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tt| fOo To El Faso To Aid in
■ Guarding Border
HHuAHINGTUN, Feb 10—Four
■■ftdied Infantrymen irom Fort W hip
■Kt Arizona. were this aitcrnoon or
by the war department to pro
|d Immediately to FI Paso, to co
with the squadron of eavalry
Col. E. E. Steever. The inlan
Hn will then assume the active guard
of the border.
lntantrv battalion. command)
|B>j Major John K. Moore, lath infan
Wfr> •*P* cte J to R rri y e on the bor
H|r tomorrow morning Orders have
■in given for the strict patrolling of
■jll frontier and any armed Mexicans
llkund on this side will be arrested
Kermany joins hands
§§ p lumlnuol from I’Hfcr Ou>-.
■inter\eution becomes m* ossary tn .<>
■■■re a Joint mutual agreement be
■nte taking action.
■ Krnerefore the note liar- b.eti
■greeted with satisfaction and pleas
a favorable effect !n China and
■prill facilitate a settlement between
Kfc* conflicting Chinese parties "
8 IpWhllO »tlie foreign » f!l< e poaitvely
■fee lined to go into further detail, it
Biraa learned In seini-ofl\Jal quart n>
■feat Germany, fcellns isolated in the
East, us against a group com*
■hosed ot England, Japan and Russia,
■pith their territorial interests, and
■ ttlo possible designs of cue or more
Bpr them, turned to America.
I BKolther America nor (o .many iin\
■IDS! territorial designs nr interests in
change of notes has a tw<>-
■fold purpose.
S F.rst; It selves to notify tin* nth *r
■powers that America and Germany
■hte unitedly opposed to individual in-
and possible territorial d>*-
■gM on the part of any nation.
I, Second: It serves at notice to
■China that joint actiou by all the
■Kperers is certain if *he foreign it*-
Btereata are not protected.
8 K Tbe Cologne Gazette, seml-ofthi tl
Hpovernment organ, today editorially
■•raised "the splendid attitude of Am
■pica.'' ThlSfScntlment reflects the
■Nwritl feeling In official cln ies to
■nrd the action of the German am-
and the secretsry of state at
I Kflhanghai. Feh. 10.—Reports from
■fee north that the concentration of
Bpppßese troops on the northern
Bporder of China has reused and that
■ttny of the Japanese garrisons have
actually reduced, following the ex-
EjEfenßge of notes between Secretary
Ettoox and the Gerru.ui foreign office.
Efc*ve greatly pleased the republican
Bw>romment. it was feared that .!a-
Kan’s apparent preparation for a laud
■grab would have forced the hand of
lipngland and Russia and resulted in
■prrltorlal seizures by all three na-
I PSrora a source close to I)r Sun Yat
ißen it was learned today that the pro-
Krlstonal president of the republic feels
Btkat the action of the United States
Kgnd Germany has for the time at least,
■kecked Japanese plans, which if car-
Piped out must have precipitated a vast
■territorial grab.
I The German American stand for tlm
ppDpen door.” Is Interpreted here as
■banting a ne wlease of life on the
Pekinese republic.
I MAY brim; jail terms
E, NEW YORK. Feb. 10.—That he will
■demand jail sentences instead of fines
§(f be succeeds in convicting officers
Kkgd members of the New York Mer-
Kaatlle Exchange of criminal conspir
|My In keeping up the price of butter
I and eggs, was the declaration of Dia
■grfet Attorney Whitman today,
r He will start an inquiry before Mag
■ jttrate Murphy on Tuesday which will
pAeterraine whether there is a general
■conspiracy among the middlemen
nfetßag in all classes of food products, i
f ~a* * • \ ————
FIKEVILT.E. Ky.. Feb. 10 One of
PthC’ most noted feud leaders in the
KBig Randy valley, Loutn Hall, who
M|fcad boasted of killing 22 men, was
Ifthot and instantly killed at Shelby
fGap in tbs Pine mountains yesterday
.-morning by Constable George John
gon, and his son. Morgan Hall, met
[%he same fate a moment later with
P« same bool hands. People of that,
nnotkrn fear a revival of the feud
" |
directors of the Michigan Sugar ;
Cos., in their meeting. Friday, decided ,
■to increase the rapacity of the Alma
■ plant to 1.200 tons of beets per day,
KWkich doubles the present capacity
RThlfe will add 'AOiOOO.OGO pounds of
per ye.if to the output of
■Loompa nv The directors have also de
■elded to start work as soon ns pos
f'nibic on the plant in Pigeon. Mich..
■ which aas announced some time ago.
Band it Is probable that it will be ready
g'for business next fail. The plant is
|. expected to cost 11,000,000. and it Is
improbable that some additional stock
|,or bonds or both v. ill hr issued ir>
1 finance this plant. The Increased sup*
Kp|v of beets is given as the reason
j£- for the extensions.
■■.'The- Solvay company h»e purchased
■lie quarries and lime kilns owned by >
■ the Church Quarry Cos., in Sibley, and
will be mad** March 1
was made in a f
of the stockholders of the
wKolvay company, Friday'evening. The
■ sale will not Involve any change in
method of operation, and the
F. Church Quarry Cos., will continue to
F operate the church Prick Cos . rim'
i certified milk dairy and the general j
■ store. It will also retain most of its
■MU SItSU holdings in and m ar Sin
BievT The Selvay company has declar
MCd a stock dividend or 50 per cent, in
E creAeiag the capitalisation from slb,-
PtOO/XiO to 115.000.000. The dividend
k ie paid out of the surplus which has
I bran htrlP up in the op«‘ration ot the
All the world s a stage Some of »'
l Love of applause y. reep<>u-ii I>. lo;
■ assay • aaar actor. ;. |
Markets and Finance
! h it mi
Expectatiou of Heavy Shrink
age in Surplus Bank Re
sene Is Factor
Price Movements During Morn
mi? Are Generally To Frac
tionally Lower Figures
Copyrighted by New York Evening
NEW. YORK Feb. lU.— Today's very
Irregularly distributed decline on the
stock exchange was a movement of
professional origin, for which various
explanations w« re given after the
weakness trad displayed itself. It was
escribed indifferently to expectation
i.r a heavy shrinkage in surplus banU
u-serve —the stock market closed oc
lorc the liunres wore given out — to .t
mod erase un settlement in foreign
landing todays large install
ment pa> inent to ihe German loan,
and to the news that Bryan would
be railed in the "Money trust’’ inves
II a. in. —After showing pronounced
dullness the market developed a
heavy tone and price movements went
generally to fractionally lower figures.
