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I Our am aim is to protact
IT OUr *4l ere:\ ‘
It price, quality and fresh
H neas of ail drug".
I ■ Diil* we exert every
I r force at out command to sc
II <sjre the Rtwtw prices fo»-
customers, we never
K Overlook quality in even tlie
K ieaai expensive things -the
quality muar be there or we
1 E'woe't accept It. Not only <lo
*«> for pur 4 big store*
|| 'here, but me buy for 4 stores
IP in other cities. That's wh>
I we can retail our goods ar
K wholesale prices ll*re arc
*3 some of them—-satisfy your
Saturday and Monday
-. •(Tory Soap. I A
. 3 cakes for I w t
. With any other purchase.
Queen Anne Soap. I
6 cakes for I 57 C/
With any other purchase.
Sapollo, Scouring or i |
i Hand* 2 cakes for. I I w
With any other purchase
Galega Tablets i*A n
Vaocalre. f 1 pkg.. w 57 i/
Melrose Beauty Cream orj
Powder. 60c «
kind r. 3 57 U
Soda Phosphate, gran., 1-lb
rr 15c I
Quinine Pills. I "7
100 In bottle 4 A i l*
I Borax, Powdered, Q
| 1-lb. Oo
| Peroxldenf, the Ideal anti-
L^\ f6cboufc .2oc
Milk, powd., |a.
per lb. now I 57 1/
Danderlne, A "7 r*
tic bottle I / C*
Jap Rose Soap, Q n
10c alte now Ob
Allenbury’a Food. a A
50c kind
Vinoi. tor that run 4» I
down condition...... ■
Woodbury's Scslp Treat
ment, tl.o0 1 QC r
Melorine, for rough hands
and face, regular I A#>
16c bottle... I Vt
Schmlta Hah- Fopd, QOf\
SI.OO botttes now ..O Jl/
SarsapaaUht. a. good Spring
tonic, |hLOO bottle 59c !
Celery Nervine, nerve|? q »
medicine,- sl. bettlo 9 l*
Baker's Cocoa, 1 Ia
' per
tr rter :::::\4 for 15c
Prince George.. 1 7 i.. nr.
La Preference. / * TOl ZDC
V \ SI7V
Central Havana “*• 1 u
„r:„. „.\ 1* >«
•< 50
Robt. Burns.... 14 for 360
William Penn.. >OOKO#BO
Famabella - ) Si.so
Pedro'Vlgas. /[) (Os /QC
« 10c ‘value J
H.in»r. Gigaretta.*
187 Slat OpM All Night
Central DriigCv
. • 16 WOODWARD AY£.
| Care
• kilted a cat. Lack of hu
man Intelligence caused
. It* demise.
Men and women can
avoid a like fate, if they
“Use the Bell”
1 o
.a XM >lA'l
["! _
A marriage license was Ismed T'ri
iay morning to Bdwtn F Churcht’V
the newly appointed county detective,
to wed Mli’j Martha R Rider, daugh
ter Os Willtaih Rider The groom gave
Ills age at 33, and the bride* teas
put down As 32.
Wrlf get Their Money Back.
Bergt. AlTtn Hicks, - who take*
Oharge of the employment bureau L om
d'BWnta. in the mayor’s office, had a
Arts gat Inn nf Tlsltnrn Friday morn
HffftMk Th# »ea ware Poles: who had
■MMe.d lo r: W Pilling for work
[JMarch 111 and whor Jatmed that they
him money and Veen prom
vTIBP went on a railroad, Ther
* a h»bs. Imwerer The persona
•»v'•**•* on bond win have
Kg k o< »d, his license having i»e ”
HMBKaAttkkl l‘V □ 4 hfi n \ i
f , - - ** *''» " ™ **
%, V, * * * (
WASHINGTON, A,iU 3.—The flrst
result of President Roosevelt's special
| message of March 23 appeared lu me
j senate to when Mr. Warner, qf Mis
j aourl. Introduced a bill to amend and
' modify the Sherman anti trust act.
I With one exception It is identical with
• that offered by Rep. Hepburn.
! Senator Warner's heart somewha*
failed hint as he presented the bill, for
Ihe hesitated and then said; “1 wish
to say th.it by introducing this bill 1
jdo not commit myself to all its de
Mr. Warner was considerably upset
by muffled snickering in various parts
of the senate chamber He may not
have realized what occasioned it. but
every other Senator knew.
