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Attorney Summons Mrs. Barrows
and Her Testimony Pioves Blow
To Burkhart's Case.
Michael Burkhart was held tor
trial m lht recorder's court on tha—
charge of murdenny Robert Bur
rows, by Justice Stein, Friday af
Mia. Harrow*, whoso hus
band, Hubert Barrows, ut>.i shot and
killed by Michael Burkhart when Bar
rows Interrupted a meeting between
bin wife ami Burkhart it No. 143 La
layeite boulevard, was unnved to tuke
the stand as a witness fur tier alleged
lover, when Attorney Percy Grose, for
Burkhart, made a spectacular play iu
Justice tein s court, Friday uoou.
The proseeutiou had re-*t*»d its case
vithuut calling the widow to the stuud,
after proving the death cl Burrows,
through the testimony of County Phy
slclau Grimes, and Implicating Burk
hart through the testimony of Ur.
John iiarvey, who attended Barrows
a few minutes after the snooting, and
lc whom Barrows had said that Burk
hurl had done the shooling
•But as Justice Stein wat preparing
to i ule on the rase. prouaDty to hold
Burkhart to the recorder's court for
trial. Attorney Grose suddenly bustled
over to the chair in which Mrs. Bur
rows sat, all unconscious o* the ap
proaching sensation, lie drew from
Ids pocket a subpeiia, bearing Justice
Stein's sac-simile signature, made witli
u rubber stamp, ami thrust it dramat
ically Into the hands of Mrs. Barrow's.
"If the prosecution will rot cull Mrs.
Barrows on the stand. I will call her
us a witness for the defense, and I
herewith subpenu her." ne announced,
dramatically. The sudden «oinmotioii
In the court room seemed to complete
ly satisfy Attorney Grose, in a mom
ent. Assistant Prosecutor Jasnuwskl,
and Detectives Downes mu! Fox were
bending over Mrs. Barrows, examin
ing the aiihpena. and holding a hasty
"I wish tliaf the court would have It 1
r.pptur on the record that Prosecutor;
Jusnowskl, am* Detectives Downey
aim Fox. arg talking wltn my witnes- !
nfter I have sunpen *d her, and before
she takes ti* stand." said Grose, in
grandstand style.
"And 1 wish." said Prosecutor Jas- ]
nowskl, very quietly. a>- h* turned]
away from the Mule session wdh i
flushed face, "that the court would (
have If »< |»n« a r on 1 lm_rm (hat We
were not talking to the witness about
the case and that the action of Mr.
Groat,' is not only hasty, but entirely
unnece sary Further, that Mrs. Bar
rows is a witness for the prosecution,
and that we do not have to place her
on the stand If wo do not want to."
"I insist." said Attorney Grose, “that
this witness take the stand. They
were not going to put her on. I will
1 have u perfect right to call anyone
1 choose to Sues here. The fact
that the prosecution has sulipenaed
her doesn't make her their own wii
ness " And Justice Stein allowed her
to take the stand.
Many points In her testimony were
particularly damaging to Burkhart,
the most signlthant point being her
practical refutation of her story that '
the two men were fighting when Burk- \
hart fired. She admitted, Friday, that
she did not see the shot fired, and
that the last she saw was when her
husband, with hands outstretched an<|
empty of any weapon, reached the.
top of the steps exclaiming to Burk
hart: "What are you doing with my
wife?" Tiie shot was the only an
swer that she heard, she testified.
Attorney Grose's defense was out
lined when he asked her: "Was there
any way in which Burkhart could got
off of the porch without going down
those steps which Mr. Barrows was
stanulng on?" The witness answered
that the porch was walled in on three
sides, that a door leading to the house
was locked, and that the steps were
the only means of exit.
Dr. John Harvey had previously tes
tified that he found Harrows, terribly
wounded, sitting in a chair in the
kitchen, and that Barrows told him
that he was on the steps when Bulk-
Lart shot him.
