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Social and Personal
The Junior hop of the University of
Michigan will take place lu Harbour
gymnasium, Friday evening, Feb 9
Ml** Constance Murphy will give a
dinner In her home, Tuesday eveulua,
in honor of Miss Jacqueline Btepheu*.
—Q> —
Holden Rule lodge. Star of Bethle
hem. will give a leap year dancing
party, Tuesday evening, In the hail.
No 4t> Grand River ave.
A free steroptirou lecture on
“China" will lie given in the Scrfpps
branch library, Mouday evening by
Edwin Den by.
Concordia society held a carnival
and dance. Sunduy evening, in Con
cordia hall. The society will give a
bal masque St. Valentine's evening
Raymond Unlitz, violinist, was solo
ist at a concert given by Bethania
society, in Turner hall, Thursday
Alliance Francaise will present
Mile Heat rice he I’aline. of the Opera
('(unique, Paris, in a song recital, in
the Hotel Pontchartrain, Ttiesday
evening, March 12
A concert will be given in the Y.
M. C. A . Monday evening, by Archi
bald Jackson, baritone; Mrs. J. F.
Maurice Macfarlane. contralto; Miss
Eva Often, cellist and Mrs. Lilje Oul
brandsen Moore, pianist.
Mr and Mrs David Whitney and
their son. of Grosse Pointe Farms,
snd Mrs. David Whitney, No. 825
Woodward ave., left Detroit. Sunday,
for New York to sail Tuesday for an
extended European trip.
The engagement is announced of
Miss Helen Russel, daughter of Henry
Russel, to iiarold F. Wardweii, so —uer.
ly of New York. The announcement
was made at a buffet supper Satur
day evening given by Mr. and Mrs.
James Thayer McMillan.
The first classes to be graduated
Irom the (’ass Technical high school
snd the High School of Commerce will
be given diplomas. Tuesday evening.
In exercises to he held in the gymnas
him of the school. Prof. Mortimer E.
Cooley, of the University of Michigan.
will address the graduates.
Mrs. N. J. Corey gave a luncheon
Saturday noon, in the Detroit club,
in honor of Mile. Yvonne de Treville,
of Hrtissels. Belgium. The guests in
cluded: Mrs. F. M. Alger. Mtb. H.
D. Shelden, Mrs. F. K. Stearns. Mrs.
W. H. Murphy. Mrs. L W. Bowen,
Mrs John Scott, Mrs. Charles Moore,
Mrs H. Geer. Mrs. A E. F. White. Mrs.
R. M Dyar. Mlbs Clara Dyar. Mrs.
Atterbury. Mrs. and Miss Avery. Mrs.
S. ()lin Johnson, ami Mrs. W. A. Spitz
Asa fitting introduction to an ex
hibition by the Society of American
\rtists of pictures of Arizona. Direc
tor A. H. Griffith Sunday afternoon, in
the Museum of Art auditorium gave
an illustrated talk on "The Grand
Canyon of Arizona" The lecture
proved of Intense interest to one of
the largest "overflow” audiences of
the season. The pictures will remain
a month In the museum.
A piano and song recital will he
given in the residence of Mrs. K. D.
Stair, No. 1123 Woodward-ave., Wed
nesday evening. Feb. 7. at 8:30
i.’clock, by Clarence Hird. of Florence,
Italy, and William Howland, baritone.
Ann Arbor. Mr. Hird is a son of for
mer State Senator Harlan Page Bird,
of Marinette. Wls.. but for several
years has made his home in Italy.
He is the guest at present of his par
ents. ip their home, in Wisaukee, Wis.
Th» recital will he tinder the patron
age of a number of well-known society
The formal opening of the new home
of the Town club. No. 406 Woodward
ave., will take place Tuesday evening,
one of the few old residences remain
ing In the district was secured by the
club for a club house, and has been
artistically fitted up for the purpose
for which it is Intended. George A.
Beecher Is president of the club. Ralph
Sparling, treasurer, and Ray Jennings,
An excellent band concert was given
Sunday afternoon, in the Garrick thea
ter. by Boos band, with William Boos,
as conductor. The band is made up
of 50 Detroit musicians and they ap
peared In the uniform of the First In-
B ■ 4f j^r
JB* 'rW^^^W
* jo^Ußk^
JBEggL .' ffft; .^:&%.fe
if /
faniry, M. N. G., to which regiment
they belong. The program, embracing
the usual band complement of popu
lar music, overtures and excerpts
from the classics, was given with spir
it and excellent finish. Miss Adele
Krueger, soprano, of New York, sang
in a manner to please the large audi
ence and to win hearty encores. The
concert was the first in a series, one
concert to be given each month.
