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Big League Clubs Get Busy
Today in the East At
Washington and
Tigers Simply Too Anxious To
Please the Home Folks At
Toledo and Fell Down.
ti:i !»»'-*» Turin >.
ttoaton at Philadelphia.
N>w York at Washington.
Look* sort of familiar, doesn’t it?
Yes. they’re really at it. Hi l«i>t. The
first ISO 9 big-league baseball *uuie.-<
of the kind that count, ar»* to t be
played today and the American eague
holds the hoards, the four ♦•astern
clubs all getting bu*-: To be sure, no
body really pays much attorn ion to
the eastern clubs any uior*\ yei thej
are in the race from the sta»lstlcal
point of view and nio all figuring on a
possible chance of the first division,
though none of them has jet swelled
up enough to lay any claim to a cham
The day must be consider and as more
valuable for the significance of its
main sporting event, than from the
real result of the clashes, due to tak?
place at the respective fields where
games are scheduled.
The Tigers wind up their season of
exhibition games in Columbus today,
with a game against the club that has
usually, up to last year, been the chain
plop aggregation of the fastest minor
league in creation. Sug<s and Speer
are due to heave. Tne latter has the
hopes and prayers of the local sane
particularly, for he is a southpaw and
there are still lingering hopes Hat h*
may develop Into tue man who will
be able to step Into the shoes of Ed.
Killian, provided the latter falls to
occupy those useful lenth*is himself
this year.
A victory and a defeat at To.edo —
the latter with over 2.000 of the home
boys from Detroit looking on— doe?
not Indicate the true form of the
Tigers who, as everyone who has fol
lowed them this scuson up 10 date
must admit, look by lar the best team
that has represented Michigan's me
tropolis in years.
The Tigers were simply too anxious
to show the home folks how goo \ they
were on Sunday and slipped up. will
heaves by Morlartj, Beckendorf and
Lafitte, along with a piece of villain
ous luck on a bad bounce of a per
feet throw to the plate by He Georgia
Peach helped the Mud Hens win their
first game from the Tigers In many
It isn’t’ necessary to make etcuse-s
for the champs at this stage of the
spring, with the real stuff so near at
hand. They simply had an off day—
an Incident bound to happen eventual
ly to a club playing games In the vil
lainous grade of wtather current in
the northern midfile states at this
time of year, when rogulur pmctlco
Is out of the question and mer. take
the field swathed so thickly In sweat
ers and other less apparent lingerie
that their movements are of necessity
dmiWOmMy hampered.
"At that, as the reference to the box
spore will readily disclose, the Toledo
team was hitting some, ft Is t o ai;
probation that can be fooled with.
It ia now concert** i that the Tigpa
made a fatal mistake In going to To
ledo without G. Mullln, who is ac
customed annually to swipe one over
the top of the nrmorv for a helm-latif
before his old friends and former fel
low citizens. The talented I.raver
was along with the Kittews* at Kala
rnazon, where he assisted materially
In the victory won there. Anotli-r Ki*.
Wfl Wahoo Sam Ciawford—not übu
alty a member of second tc-ams —who
showed that he was a bit out < f n:a
clean by stealing the home /ate whirl,
the Kitlamasooius had left lying around
Joese4n the nonth, ‘bus scoring wh.u
proved to be the winning run
First Place—Futurity course Si I
Bflyer, 111; John A. Malloii, 111: Phil
lgb«*. ill; Agnolo, 111; Ruse rherry.
J0T1; Yellowstone, D'J, Royal N.. 1 rt«*.
Cdt. Hert, 108; Pam y. 106; Jim Gaff
vay. 106; Burnell, i*»;.
Second Haee—Four furlongs• l ire.
10e; Silver drain 107: Dalmatian.
JO?: Sonia, 104; Lewiston. 104; Ola
tht*,. 104: Judge Hfehrteraoii, 102; Re
deem, 90; Mrs. Do*. 99; Slxte»*.. 99:
Intrinsic. 99; Qnlvesm, 99
Third Race—Milo and 20 yards, sell
ing: Aftermath. In 9; Import. 10k:
Husky. 108; Sevenis, 108, •tiargan
tua. 107; Hush Money. 105, Sake, l• *r,.
