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Many prominent nn>u ami Salvation
Arm> officers from the various part a
of the country will attend the meet
ings of the Salvation Array congiesa.
which opens iu this city Saturday. lan.
SO, and will contluue until the follow
lug Wednesday evening. Gov. War
ner will preside at the Sunday after
noon meeting. Mayor Ureltmeyer, will
preside at the meeting Saturday af
ternoon. at which the new* Industrial
home for men will be dedicated, ami
'several prominent clergymen, iuclud
• lug the Hey. John H Boyd, 1' D., of
'the First Presbyterian ebur h, and
*the Rev. William Byron Forbush. D.
IJ., of the Woodward-Avc Cougrega
tlonal church, will participate in *..•
Delegates will be present from var
ious cities In Michigan from Toledo.
Cleveland and Buffalo to r the me» '
, lng. which Is an annual affair similar
to the conference in the Methodist de
The hist item on the elaborate pro
.gram is the dedication of the indus
itrlal home for men at No. 33U Lafay
ette boulevard, at which the mayor
"r^m-Jireaide, and Col. William Peart,
of New ~7ork city, will ~"nT!TW. the d* -
dlcatory address Saturday evening
there will be a big musical festival in
ithe citadel at No. ISO .Michigan ave.
•In which Salvation Army bands from
l*’llnt. Port Huron, Windsor and De
troit will take part.
A public mass meeting will be held
In the citadel, Sunday afternoon, Gov
Warner to preside. Dr. Boyd will of
fer prayer and Dr. Forbush will make :
a short address. The chief speaker
will bo Col. Peart, his topic to b>'
"The best iu man." In addition to the '
mass meeting, Sunday, Salvation
Army workers will speak In 13
churches of the city, five In the morn :
lug and eight in the evening. There
Will also be three* meetings lu the cit
Among the prominent workers In
the army, besides Col. Peart. Col. Alex
ander Damon, of New York city, and
Brig. Thomas Stan\oti. will be present
at tht meetings. About kO representa
tives are expected to be present from
the various cities near lietroit.
Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday
will be devoted to conferences of the
officers and a dlsvussiou of the var
ious topics relkitiwe to the work of j
the army.
At the clo&hv? session, Wednesday
night, 11’ chlddnen will be offered at |
auction. This feature is unique in
Salvation Aitov circles. Officers rop- j
resenting wealth, education, fame,
fashion and practical Christianity i
make a bid and olTer inducements for
the children, the auctioneer to decide
upon the most desirable bidek r.
Plans have already been made for
the entertainment of the visitors by
the local orsaulzutiom
Mystery in Find of Clothing.
Mystery surrounds a bundle of j
clothes found by Henry J. Company,
a citizen, back of his home. No. 122 '
Brevoort-pl., early Thursday morning.
The bundle contained an overcoat, an
undercoat, vest, sweater, a pair of
Hpectacles. a pair of mittens and a 1
handkerchief. In fact, the outfit was
complete except for trousers, shoes
and socks, and in the pockets were a,
bunch of street car tickets and 15,
.Windsor ferry tickets. Mr. Company !
turned the clothes over to Patrolman j
Fowier, who took them to Sent ten sta j
tion. The police have a theory that 1
the clothes belong to some man who
tried to make his bed in the alley !
r while carrying an extra cargo «*>f wet
' goods.
;!• Cured by Helping the Stomachs Do
Its Work as It Should,
j All forms of constlpaJiou, bowel*or
trouble owe mu&i of their
origin to the Improper digestion of
food. The bowels measure 30 foot.
,Tbe Inside walls of surfaces are wound
.tightly about with millions of nerves.
These nerves give life and control mul-
Jlons of little mouths or suckers which
supposed to take nourishment
rfvom the food as it leaves the stem- 1
( ach and passes along this 3o foot hu I
I man canal.
| When indigestion, dyspepsia or
Stomach trouble occurs, tbe tood be-'
ing undigested, passes over these mil* I
lions of mouths, it is a fermented de
caying mass and holds no isuuiisbinent
* as It should.
