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Page Four
Over-Eatlne Worse
Than Starvation
Seven Death* Arlaa Freni Thla Oavii
To One of Look of Food.
A Tfial Pookogo of ttuart’a D/apeps<a
Tafclsta Sent Fro*.
4 1: gngtlah medic*! obaer vrr uiaiuii
that sot on* death tu starvation there
ar# oovon from overeating.
Hf» investigation to appalling and
lead* on* to bottovo that among tbo
vngh, Maxou race over-outing to « h**
tiiiuii crime
Thle investigation proves over-eet*
lug to be tbo oauac to ton uMoe out
of twelve of dyspepsia. indigestion
wad stomach trouble.
These dtoooeoe bring un d*■('»» and
decline of tho other urgent and death
wuouoe booauoo u t an Inability of the
*re tom to furnish proper nourishment
to tho dying and afflicted parte
Wbon one over-oatt, one exhauata
tho gaatrto fluids, throws undigested
food Into tho Intestine* where It ere
atoo poioon and form llfo and It finally
aboorbod In a putrid otato or thrown
from tho ojrttom In a decaying form.
Stuart’s Dytpeptir Tablets will
overcome the ill-effects of gluttony
and frrofular eating They will digest
an abnormal amount of food and will
not leave the stomach until every
thing baa boon digested.
A single one-gralr. Ingredient of
‘these tablets will digest 3.000 grains
of food and in this proportion is seen
•bow oron gluttony can be overcome
or at least, its moat harmful effects
i removed.
Make up your mind to try Stuart's
' Dyspepsia Tablets for one week. Take
a tablet after each meal and upon re
ftlrlng at night. Every druggist car
jiiea them in stock; price 50c. If you
(have a druggist friend ask his opin
ion. Send ua your name and address
and we will send you a trial package
{free by mall. Address F A. Stuart
•Cos,. 150 Stuart Bldg.. Marshall. Mich.
Modern Woodmen of World Claims
John K. Gall Violated
Tarma of Risk.
Mrs Gertrude Gall broughr suit
against the Modern Woodmen of the
World. In Judge Murphys corn*.
Thursday morning, to enforce the pay
ment of a policy for 9500 taker, out
on the life of her husband, John K
The defendant disputes payment
on the ground that the policy express
ly provided that Gall was not to drink
intoxicating liquor, and In the ques
tlons answered at his examination
Gall said that he did not drink and
was never intoxicated. The company
will attempt to show that Gal! drank
steadily and died as a result of his.
A Californian has taken advantage
of the fait that files always walk up
s' window by Inventing a trap to be
fastened to a pane In such a manner
that a fly will entet It without being
aware that he has left the surfaces Os
the glaaa.
A» evfcrvone knows. C. W. Post of
Battle Creek, Michigan, is not ouly a
maker of breakfast foods, but he is a
strong individualist who believes that
the trades-unions are a menace to the
liberty of the country.
Believing this, and being a “natural
born” scrapper for the right, as be
sees it. Poet, for several years past,
has been engaged in a ceaseless war
fare against “the Labor Trust,” as he
likes to call It.
Not being able to secure free and
| untrammeled expression of his opin
ions on- this subject through the regu
lar reading pages of the newspapers
be has bought advertising space for
this purpose. Just as he is accustomed
to for the telling of his Postum
“story,” and he has thus spent hun
dreds of thousands of dollars in de
nouncing trades-unionism
Asa result of Post's activities the
people how know a whole lot aootU
these organizations; how they are
honeycombed with graft, how they ob
struct the development of legitimate
business, curtail labor's output, hold
up manufacturers, graft upon their
town membership, and rob the public.
' Naturally Post is hated by the trades
j unionists, and intensely.
He employs no union labor, so they
I can not call out his men, and he de
i flea their efforts at boycotting his
, products. The latest means of "get
ting'' Post is the widespread publica
tion yf the story that a car which
was recently wrecked in transmission
was found to be loaded with empty
peanut shells, which were being ship
. ped from the south to Post s estab
lishment at Battle Creek.
This canard probably originated 1
with President John Fitzgerald of the j
Chicago Federation of Labor, who. It.
is said, stated it publicly, as truth.
Post comes back and gives Fitz-1
gerald the lie direct. He denounces
Fitzgerald s statement as a deliberate
falsehood, an underhanded and <<jw
ardiv attempt to injure his business. 1
ha'ing not the slighter basis in fact.