"Barrows was the coolest person of
all those present," said Dr. Harvey.
"His mind was perfectly clear. 1
saw him hand Mrs Harrows some
money that he had in his pocket."
Attorney Grose got Mrs. Barrows to
admit that she had had much trouble
iu her home, and that she confided
them to Burkhart's sister, Mrs. Rob- i
ert Kubiak, with whom Burkhart
lived. She set the date of the com
mencement of her trouble with her
husband, however, as subsequent to
her meetihg with Burkhart, about five
months ago. Sim said that Mrs.
Kubiak was her contidente, the only
one she had. To her, Mrs. Barrows
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admitted, she had told that Barrows
once threatened her life with a razor;
that ugain he blackened her eye, and
pul tier out of the house; that oil an
other Sunday-—all of the troubles
were on Sunday-- he had hit her in
the jaw. A week before tile shooting,
she aald, Marrows showed her a re
volver, when she met him. after hav
ing left her home Slit- said thai Bar
tows remarked: "The first time limi I
se«> tliut fellow with you, I’m going
to kill him" She promptly report id
lo Mrs., Kubiak, and also told Burk
bart, that same night. But site took
do- revolver uway from her liiishnnd
and kept it until the Sunday before
lilt- shooting. w hen slit' again saw liar
rowe. ttnd gave i» btt** 1 *
AGomoy Grose* efforts 4o wettvtr
an excuse for Burkhart’s meeting with
Mrs. Burrows -was snuffed out by the
"Hadn’t you talked with Mrs. Ku
hiak about starting proceedings for
separate maintenance, and didn't Mr.
Burkhart call to see you about that at
your request?" he asked.
"He telephoned me and asked if he
loulq come, but not about separate
maintenance," said Mrs. Barrows
She was not cross-examined by the
Attorney Grose made an attempt to
lay the ease of the prosecution wide
op< i», by calling unother of their wit
nesses, "Dick" Keyes, who accom
panied Barrows on th.e uigfit of the
As he was about to take the stand,
Justice Stein, after hearing furious
protests from Assistant Prosecutor
Jasuowksl, adjourned the case until
2 o'clock.
Detroit & Suburban Cos.. Fearing Com
petition From City Company, De
cides to Cut Prices.
Cheaper gas for residents of the
western portion of the city is. promis
ed in a communication from the De
troit & Suburban Gas Go. to the com
mon council. This concern now
a plant in the Eighteenth ward, under
old franchises of the villages of Wood
mere. Delray and the township of
Sprlngwells. These gave It the right
to charge prices higher than those of
the Detroit City Gas Cos.
Since the annexation of the Eigh
teenth ward to the city, the aldernieu
of that district have worked hard to
get competition between the two com
punit sand the city concern has run
| some lines out into the western terrl
tory. Greater extensions were prob
able and the smaller company has evi
dently <b*clded to retain its field by
giving lower rates.
The communication states that the
j Detroit \ Suburban Gas Cos. now has
possession of a portion of Harrlngtou
av< south <>f tii.- Wabash railroad
right of way. this portion or the thor
oughfare nt-ver having been used as a
stivet. It desires a formal vacation
or tiie streel however, and promises
to er«-et a larger plant and Improve its
facilities In consideration of the vaca
I. C. Elston, Jr., vice president and
manager of the company, states that
his concern is willing to pay accrued
taxes and interest on the portion of
the street desired to legalize its pos
Mrs. Neibert, Mother of Grown Child
ren, Seeks Divorce.
After enduring the alleged cruelty of
her husband since lsso, ar.ci raising ,i
1 family of seven children, tiie eldest of
1 whom Is 28, Mrs. Caroline Neibert I
tiled a bill for divorce, Friday, against I
Fr* and Neibert. She charges Giat lie has j
beaten her ever since they were mar-;
1 rled. The last time was on May 5. i
when he beat her so severely that she
it still ill. she says. For this she says
her husband Is serving do days in the .