The little mouths suck It up, im
part these impurities to the biood.
impregnate the little nerves with pois
on and so the work of constipation
* and bo\ei trouble begins
A natural Juice or seen*lon belongs
normally In the little tells and glands
along the mucous membrane of the
•10*foot canal or bowel. When lndignu
tion occurs this Juice is Jackaug and
no the mass of waste mutter <annot !
J>a«s along as it should .<nd Is piled
Yip and caked in the bowel,abus bring- 1
Ing pain and misery.
After a while the nerveswand nerve
centers which give vigor mid life to
the bowel become paralyze it, thus for
ever prohibiting the bow< A from per
forming its natural duties.
Stuart's Dyspepsia TaWfcts, when
taken after meals, digests the food
properly even though the stomach is
sick and it passes ba the bowels nour
ishment and Jute**” which help the
Intestines not only to do their work
at once, but builds them io. restores
vitality to the nerves, hrtns-V ,uew se
cretion to the glands and mils, helps
bowel action and enriches the Mood.
The stomach is tlw? cause. Common
sense and science are one on this
point. Y'ou see it yourself One little
grain of Stuart’s Dyspepsia Tnblets
* will perfectly digest 3 .two grains of
food. The assimilation of a meal by
one of theso tablets la an easy matter
- gad it keeps the stomach chian and
aweet so that in a brief time this or
gan is restored.
Every druggiat carries tbnn in
! shock price 50c. Send us your name
j and address and we will send you a
Dial package by mall free Address
F. A Stuart Cos.. 1504 Stuart Bldg sMar-
Not more than one-hundred nomination ballot* will be credited
to any one contestant.
This nomination ballot is printed for convenience only. Nom
inations may b«* wrjtten or. an ordinary sheet of paper and the votes
will be credited In like manner.
/ iK v *
> _ 4 JBfg it
,v* I ■
*' 'i *•' ,/■ "*?’.* /' i**- "**
Jr ■ rr - ,y .jyW
>" f y*v -v* - aHKrj(fe#MLa.rar• .■ » $111f&9
j l ’’ ‘\T*r ,1
a.* -• , I
This splendid < liflee. standing ia
the very luart of Paris. appeals to
us in at leas' three ways 4t« archi
tecture is 01 the highest excellence
i.ud satisfies the »>♦ from every
point; its history i- also full of in-
U-rt-i; ;*r:d ftna 11 > as a noble treas
ure house of art. It becomes one ,<f
the most Important buildings in the
\,or!d. The foundation pf the Louvre
Is of area* antiquity, dating from
the year 12e0. It was used as a royal
residence down to »he time of Louis
XIV., who removed the court to the
magnificent palac * of Versailles, j
Here w;o soleninifod in 1572 the tnar |
liage between Henry IV.. 'the ga'- 1
lam Henry of Navarre,” and the fatr j
Margaret of Valois; and five days j
later, on the night of the 24th of
August, the signal was here given for
the massacre of the Huguenots on
1 Wayne company, No. 64. U. R Kof
( p., is conducting an Individual Noting
(contest among its members. A Rus
j sian leather chair will go to the most
'popular member. The result will be
announced April 16, and will be fol
lowed by a dance and other enter
tainment in the K. P. armory, Michi
gan a vt\ and Slxth-st.
The ladles of the Altar society of
Iloly Rosary church gave an old-fash
ioned country dance. Wednesday even
ing, in the echool hall, which was at
tended by between bOO and 90u people.
A larce number were dressed In over
alls and gingham gowns, costumes rep
resentative of those worn in the rural
districts years ago. nr.l the devia
tions were cornstalks. Tinnett s
orchestra played old-time tunes. Tho
affair was very successful, both flnan
daily and socially. The proceeds will
be devoted to the purchase of furnish
ings for the new church.
Mias Grace Crawford entertained at'
luncheon, Wednesday, in honor of
Miss Mamie Ireland, whose marriage
to I)r. William J. Stapleton will be
celebrated the latter part of next
week. The decorations were in violet,
the scheme being carried out in the
flowers and hand-painted place cards.
Thursday, Miss Nau Leonard gave a
luncheon and Saturday. Miss Sue
Hoyt, of Seminole avc., will entertalu j
the wedding party.
