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“Live In the Open”
Where Life Is Worth Living
552- 61-S3 / 1 YtrTT\Tl n fmtl*tt* J ll^
QRxnor iW 7 ,/fl ULJIi/ft JIJM MlCfflftAM AK the
Dr. Scott F. Hodge, paroled from lonia
Inu yearn ago. after nerving about
half of hU 15-year nt-ntence for man
slaughter lit connection with the
death of u young woman from a
criminal operation, has been granted
a full pardon, which restores his
rights of citizenship.
•‘Hilly” ( ran ford, known iu a clever
pickpocket, aud wanted here for
Jumping a ball bond. Is under arr«*i
In Toronto on the charge of picking
pockets. Crawford was arrested here
several weeks ago on a charge of at
tempted pocket picking. He was re
leased on SOOO ball, but skipped.
Judge McHugh, on Thuraday, granted
hall to Peter Shea, who has been held
In Sandwich jail since the shooting
of Harry Nome at the Windsor roller
rink. The bail was ttxed at $2,000 In
two sureties. Shea has not yet ob
tained bondsmen.
A school for the Instruction of bllud
pupils, for which the child study com
mittee of the board of education bus
been planning for some time, will
probably be opened In September,
unless unforeseen obstacles arise.
Following this the committee will
establish a school for mental defec
tives either this year or next.
Helsed with n stroke of npoplezy In the
llrush-st. depot, Thursday afternoon,
Charles Woodward, of No. 74 Atwa*
ter-st., fell heavily to the cement
sidewalk, striking on his heud. He
was rendered unconscious, and taken
to St. Mary's hospital, but will re
Tony llolbon, 10 years old, lost his
right foot while stealing a ride on
a Fourteenth cur. at Haatlngs-st. and
Alexandrlne-ave. Thursday night.
The boy lost his hold on the car and
his right loot was drawn under the
wheel*. He was taken to St. Mary's
Judge MurAn directed a verdict, Thurs
day, In fax or of the defeudoata In
the case of Baucher Bros . of Ger
many. against the cstute of Edward
J Gles. Before his death Glee or
dered a lot of dishes from the Ger
man firm to be decorated with his
monogram. The bill was $2,276. Af
ter Mr. Oles' death, the family can
celed the order but Baucher Bros, de
clined to cancel, claiming that the
dishes could not be sold.
The Socialistic debate between mem
bers of the Condon Idterary society
and the Western High school debat
ing team, which was scheduled for
two weeks ago but postponed when
the use of the high school auditorium
was denied, was held In Immanuel
Presbyterian church. Thursday even
ing The question was. yllesolved.
That the principles of Socialism are
wrong.'’ The debate was won by the
Condon Literary society, which took
the affirmative side. Judge J. v' •
Donovnn presided. hoclallsts
were conspicuous by their absence.
tupt. off Malls K. L. Fuller, off the De
troit postofllee, dcclnrcs that the
Board of Commerce was in error In
representing to the Wabash officials,
at a recent conference looking to Im
proved train service between Detroit
and tit. Louis, that a letter mailed
after 2 45 p m. would not reach tit.
Ixhil* until the next afternoon, under
present conditions. “We have a mall
for St. Louis despatched by 6 p. m.
Lake Shore train to Toledo," says Mr.
Fuller, "thence via Clover Leaf train
leaving Toledo at 7:15 p. m and due
In St. Lobls at * 20 a. m. This mall
closes at the postoffice at 4:26 p. ni.
The mall referred to as closing at
2:45 p m. f really closes at 3 o'clock.
g canvass of the Klk lodges of the
country Is being mnde by the Detroit
reunion committee, which Is endeav
oring to secure the groat Elk gath
ering for this city In 1»I0. Assur
ances have already been received
from a great many lodges that their
representatives In the grand lodge
will vote In favor of Detroit. Funds
are also being raised to assure the
success of the undertaking. The De
troit committee consists of Thomas
C. Harris, chairman; George Brown,
secretary; Elmer Allnr, Fred T. Bur
gess. Philip Breltmeyer. Louis W.