Mozart. 95; Sir John. 95; S-hblawig
95; Moorish King, 95 Hoyle. 92.
Fourth Race —Seven furlongs Stan
ley Fay, 111; Meellrk. Ill: Don
Enrique. Ill; Hugh MeGovurr 101.
Toning Ahearn, 101: Early Thi* 1"’
Darlington. 101; Clieers, 101; Man
1-ord, 98.
. Fifth Race—Mile and a quarter, sell
lng: Jamino, 12o; King Ellsworth
117; Mitre, 117; Legatee. 117; Henry
0., 117; Lady Alicia. 115; Vet»nino,
112; Markfe Maytr, 112; *Mattle
Mack. 110; Milshom. L 0; Plivlßtiy.
JOS; Oaga. 108
Sixth Race —Futurity course soil
inf: Work Box, 10D. •Madman. M»7
Imitate, 100; Duke of Milan. 106;
Altnmor. 106; Capt. John, 106; Oatytto,
104; Ida Hewitt, tot; Alice Toilln
Weather clear; track fast
•Apprentice allowance claimed
Spalding'* New Baseball Schedule
A novelty In the way of a base bad
schedule that shows Instantly where
all of the teams In the American an i
National leagues are playing cm any
. particular date during the acaar.n r*u.
be obtained free at A. O. Spai-iing l
, Ncj. 254 Woodward ave.
They Never Knew He Could Throw
and Field As He Has Since Joining
Tigers—Browns Give Credit.
TOLEDO. 0.. April 10—There
l is no denying the fact that the
big hiirprise of the Detroit q*ub’s train
ing trip has been the wonderful .play
in the Held of George Morlarty, the
new Tiger thlrd-sacker. Moriarry wa*
purchased from New York at a prior
which showed that the Detroit bas->
bail club’s management had » very
high regard for his ability. Since
joining the team, however, he has
shown such a line of goo-is that it
will surprise none of the men ♦ n th.
big < lub if he closes the year acknowl
edged as the best third baseman u
either big league.
Morlarty has shown ground-covering
ability second to none, his throwing
hus been a source of comment wher
ever the team has played, there is :iu
I ball too hot for him to handle and
his base running lias been superfine.
Best of all. be has been amLitiouh.
earnest and willing. No mur. has
fought harder than he for a Detrob
victory at times when strenuous mea,-
ur**s se«-med neeessaiy.
Tom Jones, the long headed first
baseman of the St. Louis Browns.
Bob Ganley, the captain of the Wasn-
I ington Senators; minor league fights
palore. and sporting writers wherever
the team has played. Join In praising
the work of Morlarf ' and heapijg up
the estimates of the added strength
he has brought to the club. Jones'
remarks were#typical.
, "Your club locks to be a lot strong
er this year with Morlarty.' was bis
unsol.cited testimonial, 'T've always
thought him a goou ball play* r. but
li never yet saw him play as he piayed
against us this spring. If ho holds
the cl*p he ought to have a grand
Morlarty himself admits Hat !-e has
never started a season In Mich condi
tion since he gralvatod fro.u th
“My gymnasium work this winter
helped me some, I guess." ho com
|mooted. “But I think what has he.p
c*d most has been the Interest l’v Q
| taken In my work I’ve got a real
I c hance at last—something Vve never
! had before —and I mean to make the
most of it. Three vears a utility ma.t
|is my American league record up tc
j date. 1 believe I’m fit for something
better, and I’m doing my best to
1 prove it.”
It is a sober statement of fact that
I there is not a single member of tne
Petr >lt club who ever k'cognized
Moriarty’a throwing abllit^dk*C| ore
jolned the team. With Y he
was considered a good ts mere
ly that and nothing moF?V ( jNth the
Tigers his method of shoonng the
ball across the diamond *s going to
come mighty near creating a furore.
| For the Statistical Fiend |
» « m ►♦*-* * • (-
0 cri Hl> V V '«• t. % WK.
AH K H O A 1-.
