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I .‘The department ,of public work*
RBIq |oe« from four to six weeks front
Net work calendar th> year.” ■*J<l
lOtmMlssionei Haarer. Friday.
| ► .“•prill K is here but we can t l**gin
Hprk Last year we were excavating
|t« pave at this time, but this year we
I probably will not get to It before m
Hbnth. and possibly not for six week*
I P*The cause Is the unusually heavy
Hbttn tfce ground this year. The
Fftonntf la froxen solid three feet be
llow tie snrface I have not seen the
Efjfce of It in all my experience In the
Rtpsrtment. We can't begin work
Until It thaws out.
Wtl expect the frost in the ground
[ will damage the paving this year the
mama as it has done the water pipes.
► When we lay the paving we allow lor
patera I expansion from heat, but when
EtHc surface is thawed out the frozou
(portion underneath will force up the
we have an exceptionally
■bod fall the department will be seri*
[Sua)y handicapped in the work and we
r cannot possibly make tip for at leapt
a month’s time already lost."
I PORT HURON. Mich.. March *-’2.
The residents and authorities of St.
Clair have l**en struggling against a
smallpox epidemic for the past throe
"keeks and yesterday quarantine was
jefftahllshed against that citv The
Canadian health authorities refused to
allow the boats or the Douglas*
Transportation Company to carry an;
passengers between St, Clair and
Court right The large plant of the
Diamond Crystal Salt Company is
badly crippled as a result, practically
all of their employes residing at
L PHOENIX. Ariz.. March 22.—The
Bppiltlon submitting to the peopte
an amendment,to the constitution pro
viding for the recall, including the re
|call of judges, is expected to i»e pass
ed Pf both houses and signed j>y Gov
K«nt by Monday
, The senate passed the resolution
''unanimously on first reading and the
l house is expected to pass it speed!!)
FThe senate also unanimously passed
on first reading the woman's suffrage
amendment and the resolution Indors
ing the proposed income tax atnerd
ment to the federal constitution.
MIO. Mich.. March 22 WfllFari
Scully, treasurer of Clinton township,
has been missing for four weeks.
Township funds to the amount of s*iOd
are unaccounted for. Ofltolnls will
ask the board of supervisors to take
some action.
Miss Grace Cornell, a school teach
or who boarded at the Scully home,
alto left on the same day that Scully
- Mrs. Scully says she does pot kno^v
’whore her husband is.
. ■
» Chairman Ix>dge. of the council
cornmiUee on .charter and city legis
lation lias called a meeting >< tUo
:Oommlttl*e for 2 oeloek. Saturday uf
ter noon, 'when the projrosition to su li
mit the question of revising the city
Charter will be considered. The com
mittee will probably vote against help
ing a special electien, June 13, taaiug
Corporation Counsel Lawson's advice
tc submit the question in the Novem
ber election.
| tlf
*’» ' SiCKnIU To Face TrUil.
Wlftlath Margolls. who admitted *hat
be" hr* 1 ’ wwfndteU John Mllouskl out of
1864 with a m>sterleus looking box.
wh'di hr represented ns a mac hi nr to
manufacture money from blank paper,
vi* given o heurlpg In Justice Stein’*
court Friday arid whs bound over t*»
the vt-eorder’s court for trial on a
charge of grand larceny. Hall was fixed
At f- 000 »none surety. i
Jfc.'ivqota o
. „ IMfflM
» JR
It'll ••^ r --:iiPP*jto k ":
. ri
r v. -t- - ■ • -».
•T hi a burning cool ml no Itiiftno Itnd
« rlqurz, a Mexican boy of 20, rut. a
" liille .Mid n half. faring almost certain
death, that ho might save the lives if
more than ISO fellow workmen, most
§ ijr Americans
All but nine of the men in the mine
wore saved by Rufltio's warning* Ru
. fino himself was brought out of trw*
sljafi mare and. ad than alive. but ; 4 o
hat now recovered to find himself 'lie
\\ktti ' of. feltf Oklahoma.
3tatlno ass working rum feet down
In the mine. A man working with
him accidentally set Are to a barrel
of oil with his lamp. His three rim
[ panion*, two Negroes and another
; Mexican, ran to the cage and signaled
the engineer, calling to RuAno to fol-
L .“You fellows can go to h—! I’m go
ing to »uve the men,” shouted he
W .*sr 1: -
picked, with smoke, he ran a mile
r.l !-.»!(' through the maze of »tv>
ni|tie* Aoat Os the time In darkness,
tor ha hiuf lost his lamp, and waned
the workmen In every chamber. Final
ly he sought the escape shaft auJ
started to climb Its* winding stairs.
Unit way np that stair he was found
as hour later, by a rescue party
'The local miners msde up a pu *.
l ot fine for the hoy. and the citizens
o( wilt fee to it that lie Is Mill
’'more smbehutffclly rewarded The »o
Mtal miners* union has recommended
fthini for a Carnegie modal and tb° dls
i. tret organisation has pledg'd Itoe’.t
aim in any college he may
RuAno •an read neither Msxirat
t uor ’English now. bn< he is ambit tons,
tfetid wants to be « mining engineer.
Markets and Finance
Strong Tone Continues in Fore
noon Session of Stock
■■■ ■ •
V V. «T4M K SAHKBT—tI««r.
Am Ak l’hem Am H Sugar 58 V*.
Amal L’op 78, Am • ’ & F 56*>». Am »'ot
Oil »I\, Am L**c St. Am Smelt *3. Am
Sugar 127 N- Am T & T 148',,. Am Wool
pf 9314, Anaionilii 40\. Atch H
A • > 1t.(.4. It it T *2. Can Par 23.1(Vn
Loath 23*%. do pf HU. Chea A: • » 78 "v,
C’hino Cop 27. Chi A tit \V 1 !* 1 4 . C. M a-
St V 1 tf*.i 1 4 , ihi K- S 142*4. Col F A i
2!*"-. Con Gas 141'4. Corn I’ro.l H\.
Pin Sec Cor 31%, Erie 3*%. do Ist pf
54*4, do 2d pf 47. Gen Elec 18N l j, •*•
Nor pi 133*4, tit Nor lift elf L't-, Ilia
i Cent I3< %. Int Met 1!• » 4 . do pf Stc 4 .
Kan C S 2*',. l.eh Vnl Mil.. I. A N 158’-.