Governments unchanged other
bonds irregular.
The market closed heavy.
K. port*-d for The Times by Haydenf
Sion* Cos.. IIS-118 Grlswold-st.;
Open. Clou i
Amcr Agrl. Cht*m. C 0...
Amur, M*-et Sugar *
Amalgamated Cop. Cos. . . *- '* ts
Amor. <’;ir At Foundry... ,
L»o. prof. 11 a'* <
Antr. Cotton «dl 4 ‘ **'*
Aini-r. Locomotive, pref. lot x® l
Atntr. Smcltinst <» ltefln. "*‘2 H
Ann r. Sugar Heflninw... Jb i I J*
A mer. Tel. & Telegraph. 140-'« 140^
Amer. Tobacco, prof 104-* 4 f
Anaconda Copper s,r * l a !
Atch.. T«»p. A: Santa F*-.. to*'. J®* 1
Unit I more £ 0hi0..; 101 •«
Brooklyn Rapid Tran
f'iumOUn racific ....... .■*
C-utr.il iaaih.r
('hi>«ap*-aki‘ A Ohio *1 .1-- '
Chino Copper *v.•*
4‘hleagv. Mil. St. Paul. |
rhieita*. k Xortliw«-e.t’n.. iji'r ;
Colorado Fuel a.- Ir«*n... 2*>“-
Copsollilatt**! <las
Product* I°!* i->i*
Delaware A: Hudson 1<- » I ‘j's
T»ts See. Cor -® a
Erie. ?0\
Do. Ist i*ref *•*» {
General Electric i*»f>
«ir*;it N«irth*rn. i>ref...
ln-etv* Metropolitan I* 1 * 1- |
Do. pref. *** , |
Kansas (Tty A South... 26H I
Lrhich Valley .... 1.-KA
I.ouisvllle <v Nashville.. l»S‘i
Mistouri. Kan. A- Tex... 2**4 - 1 ?'-
M, St. P. & s Ste. M .. 1121« IS2 |
Missouri Pacific J® I
National I.eM*| 5-t-N
New York Central * H..
New York, ont & W... J* v 'sr*‘H
Norfolk & Western 10*\
Northern Pacitlc 11" ID*'***
Pennsylvania K. K ll!?**
PSi'PtW* Gas At Coke.... 10S 106
Rav Con*
Heading *5?
Heiiublic Iron A Steel... 21 20%
Bofit —island— ........—33 23 .a
Do pr.-f 4» 44%
Schloss-Shefflebl 4® *•.
Sruthem Vaetttc
Southern Uv 2* * -;N
Do. pref < r^4
Ternefc**-** t opper •••* v
Union Pacific L'L
United States Steel *o\
; po. pr* f 10,% 107 B «
United State* Bonds I'*®. 10S
I’tah Copper 04%
Wabash, pref. . I? 1 * J® 1 *
Western Union Tele M
Westlnghou»e Mfg <O%
G. M O 2!^
Do. pref. < J, s
Reported for The Times by F’alnc.
: Wei her * Cos.. Feb. 10: The market
wuk under pressure tmlay ami the
wvukne** In Steel had bad effect on
the wholo market. »top onlera were
caught in both Union Pacific and Steel,
1 nod trader* offered prices dow-n. Be
fore the close, there was some little
i covering but there was stock for sale
l. m an y advance. The hank statement
, wn“ not very godo but little attention
Is paid to It. and we expect to See aa*y
m( . uey. The Lamon ral- case was
m oi>ublv responsible for most of the
professional selling. We look for a
traders market for next work,
Reported for Th* Times by Hayden.
Stone A Cos., Feb. I®‘.
()|)pn. High. Lo*. 12 A.M.
Arix. C0m1... .. j'i {)♦
\rcailfan •••••• *'*4 3*h " < tW
'*i?«J* «} »•» >»v *"§
Algonm fA* 5 4 *
~riiit iW
ci-ntenl IJH lj v J
|C,»pper lla-ngc.. •llx ‘*l •*>
l<hj*t Hutte 1- , v * J ; ®4 J 2 «
Frunklln U'» i* « ! -;4 1 * ‘
(llroux \
(Xoldfield Cons... 4% 4 *• 4 •
Granby **
• dir*M Canan’a J J * .*
Hancock ** } 4
Indians 13% 1-14 1-t% !«:•
i inspiration .... I*N l® 7 * f® I '*
Isle Royabe 22% - 2;r% -*2rDi
1 Kerr Lake .... 33 A ' 9
l.sk. 34% 34% 3.1% 31
May tlower % ■% • % •
Miami 23 N 23% 23% 72%
Molmivk S3 5*3 * r »3
Nlpissing ...... 7% 7% 7% 7%
North Butte ... 2*1% 7«% 72% 2r.%
OM Colony * <* •"»•% f> 4 «
Old Pont l r, N ♦’•% 1.'.%
. 10* *4 l 7 *’ % B* k ,
Oi’lncj- 7S 75 75 75
Rav Con* .... 17 17 l<?% I*%
,Shnnn<*n *'% .3% ’• % i'■
iTTtnli Apex 33 33
I Utah C‘*n* ... IR% 15 % I<i 11 \
ll’talt Copper... 5’% 5*% 34% 7,1%
U S. Stn> Itlng 35*4 3« 33% 35%
Do preferred. 17% 4** 47% 43
AVI nous * % 7% •<%
Wolverine •?»% 3f»% «♦’» %
, W yamb.tte .... 2 % i % 2 % 2 %
Repeated for The Times by Hayden.
Stone A Cos., Feb. 10: The Boston cop
per shares list is quiet, tone Irregular
; Influenced largely by decline in N**w
{York There are few stocks pressed
so” sale, and decline* have ItD-n conC
tiu*-l to *mall fraction*. notable In
Hancock. Chino, East Holt* snd Rn»
!Cons. . The balance of the market is
quiet but strong in spots
Repotted for The Times by Puino,
Webber At Cos.. Feb. 10: The local mar
ket was very dull ami erratic today.