House of Correction. At another tlm->
she alleges he choked her into uncon
sciousness by forcing clothing into her
mold h, making it necessary to call a
Bertha E. McNutt In a bill for and!
voice filed Friday charges that her hus- !
band. John F.. deserted her in iyus.
They were married in 18*2. .
Man Who "Joked" Wife With Fake
Burglary Is Forgiven.
Alrald to face his wife after con
fessing to Capt. McDonnell that tho
sensational robbery reported as hav
ing taken place in his home, No. 22
Sibley st., was all a fake. Gideon,Limes
sent a note to his "better half." Thurs
day night, and asked her to meet him
in Grand Circus park. Mrs. Limes
was on hand at the appointed hour
and could scarcely conceal a smile as
her devoted Gideon tearfully con
fused his duplicity and promised on
. Ills honor as a husband never to do
I such a thing again. Mrs. Limes for
! gave him and they returned to their
home wholly reconciled. But It isn't
quite clear yet what Liniep* real ob
ject was in trying to make his wife be
lieve he had been robbed of $75.
"Yes, I’ve forgiven him," said Mrs
Limes, Friday. "But I told him I'd
leave him if he ever did It again."
Not Expedient, Say Iron, Steel and
Tin Workers—Drawback in Tin
Tariff Condemned.
By almost a two to one vote, the
Amulg.tUi.iUul A*i.ui mum!——lunv
Steel ami Till workers, lu convent ton
here, decided not to adopt the refer
endum as a part of its const tint lou
iu Friday morning's session, iu the G.
A. R. memorial hall It was the sense
of the majority that tiie udoptlou of
the jH-ferendum would not be expedi
ent at this tune, although the organi
zation alreudy lias tho initiative. Those
who are In favor of It will probably
renew the fight next year, with better
prospects of success.
A stirring address by J. H. Morgan,
chief ul factory and workshop Inspec
tion in Ohio, featured the morning
session. Mr. Morgan Is an honorary
member of the organization, aud pre
vious lo his uppolntuieut to his pres
ent posltiou, largely through, the influ
ence of the association, he was one of
its national trustees. His address
made u big hit with the delegates.
St long lesolutiuns urging the elim
ination of the "druwbuck" feature ot
the tariff on Uu plate were adopted
bv the convention, Thursday after
noon. copies of which will be sent to
I congress through the finance commit
tee of ifie senate, to Senator Aldricfi
and to Congressman Payne. This fea
ture of tariff is declared to he u grave
injustice to the ■tin workers in the
mills of the United States.
The duty on tin plate imported into
this country is $ 1.50 per Joy pounds,
which is reduced to $1.20 by the Payne
bill. When this same tin is made into
cans in this country, filled with Amer
ican made goods and exported, Bs per
cent of the Import duty Is remitted,
which means that tin Is practically
admitted free. It is this practice that
is known as the "drawback" and the
tin workers of this country object to
it on the ground that it keeps about
one-third of their number idle for long
periods every year.
The association contends that there
are ample facilities in this country for
turning out all the tin needed, but,
on account of the drawback feature,
It is argued many of the mills are
obliged to close down for varying
I periods because of the competition
of other couutrles, notably Wales. It
is claimed that the United States has
| lost $ 15,U00.0uu through this feature of
t|W tariff law.
There is a bare possibility that the
i convention may complete its work Sat
] urday, but it is more likely to drag
into next week.
Bottle Dealers 3ay They Were Stung
By Philadelphia Man.
Charles Fellnmn, who says he Is a
second-hand dealer from Philadelphia,
wan arrested, Friday morning, by
Truant officer, Max Grossman charged
with swindling two Detroit bottle deal
ers, by a little frenzied finance, backed
by bad chocks.
J. M. Morris, of No. 19i4 Nupoleon-at.,
and Jacob Moskowitz, No. 26u Adel
oide-st., allege that the genial Mr.
