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i • r
Kspeaktr and Hooper, Noisy Pair.
I Are Challenging lor Georgian s
1 OutAelding Sov
J ereignty.
I Boston Series Gets Additional Fea
i i ture of Interest Through Duel
1 Which Is Accordingly On.
Is lyrus Cobb going to nil supinely
>' while some newcomer from th*»
ush leagues w altzes a wav with his
tie as champion outfielder of the
[ universe, along with those additional
fuallfkations and titles which he has
accumulated during hW meteopic
Aaseball career?
% Will he be content to follow in the
’ footsteps of the — technically-speak
ing— late Mr. Lajoie and s-e the title
apt ‘ex" prefixed to his name?
m. Is he going to hand over to Mr.
[ Bpeaker*. Mr. Hooper or some of the
! Whe self-appointed successors that
crown which he has won on so many
haiti-fought fields, and at so great an
expense of exertion and cuticle?
Pardon us If, after a considerable
acquaintance with the athlete la ques
tion, we express the opinion that Mr.
Cobb will uot.
If anybody swipes that crown it will 1
be over Mr. Cobb's dead l osy.
The Georgian has been challenged (
for the title and the series with Bos
ton which will open today, will be the !
•esne of a neat three-cornered duel
that is likely to prove everv bit as in
terMting as the main one between the
‘Detroit and Boston teams, holders re-.
•pectlvely of first and secoud positions
j tr the American league race and that
la going some, too.
Open Season for Second Cobbs.
Os course, this is the ti ne of year
When Second Cobbs rise, flourish ami*
decay. From out of the miners cornea*
F;ja annual grist of outfielders who bat j
left-handed and can sprint. These two 1
particulars are essential lor Second-
Cobbing. if the reader w*U pardon
auch excruciating assassination of our
medium of speech. Quite often they
get away with a couple of fool hardy
stunts. They are accordingly ballet
a r. having arrived. Fourlcolumn cuts
appear in the home papers. The reg
ular outfielders of the teams on w hich
they play, are benched and start bid
H log their time, muttering, the mean
while, shocking words between their
aet teeth.
l Then usually develops an astonish
- .log slump with the slap-stick. The
pitchers’ union ascertains a certain
i weakness and passes the word along.
The Becond Cobbs begin to waver, thn
populace calls for the veterans who
have been biting their fingernails in
unwelcome Idleness, the manager final
ly throws a spasm and waivers are
asked and received.
Back to the minors along in June
*o‘ four or five Second Cobbs and the
game proceeds with the only original
ttaderaarked article, of which all
- -others are base imitations, still In hi a
position at the firont of thep rocession.
Boston Partial To ’Em.
Boaton has of late been the most
, prominent chaperone of the Second |
* Cobbs. Last season It wis Thonev.
“Bullet Jack” was the name by which
he Is known In order to deferential
him from the Second Cobbs of New
York. Philadelphia, Cleveland and j
other clubs. But Bullet Jack began tc :
miss fire after a while. Ha Is still on
the Boston payroll— or was, at last j
Minister of Gospel Boxes
Six Rounds With McFarland
Tke gospel has many expounders,
Out of the ordinary, but surely the
ifndat tuilque Is Rev. "Kid ’ Wedge, of
■Mnuton. Neb., who, before he turn-
I# to theosophy was western welter
weight champion.
W Rev. "Kid'’ Wedge dropped into Chi
ftago a few days ago. .Preaching had |
Straw n him a trifle flne. He needed
m change to prevent him going stale
xnentally. so he sought that doughty
young athlete. Mr. Packey McFarland,
>jpabitat the stock yards, who has de- (
Situs upon the crown of Mr. Battling
Nelson, fighter and author.
£ "Ccme on. Packey. put on the
.gloves, and I'll demonstrate that mus
cular Christianity Is a sweet consol
er," suggested the parson-pugilist ;
I’ackev was willing. Being willing Is
tills long suit and he saw where he
jpras to have some fun.
f Packey had fun all right, out no
Jpnors than Rev. * Kid” Wedge Witn
out preliminaries the two mixed It. I
* Hammer and tongs, lead and counter
hook and Jab, swing and uppercut,
they (ought Ihiuugh six furlouj
rounds. . McFarland started w ith some
fancy work, but was forced to cut it
out and settle down to business to
hold his own with the fighting parson
ff ha hadn't been mighty careful, the
pride of the south side would have
taken the count. Those fortunate
enough to witness those six rounds
are congratulating themselves upon
having seen tome of the classiest
•ghthroiogy on record.
