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Come From All Sections of Detroit and Surrounding Territory—Ballot Box To Be Found at Times
, an i Office on John R. Street.
Popular Event Just Starting—Four Oakland Cars To Be Won In Six Weeks’ Time—lou Can Be
One of the Winners. .
Ou July 20, 1912, the winners of the four Oakland cars, will
undoubtedly be four of the ladlee who have read every article that
has appeared in this column or The Timet.
These articles will be brief, right to the point, and will con
tain Information and suggestions that will be of great assistance
to Interested contestants and their friends.
In tomorrow’s issue, the contest manager will explain the
methods he would pursue as a contestant. The day following a
thorough explanation will be given relative to the Anal vote count.
Each day, some important feature will he discussed, so do not over
look this column.
If you are a contestant and are not receiving The Times every
night, telephone or write the contest manager. Asa contestant
you are entitled to The Times free of charge until July 20th.
Contestants should note that the present vote scale Is to be
decreased 1-10 after 8 p. m. Saturday, June 22nd. This does NOT
mean that the votes you receive on subscriptions, paid before 8
p. m. Saturday. June 22. will be decreased 1-10, nor that the votes
have to be voted before June 22 to save them from being decreased
1-10. The decreased scale will not affect votes gained on sub
scriptions turned In before the 22nd. The reduced scale going into
effect after June 22 affects only the votes given ou all subscriptions
paid after June 22nd.
The ten diamond rings and ten watches have been purchased
of the Jacob Engguss Jewelry t’o., Gratiot Ave., Detroit, and may
be inspected at thui store at any time. Each ring Is guaranteed
SBO valuation. Euch watch Is of S4O guaranteed valuation.
Monday marked only the beginning
of the second week in the great au
tomobile contest now being conducted
, by The Times. Thousands of votes
are now pouring Into the ballot box
at The Times office, and the attention
of Detroit and vicinity seems to be
centering on thw great event.
Also, the contestants are beglnulug
to take notice of this opportunity and
undoubtedly each will soon be organ
izing with her friends to win one of
’the four Oakland touring cars.
One lady called at The Tftiea office
yesterday, ami related how she had
about decided not to become Inter
ested in this campaign, but thought
she might give it a fair trial. So, on
the way to the office, to have her name
' withdrawn, she interviewed Just five
of hes friends regarding subscriptions
to The Times. Out of the five, one,
who was already taking The Times,
promised to pay in advance and two
of the remaining four gave her a
year’s subscription. Uy the time this
lady reached The Times office, she
was a full-fledged candidate, left her
name in the list and asked for two
receipt books. Th,is lady has entered
Into the spirit of the event and recog
nizes thiA to be an exceptional oppor
tunity. Sho has set her mark to ride
In her own Oakland In the Cadlllaqua
automobile parade and now has the
determination that will help her win.
In this, the beginning of the cam
paign, ladies who huve entered it
have found that they have many more
friends than they ever dreamed of,
and dally the number of votes cast
%ithout the knowledge of these ladies,
reaches a stupendous amount. Friends
of each candidate drop into the oii.ee
of The Times during the day and de
posit a large bunch of coupons and
nomination blanks or their subscrip
tion for their favorite candidates, and
the candidate is agreeably surprised
the next day to find herself credited
with a larger amount of votes than
she thought she had. It is really sur
prising the Interest that everyone
seems to bo taking in the candidates,
and there are many ladles who are to
bo congratulated upon having such a
*host of friends.
Some of the candidates are wonder
ing where the votes are coming from.
Well, this is not hard to understand
when you consider the great number
‘of votes that leave The Times office
each day. Eac h issue contains 3f* votes.
< Multiply this by The Times circula
tion and yon pet over one and one-half
million, the number of votes that
leave* the office tially to say nothlnp
of votes given on subscription pay
ments paid at the office or to The
Times’ regular collectors. The cam
paign manager is wondering why
c more of these votes do not come hack
to the ballot box where they belong.
There is a great deal to be gained
by pledging the support of your
friends and united action Is alnajs
.productive of better results than
single efforts. Therefore, see every
one you know, tpll them what you
want, and make them help you.
The sooner you recognize this as an
opportunity In which you have noth
ing to lose, the sooner you start one
of these elegant awards your way.
Subscription Books.
Candidates and their friends are
privileged to accept payments on sub
scriptions and In order that they may
receipt for such payments we will pro
vide them with receipt books if they
will Inform the campaign department.
The standing of the following
districts, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10, is
according to the count of 9 a. m.
yesterday, Monday, June 10.
This morning’s count for dis
tricts 1,2, 3, 7 and 8 will ap
pesr In tomorrow’s Issue, June
•DISTRICT NO. 4 Includes all territory
inside Wards 1,3 and 5, also Ham
tramok suburb.
Florence Hawke. 47 lleadrle-ave. 920
F'anale 4iardner. 2** High east 25
Mildred Bond, 15 Columbia east 175
Netta Rhodes. *9 ElUabelh east 599
Kathleen Rankin, 327 Warren
Violet Thomas, 217 Philadelphia. 1.245
Eleanor Lynch. S3 Plquette-ave, 1,195
Meda McDonald, 42 Leicester CTt.. 25
Mm. c. Faber, 999 Reauhlen. . . . 775
Maude Goldman. 317 Livingston
Milan Jacobs. 294 Westminster
ave * *7®
Emma Miller, 120 Park 795
lllsNche Swelling. 2031 E. Grand
blvd •>»
■4 Sarah Kerr. 299 F'arnswnrth-ave. 549
Helen Adler. 51 llorton-ave 1.*»35
Mary O'Donnell. 102 lleadrle-ave. 1.213
Florence Ne*bltt* 45 High FT .. . 7941
Lillian 7.linmermna. 523 Reauhlen 1,025
Lena Glaser, S3 Brady *53
Helm Flynn. 39 Montcalm E ... 973
Nathalie Glaser, 333 lllgh FT... . 1,125
Florence H>aa, 4*3 tomsnn
wealth-nv 1,313
Mrs. Ella Senlly, 289 l.arned E.. 753
Nlwlda Adams, 119 Trowbridge 125
Hasel Sutton, 29 Trowbridge.... 150
Mary Franklin. Sl2 Warren-ave.