Rehlmmel. Charles Clements and Ld
w-ard Dunneback. Two hundred mem
bers have polned Detroit lodge re
(a moat elaborate mnnaer, the thlrty
aeeond degree off Seottlah Rite Ma
sonry. that of Sublime Prince of the
Royal Secret, was conferred on a
class of 60 candidates In the Masonic
temple. Thursday evening. The
equipment was declared by members
of the Massachusetts consistory and
other guests of the Michigan con
slstorv. to he the finest In the world
A cast of 130 characters was required
for the work, which was of a mili
tary character. It was under the dl
. rectlon of Frank T. I»dge. enm
mander-In-chief. The stage effects
were In charge of Bert St John, gen
eral manager of the R. (.Whitney
productions. A banquet followed, a
feature of which was the presenta
tion by Col Benton, ronimander-ln
chtef of the Massachusetts consistory,
of a silver loving cup to Frank T.
Chile support* 15 Industrial schools,
giving Instruction to about 3,300
The Music
of Time
is all written to those two word* —
■Some clocks sing the words
harshly—there’* music In the voice
of other*.
Thl* "nd." Is to tell of an 8-I)ay
Mantel Clock (gong striking) that
we are having a sale on at $5.00
27 Monroe Avs.,
Successor to Petz A Thiry.
Hack to Nature is the cry that is sweeping the country. Never before
have the benefits of open air living been so generally understood.
Everywhere you will find people enjoying cool Summer Furniture
while seated on their Lawn or Porch, and we think that you, too, will be
come an advocate of open air living once you see the various things we
are showing which go to make Porches and Lawns so comfortable no mat
ter how high the mercury may rise.
To have you become more familiar with this display of Summer Furni
ture and to demonstrate its inexpensiveness we offer these
Reed Rockers at $ 1.29
Exactly Like Illustration
Adapted for Porch, Lawn or Home- made of an excellent grade of airy
Reed, beautiful golden oak color, frame la of maple. This Rocker sells
regularly at $3.00, tomorrow at $1.29.
Local Society Aaka Aid in Giving
Children Outing in Country.
The Michigan Fresh Air society Is
arranging to commence the season s
work. During the past 12 years up
wards of 4,000 children have been
made happy by a pleasant, healthful
outing In the country. Several have
found permanent homes, and many
have remained throughout the sum
mer. The recipients of this charity,
■children of the worthy poor, have no
other chance of getting away from
their crowded, unsanitary surround
ings. and the short vacation in the
country has a wonderful effect upon
their health.
During the past year the families of
the unemployed have suffered much
hardship, and the children show ur
gent need of fresh air and wholesome
lood. For the sake of these little ones,
a special appeal is made this year to
the generous people in the country
districts to co-operate with the society
in this worthy cause.
The work of the society Is conduct
ed In much the same manner as In
other large cities; that Is, the society
provides transportation to and from
the homes, while homes are provided
by charitably inclined residents of the
small towns, by farmers who are In
terested in doing something for poor
children There is no expense or obli
gation upon those taking children ex
cepting their board and keeping for
the time being. Great care is exercis
ed in the sending of children, and ev
ery effort is made to secure only the
most deserving and needy. Further
particulars may be obtained by ad
dressing the secretary, Dr. James A.
Post, No. 69 Lafayette boulevard, De
Fired Cuiiefs Into Barber Shop, Graz
ing Barber’s Head.
After one of the most rapid trials
ever held In the recorder’s court, Jos
eph Caruso was found guilty, late i
Thursday night, of the charge of as
sault with intent to do great bodily
harm. The Jury was out only 10 min
utes. Caruso was remanded for sen
tence later.
Caruso is the young Italian charged
with firing a bullet through the win
dow of Neapolltano Graciano’s barber'
shop, just grazing Graciano's head, as
the barber was shaving a customer.
Earlier in the day, there had been a
quarrel because Graclano scolded Ca
ruso for tearing up some bills which
lay on a table In the barber shop.
Graclano is very deaf, but followed
all of, the testimony In the case by
reading the Ups of the different wit
nesses and attorneys. The case was
started by Judge Connolly at 7 o'clock
Thursday evening.
Barnum A Bailey Circus Is a City in
The Barnum & Bailey Greatest
Show on Earth, when all its tents are
In place, covers 14 acres of real es
tate. The main tent is the largest
canvas pavilion ever constructed. It
seats 15,000 people with comfort and
in Its arena aro three rings, two
stages, a half-mile rare course and a
labyrinth of trapeze and bar riggings
that fills the great dome.