On March 16 Senator Tillman, in
one of bis caustic speeches, spoke of
several Important measures being tu
~€sUfgf us preparation at the While..
House, and aaid that when the presi
dent was ready to have his servants
.'n the senate know his wishes he
would summon some of them up there
to bring the bills back and introduce
them. Then he exclaimed: “Who is
going to be the spaniel senator to
bring these bills from his excellency
and introduce them here? I am going
to watch to see."
In revising his speech Mr. Tillman
made his remarks read spaniel ' mes
senger" instead of spaniel “senator.”
Brief Telegraph
Items of Interest
TOLEDO. 0.. April 3.—The doors
of tbe Broadway Savings bank were
closed yesterday, because of a run
ragde on It by excited depositors. The
bank is a creditor of A. I~ Irish, who
filed a petition in bankruptcy for near
ly half a million dollars. Deposits of
tbe closed bank amount to $220,000,
und the assets of the Institution w*U
pay dollar for dollar
* DEB MOINES, la., April Will
iam J. Bryan has announced that ho
has withdrawn his acceptance of the
of the Ne* York National
Bmoeratic club to a*!pnd a banquet to
given on April IS.
J WASHINGTON. ApM! 3—The per
Capita'*'"'"lelrculation In the Unite.i
States on April 1, war- $36-36. which is
4ne maximum record ever reached
This figure is based ou an estimated
population of 87.140.000 persons The
per capita circulation at this time
last year was $33.91. At the begin
nlng of the present fiscal year it was
WASHINGTON, April 3—Tbe non;
inatlous of Spencor F. Eddy, to be
minister to the Argentine republic
and Arthur M. Beaup'e of Illinois, to
be minister to the Netherlands, hare
been confirmed.
ROME. April 3. —Two rioters were
killed three fatally wounded. 12 l«s»
seriously hurt and .20 policemen and
soldiers were injured by flying brick
bats in a desperate street battle. The
riot developed from a funeral proces
sion 'of anticlerical*.
WASHINGTON, Ap;ll 3—Congress
man J. Thomas Hctiiu. or Alabama,
appeared In the police rourt and waiv
ed a preliminary nearing on the
charge of assault with a dangerous
-weapon on Lewis Lundy, a Negro. anJ
Thomas McQreary. u horse trainer ct
New York on Friday last
dissolution of the Finnish diet was dc
.aided—upon—at -a—conference jll
Tsarskoe-B*lo between the emperor
and the Finnish secretary of state
Gen. The new election will
take place July 1 ana the new diet
will meet Aug. 1. It was decided a iso
not to accept the resignation of Uu
NEW YORK. April 3 —With a crash
that could be heard for three blocks,
two stones weighing a hal/ ton each
dropped from the twenty-siith storv
of the new Metropolitan Life Insur
ance building tower, carrying a der
rick with them.
The falling mass narrowly missed
! a gang of stone fitters on the fifteenth
J floor.
INDIANAPOLIS April 3.—Mitchell
has been notified that he has been
selected by President Roosevelt as one
of five special guesta of the. big con
ference of state and territory govern
ors, to be held in Washington May 13.
The other guests will be: Ex-President
Cleveland Andrew- Carnegie, William
J. Bryan and J. J. Hill.
ST. PETERSBURG, April 3 —The j
Rech publishes a vicious alack upon
M Pavloff, the former Russian min
ister to Korea, accusing him of ex
tensive financial irregularity in con
nection with the provisioning of Port
K. ’ . ■ ■
TERRE HAUTE. Ind.. April 3
found, guilty on a charge or arson,
Henry F McDonald in the circuit
coiirt room shot and killed William
F. Dwyer, seriously wounded three
other officers and was himself badly
weunded. The shooting followed the
announcement of the verdict of the
jury before which McDonald had been
tried on a charge of dynamiting stores
and a church in Sandford last year.
