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happy bridegroom not lord
| LONDON. .I.—-Mrs. Marshall
f ndJ Jr. mil Maldwin M. Drummond
v«*rc married till. 1 moraine at the reg
-Ift ry ofli' C*.
CHICAGO, Sept. :t—Mrs Marshall
Field’s wedding came as a dibUte?
surprise to Chicago, as she was con
fidered engaged to Lord Hubert Innes-
Since hlio went to England, nftcr
the tragic death of her husband, who
was killed by the accidental discharge
L tis a gun, to educate her children. Mrs.
FField lived in the strictest retirement, j
t refusing invitations right and left.
I Os late her rigorous attitude with :
| regurd to society lias been relaxed i
f somewhat and London believed it had i
Lord Innes-Kerr to thank for it.
To Inherit Huge Estate.
By far the greater part of Marshall
Field's fortune —officially estimated at
$150,000,000. was bequeathed by the
merchant prince to his two grand
.. sons, Marshall Field 111., now 14 years
old, and Henry, 12. The little daugh
ter, Gwendolyn, will be a very wealthy
young woman also, but her fortune
will be trifling as compared with those
of her brothers.
If the boys are both living when
Marshall attains the age of 50 years,
the grandfather’s estate will be divid
ed between therh, the elder receiving
three-fifths and the younger twi>
fifths. Until that time it will be held
in trust for them and at the rate their
unostentatious mother lives, the mil
lions must be piling up at an incred
.ible rate.
Before her marriage to the son of
Chicago's wealthiest citizen, Mrs. Field
was Miss Albertine Huek. She be
long! to an excellent family, noted for
its refinement and culture, rather than
for Its money, although the Hacks are
far from poor. Aside from the fact
that she Is the mother of the world's
richest boys, she received a large sum
of money at the death of her husband.
Maldwin Drummond la secoud son
of the late Edgar Atheling Drummond
and the Hon. Louisa Theodosia Ben
nington, who was a daughter of the
third Lord Muncaster.
Drummond and the late Marshall
Field. Jr., had been close frtendj, rid
ing hounds together. There will bo
disappointment In the royal family
over the wedding. There is gossip
In court circles thnt the king would
have liked to have seer, the beautiful
wealthy Chicago woman marry the
bachelor prince Teck, the princess of
Wall's’ brother.
johns Tasks
Dwight E. Price appeared In police
court of his own accord, Thursday
morning, and pleaded not guilty to the
charge of threatening to kill Leonard
Johnston, with whose wife Price is
reported to be on most friendly terms.
Price’s- trial whs set for Sept. 10, and
Ms personal recognizance In the sum
of SSOO was accepted by the court—aa
a guarantee that he would appear.
Mr. Johnston made unother visit to
the court during the forenoon. He
wanted an injunction to restrain Price
from paying attentions to his wife and
was quite disappointed when informed
that the court could do nothing for him
in this line, inasmuch as justice
courts have not the power to issue In
junctions. Mr. Johnston was still ac
companied by his bodyguard. Pugilist
j* <3—TpboH, h«4 laitec-wh* inmnld
i vrable put out over the publicity he
had received in connection with the
affair. He was particularly “peeved”
because the papers had referred to
him familiarly as "Mush’’ Campbell.
BOSTON, Sept. 3.—A JIOO.OoO at !
tachment has been In the Middle
Hex county court, East Cambridge, In
a suit brought by Joan Sawyer, an
•dress, against Byron D. Chandler,
reputed millionaire, of Manchester, N.
Sfc-Wd North—Reading,—nUry*
In* breach of promise to marry. Win.
R. Scharton, attorney for Miss Saw
yer, says the writ Is returnable the!
first Monday In October.
Mias Sawyer has recently boon play j
In* In this city as a member of the
Raymond Hitchcock company, llei
attorney sa.va that she is a Texas girl
and first met Chandler in June lust
year while she whs appearing with
Richard Carle’s company In Boston.
It in said by Mr. Srharton that Miss
Sawyer accepted Chandler’s atten
tions when the lutter represented him
self rh a single man. The allegation
further declares that Chandler and
Miss Sawyer resided ns Mr. and Mrs.