Motnt >re If R 0 - • ® U
i Bush, s* R • *' 1 1
' Crawford, f t R • 2 3 0 0
Cobb, rs 4 - t - 0 1
Roaaman, It R I 2 I'* t '•
Morlarty, 3b & a 3 1 0
Si-1.a.-f. r. 2b 3 '• " 2 * ( <
Staring**, c - 0 •» 2 2 O'
I Si-bmtilt. c 2 a 2 R 0 0
; B. Jones, p 2 •* <• 0 2 '* |
Suggs. P 2 0 0 1 1 0 |
1 Totals to « » 30 IS 2
AH R II «» A K
1 XIII. 4 l t 5 1 0
Hlwhniair, 2l» 4 o o o * 0
Smoot, if 4 o o 2 0 1
Hickman, It 4 0 2 13 0 2
1 tffeyhold. rs 3 0 0 l 0 0
Elwert. 3b 4 1 2 0 3 0
; McCarthy. If 4 0 » 2 o 0
: Clark. • 3 I 1 5 t o
I Pin ken* v. n 2 o 0 ! 2 «
ilolni<|tilrt. p 1 0 0 1 2 0
H-nx. p . 0 0 U 1 0
•Abbott 1 0 1 0 0 0
Totals . 34 3 '3O 14 3
•Batted fur llolmciulst tn the ninth, j
I 23 Isl* I 0 10 R J
DftroM ii ii 0 ft o n <> 0 33 ft
x iit-iln t o o o a i* o n 3 o— 3
Mite c »fr Jones. 3 in 5 Innings; off j
Sngg», t In •'> innings, off l*lnk< n«*y. 1
In »; Innings: >ff Holinqulst. 4 In .1 Inn*
lugs; nif \'- nx. 4ln t Inning. Two-base
hit* *raw ford, ltossinan, fTobb, El-[
».. -t S* imidt. Home run—Klwert I
S.i < flj Hl kni.in. Stolen bases —|
If. knis i J <Mark First nase on ball*;
i tfr h fT F’lnken* y 1. oft Ffnlm- '
J Hit by pitched ball Mx -Fpncs j
: h> - isi • i usff on bases* i».*tr<• 11
T ii'i'n Stru'k out -Itv Jon' * 3.
i>\ Sugg* l. h.v IMnk* ney 3. Double :
piny Hu*! Schaefer am! Rnsanmn j
Wild pltrii Holmcjuist Time 1 sei
finpi ■ I*. >i'd. Toledo Attendance — ;
I (MU).
M >ntv* UK ME.
AM H M «» A K
M'intui.. It 5 «> 1’ » *» <» 1
Hush * 5 « n 3 .< 0
I » ... . ' 1 1 3•• ft I
( •nl.lt if . I 1 I 0 | 1 j
Itooinnn, 11> t l 11" 1 0
Morin ft x 31. 1 2 1 1 I I '
S huef<" 31 4 1 2 1 3 '* I
U* k< ndorf, r . \. . . 3 n " 7 3 1
f.afltte. p . . 2 " 1 •* 2 1 j
Winter, p 1 0 ft o 1 o’
Total* !*; a D3 4 I 4 I
T< H.KIM •
AM It II n A E :
Mil. * 112240!
Film nriiai * 1 t 2 2 ft
Smcii't, if . 4 33 I »• 4 ;
Hickman '). ... 4 33 10 2 0
' v hold, r? 3 tt 0 1 C* l|!
KlW'-ri 3b 2 •• ft " ft ft
•' dim*. 2h I I) ft ft 1 3
McCarthy, If 4 ft ft 3 o ft
Ftsh «r. 3 1 3 *4 •• ft
I. (ttlninr, _ ’ | n | 3 0
Robinson. 1 ft e> 1 o e» j
Total* !* 11 27 13 jj
12»4 3 67«» R
1" troll ..0 ft " » 3 2 " 2 ft— •» I
Toledo 3 ft 3 1 ft l 2 0 • !» :
lilt* i »ff »t in V inning*. off
Winter. *t In :i Pining*, nfr l-nlll more, 7
in inning*, off Robinson. 3 In 3 ir.n
lng* 1 Kn-I)u*< hit* Flossrnnn. McF.arf
• r ll"me runs lllrktnnn 3. S.ierlfl**'
file* Mmlnrtv. Ilec kendorf. Stolen
bases Seine f. r. Fisher Flirt ha*, on
hull*' lit I«etl 11 * * 4.«'fi on base*— pH-
Holt j. Top.do 1. Strut k out—By Ni -
tttte 3. t»y \\ Inter .3, hy Igittimore 3. by |
' Moh|n*on .3 I'oulde jdav* -Morlartv
and K.i**niftn; Met k<-ndorf smt Rosg..