As such at) efTort it must t>«? regarded 1
It is significant that this statement
about "the peanut shells" is being i
given wide uewspaper publicity. l«i
the patent inside" of an eastern i
| country uaper 1 find it. amt the infer-1
encn naturally 1s that labor-unlonite/,
are Insidiously spreading thi* lie
,An institution tor a mem which'
will resort to moral intimidation and!
to physical force, tbat will destrov
machinery and burn buildings, that
will malm and kill if necessary to e f -'
frVt Its end*, naturally would not;
hesitate to spread falsehood for rhe
same purposes,
*Ve admire Post. While we have no
anility toward labo r unions, so long
as they -re conducted in an honest.
• live-and-let-llve” kind of a way. wc
have had enough of the tarred end of
the stick to sympathize thoroughly
with what he is trying to do. H»*
serves sunport A man like Post can
hot be killed, even with lies They are
a boomerang, every time. Again we
know, for hasn't this weapon, every
weapon that could be thought of. beeu
naed *an<! not simply by labor unionsi
to pnt us ntit of business too?
i am goirg to drink two cups of
fostum eve,re morning from this Mm*
on. and put myssif on a diet of Crape
‘lt. ■ ft P V Editorial in
The Amtrlcan Journal of Clinical
Michigan Congressman Advises Presi
dent On Interstate Bill—Wants
Eiectno Lines Inoluded.
WASHINGTON. Fab. lU. Provident
Tait’s Interstate commerce bill Is to
bo thoroughly gioomwd for a ha r >l
fight bvfo.v L Is reported out of the
nousr committee ou state and foreign
commerce. Rep Towutend (Hep.
Mich.». of the committee, spent an
hour in coufeiouce with ths president
today on the bill. Towusend wants the
route designation clause of the bill
made applicable to eitccric lines which
connect with steam roads. Under the ;
original bill the eectnc lines were In
clude.!. out Attorney-General Wicker j
sham took that provision out of the
final draft of the bill Now Townseud
wants it replaced.
The president and Wfckevabam have
held several conference* on the bill
slncu It was referred to the house com
Tb*> wish to have the measure In
condition to s strong opposition
wheu il reaches the floor of the house
The iuea«ure is alto coming ui for
close sc: ulioy b> the senate commit
tee on interstate commerce At a hear
ing today a delegation representing
several Josen coast wl.o steamship
< oru pan it son r he Atlantic and Faolfic,
the great lakes and the Hudson river
appeared urging that the provision of
the bill permitting the Interstate con;
rnerre commission to establish through
ra*e». uu part rail and part water lines
be abolished, except in cases where
no reasonable or satisfactory route
Committee Completes Work On the
$40,000,000 Rivera and Harbors
Appropriation Bill.
WASHINGTON. Feb 10 —The $40.-
000.000 rivers and harbors appropria
tion bill was comp eted by the com
mittee today anu will probably be re
ported to the House iate this after
noon. The Mississippi. Missouri and
Ohio river projects are given large
lump sum* and generous continuing
appropriations. The upper Mississip
pi above St. Louts will get 12.000.000;
troni St. Louis to Cairo, $500,000. >n
addition to the appiopriation of s2s'*,-
000 carried in tht sundry civil bill,
and from Cairo to New Orleans the
committee recommends $2,000,000 in
addition to an equal sum carried in
the sundry civil bill.
The Ohio river ,s* given $1,000,000
which is to be made immediately
available and $2 50».ooo in continuing
The Missouri river from Kansas
City to its mouth will get $1,000,000.
Livingston Channel. Detroit river,
The Desplatnes-lllinol* rivers water
wav from Lock port. Illinois. $1,000,000.
Toledo harbor $1 15,000.
Among the- srr.alle- project* San
Juan harbor, Porto Rico, is to be given
One of the lmrwrtant innovations
ir the bill is authorization of tne
Secretary of War to appoint a board
of five member- i<> co-operate witft
the Illinois authorities in the con
struction of the waterways from Lock
port to Utica, for which the state of
Illinois has aprop> iated $20,000,000.
This hoard is to consist of four en
gineers. officers of the army and one
civil engineer from private life.
The other Michigan projects to be
taken care of are: Ontanogon $25,000;
Mackinac harbor. $2.50'»: Marquette
harbor. IIOO.OOU; Marquette bay. $2.
000; Grand Marais harbor. $40,000;
Mani*tlqu«, $1f»u.OOO; Menominee.
$10,000; South Haven. $50,000; Saug
stuck. $20,000; Holland. $12,000;
Grand Haven. $10,000: Muskegon.
$70,000; Ludlngton. $10,000; Manistee.