The largest single consignment of
automobiles that ever left Michigan
will be sent by the Bulck Motor Car
Cos., Flint, Thursday, Jan. 25, to San
Francisco, numbering 220 cars, all
1912 models. The consignment goes
to the Howard Automobile Cos., of San
Francisco, and is a cash order of
Another test of the popularity and
efficiency of the Bulck car is seen in
the acceptance by the United States
government of a Bulck model No. 28,
for the use of Col. Spencer Crosby, of
the war department, Washington, to
be used in daily trips of inspection or
buildings and grounds. Before the se
lection of the Bulck the government
Invited all leading motor car manu
facturers of cars costing from S9OO to
$2,000 so compete. The test was made
by government experts, and all of the
cars entered in the competition were
eliminated but the Buick.
Do V° u D°
rg TKis?
That an easy way to crumb bread
Is to put it into a muslin bag—an
empty salt sack, for instance, and
then, unless it is too hard and dry, it.
can be squeezed between the Angers
and quickly crumbled without any
c/Je Mer&Sir&m
A two-pleced suit
of brown broad
cloth makes a
handsome "Sunday
best" tor a woman
who has passed
her first youth.
The coat Is the
three • quarter
length so becom
ing to the middle
aged woman and la
buttoned below the
waist line, slightly
lapping to the left
The collar, re
vers and upper
part of the cuffs
are of dark brown
▼civet, while the
satin inside is of
the new shade
tukej) from the
yolk of eggs. This
in turn is embroi
uered with brown.
The skirt is In
tended for walking
and barely escapes
ihe ground It
opens slightly In
front over an un
derpettlcoat of the
same colored
My Dear Daughter:
Your letter this morning made me very happy and I sat dowu and
dreamed a little of that time when I found that you were coming Into iny
1 am so glad, dear, that you are to have the great happiness that you
brought to me I know that when your first-born is put In your arms you
will realise there is uo bliss conceivable like that of clasping your owu
thlld to your breast.
A friend sent me that beautiful prose poem of Rol>«rt Ingersoll s when
I was expecting you. It has always hung near my bed. 1 am sure you re
member the first paragraph:
"Born of love and hope, of ecstacy and pain, of tears and joy—dowered
with wealth of two united hearts—hsld in happy arms with lips upon life’*
drifted fount, blue-veined and fair, where perfect peace finds perfect form
—looking with wondrous, wide, startled eyea at common things of light and
This Is what you were to me, m.v girj, and I am sure it is what your
first-born will be to you.
it made me very proud on the night of your marriage when you said
you were more blessed than- most girls because I had imparted to you a full
knowledge of all the great secrets of nature In a way that had made you
understand the sacredness and beauty of married life.
Now when you find that the very crown of womanhood has been plac
ed upon you anil that you are soon to become a mother, It makes me vsry
glad to know that there is nothing but jov in your heart.
When this is so there Is no room for that silly self-conaclousness.
vhich often goes bv the name of modesty. There is nothing vulgar about
the birth of a child. The woman who realizes the greatness of Natures plan
s'artß to work it out Immediately with intelligence and sympathy by be
ginning to train her child from the moment she is cognizant of its exis
You must begin now to devote yourself to this which will be your
treat work Use these months before your baby comes as a little resting
place where you mav prepare not only yourself hut your child for the
duties of life You will better understand what this means when a little
throbbing heart is placed against you.
Yes my dear little girl, for you are still mother s little girl, although
vou tell me that soon vou will be a mother. I will write you often and ad
vise you in all the trying times as well as the happy times.
I am just telling vou today of my happiness in the fact that your life
is to be blessed with the greatest Joy that is given to woman.
Until tomorrow, rest in the love of MOTHER.
NEW YORK, Jan 22 Colonel
Theodore Roosevelt who. for two
years has been honorary vice-presi
dent of the Boy Scouts of America is
now a more active worker in the or
ganization. He has become Chief
Scout Citizen and, in doing so, has
assumed direction of those activities
in the scout movement pertaining es
pecially to the training of the boys
in citizenship and social service. Just
as Ernest Thompson Seton lias charge
of ihe activities pertaining to wood
craft and Gifford Pinchot, Chief Scout
Woodsman, has charge of those ac
tivities- pertaining to the development
of trees and other natural resources
of the country, so the former presi
dent of the United States in his force
ful way will supervise that part of
the boy scout program of recreation
and education designed to train boys
of the country in national and local
affairs pertaining to government and
thus to fit them for the sturdy out
door life for which he stands.
Both Colonel Roosevelt and Mr.
