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“This is No Place to Yell for
Me; It’s a G. O. P. Meeting.”
Says Bryan
Sale of Political Souvenirs Hav
ing Died Down They Take
Up New Line
CHICAGO, June 21—The sale of
Taft aud Teddy souvenirs having died
down, the great army of street ven
ders have been loaded up with toys
of all sorts, and a common cry is
'‘Take 'em home to the kids.” You
can buy anything from a rubber bull
to a tin whistle.
Those of the convention hall gal
lery who tired of the political gabfest I
after two days' session are eagerly
sought out by the street ticket specu
lators. The cry is 'Til buy your
ticket, I'll buy your ticket.” and If he
lands oue of the cardboards, follow
him around the corner and you'll hear
“Convention tickets for bale,” and the
price he gave is usually doubled.
Bands playing for the T. R side of
the political turmoil have been having
great sport kidding the Taft bands.
The latter, stationed in front of the
Taft headquarters in the Congress
hotel will strike up “Everybody's
Doin' It” and just get nicely started
when the T. R. musicians will join In
—sounds like brotherly love —but the
T. R. musicians take great care to |
hit every other note a little bit on
the bias.
They've put the ban on the "Bear
Dance” the “Turkey Trot and various
other society dances in a great many
dance halls in Chicago, but this
hasn't prevented a number of lively
couples executing them on the side
walks opposite the Congress hotel to
the ragtime tunes the campaign banda
The Maelstrom took on the appear
ance of real joyfulness when college
boys invaded the hotel lobbies. They j
gave the dental college yell, sang I
songs and ripped through the crowds ‘
carrying Teddy banners. Some of
them were voters.
Reporter W. J. Brvan was at the
Congress hotel getting news. As he
walked through the lobby a man be- (
gan to whoop it for the peerless lead
er. Bryan scowled, turned suddenly |
and grabbed the enthusiast by the
shoulders. “Stop it.” he roared, “this J
Is no place to yell for me. Don't, you (
know this is a Republican conven
tion?” t
: u #■
The weak-kneed delegates have
found a place to sit down, the benches
from the Congress hotel lobby have
been placed In ;he subway that runs
under Congress-st., into the Auditor
ium hotel. Here the weary ones
spend most of the day. reading the;
Two members of the Pas-A-Pas club, i
an organization of deaf mutes of
Chicago were in the Congress lobby. I
A band was playing on one corner J
while a quartet was singing on the
other. "Seems tjuiet here." spelled j
one man on his linger*.
At that moment a yell went up for
Teddy. Pats were thrown toward the |
ceiling and hands waved in the air. i
The two silent ones saw the waving 1
hands, and smiles of gratification I
wreathed their faces. "That's some- [
thing like it." they agreed.
“This seems just like old times, i
said Col. Harry New, as he visited
the United Press box just before the
convention met. "You know I cover- j
ed four of these ' affairs in my time. ” j
the Indianan confessed. "It was a lot i
more fun. too. than my present job. |
It seemed good to look on from the
press box.”
William Allen White is the living!
antithesis of “Sockless Jerry” Simp- i
son. his fellow Kansan. White is show
ing the "City folks" that Kansans j
wear socks as well as all the latest |
sartorial rads. Laßt night he attend
ed a dinner, attired In a dress suit I
topped ofT with a Panama hat.
"It's all the hat I brought with me. j
so I had to put on all the scenery I
could.” said White, gazing at the ef
fect in a mirror.
Coi. Roosevelt today declared: !
' We'll lick ’em to death." w hen he i
read a letter written by V. A. Walk- 1
up, a cowboy of Apache, Okla., to Ed.
P. HerrifT. a delegate to the conven
"Ed. stand for Roosevelt and the '
right," said the letter, "as long as j
there are buttons on your clothes. If
Roosevelt wius we will jsut simply I
tear the top ofT the hills hear. In I
spite of that damnable thieving na- |
tional committee. Apache is still on
the mountain top
“Ugh. what a jam; you know I don't
lik£ crowds. Chauncev." was the dis
gusted wail last .night of Mrs. Chaim
cey M. Depew toNier spouse, as they
squeezed through a hotel lobby from
the elevator to the dining room.
