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A Story of au Excitiug Dash for a Fortune by au Actor-Adventurer.
(Copyright. Uhl. by the Newspaper Enterprise Association.)
. AUAII UUMK, «llm liiluWN—Prolt**
• luitul miiittc, who Lvcoiiiua valsl tu Sir
nin hdgu'nr, And lUuuiei to inak* a
«*IH W.VI DAUMAR—Wealthy oach
• loi recluse. v/hosu huu»« la the ran*
“wyou. of a luyatanoua coterie.
«ut CHAU VEN'N'ER—Wealthy apa*
Ctailat, iiivuiliai of fellr Uuginai > uior*
bid society of seven. chief promoter of
a eerlea of ahastl) expel intents.
(JLO. CAVANAUH—ArIIsI. unotUsr of
1 **« society, who hua a rouiauca.
MAKION LE MAlt—Ueiuv eU of Cav*
• »agb. who la In tba aacral of Ilia ao
vlaia'a experiments
MR. PAltlhJ. MR HUSBAND—Members
o( tlta queer society.
UR. VEr.NET—A French medical
of Sir Chaa. Vernier.
MKETON liAClM.tß—lieu to Sir Will
iam a title.
MUTTS—A Cutler.
(tentleueil from Yesterday.)
(To bo Continued.)
Tiiroe weeks alterwtnle 1 wa» In
Puila on my wu.v to Cairo. My Inten
tion was to find, first of all. iny raise
love, Murion Le Mur. now Lady |)ag
niar. And through her. If possible,
hiy enemyChaa. Venner.
1 sought • eo compose myself for
\WktifffnißK m
I piace with THE
my purpose by play, heavy play. Suf
fice It to say that I found myself one
night In a gambling house,.
Luck favored uie, and I won stead
ily. At the end of an hour, so largo
a heap of gold aud notes had accumu
lated on the table before me, that it,
Interfered with my eltx, room, and
f \vp B obliged to stand up to make
ray game. I was In the act of stretch
ing out ray hand to place a large sum,
when some Inexplicable instinctive
feeling compelled me to look up into
the face of a newcomer. The man was,
a Negro. I looked at him more close-,
ly. and then for a second I was al
most stunned with surprise. He was
Jussieu, the ‘nfernal Negro surgeon,
who, at the instance of his master,
Sir Chus. Venner. hud inflicted upon
my bound and defenseless body tor*,
Hires which made me shudder to re
member. Before 1 could collect my
scattered wits our eyes met, and the
recognition became mut .1. The vll- j
lian started back a pace ami glared at
me. his eyes rolling in his heud. He
was attired in a fashionably cut eve
ning suit, in which he tried to ape the
gentleman. For a moment 1 shook
with rage, and a murderous impulse
almost overwhe4med me. Then came a
wiser thought, hnd I grew calm. I said j
to myself: “Since the Jackal Is here,
the lion cannot he far awav. 1 shall
make this scoundrel lead me to his i
master's lair!"
Holding him with my eves. I fum
bled with my hands upon the table, j
ami began to stufT my winnings into
my pockets. Jussieu tore his eyes
from mine and hurried towards the
door. I srtit my chair crashing behind
me with a backward kick and broke
through the crowd and darted after
Jussieu. He had already passed the
door, but I caught UP w, * h h l ,n - ha,T
way down the stairs.
•What. Monsieur Jussieu!” I snarl
ed. “would you run away from an old
friend? That Is not kind In you.''
"You mistake, mateur!” he cried.
That is not my name.”
“Perhaps not, * I muttered. “It will,
however, serve my turn. Come, mon
sieur!” I slipped my arm through his
and urged him down the stairs.
He was still protesting when we
reached the street. But as soon as
the door of the gambling house had
closed behind us I cut him :-hort.
“Look here. Jussieu!” 1 growled. “I
have in my pocket a revolver that is
loaded in every chamber. Take nte at
once to vour master. Sir ( has Venner,
or by the Lord I shall put a bullet
through your head!"