M. K A T 2!* *3. M. St I* a- Si Ste UK
13*54. Mo I'm- 43 T «, Nil Lead
iH *4, N V c 113*4. N Y <* A w 31*. Nor
A- 'N I*!»Vs, North I*.»• 122. I'enn It It
I2IV l*eo o A- c 1074. Cress St c.tr
3 4'a, Kay Cons 17%. Itead 1 •*»X '». Hop I
A- Steel 21*,. do pf 73*4. Itork I*l 2H4.
di pf 52 V Sloss-Sh* nr 4 n *,. Smith Pa*
111 V South Hy 2!* 4. *l'* pf 75 4. Venn
Cop Vj\. Texas 23*,. Cnlon Car 1*5!»»n.
t* S Hub rom 52%. D ** Steel *7 4. do pf
113. U S Bonds 1024. Vlr-Dar Dh*m
54. Utah Cop s!*. Wabash pf 18'»,.We*i
I'n Tel 84V Meat Alfa 75'-. (J 11 O
30*,. <lo pf 77\
i NEW YORK. March 22—The stock
market snowed a generally strong
tone at the opening today, mui.v
f stocks making substantial gains with
| numerous issue* moving up to a nc.v
| high level for the year.
I II a. m -Jhe strong tone "as taolu
i latned throughout the tirst hour,
t Governments unchanged: other
bonds strong.
Notm —The strong tone coMlawgl
during the late forenoon, many issueJ
making further advances.
2 p. m.—Further advance# were
! made In the afternoon.
I Kcported for Thv Times by Ifuy.dfU*
.-'•in & Cos.. 110-118 Orlswold*st.:
open. High. Lftw. Noon.
American Agri Chem Du 62'-
American Beet Sugur... 5* . 58',,
A malt-ulna ted Dnpper ... 77*4 <#
American c«r & Foundry •*>7 '»
Amrricnn Cotton oil l
American Locomotive .. 38
American Smelting Bft', *l^*
(American Sugar 128 1284
'America* Tel A Te 1.,.. 147 4 118 h
American Wool pf • •. • kt%
"Anaodbta . ton. t**«r
Atchison I*lß l ft^*4
Baltimore A «-hi«* 105 , 1u5%
BToC.RTyn Ttaptcl Transit. s| * t 82
Canadian Pacific 233 4 233 %
Central In-alher 234 2.1"*,
Du. preferred 5 s * I*
Chesapeake A **hlo 7*5 « 7 7 4
Chino Copper 2*»4 27 * 4
* ’hit ago AOt Western 11* 11*4
C.. M. A St. Paul I**o lOf A
Chicago A Northwestern 112 « 142 4
Colonulo Fuel A 1r0n... 27 4 » -<4
Consolidated flas 141', 1 tl 4
Corn Products It 14
District See Cor 31', 31 4
Krie 38-, '?!'*
D.i. Ist pref .. s*s', .i*» '*
Dt». second pref *7 4 7
tleneral Electric I*l’, I^B*4
• treat Northern pref 133 4 133%
1 tln-at Northern Ore ctf.. 3!* 4
Illinois Central 130 130‘.j
! Intcr-Metrop C* • i^ 1 *
Do. preferred ........ s!' 5*
iLehluh Valley I*s*s 4 187 4
Louisville A- Nashville.. 158", l.>*;* t
MlMSoitri, Kan. A Texas. 2E'4 2!* J 4
•M.. F. P. A St Ste. 1L It. 13« U 13('«
Xllascurt fnrifle
National Lead . 5*5 58%
New York C ntY&r .*4 .. 113% 113*;
N Y..- <*nt. A Western.. 28'- s'.* 4
Norfolk A Western...... 10a 4 1 •*'»**
Northern Pacific 122 4
Penn ft. It 12
Pressed St. Car 3 4', 3*4
Hay Conk I;N
I Heading •• L>B'j
Iteputdlo Iron A- Steel... 22 2.
I preferred ‘ 1 ' a *
I Hook Island 2*'t
: L*o. preferred >2 4
Southern Paelfie HI 1 - 1
Southern Hallway , 2!*4 20
Temt.' Copper 3 *4 "8\
Texas 21 4 t
Union Pacific I*'**4
U S. Rubber com -2 < *»3 4
U S Steel *”'t
Do. preferred • 11- 11-4
U. S Ronds I*2, *?*
Vlr.-Car. Chem Cos 53 4 ••4%
1 Utah Copper ........... 554 -f
West* rn Union Te 1.,... *3 4 814
Western Mfg ” 0 '♦**«
•x-13 50
Reported for The Times by Hayden.
Sion*- A Do., March 22:
Open High. Low. 12 M
td vent lire . ... 7% * * % 7% #
A Hotter. 12 '•a *- * * 42' j 4 2'i
’\liiomnh' :T, 6
Arlx. f'lral. .•• 1 % *’* i’L 4 *
Dal. A Ariz 67', 67*4 6,» 4
4’al. A lie'll*-- ,44- 4li'« 4®"
Dentl Copper-. 58% 21 20A4 ?t
«*hief 6Va * 1 a I‘a . 1 Hk
Dhlno 27 2 7
i ’upper Range TO ''''j ,s 1 j
En-i rntte 13'* 13% 13 1 * ' 3-'4
Franklin .. .. 13% 1»% 13% 11’*
Giroux Dons.... 4% 4'* 1% • %
Granby . 3x % ::x«, r.s ,:x
Green** Oannn’a '*'• *'i» s ’« ■ v ''*
Isle 110'a1e.... Cx3 t 28% 2" 4
i.oki • 'upper :>x 38% 2X' a
Miami 24'« 24 f « 24 '*« 24 -
M.tli tu k B*' 60'* *!* T ANARUS, 6ft’i
\,*v. • ’on* 20 2<*'« 20 20'«
Nipisslnu ■ .. x '** s*» 8 \ S‘x
North Butte.... :’.l 2'» 7 * :ti
Old Do in. .. 50 .'.O i* , 49 %
Quin*’\ . xt 4 x:
riliunii'Ui ...... I2 1 j 12' • 12'j 12 * j
U ri. Alining., t"'. I'* 1 * ift 4ft
Do, preferret! *x: 4 t- , 1 ‘
■ Utah *'nn« ... t* 5 7 „ !? L. •
Utah Dopper... ss'* *"»'♦’* 585!*'x
Indiana u 1•• * - .1 • 1 - I *»' s 1«» 1 <
North Lake •>*« '• T ANARUS» 6•* *> ’•
\. 1- . 1 ire, 71 *' ' 4%; Ah- 1
me* k. 27 >: AlJouez, 14. Algoni t. 6'*;
ll**s. K Uorbllt. 7%. Huston El>, IT.: Ih»y
State G*>s. 26. Ilutte A Superior. 2M*;
t’Hl & A * lz.. 87%. Dal. A lie* la. I«9.
Crnll,. 21%; I'blef, I' y . Dhlno. 27: «’**p
t»er Range, 6", Dalv W’est. 6 . Duels
Daly, 1"< : East Butte, 13'.,: 1 Irst Na
tional. 2",. Franklin. 11%. Giroux; 4»»;
, ()<d<llie|d Don.''.. 4 % : Granby. Gr.