*A little buying in North llutte ad
vanced the prtce to 3«%s then oh
I scattered Netting ryfctoTK to 25 V
I Franklin opened but n* soon ns
the ,l>uv|i»t[ ceasetl little support was
t> unfit i the in.u k« t Han* ■■ k
i held the t»est of any stoek around
practically Its top II a tire. The eltuu
tbm In thr metal market is fa\oral>Te
to an advance and this will Merely bo
reflected In hlaher prlet* for the pro
ducing coppers.
' 4—-K-t- AVrULOtgUL
a beat Is It etat* «m Sutunluv ttom JC
ehart* break In Liverpool prices. »*U|'-
poicii to result from a in*»rw favorable
outlook for u.e movemrrt of Argentine
Wheat. Europe i* getting n lot of
wheat from Futmda at present ami thv
movement acros's- the’ 11 *» «* 1* a** largo
um luelliti* h can handle.
"The break in Uvcrpool prl* es «>n Sul
ur«laj totuni tit*- American market ver>
‘willing t<< follow. Tit*- la-.-trishne** >*f
Mho homo situation I* mo apparent that
Mhe bulls sax little about their chance*
■ excepting that the near* are likely to
, over**ll the market and put prices up
getting their stuff buck
rerelpr* are still keeping far greater
than even the hear* expected. ‘Warm
ers are liberal sellers a«jd uppai -•.«11-
: Med in part with the remainder «»f lucir
; rrop at nreseitt prices. While *•*•* ks
are rusiung to market, there Is n«> cor
responding demand on the p.lrt of
•nll'crs. won say It Is v*ry itlfficuH. to
.•*elj flour. The only redeeming feature
I Jn the milling situation * n the heaxy
demand for all classy* of anmnl r«*o»**.
Tills makes j*rice* hlglt for hran and
all oth* r produ* is of grain ex* opting
Lite tlottr. Mlcldgon farmers ar«- hoax-y ,
sellers «*f x%-ft»«at and there x\-|R !*«■ lit- i
tie surplus left In this state xvhoti flic
present good roads hr* kk nji.
Rears are a Btfle timi*l about stdlinSL
sliort. ioa»trtg a congestion <*f th, Ma ’
Option WI teat was <iull and steady |
aft*>r the opening break <>f %«
The coats* grains Were dull and !
steady. ~
Wlieat qu*»tatlon*: t'.iuh No. 7 red.
(•S* - a*k»*d: Max opened with a drop of
%«> at *1 u3%. u«ix rtneed to $1.55%
rnd cl**s< <1 at $t *'3% asked. July
opened ot f*7%c. «I*m lined to t*7%c. and
clos'd at t*7%c: N*<. 1 white. ?7c.
; Uoarse grunt quotation*. i>rn—Cash
Vo, / *t7c: No. 3 yellow No. 4
yellow 1 car at <5*5%, Oats —Standard,
No Iw I Ry * Dash No
7. 07. c. • Beans—lmmediate, prompt uinl
FebrUirv shipment. $2 40: Mia h $7.42:
M.y. $2.50. UJoveraeed— peiine *f»ot
and March, tit ssmp’e. hjic-; ut
sl3 25. 20 at $12.7*0: prime atsike
sample nlsike, 17* tnigs at $12.50. 0
ut sll Timothy seed—Prime spot. 00
! hag* at $7. Barley-—Best sample* $2.7*0
# JTifi per <w i Buckwheat —Good mill
ing grain. $1.75 t>- r * xvt.
Receipts tn tl«e Detroit market on
Saturday were l,oE.‘> hbls of Hour. ®
e*-s of xvh«-et. 4 of o<>”n and l of oaf*.
Withdrawals were sAo bhls of flour.
I Jf.oo * l*u of wheat, ’.”*.743 bn of corn.
’ 5.327 bit of twis. Stocks are 51R.031
hu of wheat. I*i'i7lo hu of ro*-n. 147.250 j
! bu of oats and 23.730 hu of rye.
Receipt* of wheat Saturday: St. j
i Louis, B.ftOO t>u. iguinst p* **»*«> hu u |
v**r ten Winnipeg. 2'..'A (“irs. ucalns» |
25. Duluth. 11 *rtr.- asAinat 42: Minne-j
i apolis, I**' ears, against 101: Kansas,
Cltv. G'' vear*. against 34; Omaha, 2?'
car*, against 12.
Wher* t r-eeip:* at primary points
Saturday. bu; year ago. 322.-
Np(t bu.
f.'xnorr* of wheat and flour Satur
day. m.OM bu.
U., i el*. J«*. Hueat. * aslt,
sl.«»')%, May, sl.ua; -u.y. *.ts >c. aei-L.
*'otn: sash. 67'«*-; May, 7*i%c;
July, tti*'**-- Sept.. 70%c. Oats; Caaii,
53*40; May, 55%*:; July. s«> l «c; tiept.,
43 *c. Rye: Cash not quote**, t'lover
secd; Cash and Feb., $14.02%; March.
*14.10%; No. 7, $1305. No. 3, »13.40 re
jected. $13.15. Alstke: Cash. $13.30;
March, $13.35. Timothy: Cush, $7;
March, ?,.o2‘*. Butter, eggs and hay
(Hit bill CHAlN—opeulua.
CHICAGO, Feb. 10.—Wlieat: May and
July down %e. Corn: May and Julj
down %o. (»at*: May and July un- !
changed. Provision* slightly lower.
Cios* \\ heat: M *>’ un* nai.ged, July i
down %c. Corn: May and July up %c. |
Oath: May ami Jul> up %c. Provision*
I Quotation.* by llaydeu. Stone & Cos ,
1 Feb. 10. 1H12: |
Open. High. Low. Close.
I Whtat
I May..'. 1 OJ% 1 03% 1 u. 7xl 03%
July... xE»H% x:*t»% J*t»% x«st> n,
Sept... x$4H 1*4% x:)4% 04%
i ro ra—
May... **% «*% 68% x*6B%
July... *8 th* % tin b6K%
%ikfpt... «$% x*>»% x*!B% S
M«y..x 52% x 52% 52% b 02%
July... l«% 43% 4$ 1*43 %
Sept... . 41% 42 41% *42
J Pork™ -
Mav... IS 20 IS 20 Xl« 15 16 20
July... 16 35 16 40 16 35 MS 37
La rd—
May... *» 30 XJ 30 *25 b* 25
July... !* 42 i* 4& 1* 40 x*» 40
Mae... x 77 H 80 xH 75 ■$ 77
July., xk X2x 8 ?2 x» B<* 882
th>Bld. (s)8old. (X)Spllt.