A hasty glance had shown me that
the street was deserted. I produced
tnv pistol, therefore, as 1 spoke and
presented it to his breast
The Negro started back. Hilling h's
rvea like a maniac, but he spoke no
word. He was shivering with fear.
T smiled and returned the weapon to
m v pocket. Thereupon l gripped his
n rir and muttered In his ear: 'Pro
ceed’” _
Uttering a sort of groan he set off
•inwh •Quicker!" I commanded. He
increased his pace. A smart walk
brought us oulcklv to the Rue D Kng
heim Turning Into thtV street the
Negro stopped presently before the
door of a large three storied house,
whose every window was closely shut
f*“We have arrived, monsieur." ha
muttered in a hollow voice.
■ Ydu have a latch key. perhaps.
T asked
*'Yfg f#
T looked steadily at the house for i
moment or two. then curtly forced him
to give me his latch kev.
A moment later he was running off
fn terror down the street. •
1 could not. however, afford to wasM,
thought on him. for I had much to do.|
Without pausing an Instant, I climb-,
♦*d Ihe steps and noiselessly inserted
Jussieu's latch key into the lock of
the front door. It yielded, the door
opened with u slight creak, and i
crossed the threshold. I found myself
in u wide hut dimly lighted hull. U
whs carpeted with cocoanut matting,
liooi s crowded its sides, ull closed.
Hefore me/ whs h staircase, and 1
found myself mounting It. I remember
passing one door and turning the
handle of a second. Then I wus in a
room, (lurk as Erebus, creeping to
wards u lied, upon which lay an un
seen sleeper, whose long, deep
tions guided my stealthy movements.
Whut ensued appeared even then like
nothing so much as the happenings bf
some- wild and fevered dream. I
paused beside the bed and my hands,
drawn by an irresistible power, glided
light as feathers across the coverlid,
across a man's sleeping form, unto
ills throat. There they settled and took
hold. I heard a strangled groan. A
sudden bright light Oiled the room and
Sir Chas Vernier's livid, outst&rlng
eyes glared Into mine. His arms en
circled me. With an almost superhu
man strength he writhed beneath tnc
| from the bed, aud we fell together
! with a dull but heavy crash upon the
floor. With a fierce and terrible satis
faction I watched his face blacken and
swell, his tongue thicken and protrude
from his gnastly open mouth. Before,
however. I could kill him a warning
step and a loud cry sounded from the
Quick as lightning I sprang erect
an<l turned. The Negro surgeon. Beu
dant, Jussieu's companion, was rush
ing towards me. an uplifted bar of iron
in his hand to strike. 1 eluded him,
and. springing to the fireplace, seized
a poker. 1 had quite forgotten my re
volver. For u moment we fenced like
swordsmen with our curious weapons,
speaking no word, but striking heav
ily and warding, filling the place with
the loud claifg of steel.
Two men had entered the room be
fore I was aware of it. Dr. Veruet and
Dr. Fulton. Both men were armed
with revolvers, which they pointed at
my breast. Glancing down the muz
zles of their weapons, I allowed my
weapon to drop. It would have been
madness to do otherwise.
My cantors had only to hand me
over to the police as an apprehended
housebreaker—an attempted assassin,
and nothing that I might do could
save me front a long term of imprison
ment. My very spine went cold at
the idea. I looked hard at Dr. Fulton,
and saw that he was on the point of
recognizing me.
"Why. it's Brown, Dagruar's valet!”
| I had an inspiration. “Better any
! fate,” thought I "thun a French
i “Detective Hume, of Scotland
.Yard!" 1 cried. "Dr. Fulton, 1 arrest
| you in the king's name. Better put
down that pistol, sir; your game is
up. The street is full of my men. And
if 1 do not go out to them in the next
, few minutes they will come for me.”
I “Liar!” gasped a choking voice.
Sir Chas. Venner had spoken. He had
recovered consciousness, and ns he ut
tered the word he struggled to his
“Liar yourself!" 1 retorted desper
ately. “If you don’t believe me. look
out of the window."