Besides the exhibition tents, the
strange white city has Its office, dyna
mo plant, postoffice, two laundries,
blacksmith shop, gas generating plant,
harness shop, four barber shops, a
library, a hospital, paint shops, doc
tors’ office, carpenter shop, dentnl par
lor, hotel where 5,000 meals are serv
ed dally, tailor shop and general
Each season the circus averages 60,-
000 miles of travel. In its
fifty-four years it has vjslted
nearly every civilized country on
earth. It Is as wcil-known In Europe
nnd Asia as It Is in Its home coun
try. No adequate idea can be had of
the wonderful system that has made
It possible to transport, build up and
tear down each day this vast city of
world wonders. It is the great policy
of the stalwart P. T. Barnum and the
Indomitable energy and business
acumen of James A. Bailey, still the
active principle of the present man
agement, that his fixed this circus In
the hearts of three-quarters of the peo
ple of the earth.
This show exhibits in Detroit, Thurs
day, June 17.
Boy Convicted of Burglary.
John L3ng, a 17-yrar-old youth, was
convicted in Judge Connolly's court,
Thursday, of burglarizing Rosenberg's
store at No. 1440 Michigan ave., and
stealing 42 cents. Fifteen years Is the
maximum penalty for the offense. The 1
boy's defense was tint he had been
out of toe reform school only three
months, and had been turned oi\t of
his home by his father. Relatives re
fused to shelter him, he said, so he
crawled Into the store and the money
tempted him.
Children Cry
Scotch Collie, Pet of Aged Pair, Has
There la much distress in the home
of George A. Wood, No. 72 Slbley-st.,
over the disappearance of a fine Scotch
collie dog that Is registered under thu
name of "Detroit Laddie," but an
swers to the name of “Laddie ’’ Both
Mr. and Mrs. Wood are ill and have
neeu confined to their home for two
or three years.
Some three years ago, Miss Florence
Wood, their daughter, brought "Lad
die" from the east and ever since he
has been the companion o• the couple
| when they were unable to leave the
; house. They both became very much
'attached to the pet, and were never
lonely when he was about. Tues
day, however, the animal disappeared
and although Miss Wood has exhaust
ed every known means of recovering
the pet. she has been unable to do
so. To make matters worse. Mrs.
Wood attempted to leave her room to
look for the dog and suffered a re
lapse. so much ao that her life Is de
6palrod of. Whenever she recovers
consciousness, she calls for ‘Twaddle."
missing him almost as much as If he
were human.
The animal Is sable, white and
black, the breast and feet being white.
There is a white paich on the fore
head and white tassel on tiie tail. Any
Information concerning the animal will
be gladly received by Miss Wood.
New Secretary of Association of Char
ities Equipped for Work.
James B. Williams, formerly gener
al secretary of the Orange. N. J., Bu
reau of Associated Charities, has ar
rived In Detroit to assume his new du
ties as executive secretary of the As
sociation of Churltles, which Is taking
on new life and Is proposing to broad
en ard co-ordinate the many phases
of charitable work carried on in this
city. A number of the leading mem
bers of the Board of Commerce are be
hind the movement.
Mr. Williams is a graduate of the
University of Indiana and the New
York summer school of philanthropy.
His experience was gained first as an
investigator for the Cincinnati Asso
ciated Charities and later as its as
sistant secretary. In the fall of 1905
he was appointed general secretary of
the Orange Bureau of Associated Char
ities. and In the latter work was sig
nally successful.
As executive secretary of the Anti-
Tuberculosis league, Mr. Williams has
helped organize and mnke the work
effective by the establishment of clin
ics. and the co-operation of the boards
of health, the nurses' organization and
the doctors.
Nunzia De Michele Convicted of
Shooting at Former Lover.
It was a severe shock to Nunzia De
Michele when the Jury in Judge Con
nolly's court returned, late Thursday
afternoon, with a verdict pronouncing
her guilty of shooting at Matteo Din
olfo, her former lover, "with intent to
do great bodily harm, lees than mur
Nunzia, the roly-poly, 16-year-old Ital
ian girl, almost collapsed when the
verdict was announced. The trial, up
to that point, had betn sort of a gar
den festival for hci.
The sob-squad was most active In
Nunzia's behalf, and she used to
road with calm and serene delight
their descriptions of her eyes and her
gestures and her sauciness. Occa
sionally—not more than three or four
times a day—she would pose for her
photograph, to embellish some now
sob-squad effort. The aob-squaddem
assured her that she would never he
convicted, and led Nunzia to believe
that It waa the cutest thing in the
world to empty n revolver at an in
tended victim, and then he tried, and
photographed, nnd rnved over.