i uian. Passed hall* tteckendorf. Wild !
j pltehes tjflflttc, l*ittlinore Time— I
If# fmplrt'—pecord. Altentlant’e—
The most powerful searchlight In
ithe world is carried by the American I
1 flagship Connecticut. |t Is of 180.000,-1
000 candlenower and can throw a six
foot beam for 10 miles J
. *v'' \
: V ’-v * *. \
J M \
\ \ 1
m L- v f
Two of th* hefty *lungrr» »»lth th* T olerio t<*nm «lili-li riefenlrri th* Tiger*
tutiltf. Hl«-Um:*n In particular «na nt hi* old trick*. ll* a**m« to have
found hla proper *ph*r* In ’l'olerio nt l*n«t. nher* th* abort flrlri pine**
■ mall premium on nctlylty unit th* long fly bull* which fell In flcliler*’
hnml■ lu th* l»lg Icugu*. go bound na oft th* f*nc*a or th* ««ll of lb*
Law Opprrikf* ModircjclliH
The Michigan supreme court says
that a motorcycle comes under the
meaning of "horseless vehicles" anti
| automobile*” and therefore comes
i under the terms <«f the general regia*
j tratlon law governing moto, cars The
| decision of the supreme court will ne
! cesaitate motorcycle owners to carry
I the same lamp equipment as their four
j wheeler brothers. They wttl be tom
pelli -1 to show two lights in front and
I the us'j il red light In the rear. They
j will also have to register and displav
! their license number in front anti rear
The word ‘'Michigan” will also have to
! be attached on the plate, letters to lie
j one Inch In 1 • «*:K■' *
.1 ust how the rwtiis ui these minia
ture bn. nations will 1..d room on ti e
j machine f< r all tin equipment Is tom"-
[thing that lasn’t t* m figured out. To
encli hatull* liar will have to be affixed
■ a light and somewhere at the rear end
a red light of some sort will have to
he attached.
Motorcycle owners are now trying to
find relief, for they have before the
i Michigan legislature, which i- now In
! session, a bill providing for exemption
I from the j ;ovul( r.a ol the automobile
law, but It Is not at all likely that it
will pass for a good many members of
: both houses liav r expressed their opin
ion that no exception should be made
and so long as they are "horseless"
they will have to comply with the law
Ford Tars In t ros«.( imllnnil Hare—
Henry Kurd, president of the Ford
Motor company, has announced his In
tention to enter two model "T 20-
horsepower cars In the ocean to ocean
contest for the Guggenheim trophy.
This announcement is Interesting In
view of tin- recent decision of the
Manufacturers* Contest association not
to sanction the contest. Speaking of
the contest. Mr. Ford said:
'Thlr is th* first real contest ever
promoted It's the biggest thing ever
pulled off In the history <«f th*- Industry
It's the first opportunity given Ameri
cans to appreciate the r*-al possibilities
of the automobile After its con lu
ston, tho manufacturers will know
more about building cars than they
could ienrn In a hundred of tho com
mon garden variety of endurance runs
and the average every day buyer will
le.irn more about cars than In a doxen
years of ordinary events
The rules governing this race are.
the fairest evr devised and the men
responsible sot tl em are to he con
gratulated for tl *dr ability I lie best
.■ar wins and mat's more man run be
slid of Ci. avi-rug- race or contest
•■|'m going Into this to win, of course,
hut there is another reason, too. Tills
race will show up the weak point* of
the car. NVhen weak points nr< penal
ised. the observer mav uegl *ct to report
them- If you * -v* r took in su 'endur
ance contest.’ you know' to what I
refer " -
Matctell fur 4 empletlng Tn«lc—
After having t overed ft..'ft" miles up
to noon vesterdne t'ue end of the gr'iel
llng run of lft.fttjft miles without stop*
p.)’g the engine i* in slg' t for the Max*
well .ar, anil nvP'., the dally average of
4 rift mftintftPf and ..!«■ event should Onlsh
Monday, or 1 ie« *n’ the very latest
Wh*-n this ha* been done toe Maxwell
rompnnv will have accomplished what
It set out to iln on Mare! I*. when the
car was started ti nt is. to run one of
Its engine* In n car on the road for Ift.-
ftftft mile* the long'**! distance and the
greatest number of hours of continuous
running that any passenger vehicle has
ever traveled under Its own ,>ower.