Danunca. s'.t-lb, Indiana. 15%; Inspna
tlon. IS 7 -. Isle Royale. 2x: K*rr Like,
2 16-16. i ..I R*»se. 4, Lak*'. 38. Mas*.,
8. Mu-on Valley 12%. Mayflower. 1 .
Miami Dopper, 24 t .: Mohawk, 6'*',t.N«*v
it'otu, 2ft?-*; New Baltic I. Nev. Utah.
5. Nlplssing. B',; North Ilutte, t|. Nor.
Lake, 7. Ohio Dopp* r,< I',. Ojibwny.
lr‘.' B « *ld DolntiJ 6 7 - . <'l*l Doill, ' t .
(>**<• ula lie IVcnl « r* <‘k I.s'*. <juli,«>.
X 2: Raven. 4u; Hay Dons., 17-* 4 . Hhtm
nnn. 12% Shut tuck Art*.. I'.*'*. South
~ Lake; itAit Hop. -* opt**-*, -4*, A
B**ston, 3 \ Tamara* k. 29, Tilnltv, 6.
I'n:l«d Fruit < i»;n., Ixs**; Flab Don*.,
17 *i: Dlah I’opper. M»: D. S Smelting.
I**',; d*» pf«l.. I VT v: WAdVerine ll’
Wyandotte, .'*>. Yuk* n, x\
Reported f«o The Time* by Pui>i*>
! Webt'.'t a do . March 22- fmndoti m* t*il
! market opening Spot. 168 2s B*l. up
11s 3*l; futlltes. i66 7s 6*l up 11* 3d.
The Iteston nr.rk**i opaned a<tl\e an«i
*.>m* what liigher all round this morii
ina. in sympathy with the strength in
London nod th*' continued upward t**n
, <!*•.,*'c of the metal market tn tins
reentry, * opr***—u*»vr selling freely at
15L*. The volume'of buying onleis
Inoi* a*"* contioued strength. Antal*
- *a*na(e«t I* op 78 and Anaconda 4***,.
i The like Dalumet k
i AfixoiiH, D*,pj*cr Range mat U|ub i’**p
-I|ci. utc all strong.
i;« tH,rtv*l , for Ti e Times by ltuv»leii.
j Stone A Du.. March X 2: The tuornltig
J session of the Boston copper share
t market lias been chara* tcriled wtttt ••
geiiesalh strong *one with «« ifood
dtstrlhuOon of orders. B,r|lnwni ••**
wind* the cr.ppcr *Uar«* l»as been Mo
ther improved hy lb* mtvuncc •” ' t *
ahilllug* iti London metal
Itnite bus be»-n prominent in the trad*
ing. advancing to 31. a ga'n .ot l »
point* I.aßew a* in g<«»d dematnl no
- 404.4 at .'.a*.. CaC A Arl2— — .M• >I;I Hi >2
>c*LYilf V uti l't»ve denr.
ing* Chino Is strong at 3* 4- t ianK
lin ha* b. cu falrlv a« ti\ 4 pad tea-tied
114. Kail Butte has h4-4»n !ie«Ml>
dealt In an4| show* a trM4*ti4»na. . *•»!•
vmlice. Halt*' ami riuperior ma<l4 a n«-w
high r< conl ami was In a< live demand.
.4-4-.. J
At aie White Lead 1 otn 2' •» --
D<i. prvferreti . ..v*. -* :?
American Lumber .... a"
Amor shipbuilding, com **
Do. preferred I'J"
Burroughs Atld. M Cos.. 3,0 *■"'
Comnionw'tb P A Co. *■’ *
Ih>. pref4*rred HB' j
* < ltie». Ser\!<••*. com 8’* 1 .
Du. preferred ...... . 4 Mr
I* ,v C. Nat. Cos l"-‘ ’i ’
iV|r<iii Ci •* a met y t'o. . . ‘'*’l '-”*■*
Dctttdc Ldison Cos 121 I-* 4
I>, t up 1 A .M Ins Cos. 13J ••••
!*viroit I. AS. Cos., com. 7
Du. preferr -tl la', ■• • •
• brnral Mot Pis Cos., com.
I'•>. preterred . <5 *8
«; 1-4 » ♦ Lake* Kbg. Works . . . '*• 4
dtf.-Amn Sugar **o... tl ;' ‘ ’
Iran Sliver Aiming C 0... 125
Haves Mafg. C 0... l g -
Moil ind-M. L .Sugar Cos. ... tl '»
f,t der Motor Cos • • *4
Mich. F. ,v Msr In*. Cos. ns . ..
\'Uh Mule Teb CO, I'M 1“" fJ-'
, s' pl l •' <.. com 8 k ,J *
I '4l. preferred 1"" ....
Mrvlryii Crude Rub. Cti.. li ••••
National Grtvesr. com.. :io's : '.7 4
Do. preferred m!', h* 4
Packard Motor. pf« 1.... 1"14 I"tt *
Parke, Davis A C 0...., 112 • • •
Hei Motor Truck C 0... *' ,J '*
Reo Motor *'ar Ctj 21
St f.rr* a-Dillon Cos
Standard Screw Cos., com 82
Do. preferred !♦- ....
standard AecM't Ins Cos. 138 ... .
Truased Con. Steel l'o.. . 2" ....
D*«. preferr >tl 10*%
U. S. R.ollattjr <*o., «*4tin. t*
no, preferred ■ ■ - . *3
U. S Motors, coin 1"
l*n. preferred 3U 4 1
Whlto Star Line.... 50
Wolverine F Cera. Cos t %
Uniikit and Trust Con.
’ Central STiTlnu* '2B'i •• • •
' Detroit Savings ••••
-Detroit United 185
Dime Savings 138
First National I s " l*' s
Knirvlew Saving* 1"* ••••
• lertnan-American I ’>o ....
ffome Savings 2S‘. - •••
1 Metropolitan St ate 150
1 Michigan Savings 233 ....
Natl. Bank of Commerce I'd* ....
Ol<l Dt.-trolt National... . . . 175
Peninsular State 17*’.
Peopli’s State 242 250
_Wa> n.- Canntfr Savlngr . -4•» ■ , ■ •
Detrfdt Trn*t Ct» 288
Se. arity Trust Cos 21!* 22-
Unon Trust Cos 15« t 18a
DETROIT. March 22—dost Wheat
tv a * Piisv ami lower at the mpenlng on
Tmsiluy l,eian*t* Liverpool failed t«» pay
any attention to the Aim-rii'an strength
of Thursday. This upturn >mne from
expurt buying on bi*tl» 4-on*!* I'ram <•
was taking Pacith coast wheat at bill
trice* and Antwerf* wa* getting s<>me
bargain lots at New York.