Reported for The Time* by Paine.
W.bher & Cos., Feb. 10: Wheat —It Is
easy to make out a bearish case against
wheat with the Liverpool cable
i lower, the run of wheat at Minneapolis
1 away above prediction*, some of the
winter wheat *tate* offering consider
able No. 2 red to come here, and no
*uch cash or distributing demand for
Chicago wheat stock* n* reasonably
expected at this s.-ason. No doubt
these condition* xvill lead to over-sell
ing by the local trade and the bears
will have the same experience In get
t.ng the wheat back on a congested
ma r ket that the over-confident buyer*
have bad in *«.-ll!ng out on break* for
three days pwst. Corn—No change in
temporary condition* can n‘lt*-r the
I view* of the hull Rader* in this corn.
They may reduce their line* and work
tor tcunporary reaction, but bark of
t.hat i* the belief that the feed situa
tion ami low reserve of corn as a re
sult of tho demands from tire South and
the enormous feeding of tlm past two
month* will eventually force a higher
level than yet reached for cash and fu
ture*. The report on farm reserves Is
i leas than a month aw ay. Heavy feeding
contlnuM. It i» a tint to bs cooaer
vattvc and watt for breaks to buy corn.
BAST Wl'FFAl.O—Openlag.
Dnanlng 41 Me»e»a’ !.!»• Meet, Heport
KAKT BUFFALO, N. Y. Feh. 10.—
Cattle. Receipt*. S car*; market,
dull; beat 1,400 to 1.600-lb. steers,
! $7.50(0 8.00, prime 1,300 to 1.400-lb.
•teer*. urlme 1,200 to
' 1.300-lb. *te*rx $6.40 (| 6.35; medium
steers, $5,504(6 10. light butcher steer*.
|4 504 y&. beat fat coW*. $4 764)6.50, fair
to good. $4 ts 4 50. common tomedium.
$3 50 if 3.60. trimmer*. sJ.sogp 3. beat (at
heifer*. $5 50&6.60. good fa» heifers. $i
'n’tib, fair to good, $4 stock
heifer* $3&3 25, best feeder*. $4 604$
4 76. common feeder*. $.1.604?4. Stock
er# all grades, $3.50tj4. export bull*,
s£so*|6. butcher*’ bulls. $6<&5.60,
bologna* $4,254)4.75; stock bull*. $3 26
: If 4.25; milkers and springers, $254) >5
Hogs: Receipts, 20 cars; market,
j strong, heavy. $« KOffA 70; yorlcers.
{ so.«:.«f t.7e. pig*. $6,30.
Sheep: Receipt*. 20 ear*; market,
active, top lamlt* $6 804/ 6.90; year
lings. $5,256)5 60; wothera. $4 40!ft I 6".
I exvos, f .1.75#i 4
Calves. SSeflO
EAST BI’FFAIiO. N. Y., Feb. 10.—Cat
tk; lie. «ipta, i«)U bead; matket. dntt
i .in«i steady; pnme steers, $7$)H, butcher
| grade*, $5.504f 6.7 5. Calve*: Receipt*.
l"0 head; market. n< ttv*> and *teady;
■ cu!l to « hnleo. $5.764t10. glit-* p and
I han’t)*: Receipts, 5.000 head, mark’ i,
active and ’lrm; choice lamb*. s>»,’>:. 4r
$.90; cull to fair. ssiis.Bo; yearling*.
$7».1’% sheep, |J/r4 «and, 11-’as: Rei efpt*.
*• TTTfIn —n.i »;r ■ i.irtrlrr t. —qrm*r: —■tT.rrr.v -'
$4,444/4.*s; pig*. $61)6.26; lnl\»*.l.
15.70: licmyj , s■) 504f 6.64; rough*, $.'.5"
•t 6 stHK-. • t 6o*) 6.3.)
Feb. 10.- Hogs: Receipt*. 20,414)0 liesd;
market, ateady; mixed and hmeliera, $6
t/6.37%: good heavy. $6f>6.37%; rough
i heavy. |454.17; light, $5.9.)ff 6.30, pig*.
! 94.40 4/6. Cattle: Receipt*, 1.51)0 head;
j market. weak; b.i.-x ■ s $4 tOOs,t,'i;
e.ixv* and belfer*. $2,101/6.60; stocker*
land feeder*. s2>r«44 6.1 o; TANARUS) xnns $4 $5
1| R.Xo; 1 calVgS. $ ).?54) Vss. Sheet.: R.*-
ettpt*. v. 2 1)00 tn.nl; ‘■market. *t«sd>.
native, s!>,l.‘i(i 1,44: * rn|*rn, $3. |<)t| 4 ii<>;
luitilu, 11 25566.t0. wf/Uib. $ l.spti 6 50.
f I.IA El. INI).
CLEVELAND, O, Feb 10.— Hcge Re
, celpt*, 2,009 hisd. steady to 5c higUsi,
'heavier and mediums. $6.70: yorker*.
$6.60; pig* $6 10. Cattle: Receipts, 12
curs; slow and stoady. Sheep and
lambs: Receipt*. 4 ear*; $6.65 top
C«!vi». Receipts, 100 head; top $9.
Commission men reported a fairly ac-
J tire local trade but nothing at ull in
'decline. *omn (tr,iters think the butter
market Is due for something of a rally
this xveeß Kgga are easy in tone be
cause of the free off.-ring* of southern
stock, tiut this cold snap may check
the movement. There was no poultry
in. and very few dressed calve* were
in Might, but buyer* were also lacking,
and the market was unchanged. The
potato market i* dull and easy. Deal
er* are fairly well supplied, and there
ur* u good many lu-uig offered front
the country.
Apple* sl4) 350 per bbl; western box
| apples, SJ7S ts 3.50.
Iluun***—(i< od shipping stock. $1 60
« 2 26
IU-mu*—Dried Lima. 7<u7%c lb.
iallforela fruit* Grape Tokaye.