When the alx rounds were conclud-1
•4 Rev. "Kid” Wedge Indulged In a
breather and then took on Harry
Forbes, bantam champion, for another J
half doten periods. The account of
the go was not kept by rounds, but
all preeent agreed it was lightning
faet Forbes la one of the cleverest
little fellows In the business, but the
grower of triows rained on him by his
opponent forced him on the defensive
from Mart to finish.
—-Wwi It was all over McFarland and i
Forbes were convinced that the par-;
ton was some scrapper "If you hand
tit gospel to them like you handed
me your Beta, I guess they'll believe
yon ell right." said Packey. And
Forbes assented
-*l always advise people who criticise
Pavers to set out and get acquainted
..... ....
S|M-nlirr and Hooper of Ike lloatou club
that open* liere today, are after liia
1 rruu uaa oullleldlng king.
accounts —but he is not p:*-sent now
iin Detroit.
! Succeeding to the position left v»- 1
cant by Bullet Jack came Mr Speaker
who hit something like .'>s<» in the
Southern league and came round tic*
circuit last fall Many enthusiast!.'
advance eulogies were' spoken of Mr
I Speaker. The American league bat
'ting lecords heartlessly chronicled 1
1 him at ."20. however.
Speeches and Whoops.
This spring, though Join l Tavlor,
, still professed his trust tn Speaker, 1
ne also went out and hired something
j still louder in Mr. Hooper. Whoops
were promptly set off at Boston re
garding the terrific batriug average*
Mr. Hooper had acquired In some ‘
(league or other, out on *ne Pacific
Coast. Both he and Speak*! have !>ee’>
In a sort of hey day tip to and -te. against
i thep itching offerings of V eastern
[clubs and Cleveland.
! Frlm wHar Detroit has seen of the [
afoiesaid heavers, however,
averages complied in this way do not
lok extremely formidable. Still, there
may be as great outfielders ns Ty Cobb
in the making and -Boston may hav
fjund two In fne year. At any rate
they arep robablv the most loeicrl
challengeis up to date and the eyes of
Boston as well as Detroit ire focussed
on their performances, when pitted or
the same field, against those of the
blown-in-the-bottle article which the
league knows so well.
Bush Deserves Consideration.
Recurring for a women* ’»> the Sec
ond Cobb question In generals it migh*
not be out of the way to remark that
lr the humble judgment of ‘he write' - ,
the nearest that anybody has come to
developing a real companion to the i
git at Georgian has been trie feat ac- j
complished by I>etruit when It gave
the coming-out party at which wee
"Dcnle" Bush, t-rstwhlle of Indian-j
spoils, was Introduced in high society :
It’s an Injustice to ca:l "Donie a
Second Cobb, however. He has never
aspired tu anything of th * sort and
he's an inflelder as brilliant in hWT
way as Cobb is in his. when It comes
to the defensive game play ed by eu< h |
On the sacks, however, little '‘Donie”
Is one of the sort that n< .er mlsseJ
a signal, seldom makes an error of
judgment and yet can beat out the In
field hits with the best »f them and
Wg it dow to first base at a clip fit to
give anv inflelder called oil to handle |
the'ball a fit of dgets. And that is
Second-Cobbing beyond question.
"-IT *rf !
with the men they criticise.” said
Wedge, ‘it would be well for minis
ters and would-be reformers to know
these so-called ‘human brutes. 1 an a
little Information on the subject would
probably .change their minds I use
Strong words, but strong words are
needed to awaken some ministers to
the fact that instead of preaching
against these men they should leave
their pulpits and become acquainted
gwilb them.”
One-Time Thunderbolt Is Now Fa
# ,
vorite ui His Match With
Kelly, to be Pulled Otf Tonight
S.W FRANCISCO. May 1;’ Hugo
Kc’.'.y and Billy Papke, both claiming
to bt in the best coudttim of tbeir
,<*<!« era today await the ht.triu.g bell
wiinh this afternoon wili t,end them
off on their 45-round batt'• at Coluia
a: era.