The expi>rt buying I* not taken very
ri-rii'Ualy hy most ilealers, n* the prices
here and at Liverpool *b> not Justify
Ibe expectation of any important bu*i
to*** along that line Delay it* settling
the British coal *trtki i* helping tho
bull* a little ami * Argentine exports,
while 41litt•- heavy, were not *4> l:trg4- .1*
4\p4 ct4-d While 4-ro.p tlamage ip w* i*
talk>-d ah4tnt every day. it doe* not ap
pear t4i have mm li influence in putting
price- up. Tli« r»'port* at*- Imllish, but
everyl»(*lv * x|4c, t* them to t*e that way
and the trade i* not taken by surprise:
In fact If would lake pretty hud r* -
pors t*» iustifv |»re*«nt expe*tiitlons in
the Hue of crop damage and moderately
bad reports will n**t help nun h. v‘r*»p
prospects in th** west are sahl t*» be
Tin* average speculator is afraid t"
do anything Those who are naturally
bullish have heard su ntu* h .< out t' "
ti|sc Dhtcago stocks that ITT* \ ir*
while th** bears are afraid to take
chance* with the crop tlamage s* ih<ui
at hand. Tills makes for small flu -
tualion* All*! light trade
There was nothing doing in wheat
on Friday. An early loss of '*e was
Dorn moved up *,**•. rye gained I<\
beans advanced 2c and timothy seed
lost *>c
Wheat quotations: Dash No. 2 red
wheat, s*x \c; May opened with a loss
ot Lc at sl.ft" L atul advanced to
II.•'(•'.. July opened at 98\c anil ad
vann **l to !*!' •. September open* and at
and advanced to "S'?* ; N«». 1
vv Kite, 9$ ", c
• ’ours** grain quotations: Dorn —Dash
No. 3. 6!*'»i ; N*>. 3 yellow. 1 mr at 71* .
No. 4 yellow. 2 curs at 6ftr. Outs
Stand.ltd, 1 *ar at 57c: N*>. 1 whit*.
&8t v c. Ry»»—Dash No. 2. !•:{«• bid. Beans
liiiiii *dt '.te, prompt nn*l April ship
ment, 42.12 bid. May, $2.17. t’lov or*e*'d
Prime spot. !dT barfs dr fr* 25: April.
$13.10 sample 17 !>ag* Hi $ 12.5 ft I'* at
41 prim* nlslk*-. 113 sample ilsikc 14
bag* nt 411.5 ft Ttmottix* seed Prime
spot, 75 I avs at |6.!♦•'
Re«'etpts in the Detroit market Ffl*
day .i , luded 800 bbls of flour, 4 < ar*
■-.it H nf corn and 7 of
Withdrawals w«r* 6<>ft bbls of flour.
9,853 bu of corn. 2.816 bu nf *>ais and
l.ftOft bu of rye Stock* are tt’t 799 bu
of wheat. 158,35 4 bu of corn. !<>■*.•)•*'* bu
of oa.s, 2.371 liu of barley and 2 4.762
bu of rye.
It.. elpt* «» f wheat FridaJ Mlnne-J
a |»o||s. ISO ears. against i:tf» a year'
asm, Duluth. IT rare, against 11. Win- j
nlpes 3t7 * irs, against 2"7: Kansas 1
rttv :• (iiis, against 37. tunaha. IS .
ear's. 9t gal list * St lamia. 11 "10 bu, I
auat list Tti.ooo bn.
Argentine wheat exports t«.r the
week. I.!»12.0"O bu
Primary whiut receipts w*-re 104,000
tiu. agatm-t tol.Ono Inf a >»ai nun.
tlvparts of wheat and flour Friday, <
ITT.""" bit
Liverpool wheat closed ’»<i and lew*
er Vttid Corn ~T tr+jU higher. —
TOI.FUO t.H\IX \M» PROin t’K.
'I * fr.ITT"T Marr h TT —U H• ■ a I'. I'm s li.
It rti Max*. Hot',. lull. *l 00 * .
Hept.. S&’.e <’"rn. <’ash. 70 l ie; M.v,
:,V.r; July and Sept.. 73 'jc. 'Mts. Fash,
f,:. V; May. 5i 7 .p\; July, M *»c. S* pt..
4jr,< lt>c Cash. '*2(’ Floverseed:
t’ash and March, 113 tfc; April sl3 N«i
2. 113 Oft. N'o 3. 112 '*o. rejected. sl2 *.5
Alsike: Cash and March. sl3 Timothy
Dash and Mari h, s«!'.*>. Rutter, eggs
and bay unchanged.
('Hlf AUIt t.lt \ I >—Opening.
Clll'CAflo. March it — Wheat: May
and Jid v down \o\ Dorn; May and
Julv down ,r Oats May down '»r;
July down *4<• Provisions steady.
Noon Wheat Ml} up ; S.« July up
i,c. Dorn. May and lulv up tints
Mu\ up July up ',(
Close-- \\ heat May up #>.c, July Up
y,i». Dorn. Mi'> and July up l 4 <\ O.itj;
May up *i - Inly up l *e Provisions
Mai I «l hi 1 hS*i 1 ol »\st a;
Jill ... !*s'« !* s• j *H ' S!.s'4
Hept "*< X!**V Mi xl»0 \
Corn— . 1 .
I May... TO*. 7l T ANARUS« To**, . 1-,
July... Tit» \T2'. Ti 1 *1»T 2
Sept S. . Tt *, T 2 TI ATI ',
< »n t s
Ma>... f'T*-. xa"-\ bSS-h
IS'-. XtS ’. P*'* XstS
Sept ... IP« 12 11 **» sl2
May.. xl*i 12 10 **o It. 2 bit. 3.
lul> 71 DiS2 It»HT it»T2
laird — .. . . A ,
May.*, •' -1* •** •’» xl*i
July. . !• Ife !. 77 *S 72 xl.** 72
y|ny... *.* x" !• 22 bit }.»
! July’.’ '•» it 012 03» $ 3.*
I xs-Spllt s-Sold x - Asked ti-Hul
I Jot* Prlillßi Omar Htikl. Tlan
Prtntlns Cos., IS John R.-M.
I’. 4vf Bi rr %l*o—Opealag
lliiiinlhu A S|e« en* - Live Min k Hepori.