Byron Chandler at 20f* Memlngway
at., and tliHt Miss Sawyer carried nr
m wr:ii d«»partment stores
under the natne of (Chandler.
For Infants and Children.
Tin Kind You Have Always Bought
8l#n»t»r» of
I4>wsst ons-wsjr first-«lsm far* for fhs
round trio, to all stations In Canada ssat
ixodanii mi tt am writ A L. I KdU.s/n
'WT ii ii | M e r •'
Ijmit dept I. Wt tleksts st uptown of
Ars, 7 Fort st trsst. or Union depot Phona
U mu A. ML Kdmonda D. F. A.
"\ t' » \ - ' ' \
New rail Dress Goods on Sale
Mur* *tjl« •* to select from lu*i<* than elsewhere—nil the new
• l**i'*. - nil*- uni pattern* you will get absolutely reliable quality
n • in l\. t substantial savin* on the prl* e. This 1* the leading
In* Ouoii-i sturr of Michigan.
Diagonal and Chevron stripe
S» ru* Suiting*, bbn k undfash
ionable lull i tdor*. per vard
N< v\ lllundi*.tied \Vi»r*t<*d Suit
ing*., green*. brown*, bin* *.
red* and the now London
Minoki th.nl* Per yard. It IS,
tlTEffii A Carload of Morris Chairs
wlfei J fE /X Bought at Half Price.
( •J V They are $!5 value
|*jf We bought them direct from the
manufacturer at h mhn uik *>r on**-t».ilf
! regular cost. Few hou*c* would tak*-
IHUllv /Ir such u great quantity at in*' time. l*ut
-J.J we know that e\**ry one of tli* *e chair*
we can afford to sell them They .«r*'
I •v v: Alry/yl exactly like cut, with quarter-sawed
f T ,5 / oak, early English or mahogany tlnlsh
€ Iframes, rubbed and polished. Thncush
tons are genuine iialr rilled ami covered
qp wdth rich \>ronn velour In a variety
JkLj w of colors Make n *electlon now ami
h small deposit will secure It until
wanted. Regular slf* Morris I'h.ur*.
made hy one of the nio*t rsltable iiouses in the country. Wo otter
the entire purchase at $7.50.
Bargains in Blankets and Comforters
Only n business of thl* magnitude could sell Blanket* and »’*m
forters *o cheap We buy them direct from the mills nr 1 <>ur pri ■<
are therefore Just about what small dealer* would pa> lor them *»t
Full double bed site Blankets,
heavy cotton. In gray, white
and tan. worth $1 116; sole
i 7," 98c
Extra heavy Cotton Blankets, size
t»*x7fc inches worth $1.76
sale price. f I 4 Q
per pair >1.40
Wool Blanketa. 10-4, with fan*'y
borders; worth $2 25. sale
r $2.69
Fancy plaid Wool Blanket*, or
gray and white, with colored
borders worth $4 75. ualu
Pure wool Homespun H ank**t»
in plain white, scarlet and
gray; also pink. blue, gray and
tan plaids, worth $4 75 sale
Kfcfr. r $5.48
$1.25 and $1.50 Suit Cases. QBc
A Suit Case bargain you can't afford to mink. You
know it’s very seldom that a good, substantial Suit
Cam* 1* offered at Hueh a low- price. These have
aleel frame and corners, covered with waterproof
rubber cloth, which looks like leather utid Is almost
as tough Kitted with good truss lock
and bolts. The handles are solid loath-
er. Regular $1 25 and $1.50 Suit Cases, M
In the State Fair sale at
Table Linen
Otir 2Cc Bleach.',l TabU Damask.