WASHINGTON. April I—Fprmal
’ .notice was served oo the Democrats
hb the hoi jn us TgpTPWjiitnivgi ‘ late
. today by Mr. Payne, of New York, the
tender of the majority, that from that
time on the Republicans would lock
horn* with eh# Dsmporats —4 entry
through the program of tbo majority
in spite of the attempt of the minor
tty- -
Some men would rsiter bo follow
era than leaders
Helen Gould Feels
Financial Stringency;
Suspends 2 Charities
wins ntiKv i.ot i.n.
Owing lu Snnnotnl i-undlllniu MU*
Helen Gneld ban been t-vuipelled tu
doM two of btr fnvorltr chnrttnate
Institutions, Woody Crest and the
l.yadhnrst ( lab and Industrie! school,
bulb situated at Turrytuwa. The f7S»-
uoo iaduatrtal school has the wlatfowa
and doors hoarded up. Woody ( rent,
half a 111 tin from the school, will he
deserted the last of the moath.
Riis on Roosevelt.
The very nightmare of the Bad
is softened and sweetened by
a sign that flanks the town of Medora,
a "busted cow-town ' juat where the
shallows of the Little Missouri come
Into sight. It reads: "Theodore
Roosevelt once ranched in this val
ley," and If you stop long enough with
North Dakota people to understand
them you shall discover that it is not
only their hero they are celebrating,
the man who ranched with them and
who knows tneru and whom they know
as their friend; nor even the man who
is forever on the flans of tire corpora*
lions, the railroads, harrying them intj
giving the farmers a square deal; but
the tighter for civic Ideals, for r. high
citizenship that appeals to the cow
puncher if live In the Bad
and never saw other sky-»crap
pers than their grey clay peaks. Ah,
well! You can laugh. Os course i
like them for championing Roosevelt;
but ’ would have liked them anyhow,
for 'hey are just like their sign; sim
ile and square and honest. And If
there was a chance of a civic improve
ment club and a park at Medora there
would be both. But there isn't I
don'*' think therw are half a vtaaeo wo
men there, and the clay bluffs stand
iu the back yards of the houses witn
hardly room enough for a potato patch.
—Jacob A. Rlls In the March Charltiet
and The Commons.
Parents as Chums.
In both the placing out system and
in institutional care of children too
littl* attention has been paid to the
personality of thoac responsible foi
them. Those who And homes for chil
dren frequently exhibit photographs
of the home and its envitonment. pic
tures of th« child driving a pony cart
followed by a pet dog, etc.- A photo
graph of the foster parents accom
panied with a character sketch and i
report of hours per day or week apent
with the child would be worth more
than a whole herd of ponies aa-J dogs,
dear as these pets may be to the or
dinary child. It really makes little
difference whether the foster home is
i beautiful house surrounded by lawns
and gardens with shade trees and piaz
/as. serpentine walks and rose hushes
or Just a plain four-walled structure
at th« cross-roads of a treeless prairie
where the monotonous expanse of
broad acred grain fields meet. Love
of home, sweetness and light, and the
development of character may go with
j Ither pr6v»ded the personalities are
srrow Dally association and compau
jonsb’p with strong sympathetic and
lovable character is a brief but com
prehensive description of a happy con
dition of child life. Thee hlld that
has such a heritage for his early years
needs little else, and he that lacks It
will be little the better off for any
thing, else he may have here.—R. R.
Fleedcr in the Charities and The Com
King Philip's War Club.
In Warren. Me., Is owned a valued
historical relic, the war club, or tom
ahawk. of King Philip, decorated with
blacic and white beads Indicating the
number of people tbts old Indian war
rior killed. It is thought. The weapon
Is about three feet long, the property
now of Mrs. William Fuller, at North
Warren, (t cannot be secured for love
or m< nev. though the Maine Historical
society has asued the loan of it.
Hammond, Standish & Go.
Tel Main 926-927, 20-24 Cadillac Square.
Roast Veal, Shoulder, Loin, or Rib Cuti, per lb 12^
Veal Stew, per lb 10^
Breasts of Veal, per 1b;... i y 10^
Beef Hearts, per 1b......... . 6^
Lard Compound, 3-lb. pails ..25 C
Lard Compound, 5-lb. pails *.43c
Lard Compound, 10-lb. pails. 85**
Choice Picnic Hams, per lb.
Bacon, by the st/ip, per lb 14^
Cottage Hams, iper lb 12V,t
Salt Spare Ribs, per lb 7e
Thm Boat of Evert hi rtg la Mmatm.