# b 4HH
Clara Freda, 992 Hastings...... 1,h78
Mabel Mel.nnc, 2394 Woodward . 1,415
4iiMf.ii Dran*, 247 llnncook-avc. FT. U.NO
Mra. \V. Kuhlaaa, 177 Sralth
■ve 2.010
Ivn llradnorlk, 114 Gratlot-ave. 25
Sara Wilkinson. 200 Wilkinson.. 1,125
Winifred Sewell, 35 Johu 11.... »,29
Mra. .\. T. Ilaler, IN Mnnaur-pl. 7.KNO
l.ooh Horton, 470 Brush 405
Mable Holbrook. 104 Harmon. . 2.075
Jessie Hill, 70 Pluette-ave 495
Mary O’(.rad), 72 Adelaide 1,505
Mian Co>lle, 480 Brush 503
Cat her Cousins, l!H Klrby-ate. K. 00(1
/el Inn Crouch, 2 sllortoa 250
Mary Diiercr, 524 tlruak 1.5*0
Minnie Uihdob, 41 K. Karl 1d.... 105
I'rances FTllalre. 524 Hruah 1,010
Alice t.n> al, 101 Smlth-ate 105
Kdna Gttrinnn, 07 llorton-ate.. . . 020
Mllilreil Hunt, 211 K. Hancock... N25
Helen Hard. 8020 V Hnuletnrd , 470
Katherine Hitchcock, 40 Juseph
lae-ut c. 475
Florence Hopklna, 32 Warren
ate. FT. 010
I'.Olr Houser, 271 W arren W. .. . 25
Miss Jeuulaua, 902 Hruah 2.025
Alma Knopp. 521 Hruah ...... 310
Mra. J. A. Foater, 147 Chandler
avf 2,050
Mra. John Trlx, 01 Hanrock-nvc.
K 3*5
Margaret Thompaon. 210 Palmer 105
Alice \ouug, 34 llorton-ave.. . . s OO
Mlaa llurger, 200 llorton-avo 2.075
Mra. 11. M. Nn.filer, 40 HlnKraii>. 1.305
.Minnie Niulth, 43 Marston 205
Mra. L.. F. Dttxler, 20*1 Grand
. . blvd. K 25
.Mra. A. J. Maaa, 20s Chandler.. 1.355
l.ucy HlucbelltTc, 110 Wa9<iu.. 1,475
.Mra. F. T. Hanuey, ISO Alfred.. HNS
Mlaa o*l.rare. 51 lleadrle-nve.. . 2,125
.Mra. 11. Champlln, 270 Oaklaud
ave 010
Flora l.lch tenberg. HOI Hruah... SKS
Mra. liohu. 74 Maple 545
Terraa Alexander, I*o Hancock
FT 573
Mlnr.le llrnaon, 303 Frederick.. 1,005
Mra. M. C. lit slop, 120 Cardoal. 2,175
Mrs. J. Ntrvana, 304 Cameron.... 375
Mrs. Tnylor, 230 W eatuilnater. . 255
■Mra. J. w lilt ford, I*s Stevens. 405
Mra. 1). Turney, 171 Uaalenuod. 715
Amellg Paul, 145 Hdann K 1,705
Helen Nmltt. 1174 Hruah 415
Helen Steiner, 130 Farnsworth. . 1.025
Pauline Stark, NMO Antoine 235
Anna Warren, 214 B. Hancock.. 04>*
Ufa Wcr In*, 030 Hruah 1,205
Amy Tohlna, 20s Wurren 540
Mauil Mchol, 132 Woodland ... 1.310
t arrle Hudloug, 112 l.elcrster-ct. 1.025
Sylvia Allen, 00 Kllot 25
Caroline C. Harvey, 51 Winder.. *25
Mary Miner. 1312 Hruah 520
Delia W eber, 321 Congress FT.. . 1,41*5
Mrs. C. Freeman, 170 Kenilworth 25
Mra. Mary Hrown. 100 Mndlaon.. 1,1(4
Alice Needham, 707 Humboldt
av* ixio
Mrs. A. Foster, I2OVk Farmer. .. 520
Finale llemlng, 212 Waterloo.... 305
Mary Uruce, 020 Hruah *OO
Vera Colson, *7 FT. Milwaukee. . . 2,2*0
Mrs. Gilbert, Ulnder-at 105
Jessie Harvey, 51 W Inder-at 420
Dr. lleaa, 75 llorton-ave 213
Mra. M. FT. Baker, HO Horton . 420
Cbrtat.f Hrown, 1130 Woodward 1,055
Amiindn Dernhergcr, 370 High.. 2,4*5
Jessie Wright. 291 Mrdhury ... 1,025
Nettle Illce, 344 llandolph. »75
Mae F'raaer. 2tM) Horton. 125
Mra. W. G. Hardy, 130 Trow
bridge 525
Mlaa Jena Hutchings, 511 John It. CIO
Mlaa Wilma Everest, 335 West
Graud-blvd 715
Mra. (too. Allen, 410 Clay 020
Josephine Connor, care Gray dk
Worcester Rls
Mrs. Nina Lewis, 400 Brush.... 370
Alice Goosen, ION Rivard 210
Anno Adams, 119 Trowbridge... 1,150
F'reda Gnlel. S3 Maraton-rt 020
F'lorellN l.owrey, 114 Joaephlne. 310
Sarah McLaren. 201 Gratiot .. . 3,023
Mra. Marks, 229 Leleeater-ct.. . . 1,025
Mrs. St urn, *9 Melhurne-ave.. . 2,005
Mrs. J. Selera. 1300 Besuhlen . . 125
Mrs. Joseph Hleamaa. 030 Hruah. 0,025
Mrs. H. P. W'atfl HO Garfield . . 075
Clara M. Hofmann, 15 Leaehner-
Hnuitramck 310
Mrs. Paul Ntnrm, *9 Mt. Vernon.. 320
DISTRICT NO. 5 includes all territory
inside Wards 7, 9 and 11, also St.
Claire Heights suburb.