.Stats Fair sate i Q.
pries, per yard .. .I 3b
Uur _«s£. MeiccrUnd Xabl* Ux^.
mask. Stats Fair QCe
Sale price, per yard . uUu
Bed Spreads
liest SI.OO grade hemmed white
Med Spreads. State QQ_
Fair Sale prlee, each 03b
White Cambric
I’lain w hite Cambric, h I way a sold
at 10c per yard. State Q«
f air Sale price Ob
OMAHA'9 latest murder re
OMAHA. Neb., S.pt. 3—Today
I mystery F deeper than ever In the
I murder of />r Frederick T. Ruskln. j
!* ho was prominent in the medical
Tout i in- t ouutry Tit*' lU.tn Ant. ftntnd 1
jby his wife In a chair on the porch
<>f their home. He bad been shot
: «mi»l was Just' able to gasp out to her,
"A man shot me,” when he died. The i
[ polio have abandoned the theory of j
F ilicide and also that of murder wlte j
j robbery t.s Its motive. Blood stains'
Indicate that the doctor was shot In 1
, the hallway of his home and stag I
, gored after his assailant until his
. rapidly—lie >eesle»« w.iknes* —rear 1
* polled hint to fall lino the-chair. Mrs
Buskin, If she (e able to throw any
j light on the tragedy, cannot, for she
| has beon In s hysterical condition
ever since the death of her husband
Leona Hurnly, who was with Dr
buskin a few minutes before he was
shot Is being detained by the police,
hut denies all knowledge of the affair.
What she does tWV however, gtrea tt
a remarkable similar aspect to the At
lantic City board walk shooting. Miss
New Satin PrumHla*. in brown*,
green*, red*, black*, navy ami
Copenhagen blue, per yard.
• 98c
I'r* u* li Poplin* and Melrose
.'loth, black and new Fall col
<.«■** ,'.o Inches wide. Per surd,
• T ’ -98 c
PununiM t'oth, bla* k and color*,
"•* inches wide; per yard $1 I’J.
Full size Fomfort* r* till*'l with
white cotton. $1.2. value
Extra size Comforter*. heavy
quality, with chin is < .. rime
worth sl7&. sale 0 1 4Q
prten. each . v •• “0
$7 00 Reversible Comforters, filled
«itn orl i coti ball
*hl»* price. €| 7R
each # 1 i I J
$.'4M Comforters, extra size, fine
assortment of style* sab
IS no Comforters, fine nainsook
coverings with plain pink, blue,
r* >1 and g>».i n border*: sal*'
Women’s $3.50 Shoes
Women who want
Shoes of more than
usual durability will be
pleased with
this bargain. The gtyte
has been selected fur
this sale becaus.- we
know it will give general satisfaction, and fmtn
the bargain standpoint nothing better could he
offered. Hutton Shoes made of gunmetal calf,
with welt soles, medium Cuban hqgls and cap
foe We have them In all widths and sizes.
Every pair Is new and perfect in every way.
Guaranteed to equal the best s:>.su values in
women's footwear to be found at any store.
Our State Fair Bale price- $2.95.
Unbleached Cotton
I»iiriiithe State Fair w*- will
■ell yard wide FnbfVachc.l Cot
-■ ,-y. si.go
Bleached Sheets
Our regular 43c Bleached Sheen,
*Ue 72*90 Inches, QC«
State Fair price udC
Huck Towels
doml <|iiullty hemmed llu. k Tow
el*. 10c kind; Htate "] n
p.- >'><.» ... lb
Burnly says she was with Dr. Rusk In |
uutit rr ! «t• • hour oT the night he was"!
shot, and accompanied him to within
a couple of blocks of his home. The j
police believe n woman was concern
ed in the shooting, and that Miss
Burnly bus not yet told all she knows
about the rune.
WHEELING, W. Vu. # Sept. 3.—That
a., a result of the conference to be held
In New York city toduy, between rep
resentatives of the Hwisher and the
Scherr factions In this state, with the
subcommittee of the national Repub
lican committee, t’hau. Swisher and
Arnold S< herr, tho two candidates for
! fni'iTni.r, will withdraw and both fne
tlons Will center on Judge Nathan
(iofT. IA the statement Tthat was made
by S. U. Smith, former member of the
state senate and the rnan who sprung
into prominence a few days ago by
i beating Senator N. H Scott la a fist
Capt. Busch Wants to Lead Here
Although telegraphic reports had
bint named as leading w pared**—l’hur*
j day in Boston, (.’apt Henry W. Busch
Ih In Detroit. He Is senior vice com
mnnder of the Spnnlxh war veterans
aud was due to lend the parade at
the annual encampment, but had to
drop out on account of the strenuous
j primary campaign here Busch Is run
nlug for city clerk and Is billed solid
for speeches.