The wedding of two brothers and .
tw« sisteis, Klnier Barlow \nd Anna
McDonald, and Karl Barlow and Bes
sie McDonald, which was celebrated I
Wednesday evening is the culfulfla-j
tier of a romance that began many
\eats ago w 1 1 < 11 the (juar s et were chil
dren and played together in Kim.
Mich. Later, the families sepmatod. j
;ho Bnrlo%s going ><> Plymrm h and
the McDonalds to Davisburg Des*
than a year aeo the principal came,
to Detroit to se* k employment. and
met by ac< ldent on the street. The
friendship was renewed and the last
chuptei of tin rom..rife was written
Wednesday evening wh< u the Uev.
Waller K Burn- ft. of Preston Metho
dist church, performed the mairlage
ceremony The ihu couples will Ine,
together at No 112 High w*-st.
Mr. aud Mrs Henry Hatnpson, of j
No. tort lurried st., celebrated their!
I golden wedding anniv* rs.uy Wed-1
! nesday evening, surrounded l»v their
three children, ll grandchildren and |
I five great-grandchildren, *> .Di»-« many |
j close friends, Both Mr. and Mrs. |
I Hampson are T'» }'-uis old. They,
'were tnarrled In Hamilton, Ont.. Jan j
lib. iv.*,p. but have lived in Detroit tor
j the last 20 years. Mi 11 impson is a
shoemaker by trady. hut ha r« tired. .
Krh tion has la en the rule all
thrbugh ihe comae df the Thompson-j
ct sft» et opening < ase be for* the coun
cil. and the final proceedin':* are no
{exception. Aid «*<>• <■ ran foul of
several other n;em.*er «,f the -treet
j opening committee whin i> <aiue t>
distributing the payment of tin- eosts.
j 1 his opening was urged bv u Ger
j inun l.uthcian cluu a luxated uu Uic.
corner of till court, and it was fought
i hard Ly the residents of the neighbor
i hood. The church finally won, lm>
“»nl> flft*«r the tru»fe* r> hitil offered to
pay |isu of the < v jgt of the opening. ’ \
verdict oi f 1.204 datuagi - was render
ed In court and the street opening
4 bom milieu voted that the* ciiy should
'the eve of "St Bartholomew ' The
window i- shown where Charles IX.
fired that nigh* his fatal shot. The
{two Napoleon* greatly enlarged and
i embellished the Louvre, and formed
(two large arms which finally united
•it with the palace of the Tuillerles.
The pictures, antiques, gems, stat
uary and paintings, are of incalcu
lable value, yet are opened freely to
the public Volumes ere required mere
ly to briefly catalogue the treasures
which give to Paris a transcendent
Importance for all students and lov*
!t rs of art Incredible a* it w ould
| »eem. In I*7l the communists tried to
(destroy by fire its priceless eon-
I tents It was a piece of vandalism .
j v hicb disgrace* the nineteenth cen- 1
tury The imperial library of 90.000
i volumes was thus destroyed, but at
this time the soldiery arrived in time
to prevent further losses.
j pay 40 per cent, or StSu, loan the $159
given by the church.
Goeschel Immediately made a motion
| to apply the $l5O to the share paid by
the adjoining property-owners, and
I there was a merry battle which did w t
isittle the matter definitely, the result
l being that the award will probably be
fought over in the council.
'To give 40 per cent dear toward
this street opening would be a bad pre
cedent," said Chairman Burton af»e r
i the meeting. "The city In gem ral paid
only one-third in the opening of the
big trunk streets and the payment of
a higher per * ntage in this case would
mean that 40 per cent would he the
n guta.* proportion ht roaster in all
street opening case.- 1 will not con
sent to such a procedure.”
The proposed opening of Willis ave.
east was indefinitely postponed on ac
count of the excessive cost.
Three young men wHiked out of tho
house of correction Thursday morn
ing. after doing small 'bits” for minor]
offenses, only to find a patrol wagon
waiting to convey them to tho ceutral
station on new warrants. Arthur J.
