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Effects Large Cut in Mainte
} nance Charges, Too, Cincin
nati Official Declares
“Joy-riding with city automobiles
is a thing of the past In Cincinnati
rtn'* wc established a municipal
g£aiafce," said Albert Hoene, superin
tendent of the municipal garage in
that city. Hoene and Theodore Brack
rn. superintendent of public land and
buildings In Cincinnati. w«%*e In De
troit, Thursday, and called to see
Mayor Thompson.
‘Cincinnati owns 40 automobiles,
I estimate that we will save not
leas than $60,000 a year by maintain
ing a garage," said Hoene. “Before
this system was put in effect, city of
ficials and employes had charge of
the machines and they kept them In
any enrage they desired. They would
rail Tor them at all hours of the day
and night and use them for their own
purposes. If a machine needed re
rhiaiiing the employe who ran It would
send it to a garage keeper who, like
ly as not was a friend, and the garage
wodld send In a bill, which would be
l»aid by the city without question. The
expenditure for oils, gasoline and
tires was very high. We have lower
ed the total operating expenses for
each machine per mile from 28 cents
ta nine cents.
“All the city automobiles are label
fed with the city seal. The fire and
the police departments bring their
machines to the garage to he cleaned
and repaired, but, of course, their
machines are kept on the various
stations. We employ five machinists,
thtee chauffeurs and a foreman tn the
enrage. and they are kept busy all the
Time. Each machine is washed and
cleared every night. When a city
employe gets an order to go In an
automobile to a certain place we
Keep tab on the speedometer to see
that he doesn’t run the machine 50
miles in making a trip calling for only
U 5, In other words, we see to It that
gnachines are not used more than
actually required for the city’s work.
It 1b a step 1 believe every up-to-date
city, which uses many automobiles
should take for economy’s sake. It
not only keeps down the cost of the
and Occulist (trying various glasses) Haw do they look nDw? See them
any better? '
.Mr Wunmore —Well, the green giraffe I can shee firsh rate, but that
:**d cl phant an’ the purple ’potamus still look kinder —kinder blurred.
Saturday We Shall Place on Sale
1 m 9
A ■
I flHsS§gHn9m 1 SpJEg
1 1 ■ B\
PM Hr 3
\ -iEBfIM Jd .ifli : : :;
nil I
\ Mi , wm
\ 4t flfl I ■ > 0
\\2smk Kip
\ *i B * W*
Vy-f mKPrm /
» t ‘M wbr*k.
Machines used for legitimate purpe
but it abolishes the expense of ma
chines used for private purposes, and
that was quite an item in Cincinnati.”
The municipal lodging house of Cin
cinnati. according to Mr. Bracken, is
turned into a city bath house In the
summer time. In the winter the lodg
The prettiest, newest Midsunlmer Models. Newcomb-Endi
cott in style, fabric and character. Plain and Changeable
Taffetas, Crepe Meteors, Messalines, Satin Foulards and
other soft summer fabrics. The very choicest productions
of the season. Singularly effective. On sale Saturday
Morning at —
Just About Half Price
7fefcwmii Siuticc# (wnpatiy
Five Hundred
Silk Dresses
The season’s newest models, from the
season’s choicest materials
TffE DETROIT TIMES: . „ . JUNE) 191*.
lug house can accommodate 238 men
every night. a
“We take 'em in up until 9 o'clock
at. night,” said Bracken. "First they
are stripped and their clothes put In a
funiigator. Then every man must
fuke a shower bath and when he is
thoroughly clean a physician vaccin
ates him and he is given a nightgown
and put to bed In the morning he Is
given coffee, rolls and a bowl of soup
and must then split wood for a
couple of hours. No one is taken into
th * lodging house who has money and
no one is permitted to remain in the
hoitbe for longer than three nights
In one period. If a man does not get
work he may come back in another
week, although we do not encourage
come-backs. The city appropriates
$2,700 annually to take care of the
men. The idea Is to give temporary
aid to those who are down In their
luck.' and there are plenty of in
stances where it has meant the sal
vation of men who otherwise might
have proven permanent public
Snva Settlement In Too Small.
Joseph Barton is suing the D. IJ. R
In Judge Murphy's court for Injuries
sustained when a Trumbull car struck
h wagon loaded with empty barrels.
The plaintiff was cut by flying glass.
Shortly after the accident he went to
the 1> U. R., and accepted $26 to repay
him for trouble and expense. He now
contends that he did not ask for
ctioUf h.