But that verdict was different.
Kurfzia will not go to Jail. Her hail
of SI,OOO was continued, and a 30-day
delay toward anew trial was granted.
Child Reunite* Parent*.
A marriage license was taken out
Thursday afternoon by F. Brenlnger,
who named as his bride, Emma San
ger Brenlnger, his former wife. Mrs.
Brenlnger secured a divorce from her
husband In Mt. Clemens In March,
1907, after they had lived together for
two years, charging him with drunk
enness. Aided by his employer, State
Senator W. Snell, of High
land Park, Brenlnger attended an in
stitution and was cured of the habit
which wrecked his home. Then the
love for his child took him to Mt.
Clemens. These visits became more
frequent, and Mrs. Brenlnger noticed
her husbnnd * changed condition. Her
old love for him returned, and the vis
it to the marriage license clerk was
the result. They were remarried by
Rev. H. C. F. Ott, Thursday afternoon,
and after a second honeymoon, on
which they will be accompanied by
their girl of four, they will resume
housekeeping on Church-ave., High
land Park.
Sandpaper wllj remove old psint
more rapidly If 'kept wet with ber
| Option Clause in Old Detroit Rail
way Franchise Is “Joker” If Lines
Are Re-Routed.
A question which may enable the
D. U. R. to contest legally with the
city for the possession of almost all
the streets on which franchises expire
within the next few years, will be
iai*ed in case the common council
adopts the new car routing plan ar
tanged by the mayor's Committee of
50 as a basis for anew settlement.
It was stated by Mayor Thompson
during the last campaign that Presi
dent Hutchins, of the D. U. R.. had
offered to take over anew franchise
with the old Detroit railway terms.
Presumably the disposition of the
1). U. R. is still the same.
In the Detroit railway franchise is
a clause which gives the three-cent
fare company an option on any "new”
routes. The legality of this option is
in doubt, of course. Corporation Coun
sel Hally is of the opinion that it is
not valid, basing his view on a court
decision which ruled that the ordi
nance of 1862, giving the Citizens’
Street Railway Cos. the exclusive right
to run street cars In Detroit, was noc
binding. The two cases differ, how
ever, in many points, and there seems
no doubt but that the adoption of a
lot of new routes would give the D.
U. R. a chance to take the matter into
Our Stock Is New and Fresh.
A Selection From Mabley's Assures You of the Newest .
Straw Hats at 50c to $5.00
Queen Anne
The marvelous clewnalng. scour-
In* and polishing powder.
Hava goera Asa* teaarrr
Hea«l«. On* head count* aa
for all Queen Anna £oao Pr«*
mfnniß and excursions.
Saturday's Bulletin
On Our Second Floor
Great June Sale of Under Muslins
A Big Saturday
Special in
Lingerie Waists
$1.50 <£l f)f)
Values for tP -L. V/ V/
One hundred dozen —a recent
purchase—dainty Lingerie
Waists —new collar and
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Tub Skirts
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court for a delay of several years and
with a. fair chance of winning.
In the Carstens plan of rearranging
the lines, practically every line in
the city except the Woodward and
Jefferson lines, to re-routed, so that
they might be considered new routes
under the terms of the Detroit rail
way option clause
WANTS $5,000 A YEAR.
Mr*. Stephen Baldwin Waves Rights
Under Husband’s'Will.
Gertrude H. Baldwin, widow of Ste-1
phen Baldwin, the deceased capitalist
who died April 7. filed a notice in the
probate court. Friday, that sha elected
to waive the provisions of her hus
band’s will, and would claim her share
under the statute. The notice states
that the csiute amounts to $200,000 and
upwards, and Mrs. Baldwin asks for
$5,000 per year.
A. T. Reynolds Victim of Robbery In
Hotel Oxford.
A T. Reynolds was Invited by a fel
low guest In the Hotel Oxford to share
his room. Thursday night. Reynolds
left the room for a few minutes short
ly before midnight, and when he re
turned found that his goM watch, S4O,
and his "friend” were missing. He
has reported the matter to the police.
Longest Circus Parade In the World.
The new parade offered this year
by the Barnum & Bailey Greatest
Show on Earth is three times longer
than any ever given In the past. It
represents ten-fold the expenditure In
money and Is an absolute novelty
The equipment Is absolutely new, hav
ing Just left the European factories
and studios.
Immense Selections, Finest
Qualities, Lowest Prices
Never in our history have we been so well prepared for
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