The ihlils which have b *n at even
money for several weeks took a sud
den freakish turn early inlay when a
lush of Papke money male ihe Illinois
Thunderbolt" the favorite. It is im
possible so forecast at this ;lme which
man will t>e the favorite i.i iho betting
at the ringside.
On* featute of the fight which has
ari used as much Interest tere as any
thing else is the practical certainty
that the winner will claim the middle
v right championship alleging that
Stanley Ketchel the present title hold
er. it too heavy to defend It.
Both men predicted this morning
that the right would not go the forty
five round limit. Papke thinks he will
score a knockout in less Hum fifteen
| rounds, while Kelly is more modest ill
his claims.
Will Net Take Place Till Next Saturn
day Niqht. It Is Now Announced.
PARIS. May 15.—The right between
Sandy Ferguson and Joe Jeannette,
which was to have been pulled off to
night, has been postponed until next
Saturday night.
Jim Barry, another one of the col
ony of American heavyweights, has ar
rived In Pails to challenge either
(Jeannette or Sam McVay Harry has
near 1 of the "easy money" to be pick
ed up here and the adulation showerd
i on "pugs" by the Paris sports and he
'is anxious to share in the good
ITS rz,m
TO «M4.X J"***-
x aw n*
MMt Ur W
T IA» a«i w\\\\ rax
Sjter is Wrestling C^arrp.
CLEVELAND. Ohio. May 14— The
welterweight wrestling champion of
America today is Otto Suter, ths
stor kv Cleveland boy. He won the
title here last night by defeating
Charles Conkle of Hamilton. Ontario,
in (-traight falls of forty-six and
minutes, respectively. Con sea friend*
ray he weakened himaerf in making
the required weight. 142 oounds Thi
Canadian really belongs in the middle
weight class. t
W L Pet. W. L Pet.
Detroit Irt H .7X7 Chicago 11 11
Boston. 13 *i .619 develd. 9 11 4o9 w
N York 12 9 .571 St Loul*. T 1* 33J
Athl tlcs 10 9 .526 Wash ton 6 11 300
Yesterday's Results.
St Louis 5 Washington 4.
Bain elsewhere.
Toddy’s t>dnie«,
Boston at Detroit
N»-w York at Cleveland
Athletics at Chicago.
Washington at at. I.ouls
w; L. Pet. W. L. Pet.
Ptsh'irg If 9 6:5 Brklvrv 11 11 .500
Phillies 12 9 .671 »'lnnatl 13 14 4>*l
Chicago. i4 1 2 .SS» N York.. 9 1 2 429
Boston. 11 11 .100 St Louis 10 17 .3*o
3 r.ierdwC. Keaalfa.
Cincinnati 7, Boston 4
Brooklyn 10 St Louis 4.
Pi.lilies 2. Pittsburg 0.
Chicago ♦>. New York 0.
Tiwlny’* t.nmea.
St Louis at Boston
Pittsburg at Brooklyn
Cincinnati at N-w York.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
Sporting Notes

('olSnstfr Hick, £; < ralral of Ilrtrult,
• v •» - J

Julr Huatua la being hall»*l la Mrooklyn
a* a riacund Cobb!
—♦ —
t.rorge V\ tnlvr mob it 1 lu 0 game for
Montreal yesterday.
—• —
FI rat mnlluer of Iho aenaon SI Ite
• r*-atlon park today If the course
dries out.
Ilia data «•» »h«- tlrfrolt > ai-hl club
this war will he May 31. June 24,
and July 31.
Hut one American lenaue game tana
played yesterday. Waddell beating
Washington j to I. though for».»-d
to < nil on Jack I'oweil in the final
If |« generally conceited that fodu.f'a
M A C. meet will lie between Cen
tral and I* t\ r* The sprinting dual
between VVidrnan and the Kjteigels
will be cl.it. ly watched.
- ♦ *
V in mill t due for the l> I». tour
ists t* 1-xnslng and buk yesterday
»ind another t<> J''>rt Huron today
The tars start'-d with three Chalmers,
tn.i ytoddirda a Franklin, arid two
Maxwells still possessor* of perfect
s> ore*.
Smashes All Records.
As an allround laxative tonic and
health-builder no other pills can com
-1 pare with Hr. King’s New Life Pills.