Pinchot appreciate the tremendous
possibilities in developing useful cit
izenship through the Scout movement
and mean to give it the benefit of
Mr\ In . yr
Leads in Tire
Firestone non-skids were
the first all-rubber heavy
tread non-skid tires —and,
although many imitations
have followed, the Firestone
is still the standard of ef
ficiency. Combination grip
of many sharp edges and
angles, plus the suction effect
of a vacuum. They hold your
car safe from skidding as no
other tire can.
210-212 JefTerson-Ave.
The Firestone Tire & Robber Cos
"Amtrica’i Lot fat Exclmmv Ttrm
mmd Rim Makmf”
i».jm -/Simmy
lm . % JSb v J WtjWm
% x#y
their hearty support. The officers of
the Boy Scout movement are very
much encouraged by the progress,
which has been made in the last few
weeks in securing the consent of Col
onel Roosevelt and Mr. Pinchot to
serve on the Chief Scout's staff.
Colonel Roosevelt and James E.
West. Chief Scout Executive have
been very Intimately associated in
othe Important work. As secretary
of the National Child Rescue League
Mr. West persuaded Colonel Roose
velt to call the White House Confer
ence on the (’are of Dependent Chil
dren. which attracted world-wide at*
tenUon and resulted la a platform
for children's work which will be fol
lowed for years to come. All of the
details Incident to this important con
ference were worked out by Mr. West
in conference with Colonel Roosevelt.
It is reported that Colonel Roosevelt
is willing to take up the work partly
because of his confidence in Mr. West
to whom he once wrote: “You are one
of those disinterested and patriotic
citizens to whom this country is un
der a peculiar debt of gratitude."
Children Cry
■ nil
I uS *Jx yrm
IS |sriSs§l
19 v jjv^ywj
I hM « Ty^ECr
| •'. JK X|Vf /
I MB . •»% XttjM / fIV
IS itrflli
I w&%
M Kmb *-‘XC rr
Gr*y trees that love the twilight Und. I
r *f night go unafraid—-
" hut r*«i Khali l«r, w hut pra<# for
me l
The night when I am dead?
Ho calm, at* prophet-like you stand
Here while the glory pules—
" hut Ilea before—what brighter shore
"hen this good sunlight fulls?
, , . 1
1 he clouds like crimson torches burn i
High In the eastern blue—
The after glow that pusses slow
In many a radiant hue,
And unto It my soul doth turn.
l»oth fearless voyage on—
'this holy light above the night
Shull pledge me of the dawn.
--Ingram Crockett.
Grinnell Bros # Make Piano
In the Last Five Years more GRINNELL BROS,
(own make) PIANOS Have Been Sold in Mich
igan Than All Other High-Grade
Makes Combined.
The Grinnell Bros, (own fflake) Plano la a Grinnell product in every par
ticular. Not only la It manufactured In our own factories, but it l« con
structed under the personal supervision of a member of this Arm—and it
embodies those principles of thoroughness, excellence and dependability
which have for more than a quarter-century stood as the business principles
of this organization.
Its tone is rich and pure, with a depth und siuging quality which cannot but appeal to you as It dogs
to the thousands of de|ighted owners. The action is highly responsive—the scale perfectly balanced
throughout—the principles ot construction are those which time and long experience hare shown to be
best. That in the last Five Years More Grinnell Bros, (own make) Pianos Have Been Bold In Michigan
Than All Other High-Grade Makes Combined, Demonstrates conclusively How This Quality Compares
Friday. Jan. 26th. 3 P. M.
Grinnell Hall—Grinnell Bldg.
SOLOISTS —Ml si Theodosia Eld
ridge, Violin; Luigi Motto, Violon
cello; Henry Riley Fuller, Organ
and accompaniments; Albert Ray
mond Saunders. Pianola Piano. Pro
gram from the works of Salnt-
Saens. Verdi, Qrelg and other fa
mous composers. You will enjoy
XCMDI C Dally at 2ilft aad Hilß
I tlvlrLt port PAR PRICES
5 Kugear aad Willie llueardi 10 Vas
-5 sar t.lrlsi Ureal Aaahl Japn Kata
J Watsoat 4 Floodsi Wilson A WII
-2 soai l.oulu Stonei Mooreoaospr,
/N • ■_ POP. MATS. W ED.
uarncK * nat » *** *•
• NIUHT*. s©r 1o 92.00
Everybody’s Favorite Pasaaker.
Neat Week—oy EHNTOHT.
lit I nUI I ■ Mata. W rd. A Nat, 2
JOS. M. UAITKN Preseata
JOHN 1.K11.A
In Tbs Girl of My Dreamt
Next—Hear? Miller la “Tbe HaVae.”
> . ■ 1 gill li'-g
Baalness-llke Prlatrag. No fuss and
no feathers. The plain, neat kind that
looks right. Times Printing Cos, II
John R -it. PM. Msln 1499. or City *f*s.