Lovett, 21 years old. who says his
home is In Chicago, had Just served I
60 days for stealing a bugle from ono :
I>iur*- Rainm. I!e was re-arrested for;
Detectives Reid and Good on a warrant
chaglng him with stealing $1.75 from
the Michigan Telephone Co.'s pay sta
tion In the Michigan Central Htatlon. j
Lovett and a pal removed tho cash |
box. It 4s alleged, and were carrying it
away bodily when discovered. The;
pal was i aught, while !»vett got away
only to be arrested later for the theft j
of the bugle The police regard him .
as a "bad actor.” '
The others renrrestod were Frank 1
N» riiir and Albert f’hldlater, both hall-!
Ing from Saginaw, where they are ;
wanted on different charges, Nering
for assaulting a man with intent to do j
gres»t bodily harm, and Chidlester fir
the laneny of a wheel. They servo 1
time h' !• lor wholesale bicycle thefts.
Joh pristine Uoue ritfU* Time* Print
line Cos., 15 John R.-st. Phone 14®S.
Mrs. Lamont Annoyed
By Persistent Writer
... i
WBAIMP^.If 1 M|| - *w j
'lf«. Ilnnirl I . I ninoiit, willow of I Imp.
lnn«T* nrrrrtNPy of nnr, ««k<i nn« ibr
'•»•*•»< "I m pi r-l«»< ni nrltrr of h*g.
Ulus Irttrr*. »hr hml him arrratr*. J
The First Grand Prize in
TEe Detroit Times Great Voting Contest
No longer need an> woman In Detroit sigh as her neighbor s touring car whizzes past her In the streets and inwardly voice the wish that
she also might be the happy possessor of a splendid car. In its Great Prize Voting Contest only recently Inaugurated The Detroit Times has
made It possi'.h for an> woman in Detroit to secure a splendid touring car at the mere expense of her personal efforts during the short space
of ten weeks that the contest Is In progress ' , . , ...... « .u
A tour to Europe Is something no woman in Detroit need longer regard as a thing to be ardently hoped for with little possibility for the
realization of the hone In offering a tour to Europe to each woman In the ten districts of its Great Prize Voting Contest who receive the
greatest number of vote.- for their respective districts. The Detroit Times has made it possible for any woman in Detroit to tour Europe and
visit in fact the places so often visited in fancy.
All an\ woman ha- to do to win one of these splendid tours is to secure a greater number of ballots in The Detroit Times Great 1 rise Voting
Contest than anv ~ther contestant in the district in which she resides. Contestants who win one of the splendid tours will be compensated for
her efforts a thousand fold. In addition to the tour a contestant may win any one of the grand prizes, which are in themselves ol magnificent
value. 0
The route of travel to bo followed bv The Detroit Times’ tourists will be as follows:—Montreal. Liverpool. London. Ilook of Holland. The
Hague. Amsterdam, \ntwerp, lirussels. Paris. Dieppe, Newhaven. Umdon. Stratfordon-Avon. Chester. Liverpool. Montreal. The complete itiner
ary is as follows
Friday. July 9. 190^ — Have Detroit for Montreal. Pullman accommodations. Including dining car service, being provided. , >1 ( \
Saturday. July 10- Sail from Montreal by Canadian Pacific Line Steamship ‘ Lake Erie." * * *
Wednesday, July 21 —Arrive at Liverpool and proceed by special train on the scenic Midland Railway to London.
ENGLAND July 22. to Saturday. July 24—To be spent in London. On one of the days a carriage drive will he‘provided for
visiting the m;ui> point- of Interest, including the Tower, Houses of Parliament. British Museum, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral,
• National Gallery, Thames Embankment and other points of interest In an and around the eity.
Leave Saturday evening via Harwich and Hook of Holland for The Hague.
HOLLAND Sunday. July-26—Arrive at Hook of Holland in the early morning, thence by rail In forty five minutes to The Hague, the
“Washington of the Netherlands." Carriage drive will be provided for visit to the Houses of Parliament, old Spanish Prison. Hou>» of the old
Knights of Holland. Art Gallery. Broad and handsome streets, lofty and substantial houses, spacious squares, are some of the spec till features
of this city.