Ni 75 4(2 per box
4 »ler>—Houic-groxvn. so4f46e per
iox; Caliiornia, $6.75 per crate.
4 nuliloarr— 76 4f 66c bu.
« all bag e—J% 4f*c por lb.
l hmr— Mielngan fiats, Upllc; lato
made, 17U17%c; New York fiats, 19c;
chcdard*. domestic Swiss. 194$
22c; block Sxvis*, 18<ul9c; Imported
'Swiss. 29)j 31c, Limbuigcr, I*> % q ISc;
j brick ebec»o. 19 u 20e lb.
4’raaberriea— Howe*. $2.50 per
bu $9 50 per bbl.
Dateu Dcrsian. new. 6c lb; Fards,
■ 10.') lo %c lb
I Dreaaed t iihr* Fancy, 9 10c; com
-1 nion. 6a Sc lb.
l/rea*ed tloga— Lig'it to medium.
7V»c. heavy. 6f)644c<b.
$ tge—impuMcn, new. Tl <fl6c per 10,
California. 25c lb.
Fluus* lladd/ea— 7} 10c lb.
IrrsS \ egt-xaalea Cucumbers, hot
house. $1 50691.76; lettuce, hothouse.
15c lb, bead lettuce. $1.60 do*, onion*.
Zac dos; green pepper*. $3.60 per 6-
boskei crate. 66c per basket; carrota,
854/90c bu; shallot*. 804) 85c.
Grape Fruit*— Florida, $6 j 0 i)7
Grapes—Malagas, $6 4)8 bbl.
Hoar) —Fancy xvhito. is a 19c; am
ber. 16q17c; extruded, 104fllc lb.
Hay—Detroit shippers are paying the
follow ir\g price* for baled hay in car
lot*. f. o. b. Detroit: No. 1 timothy.
S2O 4j 21; No. 2 timothy. sl9 4)20. clover,
mixed. slß® !9. rye straw. $8.60'g9;
wheat and vai straw, $8 4)8.50. Loose
market* ranged from $224)26 as to
Hides No. 1 cured, 12%c’ No. 1
grt«-n, 10%c; No 1 cured bull*. 10c; No.
1 green. 9c; cuivj - ulf. No. I, l.c;
green calf. No. 1,16 c per lb.; horse
hule*. No. 1. $3.75: No. 2. $2.75; sheep
>kms, a* to wool, 26c® $1.60; No. 3
hide*, lc off on kip. l%i ->ll »n cuif
l.riimsi —California. $6®6.25; Messi
na*. box
l.intes— $1 ® 125 dox
.Nun)— Hickory nuts, large. $1®1.25;
sh< 111 arks. 2%'1l 3c lb; butternuts sl.
black walnut*. 75c u$T bu.
Oaioas —Yellow. $1.75 per bu; Span
ish, $1,754) 1.80 per crate; Bermudas,
$3.50 per crate.
Oranges—California navels, fancy, $3
rq 3.7 5: choice. $2.50<U3 per crate; Flori
da*, $3 <)J.75 per box.
Poultry--Springs, No. 1. 12 t) 12 %c lb.
No. 2. lofi 10%c; fowl*. 10fi 11c; No. 2.
B'®9c; geose, 12p 12c: ducks, young, 14
i/ 15c; turkeys, 15t)16c; dressed geese.
144) 15c, ducks, 164?17c; chickens. 12
913 c lb.
ITaeapplee— Florida*. crate.
Potatoes Car lots, track. Detroit,
are selling at $14)1.05 bu. new Ber
muda*. $2 504) 3 per bu.
Mriao-—Detroit buyers are bidding as
rat, suc.
straw berries—-354) 40c quart box
Nx.ret Potatoes-—Jerseys, kiln dried,'
32.104)2.20 per crate.
'luiuitoes Florida, $4.60 per l-bas-i
ket crate. So®ssc per basket. N
Tails*—No. 1. 6%c; No. 2. 5%c lb.
\4,m*l—Michigan unw ashed wool for |
southern, central and northern sections.
%. \ and % blood. 19 4f2oc; delaine,
•inwashcd. l*>(*)lje; common, rough
and fine, 14 'o 18c lb; f. o. b. country
Caaaeg Goods—Apples, gais., $3 50,
baked beaus. 1-lb., 60(p60c, Lima beans,
$14)1.25. Corn: Fancy Maine, sl.lO.
standard, 90c. Table beets, $1,25 4)1.40.
i'eaa. Fancy, early June, $136, stand
ard, $1; soaked. 604)70c. Salmon.
>ucko>e, tail. $2.35;. fiat, $2.40. Alaska
reds. s2.lo,Alaska pinks, $1.20. Toma
toes. $1.404f150; succotash, $145125
per doz Peas: Marrowfat. $1 15; early
June, $1.25; sifted early .June, $1.45 per
doa. .
O.flee Packet coffee, 100-ln. case,
$18.704i 22.50 delivered.
Feed—Jobbing prices In 100-lb. sacks;
BfuiY. S2B, coarse rnuldling*; s3s; Hne J
mikutings. $32, coarse corn meal and
cracked corn. S3O; corn and oat chop.
927 per ton,-
Flour—Jobbing prices: Best Michi
gan patent, $4.85, second patent. $4.60;
straight. 94.35; pure rye, $5.20, spring
patent. $5 90 per bbl In wood.
Hardware—Nails. $2.25 base; plain
ahoe.iieti xvire. $2 per cwt; galvanized
barbed wire, $2 25 per spool; gal van
i/.ed wheets, 28 Kauge. $4 per cwt;
eihgle bit axes, bronzed, $7.50 per do*,
polished, *9 per doz: black sheets, f.7
per cwt; carriage bolt*, small, 70 per
c<*nt off; large. 60 per cent off list, ma
chine holts, small, 70 per cent off;
large, 60 per cent off list
Oil itaw nnicea, 77c; boiled lin
seed, 76c; Diamond headlight kero
sene. 9c; perfection. 9%c; Eocene
llt Crown gasolin*’. ISc per gal.
turpentine. In bbl lots, 53c pe: gal.