Mnalneaa-llb* I'rlnling. No fuss ind
no faultier* Tha plain neat Ktn>l, that
. I looks right. Tfmsn I’rlntlii* C 0.. 1$
'I John IL-SL Pboas MIL
THK UUTKOIT TIM r"S~ —V KID AV . Si:l*lf. \1 KK K IT 1008.
State Fair Visitors Welcome Here
81/PASE accept tins as a personal invitation to visit "Michigan’s Greatest Store." We are proud ol our new home, as .1 is con
ceded to be the finest retail establishment between New York and Chicago, and one that has lew equals in the enure country.
“Michigan's Greatest Store" comprises many departments which supply everything in the way of personal and house
hold needs. The budding extends an entire block from Gratiot to Monroe avenue on Partner street, just a step from the City Hall, and
is familiarly designated as the "Heart ot Detroit.’.' / # ' ■
For the convenience of visitors and patrons we have free check rooms for parcels and baggage, ladies parlor on second floor,
postoffice service, bureau of information, etc. In the basement is an elegant roomy and cool restaurant where you can get a sub
stantial meal or light lunch as you choose, at small cost. Soda fountain in connection.
Come to visit us at any time. Hring your friends or family with you. The women always enjoy shopping in a big metropolitan
store and there's plenty lieu- to interest the men. too. Ask anybody who is 'amiliar with retail trade conditions m Detroit or Michigan
and they will tell you that Pardridge & HlackwcU have the reputation of selling better goods for the money than any other store. We
consider our great success due principally to the exceptional values olfered at all times.
t" -a
Great Display of Men’s and Boys’ Clothing
The Reliable Kind at Lowest Prices
Incur Mon’s aiul Hoys' Clothing Pept. (occupying tin* yioat
part of our entire fourth tloori, we have m. 1»• special picpai.i
-tlons for State Fair husttn sa Thousands of v! itots to the <■
will coniblm* trading with sight-seeing ami with** here fit them
selves out with new wearing apparel for Fall ami Winter. I his
store offers best service in every way. The largest assortment
of new styles is here —the most reliable nmkeg are here- and we
name prices that no other house will duplicate for equal value
If we can’t save you money we won’t expect you to huy from u
Please make comparisons.
New Fall Suits at SlO. sls. SIS. s2l) and $25
The very latest fashions for men and youths are Included
in tills showing Plain blacks, blue, fancy mixtures and
newest patterns in popular brown and grey shades. Fvery
suit a perfect fitting model, made of first-class materials and
reliably tailored. Klsewhere you would pay from to
more for the same quality and style.
Bargains in Fall Fop Coats
For this State fair si' • w- will off -■ • v l hendre.*. inon *
Fall Top Ooats at u ton . r.e r* <luctton <u • 1 - torn regular
pt ice I»it»'st and nobbi-** stvles lum* ■ 'to • t li .
In light ami «.lurk grt-v » aucs. ti >o <r .m<l fur.*> j-.tterns.
515 Top Coats Special at $11.45
510 Top Coats Special at 57 4^
Men's Winter O.ercoats on bale at iblO to 525
Boys’ Soft Felt Hats
'hnlce of l‘s. d<>z<n Boys' Kelt Hats lathe new ’ •'*<'»!-
Unf" styles with t**|f scf>p** « row u. Lick. hr<»wn
tan. fawn, slut*-, Ht*-«-I and p«*firl. with *■■• If > "U»r
i. ont r ist 1 1!* i iihl - This w Qft
11 .uiirt 11 J" Hats State Kali Sal Q yf*
pri* «* .
Boys’ 50c School Caps
Plain color- and tan' y pattern* la ll" - » loti. *'ip\
fa w•• Kit ward £-\
Kton tvl s, ill hi/., s. Worth $ I*-
State Kali prli ••. .