E.VriT BUFFALO. N Y„ Mar* h 22 r-
Catilv Hei etpts 13 csrs, mai kvt strong.
best I.B'C to I.BSO-Il*. steors. 3* .58
4>S. gooil prime h-"*’ to 1,4*40-11*
steer*. I*4#* 5*4; gooil prime 1.-’OO t*»
1. Hmi-Hi. steers SS.SOf'i 7.15: lo st 1.100
to 1.21*0-|li shtppfnc steers, 3*5. 8.7 •;
iiieiiiuin but* her steer*. t,o**o t*» I.lo**
$-4*5,40; best fat cow*,. .85; fair
to goi»*t do, lit* 4.50. ixHitmim to med
ium do. $2.5t»4f1. trimmers. #3.254* 3;
best fat betters )G4i ii.il); good fat
sll‘d*l»H. 41 7 11 81*1 ■ Imll* 111 H'MMI 4p4|
$I 25 *|i 4.*55 . stock hei f *‘i s. $5. 2.5 and 3 7.0!
best reeding steers, ilehorm-d. I'.jOtt
5. -omnioi. fe**»tlng mi-it,, $3.504< 4;
Stockers, all urailes. $3.50*4 1. prim* *-x-
Port I,ulls. $7i.5u1i.8 m a 6ut*’her
bulls. $4.75#i % 35; bologna l*ulls, slt4
4.30, st<*ck hulls. $3.2-41 15 best milk
er* nn<l sprlngi-r* $ 1575: common to
good do, $25fv35.
, ilog*. Rei-lptS. 2** 4-a”*: ''oarket.
lower; heavy. |B'>il.lo; yoraers. t N '•)
3.10; pigs. $7.23.
Sheep: He.dpi*, !* ar>. mark'd
..strong ti>p lambs. sS<| 8.29; yearlings.
48.50 V/ 7: wethers. s*>'n *•.J7>. »-« ••*, l-.-e
J 0 *'• 1 *L
Calves: ss4i t 0.60
KANT lit IT VMI—I li>hlu«.
EAST BUFFVLt*. N Y , Marcli 22
Cuttle; Receipts. 32- hea*l. mark'd,
fairly active ami steady, piiim- slier*.
$7.504» 8. liUti hi-r graile*. $3.-*p'i I.
Calvi's: Receipts. s si* h* a<! ma k*-t a*-
tivi an*! 5 liigher. 1-11 11 to **■•• I* ■» $•• • •
10.50 Sh*‘« p and huilL Rei-eipts. 8.000
'head, mark'd activ*'. lambs 25«* higher:
clioi* i> lambs, fs**i 5.20. < nil t*» fair,
.torn 7.-a. \ curlings. 47 t 7 2.'. sheep,
$-4* 8.23. IL-. eipt* 550 h* ail;
market fairly' active nn*l sti-ady; ymk
l 1 • Vl l ; heiivv, 4 7.8a >4 8. roughs, $8.73*1'
• 7.35 ."tag*. $5.-4*^18.541
I MON x|TH lx 4 \ltll**.
’Ma 1 <*h 22.—Hi a* Receipts. 14.000;
market, steady: mixed and butchers.
$7.2- it 7.70, h»:a vy 47.3.3 it. 7.7 U:
tough heavy. $7 35 'll 7 it), light, $7.35 -
7.70 pigs. *•« »sr,|7Jo Cattle: Re*<»ljd».
2, , mark't. «|ulet to stea*iy: beey*»*.
J5.2C <a k. 85; *'*>ws ami heifers. _ss.s0 f n
8.70: stucker* ami fi'eilers. 44.25'u 8 50,
Texans. $4 calves. ss.so'u 8
sheep Receipts, 7.000; market, stead)
to strong, native. 4441*5; western. 14 -0
0*5.25. lambs. $-Ko'<» < 85. western, $6.25
'>i 8
I |.E\ FI. VMI.
I « LEN ELAM*. U.. March 22. Hog*:
Receipt*. 1,80.0 head: steady to -c
! htghi'r, heavi* .*. s7.6oi»r 7." 1 * yorkej*
an>l light*. s7.x 5; mixed. s7.xu. jog*.
$'5.7'.. Cattle Receipt*. 5 car*, strong.
. rihi-ap_ stiil lambs: Receipts. X cars;
'1,".,.", top Calves Receipt*. 200 beau;
: $3.25 top.
The market, as a whole, i* in some
what better shape than earlier in th*
week. Butter holds steadily ilrin. Tbs
il* mum! for i ggs for the Easier trade
is heavy, and in spite of liberal rc
* eipt's dealer* i nnii'it get sny *to< ks
ah*' id. Poultry denier* ar*' looking for
a big di'inand next week, espei'lally for
fat heav-% hens on account of th*' be
gin nI ng <'f tbe Jiwish holidays. Pota
toes ar*- mirli.TluC’il a* til pi it e, luit tli*
Chicago market is higher and ihwtdedlv
llrmer in tone. Following several days
of onlv modiTHt* tn-cipts the ib iaaud
for dr*'*.*»'il it* 1 vi'S lias caught up xv f1 •
| the supply, and that deal Ik also
firmer Provisions are higher in parts
of til*' list, but sugars are steady at
the decline.
Apples—l2.7s #3 73 per bbl
limta nan—Good snipping stock. sl.ss
$ 2 25
lieuna—Dried Lima. 74j> 7%c lb.
Cnllforala Fruits Grape Tokays.
$i 7>5 u 2 pet box.
Olery Florida. s3.so<tt 4.50 per crate.
$i p 1.25 per dox.
Caultllovxer— 75 Q 85c bu.
t 11 tillage—i«3%c per lb.
Cheese— Michigan flats. 14%<919c;
late made. 17 4ff 18c; New York flats.
19'u HUc: Cheddars. H»c; domestic
F'vEss. ia®22c; block Swfss. 18® 20c;
imported Swiss, 21*(at31c;> Limburger,
17 1 j a 19c; brick cheese 20(3 210 lb.
Cranberries—Late Howes. $2 50 per
bu; s!*.so per bbl.
Dates—Persian new. sv* 'u'Oc per lb;
Fards, per lh.
llri'Nxril 4 wives —• Fancy. 5* ‘t 8* 10c;
common, Hft 9c pe** lb.
Figs—lmported new. !14|16c per lb;
California. 35« lb.
Fisuan Huddle*—3o-lb. boxes.
pe- M>
Fresh Vegetables —Cucumbers, hot
hou*e. $2f|'2.25 pei doa; lettu*e, hot
-41 r»(* per dox. sSti3.so per hamper;
onion*. 12V»o pet doz. green peppers.
73c bask* !, carrot.*. 85<p S*oc bu. slial
iots. l*oci<4l; asparagus. California.
75c per bunch wax beans, ss{s&.so
per bu.
Crape Fruit—Florida $5 50^7.
*.rapes— Malagas. s6 , '>s bbl
liuser —Fancy white. iß'(# 13c; am
i ber. 15'g \Bc: extracted. 10 a tic lb.