$11,000; Harbor of Refuge. Portage
lake, Manistee county. $13,000; Frank
fort. $20,000; Charlevoix. $20.*000; Pe
toskey. S2O. >; Alpena. $5,000; Har
bor of Refuge. Harbor Reach, sloo,*
000; Saginaw river. $25,000; mouth of
Black and Rouge rivers. $20,000;
Monroe harbor. $1,000; Black river at
Port Huron. $5,000; Clinton river. $5.-
000; Keweenaw canal, harbor of
fuge, east end. $35,000.
No Negotiations In Progress For Set
ttement of Squabble With
Sturif bakers.
The Everitt-Mfc*2Rer Flanders Cos.
on Thursday lamed a statement Jn
which it was formally denied that
any negotiations ere or have been
in progress, looking toward a cou>-:
promine <>f the Itigation with the
Ruruori of other changes, in which
the United State* Motor Cos. waa
mentioned in connection with the K
M-F are also denied, an.l the mate
ment i* made that the E-.M-F t’o. will
continue its pi*aeut plan of sales,
which ha* proven «o effective, aiul
will go ahea i to defend whatever 1
damage suits m:»y l*e brought by the
Studebakers with t'.c earn** confidence
they have show i in the litigation of
the past
Juror Edward Hucer Savs W ; !e Os
appeared Sunday.
E'lw-aM Huber < No. ,‘-7 Superior
Kt.. a juror serving on tlit- present tt-rui
oi the circuit emu reported Th r*
'day morning in* hi*., wife. No.tie.
had disappeared mysteriously on Sun
-1 day, and ad no; btuti aceu nor h**-*,. i ,
of s!n« e by any of ho fr ends
Mt and Mrs iiu .v: parted th« he«u
.Os friend MO’l S.a"'3. uf**rUOO!l. b
io go on. with a fii*»n«l ami aiie to
attend a 'heat* s*e p ormsed lo be
• I.WK'k In Mine ’ • n tpure supm-i. tui
failed to return
Thf • onplc were married aeveti
yen' - ?- sr*. after M s Huber bad ob
‘tnined a divone f?om lier husband.
{Claude McMicha* 1. who has siiic**
juied. 'l'h ?y have always 'i\*d happily
and Hub/ ' is ut»a!» * to account ior
he a'»-en( e
.Mrs. Huber is an a tractive bru i
irttte. |l*r home before marriage wjs
t ! n Rochester. X. V., and Huber be
liever that !s 'w here she has gone
Cbr,C('9t!t Cry
i castoria I
tatiahed Pale Hava Baan Guilty of
No Improper Conduct—Divorce
Cato Diamlaaad.
That Ju«uph Buxton and Mrs.
George Johnson, his landlady, have
h.**n aullty of no improper conduct,
was the opinion of Judge Rohaeit de
livered Wednesday afternoon »u dls
missing me divorce bill of Mrs.
Elizabeth Buxton The latter charged
that while *hu was abseut In Kuglaud
fur foir yeara, Iter husband became
friendly with Mrs. Johnson, and told
of their alleged actions after h% re
turn to Detroit us confirming her
The testimony disclos'd that Mrs.
Uuxton was of u highly excitable and
nervous temperament, and intensely
“There Is no doubt that during the;
four vears Mr. Buxton lived in the
Johnson home he became like one of
Rosy Cheeks or Pale Ones?
A moment’s reflection with your mirror will give the hint as to the condition
of vour system. Pule cheeks, muddy complexion, cull eyes, shi-w* a poverty
of blood.' You require something to make a plenuiui supply of nch, red blood
course through your veins. To ensure this taks
the wonderful little blood-makers. M hatever your blood may need the stomach
will supply from the daily food when it is in good working order. Beet ham’s
Pills aid the etomach to digest its food and to assimilate the blood elements.
They increase the supply and improve the quality of the blood. If you are
pa. c , weak, languid, or anaemic, a tew doses of Bet-chain's Tills will
Make all the Difference
In boxes witb full directions. 10c. and 25c.
I( Ir~rtsasiiap7' ~ ’ mm *tu SMMrirsu*uatnrt/tor^
k4a[ j T ntf *rs*v & m mmger anrsau/t*r/**. /J
COLGATE'S TOIIXT SOAP. o»iin»l. Blyi.rln. anil to. ift
honey. 3 cake* to a Hex, 3 size boxes
CHOICE' CHOCOLATE CANDY i” maide. vanilla'and IL
other flavors assorted as you wish 11/
For the best goods at the most reasonable pri<es, Blessed s Is the most
eionomital store in town.