Boys’ Clothing " Durable, Neat and inexoensive
One** you experience th** economy of having Clothing for tli<* Tl7rv nt t*ntd»idg-** A-
Black w« M’s. you will not b«* satisfied to trad** elsewhere. Tito I toys’ nothing w** soil
is extra well made. Manufacturers must give us DURABILITY as
well as style, so that we can guaiantee every suit we sell to wear
satisfactorily. New Fall styles in boys’ knee Pant Suits, with plain
knee or Knickerbocker punts—handsome grey, brown and olive pat
terns. Sizes e to 17 years, at $2.63 to $lO.
Boys’ $5.00 Suits Special at $3.95
This is a big lint* of new Fall Suits mmi* especially for school
wear. All size* from 5 to 17 years. file materials are medium and
heavy weights In n« at dark patterns. I>**ubl< l.n-asted coats and Knick
erbocker pants. Regular price 15.00 —State Pair price,
< Mldrrn's Xovrlty Itusslnn uml millnr lilinei 1 »i>les. In plain
it nil fmiey pntlerns. Sires 2 to to yeiirs. *»i>*-i tut mine, nt >'-■ I.’ In *7..*0.
liny a* Iteefera, enniplet*- lln»‘ of nx-i-lnl tallies nl f'Pll,* to S«l.*M>.
• —*■
flashed by wire
HOSTON, Sept. 3.—Tacoma. Wash.,
has been selected for the next con
vention of the Spanish ar \ * tenuis.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 3.—Kear Ad
| mlrnl John I*. Morrell will be retired
| oti S«*pt. 7, because of age. He whs
i recently a member of ttie Joint army
1 and navy board ami president of the
' naval war college at Newport. He
| whs born In New York and appointed
|to the navy from Michigan in July,
i 1863.
. 9
i YOUNGSTOWN, 0., Sept. 3 —Chea
ter Uetlell, 83 years old, a self-brand
ed in tide), Is dead at his estate in
North ib-nton, Mahoning county. He
-erucL.ii uli ilia 1,800 to re larm several
| year* ago a monument To rT-tTukc
"those who use religion ns a cloak to
get their living without hon«**t wo^k.
' CITY OF MEXICO, Sept. 3.—Mrs.
Paula Chaves do Mendes, wife of 1 In-
I rente de Mendez, a planter living near
Morelia, has given birth to her sixth
net of triplets. She has been mat tied
1 IS v t-nrn nn*l Is t lie Mllllllt f Ul—-3-J
--children, nil of wn«.ui are living. She
Is 38 years old.
NIAS’ YORK. Sepl J. 1 ike an
Arabian night’s dream, n -city, com
plete in every detail, which w'itb )ho
i house*. school*. sewer? 1 , w iter supply
churches, streets and public buildings
Iwlil lust only seven week*, t* now
arising as Ashokan. in the ( atskbi,
tntoiintair.w. Thl* ‘‘magic city” of 3jw»h
'inhabitants Is for the accommodation
iof the workers ou the flll.uOO.Oud darn
Great Values in Men's hats
s | iff h\l* in * e Ini • i eorr < t I' 11 -‘tv;.- i .:*••. tn< -
.hum, ITTi■ t small shap* s. with extreme tint s.-t nr roll
hnnis \\ .• ! is-* tti• -in in Mack. light ami dark t'rowm
i it - •• i ?. *. *•% m f f*
ml t Vi! • ill tbe Mate I
"HKVH HOF i it v is.
Some of r cm i ave tel. - ~p- crown*. others are ftrtloiA
s’ n».'. Youi oi •• of nla> k. blown, tan. fawn, st*■ •• 1
.0 .1 P' Si 1 'ho • I ’■ 13 a iJ. IJ.&O' gs% « 0f
.1 $ ; '. aim Mat* l air Hk. ■ JL f
Mens Crush Flats
Licit weight F' It liars, suitable for traveling or every
w* ' Blai k. I rowu, list and pwa-rl color*; loatbor
<u site >w. ■ ' u.l' K \ f !