Fruvlsloa*—Mess perk. $16.50; fam
ily. sl7 4*19; medium. clear. sl6 ts
17 50; *moked ham*. 134)13%c; dry
salted x 4 c; bacon. 12v
13%c; lard. In tierces, 9\c; kettle
rendered. 10»*c per lb.
Corrected dally by W. H. Edgar &
Son: Crystal dominoes, 2 lbs., SS.9C, do
5 lb*.. $s 40; Engle tablets. $7.35; cut
loaf, s6.Bf>; cubes $6.20.; XXXX pow
dered, $6.30; standard powdered, $6.25;
granuliitwl. e- tis coatse. $5.95; fine In
bulk, $5 »5; 25-lb. cottons, $5.90; dia
mond A. $6.95; confectioners’ A. $5.80;
No. 1 $.5 35. No. 2. $5.65; No. 3, S6.MR
No. 4. *3.75; No. ft, $5.70; No. 6,„9’0.65;
No. 7. $5.60; No. 8. $5.56: No. 9. $5.50;
Vo. 10. $546; No. 11. $6 40; No. 12. $5 $6;
No. 12. $5.30. 14. $5.30; No. 16. $5.30;
household pow'dertd, 5-lb. cartons, 18
to ea*<\ $6.80; do 1-lb. cartons, 48 to
case,. $ I per 100 lbs.
Butter Extras. 32c; firsts, ,80c lb.;
dairy, 24c; racking Mock, 20c lb.
Emu—Uur'-eIH D’s lpts, < ase* in
cluded, 31c p'-r doz Market firm. Re
ceipts on Saturday, -77 cases.
BOSTON, Feb. 10, —The Commercial
Bulletin suvs of the wool market; "A
fair amount of business ha* been |
trstsacted In the Boston wool market |
this week. notwithstanding certain
outside apparently adverse rnnditons.
Brices on ce’tain grades which have
keen in strongest demand are ippar- ’
enlly only bounded by the courage of j
the holder In asking a pri. •• i.bb .t. id
course, to the value of competing lor- j
eign wools the market Is ,
slightly firmer Chief Interest a) the;
momenl _jfent< rs in th« west, where I
cor.trading, b.j..-. btxijtL active and hm
been spreading more" or less buyers;
now being in Ut.*h. Nevad. ttie tri-I
angle, and tt is said attempts have |
been made to buy in Montana and Ore- •
The shipments of wool from Boh- ]
t>n from Jhi. 1 to Feb. 8 inclusive.
w> re 35,453 692 lbs. against 21,602.787
It s fc r the same period Dst year. The J
nc-lnp* frcun J-u*. I so Frtr. A, TncTu- j
■ I'Ve, were 25.4.10,856 ll»s. against 25.-}
486 728 lbs for the same period last
>eat ** t
NEW’ YORK. Feh 10.—Flour: Dull*
I but Steady. Pork Firm; mess. sl7 26
i*u li.*6. Lnr«l: fltesdy; middle west,
snot *•» l'*'o 9.20. Sugar: Raw, firm;
ft. rtf'irnCdT. ?6 trsi, f 4 at: thiwmm ndn. ,
S’.t test, st,ll; refined, firm; eut loaf.
* 20. .'rushed, $•» JO powdered." ss*o;
,ki intilsted. $5.6)114 5.55. i.’nffee— Rio,
7, «>n spot. 14%e. '(’allow Quiet %
leßy. 6e; countrv, 4Uo. Hav.”
;R. adx. prime. $1,36. No, $1.051t I lit.
cloy# t. $ I At 1.20 Dr« ssed poultry:
Qillet; turkeys. 12B2le; chickens. 12%
|ti 24e; f«,w Is 13<iJ6e; duck*. 22c.
j f,|vi -poitlirx Dull; geese. 13(jf 1.1 c;
; ducks, 16ft t6«-; fowl*. 144 t 15%c; tur-
Kcv‘. Ilt/Hr; moster*. I 1 ,*)’; spring
1 chi, k#ns 12%4»1*) f’heese: At tire;
' <«iid< fltllk. eoinnmn id .special*. 14 %♦<
i 17'..* skint), I’otninoii to special*, 7%*’i
111 J »• •
tlnti. i lliuiic); j * )-* Ipi
ir* .me ry. extra, 73'«/ 3.”. %< . elate tlalry,
[tub*. 2bif Rt: imitation ereatHerv ll»;*4*.
ISJj - %' L»*t .Flrurti. receipt*, j
3y Finance
KUum | hnvr I»rr* ihlalilM of Jaialu eMher tba Korlh amrrlrou Ar
i'ldr•• t luauraarf Cos. «*r tNr I sited Ma»r» Heallh • Veeloeot •■••* r * ,,c e
t-u, uj '.oiiliutu. i Uum.U Uk» to k«( Uluruuillun p( II?!* 1 ■•aaiMaa. •*" 1
h« »f alun>« rrtritril »u« l« aooil rr|»«»r (a from J«ar P"l»er I a« weMljM* •»
' .Ml, '• * *
| U loTII of the *ompauieo you inquire about are licensed under the
LjjJ laws of Mich 1**1) and the financial statement* submitted show
that thev are prosperous and well established. lam inclined to
favor the I’nited States Health and Accident Cos., however, In
view of the fact that it is a Michigan company and the money that Is paid
.in premiums tends to stay in MicMgun.
There was considerable rritiiistn of the methods of the North Am
erican Accident Insurance t’o. in the investigation of casualty Insurance
companies which was conducted in Detroit last fall. Franchises which
were not exactly connneudable were found In connection with the admin
istration of the affairs of this company and a formal ceusure of them was
made in the report. The companies affected by this report, however, gen
erally took steps Immediately to change their methods of doing business
along the lines suggested by the investigation, and It Is prohnble that the
practices which were censured have been discontinued.
The I’nited Suites Health and Accident To. came out of the Investiga
tion with a clean record.
Your choice should be very largely a matter of personal opinion. The
policies offered bv the standard companies doing this business are \cry
similar and as they are subject to the supervision of the state insurance
department, the policyholder is pretty well protected. The only differences
lit in the methods of treating the policyholders when claims are presented,
and as these have been subjected to close scruFlny it is likely that there
will be considerable care taken to see that everybody gets a square deal.