Merritt Wnatii to *ee Daughter.
Frank EC. Merritt, whose wife, Lulu.
Rtai'ed suit for divorce several months
ago. has petitioned the circuit court
for permission to sec his ten-year-old
daughter. He wants to have her on
Saturdays and Sundays.
in poor condition!
LANSING, Mich , June 7. —Accord-4
ing to the monthly crop report
by Becretary of State Martlndale, the*l
wheat crop In Michigan is ill verytl
poor condition. The crop correspond-t
entfc In various sections of the states
declare that 24 per cent of the crorw
has been plowed up because of thts
fact that it has been “winter killed "♦
The Hessian fly also did
damage. The total number of bushels«x
of wheat marketed by farmers during!
the month of May was 342|219. TbeJ
estimated total number of bushels o f
wheat marketed In the 10 months!
August to May is IS.IT&.OOU. The cropJ
report shows rye, corn, oata, barley. 4
potatoes and augar beets 10 be lnl
good condition. Prospects tor a good I
peach crop are very poor, according!
to the report.
Eefcreller After Hrappoinf mt-nt.
K R. Hchrelter. Jr . secretary of thei
council committee, hxn returned from
hla Junket to the playground confer-i
ence In Cleveland, arriving rather)
earlier than expected and leaving Com-I
mlaaloner Hurlbut, “Eddie'* Barnett;
and Aid. Schultz. Thompson an<4
Maaon remaining to attend the confer-j
encea. Schreiter Immediately got busy*!
and "sounded" a number of aldermen,
about the little matter of hla reap~l
pointment as committee secretary. Th»«]
appointment muat be made before July*'
1, and "Eddie" ban considered It about;
time some friend was putting In a,'
resolution to have him reappointed fort
two years. "
Woman Sues on Klander Charge.
Jay W. Vaughan, a well-known)
architect, and owner of the Vaughan,
apartments on Wataon-st.. was named,
an defendant In three slander suit*
filed In the circuit court. Friday morn. l
lng. by Flora McCMoy, formerly man
ager of the defendant's apartment.’
She asks for $5,000 In each case. Two
of the suits were started by capias.
The plaintiff charges that the defend-,
ant accused her of stealing furnMure,
Bhe is represented by McHugh, Gal-<
lagher & McCann.
■■■ ■ : - = ■ - - ■ -
Manufacturers All Over the United States Are Co-Operating With Us
One Year Aro, Saturday. June Bth. Was the Largest Day’s Business of the Season, in Our Men’s Clothing Stow.
It is not often that we must* resort to unusual procedure to make our expected gain* from day to day, but thi. particular day of
Saturday. June 8, last year, was iso tremendous, due to an offering of *uit» that were told at a fraction of their worth, that
To Offset the figures of That Tremendous Sale We Are (loins: To
Offer F6r One Day, Tomorrow, Saturday, June Bth, |
The Choice of Our Entire Stock of
Menis Finest Fancy Suits
*’ slls® **” ‘“tr,!™ $16.50
There is nothing more of Mwrtance to be said. Men who reapond
to thi* offer (and we are sure Kindreds will) may choose what they
like from the finest and highest* priced suits in our stocks. And we as
sure them that the fairness and|honesty of the Crowley-Milner store is
now on record that our part ofMhe contract will be fulfilled to the
letter. f
We want a tremendous business for this day—you want the suits.
In Addition, We Haw Put In With the Suite
Fram the “Truest Tailoring System”
Right put ot Stock
1000 of Our Owtn Best $lB, S2O and $22.50 Suits at $11.50 a Suit
If anything is needed to putt the “finishing touches” on that big clothing day we are gunning for with such heavy ammunition
tomorrow, this $... 5 0 offering rwiU be that thing.
The suit, are all of genuinelS.B. sao and $». 5 0 grades, and are strictly suit, of this season . best fash,on., Mues, grays, tans,
mixtures, etc. Sale begins proirjptly «t 8:30 in the morning. (Second Floor, Mens Bu.ldmg.)
20 Dozen Jap Silk Waists! at sl, Regularly Worth 52
Yes a Japanese Silk Waist for only si. Soft and cool, with
touches of lace at yoke, cuffs *nd down the front. Such waists
are usually $2. Only twenty dozen (240) of them. All white.
Gingham,Lawn & Lingerie Bresses-MI of them ats2.fßea
All fresh, new dresses in prettiest summer styles.