They tone and regulate stomach, liver
and kidneys, purify the blood, streug-!
then the nerves; cure Constipation, 1
Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Jaundice,
i Headache. Chills and Malaria. •‘Try
them. At E C. Klnsel, Central Diug
Cos., Gray A Worcester.
•fob Printing done right. Times Print
-4 lag tv. IS John R.-at. l'hons 1491. i
Will Send Team to M. A. C’s l/<teT*
scholastic and has Formal In
vitation. 1
The fart that Detroit University
school will hare a team oh the*field at
M A C. to take part in the big i\nun
Interscholastic annually pulled oft t>>
'the state Institution is evidence o
ithe intention of the private school t
thoroughly test the sincerity of h>
j Michigan schoulmasers who recently
i passed a series of rules prescribing
what constitutes athletic eligibility
and enumerating se\eral counts which
would certainly tar I>. U. S. from in
terscholastlc competition.
The schoolmasters, after passing
these rules, placed themselves on rec
ord as accepting them for their own
schools, as well as pledging . them
selves not to allow their own athletes
to compete against rivals not eligible
according to the code which, among
other items, prescribes that every
student shall carry 12 hours of work,
and shall not be rewarded by a sweat
er or other Insignia, for his athletic
Coach Knickerbocker, of the I). U. ,
S . is making the trip on the invitation
of Coach Brewer, of the M A. C. team
who is the manager of the meet and j
who asked D. U. S to bring along any
athletes they might pick, exclusive of 1
I those over Hi and scholastically in
, The men who represent D..U. S. in
'the meet are the Spiegels in the
dashes and hurdles, Clarke and New
| ton In the jumps. Sch U-e in the half
mile, Noble in the mile. Barton in the
pole vault. Mount in the two-mile.
Kesterson in the hurdles and quar
ter, and Candler and Tuomey In the
220 and the relay.
Philadelphia Jack Manages to Get
Long End of Purse in B g Bout*
Jack MetJutgan and Jack O'Brien have
• ••,: o.ex on the £-I champi u
ja> k Johnson, according to the spot 's
heie. When the pair were matched
for their fight, which takts place here
next Wednesday night, Johnson in
sisted that be would have no part of a
percentage division. ‘ Name your fig
ure." demanded McGuigan and the
r.egro said " $5.000 ’’ That was satl-v
, factory to McGulgan and he tendered
a somewhat smaller amount to the
Philadelphian. The latter balked on
'this. -Me for the percentage” he sail.
' I am game enough to take a chance
and I believe 1 am a big enough draw
ing card in my home town to draw
1 box office receipts that will break a
McGuigap gave in promptly and If is
now believed that O'Brien will receive
more than S7,O<W us his share of the
gate receipts.
Manufacturers’ League Games.
The following games will be played
in the manutacturers' league schedule
Saturday afternoons
Gray Motor Cos. vs. Ke mi weld Can
Cos. Hammel grounds, Ulx and Llv
einols. umpire John Koach, scorer Leo
1 Callaghan.
j American I*ady Corset Cos. vs. De
! trolt Lubricating Cos, Spnx-ke*
grounds, umpire Emil Brighter, score'
Harrv Redmond.
E -M.-F. Cos, vs. Burnham Sfoepel
Cos. E.-M.-F. grounds, u npire Jim
Brandon, scorer Ed Henderson.
Burroughs (Adding Machine Cos. vs.
Hayes Mfg Cos.. Kemllweld Can
grounds, umpire Maurice Myers, scorer
Wm Sayers.
The league’s dance Thursday even
ing -at the "RMrott' V/fceeime* was -ex-.
; tr* mely well attended ind scored a
big success
The Rhmr U roßlrlhwlek lij n rurnlHe
realdln« ueiir * hrlaea iinil repreaeuta
hi* ree«»llrrtlou us the w»r the
enra looked, na It ape.l pnat. maklim
op aome of the tlwie loal In the nee.
eaanrlly lelaorelv pno»*e Ihroimli
hoatlle Ano Arbor.
rtualneae-l the I‘rlNlUt Xo ruis *ni
no feather*. The plain, nest kind that
! looks right. Tlmea Printing Cn, No
IIS John It-sL Phono 14»«.
§ jj
VERMILION. O . May 14 —Have you
ever seen Alta Weiss, the girl pitch
*r? Well, she’s the candy kid. ull
ight, when it comes to playiug ball.