Martha Marks. 219 MeDougall
■'C 1,025
Clara Dlenior, 949 l.arned E 879
Gertrude McDonald, 779 Rlopelle 139
Frances Franklin, 3*5 Dubois.. 495
Susie Peterson. 159 Dubois 3*o
.Mamie Wilkinson, 539 l.arned E. 873
May Valentine. 452 Brewster.... 1,&n3
Laura F'ox. 99 Chestnut 339
Lillian Brown, 443 Maple 2,795
I '.llKiilreth Abel, 1030 MeDougall
Mrs. Bnrr, 1237 Theodore 385
Carrie Gilbert, 254 Campau-ave.. 575
Mrs. J. Steha. 73* |ilrb)-aie. E. . 1,923
Mrs. F'rauk F'laher, I*s Mitebell. 479
Mra. Kane. SHK Orleans **s
Mm. G. Billings, 952 Muipur *is
Mrs. A. Ivanskl, 10*9 MeDougall. 4«*5
Mrs. Ella (PNefll, 595 Fort E... 1,9.50
Mlldrea Herrick, 503 Chene 1.59
Mabel Dery, 41* Mullett 2.049
Julia Ouellette, UMI Catherine... *bjo
F'.vn Adams. 321 Mullett I*4l
Alice Clemett, 872 Clintna-ave... 1,545
Belle Mclntosh, 391 Champlain., 443
Mary Buckley. 199 Chene 1,390
Joaephlne Schilling, 595 Fort FT. 059
Mrs. F'. Brown, 22 Clevelnnd-nve. 25
Mrs. A. Hand. 749 Gmtlot-ave.., HI Si
FTmll) Mueller, 5*9 Chene. 10.519
Norn Dalton, 2A7 Dubois I^<2s
Clara Rnrmester, 14 Hunt 359
Mrs. €'. M. In pert, 423 Theodore 9*5
Mrs. Carey, 59 Jos. Campsn 435
M. Sklfflngtoa. 192 Jos. tampan. IJilu
Mrs. (oarad Kern. 170 Sherman. 975
Elisabeth Raa-e, 14 St. Joseph . 333
Mrs. D. J. Gsater, 1977 Hussell.-. 2,*90
Mrs. 1.. Klrrhner, 111 Waterloo 313
FTllsabeth MeCahe, 31* St. Aahln 14,590
Mrs. Mary A. Thiel. 389 Rlopelle. 123
Minnie 1,. I.efelw re. 144 Orleans. 1,520
V Hrodowles, 900 Gar Held-ave. E. f
Bertha Tlesler, 790 t.rnnd)-sve.. 975
Mrs. Alice Simpson, 2* Adelaide.. I 10
Elsa Piper, 187 Adelaide 00
Catherine Klein, 198 Jos. sampan 1,129
t iara Smith. 851 fhene. jvx
FTmmn Mayer. 299 Chestnut 2.3,1
l.llllau McKenna. 34 Cleveland.. 12»*
Mm. J. Wolff, 77* Dubois nn.*
Mrs. H Valentine. 459 Adelaide **A
«nrah McGinnis. 319 MeDougall. 4i|u
Kill. Thompson. 231 Jos. ( ampan *5
Rose Mueller. 495 4 heae 1,013
Dora Hllehlags. 131 Cleveland... ||9
Carrie Le Dae. 341 Dakota , .... 1,999
Julia Sehltft, 1029 MeDougall ~ 5.24N1
Nellie Demott, 199 Maple 3,045
Cellnn Dumas, 334 Mapie 55
Fannie linmlla. 497 Macomb,... 1,123
Anna McNeil, 432 Mullett 7*5
Alice Smlta, 790 Medbury-at e.. . 1,000
Mrs. Albert Miller, *O7 Mlltvau
kee-ave. E 7*5
Mra. Muymle tleddcn, 152 St. Au
hln-ave *S3
Mra. Win. fiallagher, 431 Wilkins 373
Mra. Frank Klein. 037 W arreu
ave. K 4i*>
Mra. Hrury Faber, 343 lirrwater 75
Winifred (iunulng, *9 F'uruawortli 723
Mra. Peter Miller, 00* F'arns
worth 305
Anna Clarke. 727 Klrby-ate... . 1,0-13
Leua Miller. 449 Deiilqudrr *73
Mra. FTdward Hogera. 200 Hlnprlle 95
Mra. W in. Murray, 2*2 Orleans. . i>7o
.Mrs. John Miller, 231 Grand)-av. 30
Anna Hlanke. 104 Mltchell-ave. 303
Jeaale Willett, 027 Mltrhell-ave. TOO
Mrs. W. E. Johnson, 1331 Chene 795
Louise Hamhow. 101 Mltehell-nt e. J 93
DISTRICT NO. 6 Include* all territory
inside Wards 13, 15 and 17, also
Qrosse Pointc suburb.
Ilasel Simons, 1250 Gnrlleld-ave. 3,005
Jennie Maitland, 090 Peansyl
vsnla-ave. 25
Ethel llaudall, 1333 F'lacker-ave. 2,393
Matilda (Toettllng, 022 Townsead
«ve 915
Louise Lnnrencelle, 1279 Crane
•ve 2.025
Grace Fergusun, 533 llaldwln-ave. 1,010
Henrietta Eddy, 1291 MeClellan
•»« 1,030
Tlllle Miller, 702 Van Dyke-ave. 939
Jessie Osborne, 1023 Farnanurtb
■va 033
Dorothy Ducbarrae, 512 Lemay
“vc 1,075
Lillian F'ehr, 097 Van Dyke 755
1 Alice F'eeteau, 203- Lllllbrldge
! ■»«* I.JOO
Katherine Condo, 1224 Gratlot
. *,305
Llndn Nelson, 395 Hurlhut-ave. . 755
Mabel F'raaer, 104 F'leld-ave. .. . 1,9*5
Helle F'rluk, *4O Peunaylt uula-Mve 413
.Mlunle F'rey, 109 Cantou-ave. .. . 293
Marie Hinder, cor. Crane and Ker
chcval 2,, 15
• race Ackley, 11 FTlmwood-ave. . . 493
Florence llurke, 1332 Flacker-ave. *OS
.Mrs. Dr. Harrison, 240 Moran.. 4,520
Mrs. It. North. 1154 Garflcld-avc. 303
Mrs. M. Dcclcy, 1039 Concord.... J 75
Mra. fhas. McKeaale. 1235 Bald
"**» 1,523
Mrs. <’. White, 439 Fischer I*3
Mrs. Furl Itlee, 273 Belt Idere-nvc. *73
Aurdry Gates, 2** Parker 25
Heii'Olln, 310 Cadillac 1,210
Mrs. Geo. Manning, 2*9Vk F'lsck
cr-ave. ~. . 1,085
Mrs. J. if. Moehlman, 413 Helen. 3*3
Dresser, 37* Townsend 113
Hcrthn Masnlek. 242 Helletuc... 1,229
t lnra FTadrena, 1293 Gratiot 3*3
Hayes, 2294 Jefferson.... 3,*93
Sue Hoyt, 207 Semlnole-ave 993
Mrs. H. Hoplts, 927 Mt. Elliott
#Vf, •*.. s #
Mrs. Geo. Gerry, 239 llellrvue-av. 2,*7r»
Mrs. W, O’Connor, 201 F'leld-ave. *43
Mrs. A. Grass, 95* Sberldau-ut c. 525
Mrs. A. G. Hoyd, 10*3 F'lcld-ave. 1,305
Mrs. 11. Teaaner. 104*3 F'leld-avr. 943
Mia. c. A. Boucher, 1309 Mt. El
"ott-ave &990
Mrs. J. D. Marsh. *24 F'leld-ave. fin
Mrs. A. George, 925 Ifolcomb-a*e. 1.923
Miss M. Hartley, 245 liar* e>-ave. 1,023
Mrs. ltoae Schulte, 1393 Helen
Mra. I, Mmiim, *3l Knulf 3NO
Helen Mnun, 210 F'lseher-avc.. . . 73.3
F.llx. Iteniiine, 705 Jelferson-av e. 2,115
Hose Cloutier, 213 St. Jeun-ave.. 975
Anna Petrrs, 710 Champlain 475
Annn Klein, *49 F'orest E 2,923
Maude Marcus, 77 Durand 2*3
Mrs. G. Thomas, 449 Hamilton
• Vs.