♦ »
The tuneful melodies and “country
bumpkin'' fun of Flotow's “Martha, " (
was the offering of the Sheehan Eng
lish Opera company. Thursday even-,
ing In the Detroit opera house. This
opera is a perennial favorite and al
ways sure of the appreciative hearing:
from the average opera going audi
ence. The Sheehan company's pre-;
sentatlon of it was given plenty of ar>-
As in everything she has done In
Detroit. Miss Gladys Caldwell gave a
vocally pleasing and winsome imper
sonation of l.adv Harriet Durham who
masquerades as Martha. Such parts
are eminently suited to Mis* Cald
well* dainty personality, her roguish
face and her pretty voice.-- She sang,
"The Last Rose of Summer*' with .
power and sweetness, and throughout J
the evening acquitted herself with
mere than usual ability.
Mr. Sheehan, as Lionel, the country
boy. who before the last curtain falls,
finds himself a "nobleman of high de
giee." has often been seen in the part
in this city. His efforts are always
well received and hia singing applaud
ed with enthusiasm.
Big k lands J. Boyle made the most
of the comedy possibilities of Plun
kett, the awkward and loutish young
faimer, whom Nancy, Lady Har
riet's pert waiting maid, leads such a
merry dance. Miss Alma Stetzler was
Nancy and she gave a very good ac
count of herself. Francis J. Tyler as
Tristan, Harriet's cousin,
and Will J. Jorgensen, u s the sheriff,
completed the cast.
Women’s Underwear
* That Spells Comfort for Summer
Plenty of tine underwear is possible to any woman
when such qualities as this store features tomorrow
may be had at such small prices. Come tomorrow for
these generous examples of value.
Shaped vests and pants In regular and extra sizes.
Good quality for 25c.
Swiss ribbed vests with fancy yokes, a vory popu-
Jfp. lar garment at 25c usually, tomorrow, 19c.
ylmj Union Suits in tuck stitch and one and one stitch;
L J all styles In regular aud extra sizes, 50c.
1 Special vests In low neck, sleeveless styles with
L fancy yokes. 50c values, Saturday, for 39c.
iL Boys’ union suits in high neck, short sleeve, knee
length and athletic cuts. White and ecru balbrig-
Jj gan suits for boys, 4to 14, at, 50c.
For boys of 16, 75c.
Boys’ Porosknit union suits In all sizes, 50c.
f Misses’ Separate garments, 25c.
Misses' union suits In all shapes, 50c.
Ground Floor—Main Store.
Jit 1
if 'itaa s
Iyy [ '
y •ipi
T /
1 IH
■ ■
1 W ; tiijfe/
Some Unusual Hand Bags Will Be
Found Here Tomorrow
• In the first place there are a great many different styles and a great
many different materials used. They’re all so pretty and so popular and
so little money Is asked for them that It will be no easy matter to select
the one which will please you best. Bailey mesh and ring mesh bags of
German silver, many kid-lined, with several styles of five, six and seven
inch frames. $4.00 values are included at $2.98.
Leather hand-bags are numerous and attractive, too. Small envelope
styles with strap handles seem to be favorites, although every wanted
shape Is shown. Round and broken bottom bags with metal and leather
covered frames from the best makers, too. At these prices you'll find
variety enough for anyone. $1.50, $2.50, $3, $3.50, $5.00, and better bags
at, SB.OO, $12.00, $15.00 and $25.00.
Tourists like the larger sized shopping bags—and they are favorites
of shoppers and women who go to business every day, too. Here are 10,
11, and 12-lnch bags, with metal and leather-covered frames at $3.50 and
$5.00 and more.