I had a wild hope that the noise of
;ny struggle might have attracted the
attention of some chance wayfarers,
whom my enemies might perhaps mis
take for the police. Sir Charles caught
up a revolver, cocked It leisurely, and
pointed it at my head.
“Look out of the window. Fulton.”
he said quietly.
Dr. Fulton peered through the shut
ter into the street below.
“There are four men standing on
the pavement looking up at the top
windows,” lie announced.
Sir Chns Venner nodded, and for a
few seconds stood blinking his eye*'
in earnest thought.
“What would you do?” demanded
Dr. Vernet.
Sir C’ha r les shrugged his shoulders
and cocked his revolver. “We must
quit Paris or die In the attempt.” he
replied. “Mr. Hume, If you wish to
live, vou will he silent. Fulton, look
out of the windows* again.”
Dr. Felton obeyed. “I can no long
er see any one.” he reported.
Sir Charles euppress.-d a curse.
“They must be on the steps, perhaps
entering," he muttered. "Ah. Beudant!
Thank heaven’ Bind him, Beaudant."
The Negro passed a rope around my
arms end in a trice I was secured. A
hell began to tinkle In a distant por
tion of the house. Sir Chas. Venner
started at the sound, and paused for a
moment. Intently listening. The hell
rang atain. Sir Charles threw a cloak
across his shoulders and tip toed to
the dor.
“Holloa! within there," cried a rau
cous voice In French.
"All right!” shouted Sir Qharles.
"We’ll he with you In a moment;
I smiled grimly. Some passing po
•llceman. observing the street door
jopen. had rung the bell in order to
| Inform the houaehold of Its rarelesa
;ne»B. Sir Cha*. Venner, however, he-
f ——————————
lleved that one of mv agents had i
called out to his confreres, who had
already entered. A moment later
Veruet and Fulton reappeared, dressed
as though for a journey. .
Obeying the guidance of a heavy
baud that gripped my shoulder, 1
marched from the yoora and began to
climb the staircase towards the third
story. The wrbole house Was now
wrapped in impenetrable Uarkuess. a
match wus cautiously struck, and we
entered a small unfurnished room, the
door of which was locked behind us.'
In the middle of this apartment was a j
ladder that comniuuicuted with the
roof. IJeudant climbed it with the
agility of a monkey and raised a trap
in the skylight, through which we all 1
passed In quick succession. Hefore
the muzzle of dir Chas. Vernier's re
volver I crossed a sightly sloping roof
of lead, and stepped over a knee-high
parapet of stone. Thence we travers
ed the tops of three other houses. A
moment later we were all standing
in a long low-celled chamber, iu'oi
, which we had been admitted bv a
{hideous old beldume. Then a terrible
blow on my skull deprived me of con- j
< sclousness.
| . (To- be Continued.l-
Oovernment experts have proved
that the flame from the explosion ot
! black powder lasts from 2.&U0 to 3,500
times as long os tiie flame from some
( of the newer explosives.
A Swedish engineer has perfected a
submarine mine which contains a mo
tor by which It may be rai-ed or low
ered in the water by an operator
far as six miles away.
. I
Justice Jeffries Says Testimony of
Cop on Which Man Was Con
victed Is “Rank Outrage."
Characterizing the testimony of pa
ttolinuu Frank A. Orlansky, of Hunt
at. station, as “a rank outrage.” Po
lice Justice Jeffries will appeal to the
circuit court Monday to have that
court remit the fine of Paul Dick, now
serving a 30-day sentence in the
House of Correction on Justice Jef
fries' own sentence.
"Patrolman Orlansky swore thut
Dick accosted two young women on
the street, and grabbed one of them
by the hair," said the judge, with con
.eideruble warmth. Saturday. "The
girls in the case cam to iny office this
morning and asked to have Dick re
leased. They said that he never
touched either of them, but that he
taid 'Oh. you kid* to one.
