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Newport Becomes active as Regulars
Return—Others Who Went Aboard
Are On Their Way.
NEWPORT. R. 1., July 21.— New
port la now tbv Mecca of the fashion
ables und oviry where gulety la noted.
The severe heat has brought many
visitors to the cottagers and week
end parties ure always delightful. Mis.
Edward C. Knight aud ether young
matrons .ire having some very attrac
tive party gatherings. Every sport is
takeu In. uud all prcnouuce Newport
a great place.
The arrival of seveial of the ractrg
craft of the New York Yacht club
made matter.! lively the tiiv>t pail of
the week. Commodore Arthur Curuss
James was responsible fur their com
ing and for the general good time of
the yachtsmen. A ball Is being ar
ranged by the commodore and many
of me cottagers ror August, to lake
place when the full yacht club lleci
is here. Paul J. Huiney, a man of
many millions and u bachelor much
sought alter, has chartered John tl.
Hunan s steam yacht Surf tor the
The Shermun girls. the Misses Mil
dred and Irene, in their gowu> of
mother, the Icte Mrs. John Carter
lirowu, are taking up church work and
ure now on the altur committee of
Trinity church. They are missed on
the drives ami on the tennis conus,
and surely ut the social entertain
To. the delight of many the aged
Mrs. James P. Kernochan, who *i s
been In Europe, is to spend the season
here at her Marine-ave. he me. At
first she was thinking of putting In the
summer abroad, but from habit she
said she .oust return. She always
gives some entertainments of note,
aud all. young or old, are pleased to
be on her visiting list. The H. McK.
Twomblys nave returned after a long
absence, and consequently their at
tractive daughter Ruth has Joined the
coterie of young women who gather
each morning for tennis at the Casino.
The court.! this season are perhaps
better than usual, and visitors from
other courts ftom out-of-town simply
tave over their smoothness.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carnegie
Phipps will for a month at least bo the
host and host* as of Ocean View, for
Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Mills, M r s.
The little china clock in the nursery
had just struck 12, and Bessie was
sound Hsieep In her bed. There was
the queerest noise In the doll house
In tha corner of the nursery, and Bes
sie's kitten that had been sleeping
beside her got up to see what was
the mntter.
The beautiful new bisque doll Ara
bella was telling the old rag dolly
Hags how a little boy had poked one
if her eyes out. Rags told her how
»orry ahe was. But Arabella just
ihook her golden curls and said, “You
ihouldn’t feel sorry for me, for just
see what beautiful clothes I have and
how pretty I am, and you have only
old clothes and no yellow curls."
This nurt Rags’ feelings very much,
for oven If she didn't have pretty
clothes ahe war sweet and kind, but
she only said, "Yes, you are perfectly
But the kitten never had liked Ara
bella since she had fallen on him
one day. so he said, “Rags can play
outdoors and help Bessie make mud
plea, and don’t have to worry about
spoiling her dress Often she ha*
fallen out of the doll buggy aud It
hasn’t hurt her a bit."
Arabella knew she always had to
take care -of her pretty clothes, and
when she had fallen out. of the buggy
she had broken one of her arms. But
she said, “Anyway, I know Bessie
likes me better because she takes me
wRh her to the park:" —
This made Rags cry. and the kitten
rubbed against her, purVlng to her not
to cry.
The next morning when Bessie was
ready to go to the park, she picked
up Hags, saying to her mamma, “I
guess I'll take Rags today; she Is
nicer to play with because her dress
A delicious way
To prepare fish,
Told in the little book—
“Tid-Bits made with
Found in every pkg. of
Post Toasties
Telephone the grocer.
Popular pkg., 10c.
Large Family size, 15c.
New iSVy/W of Dressing the Hatr
■■ ' j
■ 'si*.; . »
Phipps’ parents, are remaining a lit
tle longer with their daughter, tho
Countess of Cranard, who is cutting
such a dasn In English court citcles.
After a .year’s absence the Homy
Clews are arriving for the summer r.t
The Rocks, ami later on will be Joined
by Mr. and Mrs. Clews, Jr. Mrs. Alva
Belmont is expecting a visit from her
daughter, the Duchess of Marlborough.