White bags are dainty and charming. Tailored, Macrame, Lace,
Crochet and Kid are here at 50c to SIO.OO.
Ground Floor —Main Store. — r
Elegant June Silks
Pure silk foulards in 1912 de
signs and colors —the out-of-the
ordlnary kinds —qualities dependa
ble In w - eur —distinctive in style
selected assortments to choose
from. Special, liar yard. 59c.
Clearance Sale.
Os Special lot Bordure foulards
new designs—approved colors —
best qualities. $2.50 attd $2.00 val
ues to be cleared at. i>er yar<L^sl.
In all silk qualitj —bright and
lustrous —even thread —desirable
for foundation and combination
purposes—One yard wide. Special,
per yard, 75c.
Special Lot.
Foulard and novelty allks In a
range of designs and colors —qual-
ities very desirable. Special, per
yard. 39c.
Novelty Silks.
Bargain tables tilled with novel
ty silks and satins In stripe de
signs—selected color assortment.
Special, per yard, 38c.
Silk Remnants.
We have assembled a special lot
of silk remnant* —and place 6atne
on sale at exactly */2 the regular
Self Jacquards.
All silk surah effect with self
eoiored Jacquard design—excep
tonal quality. Full color assort
ment. Special, per yard. 50c.
Srcond Floor—Main Store.
Cut Glass and China
Always Please the
hmin hntt ;i brill
treasures the brilliant pieces of cut
glass she receives as wedding
gifts. Here i* a specially bright
and beautiful collection from
which to select tomorrow. The
prices are very interesting just
now, too —25c to $20.00.
Fancy china includes thousands
of pieces from every country pro
ducing these ware*. At every
price from 10c to SIO.OO you'll find
good measure values.
Open stock dinner and tea wares
from which you may select many
useful sets or services, SI.OO to
Paaement—Main St or*.
The chorus did noticeably good
work and so did the orchestra. In
deed, a large part of the enjoyment
of as evening with the Sheehan com
pany I* the choru* and the orchestra.
There is vim and sprightliness to their
work and real musical ability.
"Martha" will continue the remain
der of the week. Next week the com
pany will take a rest while May Rob
son, In "The Rejuvenation of Aunt
Mary." will occupy the stage. The
Sheehan company will return Monday,
July 1. for an indefinite stay, present
ing for that week the double hill of
“Cavallerla Ruatlcana." and "Trial by
Emily Fltzroy, who will play char
acter and grande dame parta. with the
June Muslin Wearables Will
Have a Great Day Tomorrow
Everything points to an unusually successful day’s sell
ing of spotless muslin under garments. There Ib every
thing to Invite you. The assortments have been freshened
by the addition of new garments, and at every price there
Is practically as great variety as during the first days of
the sale.

Fine corset covers and drawers with lace and embroid
ery trimmings at 25c, 50c and more.
Combinations and gowns at the special price of 77c.
Gowns, combinations, princess slips and skirts in a
variety of materials and trimmings simply wonderful in
their beauty aud completeness. Some of the prices are 95c,
$1.48, $1.98, $2.39, $2.98 and $3.98 and more.
Not the least Interesting feature of the June Sale Is the
exquisite quality and daintiness you find in crepe de chine
and messallne garments. They rsake a truly beautiful col
Fourth Floor—Main Store.
Motor Veils and Veilings
No one knows better than she who has ridden in an
auto, or motor boat just how necessary a veil is. Inas
much that one doesn t know’ Just when a trip of this sort
will be taken why pot be prepared and secure one from
this special arrangement for Saturday.
26- finished bordered chiffon, all colors, yard, 50c.
Made of chiffon scarf veil, 36x72 inches. Heavy Chif
fon (Moth hemstitched. All colors. SI.OO, $1.50 and $2.50.
Satin borders, each, $2.50 to $6.00.
Mesh Veilings, black, white and colors; new patterns.
Yard. 25c. 35c. 50c. 75c.