* live Uaruea, 4*3 Hew lek-ave!! 23
Mrs. L. lilelaner, 1199 Van Dyke. 7*5
Mrs. P. Tletxr. 119 Vun Dyke-ave 270
Mrs. F\ F'lachhrln, 7*7 Parker-nv. 9,945
Mrs. H. Dupont, 020 *e)hurn-ave 115
Minnie Leopold, 793 Mt. FTlllott
av* 2,02.3
Ida Hagen. 1394 Grntlot-ave.. . 113
Grace Gibson. 99 Knntcr-avc.. . . 523
Mra. Hope Sheldon. 1399 Maxwell 1,145
Mra. C. Oft, 39.3 Elmwood 23
Mra. Perry. 301 FT. Grand-blvd . 0*.3
Mary llaudall. 107 Lllllhrldge. . . 1,4*5
Mlaa Hlttlnger, 193 Ifamlltoa-ave 575
Mary Derry, I*9 Meldrum-a\ e.. . 759
Mra. A. M. Seely, 2*l Heidelberg 729
FTllaabelli Love, 375 Pennsylvania 1,89.3
Mrs. N. II untie), 4.39«* lluld win 1.719
Marie Sunimerfleld, (nnton-st... i ,22.3
Mra. J. W llaon. 290 Rellevue-ave. 1*.3
Mrs. J. T. Dwyer. 29* Townaenri
aVp 21.3
Mra. L. Hlankeaahlp, H 77 F'leld. 8.9*3
Mlaa Itiirdeii, 301 Hellevue-ave .. . |7.3
Mra. W\ 11. Ryan. 1149 Van Dyke 595
.Mrs. W. L. Marling. 10 Farrnnd 31MI
Mrs. F'. Itoherta, 1431 McClrllnn 1,959
Mrs. r. Dnwldoakl. 747 FTllery. . 1,0.30
Mrs. G. Grove, 350 Crane 19.3
Mrs. FT. Stevens. 1503 Tin Dyke . 525
Mra. A. Grtslnger, 12 Kerchrval. 5.9*5
Mrs. L. Fisher, 152* F'leld .34.5
Mrs. P. Baker, 1242 Gratiot 333
Mabel Wilson, 30 Ln Mothe-nve. 223
Mra. J. llrookea. 039 McDougnll.. 1,00.3
Mrs. Paul Steeher, 12*3 Mlehlgsn 19.3
.Mra. G. H. Scrlber, 1112 Mt. FTI
- e 9.759
Mra. F'lorenee Honlo, *4O Mc-
Dougall 2,500
Mrs. Ilaunnh Crosby, 133 Knnter 1.2.35
Gladys Dandell, 557 Helen 1,993
Olga Finch heln, 793 Pnrker-nve. 77.5
Margaret FT. Warren. 10.37 Gratiot 1,590
Mrs. 11. A. Xchwager. 997 Hsldwln 55
Viola Salmnnl, 804 Parkview.... 2.3
Lillian Crmlder, 243 llaldwln.... .tA
Mr*. L. A. F'errler, Pontlae 1,995
Irene Place, Durand 0,v5
Sirs. Rose Harrington, Byron... 26
Carrie Mullen, Durand 313
Mrs. If. Rousaln. Durand 59,5
Mrs. Hex Angell. W alled Lake. . . 79.3
ltnth Barrett. Walled Lake.... 1,959
Mrs. Ira S. Carnes. Walled l.nke 2*5
Mrs. Wm. Hoyt, Walled l.nke . 935
Mm. (dim Perry, Orion ,mhi
Mrs. Hugh Grant, Orion 370
Mrs. .1. L. Belli*. Orion 42.%
Blanche Heath, Birmingham.... 425
Frauds Shattuek. Birmingham . U‘3
Hhes Sehlanek. Birmingham .. . 1,993
Mrs. Jennie FT. Cnrley, Itnyal
Oak 9,(ltd)
Edna Sehatfuek. Birmingham . . 1,795
Mat Randall. Birmingham I,o*o
Pansy Hnmen. Novi 979
Mrs. A. T. Haleome. Novi 1,025
Helen Gandy, F'owlerville 775
Resale Kelly, Fowlervllle 4*3
Minnie llagermnn, F'owlerville.. 211*
Estelln Wheeler, Royal Oak ... 1,573
Mrs. FTarle Sinclair, Royal Oak . 173
Mrs. Harry Sinclair. Ratal Oak . ,38.3
Mrs. Harry Gardner, (total Oak . 329
Clara Rasklnhurg, Royal Oak . . 339
Eola T. Smith. Roynl Oak ....... 203
Mrs. M. B. Udell, Milford 1.293
Mrs. ( bus. Tnolha. Milford .... 1,203
Ruth Ifurret, Owoaso <25
Mrs. Kenneth Cooper, 0w0550.... 23
Mrs. Clifford Lewis, R>roa 1,993
Mm. Kenyon W rlgglesworth.