=t=- Priaaa Rmmaonablm.
1 " '' - $
NEW YORK. April 3.—The influ
ence of socialistic doctrine upon In
dustry aud legislation was (ho topic
discussed at the annual dinner of, the
Economic club at the Hotel Astor.
Morris Hilquitt from the east side,
member of tne national executive com
mittee of the Socialist party, was the
dominant speaker of the evening.
There were many speakers tu combat
his views and to argue against them.
Tbe members and guests were nearly
all anti-eociadsts. lu the company at
table were scores vaptalna of in
"Socialism, * aa.tj Mr. Hilquitt, does
not seek to destroy civilisation or to
abolish the modem industrial and pol
itics. system. It merely strives for
the nationalisation of socialization of
all Important industries aud tbd col
lective public ownership of tbe neces
sary instruments upon w-hieh lu
duatries are baaed-—the land, mines,
railroads, factories, and machinery.
Ths socialist Claims.
' The socialists claim that the mar
velous growth of productivity of labor
wlthiu the last generation has en
abled mankind, tor tne flrst tme in
history, to produce euough to satisfy
the reasonable needs of all humau
beings, and that there is no necessity
or Justification for the continuance of
that widespread poverty, misery, and
privation which mars our present civ
“The socialists claim that the sys
tem which allows one man. no matter
how great or good, to accumulate ma
terial wealth enough to last thousand*
of families through countless genera
tions to come, while innocent babos
around him perish for lack 01 food
and air, while sheer privation drives
hosts of his fellow men and vomeu
Into tbe paths of crime and vice. Is
1 iho unin. Irrational, and Immoral, end
the roclalists strive to change that
“The irresistible growth of trusts
and monopolies is the central fact of
all recent economic development, and
It Is the deathknell of Individual com
Do Not Combat Trusts.
“The Socialists do not combat tho
trusts, because they recognize -the
economic necessity of their origin and
'The Socialistic tendency is grow
tng. and growing rapidly in our Indus
trial and legislative systems, and rt
is growing in all other domains of
our social existence.
“In vain Socialism stands for social
progress, social Justice ami social rea
aon. and progress, Justice and reason
cannot be argued, legislated, or
clubbed out of existence —they ar»\
bound to prevail.”
Prof. John Bates Clark, of Colum
bia; Dr. Albert Shaw, editor of tho
World's Work; Prof. Franklin H.
Clddings, of Columbia, and Dr. Fred
erick Van Eeden were among the
other speakers.
An Official Playwright.
"The successful production at Lin?
of two plays by tha minister of a«t -
culture of Austria. Dr Kbenhoch. an l
their equally good reception at the
In lime theater, at Vienna.*’ says tb.»
Fremdenblatt. “are worthy of espe
cial note. There ar? not many in
stancei. in the history of Austria
where a minister in office has found
lime and Inclination to cultivate the.
muses. Dr. Ebenhoch will be remem
bered In the same class with the
Knight Adolph von Tuchabuschnlgg
who, as minister of justice, wrote
poems and good nov« id, and wlih
Johann Nepomuk Bciger. who wrote
humorous articles ovo: hlB own nam-'
and as Sternau,' for Saphir's Humor
Ist* and Ludwig August Frankl’s
Ladies’ Kennel Ciubroom.
The latest women’s club room iu
London haa Just been opened In coa
net lon with the Ladies Kennel asso
ciation. and only “doggie’’ ladies are
eligible Lady Kathleen Pilkington
advanced the idea and was assisted oy
DKly Evelyn Ewart ir establishing it
It is becoming a more popular gather
ing place than the Kennel Association
rooms, and any other subject than
dogs is quite out of place. Lady Piik-
Ingtons passion is for the toy bull*
aog. which she. perhaps more than auy
other woman, is responsible for bring
ing so prominently into fashion. Fvf
several years she hsr captured the
best prises at most of the dog shows.