u>l aml-tt -et. M-n‘- 4 J p
c y c
whic h is to be built for New York. |
n* n | rut of MP 1 re ’.V sii..).uou, up-* auli r
systc »n.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 3.—Free coal,
iron, lumber and other products, the
use of which from the natural re-1
i sources tends to deplete the national
I supply will be the* demand of the
| tariff reformers of the west and near
* northwest, according to Senator Me
'Cumber of North Dakota, who arrived
here from a conference with the pres
! ident. <
! PARIS, Sept. 3 —Mrs. Marian Col !
flelt, wife of a wealthy New York man,
created a sensation here today by I
making an unsuccessful attempt to!
end her life by shooting. She was re- i
! moveu from her h«jt «• | to the peiujon
hospital, where two bullets wete ex
tracted from her breast. It Is be
lieved that she will recover. Her hus
t-Lamil la mi ii.n-c left her, making
the!l little son. \
3-"Frederb k \M.
Stolt r, as Prof. Kyro, a barbop U>!*
nut Ist. after winning hearts and mon
ey u n numb* r <»f South Chicago wo* I
men. has come to gri**l. and Is in tin*
i, . ail t. I .y aw ■ ' u t. uv ,
i —l—,44**4—-er-v Ate*»nr ~‘ V rr»** •
it ha*. are ho* erlng m *r *<toller ire em !
h* /sh'tjient, larceny and operating t I
confidence game.
Bailey to ••‘Uplift’’, Farmers.
, ITHACA. V Y.. S**f»t. Z -Liberty |
.Hyde Hatley, director of the N# w York
state colic re of agriculture at Cornell
university, announced today that hr,
had decided tn itrcrul PruoliL-liL Kill I*o. 1
! volt’s Appointment to the Farmers’ up-1
lift romvnlasion. Dean Halley will bo ,
I chairman of the committee
I'M I /I
fi; ■ #
State Fair Tickets 40c
Women’s New Fall Suits, Coats,
Skirts and Waists
In This Great State Fair Sale
\Ve know that women just now .no very
niii-li Interested In what will be worn thin
Full." A visit to our store will tflio posi
tive Information in that regard. Our mag
nificent i.Moak ami Suit l*cpt, on the srr
otnl tlour. is making ft i;r* at exposition of
Kail styles. The designs ate absolutely oor
»• < t an 1 authentic. I’Untj of variety hero
styles for all. for everybody, to suit the
most . ttruvimant or nw«dc«l taste, and to
meet the requirements of all natures. Cnnm
an.l s. t)u display You will enjoy it No
on. will he urged to buy, hut our special
st.it. Fair bargain a ran not fail to open the
purges f women who wish to economize on
lie‘W lull OilttitS.
Handsome Fall Suits at $lO
Made i . our special uril. r I * one of the
vep I" - x t mat jfartui <rit ami w>• control the
style foi tins city Mannish < ut Jacket, .'a*
In. I. ■< lorn with t lit • pockets, narrow
cotlar ami . tpela. satin lining The skirt Is
full pi t ted with deep fold. Material Is a
rich, dark stripe suiting, similar to the ful>-
r|. 'Mi I in much nig «ei prl. •.1 suits. Wo
olYei ail sizes from 3« to i*. State Fair
Fine Worsted Suits, $23.75
Tin* new wide wale worol ed {?ult*. with .’l*?«lrrh d*ml tl11 «• «1 mnf
with slashed bottom, bound with wide silk braid and edgeil with silk
soutache braid. Full. »<>red s ktrt trimmed with so.itae-he and silk
braid. It l- » of the* handsomest now Fall -dyle *s i>i'mlu<and
on nut be i . it»*d in ch ip s-.i.ts V< ur apl 9C
e of black and color*. Htato Fair sab . • •
Silk and Net Waists. $2.95.
Cl of t•• r. and S’, values in
TafT'-ta Mlk and Net Waists.
Tin* silks arc in fam y checks,
w 1 1 1 1 if.**, -fftcnrai and plnid*.
handsomely plaited and tuck«*d.
some h«v< lata yok a Net a
" are trTmmeeT with rluny and
\ il. la< <■ and all ar** silk lined.
Tl ■ • nt; • . -sort- <LO Or.
merit on ah* at
White Lawn Waists, 79c.