My own preference, however, would be the Michigan company because
I have an Inclination to foster home enterprises as much as possible. It
must be understood that there are a great many good companies doing
business In Michigan, including several which have their home offices in
the state.
3.640; nearby white fancy. 40c; nearby
mixed fancy, .VJGlic; fresh firsts. > I
V 37c.
NEW Y4»RK. Feb. 10. —The weekly
bank stnt« merit as Issue)! today shoxx .s
the following changes; Excess cash re
serve. decrease $5,069.2t'«. loans. In
crease $13,154,000; specie, decrease *;,*
841.000; legal tendars, decrease *l. »*l *
0.M1; ilonoflltv, lnrr**as»t |2*H64*OHO; « ir
eolation. Increase $167,000; totftf J's, I *.'}**’
$2.011.5«1.0iK». The surplus is $40,94.),-
\))0. as compare)! with $34,7 71,900 last
year, and $24,599,125 two years ago.
U. S. OU)'l BONDS. .
Bond quotations, furnished by Hay
rt,n. Bton, & Cos. F'» >» Bld A , k , d
N, !• r.El»t.-rr.l [»“
Nexx 3s registered JJJ » ‘
Do. coupon .• • }}}}• J r 7n
N« NX’ 4* registered Hi, 4 ~ ., 4
Do, coupon "*'* llsa »
Opening. i!. 1 . 08 ) 0 ?'
Rid. High Low Bid. Ask.
Mir 10 15 10 33—15 10.33—34
May ...... 10.37 10.47—37 10 47—48
j u jr 10 54 10.66—4). 10 a2 6.5
Vug ...... 10.46 1 tt.46—42 D»43-44
O, ...... 10.41 10.44—15 10
1)ov 10 50 10.53 —43 10 46 —4.
CHICAGO FeU ltk—Bißflrfr: Kxtrar
12c; firsts, 31c: dairy extras. *O. fir*»*.
“s, Egg»-: I’rirne firsts, el %c; firsts,
# *64 -,,, 9c cheese: Bkttns 16% flt 16 -*4 c>
young * America*. 17%*17%e. Live
poet try. Fowl*.
~ 16%c; geese. llCtllc; turkeys, ltf/
15c, Potatoes: sl4s 1.05.
NEW YORK. Fab. Jllvel
London. 27 \d. )>ar silvei—:New \ or k.
5o x 4 r; demand sterling. $4.8)369
4Continued from I’n«re One.) •
aims, of the ftm**>vwit committee, th®
conferent e which began ut 10.30
was divided into two separate meet
ings. The first waa to te devoted to
a dlHciiHSion of the Roowevelt senti
ment that has materialized in various
loctions. Addresses by Governors
Stubbs, of Kansas; Osborn, of Mich
igan; Vesey. of South Dakota, and
others, were expected to outline this
The second section of the confer
ence was to consist of a consideration
of ways and means for the launching
of a Roosevelt campaign and of se
curing assurances from the former
president that should a general de-
I mand for his services be made he will
: ST cept.
The committee on organization is
[ composed as follows: Walter F.
i Brown, Ohio; Richard Quay. Pennsyl
vania; Charles A. Nichols. Michigan;
Edward J. Brundage, Illinois; John A.
Stexvart, New York.
The resolutions committee com
prises; Gov. Hadley, of Missouri;
Henry J. Alien. Kansas; Ex-Gov. John
H. Fort. New Jersey; Richmond Pear
son. North Carolina, and Arthur L>
Harford. Ohio.
Htlles Sees Sure
Victory For Taft
WASHINGTON, Feb. 10.—Charles
H. Hilles, secretary to President Taft
and his personal campaign manager
today gave u statement to the United
Frees denying charges that the Taft
forces had “lined up.” with the old
guard Hepubllcuns to the exclusion
of the progressives.
“We are very confident, not only of
! sucres* in the prc « onvention cam
paign, but dull' more and more con
vinced of the president * re-electlon/ A
said Hilles.
I "The president's friends are receiv
ing from all section) of tiie Country
♦he assurances which nvotc recently
-liven tiie Republicans of Greater New
Y«tk citv, which show that the parly
: will ;i*K continuance tit power on the
| splendid record of achievement made
bv the president and his Republican
I predecessors."
One of the moat remarkable
j features of the destruction by fire of
'Hie Equitable Life Assurance build
'ln.4 in New York, was the demonstra
tion of the safety of papers In fire
proof vaults Mich as the vaults of the
rr.iTTtTahtr Ttir rmttg —with tip rued
last week and securities worth $282.•
nop./mo w»Te found absolutely intact,
as well as morigage bonds to the
n mount of ss.fioh.ooo ar|ji.deeds to reul
estate representing s2s.njbfl,ooo more.
The vaults contained papers of an
aggregate value of over $300,000,000,
and no papers representing invest
ments were lost. The of the
'F.qultnl'le vaults bate uecu removed
to the Naiilts of the Mercantile Safe
Deposit Fo.. in the Uniled State*
R*hl).v building.
IJ»*H Prls/I*s new Right* Tlnsm
rrlatlag Cos., 15 John R.-at.
(Continued from Pace Oar.i
ous creation and rounding up of Wib
sou sentiment preparatory to the send
nig of the right kind of delegates to
the national convention in Baltimore.
A complimentary luncheon was
served to the members of the com
mittee and locul democrats at the
Burdick House by landlord John H
Burdick. About 1»>0 Wllsonltes par
ticipated in this agreeable function.
After luncheon the committee got
busy. Edward Frensdorf, of Hudson,
president of the Woodrow Wilson
league, presided, and S. W. Btakes.
of Ann Arbor, acted as secretary.
Aldrich Blake, of Grand Kapida, was
selected as assistant secretary and
the following executive committee was
appointed: Edward Frensdorf, Hud
son; Woodbridge N. Ferris, Big Rap
ids: Mayor John Bell. Port Huron.
John H. Burke, Kalamazoo; Sidney
T. Miller. Detroit; Horatio J. Ab
bott, Ann Arbor; M. Thomas Ward.
Grand Rapids.
A resolution was passed to the es
feet that the original campaign com
mittee. together with two men from
each congressional district, recom
mended at the recent Detroit confer
ence. comprise the Wilson campaign
committee of Michigan with power to
fill vacancies.