BT. PAUL, Minn., April 3—Twin
babies, a boy and a girl, children of
Mr. and Mrs C. H. Ache.knecht, of
West Central-ave., died, victims of
soothing syrup poisoning.
i Probably in no «'it>* in the country
Nr* oqasumers of uiilk enable! to pro
supply than arc the cua.-
tomers of the Troy MHk Va . a? IV
| trolt. This company k«*th ita entire
■/:%}, 49 flHnaJMttMVjHliilulinmcllvl '' yy>*
■ ES . * mil 4 & v
\ g # . ■ »Tyr SDUBiA ™y •> X 'yV ft ’JB" tgpßHfl
JBE : .TE # ■
BHHHBKB»2jSX.!£3sI22^MbSBb&^£3B.- ■ • fniHHUHHi
Thh I’tcltirr Skow* ihr (Iranly %rrana <*tu«*ul «»( Trwy Milk Co.’« Mtablea.
supply from four farms, and every
dairy on these farms is a model and
every cow a thoroughbred. .
The Troy Milk Cos. takes the entire
output of the famous Sunnycrest
firm, wttirh recently wtm fir*? prise
on cream at the state ‘dairy exhibit.
The company also takes the output
of the G H. Clark farm. which
makes a specialty of pure Durham
milk; the entire supply of E. E. Mai
Jgf\’ '"» *#
Karh «'«»** Has Ita Drinking Pail I iia ohunn «n «l*o\** ptrlurrl Coaataatiy Kuppllt-,1 W Ifb l r«ah Water from
I'lot* ia« Well.
Kmsei’s a good place to trade
’Tie House Cleaning
Time Again
Tker*’* a lot of clmalai rf
<l ulrv uk-dlm whtrb Klnarl'a low
prltwa l,rlng» to you with a aav
lua north ithllr Dlalufrotantn.
laacrt Dratroyrn, Aatl-Moth
Frrparntloaa bail ninny arrdfula
n»H mi ronimtta la bringing
fblng* out aplfk and apan, rlraa
for aprlaa.
Sr"*’ 60, 3 lbs. for 100
Sapolin—Haatl or
Scuarlag. cake Vw
Ivory »onp. 4
3 rakra for ■
Klertrlr Mall
rr.r:„ i6o2Packs26o
Vi-lh. raaa t'hlurtdr
Anmoala. for
r:;*"Gal.2Bc, Pints 6c
Borax, la balk, Q A
per Ik
Tnrulnr ('kooolatra, tta* kind
you boy aaalai
I", t,, " 60«A60o,
Ponad raaa. Oo
( narl. Lye, at
10c to 60c
Petermaaa’a Hoork Food and Bed
16c A 26c
Cedar aad laiveoder 1 Ro
Camphor, targe pkg....
For Jtmt a t«n dnyn vre will
aell I -lb. barn of Imported
Caatlle Coap, Qa
for «aly. - ■
Mnlr«B Straw 1 Ofl
Hat i leaaer ,uw
Para Ate Wax, 1 Ra
per lb. r.'. ..|| rm —* .ae.lf
Full streaxtb Wlteh | Ro
Haael. plat ,w ®
01 Mpxleaa Blood 760
K lT.w? Im." 10c 3 for 260
kPKtlU.— Im Prlmere Caatlle
Soap, »de eakei bo* Cl .OR
of 1.1 cobra for I**®
- Adorable
noe FI lea Clarlae QRn
Almond Cream WUW
Ellea Clarlae Cold 9R«
(ream, Vi -lb raaa
A Inlet Breath 1 Os)
Heart*, pkx ,vw
El Solaao, clear llataaa. JO la
paekape. 26 O
for " wv
Little Blaek nad White 4 Cos
Cigar a, 10 la parkagr. ,ww
4 Porto Hleaa Clear Bargain*t
ErKTc v 6 for 260
S! fa-"; 7f0r260
tk- Straight Vlr- •» {oa 97a
glalua Rafaa . ■ lU '
Dtm-lnMa Store Opr* All Tight.
fMm 810 Cut-Pmtm BrnnvJ»t
2043 Woodward. Cor. Clalrmounl
two BTo*rn
I T tn f-T*t « « 4 V 4-1 ▲ u V. ■ Li i ■ »
171 Grand River Ave.
RMtaMM-ltkf rrtattat No ftm ai»A
no faathara Tha plain, naat kind, th«v
looks rl(Ht Tima* Prlnllas Ca„ U
;«hn R.-(i PKuna 14M
Job Prlnlloa—r»ona Klffht Tim-*,
Prlstltg la. IS Jahk tV-ai. Pl.ona IOV
trotte, a well-known dairyman, and all
the Jersey milk produced on the cele
brated Get>rg« 8. Elliott farm. Mr.