-4 ti/inge In \iiln-Hnclng 4 lasses—
The rule* committee of the Manufac
turers’ Contest association has recom
mended to the contest bo..rd of the
>merl< an Automobile association for
adoption, i I.i**lfirft»inns to govern com
petitions during 1909. the aam»- to go
Into effect as soon as ratified by the
A A A. board Five new rla**'* ac
cording to piston displacement with
minimum weight limits, have been
ndopted after the most thorough study
rs the subject by tlie special rub s com
mittee, Including II rl ruin, of the
t’halmcrs-I>rtrolt Motor far ('o.
The dcnnltion of a "stock" car has
hrc n changed so that 25 chi* of a pat
tern must to made to make It * ich. the
number having previously t»*en 10
V —-s'—•
Ajax Ttrcs Moke 4,rent Record—
That Maxwell < nr willed) Is making a
1 ftftOO-mlle non stop record I* rtlll go
ing and !nr c overcl tn >st *»f the re
rjulred distance This car which I*
being piloted hv six different drivers.
Is u*ln:l Ajax IPc*. nncj is still run
ning on the *amo set that were put An
the rims when *h. car started on Its
long trip through Mass tchuse 1 1*
Mrgal's New Itcdlnhlllt y Him—
The Begat Motor 4’ixr «'o .of Detroit
Is arranging to pull off a reliability
run from Milwaukee. \Vl*, p to Detroit
and return The Kegnl driver. Wn>. K
Smith, will be accompanied by Bbdiaict
I'ovs, of Milwaukee, a staff photograph
er and a newspaper report* r.
This is the third "stunt" of Its kind
made by the Ilegat 30 this s. ason. and
It will he remembered that the il.-gal
people were the first to demonstrate to
1 lie Atnrelcwn public the durability of
the f1.230 car by a remarkable mid
winter run from Detroit to Syracuse,
Overland Hot* Toledo Plant-
On* of th* largest automobile real
estate deals which has taken place In
this country for some time was con
summated this week when papers were
signed by J. N. Willy* president of the
Cleveland Automobile Cos., of Indian
apolis. Iml, and Colonel Albert Pope,
president of the Pope Manufacturing
Cos., of Hartford. Conn., for the pur
chase of the mammoth Pope-Toledo
manufacturing plant at Toledu. Ohio.
The Pope-Toledo fa tory Is conceded
to be one of the largest and best
equipped automobile manufacturing
plants in th.- United States. It com
prises 2 4 building* of modern construc
tion having floor space of tho.ono
square feet and covering 12 acre*. It
is fully equipped with hundreds of
thousands of dollars worth of modern
machinery for uutomobile manufactur
ing purposes
With 1U; present factories at Indlan
apoll*. and the new Pope-Toledo plant,
the Overland Automobile Cos. til ls fair
to be one of the lnrg**t manufactur
ers of motor cars in the United Stales.
The output of the Overland concern
will be practically unlimited and the
1f» 10 product will be broadened with a
large large of models and prices.
fob* Mae* >it v» fr** Ouiigernua—
Determined to make the western
stock chassis race for the Cob* trophy
next June the fastest road race ever
held In this country, the contest com
mittee of the Chicago Automobile club
ha* resolved to alter the position of
the course sufficiently to eliminate sev
eral sharp turns which would have
served effectually to dimlnsh the uver-
Uge pace
f By building an entirely new road,
one mile In length, connecting the east
and west legs of the course, the rac
ing cats will not pass through frown
Point, as hail originally been planned.
Crown Point residents made no objec
tion to this use of their streets. They
wern entirely willing to have their
thoroughfares boarded up, and to give
the racing cars right of way. Hut
there were two right angle turns
which could not b»* avoided if the cars
went through the city. Therefore the
committee decided to utilize part of Its
$35,000 road Improvement fund In
building anew highway.