.>f course, she Isn't a finished player,
but at that site has something on
a lot of these semi-pros.
Miss Weiss pitches well. She has
splendid control, a g*M>d. fast breaking
curve, more speed than you'd expect,
and a bewildering change of pace,
which is in itself an asset —if you
won t believe It ask Clarke Griffith.
In addition to doing a fine and fancy
flinging act, Alta is. in the phraseol
ogy of the pastime, "there with the
noodle ” She fields well, handling
bunts with ease and gets the ball
away fast and to the proper place
when she gets,hold of it.
At bat she is not so much. Usualiy
she pushes the bat toward the ball,
ungracefully and without force, but
her father, who travels with her. Ims
been instructing her in the art of
meeting the ball properly, and this
spring she claims to have mastered
the art of standing up to the plat*
and whaling away with enough
strength to make base hits occa
This summer the girl pitcher will
travel with her team the Weiss All
Stars, a fast semi-professional outfit. ,
which is open for games with the best
»teams In the country.
Banners vs. Lilies.
The Banner Cigar Manufacturing
Company employes, will play th*<
Lilies’ Cigar Manufacturing employes,
on the Mack-uve. grounds. Saturday.
May 15. Manage! Frank Uai tell of the
Banners, would like to have Umpire
1 Mahoney report at same place at 2 00
p m. The Banners would also like to
hear from the Hemmeter Cigar Com
John H Sanderson Had Been Convict
ed In Capitol Scandal.
NEW YORK. May 14—John H
Sanderson, a contractor of Phlladel
phla. who had been convicted on the
charge of defrauding the state of
Pennsylvania In the building of the
$13,000,000 state capitol at Harrisburg,
died suddenly of heart disease In
Sherry's yesterday afternoon. He had
Just returned from a drive through
Central park.
He left Sherry's in a victoria for
a drive through the park, but after
he had been out but a short time he
told the driver to hurry back, as he
felt HI. When he reached the hotel
; lie went at once to his apartments
and told a maid to call a doctor. He
i then went Into his bedroom to lie
down, and when the doctor arrived he
found the contractor dead.
I The Pennsylvania contractor had
! been living at Sherry's ever since his
i conviction on March 12, 1908, having
, come here with his bride.
All information concerning Mr. San
derson's death was refused at Sherry s
and the statement was at first given
•out shat he was out of town It was
known that he had been ill In his
apartments for several months.
Whether or not his wife was with
him is not known, but it was said by
Ia friend that his wife was in Phila
delphia. >
The fatg|that has followed the In
vestigation of the Pennsylvania capitol
graft scandal, claimed a fifth victim in
"Sanders >n.‘'SK.cL r«AT. -vzz -z r?**!”-
tary exile from Pennsylvania, under
heavy bail awaiting sentence on a
! ' harge of defrauding the state of
' Pennsylvania out of amounts various
ly estimated at from $1,000,000 to $5,-
Are You Going West?
Drop a postal card to Robert C.
Jones, Michigan Passenger Agent. Chi
cago. Milwaukee ft St Paul Railway,
212 Majestic building. Detroit, and re
ceive by return mail folder descrip
tive of the Alaska-Ydkon-Patlflc Expo
sition at Seattle, June 1 to October
16, 1909
, WAY.
Detroit. Mich., May 14. I*oo. j
Sealed proposals will be received at
this office until 12 o’clock noon, Tuos-j
day. May 2. r >th next, for the following
school sites:
Site for a public school building In
the vicinity of Livernols ave. Hnd Her
bert st.
Site for a public school hullfling In
♦he vicinity of <*har!evo!x-st. and t
Burns ave.
Secretary. J
The manuei* in which the
Pittsburg team has shown up
the champion Cubs in their
series, does not speak well for
the hackstopping department
of Chance's pennant thasers
The Pittsburgers ran wild on
the bases and Hans Wagner,
In particular, had a large
time. Just as predicted. It la
voiced, that it won't be long
before "Chubby Charlie ' Mur
phy gets busy and agrees to
meet the demands of Catcher
John Kling within a few days.
Quits Manager Harri* and Goes to
Memphis to Fight Donovan.