Three Hours , Friday Afternoon ,
From 2 to 5
hitni/ Clearance of
Misses' Suits
ft 5 Mi'-e- Suits, in Broadcloth. Chevrons, Serges and Home
'■pun*. Single or double-breasted trouts. Coats satin lined;
pleated >kir:- Si/es 14 and 10 rears. /H
4 hours Frida afternoon %0 £ •
Girls' Wash Dresses
Shown in striped and figured Oinghams, Oer-ales and Reps,
one-piece l u Id si vie. with pleatetl skirt; another model
is a ty\<> piece with plaid skirt and white overskirt,
with plaid coi’at ;»:u! - bows. Sizes /f%
lo l 1 v ears. ( 1 1« Ha
ffo Connect/on WTTh Any Other Storm
i the family and showed Mrs Johnsou
many courtesies," Judge Rohnert said
| *‘H# may have taken hel - to the thee
! ter aa has been charged, but tt wai
always with Mr. Johnson s knowledge
and consent, and I fall to see anv
'wrong iu It. 1 believe the wife's
I Imagination has most to do with these
sensational charges, and I find that
she had no grouud on which to bring
The Judge also refused to grunt Me
husband a divorce at present, and ad
vised tho Buxtons to make up foi th
•ako of their U-year-old sou
Man Who Attacked Mrs. Anderson On
Street Draws 90 Days.
Joseph McKay was found guilty in
police court Thursday. of_ attacking
Mrs Charlotte Anderson, as sh»- was
leaving her hou\* on Watson at., liter
day evening, and was sent to the
works for 9d days by Justice Jeffries
in default of a SSO fine
Gris *
Full length styles ; n plain
colored Cheviots, double
breasted fronts, splendidly
Formerly sob! at Sro and
$12.75. Choice from 2 to 5
That Postal Deficit
Postmaster-General Hitchcock reports
that the Post-Office Department loses
$64 ,000,000 a year in the business of
carrying second-class mail (magazines and
There is not a deficit of $17,000,000,
as the department alleges,. but actually a
surplus of more than $10,000,000, when
the specific loss on free rural delivery is
taken into consideration, and the de
partment’s figures of $64,000,000 loss on
second-class matter are wrong by more
than $60,000,000.
for February 12th devotes its editorial
page to this subject, showing the injustice
of the recommendation to raise the rate on
all magazines and periodicals —but not on
daily papers or the country weeklies.
One fact: In the year ended June
30th, 1908, the weight of second-class
matter compared to 1907 decreased 18,-
000,000 pounds. The postal expenditures
///creased $18,000,000. There is some
thing in it besides second-class matter.
Look for a dozen more facts in this
week’s (date of February 1 2th) number of
The Saturday Evening Post.
Paid circulation this week is
The Curtis Publishing Company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The .1 \ erage wan will "Jolly’' with
the xt iut girl, l»ut he st*als glances
over her should?! at that Miss Slender.
Hm would sootier hold the liuiida of the
'latt«r in a fatuous alienee than really
i enjoy himself with the other Such la
> the power of line Juat •» line from
' chin to toe. or nape to heel that a all.
but it rings the merry marriage b^ii
Fat women ahould not repine hut
. refine- their own line* by mean* of
that phenomenal the Marniola luh
let No exercising or dieting la »»?<•»-
I aury Simply take one tablet aftei 1
~M . h meal ant! at bedtime, and In a lit*
tie whll* the overplus of fat -the
'coarseness of sspet l— will disappear
I The ftgure w ill become slight enough
Ito permit of a maidenly contour, a
pure outline, being fashioned with cor
set and gown. Then victory—if not
I revenge.
Although Marmolu Tablets often
i take off uniformly a pound of flabby
Huh a dav. they ore *julte harmless
! (being muds of the famous fashionable
nre«< riptlon o* Marmola, <>* c l
k,x Cnscara Aromatic, i 'fr oa. I’epper
mlnt Water). Consequently. even timid
; ones are safe In using them, for no 111
• —not even a wrinkle or stomach ache
■ win follow ihair use; 7.. cants as
I cures a large ruse at nny druggist's or
by mail from the Marmolu Cos., 4th* Far
mei building. Iretrolt. Mich.
I Job i *rt»ii lua none right. rimes
, priming €«»., IB John R.-SU Call Mala
i 14M. or City M*4* i
"I loved von dear, you know it’s true, .sawiAsMAt-.
'idle dav I >et mv eves on von.”
i all and nee our Immense Display on Two Moors.
Big Variety of All Sorts
MACAULEY BROS. 172 Woodward

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