"I think It It a rank outrage that
that young feliow Is in the Houa© of
Correction on Patrolman Orlansky**
testimony. If I could release him to
day. I would do so. But 1 will appeal
to the circuit court to release him on
Monday. Meanwhile, I am going to
asl: the young man’s mother about the
bov> conduct.
"If my Investigation warrants it. I
will Issue a wnrrant for Orlansky."
The Magazine club will be enter
tained at luncheon and bridge. Mou
day. by Mn John Avery, In her apart
ments la the Pasadena.
A Junior pupils' concert will take
place Saturday, Jan. 15, at the Michi
gan Conservatory of Music.
The Detroit School of Music, > of
which Fraux Apel is director, has re
i moved to the Van Husan building.
•• •
The first concert training class of
■ the new year si the Michigan Con
servatory of Music will take place
Thursday afternoon, Jan. 13.
Miss Elizabeth Moore, soprano, of
the Detroit Conservatory of Music,
sang at un entertainment, Thursday
evening, in the Dearborn Retreat.
• t •
The Chamber Music society of De
troit will hold a meeting Wednesday
evening. Jan. 12. at the residence of
( Mrs. R. McD. Campau. No. 183 Far*
! ker-ave.
Mr. and Mrs Abet and Miss Olae
Dafoe, of the Michigan Conservatory
of Music, will give a concert in North
Branch, Monday, and will also appear
in lmlay City, Tuesday, and
Mr. and Mrs. Abel, Signor Bartoiot
ta, Miss Eleanore Osborne, soprano
and Miss Margaret Mannebuch pian
ist, of the Michigan Conservatory ut
' t
_ _ » *.
jfl&r Uneeda Biscuit
are soda crackers made from the finest
/fCv flour and the best materials obtainable —
/Sf 7 That Makes them an ideal FOOD
ffl Uneeda Biscuit
are baked in surroundings where ciean
jßaj liness and precision are Supreme
IU That Makes them eUKBE
, W Uneeda Biscuit
JBK are touched only once by human hands
ltAl —when the pretty girls pack them rM mi
h\ That Makes them CLBEn&w
Uneeda Biscuit
are sealed in a moisture proof
Keeps them FRESH
A Package
v (Never sold in bulk)
Music, will give a concert at tho
Methodist church in Orion Friday
evening, Jan. 14.
Tho following *s?udents of the De
troit Conservatory of Music gave the
regular Wednesday afternoon concert,
at the Conservatory hall. Wednesday
afternoon, assisted by Mias Elisabeth
Moore, soprano, of the faculty: Miss
Gladys Mendelssohn, Miss Westlake,
Miss Romalne Colloni, and Miss Nita
Moyer. v
The January concerts or the Detroit
String Quartet to be given in Temple
Beth El. Wednesday afternoon Jan. 19,
! and Thursday evening, Jan. 20, will
j present the always interesting “Em- 1
per or" quartet of Haydn and Mendels
sohn's quartet No. 2. In the Haydn
number the Austrian national hymn*
is used as the motif. The soloist for
the concerts has not been decided ur>-
on yet.
Harold Armstrong, of Detroit, sang
fer the Wlhdsor Literary and Scien
tific society In Curry hall. Friday eve-j
nlng. with much success Mr. Arm
strong gave two songs from Amv
Woodford SJlnden's Indian !>*ve Lyrics
and Allltsen's "Youth.” His fine basso
cantante voice and admirable styie
] were recognised in enthusiastic ap
plause and his singing was thoroughly
enjoved by an audience that crowded
the hall to the doors.
t t
Ai. entire Wagnerian program will
be given by Conductor Walter Dam
rosch and the New York Symphony
orchestra, Monday evening. In the
Light Gunrd armory.. The orchestra
numbers 100 men. and Is made up as
follows: Eighteen first violins, six
teen second violins, twelve violas, ten
violoncellos, ten basses, fourteen wood
wind. four horns, four trumpets, three
trombones, one tuba, one harp, four
percussion and one librarian.