Wash Veilings. Shetlaud finish; white, flesh and black
Per yard. 25c to 85c.
Ground Floor—Main Store.
These Excellent Embroideries
For a Saturday Attraction
45-inch dress embroidery flouncings. Special values and
choice pattern*. Per yard. $1.35. $1.50, $1.98.
27- tires* flouncings; light and heavy effects on sheer
Swiss Per yard, 49c.
18-inch Swiss dres* flouncings. Values to 45c, per yard,
Ground Floor- Mnln Store
*7 (2
wr Tvs Big Stores la One
Houstelle stock company, appeared in
Detroit with Grace George In "Just to
Get Married." She la an 'English
actress and has played leads to such
well known actors as Bir Charles
Wyndham. Sir Beerbohm Tree. George
Alexander and Dion Boucicault. Miss
Fltiroy will not appear In the opening
play. "The IJIy," with which Miss
Bonstelle and her players will Inaug
urate tile engagement, Monday eve
— —
May Robson w'ho will visit the De
troit opera house next week In “The
Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary." made
her first appearance on the stage In
a play called "The Hoop of Gold '
presented In the Madison Square
theater, New York. Just how many
years ago this might be. Miss Rob-
Extraordinary Values and Assortment
In This Most Unusual June Sale
Lingerie Waists at SI.OO
This 1* Indeed a most unique gathering of waists In that It embrace*
everything that is new and fashionable In waist models as well as the newest
cloth patterns and the latest and prettiest designs in laces and other trim
mings. The workmanship too is of the highest character and taking it
altogether, it would be quite Impossible to find an assortment or values to
equal these waists at SI.OO.
Women’s Summer Shirts of Habutai Silk, $1.95
No doubt Saturday will finish this group. Indeed It ought to, for these
are rare bargains. Pretty summer styles made along the Une9 of men's
shirts. Really $3.00 to $5.00, but we secured them at a low price, to will
clean them up at $1.95.
Silk and Chiffon Waists —Bargains at $2.95
They are bargains In all that work Implies. These waists have sold right
along at $6.00 and $6.00, but we haven’t many left, so they will be all on dis
play Saturday at choice for $2.96.
These Splendid Linen Waists $2.95
They are really $4.00, $4.50 and $6.00 waists and are worth It, because
they are pure Irish linen and hand-embroidered In dainty patterns. Only a
handful to clean up Saturday at $2.95.
Recreation Waists at SI.OO
This is the Hudson Store's special number. It is made up for us accord
ing to our requirements. It’s essentially a summer waist made of fine sol-
Bette, comes In many colors with tie, pocket and belt in contrasting color. By
getting them as we do we have been able to secure a better quality, better
fitting, finer, trimmed waist for the money than one usually finds at this
price of SI.OO. *'
Third Floor —Main Store.
This News Should Start
You Toward the
Glove Section
All the summer gloves that
women favor are here now and
some special values will make
strong claims for your favorable
attention tomorrow’. Here are a
few of them:
Women’s 16-button length wash
able doeskin gloves. White only.
Regular $3.00 values at $2.79.
Women’s 16-button length Milan
alse silk gloves, beautifully em
broidered. White only. At $2.00.
Women’s 20-button length Ml*
lanaise silk gloves. Black and
white, at per pair $1.60.
Women’s 16-button length Mllan
aise gloves. Paris polnte stitching.
White. Regular $1.25 value, at per
pair SI.OO. .
Ground Floor—Main Store.
A New
Nemo Corset for
The Nemo Solid-Service Special Is
one offering which is bound to bring
many women to Hudson's Saturday
C/MfaOb %n
Eoudcservice (
C~j3TOUT t~J WOMEN ft*
it's a Nemo Corset with the fine Nemo
features specially adapted for Sum
mer service. The name alone In
sures excellence of materials and re
liability of workmanship.