Fin*» lingerie and white
Waists, with solid erabrotel*-n
fronts, V .«11 luce* yokes and
parol fronts. With full length
or- *. sleeves. trimmed <• Hfs
and oollars, fl 00 and 91.-i
Women’s New Fall Coats.
V tremendous variety of style*
in deml fitted und empire es
f• «t - Sum* ar*- strapped and
npo-rs have wnle box plait
f : om waist down. Plain 01
wtrii in »?rey ami
i.i Mr shades All si2.i Spe
cial vain* -a i *l7..in. (CIO
51.1.1*0. Sia .Vl mill . sP ■ V
Women's Pali Hosiery and Underwear
Strop if bargain attractions for State Fair visitor* hi till* depart -
ment. We hnve provlil»-(| an Immense assortment of style* In 1 ull
and Winter I'nJerwcar at vary ep*e)al price* To 11! u*t rat** -
Women’s heavy Kail weight black
| f
( i
/>,.'! 1r I iliil
F.iegsnce. excellence and comfort without extravagance
fl ROUND TRIP fl'i
A I <«, afflh In *>»:»*<■ I3«t» *Um\
»%i. i n-»n>> ims—»i:rf. i«t huh 7<a *> i*.
All ilrkrli *.,.»«* rrlutnlnj iinill «etitrnhrr 131 k. Ilwb t
Ml l„ krrinu ihl« RfrNl »hi'W. I.rPRfVP rm 4 Brnnlrf Ihnn
r\rr nn«l i>f*l to n W«rliT« I’nlr. U.t tl< k-Th and furilx i
i at rptown Tlck.-t «»flb-e. 7 F»pt»Rt. W., »r
Union LH>pot. Mam 45»4 A. K. KI)M<)N'DB. !■>. P A.
- , i , i 1111 •'* 1.1 t'-'k lb ere lined
St CM kiiiTTT rm— —
► Hie I 'n
pi h e I ' «
Women’s fleece lln«'il Vest*
and Pants, odd ilm, !Bd
value, wile I Qp
price, each lJu
Women's "Fall weight rib
bed Vests, with high
perk and long sleeves.
kind sals IQn
prl» e, each • WU
Women’s Fall weight t’otn
blnation Suits, with lilgit
ne. k and long sleeve*;
I Rp
sale pi Ice I Ull
Girls’ ribbed Vests, with
high peek and short
s lsc ve s special lip
at, eneh I I u
Full Lines of
Colonial Furniture
—the* products of the best makers—ln
genuine crotch, mahogany, plain ma
hogany, figured mahogany or Circassian
walnut—splendid example* of fine mod
ern cabinet-making united with the best
styles of Colonial days.
Prices a good deal less than you'd ex
pect to pay elsewhere because we are
out of the high rent district. All prices
marked in plain figures.
38 40 Michigan Aye.
55.00 Covert Jackets, $2.95.
This 1* a special bargain for
Slate fair visitors Now 111
jaeketri made of tiro* t’overt
c lot * in * al t-tltt* and effet t« and
uU tit I* l styles til wit In
i tnod I tejcuEt t (dire tir.a*).
1 lioh e of the lot
$4.00 Panama Skirts, $2.95.
We h id Irtit of these skirts made
up . 1 1 1 v for t its sale. The*
niiinnin turer took the order
during ids doll season and we
•caved a dollar ou e-vet \ skirt
1 11 *-'• t rail node I with full
side gores. plaited front and
i>a« k and trl'iwned with deep
talT<da silk folds. All lengths
In black and rotors. Genuine
f4 «*> value, -51...10 <t Q fk C
l li- sale prie e 'Pfc**'*'
Chiffon Panama Skirts $5.95
You would not hesitate to pay
fT.r.ft fc,r such a klit. Stylish
Fall model. <-\tiu f.ill llm -• ef
fect, made- of tine ChttTon Pan
ama and trimmed wdb narrow
s-raps of taffet.i silk Your
Ulu« brown aud
Women’s l-’all weight lllack Cot
i.iti Storking*, full fashioned
w Ith Split foot |Qp
V.ll i|e. sale pi ice I MU
’.... TT I

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