Fast Cokoetah 2.3
Edna Marshall, South Lyon.... 2.105
F'lorenee Hallaway, South Lyon 1,89.5
Corn Sweet, South Lyon 195
Gladys Patterson. Newark. .341.3
Hasel Malm, Holly ,315
Lillian Retford. Grand Rlaac.... I*s
Hlyth FTtnns, Holly 3711
Lillian llclford. Grand 81anc.... 23
Esther Webster, Oxford |jo
Leo M. Cnsmer, Oxford 423
Mrs. Bay Von W ngnnrr, Oxford. 979
Hasel F'rlteh. Oxford jjr
Jessie Boost, Oxford 753
I.ulu Dlshrow, Clyde.. 4*5
Marlon Prrdmore, Clyde 313
Mm. G. Rocfelow, Good Ison 1,954,
Mrs. Boy Frost, <*4to4l|s4>n 1,9*3
Mrs. Ernest * hippy. Good Ison . ... 2*.3
Mrs. F'red Hoone, Danshurg,,,, 293
Jessica MeKcnrle, V adersoavlllc. 1.019
Mrs ( has. Kim. Aaderaoavllle . 1.479
Mra. G. SftH-k weather, Anderson-
M v * ,la 1.923
Mrs. Jnha Narrln. Ortonvllle . . ytl.4
Mm. It. 11. Lnse, Ort»nt llle. .. . 11.3
Clara Ksller. Ortoavtll* 3.703
Mamie Gibson. Clarkstwa 795
Lydia Mllla, Clarkstoa. 310
Anna W lan, 'futiaburg 73
Mrs. Fannie Walls, Davlsburg,. 903
Mrs. tana Strvrua, ..alagsburg. ;il
Mrs. M. M. Week. Lalagshnrg, . t*3
Emma Maker, l.alagsbnrg ■ KIO
Mrs. I.oyal Arthur, l.alaaburg. 1,133
Mra. Leonard Lackey, Lalngsburg 533
Grace Telfer, Henderson 2,* 15
Heasle Hrear, Henderson 955
. 3 alerts Warner, Owoaso. I*l3
Mrs. Nellie Miller, Durand.... . 1,755
■ Mrs. Myra Stone, Durand I*3
Mrs. I.ulu GooJapeed, Durand . 2.‘145
Mrs. L. C. F'aaket, Howell 1,095
Vmy Campbell. Durand. 375
Maud Chase, Hurt 3*o
Maud Grey, New Lotlirop 929
F'loaale Hough. F'luahlng 025
Mrs. Luke \ ernoa. New Lothrup 0.3
Josephine Halley, Montrose .... 193
Mrs. J. Hopklna. Wlxom 25
Mildred Hoha, Brighton 1.250
Mrs. Lydia Cavller, Hamburg..., 2.035
Mluaa Hals, Brighton 219
Mrs. FT. O'Dell, Brighton 193
Shirley Smith, Holly 1*9.3
Ethel) u Ton Hiper, Holly 759
Martelle Atherton, Holly 293
F'loreuce Pringle, If oily. 033
Daisy Hall. Holly 595
Bertha Puruialee. Walled Lake.. el3
Father Chapman, Walled Lake.. *29
Bessie Chafey. Walled Lake 993
lues Dickerson, W alled Lake ... 43
Mrs. C. Hrlatol, F'owlerville ~. . 1,199
Heasle Kelley, Fowlervtlle 233 1
I Carrie Holcomb, F'owlerville.... 1,710
1 Ethel McCarthy, Pinckney 2,1*3 I
Hose Jeflerya, Pinckney 703
Luura Ifoif, Pinckney ' 703
It ii tti Pattertoa, Pinckney 395
Lola La Marsh, Water-st.. Pontiac 445
Itufh Levcrette, Pike-si., Poutlac 1,975
' Her) I Hollway, F'ulrgrove, Pon
tine 335
Llln Smldley, ltallrond-st., Pon
tiac 123
! Hull* Jacobs, Orchard Lake-avn.,
Pontiac 2,023
Mrs. If. L. .McNeal, Rochester. . . 295
' Mrs. J. Pulmer, W Isom 929
Mrs. George F'oas, Leonard 1,4*5
Mrs. C. Stromhrrg, Leonard 3*5
Mrs. Lillie Hagley, Orion ITS
Mrs. T. I hopln. Orion 990
Mrs. I.ulu Middleton, 0ri0n..... 21933
\ era Haaaett, Pontiac 1,910
F'raitela Hurchill, Pontiac 210
Gertrude Mitchell, Pontlae 1,035
>1 uuile Thompson. Pontlae 1,243
Marjorie Nelson, Poutlac 910
Heulah Fay, Pontiac.. 295
llnxel Sinclair, New Hudson ... . 97.3
l.uclln Pwwrlaou, New Hml son. . 1,373
Mae Davis, New Hudson *3O
FTlsle High), New Hudson 3/5
Neva Henwlek, New Hudaon.,.. 415
.Mrs. G. Haraard, fhllson . ... -1,925
.Mrs. *. turds, t bllson. 959
•Mrs. M. Itlchardnon, t bllson 915
Mrs. J. Appleton, Chllaou 213
Mrs. Win. Poole, llowell. 1,319
Violetta Met utcheun. 293 Nor
. toD-avr., Pontiac 4*5
Mrs. *. J. F'ruslcr, Perry 25
..Mrs. thus, stevena, Perry 3*3
Mrs. thus. Bent ley, Morrlre 73
{.Mrs. FTtta Killian, Hurtou. ..,... I*s
I Alberta Timidly, Hurtou 30.3
Phyllis Stephens, Holly 1,219
1 Mrs. Sutherland, Oxford 11,199
Mrs. Gro. FTvans, Linden I*s
Marlon Pratt, Fenton. 1,905
Mabel Stllen, Linden 5,025
Margaret Snoblen, North Branch 23
Lucinda Wilder, North Branch.. 2,110
Adu Pratt, Lltchtldd 23
F'lorn Cooper, Hillsdale 993
Ida lioblnaou, Litchfield 733
Helen Swan, lulls) City 2X3
.Margaret Suelllng, Imlny City.. 25
Mrs. FT. 11. Daw non, Imlay City. . 1,310
Lena V. Henderson, Mt. Clemena 455
Mra. FTnst Gann, W nnhlogton. .. . 4*9
Mrs. Hoy Citrl, New Haven ... . 3,933
Mrs. D. Hill, New Baltimore 373
.Mrs. Hurtou T. Hates, New Balti
more I*s
Mrs. Scott Stevenson. Memphis. . 1,933
Maude Jcfters, Memphis 319
Daisy Alpln, Memphis 1,955
Mabel Pettuek, Dowaglao *43
Ilasel Heed, Dovvagac I*3
llnxel F'crguson, Churlotte 393
Ruth F'ox, Charlotte 3*5
Mrs. Albert Sharpe, Burnside... 219
Mrs. FTtbel Gardner, Hrovvu City.. 313
Mrs. A. 11. Wilcox, Hrown City.. 1,705
F'lorenee Cuduey, North Hrsneh.. 275
Mrs. F'rnnk Walters, Metamora. . 2,213
.Mrs. James Carr, l.npeer 733
Mrs. N. J. Bullock, Hadley 1,339
t'orllughousc. North Adams 1,039
FTlfrlda Kemptou, North Adams.. 3*5
Llxsle llnrts. New Baltimore. .. . 373
Aimer Burrs, New Baltimore. . . 993
Mrs Ruth Halley, New Balti
more 2,133
Mrs. Trns Rosso, New Balti
more 2,973
Vivian Starr, Plttsford 2. *93
Ina Wright, Osseo.. 345
Mrs. Louis \llen, Kings Mi 115.... 1,473
Lllllau Snoblen. North Branch.. 1.375
Mrs. Llby HudellfT, Kings Mills 130
Nina Walker, Lum 1,023
Martha Lewis, Imlay Clt) f? 5
Florence HloomMeld, Imlay City. 1,025
Rosa Clark, Kings Mills 2,025
Nellie Stoner, tlssco. 1,133
Lula McDowell, Plttsford 1,903
l.ole Ackley, Litchfield 23
I.ulu Bentley, Jonesvllle 2,*39
Pearl Adams, Montgomery 705
F.IIm McMurrsy, Montgomery.... *- •!