Detroit music lovers have never be
fore had the opportunity to hear so
| targe a body of musicians and as the
\Vague r «turea call for every possible
. r**ourci of the orchestral instruments.
Mlie program Moudny evening, should
beau event well worth hearing The
full p’cgrutn follows: Overture to
“Flying Dutchman;" prelude to
"Lohengrin;'’ Dacchunale from "Tana
ihauser'' (Paris version); "The Forest
I Bird and Dragon" from “Siegfried *
: (arranged by Mr. Damrosch for con
cert); Siegfried’s Rhine Journey and
‘ Death March, from “(lotterdam
rnerung;" Q<mhl Friday Spell, from
"Parsifal," David Mamies, violinist
and orchestra; Vorspiel, from “Die
; Meistersingers."
* The for the concert are on
sale at Grinncll’s. The concert will
begin promptly at 8 o'clock.
Monday afternoon from 4 to 6
o'clock, Mr. Duinrosch will be guest
l of houoi at a reception at the
home of Frederick K. Stearns. The
guarantors—and their ladles —of the
l>etroit Orchestral association only,
have been invited to meet the distin
guished director.
A concert for the benefit of the Peo
ple’s church will be given, Tuesday
evening, Jan. 18, in the Church of Our
Father. The program will be con
tributed bv William Yunck, violinist,
Guiseppl Hurtolotta, teuor ami Victor
'iienham, pianist, and will include a
number of Mr. Denham's own composi
tions. The People's church Ib situated
ut the corner of Bellevue and Gratiot
ave., and is being remodeled and en
larged to meet the growing demand of
ihai section of the city. The church
is undenominational.
'• + »'
Mme. Tetrastnni, one of a stna’.l
group of the great prima donnas who j
has not been heard In Detroit, will
pay her first visit to this city, Wed-:
nesday evening. Jan. 2ft. in the Light
Guard armory. Mme. Totrazlnnl is
considered one of the greatest song
birds of the age. She is a native >f
Florence, Italy, and sings with tho
natural grace and the acquired method
of the Italian school — the beautiful bel
I canto. For her Detroit engagement j
Mme. Tetrastnni will be assisted by;
other Ringers from the Manhattan
grand opera company, of New York,,
of which she Is n member.
Announcement is made of the first
lof a series of Sunday afternoon con
certs. to be given In the Garrick tho
ater. Sunday aft' rnoon. Jan. Ift, wh«n
Mme Liza Lehmann and a quartet of
| singers will give Mme. Lehmann's own |
I composition. "In a Persian Garden. ,
! Master Albert Hole, an English bov |
soprano, is with Mme. and;
will sing some of her children .i songs, j
Other attractions to follow, according!
to tho announcement, include David i
Blspharn. Pepito Arriola. Spanish *«»y
pianist: Jasca Hron, Bohemian vbfin 1
Ist; Frau Tillle Kocnen. contralto.
Mme. Jonielli, soprano; Dr. Wuellner
: and Mme. Carreno, pianist.
Mlscha Elman will be the only groat
violinist to be heard in Detroit this
season, appearing in recital In the
Light Guard armory, Feb. 9. Elmar,
has created a sensation in eastern
cities and has heen engaged to appear
' as soloist with the Boston Symphony
I orchestra no less than nine times, au
I „ '
honor that haa never been given an
artist before by this splendid organi
zation. The Detroit appearance* ot
Elman wlli be one o t tha notabla
events of racant musical season* sad
tha lntaaeat shown In tha anno tinea
ment of hi* coming lndlcataa that his
fgme haa awakened the anticipation of
the local musical public. “A state*
ment appeared In the Detroit paper*
that Frits Kreialer would appear In
Detroit this Season, but neither ha nor
any other big violinist, but Elmaa,
has any booking for this city this ses
son." sajrs Musical Impresario Da*
voe, and be ought to know.