Other minor changes In the course
1 reduce the total number of turns from
11. as originally mapped, to 12, De
tailed surveys of the ground prove that
It will l.e an easy matter to place the
coui so In better condition than the
Vanderbilt circuit In Ix>ng Island.
The Denser In Mexlrn Tour—
Those who drive automobiles ha\e
, rather "tired of studied routes and are
i looking for new worlds to conquer
Geo. A \\ ah I green, of Denver, decided
: some time ago to give the seekers for
Helds that arc new. something to test
, their driving abilities and offer- d for
I competition starting Sept 1. a hand
some trophy for a tour from Denver
to the t’lly of Mexico. Ttfe contest
Will lo known as the King to King
troph> contest, and the trophy will be
a handsome affair mounted upon onyx.
The pnthflndlng trip starts from Den
ver on May I with W. H Knlpper driv
ing the ('hnluiera-Detroit car, and K.
Ed. Sp.e.n. r. Mr. Ford of the Chalmera-
I Detroit «'o , and others as passengers
Owing to the fact that all of the route
south of I*l Pasco Is new. and has
! never been traveled, the tourists will
| make the journey provided for rough
, work with firearms in plenty, an 1 n
< urnping outfit.
Throws Detroit Crack Two Out of
Three Falls In Local "Gym."
Floyd Cutrher experienced no diffi
culty In disposing of "Prof. Bowman
at Tom Bradshaw s gymnasium Friday
night, winning the first and third fa 11 A.
the Detroit wrestler taking the second.
April 16 Ciitrhr • will w restle Hero
mlnger at Port Huron for SIU) a side.
SSO of which has already been posted.
In the meantime the Armada mad
is planning n busy spring with tho
sugar beets. The seed fund, acquired
through a winter of wrestling, has
swollen to very considerable propor
George II Corsah who last winter
conducted a twlntmlnr. cla s at he Y
M C. A., has returned to Detroit and
will bo st the "Y” during Apul an 1
May. The pool at the new associa
tion building Is the largest Y. C.
A. pool In the world snd the facilities
are of the hest.
.fob Triallnic .Inn* right. Time* Print- I
ling Cos.. 1$ John R.-it. Phono lift. |
One of Justice Teagan's Followers Had
Unexpected Bath in Maumee River.
What cm me neur being a trngeuy at
tended the lake excursion of ITger
ri*oters to Toledo Sunday. One of the
rooters bclotigiug to the party led
by Justice Teagan and "Paddy" Me*
draw fell lino the Maumee river aa
the Frank K. Kirby reaching her
dock and na« rescued only utter the
most desperate efforts and then badly
soaked and chilled and with a cut In
the side of hla head.
Owing to the hilarious spirits of the
crowd the incident did not attract the
attention It otherwise would have and
the bedraggled chap was hustled to a
carriage and taken to a hotel without
anv one trying to get hlB name.
Justice Teugan was the reigning
monarch of the excursion, and Me-
Graw was his prime minister. They
had a band of musicians w-ho had
Home difficulty In seeing their music,
but did not spare noise for that rea
son. Owing to the fact that the bar
of the boat was open continuously,
the band did not have any monopoly
of noise making, the fans making theli
own pandemonium In all parts of the
By the time that Toledo was reach
ed some of the merry-makers had al
most forgotten that they were going
to a ball game.
After the game had been played and
lost by the Tigers, the rooters reas
sembled and. with Justice Teagan and
McGraw marching ahead with bared
heads, the band played as close to a
dead march as it could.
Manager of Victorious Marathon Run
nr Answers Briton's Defianc#
PROVIDENCE, R. I . April 10.—
Henri St Yves, winner of the Now
York SIO,OOO Marathon. who runs Matt
Maloney here today, is ready and will
ing to accept Shrubb's challenge "Al"
Copeland. St. Yves’ manager, says:
“Having seen so much In type about
\lfred Shrubb's willingness to run
Henri St Yves 15 miles, although no
forfeit has been put up by him. I take
this opportunity of accepting his chal*
; lenge. St. Yves will run Shrubb any
distance from 15 miles to 50."
DeVandrey and Nauman to Race Five
Miles at the Wayne Rink.