Miyme Kllgour, Marlette 1,4*3
.Mrs. Celeste *nover, Clifford 2,935
Minnie Tan Slckland, Kingston.. 1,025
tiara Keillor, Clifford 343
Ruth F'ellows, Coldwater 1,235
Mrs. Hay Broughton. Coldwater. 373
Mrs. I-Ttliel IHII e 11 heck, Saranac. . 333
lleher Fisher, Drydea 1,543
Mrs. J. W hltheck, Drydea 275
F'ay Johnston, Linden 3,175
Mrs. F'rauk Bartlett, Drydea ... 1,159
Mrs. C. FT. Kline, Dry den 3,193
Alice Campbell, llryden 125
Norms llrlslione, Columhlavllle. 1,743
Mary Mc.Nevnn, Coliinihlavllle. . . 2,015
Maliel Boss, Columhlavllle 2,925
\ ashtl Davis, Washington 2,195
Feme /.ecter, Washington 2,175
l-Tdna Miller, Waldron 1,710
Mrs. Jos. Ilartle), Waldron. 1,995
F'urn Dunlap, Montgomery 123
Mildred Klrliy, < llllord 959
Nellie Lane, Mnrlette 419
Myra Kinney, F'rontler 2,073
Mrs. A. Shaft, Shaftshurg 295
Mrs. M. Thompson, Waldron.... 1,115
Mnliel Geiger, Marshall 925
Sarah FTseenhurg. \uchorvllle. . . 1,523
Ruth Itelmeyer, Lenox 515
Nora l.lndke, Anchorvllle 273
Hilda Balm, Lenox 2,105
Mrs. Ferrln. Mt. Clemens 1,935
Maud \an FTps, Mt. Clemens 33
Dr. Nrllle Kills, Mt. Clemens. .. . 1.375
Pearl Geer, Algonac 795
Charlotte Muir, Algonuc 595
Mrs. James \mes, Algonac 403
Lottie Hall. Had Ax l:#s
Mrs. IL t artvvrlght. Port Austin. 1,925
Sadie Shaw, Armada .595
Llsxie F' oiks. Armada. 910
Luc) Kipp. Armada 1,175
llsscl llonaldson, Nwsrtx Creek 793
Grace Johnson, Swarfs Creek.... 1,123
Anna lloraberg, St. Clair 125
Mrs. *. Bacon, *t. Clnlr 915
Grace Hennessey, St. Clnlr 2,9.19
Bertha Wagner Eaton Ituplds . 2*5
Neva llnrher. Grand Ledge..... *59
Mrs. Mabel Murphy, Miilllken... 305
Mrs. B. Iferrlmau. (flea 2,395
Mrs. J. W. F'rlfeh. Ilrckerv llle. . *93
Mrs. Win. Doe, Jr., Lum 1,0(0
Mrs. S. Money, Lum.. 275
Mr*. H. ( hown. Attica 710
Mrs. \. F'olsom. Otto Lake...... ssn
Mrs. M. 11. Smith. Borneo. 219
Mrs. H. Ilnsmer, Hnmeo 275
Mrs. J. Trask, Jr.. Romeo 223
Mrs. T. Proctor, Romeo 2,050
Jennie Cook, Lenox..... 1,705
llnlly Brewer, Leans |»*
FTdnn Ghcrke, Lenox 2.2*8
Mrs. D. Clinton, 94* 11 oodw, F lint 593
Mrs. 1,. Compton, *tnckton. Flint 819
Hose ITvnn* Clifford, F'llnt 73
Mrs. Dr. t ogle), Poplar, Pf. Hur
on 1,050
Mrs. J. F'enner, Tenth, Pf. Hnr
-1 on *OS
Mrs. Kelfer, FTlghtli. Pt. Huron . 1,273
Irene Harney, Jonrs-at,, Mt.
Clemens 1.075
Mrs. If. Sehnonr, N. Baltimore 920
Mrs. K. Haller, Washington. Mt.
Clemens 373
Mrs. 1,. Lttsch. Inehes-at., Mt.
C'lemens » 1,023
Mrs. I. Sanford, flary-af,, F'llnt 310
Mrs.. P. O. Mills, fistlsvllle 755
Mrs. W. Lyons, Oatlsvllle. 2-550
Mrs. F. Murphy, T”enton 25
Mrs. J. Trootman. Fenton 2.190
Mrs. 11. Monger, Davidson 1,703
Mrs. K. Ifsthnwav. Davidson ... 395
Mrs. G. Seott, Clio 1.073
Mrs. FT. Wise. Third-ave., F'llnt. 3*3
Mrs. G. l*»veJoy, Richmond ... 1,420
Mrs. Wm, llrsrkmsn, N. Haven 23
Vera Thompson, Moscow I -11*5
1 Mrs. Myrts 4 askey, Hillsdale, ft.
F. IL 1 «!•
I Mra. *adle Gray, Hillsdale, R.
F\ D. I 475
tits Knopp. Lltehfleld 1,175
Mrs. Cliss. Henry. Cam 2,050
| Mrs. Pearl HeNellls. Port Mope 150
IMrs. Ira Cornell, iTlktnn ' 1,023
Rhea Inn Deasea. Elate 178
E4ftli Warner, Elnle 33
Mr*. Hiu u Maker, Kltlr *MMI
Kfllr l.uulrr, Oakley «?!V
Mr*. A aura Kla*r>, liruilrraua . JS
Hr*. Klla I hnr), tleader»oa .. *26
Hairl Mkatturk, Ciraad Udgr 1,210
Adda HarrU, Olivet SM
Mr*. O. Ilooplug arnrr. Hronaoa. . 250
State Politics
Theodore Roosevelt's great popular
ity wati demonstrated In a unique
manner recently by an English class
lu one of the local high schools. Out
of 57 students who were told to write
an essay on some great man in pub
lic life In America. 54 chose the for
mer president for the subject of the
essay and the papers submitted bore
eloquent testimony of the regard in
which he is held in the homes from
which the high school pupils come.