The Oreatest Chance for Votee
During The Contest .
The following bonus votes for quantity orders will apply beginning
Monday, Jan. 22nd and Closing Monday, Feb. sth
This is the largest vote that will ever be offered on these quantities, so do not delay
in securing just as many as you can. After Feb. sth the vote for quantity orders on
many of the products will be reduced. Prepare for the quantity order now.
1 lb. Hunkers Cocoa (2 half-pounds
or four quarters) 10,000
1 lb. Runkel’s Chocolate (2 half
pounds or four quarters) 10,000
6 Runkel's Vienna Sweet, save
wrapper 5,000
3 lbs. Bour’s Coffee, save wrappers. 10,000
2 lbs. Hour’s Tea, save wrappers 10,000
1 bbl. Aristo’s Flour (8 24 l /j-lb.
sacks) ....*. 30,000
5 Ginger Cake Molasses 10,000
6 Olivilo Toilet Soap 10,000
6 Saginaw Tip Matches 5,000
0 Heck's Rolled Oats (save carton
only) 5,000
100 Queen Anne Soap (heads or
wrappers) 10,000
0 Queen Anne Cleanser 5,000
I—San Toy Toilet Water. Save Carton 1
I —San Toy Perfume. Save Carton \ 20,000 Votes
I—San Toy Talcum Powder )
There will be no combination scheduled for week commencing Jan. 29th and closing
Feb. sth. so it will pay the contestants to secure the quantity orders.
Remember, this is the largest vote that will be offered on these products during the
quantity orders. Get your friends to purchase some of these quantity orden.
AITHEN the floor is warm the
■ whole household is healthy and
happy. That is the secret of
the Reflector gas heater, it
heats the floor first. $1.25
a month with three gas bills.
With That of Other Instruments—and How Well It Satisfies.
The Grinnell Bros, (own make) Piano can be purchased only
through our own stores, and being manufacturers, we sell at Kac
tory-to-Home Prices. Convenient payment terms gladly arranged
when desired. These Pianos are manufactured in both Uptight
and Grand rorm. Let us tend you Catalog A visit to our ware
rooms will convince you that a Grinnell Bros. Piano (our own
make) will meet your musical requirements as will no other.
Grinnell Bros.™^™—
Sail CO >MTH. DAILY. 2i30
IWI IbCO —i .mm SF. \T* ilk
In "The Strongest Link."
Wnnwr 41 Slaafr In "Nearly a Job "
Four Purltasa, Harmonising Vocalists.
I(h> Mind A Hall, Pedal Poetry.
Ilrlmar 4 Urlaar. European Equilibrists
I.F.C’I.AIH BRON., Burlesque Ktrong Men
Mlteacoge, Photo Comedy.
| vrcim MATINEE*
America's Karranat Emotional Artreaa
•A Story Dealing with the *ex Problem
Nest—At fke Mercy of Tlberlna.
AVKHUE or hi hleni k. DAii.t
Next Week—* AM RUE with THE
Harry Hastinarii "show
l.adlea to Matlneea 10 Ceata
| Neat Week—titrla from Happylaad.
Burns Concert
—end Ball—
Llgbl Gxarl Armory, Tuesday Ev’g,
Jaw. 2a, 1919.
Father Hood, Scottish Prims Donna;
Fred *. Hickey, Refined Entertains*;
James Casale, Violin tat; W. L. Coek
bara. Scottish Baritone; Rials Par bra.
Solo Plan Ist and Accompanist; Braes
(ameroa, Highland Dancer; Daaeaa
llri*ball. Plpar.
Tickets 60c to $1.60. Reserved seats
and plan of ball at David Wallace *
Son’s 105 WToodwsrd-ave., on and after
Jan. II-
Times Printing Cos.
Phone Main 1499 <- 4- t» Jehn RSt
A- • ••
6 I/ncle Sam Macaroni, Spaghetti
or Noodles 5,000
12 Buckeye Milk 10,000
6 True Blue Gas Mantles 5,000
12 Karo Syrup Blue Label 5,000
12 Karo Syrup Red Label 10,000
f» Kingsford’s Corn Starch 5,000
12 Argo Gloss Starch 5,000
(i Minute Tapioca 10,000
3 Dunham’s Cocoanut 5,000
1 lb. Calumet Baking Powder 5,000
3 Morton Free-Running Salt 5,000
5 Triangle Salt Coupons 5,000
2 Welch Maple Syrup Labels 10,000
3-qt. size Parson’s Household Am
monia Labels 10,000
100 La A/.ora, 5c size 8,000
50 I.a Azora, 10c size 8,000
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