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Wind Up of Mill-End Sale Will Offer
60c, 65c and 75c Dress Goods
to close out at per yard... QQp
1 int a* Muon HU tv Mill cll lettd till* aiiriOUlitffliutit lli*>
1 v ' ll * •’•"Kin figuring on liow ninny yard* of tly« dre** nuo<li
fin, u»i', And thin what a cso*d wi will have around th* counter* Sat*
morqiiiii s ills YOU won't mlao tha *ai. Tkn4 fnkl totfi l " 1 '
' lo****‘l out at per >itrd. and there * not a fabric in tin- |i**ortineiit Hint
w 0,1 lil nelt 11 gularly ut lex* than tdr, ij till*- man) ot litem are genuine #s* and
4jc value* Chpose from thcae
Pallor Salting,., ln« lie* wide, In
two-tone Mirim* and broken plaid
•'ft, ct«, worth Il> ,
t»*-r yard *
All-Wool lliiiuie* and all-wool T..i f
feta Suiting*!. Mack and color*;
would iie excellent
v.iliih at 500 per yard ....
Miii-End Special Sale for Saturday—39c
Last Chance to Buy $1.50 Corsets
at 89c
Ml of these Mill-End l'or*ets will he closed out bv Satur
<la\ night mi this opportunity must be accepted tomorrow or not 1
at all. I lie model is .strictly up-to-date—gives the long, slender
Great Values in Framed Pictures
La-t \vc« k \U' told von about our purchase of a manufac
turer > entire surplus stock and sample lines of Framed Picture*.
I he sale iia> been a tremendous success and we have only about
-’<K) Pictures Irlt. It you want some, come tomorrow for it is
not likeh that such values can be offered again.
Handsomely Framed Pictures at 25c and 35c
A m • ill u»«Miini<nt imdmiinif |iiini !*. color. it photon, lnmt«<npp*. hunting
"•ones, marine \l. xvs. •t . , In gilt ;« mj fancy frame*. wnrih from
from 4to SI.OO • h In two np
lot* at 5e uni uuf
Pt*tTi;M, !•< aot It 11 11 >■ ..*I oJ. • t Iml In g i I I'.'m.y \ p|. aslng variety of
‘Ubierts regular SI Y’> \:i'ue* q _
■ lu.ii •' for . . OvC
Fill IT AMI I.AMU l*l( IIHKs, sot .lin In g - room, in AxHtt-lneh Flomltdi
oik oi wilt fiiinn* Keguiir ml-. $ oiC. n AC
f>-\\ of Oo m ofT'T ai i>Ai h ,9bwO
tll.ll 1)1 Tt II I'lt 'll HFv f.ii i|. n* :iri • 1 llhr.i rb* 'P !»♦•«** nr#* oomr#*#! prints
ill u*t ia t tuft I *i*‘il ■ rich K nlrkerl>o*'k< i'* lllutorv of N< w York.”
I'.v ll< nry Irvine TANARUS) .*• “Ton Party.” •'Oancc.' r>te., n» enjoyed l,y
the curly settlers in New A muter dam. Ft anted in Flemish oak.
i/.e A*• VJO ill' > • llegtll.l I ? l :i \il lll**. «•!»
Sa It l |n n.• . . .. . 109
Safety Folding Beds
$1.75 Inverted Gas Lamps 98c
The*.- arc utrlrtlv Is lull-grade In \«-r I Hiik I,.imp* and as well iim hav
ing Kr< nt»*Nt •n ■ i <ll • power tlw\ are most ..onnml.al in the .ntisumpMon
of umm I’oiiipi.ii wiili httrner, .»*»i •• I glob. ami mantle, nil ..f 11 1 • he«t
qunlit> .ic outfit is* 1 1 wort $1 \. i. ■l l q
*al»* np'i inl for Satunlav yCSC
I prlglil till* I.iiihihi. wltn airhole opal gluli** and I
-v oiant .'>•■> v a Jn« , Mill Kml sal. special nc _
for Saturday. £uC
q'q Trn> *, tin. Mav.irian I'hlna. for .•|. t> , ctirum-
I h.ix, u i ••••»! onion*, radishes, •• t < I *:i I lit 11V tie. ora t e,|
and gold n.ir.il; ~0. sain-. .Ml 11-Klul
U i' special for Satmdav . . SCO®
IMnnrr |oa pie.es high-jrade Arnethart porcelain
JHnK war. in n.w shape* de. orated and gold tuo' and.