No suggestion was made that the
children were to write about any in
dividual nor were they restricted to
the occupants of any particular office.
They were simply told that the essay
should be about some man in public
office whose name would be instantly
recognized by everybody. Aud with
these brief Instructions fixed In mind
all but three of the class sat down
and wrote about the man who is now
contesting with President Taft for the
Republican nomination for president.
• • •
Col. Will A. Waite, president of the
Michigan Leugue of Republican clubs,
is one prominent Michigan Republi
can, who has no occasion to worry
about having a good seat at the Re
publican national convention in Chi
cago. When the reports began to cir
culate last week that tickets of ad
mission and convention appointments
were as scarce as hen’s teeth, Col.
Waite was pleased to receive in his
mail a notice of his uppointmont as
an assistant secretary. Now another
official envelope has come announc
ing his selection to be one of the
reading clerks. He will probably
take the reading clerk's Job because
It offers more work to do
* • •
Roy C. Lyle, of
the Republican state central commit
tee, and who will be an assistant
sergeant-at-arms at the Republican
national convention, left for Chicago,
Monday evening, and will probably re
main at Michigan headquarters there
until after the convention.
• • •
As soon as the Republican national
committee has acted upon the con
test brought by the Roosevelt wing
of the party for the six Michigan dele
gates-at-large, National Committee
man John W. Blodgett will call a
caucus of the Michigan delegation for
Monday, June 17, at the Congress
Annex hotel, in Chicago, where the
Michigan headquarters for the conven
tion: are located. At this caucus, the
Michigan delegates will elect a chair
man, a member of the committee on
credentials, member of the commit
tee on resolutions, member of the
committee on permanent order of
business and a national committee
man to succeed Mr. Blodgett.
• • •
Capt. Fred M. Alger and Charles B.
Warren, of Detroit, and William Jud-
Bon, of Grand Rapids, have been
mentioned as possible candidates to
succeed John W. Blodgett, of Grand
Rapids, as Michigan member of the
Republican national committee. The
choice will be made by the Michigan
delegation at its caucus preceding
the national convention.
• # •
Police Justice C. R. Black, of Port
Huron, has been elected chairman of
the Republican county committee of
St. Clair county. He will be assisted
during the fall campaign by George
L. Brow’n, recently elected secretary
of the county committee.
• • •
Clifton Bowker, former supervisor
and highway commissioner, and John
Schmidt, are campaigning for the Re
publican nomination for state repre
sentative in Osceola county.
• • •
The Republicans of lowa got at
would-be Senator Young In a way the
Republicans of Michigan would like
to get after our friend Dlekema. Like
Mr. Diekema in Michigan, Young haß
been the head of the opposition to
Roosevelt in lowa, and as a reward
for his subserviency the Taft faction
put him up for United States Benator
against Senator Kenyon, a progres
sive and a known advocate of Roose
velt’s nomination. Unable to have a
direct primary, and swindled out of
proper representation in the choosing
of delegates by the caucus system,
the lowans found in the senatorial
contest a chance to show how they
really stand. Young also Is a typical
boss. He has been put out of busi
ness by a majority that Is known to
be 70,000 at least, and it’s growing
as the lagging returns come In. It Is
the same story everywhere. The
| people are determined to show Mr.
Taft what they think of his proposi
tion that this is ‘ a government by a
representative part of the people and
that those who believe In primaries,
the initiative, and the referendum are
“neurotics.” —Allegan Gazette.
• • •
The rumor that Gov. Osborn will
be a formidable candidate for the vice
presldeney, will not down, despite’ the
fact that he Is not a candidate for
anything this year. No doubt but that
ho would accept the honor if it were
| tendered him, and he would infuse a
life into the office that it has not ex
perienced for many years. Asa cam-
I palgner he has few If any equals in
the United States. Ills services may
:bo needed to Insure Republican iuc
| cess this time. As to his abllty to till
I the o©i< e, that Is conceded by all. fn
; fact, he would make n better presi
dent than aqy of the candidates now
seeking the honor. —Manistlque Pi
Going Away Soon?
If so, better wear a tvvo-piecc
summer suit of our make—
whether you go to the moun
tain. the shore, or stay right
here in Detroit. There will
i>e comfort for you in wearing
a cool serge homespun, crash
or light-weight worsted made
as onlv Rallantine knows how.
Two-piece Summer Cloths, $17.50, S2O up.
The Ballantine Cos.
TAILORS-State and Washington
Central Presbyterian To Sell
Property and Purchase
Second-ave. Edifice
The Central Presbyterian congre
gation will sell its present church at
Bates and Farmer-sts., and purchase
the abandoned Secobd-ave. Pres byte- j
rian church, if the plans of the ses
sion are adopted by the Central mem
bers in a meeting, Weduoaday night.
The session will recommend that an
offer of 1100,000 for the Central
church be acceped, and that arrange
ments be uu.de to take over th« Sec
oud-ave. edifice at once. The latter
has been for sale for some months,
having been closed by the congrega
tion. because of its location being
too far from the homes of most of the
members, many of whom now live in
the northwestern part of the city.
The Western Realty Cos., of Bos
ton, owners of the Chamber of Com
merce and Crowley-Milner buildings,
Detroit, have made the offer of SIOO,-
000 for the Central church. ' Homer
Warren, manager for the company in
Detroit, suys he doesn’t know jJ6t
what use the company plans to make
of the site.
The lot, with 64 feet frontage on
Butes-st. and 100 foot deep, cost the
congregation but- SSOO when it was
purchased in 1842. The congregation
was organized in 1846 and there Is
now but one charter member living,
Mrs. Jeanette Commou, of Mt. Clemens,
widow of John Common, and aunt of
Miss Sarah Common, No. 34 Califor
nia ave.. Detroit. The edifice now be
, ing used was built In 1871 at a cost
of $25,000.
Within the past few’ years, many of
the pioneer members of the church
have died and others have removed to
different parts of the city. Because
of the scattering of the members, It
is figured that they spend upwards
of $6,000 a year In car fare, going to
and from church.
There is a feeling among some
members of the church that the
■ building ought to be purchased by
| the Presbyterians of the city and
| maintained as a sort of down-town
mission, something like Tremont
Temple, Boston. How’ever. it is not
thought that this sentiment is strong
' enough to bring about an adoption of
; the proposal. The congregation has
seen 13 other down-town churches
crowded out in its lifetime.