Monday. July 2«—Leave by morning train (one hour’s ridel to Amsterdam, tho chief city of the Netherlands. Carriage drive will bo pro-
Tided for visiting the numerous points of Interest. Amsterdam is divided by numerous canals into ninety-five small Islands, and lyns be»*n very
appropriately called the "Venice of the North" The finest building Is the Palace, a magnificent structure. 252 feet high, exclusive of the fine
tower. The Ryks Museum contains many celebrated paintings of the Dutch School. Carriage drive will be provided for visit to the Ibßj of
BELGIUM Tuesday. July 27—Leave by morning train for Antwerp, the chief commercial city of Belgium Visit the Cathedral, a mag
nificent specimen of Gothic architecture, one of the most beautiful churches In Belgium, containing the celebrated paintings by Rubens, Iho
Elevation of tho Cross" and "The Descent front the Cross " Leave by evening train for Brussels, one hour distant.
Wednesday Julv 2S—ln Brussels, the capital of Belgium. A carriage drive will be provided to visit the main streets, the Column t«
Congress, the Chamber of Deputies, the Museum of Paintings and the Wtertz Museum, the Museum of Antiquities. Palace of Justice, the- Grand
Square, with the Hotel de Vllle, one of the finest bulldluga in Belgium, with magnificent lacework spire, the Cathedral of St. Gudule and the
Martyrs’ Monument.
Leave Wednesday evening by express train for Paris.
FRANCE Thursday. July 29. to Monday. Aug 2—To be spent in Paris. A carriage drive will be provided on one day for visiting the
principal places and objects in and around the city, including thi»- Invalides, the lomb of Napoleon I. Palace of the I meadero. Palace of the
Louvre. Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Boulevards. Place de la Concorde, etc. A visit will bo made to the Palac« of Versailles.
Leave Monday vtTT Dieppe and Newhaven for London
ENGLAND Tuesday, Aug 3—Leave London by Great Western Railway for Warwick and Si rat ford-on-A von. Visit Shakespeare’s souse.
tomb and memorial: return to Warwick and proceed same day to Chester, noted as one of the qualnte.it and most picturesque of English towns.
Wednesday, Aug. 4—Leave Chester by morning train for Liverpool and embark on Canadian Pacific Line Steamship La\e Champlain for
Montreal. Sunday, Aug. 15 —Due to arrive at Montreal.
Monday, Aug. 16—Lea\e Montreal for Detroit. Tuesday, Aug 1< Arrive Detroit.
The tour provides for every expense for transportation, hotel bills, omnibus hire, transportation of baggage, porters, sight-seeing carriages,
and all other things necessary for a thoroughly enjoyable trip. An experienced guide will meet the party upon their arrival at England and will
conduct them around to the places of interest provided for In th<* Itinerary and look after the Interests of the tourists tint 11 fhev are readv to
re-embark for America. The conductor of the tour has been selected for his knowledge and experience of conditions of travel and for other
business and social qualifications The tour has been especially arranged by 1 hoa. Cook & Son, whose reputation guarantees a tour as satisfac
tory and delightful in the realization as in the anticipation.
Ten Tours to Bermuda dPstrict a prizes
Ab district second prices. The Detroit Times offers 10 tours to Ber
muda, the "Lan 1 of the Lily and the Rose," one of the most attractive two
weeks' tours conceivable. The Bermudas have been very appropriately
called an "Ocean Paradise," and they have furnished the theme for many
warmly eulogist!* poems by some of our most celebrated poets. Including
the famed Irish poet, Tom Moore. One status of a poem written by Mooro
is as follows. "Oh! Could vi>u view the scenery fair
That now beneath my window lU**
Y »u'd think that nature lavished he:*
Her purest waves, her softest ski*."*.
To make a heaves for love to sigh In.
For l ards to live for. saints to die in.
Close to my wooded bank below
In gruasy calm the waters sleep.
Atiil to the sunbeam proudly show
The coral rocks they love to steep "
The many beautiful places on these islands will be thoroughly enjoyed
by The Detroit Times tourists The scenery la diversified and the vegeta
tion luxuriant; palms and many brilliant flowering trees and shrubs, the
brilliant plumage of the birds, and the picturesque roast line with its coral
reef.-, forming a constant succession of lovely pictures. Bermuda is an im
portant naval and military depot of Great Britain, and the presence of the
garrison contributes greatly to the social attractions of the place, while the
ied coats and blue Jackets add variety to the street scenes.