j'l II : ol value Ml.l-Kml Sale Mpc.’lal 4 *-
, Ini Halilld i IV* ■ O
i Krj I'nna. No H size. p«dt*lied . i; «i Iron .'«>.■ QQ.
kl l _ j I \ilne. Mill Kml Salr for Hal Urduv “* C
j \j) liunrnuleed "lurr I'hus. ltoyal’ ware. In*, size for
iy baking <n roasting; worth v‘»« MIII Knd PC
sf.. lal lot S ■itniday .. . 000
f’roekery and I loan, frit nlshlngs It. pr —Kit semen I.
Toilet Article*.
1111 f I’liWtl.r (It ■ Art _
ain I iv liii* Sat uni i> LL C
.li< k< • Tali urn I*<»w«!»■ i I fin
• In- vmlui-. Siitunla , IUC
Minium. Koyulr’x Almutul <’r*-um,
f'*r fi»-nlna Hit -km |n»
rduj I UC
ManliMin- siuk- 1 .vp• •. r.
Hntunlrty, p**i itn/.i-rt jC
llaiul Hindi*. Import. <1 I Qp
I jU
I>r<**slriK <\*rnl>*«, s lu< U «.;/« inar**.
"I tr • I Q_
HHtitr<la> . . IOL
I'ltiauil s Kan it. Hair Tunic.
i.-Kulur prli •* 6m 1 j.
tiutnrila\ u*JC
l'giulr»i /.nrava fl*»ult hikl rtC
u hltf r.«»• unxi s Satgiila* ZOw
I nruifu Kn«*r l’i*« ilnt, m w! it
(ieali ami • ream, at.wnl-it.-t\ pur
-1 I 'annul tall in i> 11 f • n.» \•* tin- ii.ni*
plf'Xlon It iim*-iI i iilai I \ I’
'••I. liiim n r»n -nil*' Safin Jfl
ilav In ini roil .. at .
IVi I 1 |rt
'j I UC
**i :ir«« I’n-. int. .1 Truni- I fi
lm I • tit .Snap, s a i,, r ,| , |UC
f*a<«i ar»i TntkltOi Mall Simp, fnmi
Mhilh iii* l;..\ali-« il.i.mtci or.
t’ol'l I'riftlli, Inn >u Z3C
r A I! ll* Ka I VI.• 1 1 I Tnllit Wut -r.
tlobalr Mclllau*. fcngll*»i Urllllan
tlne*, In all color*, cream »»d
black. regular price
£>Uc and ii«,c •••••••
lno rircea Novelty I)h*m ttooda. new
NpriiiK *tyle* In fancy check*,
mixture*, utrlpc* and overplaldi*.
sold regularly
lines demanded by present fashion—and the
t orsets are ma<le of a superb quality of batiste,
richly trimmed with Honaz embroidery. (»en- -
nine $1.50* value, but the manufacturer over
estimated! hi> di'in.nnd and had to convert a
. *• *
surplus stock into money ad once. ’As a re
sult our Mill F.nd Sale price for these fine Cor
sets j-, Six". All sizes from iR to to blit in
white only.
Corset dept. Third Floor.
Full size mol a I
75 Hmls, eqillppel
I y ' with patent plus
• tic hieel springs.
When not In uo*
1 hot occupy only one-third th«»
space required fur an ordinary l»«»d.
Finished In white, black, grot n.
i>hie. while and gold and green and
gold Choice for *l2.<f». The regu
lar WHOLKSAI.K price was sl*l up.
ho were gelling them at about.ha-if
oft Furniture Dept., Fifth Floor.
Drug Specials.
