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Chri». Dodt Has Riba Broken and
Suffers Internal Injuries; Con
dition Is Critical.
Chris Dodt. about 60 year# old.
t . vi a perhaps fatally Injured by a
runaway horse belonging to L. l>
Huger, of No. 20C Chandler-ave., whlcu
ruu over Dodt as he was working on
a city paving Job at Clay uud Oak
land ave* , Tuesday morning.
Dodt, who lives at No. t>!4 Twenty
third-st., failed to notice the approach
of the runaway, which had broken
away from Its driver while standing
in an alley near Oakland and Clay
aves. '
He was knocked dowti and bally
trampled, sustaining a fracture of the
left leg, several fractured ribs, and
Internal Injuries.
He was given temporary tare by Dr.
Henry Harrison, of No. 274 Oakland
ave., and Kast End ambulance later
removed him to Bt. Mary's hospital.
He Is In a critical condition.
Mrs. Davis Has Vivid Remembrance
of 9tirring Incidents In Abo
litionist’s Life.
TRAVERSE CITY, Mic h , July 20.
Seated in a low rocker, dressed
simply in black with a white band at
throat and wrist, Mrs. Martha L. 13
Davis, sister of John Brown, of civil
war fame, arose and shook hands cor
dially with a reporter at the home ct
Mrs. Harvey Curtiss, on West Sev
Mrs. Davis came here from Rendon,
where she has been visiting her son.
' J. B. Davis. She is the only living
member of a family of 16 and 1« a
half-sister of John Brown, both having
the same father but different mothers
She hits five sons —Frank F. Davie,
Rvlng at Kalamazoo; Dwight I* Davis,
' who lives in Texas; J B. Davis, of
Bendon; C. A. Davis, of Kansas City.
Mo., and Porter H. Davis, of San
Selmo, California.
She was born at Hudson, Ohio,
where she spent all of her early days
• her mother dying when she was 8
years old, at which time she went to
live with a sister who had married
a minister and was living at Maumee
City. At the time of the civil war sho
was living at Grafton. Ohio, and sho
stated that she had a greater remem
brance of the things that happened
in Kansas at the time when Kans.i3
was admitted as a state than she had
of the civil war. She attended the
soldiers* entertainment Mouday even
Cbharen Cry
I Keep the Disease-Wolves
From the Door
Every man and woman should repel disease-wolves which are
no respecters of persons and may attack at any time.
What are tnese disease-wolves ? I hey are constipation,
biliousness, indigestion, nervous headaches, sleeplessness and
other little ailments, at first so trivial as to appear almost harm
less. Disperse them now , and drive them from your door with
before they grow dangerous. There is poison in their fangs that £
will harm the whole body unless you rid yourself ot them at once. -
When your digestion is upset, when the bowels do not act
freely, when the head is heavy, the sleep troubled, the liver out
of order—disease is at the door. f
Be wisein time. Take Bcecham’s Pills immediately. Porthese
pills, alone and unaided, will keep the disease-wolves at bay, and
Protect the Body
Against Attacks of Illness
In boxes with full directions, 10c. and 25c.
Only One Night Away Via the
‘‘The Resort Special”
Leave* Detroit Del!y (Eic. Sunday' 9:05 P* M., Carrying Thnugli Sleeping Car to
Illustrated booklet giving complete list of Summer Hotels, the fishing nnd camping grounds. For full in
formation write H. W, Jameson, L>. P. A.. Detroit, MWJh.
Bonnie Scotch Lassie and Filipino
Wed Alter Flight Across the Ocean
BAN FRANCISCO. Cal-. July 20—A |
girlish frolic', u secret correspond
ence, a courtship spanning 'he briny
deep, and a flight ucross an ‘Kean and
u continent culminated in this city a
few days ago in the marriage of Miss
Ella Mac lean, a fair yo mg Scottish
girl, to EHjto Villafranca. a swurtcy
The 1/ride, the daughter of Dr. An
gus Maclean, of Glasgow, a fellow of
the Royal College of Burgeons, and
until recently a professor in the l’ni
verslty of Edinburgh, has held a cov
eted position in Glasgow society cir
In his own land Ylllatranca's family
is of equally high standing, his fathei
being judge of the court of first in
stance at Cavite.
Years ago the two fathers chanced
to meet while Villafranca Sr. was
traveling In Scotland, and later a cor
respondence sprang up between them.