Carriages will be provided on cue day for a drive to St George s, a pic
turesque nid town, onto the capital of the Islands. Visit on route the Devils
Hole, to view the remarkable collection of many species of beautiful tropical
Ashes. A steamboat trip to the Reefs is made to see the beautiful Sen
Gardens’ —coral grottoes with beautiful aquatic plants, anemones, sea fans,
fish, etc., in their native element The Royal dockyards is visited on the ex
cursion and also the famous Bermuda aquarium, one of the world's finest
The tour provides for every expense from the time of lea\lng until
time of return. An experienced guide will be at the disposal of the tourist
during the time of their stav at Bermuda.
Th* prizes v ill be awarded to the contestants who receive the greatest number of votes according to the con
dition* of the contest. . . ..
\ny woman resident of Detroit of pnod character between the ci;<v of lrt and 4.» may compete.
ili<- bahot* to determine the winners of the prize* will bo the r.ornii ntlon. single and special ballots The nomina
tion and sing!* 1 allot* will be the ballots clipped fiom the Issues of Tin Detroit Times. The special ballots will be
the ballots issued for subscription payments from either old or new subscribers to Th*» Detroit Times
The nomination ballot* will o. nnt flftv votes each, but no contestant will be permitted to receive more than ...000
votes on nomlratlon ballots. The single ballots will count only on. vote each.
The special ballots will count for voles in proportion lo tbo length of the subscript lor. Special ballot* will count
for votes nr. aiding to the following schedule The number of votes shown In the schedule la for old subscriptions. On
new subscript lons twice the number of vote* shown In the schedule la given. ,
Nominations n.av be made at anv t!rn<* during the contest, each nomination up to one hundred counting fifty \i>Os
each* Nominations may be written on an ordinary sheet of peper _ _ .
The first ururd prize will be awarded to the contestant who icctlves the greatest number n. votes, no mutter in
which district she may reside , . . . . . _
The second grand prize will be awarded to the contestant who receives the second greatest number of votes, burring
contestants in the districts In which the first grand prize is won, no matter In which of the remaining districts s.io
ma% The'third grand prize will I i> awarded to the contestant who receives the third greatest number of votes, barring
contestant* In tc Ifstricts m w-hhh t,he first and second grand prises ate won, no matter In which, of the remaining
x'he dlstrh-t* flr*t prizes will be awarded to the contestant In each district who receives the greatest number of votes
for h*r respective district. .
The Ustrh t mc. ond pilzrs will be awarded to tlie contestant in ea-h district who rceolwa the second greatest num
ber of votes for h*r Tcspertlve district.
r.acii winner of u grand prize will also be a winner of a district drat prize. . ..
In the i i.nt of a tlo for any <*f the prizes the pilze will l*e sold and the proceeds cquil.y divided between those
' e ' n jVo special 1 allot will be l.tsucd for a less payment than one dollar.
Combination oetween any contestant I* prohibit'd. . _ , ....
TANARUS! • Contest Kdltor reserv.-s t lu t to reject any contestant, to modify' or 'hang* any of the contest conditions at
any time during the contest and *l«<> .»> pass fln-.l m »■ nent upon ar y question ♦ 1 1 « t may arts-
J Vo 'i en< f east cannot l e changed to count for anotlor contestant
V . ontestant um ot remove from < n<* district to another ihd retnln the votes to her credit In the former dlrtrlct.
Th* returns at the close of the balloting will be canvassed by a c rmmlttee of well-known business and piolis
ah > riH I men of s t u *' dl’ ■ g in tv. .<uuti unity
Nh. employee of Th Detroit Times nor member of bis or In r Immediate family rrny r.ecotne a contestant
A- old subscript lon is one Mat v. t on the lists of The Detroit Timer st th* time of starring the contest dll
ntbei* nr" t«w A change In th* delivery of a paper fiom one meinbr tof the family to another will not .reate anew
" U V Vr- mDes or agreements, either written or verbal made by agent*, solicitors or canvassers, or employees, beyond
those published In Th* Detroit Time* v. ill be r*'ogniz*d . „„
The i cr.test began Monday. January 14, UtO'i. and will dose Monday March 29. 1909.