I'll Until** |l«l II i 111 11.- Mill*- IQ
. • | Jjt
Koto- (alv-.rnii- an«l in.
i • > - ... I Uu
" Mnttli- Mafili* t’oilKl I rt-
Mnlaatu, Satui.ltt.» luu
tl 'ki KtuulHinn t'nfl I-i\ •• r |Q.
fill. S.uuriUix 431
il ■ s < 'onipouml l. • .i rt c
fonvili i. I 111 Siiluriln t Z3C
la* Mottle I-ttt U l.iv.-t 7.
i C
7 . r »* t’.i.tti* pni* ititpnri. I mn_
<*ll\- l*! I Siiliii.lnn *tUu
- - Itnttli- i'.i« Ma laikM.nl.i IQ-
Vrmunt i< S mil ila * ... I3v
-ui- Mutt If* Cantor Oil. I flrt
4-u/ Sat ui ilu% ....... IUC
I 'm- M"\ Mruni 1 1 1 1 Q _
l/mnßi-i* Satmtl.o OC
1 r.. Mnttli- \\ -t. I Mast I I. -11 V Q
-1 1. Satmilav . . jC
llriiK IP-pi.. 'lulu Ilnur.
Rubber Goods.
Il.ja Hot Wtttir M>«ltl**, .’-ui <*f*f
t.. ?»I **» t . Sat f.lll \ u 0 C
NiffltiK lloltli- VrpplfH. I-
I c
I lii til riMtht-r m pai|i|*-<t Trittui*-*
i• -■ *il.tr t*t-i- < s.'.n frt it
S * I nil " •.n II iZ.43
f'unil>ltintlnn I iinntii < n Hvrltuf*-*
H.i'iinl.-k ujC
Ftnl.ti«-|- MI" v *ak. Knurl .pialjiv »i*‘-*nil
• ' M- - S! ! • 1 -1. l\ . rtQ
,'i pail ZuU
' J ' -'bO r a#h Stud© SMb F ijb Restaurant u ts* Basement
Saturday Last Day of the Lockhart Mill-End Sale
Just a few of the more important features for the last day of this
Mill-End Sale are told of here. \\ e couldn’t begin to print them all in
a single newspaper page. BARGAINS! BARGAINS!! BARGAINS!!! Everywhere—
you’ve never had such money saving opportunities before. All Mill-End purchases must he
closed out Saturday. Prices away down to less than manufacturing cost on most of the
goods. Come and get your share. The more you buy the more you will save.
Last Call for Women’s Winter Coats , s * :
nave m canion to rotor to them.
In fuel, every guimcui on tin* links should find anew owner tomorrow, because pi lees hate b* **n cut down to
a point never reached before on Coats of equal value.
Regular $lO and sls Coats Will Go at . .«. . $5.00
Regular S2O to S3O Coats Will Go at $7.50
Many styles to select from in plain black or colored Kerseys 01 hrouleioths and fancy patterns. All this
season's most popular, effects, including dlrectoire, empire, tourist. Princess Nippon, 'etc The making alone
is worth a great deal more than we ask for these coats. \t $ -and $750 they're a good investment even it
not worn until iiext Fall.
> - * C
Mill-End Sale Offers Men’s $12.50
$15.00 and SIB.OO $Q J 5
Suits and Overcoats at
Om artist lias made an exact picture of one of the Suits It £
pure worsted In the popular shadow stripe pattern very dark
faintly mat ked with brown (’oat lined with good quality umlimi
These are hand tailored Suits and you can see for yourself that i lie
style Regular price $ 15. In the same lot are
blue Serge Suns, herringbone weaves, fine vx oj ■si e and | amm i'
meres and cheviots In checks*. stripes and mixtures. Moth
Men’s $12.50 to SIB.OO Winter Overcoats. Mill-End
Men’s S2O and $22.50 Winter Overcoats. Mill-End •’
Men’s $25 to S3O Winter Overcoats. Mill-End |
Men’s $12.50 Cravenette Coals. Mill-End Sale K^ ; ’’ffe
Men’s sls Cravenette Coats, Mill-End Sale price * \ f
Men’s Pants in the Mill-End Sale - ? I : [ j
Regular $4 and $4.50 Pants, now $3.00 lit la JWjSffl
Regular $5 and $6.00 Pants, now $3.75 J mg*
Closing out all Leather, Corduroy and Canvas V'sSuL
'1»B * llolliing l>cpt.—Fourth Fluor.