The following new book* have been
received In the Detroit public library:
S. Arnott —"Gardening In the .North. 1 *
Leonard l*. A yree—"Laggard* An Our
Schools** William Bellamy—"Mura
Charades." Thomas I\ Boyd—" The How
and Why of the Emmanuel Movi ment."
George i'anl>r—"Tla* Evolution of the
Amcrli'au Flag.*' Oeorg* F. Chambers
—"The Htury of the Comets." Winnl
fred Cock sholt —"The Pilgrim Fath
ers, Their Church and Colony." Walter
11. Crockett — "A History of Lake Chain
plain." Jeremiah Ourtln—"A Journey
In Hoiithelii Slhcrlu." J. Alfred Eke—
" The Elements of Insurance.** Habine
D.irlntt-flould “Family Named and
Their St<i> y." Thomas O. Grata— "Palm
istry Made Rasy." James K. Hurdle—
"lndia: Impressions and Hugirestlons.”
Geraldine E. Mittoii—‘'The Book of the
Hallway." John 11. Patterson—"ln the*
Grip of the N.vlka; Adventures In Brit
ish East Africa," Addison M. Powell—
" Trailing and Camping In Alaska."
Hack Driver Speechless From
Paralysis Due To Injuries and
Friends Seek Details.
Unable to utt r r a word on account
of paralysis of one side of his head
and his vocal chordr. Henry Smith, a
hu< k driver for Henry Geiat's livery,
| No. 46 Catheriny-st., Ilea in Detroit
| Sanitarium, while hi* employer, anibu*
| lam e in n aud Hospital attaches are
trying in vain to learn tne details
a railroa i accident in which lie wuj
injured. \ ( ,
Smith, who lives at No. 147 Garfield
ave., and la given the reputation of
, being one* of the most sober and In
dustrious dr Wars lu the city, drove hu
iliac*. u» Woodmere cemetery, with the
(Thayer funeral, from Warren-ave.
west, Friday afternoon. A few hoftrs
later Norton's ambulance found him.
uncotuudoua, in the Michigan Central
I depot. ambulance men learned
,thut he had been brought in on a train
but they could find out nothing more.
He was rushed to the sanitarium.
Solvay hospital had had a mysterious
call to the Michigan Central railroad,
at the intersection of the Lonyo road,
, but when the*!.* ambulance arrived
mere the attendant found no trace of
an accident. Smith's hack, only slight
ly damaged, waa later found at Michi
gan and Central av<».
Mr. Oelst is most anxious to learn
just what happeueu.
Page Five
Violation of cstM
Cttued Uft OMtb tt
WhLe the local facMry
uie satisfied that tbd law
in the case of Harold WUeon, tks
y cat old boy killed la aa •imtor
hvni in Kresge s 10-ceat gtor#
they have not made up (Mr wmßUm
as yet whether to prosocut# tfew JttfTsjj
tons guilty of th* violation,
they are i util nod, apparently, ftp OM9§
the employers who held tha
so lightly in this lad's eaae inntfliMH
chance , Jjfafl
"I do not say that no action imkl
taken by this office," said
Factory Inspector C. H. Johnson, gdfll H
uiduv. "None will be
away, however. We bar# the MKf 1 '!
under consideration. 1 aJB ftfMnQ
that the firm will employ a# dfHHpH
children under the legal las t* twH
future unless they are provided WllftgP
wot'klng papers. We have liVSSth|t*jß
cd the matter pretty thoroughly
find that there are no other eniplhMlfl
In the store, under 16, without Mftdftfc Jm
"We don't run to court vK& oOtfcr 9
plaints every time we find the law h** «
Ing violated. Asa general thing, i
prosecution Is resorted to only aribaft**
the violations are persisteat and
rant.** -|
"Is there any question that tha law
was violated In the case of the WWi
cox boy ?** ;
"No. apparently none. We can flat
no record of any papers having bfglrf
issued.’’ . ”
"Did his employers know how* e4#
he was?"
"Yes, they gave us his age thfWb
selves.** ° '
"What is the reason for delay la tw
stltuting proceedings?”