Hay—Detroit shippers are paying th*
1 following price* for baled hav tn rar
, lets. f. o b, Detroit: No. 1 timothy.
I2o*f. 21; No. 2 timothy, st!>(<4 2'>, clover,
wheat and oat straw, $8*»8.50 Loose
markets ranged tiom s22fr2£ as to
Illdea No. 1 cured, 12)*c; No 1
fre« n 10%c, No. i cured bulls. 10c. No
green. 9c; cured calf No. 1,17 c;
green calf. No 1. 16c per lb; horse
hide*. No. 1. $3 75, No 2. $2.75; sheep
skins as to wooi. 25cff51.50: No. J
hides, lc oft on kip. l%c off on c*lf
l.emoua—California. $5445 50; Measl
ns», 44 50®5.
Lime*—ll K 1.25 doz
Union*—Yellow. 12(82.15 bu; Span*
|§ii, $2.35«t 2 50 per crate 45 50 per case;
Bi-rnnidas. $3 50 per crate.
Oraairn—i.’allfornia navels. fancy,
$0.50#4; choice,. s3.sotrdi per- crate;
FIOI idas. 8 3.76 per b*ic.
Poultry—Springs No 1. lßi lie lb.
No. 2, l 1 M<- fowls. 14 8150. No. 2.
12V 13c; geese, 13## 14c; ilui-k*. young.
17«. 18c; turkeys. 178 18c lh.
Vfaeapple*—; lorldas. 44 erst#
i’liinioo—f *ar lots, track. Detroit,
are selling at $1 tOtft 15 bu: new Ber
mat,as. 42-0 83 bu.
Ktdns—Detroit buyers are bidding as
follows: No. 1 skunk. $2.50; No 3 musk
rat. 60c.
straxx lierrie*—so B»sc per quart box.
Bnret ivtator*—Terseys. kiln dried,
$2 1082 20 per crate.
'I *»ii»at*»e*— Florida, $4 50 per 8-bss
k"t * rate, 80885 c per basket
'I allow —No 1. 5%c: No 2. 4%c lb
Wool —MhhlgTtn unwashed wool for
*ou*hern. central and northern fac
tions V \ and % blood. l»f?80c; de-
Inlre. unwashed, 16ttl8c: common,
rough and fine, 14ftl$c lb; f. o. b.
c*>.untry polntg
. innniNo phicf*.
4 an neil GMds —Apples, gals., $3.50;
baked Dean.* 1-lb. Sog 80c; Lima !>* iins.
Iliu’lOa. Corn: Fancy Maine. $1.10;
standard. 50c. Table beets 41.2581 40
Peas Fap*), early Juti", $135, stand
ant $1; soakcHi, oosp7oc. Salmon.
rioi-Kcya. tall. 42.34. flat. $2.40; Alaska
r«d*. $2 I®. Alaska pinks. $1 20. Toma
toes, sl.4*»f# 1.60; succotash. $lB 1.25
p,-i d**z l'eas Marrowiat, $1.15; early
June. $1 25. sifteil earl) June. 11.45 pet
lobt'lng prices in 100-lh. sacks
Brsn. 128; coarse middling* S2B. fine
middlings, 432; coarse corn meal and
cracked corn. |3O; corn and oat chop,
■ |1 7 per ton
Flour —Jobbing prices: Best Michi
gan patent. $4 X 5 aei-ond patent. $4 60.
straight. $4.26, pure iyc. $5 23; spring
i patent. |.'> I*o per bbl. In wood.
Hardware Nails. $2.35 b»rse; plain
am, taicil wire. $2 pei cwt: galvanised
barbel wire. 12 25 per spool; galvan
ized shoots. 25 gauge. $1 per cwt.
-Ingle bit axes, bronzed. si.6o per do*;
polished. ss> per do*, black sheet*. $1
per ci*4. i artlugf bolts, small. *0 p»r
, t , ( tg' •’«rt tet c« nt off list
machine -oit* shut 11. TO por CsR off.
! large. 6v ncr cent off list.
Oil Haw linseed, 73c boiled lin
seed, 74 <• 7 Dtam<»nd headlight kero
sene, 9c; perfection, 9%c. L*>cenc, 13c.
(,’rown gasoline. 13*: per gul. turpen
tine tn barrel l*>ts. 55e per gal
l*ro« l-i*»«4* Me*.* pork. 41*. ■'><*. f.*m-
I ||y, $1 i,sfl(*» is.sb. medium, clear. 4174'
; |x; tin ms, 13%**; I>rlsk4ds, II *» l_V;
shoulders. !**%»,; t'tcnic hams. :*Lji ;
1 l»S* nil, 12 '•< 111 . lard, ill tierces, to, ,
| kettle rendered. It*' 1)
**n»*r* -Corrected daily bv \V. I(.
; i-Must A .non • •'rystal «lomltn** s. 2 lbs.
4'.i.25. 5 lbs. $8.75; Enlde Tnhb'ts. |7.55;
<’l»t *T 04: FuneS, >*’■ 40: \XX\
i |***«v*iered 4f.60. Htan*lard Powdered,
|(’ 45. Uranulnted. extra roarse, *8.11:
tti <• in bulk. $8 **s; 35-ll». cotton*. |6 I*4;
1 Dlnuoixl A. $8.15; U**nl* «'tloners' A, $ .;
Nti I. 46 85; No. 2. 4«05; N«». .1 N*>.
' | 3.7 :*'>. No 5. $:*.!••». N**. 6. 45 Bf. No 7,
1 c.i X $5,75. No. .'. ta-It; No 10.
, » . . N«. 11. $560, No 12, |6 5.1; N*> 12.
Jj ;« ,\i* ii, $5 6g No 15, $660. lions*'.
* hol<! i'oHtrrd. 51TT*. cm ton*. 18 to <-asv,
JI7 25. 1-lb. cartons. 1$ to case. $4
By Finance
I InHMi'c i In |MI I I iMiri'haanl 1,0 Uti ikarn la Ihf Fife Hrara Xlaluu I u.,
of Stulti llakolai al*« 1,000 ukarra af \neknr Oil aa<l l«a» af lfc» larrlluo
•if trlaonn. I kair never realised aa> Iklaa (rwa ellker oae. Please *• I me
ll I «»•» m »U«h" or arr Ihrj or aa> valor. ••
J AM foired to the conclusion that you were atunK lu tioth of these
iS fc—a Hto« t.ml I thhik thnt your chant e* of realising anything on
tuent are \t>ty,‘ very slim. TTTcTTV? WTTI havn not taken to the
wood* altogether. hiwever, for there is an offering of the a took
.it 2' _• rente a share in a ren ut broker* circular. The market is not very
active. though. and there are apparently no buyer*. There does not .-.eem
• o h* any definite information on the state of the property which ban beeu
idle for eome time, 1 ant infrmed.