We Inaugurate the Spring Suit Selling With a Very
Factory Odd Lots of Men’s $3.50 and s4*oo Shoes
Mill-End Sale Price 52.6 Q
Not a full run of sln-u In aft? Mn*» —tit.it's not to in* exported in liuvlny n ini>t;»«•?tir■ i
o«M Inin Itut \ini rati In* fitted In om Mvfe or amuhei ami i|k Shoe ar<- m mump { '.u ami
14 Ml value-*
Fine patent colt with dull matt top. welt sole, medium toe:
Heavy box calf, with welt sewed extension sole, medium tor:
* \ 9
Medium weight box calf, blucher style, swing last, welt sole:
Cushion cork sole Shoes, for tender feet—fine soft vici kid, plain toe;
Kv ry ninn who wants to enve mom von a sip*- pureha«e xhf>ti'«t m. 1.. it a point to in
here Hnftmlay anti >*Mert from O A Q
these splendid liyr* at ■ O
Mfln l-'lnnr.
Special Item: All Wool Spring Suits $lO
I low many women are eager lobe rid'of somber Winter tiling*—ami
t" come forth trim ami well tailored in one of these Spring Suit*.
Well, here they are at a great deal le*> than they’re reallv worth. We
1 • * * # ' f
have pictured- the style—long, graceful, straight ami hiple*s coat* —m»t a
particle of trimming to mar the perfect tailored air. lln \ are lined
throughout with go<sl quality »atin. |u>t large *elf-co\ered button* on
the front, cutT-* and pocket*. Skirts are plain gore flaring models with
panel effect front. Made of ah*olutelv all wool materials in the new
Spring shades —fine ,tw«» tone stripe effect*. The hou-e that designed
these Suit* i* known from Coast to coast for the perfection of their tail
f»r,tVg. 0
We had to place leg advnnct orders before the manufacturer’- Spring
season opened tip. otherwise it wouldn't be possible to offer these title
and handsome Suits now at slo. Don’t fail to -ee them Saturday. We
have all *i/e- for women. mi*ses and junior- ju the -tslr illustrated
Second Moor.
All Fur Ruffs on Sale in Three Lots
snturila\ we will clone out all nur Fur UufTn «u I* - than hall priee Popular
st>*]**•» in chinchilla., natural squirrel, sahle squirrel, cnnlim, rivei mink, eie
$2.00 to $3.00 Huffs. Saturday Si.oo
I $1 ■oo to $5.00 Ruffs, Saturday .$1.95
$7.50 to sto Huffs, Saturday
'i-Hinil I l«M»r.
Handkerchiefs Worth Up to 10c, 2jc
fM'l' ‘second* of women’s line cambric Handkerchiefs, neatly hem
stitched Little imperfection* in some of them—other*
in wimph ed ind mu hgndli Hand # I /*>
krrcfiirfs worth tip to 10c each -Mill-End A J 1^
bale special for Saturday. «/nly v .
25c and 50c Veilings Saturday |S C
This i a spec ial Mill End Sale feature for Saturday only. About 20u
pieces of plain and dotted Tuxedo Net Veilings, in black, while*, brown,
navy and grey. Regular 2!»c and .'»0 values. We bought ih*'nt at a big
discount and will >• rt• • t the entire lot Saturday at choice foi 15c pet \aid.
\II s||u Itrc'Mx N els, I• Ito !;• s wide.
stiljns and fame llgane*. in
white, l»t • • it iitid na\\ blue, rou
ul a 1 |irii $:•.»». .Mill-End Sale
price I'o S.u oda\ . COa
p< ouc
Children's Underwear.
On** lot «'lth«ln u > l.pu k I’ants.
sprin« Wnlicht 1.".. vain QC_
Mill Kml Sul* pii'i’ tJI/
Women’s Hosiery.
l*n si M.H it *i m 111 1 *sh l|osiii\. with
spill foot i )ii ii nli i als 1 1 ha IK'I n
i o ml it Sa I lain v at. 1 C _
P' i p.ili . 1 vJL
wrrrr. rooi 11 > isiir v. raju iit.trk.
1 ' ■ a 11 1 1' • s I ... i|iaillt\ Mill- 1/"V _
Kml Sa a- pi t i , pi i pa 11 I LJL
Table Linens.