Elliott recently, won hrat prise qt the
state dairy exhibit ’on the quality of
milk produced* on hU farm.
Probably no dairy farm in the coun*
try ha* finer sanitary condition* than
those possessed by the Hunnycreat
farm. Every cow on the place re
ceives a sponge hath dally. The great
harm has a concrete fltxyr. and thf»
(nr stablcH are ceiled with varnished
pine. Twice a week the floors, walls
and ceilings arc scrubbed with a
' brush, to remove any possible dust
or odors. Instead of the old fashion
ed stalls, the cows stand between
[open sTafftßTOtta, wtitch are castty kept
clean. A drinking pail is
j used for each cow, and these are
kept constantly filled with pure wa
iter supplied by an artesian well. The
Ph 0..., Mala L 7 7 Bulb. Sood aad
**“• si ~ nUQSOtI S e Tr.^r
Big Grocery Dept
Specials' for Saturday and cMonday
AMERICAN BEAUTY, on their own roots; rj*j)|| 11*
American grown, strong and clean LQuIl ITU
Other well-known named varieties, | An
grown in Holland LuCll lUC
Clematis, large purple and white, each 15<*
Perennial Plants, assorted, each -10 r
Our Seeds have the reputation ail over the state of being excellent and
will grow. Have over 600 varieties to select from
1C Pkg., 12 Pkg*. 10e
l.awn Seed, lb 15c
Lawn Seed for Shady Places,
lb 25c
Gladiolus, each, ic; Tuberoses, each, ic; Begonias, 7c and toc
• each; Elephant’s Ears, each, 20c; Callas, 7c, and Dahlias
(named; large), each, 20c. t
Coffee in Detroit is Hudson Blend, 26c pound, 4 pounds sl.
Q Bars Soap. Acme
With 1 lb. of Hudson's 26c Cottse or
. 1 lb. 60e Tra, any kind
25-lb. sack H. & E. Granulated Sugar $1.25
With order of Groceries $1.50 or more, except Acme Soap Special.,
Tomatoes , 4 m
co“ Cans AMP
Succotash jfor *VU
Catsup, (folumbla, 25c bottle
for 20c
Flour. Hudson's Gold Band,
sack 61c
(Saturday and Monday only) with every Si.oc
purchase of TEA, COFFEE, SPICES, EX
Double Stamps Free in Our Butter Dept.
And at way* better and fraahar goods than can be had olsewhcre for tba
money. To buy your eatables right, follow the crowd to the popular
nn excursion
«H U U vias>^o, l ine
I MB Saturday ilnril Ath
! SB pniikn “'“ ,uu n ">" • »«•«
I mm nuunu LoHve 10:30p.m. from
WUR TRIP foot of Wayn* St., Do-
JHnK trolt, ri«tiipnln«| Mon-
Kjß tiny mornlna 6:30,
■Bi 5. &- C. NAY. CO.
cows are bedded on clean, frt*»U
straw, which Is chanced daily.
The milk la tested every day, And
at the least eicn that It la deterloimt
lng In quality, the cow cl vine thfepoor
milk Is put on special ratlonfl until
ahe produces milk up to thOvlilgh
standard required.
The milk, when It comes to the
dairy. Is taken to the bottling room,
which la as dean as science can make
.and pieced in sterilised bottle** K
is th**n moled In pure spring wratar^
and hurried to Detroit.
The company's facilities in Detroit
are equally as good as those on the
farms from which the milk comes. It
is never allowed to stand about the
freight sheds, but is ratal directly
from tha cars and delivered
The Troy Milk Cos. has two 'phones,
N. 246 and N. 2119. .
Clover S'*?d, White, lb 29c
Fens, Sweet, Hudson's Mixed,
o*- Pkg 5)
Strawberiea, fancy, box 10c
Finnan Haddie, lb 14c
Sardines, Column's Mustard,
can 12c
Herring, Kippered, Marshall's
plain 18c
Herring, Marshall's Tomato |
Sauce 18c

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