Manager Shea, of the Wayne casino
rink, has rematched Camille D*Van
drey, the French champion, an 1 Oscar
Nauman. the champion of Michigan,,
the race to take place at the Waym
rink next Thursday evening. The
race will be five miles for a purse
of SIOO and the miitdlewest champion
ship. DeVandrey and Nauman met
In a two-mile race at the rink last
Wednesday evening and Nauman won
; by 20 feet.
DeVandrey claims he Is not at his
best in a two-mile race.
Easter Monday there will be skat
ing at the rink until 10 o’clock, after
which dancing will follow upstairs in
the casino until midnight.
The rink will close for the *>ea?on
on Saturday evening. April 17.
All the Prominent Experts to Unite In
Matches on Evening of
April 26.
April 26 will be known as ' Schaefer
Night" all over the world of billiards.
On that evening a series of matches
will be played, the scenes of which
will be the large rooms of the various
cities of the United States and Eur
ope. The proceeds will *0 to the fund
which is being raised for the benefl
of the old muster of the game who
la still In very sad shape at Denver.
Sporting, Notes
Kliie weather tor today'* Hnr»» parade.
pmn bent * nle to the big boat me* o»
tin- Schuylkill.
Fenby »t»llod to throw < nleher «t*tor
day night at tin- Avvnm
johmn Simp "OH and Hurry t ohh form
the caul for Windsor Wednesday
Rnhrrt C.. thr fast at. t lair eolt, will
be knuwn «a The Wolverine from
now on.
All the managers In the KaMern league
this year are ball players who are
still m harness.
Michigan. in: Kentucky. •. Barr aad
{(landing pitched. Tennessee Is next
on the schedule.
Tin k Johnson Is due In meet the asso
ciated challengers for his title In
New York today.
i I rnnk Smith will he the pitcher to fare
the Tigers when the Sox drop In
Wednesday for opener.
Fred lake is haring trouble \«lth his
Red Sox Internal rows already
hamper the efforts of a team which
| looks non° too formidable at Its hest
Mrs. » I*rke. wife of the C leveland
catcher, has put the klhosh on his
sobriquet of Nig" and his friends
now refer to him as •'Justin" or
The Philadelphia Nationals lost hut one
gam*- out of **\ to the Athletics In
the series finished Saturday This
doesn't -rake the Mat kites look any
too good.
I Osteen nml l.usli of the St. I/Ouls Na
tionals had a fist fight Saturday. Os
teen » o the aggressor but the men
were parted before a decision could
( be rendered.
The innls In wh'eh Uniter Johnson
1 showed in Texas Ik going to keep
him out of t e game for a while, at
hast He is suffering front n high
fever at present.
The Army nml Navy aehnols have sent
out such good fencers of Iste that
the lniT« nTleglate association Is talk
log of either dropping the govern
ment schools or abolishing the spott.
The t hnlmers-lletroll Motor to. an
nmini'i !*■ 'ntenl'on of enlarging
Its factory out Jefferson-ave The
enlargement will be n practical dup
le atton of the present plant, as to
I alxe. ■*
Fulfilment of a Prophecy.
Hannibal, the Illustrious general.
; driven to despair bv his enemies, had
taken poison and had laid himself
■ down to die.
"Anyhow." he said, "my name will
live In hlsiory "
His foresight r.as unerring
Two thousand years Ister a town In
Missouri w’as named In his honor.—
Chicago Tribune
Job Printing done right. Time* Print
l fng Cos.. IS John tl -at. Phons l«vt.
Dti H. Lewis, Pathfinder, Makes
Announcement* As He
Leaves On His Annual
E-M-F. Car With Mr. Lewis Aboard
Pulled Out of Detroit For Long
Trip This Morning.
Monday, July 12. hot the same day
of the week preceding, will he the date
of the start of the (.Hidden tour, the
world’s biggest autoinoblllng event, u. -
cording to the announcement of Dal H
newts, of Buffalo, th*» American Auto
mobile asaoclatlon’s official pathfinder
who left Detroit this morning on his
annual trip of blazing the way for the
tourist* who will gather at Detroit or.
the date set for the opening of tre run
Mr. Lewis w*as he guest of hynor
Sunday evening at u banquet tendered,
hy the Everett-Metzy*?r-Flander6 Cos. >f
Detroit at the Ponti and the
announcement quoted abovr was the
most important part of his address to
the assembled mot« csts and experts.