Jlll aili ■) Titil*’ l»am.i-l, l()p
nl I v
tail l'i« am Tahli’ l»alHMnk, li.avv
vv •Ikll (. 'hi ii.i i . will* M• 11 c/\
I.inl Sal* pi P * Jv'O
Mo | > -11 • llin ii I’li at 'lii'ii in hi’ I'.ntr,
I. 'a* Itn In s wi.l. . Mill A
i ' il Sah priia |a i yard • v7U
1 a ini' la •t t zi'it Si | mu' I- Inal Tn hI • I». rin
a k Ml tin I.’ wld* Mill QQp
I -il Sah pi h i pi i \aiil .. 0./L
White Goods.
lain n Imlsii W’hlit Sailings, _«*■
\al n< Mill Kml sah pi ii i , i r
pi i va nl .1 Jt
l*«ii • Inn’ll NViilsiliiks and Sulilnus
hlnfli ln*d. !*» lin In s wiilo; wo' lli
: - Mill Kml Sah pi ii ■ . or.
P* i va id . . C. *JL
\\ iil <> st, j | , I'll J s \l I S 111 |,’
vll 111 Mill laid Sail prh • (V,,
pm- aid . . C/L
Muslin Curtains.
Itn! ih'd nl v traixlil nli:' M aim
t'llitimi- Ii ii Isl md will I'l’ k hat
IIIIIn I M !’. a 111 111 la* •' I dkl :II K .
vain Mill Kml si ■ pi A(k
I• * l | ah
Summer Curtains.
\ 110 tI; • I I’ll 111 I nil 11 'IIi I I’ 11 o Id
Hi rip*' i’ll,-tains, ha t In larai nli;’ .
n .tula r $ 1 "► v. ‘ I'l* Mill /• (»
I'l n and ’ll I. Ii p'i |’. UJL
Colored Scrim.
l.ii«l « I il" •• in l.ir. mill . inl« of t'nl
'■i’ll s' ’ * i . i k ula i I‘a kind lit a
v.i m 1 i.i - 1 ■lp *?T i • i 1 n
p. r ant OC
Couch Covers.
11* av \ 'ill' i'*’ v ' is ‘ii I in-1’ i-i vv id i*
si iii I ! >.«id* lon k iii liiilhl "trlpn«»
pa 111 irm and • k'U i. $ J.» *> val i».
' |>n«*i *1 QQ
Sat rip I ivJ.y
Colored Madras.
!t'-t ill) • ' ialitv I’oliil .il Vl'tdl s
1 n
M I 111 So I* |III I | ■< 111 I v/C
Auminster Rugs.
mi ill.- I fin i a >n I in. i pa 1 1 •r i ■
I’l • *I it 11 I V \ v f?t Jt ’ • I liljfcfs
" j ■-* 'N M«* I-* \ ll MU
Si I’M
Brussels Rugs.
La -l -i 1 f..i j , Ip. Ii Hi i-n Is 11 in
»v it h ft introil I’liil’’ n- ’il.n I I
kiml .Mill Kml Sil.» /’ll
Smyrna Rugs.
Ihillnlf f n I'd I So-, il Sinmn.i L'lir-f
»i iii*' li***i iui’k wlili frlmud i’lklh
lln « i’i all v. ... i woi i % , '.ii
Brussels Rugs.
'Until id ft,. i IT' tv it |tr '4
• v L i| • .1
, ■ i 1 ■ i lit .1 ■ j i. 1111 iiv. i at p’l • •
; '■ " , ' $9 75
Bleached Sheets.
' ' 'll' ■' I Snnlll Kh'.o liiil Sin iI- -I,
v\ • : .1 . • • If. a • I
- \ r ct.
VI lam - ' p OOC
S. .ii 'nv t: I »’•! ’ll S i-rp •'.• , M'/i
~ .*' \ 68c
ll* a V V W I*l.l Mir I,lml Si ,
m a iiili-«•* <!<• v | %'in ;n* In ■” » ,•*
Messaltne Satins.
S p ■' i• I ■ •»• 'ill of ■ » v
.Boyi* * nd 50c Negligee Shirts 39c
Sattii«ln> we will offer u full varlet y of style ■< and h ; ze.> m both men'a
and boys’ regulat ao< Negligee Sliirtt at choke lot ."•» tlood quality
madras it: the new patterns and color efforts
NV ••h ti vithout collect* Perfect dttiug. .♦ *
•v « mad* Shirts. and only .