Htid Mrs. Ogden Goelet is arriving for
n short tlm * with hpr daughter, the
Duchess of Hoxburghe, May Outlet,
who has not men hete since her mar
riage six years ago. The present sea
boh Is notable for the return of many
after quite a term of years, a fuel
which cannot he fully appreciated ex
cept by the business pc mle of New
port, who ar« so dependent on New
port’s summer trade for their liveli
The Casino Is now in full swing and
the regular Newporters feed more con
| is old and she don't break when she
| falls."
| As happy as Rags was over thi*.
she felt sorry for proud Arabella be
cause she had to stay at home.
Escalloped Cauliflower.
For escalioped cauliflower, boil a
good firm cauliflower in i.lightly salt
ed milk an 1 water until tender. When
done strain and pull Into tiny pieces.
Hate hot in a skillet a liberal table,
spoonful af butter, half a cup rich
milk and a t'rsh of cayenne. Into this
turn the cauliflower and allow a'l to
come to boiling point. Line a butt' r
ed bake dish with grated bicatl
crumbs, over this sprinkle a handful
of minced hlckorynuts, then a layer of
the prepared cauliflower. Repeat iMs
unti; the dish Is filled, then over all
pout the dreisitg of the cauliflower.
Bake to a delicate brown.
A Nucleus.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once told an
amusing story of an illiterate million
aire who gave a wholtaale dealer an
order for a copy of every hook In ’ll
language.* treating of any aspect of
Napoleon's career. He thought It
would All a case In his library.
He was somewhat taken aback, how
ever, when in a few weeks ho received
a message from the dealer that he had
got 40,000 volumes, and was awaiting
instructions as to whether ho should
send them on as an Installment or
wait for a complete set. —M. A. P.
New Novelties
In Chains
New’s the time when Inexpensive
Jewelry has its day. Beads and metal
chains of nil sorts are seen In the
shops, to match gowns of any color.
Summer dresses are not supposed to
be rich, and costly gems do not suit
them so well as the cheaper sort.
This metal chain —“Pompeiian gold"
It Is railed*—la set with a large tur
quoise matrix. This stone can be
worn with any gown, as It Is so varied
In coloring. An odd feature of the'
chain is the extra single length to be
used as a watch guard, and laatened
or the left shoulder or tucked Into the

If a nnll be dipped into oli before
being driven into hard wood It wiil
prevent It from clogging.
In the heart of every woman theie
is u secret desire to be good to look
upon. D<>“B It ever occur to her, 1
v under, that the way she arranges
her hair about her face has a lot
to* do with her good looks? Never
was there a time when matron and
maid could be so Individual or Indulge
her fancy : o much In the dressing ol
her hair us she can right now.
Asa rule the hair utiould be
combed lilgn on the head as one
grows older, und there Is no pre'tlo/
way for the middle-aged woman tu
dress the hair than the modified pom
padour shown in the Illustration. Tin
soft waves and pufTs o‘s the while
hair are very becoming to the aging
Ihe psycne of today is very unlike
the hard-knotted psyche of 10 years
ago. It is now a loose coll, low upon
the head, and still further sof*«ntd
by Innumerable little curls. The hair
is combed In long, loose waves from
the face, and confined here aud there
by bands >f velvet or satin ribbon.
One must Judge from these pic
tures that shell ornaments are not
worn so m;tclf' , i*a they were, since tnc
chief garniture for the white hnl.’ Is
a Jot coronet, and ribbon s worn with
| the psyche styles.
Queen Ena of Spain Is conducting a
crusade against the national pastime
of bull fighting. A great number of
recent casualties have caused the su
perstitious Spaniards to believe their
queen has divine support.
CROWLEY, MILNER C& CO.— Formerly Pardridge C& Blackwell - CROWLEY, MILNER C& CO.
We Have Secured the Contracts to CARPET and DRAPE
The New Garrick Theater The Alvin Theater (Pittsburg),
The Lyceum Theater The Bijou Theater (Pittsburg''
The Star Theater (Buffalo)
The largest contract ever given in this part of the country, and secured by the Crowley-Miner store, in the face of the sharpest competition with some of
the largest concerns in the United States, as well as, of course, other Detroit stores.