The cause for the mange Is ihe fact
that Independence day will be oele
hrated this year on July 6—the origi-
nal date set for the start of the tour
It did not seem wise to lumu two such
important affairs mid the postpone
ment was the result of a conference
letween Chairman Mower, of the tour
ing hoard, and Reveral of th * most im
portant members of the organization
The effect will be to give Detroit one
week more for preparation for the
event. It will also enable a greater
centralization of Interest locally and
allow the manufacturers who stand
behind the run to secure locally the
largest possible benefit from the pub
liclty which the gathering of so largo
a number of expert drivers and up-to
date cars will give.
Mr. Lewis predicted that the tour
of 1909 would bo by all odds the
largest and most Important In the ht:i
lory of the event which has played a
leading partln motoring for the past
six years. A careful review of the
situation enables him to estimate that
at least 100 cars and, In all proba
bility. considerable more than this
number, will take on *♦ In the event.
On Tuesday nigh: the Detroit com
mon council will oe asked by Mayor
Breltmeyer to pprop.iate lu the neigh
borhood of |3OO for the purpose of
providing a Detroit trophy to reward
the winner in the haby tonneau class
We Are Eager to Begin Making
Men’s Spring Suits to Order
It makes it easier for us, than to have all the men come
at once, when the weather gets warmer.
It is better for the man who plans ahead, for he not only
has the first choice of an unusually varied stock of brand
new materials but he has the comfort of knowing that his
suit is waiting for him to put on whenever he chooses to order
it sent home.
Men who like fine cloths will be interested in the collec
tion from America and Europe. Worsteds are in the lead—
hard finished, soft finished, medium finished. Grays are most
popular, most of them with a tinge of blue, the color next
in favor.
We are confident of the satisfaction our custom tailoring
will give. Men have our guarantee of correct style and ex
cellent fit—and the workmanship, trimmings, finish, are above
Sack Suits—Special at S2B, S3O, $32, $35 and S3B. Meas
ures taken now, ami the suits held for delivery when desired.
Custom Tailoring (Fifth Floor.)
Summer Time
A steam plant -'armor he operated econ
omically during; th-; summer season when
heat is not required, nor can it be operated
with comfort to the workers in the factory,
and the troubles and annoyances incident
to its operation are as numerous as at other
Why not shut down your plant during the
warm months, operate with our service and
Irarn what ideal operation of a power
plant is.
If your plant needs repairing, do not close
your shop or pay double price for Sunday
and overtime work. Use our service while
alterations are in progress.
We will make you a proposition upon
request. , 0
The Edison ™
• * # 3
Illuminating Cos.
MMN 5222.
- Mi——
' "l

M B jV
mm I m
n fai
Vi L fc M
Mho fnuaM a (■•! draw with Park)
McFarland aad hna shipped othai
guild one*.
!of the tour. At present this class is
uot recognised officially, the Gliddeu
trophy being for touring cars and the
Hower for roadsters. The trophy was
offered some time ng-. by the Detroit
Automobile Dealers' association but
Chairman Hower was loath to accep.
it from a trade source If any opposi
tion develops in the council the trophy
will be presented ftom another source
but It is agreed that the most graceful
donor would be the municipality.
The Detroit trophy Is. however, an
assured fact already.
With Mr. Lewla in the E-M-F car
which left Detroit today, bound for
Chicago, were E. Leroy Pelletier, o'
the E M-F advertising staff; W. A.
Krohn. representing N. Lazernlck. the
official photographer, and George Mela
inger, the driver who will take toe car
on the run as pilot.
Mr. Lewis will, ns usual, compile
road knowledge enough to furnish the
[subject matter for the book, of which
I 20.000 or more copies will be printed
I for the benefit of the members of the
A. A A., particularly those who will
accompany the run.
The banquet at which the party
was officially farewe’led was an dab
orate affair, at which I resident George
H. of the I). A. D. A. presided
Addresses were made by William E.
Metzger, of the E M F; E. la*rov Pel
letier. Mr. Lewis. Hurry Ntmmo. Wil
liam Orr, "Bob” Da\lG, Paul H. Ilrusku
and others.

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