita a t-jra ceat. f W
Mwa4 ay a
GranJ Olb cf SredalUo,
j el ad Irr w. aXa,
A iTcrri:i3 Tc!:zit3,
! a araeta Kt tstlra
I rrs,(ar.
Or aw.
?ebb-, -to AHi.
L-tr.tirj rira cri titt lcrrrrtrrirj
GrrJrra a Trt 7. r"-trrt-t" to tU gcr.-rr.- b3 cr'
cryr-:rtllic!:ri3 5ntl::::i cl e::?y t:i r 3 t crtr
tlrrJ trJ tTeclrd tj Ci!y'C ttt ct-'-'.sJy frr$ ct ct-- lac::
tiatrc tr;trrrt-J & ctacr;7 clttct it tt,i j r.:. - ..r J cxrr.
TtU tt b t'-rr'.ut-Jy Crty cr l
i: jtU;a ta trra a crrrra ci trtirrt
hit ka cI;3 fr a
tenter cf jrxjra ari:. '
eut triwwlj Jrj a ; -r
tlat-ut!aL;r. A vit
te Dcx Copit asd
Uctr proci t a
trvutiU la fee crrrr;.
I took tr,tsl ci
Uem arl ta a airn
t ne was cured. sctiric3
ea tr:rrsnsicr.i frcra
Uia arj Cnt
I tad eu :r?d r.-
thad:-r saicrytl-i i
every crrrta vi try rjrt
tr ao cy crrrirrra
ir r-jsi,
it tt tra tlr:rrt a
I err tlzca I r:y crrti,
G:;::rl'L::::J I:::::::.;
trj. crrrur-a aa crir rri
t - - ' y f
- - - . Crai rtra. rilA '
feeU 2ii fA tr-aa Tr Z:'
yarvoea liaaaaa. L."oiDiaiaaa. i.
iVaesr'tisa a-i -l i:-fUai. 1
Itreaa, Lasra, i.war'v. Lavae sad Lr
A heavy coat to wear, you certainly
neccl one, as the cold weather is to come
yet, and beinir offered the fjrandest op
portunity to buy a new stylish Cape or
Jacket, or a nice Cloak for your Baby or
young: Miss '.
Ought to be a serious matter of considera
tion. You know when we say Half
Price it means just v exactly half of what
they sold at before, and is a saving of
just ioo per cent The Flannelette
Wrappers arc oin like hot cakes, and
we advise everybody who intends get
ting a cheap house gown to call now
while the sizes arc complete.
J) ii LL4 yuS li-sr ILej. 9
OP E. A. HAHILTOrt, tJ::- Cj
UP w
urn mm.
over t.t.y r;tLr-U L'ra. C. : i
-1 tz
J, c:-
t:: a la
U ie Uctlrl U&:'y. ctd rr e
aaifcmf try tv a
esrrrr-l 1 ry N
Jt It- 'Mt :UI
1 Lrl re rvt--a c4
i ' 4- rj k su4 rtr
b-rU j a ea gi: it
atx atv" .
Crrra Tt:r4 Lcrt
r.r.HA,rr'i: i
tVc ivry, c;n en
c -: I ly .-x Crr-1-: J
' trU C " c-rr a :-rrr
1 v c I z Cl t rr a
o -J tat" r"Tre
t.f I r -z ticrj. U'l.La
iJs crra vrra r
7 " t7 crrr.ui'tJ ,;:
re rrrirrt rrrrritrri tny va a r;ta
tJiJs r:cr'X irr'r' 7 t-l err . :rra
cri rrrrrt trrr- t ULr J cur
A3 Ltrrra rrr;- crrrrtrrl rr.tj f -
C-;l tLi end 1 cj l yrs'
erra. crrjytc Ir. Ccr CicJ t- cV
C"Lr Ile-a-e ta It . aa. I talfca,Tte
I C y av irlzy, few U a. c
i J
TrJZzz-A Zzz1 IC-lzzi utu

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