The Crowley-Milner Store Won Because Their Prices Were Lowest
and because we are splendidly equipped to take charge of such work. People who attended the Warfield presentation of the “Music Master,” at the Avenue
theater, commented upon the Draperies that were being hung for the occasion. The work was done by the Crowley-Milner Store in the record-breaking time of
36 hours from the time the order was placed. This Store also completely furnished the Family theater this spring. Our facilities for undertwking large contracts
are unequalled. Because of intimate connections with some of the greatest Carpet and Drapery houses in the world we can make prices practically impossible for
other stores to meet. Remember these facts when you contemplate a change of furnishings in your home. For, of course, our biggest business is among the
homes of Detroit. Get the Crowley-Milner Store figure on your next work.
The Midsummer
Clean-up of
Wash Goods
Loads of fresh, new fabrics
are spread upon the counters at
prices that no Woman can afford
to ignore.
10c Dress Lawns, 6V2C yd.
Pluck. navy, light blue, green, gray,
heliotrope and tan, all plain, sheer qual
ity. 40 pieces.
25c Fancy Poplins, 15c yard
Imported English Poplins in striped
and checked patterns, in all the best
colorings. Splendidly woven for out
ing suits and dresses. 100 pieces.
25c Silk Ginghams. 15c yard
Finest 25c Imported Ginghams, with
a silk finish which does not wash out.
I'alnty colorings in neat stripes, clic ks,
and plaids. 40 pieces.
12c and 15c Ginghams, 9y a c a yard
Best standard Ginghams, such as
Bates Seersuckers. Tolle do Nords, etc.,
plain colors and fancy checks and
stripes. These are mill lengths and 3
to 10 yards each.
12c Organdies, 9c a yard
Sheer quality, in newest patterns. In
rosebud and large floral effects. 200
25c Embroidered Mulls, 15c a yard
One of the newest fabrics this sea
son. Fine medium-weight weave. In
white and colored grounds, self-col
ored embroidered designs. 55 pieces.
45c English Suitings, 25c yard
Fancy Linen Pongee Suitings, fine
rough effect, plain and fancy stripes,
handsome color combinations. 25
15c Batistes at 10c a yard.
Fine soft Batistes, 31 Inches wide. In
dozens of pretty designs, flowers,
stripes, figures, dots. 100 pieces.
15c and 18c Mulls, 12y 2 c yard
Medium weight. In shadow stripes,
printed with figure designs. 65 pieces.
25c JDress Linens, 15c yard.
Beal Irish Linen In tan or white
grounds, with p.-kln stripes In all col
ors. Splendid for suits and dresses. 50
95 Women Can Buy These Regular
S2O to $25 Cloth Suits at $lO
The re-axon (W ILU Wlraordinary piece of news is that we are now In the midst of the July clear
ance, ana in less than two week*, we shall take Inventory. These ninety-four Suits are the small lots teken
from our regular S2O and $25 lines. And in order to get thorn off our floor at onto we shall cut the rrice
on tho entire collection
To Just $lO Each
This Is a fine opportunity to buy a Splendid new Tailored S lit that can be put on now and worn tin
til snow flies. Every Suit Is correct In style, and while nme changes will no doubt appear In Fall Suit* l
there will tot be radical changes, and these Suits will do splendid service for any woman who would like a
S2O Suit for Just Ten Dollars*. As there are only one. two or three of a kind, the selection is not very Urge.
2,000 Yards of
50c Swiss To Sell at 29c a Yard
A Whole Dress of This Beautiful
White Swiss for $2.93 «
A little earlier in the Reason It would have cost $5, but we got hold
of two thousand yards of this btlhttiful Swiss to sell at 29c a yard. It is
the genuine imported quality, woven on the worlo frmed looms of St. (Jail,
Switzerliud. White, with small embroidered dot# and figures. Now
29c a yard.
Pardridge & Blackwell Crowley, Milner Csl> Cos. Pardridge & Blackwell
By Frank R. Williams.