In order to equalise competition the < ity of Detroit has been divid
ed into districts as follows:
All territory bounded on th east by Woodward Ave., on the north
lv the city limits, on the w»gt by the city limits La Salle Boulevard
and Sixteenth St., and on the s mth by Warren Ave.
Ml territory bounded on the east by Sixteenth St., on the north
bv the Hty limits, on the west by the city limits, and on the south by
Michigan Ave.
Ml territory bounded on th* east by .function Ave, on the north
’> Nib ble m Up., on the west by the city limits and on the south
bv the Detroit rlvrr.
Ml territory hounded on tin east by Woodward Ave, on the north
bv Mb his an \ve . on the west by Junction Ave , and on the south by
the Detroit river.
Mi territory hounded on th. cot by Woodward Ave , on the north
lv Warren Ave. on the west by Sixteenth St;, and on the south by
Mi- ffltfin \\ Z
I or furtlirr laformatlA* him In «tln tlip»r mn«i»l«prnl prlrra, wrlir, tcteplmae. nr Cull upon
The Contest Dept., The Detroit Times, D - tT M°H^.
How to Win the Magnificent*
Awards the Contest Offers
Any woman who desires to win oue of tho numerous attrac
tive prizes should look up that part of tills advertisement which
explains the division of the distri* ts, determine which district she
is in. then clip the nomination ballot and send It in to the Contest
Editor filled out according to the instructions given on each Itcillot.
Vote*' cau be secured in greatest hum hers and with smallest
effort by securing payments on subscription to The Detroit Tunes.
As an Instance of how rapidly the special ballots issued for sub
scription payment count up in votes it is only necessary to state
that with a single subscription payment for thirty-six moitflu a
special ballot is issued for 6.000 votes
The contestant should begin immediately and ask all iier
friends and acquaintances to give her a subscription to The Detroit
Times, perfect a campaign organization, and make a vigorous uud
decisive campaign for victory. No contestant should hesitate yto
ent* r the competition who would like to own one of the attractive
prizes offered, but rather, reminding herself that she has wlthlcr
ner the qualities which will make her victorious, begin lmnardiate
lv and make an energetic campaign for the prizes.
The work of making a contest campaign for subscriptions and
votes is of the pleasantest nature as contestants learn with sur
prise upon making their first efforts. The contest campaign has
many things in common with the political campaign, and with
the opportunity it offers the contestants to exercise their politi
cal Ingenuity and generalship, it Is fully as fas* Inatlng.
I>ot every woman who contemplates entering the contort clip
the nomination ballot at once, and after filling it out according to
the instructions printed on each ballot, send it in to the Contest
Any one who desires to enter should call upon or address the
Contest Editor and fuller information In regard to the coi.tfi.st,
and how to win the attractive prizes will he gladly furnished.
All territory bounded on the west by Woodward Arc., on the
north by Warren Ave., on the e.ist by Cheno St., and on the south
by Gratiot Ave.
Ml territory bounded on the west by Woodward Ave., on the
north by Gratiot and Marl; Ave< , on the east by East Grand Boule
vard. and on th< snith by the D troll river.
All territory bounded on tbo west by East Grand Boulevard, on
the north by Mark Ave. and the city limits, on the east by the city
limits au<Lon the south by tl;e Detroit river.
All territory hounded on sh west by Chene St., on the north by
the c tty limits, on the east by the city limits, and on the Bouth by
Grutlot to Mack and Mack Aves. ,
All territory bounded on the west by Woodward Are., on thw
north by the city limits, on th * east by the city limits and Chone*Bt.,
and on, the south by Warren Ave.
Contestants must enter in the district in which they reside, 'but
may *o outside to solicit subscription# and votes.
Enter the
Win one of
Length cf
and Rate.
36 month# 77. . . 7, . .. . . S9?CC
24 months 6.0C V
12 month# 3.00
8 month# 200
6 months t. 50
4 months 1.00
Second Period,
March 1.
Fourth FVriod,
March 29.
First Period,
Feb. 15.
1 500
Third Period,
March 15
' ?7.000~

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