Fellmau posed as a large dealer i-i
bottles, representing the idttllng de
partments of two large breweries. Ho
is alleged to h e purchased several
hundred dollars worth of bottles. f«»r
future delivery, and to have tendered
checks, cm which he received cash
balances of sls from Morris, and $4 )
from Moskowltz. The hecks, drawn
on the First National bank of Cam
den. N. J., have been returned as
Officer Grossman declares that Fell
man ius passed other had checks
among the bottle merchants, and that
tiie total amount lost by the local col
ony will reach about SS(K).
Woman’s Desire to Jail Hubby is Frus
trated By Court.
Mrs. Alexander Griffin, of No. 104
Tweltlh-st., was determined to have
her husband sent to the workhouse.
Friday. Griffin, a nmn of about 51*!
years, fairly shouted his vows to be-]
have better. He made promises with
the freedom of a happy bridegroom,
but each time, Mrs. Griffin metaphori
cally drew her little hamruoi, and told
things about him. She arid he wai
druivk most of thfc-'tinie, and abused
and Insulted herself and her daugh
ters; that she had stood it Tor 33 years,
and that she wasn't going to stand It
any longer.
“Maggie! Maggie! I'll never bother
you Again.” shouted the badly fright
ened Alexander. "I’ll not go near you
If you say ho. I’ll never totch unother
drop. I'll be a good man.”
Justice Jeffries suggested that Alex
under sign the pledge.
“He did that a year ago, and he
broke It on the way home from the
court, and he’s been breaking It ever
since,” said his thoroughly arouseJ
spouse. ,
Justice Jeffries Ignored her demands
thut Alexander be put -iv ay. and ru
lf-ueed him on parole for one week,,
during which time be must keep awev
from liquor. He also signed the pledge
for a month,
Konkel Objects to Sale of Dust-Laden
Stuff on Cadillac-Sq.
Agitation over the proposal to order
a stairway taken down on the Cadi!*
lac-sq. side of the Family theater has
caused Aid. Konkel to investigate the
conditions on that square, and he Is
getting ready to introduce an ordln
ance which will affect the candy and
fruit stands which form so conspicu
ous a portion of the business along the
north side of the square.
"It Is entirely wrong thut the cltr
allow foods to which dust will cling
to be **xj)osed for sale In sui h a place,'
savs Konkel. “There are candy stands
and places where dates nrtd such soft* 1
fruits are for sale along the square
Every wind throws dust upon them
and the idea of such things being
eaten by the people Is repellent.
“Everyone knows that dust Is the
greatest carrier of germs and this
condition cannot hut be dangerous. I
am surprised that the health officer
has not put a stop to It.
Konkel is also considering a regula
tion of similar character providing
that meats transported about the city
must be kept covered.
A club directory Is published in
New York with the names and ad
dresses of 50.UU0 women belonging to
2Ob clubs.
Young Delinquent, With Record ae
Thief, Sent to Industrial School
With Companion In Crime.
"Well, what do you Ho, ‘Jimmy ?"
ask« and Judge Rohnert, of Jaruea Voakes [
in Juvenile court, Friday morning.
I sell* papers and steals," he re
"Jimmy ' was In court iu company
with Arthur Russell, a iud of his own
age, Tho two were charged with en
tering stores, and in Him coprt room
was pait of the loot they had taken.
1 it IneirdPit rhrwrrffrigTrnr tor<«lirt-i.;~rT-"
fgafeutes. afrtfttjm. nttd shoe bla'rktng.
[ "Jimmy" also admitted having stolen
a box of oranges from a freight cur
And selling them to an ltaliun. \ oakes
| who hus already served a term iu the
! Industrial school, will be returned to
the institution, and Russell will accom-j
puny him. Russell s mother, a widow,,
said she could do nothing with him. ,
When the case of Edward Resuer j
was called Truant Officer Piets report- !
ed that the lad was not in court. He
informed the judge that the boy's
mother. Julia Resner, had beeu In. and
after throwing the boy's subpeua on
the Hour, left the building. The officer
said tiie woman was drunk.