‘ See that fellow leunlug against the
wall over there?” whispered the clerk
iu the couuty clerk’s office in au aside
to Fred Ford.
“Sure,” responded Fred. “He bus
the self-conscious actions of a man
seeking a narriage license.”
“You’ve hit the uaii on the murk,"
Sam Davis answered. "I’ve uo'iced
that fellow three times in the last
three years. He comes from the coun
try districts somewhere. Once each
year for thi jo years he bus been here,
each time with a different girl, and
made Inquiries about a license. 1 be
lieve he holds the palm as the coun
ty flirt. The peculiar purt of it is
that he has backed out each time
when it came right to the point. 1
don't expert he will screw up enough
courage lh*s time to get the docu
"I don’t know," said Fred. “Lo-jk.
he’s coming now. And, by Jove, see
the pretty girl he’s got in tow!"
The youth In question, a rather raw
boned individual, approached the win
dow wdth ».he girl, properly blushing,
hanging on to his arm.
"We want to get a marriage
license,” the youth announced in a
high-pitched voice.
"Certainly," Sam replied. ‘‘Just sign
Sam and Fred bent over the regis
ter as the youth affixed his signature,
and rend “Ira Fisher.”
/Kv Men Can Buy
/y.-' the Best '
V; Grades of 50c -
At 29c Each
Men who need, or think they are going to need
Underwear for this summer or next summer, will
probably never have another chance to choose from
such a selection of 50c Underwear AT 29c A GAR
Men's 50c Balbrlggan Shirts In sixes 34 to 54. Drawers
in sizes 30 to 54. All well made, with pearl buttons. The
drawers are double-seated. The shirts have the regular
and half-length sleeves, some faced with silk.
Men's 50c Mesh Weave Shirts and Drawers in plain
white, blue, pink and ecru. The shirts are In athletic
style, without buttons.
Men’s 60c Mercerized Lisle Finished Shirts and Draw
ers In white salmon and blue. The drawers have bicycle
seats. The shirts have French necks and fancy facings.
All at 29c a Garment
Boys’ 50c Union Suits at 29c
Boys’ 50c Combination Suits, In ecru, derby ribbed. In
different styles. Both knee and ankle length, and half and
full sleeves. All 29c each.
"I belle/e I've Been you around
here before,” said Sam, In a eouvei
aalional tou«
I r a colored. The girl also looked
einbnrraased and glanced at the floor
Caught her about the waist.
‘‘Well, you see,’* stammered Ire,
"there wasn't any—that Is, they was
n't this girl, was they?”
Sara laughed, as did Fred, but they
Yes, 50c Underwear for 29c
Basement Bargains
5c for 10c Bird Cage Spring Bru< k
3c dozen for 5c Pure White Mason
Fruit Jar Rubbers.
10c for 15c new Patent Troupers
Hangers. Will not rust sialn.
10c for -5c Imported Nickel-pilled
Wall Soap Dishes.
25c for f.Oc Best Basswood, 12-arm
Wall Clothes Dryers.
Two for 25c for 8 ft. Best Pine Pat
ent Clothes I.me p.^es.
39c for 50c large size Liquid '’oncer
Furniture i*n!Uh.
stopped suddenly. Wltn a sob, the
girl wrenched her arm away from Ira
and dashed out of the room. Ira to* - ®
after her.
“Now you've done It," declared
Fred. “It’s up to you to repair the
damage. What in Sam dill did yoi
want to tell her Hboul the fellow's
other girls for?"
The two hurried from the room
after the couple. In the bull they
*aw Ira standing near a pillar, mop
ping hia face, while farther down the
hall the was in the enveloping
arms of three other girla.
"Why,’* reaped Sam, "those nre the
girls 1 saw with our friend on the oth
er trips. And now they seem to bo
holding his bride so that she won’t
get away. What does It mean?"
Ira overheard Sam, and, with a
sheepish turned to him.
"They’re my sisters," Iru explained.
"They've helped me engineer this
wedding My girl didn’t want to mar
ry me (this awfully bashfully), out
they helped me out and came wi*h me
to find out about the license when I
thought 1 had the girl. One of ’em’s
married.” he volunteered.