"Well, they are pretty well wbrrtod i
over this thing. They have their shatW,.
of troubles just now.
"Will they be prosecuted at all?*
"As I said before, we have the mat* :■!
ter under consideration, but I do Bfft'f
say that no action will be taken.** J
In Society ||
♦ ■ 1 ,m +W
Mrs. M. D. Bentley has return*!
from a fortnight’s visit in New Yorlh I
Miss Florence Pond will entertain -fl
at a buffet luncheon. Wednesday*, 1
Jan. 12.
Mr. and Mrs. George Starkey have;;
moved from No. 148 Henry-st. to No.
420 Second-avo.
The Bellevue dauclng club will git# J
a party in Prismatic hall Tueeday i
evening. Jan. 11.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wells are tej
New York from whence they will sail T
for Egypt to remain three months.
The executive committee in charge 2
of the annual J. hop of the Detroit - •
College of Law, to be beld«ia.,Btggg» •
burg’s hail, Feb. 3. are planning a
number of surprises for the event.
Miss Billie Burke, the charming 111* j
tie actress who has been playing at
the Detroit opera house all week, was
the guest of honor at a tea Friday
afternoon, given by Mrs. Otto Kirch* J
ner. •
"An old-fashioned party in anew
fashioned school” Is the way the In
vitations read to a gathering of thw
Central High School Alumni associa
tion to be held in the Central high !
school auditorium. Friday evening,
Jan. 28. _____
w —: ‘j
♦ : —*!
The following pin* score* were mad* ,
at the Monday night game of th* De
troit Whist tint*:
J. N. Stainer and W. B. Battelle. tig. 4
H. H. Simmons and Cummings. 3V6-
J. W. Bradley and F. A. Oaburn. %.
A. C. Stall wagon and C. F. Biel man.
• Vfc.
<l, Moor** and J. Burbank, 3 ft.
P. K. Slick and I S. Crawford. Vfc.
The next ladles* night will be held
at the club rooms Thursday. Jan. 13.
at S o'clock.
File Separate Bankruptcy Petition.
Two separate bankruptcy actions
have been begun by creditors of M.
A. Pereira, who conducted a Jewelry
and general store at No. 1180 Michi
gan ave. The E. H. Pudrlth Cos.;
Kuntz & Rogers and Belt; Schwab 4
Cos . of Chicago, filed the first, petition
and had Edward Rogers appoint*! re
ceiver Burnham, iftoepel 4 Cos., and
other creditors filed another petition.
Pereira gave a trust mortgage. Dec.
29, to Alex. Friedman.
Charged With a Serious Offense.
Charged with questionable conduct
against 10-year-old Grace Wagner, aa
*he sat beside him In a flv*cent
theater Friday night, Thomas Bar*
Hand. 29 years old, and giving his ad
dress No. 256 Fifteenth-st, was ar
rested by Patrolmen Raymond and
McCormick. He appeared before Jut
tire Jeffries charged with disorderly
condurt, but tho Judge changed the
complaint to assault and battery, a
more serious offense Bertrand will
have a hearing Jan. 10.
Robert Schemansky Buried.
Police Court Officer Robert Sche
niansky, who died following a mental
i breakdown brought about by grief
over the drowning of his son. Robert,
i ir„ wns hurled Saturday morning In
i Mt. Elliott cemetery, after tmpreaslve ’
1 funeral services In St. Joseph’s chure*
at 9 o’clock Nearly every court of
ficer was In attendance at the funeral,
and the Municipal courts Judges also .
j Attended. ______
She Kills Man Over 40 Cants. .
After being refused 40 cents which she
alleged was due her on a board bill
Mrs Minnie Shawkey shot an! ti
nt anti v killed George it
Jackson county, last night VMS
nr rested the woman stated th* Bth \
I had uaed abusive language to her. She
w*s held under 10.000 bond
That imaginative claim that he !• j
still being prealdjaj of Nicaragua ** J
Zelavas amateurish eontrtbndan r ßh m
Xhe great hoaxes of history.

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