One day the doctor had occasion to
write to Villafranca Jr. on a matter
pertaining to the latter’s education,
but feeling HI. asked his daughter to
write at his dictation.
In a spirit of girlish frolic she add
ed a short postscript of her owfi for
the youth. That was the beginning.
The romantic youth replied personally
to the girl. The secret correspond
ence ripened into a courtship by mail,
photographs were exchanged and soon
Miss Ella seut her ”yca” flying over
the ocean.
A few weeks later Young Villafran
ca’s father sent him to Ban Francisco
on business. The girl begged to be
allowed to visit an aunt In Illinois, and
the indulgent father Anally consented.
Once Miss Ella’s foot was on Am
erican soil she took the train direct
to San Francisco, where the wedding
took place.
And now the newly-weds are won
dering what form the doctor s anger
will take when he hears the news.
Lie Is Passed During Discussion on
Placing Water Meters.
MUSKEGON. Mich, Juiy 2d.—Plans
are under consideration to pave about
three miles of streets. \ committee
of councilmen went to Chicago to In
vestigate various kinds of paving A
public meeting will he held Friday
night to get the opinion of fit uso 1
rather warm session of tne council
was held last night. Placing water
meters was the cause of ceding some
of the members into a live!*' discus
sion during which the lie was passed
several times. The mayor finally suc
ceeded in quieting the angry city fa
Burglars Active in North End.
Burglars made an unsuccessful at
tempt to enter Ktnsel’s drug stor * at
No. 2043 Woodward ave., Monday
night, but after breaking the glass in
the basement window were frightened
away. Attempts were made to enter
other stores in the vicinity, but la no
place was anything of great value
taken. Goods valued at |9 were taken
from Btanforth's candy store.
' j
I f Tf B
S < . 'V •
Jackson Residents Urge Rep. Town
send For High Office.
JACKSON, July 20.—When Charleu
E. Townsend, representative in cou
gross, returns home after the adjourn
ment of that legislative body, he will
L*e presented with petitions signed by
thousands of his admirers in Jackson
county, of all political parties. These
will give him emphatic indorsement in
hi* campaign for United States sena
tor. and pledge the signers to do all
possible to secure for him the seat
in th‘» senate.
All over Jackson county ar* 1 being
circulated these petitions, and all are
being readily signed. All want
•’Charley ’ for the high office, ami the
solid backing of Jackson county will
have much weight in the contest, in
which are centered the hop< 3 and
aspirations of all the voters of the
Had Never Married Any One Before
and Brings Wire Into
KANSAS CITY. Mo., July 10.-*
Charles K. Thompson, Judge of the •
suulh dly court in Kaunas City.
leaning bark In a swivel chair In hU
office reading tin* digest of commen
taries, when entered 14. Cecil Sturt-*-
vant. of Rock Fall*. 111., and Ida M.
Baldwin, of Kansus City.
•\Ve want to get married." said
Sturtevunt. Judge Thompson had
never officiated ut e wedding and, (
although once married himself,
didn't remember wiiat the minister had
said. * ,
Stand up and Join hands.'’ he began
doubtfully. Suddenly a helpless ex-,
pression appeared on the Judges face..
He seized a telephone. The couple
stood hand in hand, wuited and heurd: ,
"Give uie the prouate Judge. Hello; |
this is Judge Thompson, tfay, what
do you say when you marry a couple?
No.' no. 1 can t come up. You see, ■
they’re standing here, waiting.’’
"Take this woman to —little slower
please. I’m writing it down-be your,
wedded wife, to cherish and protect
I her through sickness and adversity!
‘till death —how's that? —’till deat 1
doth pait!" .
"What’s that last again?—now by
the authority vested in me by the,
state —what? —yes. yes—l pronounce,
\uu husband anil wife —thanks. Judge.
The receiver clicked. The Judge
pulled his big white handkerchief from |
his Alpaca coat arranged his notes •
and si .od up. The prospective bride'
smiled. :
Are you ready?" There seemed to
be nobody who wasn’t ready. From
his notes the Judge hastily pronounced
tlie service and then fixed his seal on;
the certificate.
Blaze on Second Floor of Flat Building ,
Causes Occupants To Dash for
th« Open.
GRAND RAPIDS. July 20.—Klrr.on-j
as and dressing gowns that were made j
for house wear in the Wellington flata
were seen on the streets this morning.