CHICAGO, May 15—Tony Caproni.
local Italian middleweight who for
| sometime has been under the manage
ment of Cal Harris has parted com
pany with the latter and urranged a
i match on his ow n book. He has gone
to Memphis. Tenn . w here he will fight
Mike Donovan of Rochester In a 10-
round battle They will weight tn at
156 pounds at 3 o'clock on the day of
the flßht. Tommy ilbane of Cleveland
has arrived t o work with Johnny Cou
pon In the latter a preparation for his
fl*ht with Monte Attell.
It is true, in every sense, that
stands high
Ask or tend for our beautiful
illustrated book, “Colorado”
The Popular Route to Colorado it the
Every inch protected by Electric Block Signala
The Safe Road to Travel
Dining Car Meal* and Service “Best in the World**
F. B. CHOATE. C. A.,
II Fort It, Dotrolt. Mloh.
$3.00 All Agate Steel Rods. at . . 53.53
Other Steel Rod* $1.33 to $3.30
40-rard Heels. Doc value, at 33c
S-Julateil llhrdm ouil Hud* 10c
Mf* %lm iy vnZoSwmr* „
New Spring Shirts
For Alert IVho Care
At sl , $1.50 and $2
These Shirts are New—fresh from the makers within the
past few days. The quality of the amterials is there, the work
manship is there, and behind them is the Hudson guarantee.
They are the finest Shirts at st, $1.56* and $2 that, we be
lieve. are sold anywhere in Detroit. All with plaited bosoms,
for plaited bosoms are the thing this spring among g*x>d dress
Smart New Neckwear at 50c
A large collection unpacked yesterday—latest in shapes,
latent in patterns and colorings. Men who appreciate really
smart and refined Neckwear at fifty cents will like these.
The J. L. Hudson Cos.
Manager of Boston Aggregation Has
Selected a Team of Sprinters Who
Can Simply Fljr. *
There Is no luck ut confluence iu tlu
Huston contingent which pulled off the
Cleveland boat tills nunulng an 1
wended Its way to tile Cadillac. The
Hoiton bunch has Just finished the
conquest of the Cleveland Naps iu
thiee consecutive games ulid expects
to give the Tigers everything that is
coming to them.
The who»e regular team, with but
out. or two exceptions is made up of
ulleged second Cobbs, it was formed
with a sole to have its per
sonnel able to murch the iuo yards in
t« n and this principle Uaj been fol
lowed throughout. In some cases, it is
alleged that running ability lets them
uUi but Hu*, h Is now tiio opinion of Mr.
Lake, the Huston manager.
"1 think 1 have tiie best team of the
eastern dubs this year. ’ said Lake.
'Cot so many good pitchers that I
i at.not find work enough for them to
do. Have been relying on Charley
Chech, and he has won live out of sic
and would Imve won the other game
but for an error. Charley will be our
mainstay us long as the weather sta>s
cool. When it gets goo 1 and hot ho
will take his w ife and Asn rod und go
up Into Maine and rusticate. He can
stay up there for a month and then ho
will be right on edge for the autumn
' Morgan. Steele and Arellunes are
going good, and Wolter and Burchell
are ready to go against the teams that
are long on southpaws Ja» k Ryan
will be saved fur the warm weathe r .
Should the temperature rife a littlj
here | may get a chance to use him.
We don’t look weak anywhere. In
Speaker we have a man who Is going
ito give Ty Cobb rtn awful battle for
1 the honor of being the best all aroun-l
I outfielder iu the league. Tris is bat
ting way ahead of Cobb now. He has
a better throwing arm tflau Tv and 1
•think *.m field his posl'ion equal to
any man living, even Hirmlnghatu.
Hooper Is a comer and will Improve
with experience.'*
Liberty* vi. Imperials.
The I.inertv A C. will play the Im
perial Sunday at LieiuinJre and Frans
worth Liberty would like to hear
from Mgr. Hensett. Call It 11U4-L, be
tween H 3m and H 00 p. m. Any IS
year-old team wishing fames phons
R 11041,.
D, U. S. v«. Toledo.
The lietroit I’nlversltv School base
ball team will entertain the team from
Toledo High S hool at Elmwood field.
Saturday afternoon, play being called
I at 2 : 30.
3 aad .t-jolnteri llamkeo
Ito.l» 33c aad 45c
• 1.33 uid SI.OO Hob. Trout Files.
at 35c Dos.
All sixes King Hooks at Sc

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