This makes the campaign committee
now stand as follows: Edward Frens
dorf, Hudson; T. J. Anketell, Detroit:
J. H. McDonald. Detroit; Don M. Dick
inson, Detroit; Woodbridge N. Ferris,
Dig Rapids; Horatio J. Abbott. Ann
Arbor; Jas. G. Tucker. Mt. Clemens;
P H. O'Brien. Laurium; H. E. Thom
as, Lansing, Sidney T. Miller, Detroit.
Members by congressional districts
First district—Alfred Lucking, F. F.
Second district —Elmor Kirby,
Third district —Samuel Folz. George
F. Gardner, M. J. McCauliffe.
Fourth district—Charles H. Klm
merle. Geo. W. Walklns
FJfth district —Claude O. Taylor, M.
Thomas Ward.
Sixth district—John McClellan,
Louis Howlett.
Seventh district —Mayor John Bell,
A. A. Graham.
Eighth district —James P. Dover
eaux, other memliers to be selected
bv Mr. Devereaux and commitee.
Ninth district—Henry McCarthy, F
G. Thompson.
Tenth district—Dr. E. S. McKnight,
Phil B. Watchtel.
Eleventh district—W. P. Nlsbett,
Curtis D. Alway.
I Twelfth district—Stuart Byrne.
I Secretary S. W. Beakos and Assist
ant Secretary Aldrich Blake are also
. members of this committee.
The old finance committee as head
led by Sidney T. Millor, of Detroit, was
i continued and to it were added the
names of Thos. E. Uarkworth of Jack
son: William F. McKnight, of Grand
Rapids, and Charles H. Kimmcrle, of
_ Washington, Feb. id.—The com.
merce court today denied the petition
of the Atchlsdn railway- and other
western railway systems for an In
: Junction restraining the Interstate
l commerce commission from enforcing
j its order reducing the rate on lemons
to one dollar and the rate will stand.
Job Prtntlnff Don* night. Timed
Printline Cos.. 18 John R -»t.
Union Trust Company Certificates ot
Deposit yield 4 per cent yearly;
interest is remitted semi-annually.
They are payable on a fixed date,
and may be renewed without presen
Safety and convenience are combined
in this plan.
Details are yours for a call or a
letter of inquiry.
Union Trust Company
Detroit, Mich.
Coattaoed fr«a Pag* Uaa.
am called upon to ntak* any defense
either of my private or public life,
but for the benefit of thoae amongst
us, who. like yourself, are compara
t*ve strangers. I take this opportunity
to inform you that from the ffrsl so
the last your statement la absolutely
and wholly false, and to publicly
charge you with knowing It to be
false when you made it.
"1 have in no way sought to hamper
or obstruct you In any attempt you
have made, or are making, to better
conditions in this community. On
the contrary you have been allow’ed
the wideat latitude iu the expenditure
of the public funds for this purpose,
and you know it. 1 have at no time
denied any request made by you for
books, furniture, or* any other thing
which has been necessary for the
proper conduct, or the comfort of
your office. On the contrary you have
been treated with greatest consider
ation, and you know it. I do, how
ever, insist that as a public official
you are entitled to no greater rights
than any other county officer; that
you have no right to contract bllla ai
your will and pleasure, without first
consulting the department to which I
belong, and. ao far as I have the pow
er. I rid going to continue to examine
and audit the bills presented here for
payment, und when 1 find one that I
believe not to boa proper one, one
that is not u proper charge against
the county. I shall oppose its pay
ment, even U iu so doing I am dally
subjected to the unpleasant notoriety
your purchase of a society manual
has Just caused. If doing this entitles
me to the name of ‘Tom Cat,' which is
not original with you. well and good.
I have long since ceased to worry
about criticism directed against me
on that account. * • •
“I have never had any intimate
business or iK>rsonal acquaintance
with the J. W. Werner you refer to:
I have no intimate or business rela
tions with Ed. Russel!, Henry Jacobs
or John Marquette. These last three
are casual acquaintances whom I may
have met in the public cases, but 1
have never had any conferences with
ihem. either public or private, either
about you or any one else, and any
nutetnent to the contrary is wholly
and absolutely false.
“insofar as Mr. Churchill is con
cerned I am willing to admit that 4ie
was originally employed upon rtiy
recommendation, but his work was
done almost wholly under direction
of the prosecuting attorney's office,
without interference or dictation from
this department, and if his services
were not satisfactory the board of
auditors had no complaint from Judge
Van Zile. your immediate predeces
sor, and none from you until you had
replaced him. Further, if this depart
ment had desired to hamper your
work they could have easily retained
Mr. Churchill as an attache of this
office. But, as a matter of fact, Mr.
Shepherd, it is common talk about
tewn that Mr. Churchill’s place had
been promised by you to another be
fore you assumed charge of the office,
and before you had any opportunity to
Judge of the character of the service
he was rendering the county.
“Cp to thiß day, Mr. Shepherd, you
also know that I have In no way op
posed the payment of any of the ex
pense bills Incurred by you in your
raids, because I have believed that
vou were guided by honesty in mak
ing them. But Information comes to
me dally that your so-called crusade
is a sham one; that you raid the dens
of Iniquity for the purpose of making
campaign material to use with the
good people, and. then, seeking out
the proprietors of these same places,
you assure them that are their
friend, that you love them, and trust
that ~ they 4ove —you,—The truth—Of—
these statements is now under care
ful investigation, and. if I am satis
fied as to the truth of them, I as
sure you that henceforth I shall op
pose tne payment of all expenses in
curred in connection therewith. If
there are public-spirited citizens fool
isL enough to pay for that grade of
four flushing, the taxpayers of Wayne
county won’t; not with my consent at
any rate.”
Cur Problem Vp X«id»y.
Aid Shermnn Littlefield h«s called a
meeting of the Judiciary commitee of
the common council for Monday morn
ing, at 10 o’clock, to take up the ques.
tlon of ventilating the street cars and
keeping thorn clean It Is doubtful
whether the committee wilt he able to
renort out the service ordinance pre
pared by Corporation Counsel Lawson
under Its direction, Tuesday night.
Job Prtatlst Dose Right. Time*
Cos., 1R John ft -st.
y/X fXEM°T •
Aid other mlalag storks of merit.
Why Investors Favor
Union Trust “C.D.’s”

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