Men'** Nealluee 1..' • i ti:i 111 \
; a - 59#
Men's shirin, $1 «»*j «111141 it
Mill Kiel Sal ~, .. eg.
s.ti uni.i> Dul
tl , *n '■ lterl»J Itllibfil slilrta Hint
lirimem. blue, brown nr grav
«'• isiil.n :.«»«• ««•!((litv: Mill Knit Sale
P*‘t n • 1 in. to . «J«f C
Clean Your Kid Gloves in a Minute
Don't bother sending your filoves to the cleaners, nor fuss with
dangerous gasoline. Instead, buy a box of "(Mean-urn’’ for 25c. It’s a
harmless paste ibai’s applied to the glove while on the hand, and the soil
disappears its it by magic. It deans thoroughly without changing the
color or damaging tin* glove a particle. Equally effective on black, white
or colored kid. ’ <’lean urn" should also be* used to restore tan shoes and
belts to their original freshness and color. See demonstration at our
Toilet Goods Dept., Saturday.
Page Seven
Wen'* I nilrrwrHr. • t*♦ i weight, rib
bed. t K'ilai ijii.illty Mill-Knd
Sab up. < i.il fe Sat urit.i v, AA.
pet garment
Wen'w sn«|icniler«. I it: i *>i lie ivy
w. lltill Wt biting. '■ ( value Mill*
End Sale >t>. In I fur 4Oa
sat tit day . I
lloMt' It lull we \\ iilmlh, l 111'
kind Mill Kin -.lie -pel til 4Qa
fm Sat uni: ■
Women'll ICt-biil tun nllk Itnlikril
I.lute liliirra, In 1 > I.i< k and wlilte,
i emil.it 7.’• < ■ and $1 value*. <bt sale
Sa tmda \ tlie hint da \ 4Q«
.It. pel' |> 11l . ...
Pillow Cases.
It* K dill I'n I’ll low I’ufO'H. HiZn V2.S
■ lin'n • u 111 tin in- in, || |ft _
In in Mill-laid Sah pin. . IUC
Mliailmd I'dlovv i’a <»■;*. <izr tfixSC
IMi'lli'S. mad)’ of anft tin if* Il i'Olliiii,
l»< vain. . .Mill Cl,’l Ir_
Sal.' iii li''* I DC
Misses' Stockings.
' • 1 ■,i iniHN«>M a tine ribbed. fi I
• dtp k. Noamli ** Sin. kmii.”; mz* ..
'* a lid 'll. i' L- Ila I 1 kind. Mill
Boys' Stockings.
Siz. * i‘> to |a In I'.nv li’ ii) \ Itl.'p k
M'-hnol Si", kink**, w ld' r'lh, rnica
kind. Mill IC
i. 11'i s• i < in -1 .196
Children’s Stockings.
K' lOila i I- 1 ml t 'liihlr mi'« f., I
blank *" iinh'Mf Slo. kiiiii«, si*>'•<■ ••
Women’s Underwear.
la Vt l a s, 71 *. Mi'oi <• Imnl II hind V'islS
a.nl I’ants, j 0 1 ■ \al n. .\llll-L id
Sa a pi t) • . pi i QQp
u i t nn lit JdC
Wlntn w > ghi ribbed (’owl <’ • •
with lonic “I* V'< i v,i u«-.
Mli'.'li'hnd rihh•*.| \ • Jl Spt "'tf
w!• Ikhi. wit. lon _ ’i v. .-i .
kind. VI) land |fl r
s iii* 111 I C U
S' I•. \ i■l iv * .hI •, . | \ . -I « S' I ’' Ij •' r
w ik la !:•'. Id. M TANARUS«
Kml Stili |itn' • • v
Bed Room Rugs
I’rim ro -• M".l i :'•••-11 Ij a k lr • h
si/.'•, iii him l; i * n iml funk "l
ol' i 11 it - 'Vil fin.,! -nil »
SI 39
Art Linens.
A i"f ai
will, t! r• •. ■ ■>w il awn vv <’ ■ i
M • I'll, ll ' a ll VV I k I 1
in ti «r/’ r* ki 1 i ’ Mi"-
Li m n S. 11 f-- - /.. • S" \ ' »•, vv • n
v, , »'..p, n . ',| vr« Tin! .ri • row
di ai i« ml, i«'.o v,» 1 M I-t'nl
I*i I !i. w i ‘.. •.1 v ml '! ' 1 ! "
in I Q r>
M '■i 1 vJu
,!•»»• idi.-i .? S. fs " a ' -
m 59c
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