The wearers were frightened; they
had not stopped to arrange hair nor
to exchange slippers for shoes.
There was a fire scare in the flats
about 9 o'clock this morning. Ilonce j
the exodus. .
The little blaze started In apa:t-1
n.eut 2hß, occupied by Mrs. C. E. Ling.
This is on the second floor, Soon
the smoke permeated the entire build j
• Fire!" someone yelled.
Then the scramble began. There
were few men in the bulldiug. but tho
women made up for the lack of males. j
They swarmed everywhere —and they j
didn't care how they came.
Some motherly looking women car
ri. and bird cages which held pampered
canaries; some had arms full of bed*
ding, some carried clothing. All ex
cept the most frightened carried
something, but no one stopped to make
ti chunge of garments, forgettiug that
usually they dressed up for the street.
These early ones went down the ele
vators or skipped down the stairs,
Those who waited until the firemen
came went down the flre escape in
the alley at the rear, assisted by the ,
gallant fire fighters.
There was some wringing of hands
by the occupants when they saw the
smoke pour from the windows in great
clouds. There was more when a little
stream of water trickled down to the
ground floor and threatened to dam
age some personal property. There
were some complaints of broken beau
ty B ieep—but there wasn't much fire
Thai the flre department is atr
of a blaze in the Wellington flats was
shown by the way apparatus was bur- j
ried to the building. Steamers and ,
hose wagons came from every part of J
the city. The big water tower was
raised against the Fulton-st. front and
ready to be used for saving life should
it be necessary. But it wasn't. The
scare was over almost before it began ,
and the Wellington flats, except for
.slight damage, has resumed its wont
ed calm.
Jones Takes It To Prevent Hydro
phobia and Lands in Cturt.
ANN ARDOR. July 20.— Drinking
whisky to nd him in preventing hy
drophobia was what caused the arrest
of John who lives in Hastings.
Mich., and his arraignment in Justice
Ritchie's court where he paid costa on
a charge of being drunk.
He came to Ann Arbor after having
been bitten In the nose and on the
hand by a dog that had gone mad.
While talking to some newly made
acqu&intauceca about his trouoliv
about which he has been worrying
ever since he came here, he was told
that if he should supplement nts
treatment at the hospital with some
liquid refreshments he would And him
self very much farther removed Horn
danger. He did this.
Whether his disease, complicated
w’ith the whisky he had taken, was
the cause of his apparently demented
condition or not Dr. Heroman. hi*
physician at the institute, was unuble
to say. However, he was Insane for
the time being, and his action*
brought about his arrest by Ofnccr
He was taken to jail and was ar
raigned before Justice Ritchie and
was. taxed the com, amounting to
$5 50.
Ludington City Council CaM* for Bpe
cial Election on Aug. 20
LUDINGTON. Mich. July 20— (Spe
cial > —The common council last night
decided to call a sp--oi.ll elrcMou on
• Aug 20 for 11»e purpose of voting SrO.-
Ouo bonds with which to purubi.** a
I magnlrtcent park sit* on the suoiv cf
♦ Lake Michigan. Thu proposed t-liebus
a lake fro mage of five blocks and »n
--11Judes a boulevard iO blocss long.
This will g‘v-e Ludingtor. the finest
lake front nark in the s(.<te
C., H. A D. Receiver Discharged.
CINCINNATI. Ohio. July 20—Gov.
Harmon was discharged as receiver
of the Cincinnati, Hamilton A Dayton
railroad today. The road is to be
taken over by the Baltimore & Ohio
(Southwestern under a bonding agree
ment. Harmon was receiver four
Conciliation Board Meets.
WINNIPEG, Man , July 20. —A board
of conciliation is in session here in an
♦ ffort to settle the dispute between
the Grand Trunk Pa< Iflc railway an I
j operating employes on 1.000 miles of
I its lines west from Winnipeg to Ed
-1 monton. AH*»rtft. The board will re
l.main in session ail week.
Furniture and Curtains
Purchasing now you save from 10% to
30% from the regular price.
Note This Range of Prices:
Brass Beds $10.75 and up
Dressers $10.50 and up
Chiffoniers .$ 6.00 and up
Parlor Arm Chairs $ 6.00 and up
Arm Rockers $ 3 50 and up
Easy Chairs $12.50 and up
261 and 263 WOODWARD AVE.