Made up of fine ginghamsj and lawns in striped and figured
patterns; also white dresses.
All of these 600 dresses weine purchased at the manufacturer *
cut rate, and we turn the wholttflot over to our customers at *2.98
We’ll leave you to judge What they are worth.
A Sale of $1.50 Dotted! Swiss Kimonos at SI.OO
Cut long and loose, with atfull sweep. A dainty early morning
Kimono—cool as a breeze. Made of dotted Swiss, plain white or
with pretty floral patterns, and* a border of colored trimming.
For Women,fMisses and Girls
Raincoats, $2.08.-Rain Capes, $1.05
Vulcanized rubber, thin, flight and flexible, yet thoroughly
waterproof, put on a foundationoof plaid percaline. This makes an
extremely light weight summer# rain garment, and the cost is but
The coats at $2.98 for women and misses, and the capes for
girls at $i.95-
NEW YOUR, junv 7. —A ghAip lilt!
fbetweeu \\ iinuin hherei, Matiggei of;
the New loi k clearing hotiao aul
Samuel L’nteruieyer, apecial inquigKor,
marked today • uearlug iu the money
truat inveaiigaiiou. wuere Suerei ex
preaaed a uaatre to correct hu leati
atony of yesterday, relative to (he I
i S6u,oOU,UOO annual revenue or the
| Clearing houae tnrougn outside bauk
[ collections.
i "Wdo nave you been talking to?”
-deuiauueu L'ntermeyer sharply.
"Well, l saw Frank Vanderlip.”
Sberer replied.
"And he did not like that kind of
htestlmony, did Ilf pursued Cuter
“Well, I think wrong lmpreaxiona
were drawn lrotn my testimony and l
' waut to revise it a bit," the witness
Sherer then said that while It was true
(he clearing house took in abouc fifty
millions a year for outaide collections,
be did not think it placed an oppres
sive demand upon either the banks
or the people, because the clearing
house received not more than one
seventh of one per cent of the checks
collected He said the aystem saved
the banks much trouble and the Deo*
1 pie much time, as It would take a bank
I working Individually about 12 days to
I put through an outside check.
LUDINGTON, Mich., June 7.—After
4|n Illness of several weeks, F. P. Dun
'well, aged 60, postmaster of this city
for six years, died here this morning
He had been a resident of Ludington
lor more than 40 years and has been
prominently associated with local
.civic affairs for 36 years. Not only
.in this community has he been prom*
lnent in politics but in the councils'
of the Republican party la tbe state
and twtea he has been elected a dele
gate to the national coaventloa. \ He
has held offices on the school board
and served aa supervisor, city clerk,
county treasurer and atats salt In
29AMO Michigan Avw, Near Fourth.
PmsU 1 ! Ufal tai QwieTullss teeay. MtCtiTi retting |a. Ite.
W i
*Mj*J vyU I
Si^^ > «s^*»i
Charming Lingerie Waists at 08c
Regularly Worth $1.25 and $1.51
So many different styles among these dainty waists that we
cannot take the space to describe even part of them.
Waists of fine dimities, and sheer lawns and batiste*, ef
fectively trimmed with laces and embroideries.
At their regular prices of $1.25 and $1.50, these waists would
be unusually good value. Judge how swiftly they will go at 08c.
lay under augpicee of (be HpiHi
no faathars Th* phUß*iie? that
looks right Tlmm r»lpllpp Cw, 1$ '
Joha r at Ph. Main MSI ertttr mi
EXTRA EPSCIAL Entire ootpat
of an eastern concern bought at
a price! A splendid assortment
of wash skirts hi linens and
ducks —latest out — saga 7 *
tans and whites.
Made to sell as high If Ml.
as $2.60 7777. fIV
Our entire line of skirts tn voiles.
Panamas, brllliantlnes and serges
—blues, blacks and all tbe latest
plain and fancy light shades.
Styles up to the m m * ■
?;r v ‘"~ *\ 05
T 6 genuine, Imported, all-flax (rink
Linen Coats, full length. Blase
14-46. Cut the f m seen
latent Best SIO.OO Jfl IIL
value Saturday 4VI
Otar entire line of Boyp* Wash Bolts.
Color fast; Ctuunbray* and Gain
teas—ee Illustration —and many
many other styles. dkdk
Values up to SI.OO. 1111 l
Saturday—Clean -IWI.
Bweep..«« »».».»»»»»»».»6v
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