The Central church, also known as
the ‘‘Scotch’* church, might have been
disposed of to advantage several
times. An offer of $40,000 was made
for It, about 20 yeare ago, and five or
six years ago, $70,000 was offered.
The pastor, the Rev. Marcus Scott, re
cently accepted a call to Berlin, Ont.,
and nothing will be done relative to
choosing his successor until the ques
tion of removal Is disposed of.
LANSING, Mich., June 11.—At a
conference between Gov. Osborn, the
state board of auditors aud the mem
bers of the board of control of the
Michigan School for the Deaf at Flint,
it was decided to appropriate $6,300
to clear away the debris.
No action will be taken toward re
building the burned structure until
the architects have submitted esti
mates of the cost.
Unless the city of Flint will assure
adequate fire protection some of the
members of the board are adverse to
rebuilding at Flint.
In a meeting of the board of county
auditors, Tuesday morning. It was
voted to purchase the property at St.
Antolne-st. and Palmer-ave., as a site
for the new juvenile detention home.
The site Includes almqst hair a city
block. The price is $12,000, and the
deal was negotiated by the Hannan
Real Estate agency.
The motion to purchase this site
was strongly opposed by Auditor
Forbes Robertson, who filed n written
protest, lie wanted the board to take
a portion of the property now owned
by the city In Hamllton-blvd., on
which Is located the pest house. He
claimed that he could get this prop
erty from the city for nothing.
T.ANSINO, Mich., June 11.—Samuel
A Kennedy, a former classmate and
law partner of Washington Gardner,
of Albion, died this morning For 18
years he had been employed In the
secretary of state’s department work,
giving his attention to corporation
work in recent years.
Mothers and Babies to Be Cared For.
The Bay Court home, the property
of the Associated Charities, Detroit,
will be opened for the SLimrner. next
Friday, with Mlbs Sarah Cummings,
nurse, In rhargo ns superintendent
The home is located on the shores of
I>uke St. Clair, near New Baltimore,
and has upwards of forty rooms It
will be open to mothers nnd children
who are in destitute circumstances,
and who are in need of treatment and
fresh air No children over three
year* of age will be accepted

W lilrlT-knimn l*hlinn#hr«»pl*t limit.
\i:\V OHLKANM. Lh . .Tun.* U
Sophie B Wright, the south's most
widely known philanthropist, diet! here
yesterday afternoon
' '‘i WH
i. "
Attempt Will Be Made To Namf
a Weak Man, Declares Ed
ward Frensdorf
?.•*• .•'■T, l
Were It Known, State Chairma4
Declares Certain Candidates
Would Be Dropped Quick * j
“The present rumpus In the Repute
lie an camp Is furnishing a iare op
portunity fer the tricksters who at*
claiming a place In the Democratic
party, to pull off a his sf—i. and thsqr
are planning to do it at the Baltimore
convention," declared Edward bYen*-
dorf, chairman ot the Woodrow Wllr
sun league In Michigan.
“The press associations, or a oete>
tarn portion of them, which are owned
by the corporations, are aidlnft and
assisting U> the limit, by failing te
make public at this time certain ta
formation that would cause the greed
mass of the Democrats to demand ttee
immediate withdrawal of certain can*
didates from consideration at the Bal
timore convention. This is, of cowra*,
done in order that the Democrats
nominate a weak candidate for pr—te
dent, knowing full well this it tbo
ouly hope of the stand pat clement to
win. If a state like Michigan com
turning a Democracy of which a$
least 75 per cent desired the idled
Uon of delegates to the national 60—
vention favoring Gov. Wilson, can t*
so manipulated as to make statement*
like these true, what can’t we expeat
from a collection of political shark*
at Baltimore.”
Here Mr. Frensdorf took rllpptngl
from Detroit newspapers from hid 1
pocket, and exhibited them as lndloate
ing what the party Is up against. They
WASHINGTON. May 16—The Har
mon headquarters Issued the following
statement today: "Gov. Harmon won 4
substantial victory over Gov. Wilao*
In tlie Democratic state convention ax
Hay City. Mich., yesterday, according
to advices received today from S. <3T
Wood, In charge of the Harmon cam
paign in Michigan. The effort of -.Ld
Wilson forces to get an instructed
delegation for Gov. Wilson to the Bale,
tlinore convention was defeated, the
convention voting to send an unin-,
strueted delegation of SO. At leaat ta
of these delegates favor Gov. Harmon*!
nomination. Mr. Wood, who waa re
elected national committeeman, was
named a* one of the six delegates-at
large. The Clark managers imported
a contingent of the speaker's friendd
from Mlsxoprt and Arkansas to work,
among the delegates. They were un
able, however, to get an instructed’
delegation from their candidates.'*
COLUMBUB, O, May 16—Oov. Jud
son llarmon returned to the executive
office today, but prepared to resume fcta
campaign for the Democratic presiden
tial nomination with a speech at
Greenville tonight. A statement was
Issued today at Gov. Harmon’s head
quarters, claiming that the Ohio execu-f
five will have more than half the dele
gates from Michigan and Tenneseeel
where conventions were held yen ter-*
day. In Michigan, E. O. Wood, th*
Harmon manager, was made delegate**
nt-large, the Matement declared, and In’
Tennessee "we are assured of 16 of tho
24 delegates,"
“Does anyone wish to take issue
with ttie when I say not 10 per cent
of the Democrats in this state are de
sirous of the nomination of Oov. Har-»
Are we sending a truly representa
tive delegation to Baltimore, if tha
situation as reported by Chairman E.
Dr Wood, to the Harmon headquar
ters, is correct?
’ We know too well that the Hnf
politicians in every state favor a iw*
uctionary candidate, and if they hava
been as successful in other stated in
defeating the will of the majority, a*
they claim to have been in Michigan,
you can easily imagine what the re*
suit at Baltimore will be. *
'The progressive Democrats have
reason to expect about as little con
sideration from the national commit
tee as the progressive Republican!
are receiving from their national com
mittee. It’s easy to defeat the will
of the people now, but it wont be
easy to repeat the dose as soon “
1 Dickeys
for Qualltr.
—watch tha game
’neath a Hickey
Straw Hat!
Don’t hesitate. \V»e got
any style. shape cr kind of
straw you may want—and men
selling hats who know horn to
fit you rightly. Mne splits.
Milan*. Mackinaws, Sennits.
DinifKoki, M Ilk
rasßMa«. se- <«• m
Hickey s:
tonihl WaafwaH.
Page Nine

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