Homer Downs, a lad of Id, with un
usual ability as an electrician, was be
fore the court, charged with being a
j bad boy generally. He has run away
from home several times, and was re
' cently caught In Buffalo. He also
stole a wheel and a spark plug, aud
for several weeks lately has beeu car
rying a revolver.
"What did you carry the gun for?"
asked tiie Judge.
"Just to make myself feel big like
other fool hoys," lie answered.
Being over 111, a! which age boys are
not accepted In tiie industrial school,
; Homer was sent to jail lot a week to
ponder on Ids conduct.
Earketp Who Bombarded Waiter with
Eggs Pays $25.
Moses Jacobs, "Billy" Considine's
bartender, who bombarded a waiter In
the Pittsburg Dairy lunch with hard
boiled eggs and strawberry shortcake,
after flourishing a revolver a', him, was
flntd $25. with tiie option of 60 days In
the workhouse, by Justice Stein, Fri
day morning. Jacobs, immaculately
dressed, objected strenuously to being
consigned to the prisoner’s dock, to am
beside some soiled persons who hau
been stealing from railroad cars, but
Ccurt Olficer Klebba was obdurate,
and Jacobs was held until his fine was
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No Intimation by Justict Stein Yet
as to Whether Indictments Will
Be Returned.
With the exception of the testimony
of F. H. Macphersuii. the expert ac j
conn'nut, which Justice Stein expects j
to take Saturday morning, the Jus
tice's grand Jury Investigation of Cant-j
eron Currie a- Co.'s failure has been
completed. Justice Stein would give i
no Intimation, Krlduy. as to whether,
any warrants will la* issued.
"Will you lie guided by the prose- ;
cutor'a recommendation.” he was
asked 1 1
"I cannot say." he replied "That Is
the irdinary course, however.”
Cameron Currie was the principal
witness examined. Friday afternoon,
lie weut Into the % Judge’s sanctum
smiling and was still smiling when
he. emerged an hour later.
Other witnesses examined during
the afternoonejwere Frank E Willlums,,
Ernest Klmmereck and M. J. Bourke.
Council Committee will Recommend
Naming of Experts To Assist
With Work.
While nothing has beeu done by
the common council with regard to
the purchase of voting machines since
the board of estimates authorized the
issue of $120,000 of bonds. If advisable,
to pay for such machines, a start will
be made next Tuesday evening. Aid.
Otto Reinhardt, chairman of the ape
dal committee on voting machines. Is
ready to report on the work of his
"Our report will suggest the ap
pointment of two experts on machin
ery from tne Board of Commerce, and
one from the Federation of Labor to
assist the committee in its work.,"
says Reinhardt.
It is likely that an effort will be
made to discharge the special com
mittee and to turn the matter over to
the committee oil publlca utilities.
Suicide's Body Claimed.
The body of Guy Seaman, who was
picked up on tin- street, suffering
from carbolic acid poisoning, and who
died a short time later in St. Mary’s
hospital, has been finally claimed by
a sister In Guthrie, Okla., and was
shipped there Friday afternoon.
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Council Committee Will Hold Fiold
Day Next Friday.
A grand clean-up in tax mutter* will j
the program of the count'll tax
committee for next week. Theie la a
i large number of complaint* pending
| from property owners who think they
i have heen unjustly asaeased. Aid.
Shapland hits decided to hold a field
i day next Friday, the committee marl
ing its work at 9:30 in uie morning
and working through until evening. It
necessary, to diapose of all the peti
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Page Three
r — MOTE L m
s6th St. and 7tti An.
X«i» % urh Cl*r. V
A Select Family and Transient HoWtfW
Situ.il*--! 1(1 tha Hr.tiat residential p*lf9|
of th« city, two blocks from Central ■■
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Rooms with balk. IS per day as4 sfv
•*.*o A DAT AND UP. J
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