The Anchor 1* buried iu the mud it would appear. 1 have been unable
■»» find any tra«e of It. It apparently did not operate in th« territory of
Arizona, simply incorporating there for the purpose of taking advantage
of the very liberal laws on incorporation. The directors cun dispose of u
property on their own authority without consulting the stockholders under
\rixonu laws. They cun do just about as they please with the company
it looks as if you would have to write both these stoc ks off as a loss
uni charge' tt up to experience. It is possible that a tew dollars miglu lie
i call zed out of the Five Hears stock, but it is a question whether it would
he worth the trouble and commission to dispose of it. You might see a
broker about it. The Anchor Oil seems to be without any value.
i'll show you kids how
Jtj \ the glove and you step
J B«CK a little and throw
* s H * WD * s YOU C*N
— " —.— .
s —\ NOW. cone on,
1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ w - 1 1 " ■■
lm£ "
flutter Extra*. 2!»C: first*. 28c lb;
and thy. 21c; packing *t«< k, 20c lb
F.kbm —Current receipt*. ease* ln
< lud*>d,. 21 per doz. Market easy. Ue
cflpt* on Friday. 5112 ca*e*.
\Kl\ \ Ofth PltOlH t K M ARKET.
NKV YOIIK. Mar* h 22 —Flour:
Quiet nnil steady. Pork: Firm; mesa,
tmi i'. f.e I,;tr«l. Firm; mhbHr went,
spot. fy.iJ.i*i !•.<».» Sugar: Haw. easier;
<•ntrifutr.il. •*< test, $4.42; muHrovailo,
\'< i<st. 2 rellned. dull, cut loaf,
|f> ti»; cruehed s•' !•*, powdered.' Ift.liott
granulated. s6.f<"• hT, *'.r. I'oiiee;
Rio, N<* ", on *pot. Tal- '
low; Quiet; city. ♦><■; eountrv, !» :l ( ft R c.
'l.tj: Kirin prime, sl.4<>; No. 2, $1.15;
< lover. $n 1.25. 1 >ren*eil poultry:
, Dull; turkeys, 12h21<: chickens, IMi
21‘.-c; fouls 11 4i U'ji;; duck*. 116
1 Live poultry: Weak K»4ne, 3*f 1 •»<';
I <luck*. 17c fowls, 1 ■*• *, U,l’■ S' • turkeys,
161120 c; roosters. 10 . chickens. 13c.
t’heese; Cuht and firm, state milk,
common to specials, IS'ii 19c, skims.
Common to '•pedul*. 7 *4<* 15c.
flutter: Firm; receipts. 6,801; cream
ery. extra, 31c; state <lalry, tuba, 23'tc
30c. imitation creamery firsts, 2tte.
Kggs Irregular; receipts. 14.524; near
by white fan< y, 254i 20c; nearby mixed
.fancy, 22c. fresh firsts. 22 •-* *i 23 Vfec.
CHICAGO. Man h 22 - Hotter: .Ex
tras. 3'b\ llrsts. 28c; <lalry extras. 2*i ;
firsts. 25c. Hag*: inline firsts. 20* t e;
firsts. If* *** •. Ohrese: Skims, 18fi |\< 2 c;
yming Americas, lx c* 'n I;»«•. Potatoes:
f T.IOST t.tt. Ltyp pnnltry* Privet*.-! 4 <tr
l; > < , ducks, 1■ a 1 gecac. ! 11 't l!i ;'
tu; keys. 14a 1 I
Bond quotation* reported by Hayden,
Stone & Cos.. March 22:
New 2s registered lOn •-a 10D 7 .,
l>o, c'oupon 100', 10" 7 ,
Neu 3s registered lo2'j 103
registered 11l 11 4 \
Do, coupon .. 114 111%
Cotton prices reported by Hayden,
Stone A- <*n„ March 22;
March lO.Jt 10.35
\f<.% 10.38 10 37
July 10.49 10 19
August * l®* I ** 10.53
4>f*,-fnbpr ....^— ... lu.lo 1u.60
ronßir.> nnum
Corrected dul.y oy ’.he First Na
tional bank. Detroit;
( hecks on London. <1 ' r *S» M 68
<o ands 4 f344 ••••
00 *l, i 4 y 2 ~, •
Checks on ParU,... 6 19% 5 17*4
i httt'Ms on HeilSn .. 9* 6-18
KVI RETT Wash. Match 22. \
rase of a man alio lived 2 1 ifuvs with
I.is stoin.n I> and much of his Intes
tines, relocated in ,hls t hoi ax is inter
cst*nit m» Ileal men of this city.
\t Idle worklnu In a logging camp
near sultan tlie mun xva* crushed He
xx a s t k< i t<* a hospital and lingered
ii'lmdiT a FYi*»f*TTi. ~ although ft rent in
his dipuratri hn<l 'fl< hm<l the stomach
aft<l It. teat Inc*. reassembling them in
an< tb* .- part of Ills hotly.
Much <»f the 24 days the workman
was walking about the hospital, ate
tegular!) and rnmplnlned of little
The phvsicinn who performed the
postmortem *«>* he douhts If a similar
i < as« i * rt crude I.
Fair* lex* *» Flood In Oxer.
Kairvlew's rtooilvd district ie now
completely fre*- fr<*m xvater ami the
resblt nts are living In Ct*mfort once
mor • The hlnstlng of the ice In fan
ners «r*ek allowed the surface Water
to flm' an nutlet* and It went rushing
‘on to the D< troll rlvei like a sprlnc
Ireshrt Most of the winters fee ami
snoxx' lies now b<en nieltcrl ami the
people of the lerrltorv do not fear u
It repetition of the recent iiiumlnt ton
Prlntlna l»oa i Might, Tlaseo
Printing Cos.. 16 John R.-at.
To Clean the Teeth
My a Physician.
The right' way to brush teeth is t«»
xx'ork the brush doiyn from the Klims
to tm* teeth. Tlie old wiv of rubbing
the brush » rosswise of the teeth is
likely to cause recession of the gums.
Home dentists claim that It leads even
tually to Riggs disease.
To brush the teeth properly Is a
more tedious process tha.i the common
way, bed* it Insures tlie welfare •• f
both gums and teeth. Put the brush
on the kuiiis and brush toward the
teeth and off thetr pntnt* Thtto tle*-
hrlstU s serx«! to stimulate tin* khiiih
tud keep them in place as w< 11 as to
cleun the surfaces of tlie teeth The
surfaces of the modern may be cleaned
in the ordinary way by a hack and
forth motio nnf the brush.