Elliott-Tay or-Woolfenden Cos, | Elliott-7ay.or- Woolfenden Cos.
A V C* I Purchase of manufacturers’ stock
PA jM M I of Men’s Shirts. All clean, fresh
goods. Madras and Percale, all
and $1.50 Shirts. The best value
in Neglige; Shirts we have ever
Each offered.
| "“"~ 5 Your choice at only 69c each.
Offering Seasonable Silks
We offer during this week a choice lot of Silks much below value. \\ e are determined to
keep this department during the usual dull summer months if value-giving will do it.
We have about 1,500 yards of neat Hairline Stripes and Checks and Pekin Stripes, in black
and white, brown and white, navy and white, etc.
Just the proper weight and style for a neat, cool summer gown. A firm, serviceable Silk at
a moderate price. On sale at
43c a Yard
We still have a good assortment of Cheney Pros.’ shower-proof and /I Of*
shedwater Foulards, which we are closing out at, a yard
The Sale of LADIES’ SHIRT WAISTS at 49<>, 59<* and 69<* will be continued this
EUiott=Taylor=Woolfenden Cos.
Woodward and Grand River Avenues.
Clearance News in Women’s and Misses * Suits
White Serge Suits up_ to 530.00, at SISJ)O
A handsome collection of tailored suits made of plain white or white with halrliDe or stripe of black,
blue or lavender. These serge suits are Immensely popular for present wear or for early fall, and are ex
ceptionally stylish suits to be marked for clearance at $16.00.
and Tailored_ Wash Dresses at_ $5.00_
Several great tables loaded with pretty one-piece and Princess dresses. In Dame Fashion’s most
favored styles; charming lace trimmed lingerie frocks In white and all the delicate summer shades. Also
one-piece Jumpers and tailored gowns made of pretty ginghams, chambrays. etc.
of Soiled_ Waists for_ Clearance^
Women’s summer waists In every style, every else, every color and every material, tailored and
lingerie We've done a big business on Waists this year and these are mussed, tumbled and soiled, so we
have cut the prices on two groups for clearance.
WA ISIS Sold Earlier in the Cf) r WAISTS Sold Earlier tn the (P J /j/j
Season up to $1.50, N0w.... JUC Season up to $2.50, N0w.... UU
Extraordinary Money Savings
in the Mill Surplus of Wash Goods
Healtate? WeiT indeed not. when such va ,ue * RH the9e ar< * t 0 be had. We didn’t hesitate when the
chance came to secure the great mill’s surflhig stock. And Women lost no time in getting their share of
tho greatest values In Wash Faorics offercu this summer.
10c and 12Yic WASH GOODS, Now at 7c
It is hard to figure out how such pretty goods and splendid qualities can be aold at 7c the yard. That
means a whole dress pattern for less than SI.OO. That doesn’t necessitate a selection from a limited assort
men* cither There are hundreds of pretty paterns In Lawns and Batistes, In floral designs as dainty as
Organdies stripe checks and polka dot effects. In all the summer colors, some with side band border for
trimming In addition are pink, white and green Seersucker Crepes so popular this year, and check Qlny
hams, In the pretty Uwn tones.
12 l Ac and 25c SUMMER WASH GOODS, Now 10c
These are unquestionably the prettiest styles and best qualities In Wash Goods offered In Detroit this
scis.in Three distinct lines are incorporated In the lot and It is difficult for most women to decide which of
the three contain the greatest bat gain*. Batistes are of fine, sheer texture. In beautiful black and white or
colored effects Some have the popular side band border. Organdies, In exquisite floral effects—pink, blue
and lavender—form another attractive group. The English Voiles, soft and clinging In quality, come lu a
fine assortment of pretty colors and desirable patterns.
NOVELTr WASH FABRICS. Up to 75c, Now 19c
From over the seas come exqu'slte fabrics. The Scotch made the beautiful Silk Ginghams, tha
French made the fine Piques, the Germans and English add other novelties to this special lot. And when you
consider the price. 19c, the clearance price Is little short of phenomenal.
mmmrHEHßs s«as§2
Half Off on CURTAINS
That is the way all odd pairs will be sold.
The regular stock of Curtains, Draperies and
Upholstery Goods is now offered at 25 per
cent off usual prices.

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