"And the two pretty ones—they’re
not married, are they?" Fred asktd.
“No, thjy’re not married.” Ira
grinned. Walking up to the girl. wh.
had ceased struggling, Ira caugn' her
about the waist. Then ae called to
the two man.
“Come up and meet my sisters. ’ he
'And Sam and Fred, with conscious
tugs at their ties, but with broad
grins, walked forward.
Miss Mary Miller, woman attorney
of Chicago, recently received $30,<)00
for legal services In a prominent case.
the Daintiest 50c I
Summer Vests j
At 29c Each
At this price a Woman can buy any of
the following styles of fine fifty cent Vests.
Women’s 60c White Ribbed Vests, with crochet
yoke and silk tape, low neck and sleeveless.
Women's 50c White Swiss Vest, with Val. lace
yoke back and front and silk tape. Low neck
and sleeveless.
Women’s 50c White Swiss Vests, with torchon
lace yoke and shoulder straps, silk taped. Low
neck and sleeveless. *
Women’s extra size White Swiss Vests, straight
style, with elastic armholes. Low neck and sleevo
Women's 50c extra size Lisle and Cotton Mixed
Vests, straight style, trimmed with Val. lace at
yoke and armholes; also hand-crochet yokes.
Women’s 50c Vega Silk Vesta. In blue, plDk,
lavender, white and black. Low neck, sleeveless.
Richelieu ribbed, taped throughout.
All at 29c Each
A Clear-Out ol Laces
You’ll enjoy picking out pretty Laces from these lots that are to
he closed at such small prices They arc not odds and ends, out arc what
have been left of excellent new laco. and the patterns are all pretty.
Here Are 12 5 c Pointe de Paris Lacss at 8c a Yard
Edgings as wide ns 6 Inches, and In pretty patterns suitable ler
trimming wash dresses. Now at in a yard.
Here Are 7c to 10c Val. Laces at 5c a Yard
A lot of fine French and German Val. Laces; some In matched sets.
Part of tm-m are soiled a little, to you get thorn all at 5c a yard.
Here Are Han:l Crochet Laces at 39c a Yard
The last of a big purchast undo a couple of weeks ago. Laces. cr»*
chetted by hand, some 4 Inches wide. In handsome deslg is, suitable
/or making Dutch Foliar*, and for trimming tabic cloths «md doylies,
now all 39c a yard.
Here Are Oriental All Overs at 39c and 45c a Yard
Ibices that could not he i» ught under ,'s' to $lO a yard; 20 Inches
wide. In handsome designs; white, butter and ecru; fine for waists,
yokes, otc. Two lots —J9c and 45c a yard.
Here Are Oriental Lac* at 12jc a Yard
Usually sold ns nlch ns 25c; some as wide as 10 Inches. White,
hutter and ecru. All fine-looking patterns. Now at 12| *c a yard.
♦ -
Necklaces of small cut Jet beada>|
will be worn this summer bjr thctovl
who favor the collar less gown.
Old-fashioned brooches are In the ;•
height of fashion.
Handsome Houses are made of an* hi
bleached linen embroidered with whit3 J
thread. i
30 Spaniards Die In Battle.
MADRID, July 20.—Supplementary,,
details of last Saturday's battle bo-.
tween the spunish forces and :hs a
Moors, at Mellila. Indicate that ihu
battle was a bloody one, In which
hundreds fell. Reports Just rece*vcd
from the Spanish commander Indi
cates 30 Ilpaniarda were killed, in
cluding one colonel. The Spanish
commander reports, that “Hundreds ol
Moors were killed, and that the wound'
ed among the enemy will run into th!
thousands. ’
W. A. C. Miller Buys Out Partners.
W. A. C. Miller, one of the best.-
known young men in the lumber busi
ness In Michigan has bought out Uh
Interests of his partners In the Hold-
L en. Miller & Murray Cos., which oper
ates a large lumber yard and mill at
McKlnley-ave. and the Grand Trunk
Children Cry
.F»b Printing done right. Time* Print
ing Cos., 15 John R.-st. Phone 1495.
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