MINNEAPOLIS, March 227—A Klffun
tlc oak tree that has stood for three
centuries at Grlmes-ave. ami Mornlnic
slde-rd In Edina vIIIhk' 1 , was “pen
sioned" by the MornlnKsble flvll league.
The lcaK'ie voted to fence it in every
way and to provide for It until it dies
of old' - ■ »
Serving first ns the government's of
ficial mark of the Junction of four
quarter sections of land, It is unique
among ail American witness trees; It
went doxx*n In the government's first
fVal4 notes us the official landmark,
h is always remained s<> and now marks
The juncufffl ><T The streeTs.
Tin- ancient tree shaded Indian coun
clls i eentury ago an«l w’as xx'ell known
when Gideon H. and Hainu*d A. Pond
established their mission at the lakes.
Will ><it \nsxxer \n«*n> nioie* l.ettera.
Prosecutor Hugh Hhepli%rd ask< <1
The Times, Friday, to announce that
he cannot answer anonymous l*U«rs
from loan shark Jilßflms. He wants
them to giv* thejir Jfctnes or come to
him lr< person. sMwln*' them that they
need feat n* puhin-iTy In th*' matter:
that he will suppress heir names if
they sq desire.
NEW YORK. March 22.—Money on
call. 2V. per cent. Time money. 3-w
4>**r cent for six months Mar silver:
London. 26 16-18 pence; New York,
--Demand sterlinir: t4.x?.2Jh
Absolute Ssctiritv
Cor. Fort and Shelby Streets
Offers to patron* a safe and convenient depository for Saving ov
Trust foods.
Assptd Ovrr tMWv-«N Million Dollars.
DUNNING A STEVENS, Ino. J v£iSp rwo**
MaMlibPfl IM7I. I’aM la - J Da x and Hec'y-Tr*a*
ixiiua A* Live Mm:* I'arhaug* lumuiua. tom Muugiw, ft. V,
A luit xoryt us «id;t*nt aalesmvn in each department.
Corrtapaodcnce aolicltcd and Mtrktftl Do Ik* Root. M ,
Bill stork Your Name Oar Oarot Hat Report* furmahod est applicitloj
Orders for th* purchaso of Stock. Cattle and Sboap promptly ntenttS 1
\. . -
O. L. Kinney, city ticket agent of
the Fere Marquette in Chicago, ha*
been promoted to the position of city
passenger agent there. Mr. Kinney
was formerly in the Detroit office of
the road. The »ucce*aor to W. I£.
Woolfendcn, formerly district passe”
ger agent in Chlcugo. but now general
passenger agent for the road, has not
been tilled. John A. Hewitt is art
pointed commercial agent of the rond,
with office* In Kansas City, Mo., and
Q. C. Little take* a similar poaltloa
in Davenport. Towa. T#* odktft of
the Pere Marquette In Omaha. Neb.
are discontinued and the huslneiiH will
be handled from the Kansas City
The Dell Telephone aystera shows
gross earnings of $179,477,998 for the
year 1911. according to the annual re
port of the American Telephone and
Telegraph Cos. This was an increa*.*
of $13,865,117 over the preceding year.
Expenses for operation were $60,085,*
435. and for maintenance $30,184,583.
Depreciation was charged off at $28,-
iti 55.832. and taxes amounted to s*.-
966,922. The net earnings were $31.•
5X8.297, an Increase of $591,889 ov*w
1910 Additions to the plant, includ
ing real estate amounted to $55,680.
738. and this was chiefly accounted
for by an Increase in outstanding oh
ligations of $51,618,329. The assetr.
of the company showed a total in
crease of $78,601,429.
* The Detroit Trust Cos., has Issued
on instructive pamphlet entitled “De
scent and distribution of property of
intestates’* giving all the provisions
of the Michigan laws on this question
in understandable form. It alao take.,
up the leading features of the inherit
.ance tax law of the stute and the laws
relating to compensation of adininis
The Morgan ft Wright Cos. has com
pleted arrangements for the purchase
of the plant on Jefferson-ave., at the
foot of Concord, formerly occupied by
the Welch Motor Car Cos., from the
General Motors Cos. The lot has .'
frontage of 20b feet and extends back
I 1,100 feet to the Detroit river.
The factory Is set far hack from
Jefferson-ave. The valued
at SIOO,OOO. This plant played
an important part in the early
; history of the automobile industry of
i Detroit, having been occupied by the
Oldsmobiie Cos. during the early da’ s
of its development. The company la?
er moved hack to loosing where it i*
now located. Irately the plant ha>'
: been used by the General Motors
Truck Cos. for storage purpose.-'
The land adjoins the Morgan ft
Wright factory and it is imderstcol
that a large addition to the rubber
j plant will be erected at Borne future
) Detroit capital Is said to be largely
interested in the National Body Cos.
which is being organized to manufac
ture automobile bodies and will estab
lish a plant in Windsor. A site eon
prising three acres in the east end
of Windsor has been obtained and an
plication will be made to the cit;
council for exemptions. It is expected
that ground will he broken some time
in May. for a building to cost $35,00t.
The capitalization of the company is
C. A. Hoyden, who has been travel
ing freight agent for the Detroit. To
ledo and Ironton railroad, with head
quarters in Detroit, has been appoint
ed division freight egent for Detrot:,
succeeding D. W. Dirr, who recently
resigned. A. S. Hidy, cashier in the
company’s office In Springfield, is ex
pected to be promoted to be traveling
, freight agent.
The Kanawha Dispatch line, the
freight connection of the Chesapeake
ft Ohio railroad, will open an office *•.
Detroit about April 1 in charge of W.
I. Nokely. It is expected that F. M.
Whitaker, vice-president of the C.
0., and Thornton D. Lewis, general
manager of the Kanawha Despatch,
will he in the city soon to make ar
Through the failure of consignees
to remove freight from the railroad
ware houses as fast as' it comes 5 n
there is considerable congestion in
the freight warehouses and the rail
roads are finding it difficult to handle
the stuff arriving in less than carload
lots. It Is reported that there are 75
cars of freight In less than carload
lots in owl Detroit ygyl. wt\lch cn:j ;
not lie handled until the freight that is
already piled up in the warehouse f<*
removed by the consignees.
is It feasible for business men to buv
Stocks? If so. what methods shoull
they follow In order to be successful. ’
A booklet by Rogrr W. Rakwtn treat*
o 4 this subject and will be mailed a ran*
Address Compiling Offices of the
Babeon StatlMlral Organization.
1 et Welleslev Hills. Massachusetts
(.Merest nrrsnfwNtton of He rI»M In V. *
Acme White Lead Pfd. Detroit
Creamery Cos. Reo Motor Car Cos. U.
S. Motor, Com.
Members Detroit Stock Riekssxc.
Main 64111i City 6410.

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