White batiste, specially woven for
the Solid Service, la the material used,
strengthened by double wire boning
to make a light corset and a firm and
flexible one. The Triple Strip rein
forcement is used, of course, as well
as graduated front steels and
kops hose supporters. This model
has a long flexible skirt and a medium
bust. It Is exactly like the Illustra
tion and a special Nemo value for the
summer season at $2.00.
Other lightweight self reducing
Nemo corsets for summer are $3.00,
$3.90, $4.00 and $6.00.
Fourth Floor—Main Store.
son's press agent sayeth not. Mias
Robson’s stage success has been won
largely by original character roles.
She stands out among all the pretty
women of the profeaelonal world as
entirely submerging her own attrac
tiveness In lines and greaaepalnt,
content to win recognition by grotes
quenesb. eccentricity, ugliness and
even deformity. She started as a
“slavey," and while the public had
never seen exactly the brand of slavey
which she presented, with one accord
it was acknowledged that the Robson
slavey was absolutely true to life.
Miss Robson has always succeeded in
depicting a slavey, whether white or
colored. Yankee, Cockney, Swedish,
German or Irish, so that everyone
could call to mind a real prototype.
Millinery Prices Take
Another Tumble
The millinery outrlearing continues to pour out its
wealth of women’s and children’s summer hats and outing
hats at such extremely low prices that Detroit’s Greatest
Millinery Store is one of the most popular places in town
these days. Saturday will see hundreds of Detroit women
here with one Idea —to save millinery money. These hats
will help them do It.
Clearance sale of trimmed hats; choice of any summer
trimmed straw hat at, 98c, $1.98, $2.98 and $5.00.
Sailor Hats, ready to wear with bands in black and col*
ors; worth $1.98, choice, 98c.
White Ratine and Toweling Hats; new favorites for out*
Ing wear; special at, $1.60 and $1.98.
Untrimmed hats, in chip and tnilpn, black, white and
burnt colors, large and small styles worth to $3.98, choice.
Panama Hats; the popular hat for summer wear. They
need very little trimming; worth to $12.50, choice, $5.00
and $7.50.
Complete stock of white wings, owl heads, breasts, os
trich and fancy feather stick-ups. Special at 98c and $1.50.
300 dozen Roses, Buds, Daisies. Lilacs. Bluetts, Forget
me-nots, Hyacinths, Foliages and all the popular blos
soms for mid summer hat trimming. Worth to $1.50, choice
25c. 49c and 98c.
Clearance Sale of Children's dresses, tailored and knock
about hats. Assorted colors and trimmings. At 98c. $1.50
and $1.98.
Children’s Play Hats and Straw Bonnets; choice, 15c and
Fourth Floor —Both Stores.
New Laces Coming and
Every day finds many new laces arriving but stfcb a sea
son has it proven for laces that it is almost Impossible to
keep the stock up. However, some jusf in will be ready
for Saturday’s selling.
For Instance, there are Lace Bands. Edges. Allovers, Lace
Drop Edges, In white and Ecrue Venice.
Then some New Cluny Laces have,Just come In together
with machine and hand-made effects; new patterns In filet
and antique bands; new fancy cotton cluny laces and cot
ton ball trimmings In white and colors.
As usual. The Hudson Store offers all these at the most
moderate of popular prices
Oronnd Floor— Main Stor#
Ralph Hart, creator of the leading
comedy role In "Mme Sherry’* and
more recently star of “Dr. De Luxe."
will be the stellar feature of the Tem
ple program next week, lie will of
fer a collection of character songs,
with a funny story or two thown in.
Mr. Hers always renders his so/.g
numbers in a recitative manner that
has made him known as a master of
"song recitations.'* He is considered
without a rival In his particular field.
The second feature will be provided
by Mme. Besson, an Anglo-Parlsienne
actress, who with an English com
pany will present John Btoke’s humor
ous comedietta. "Between Trains’*
Other features will be the Apollo
trio, reproducing the world's great
art works in bronze, and Dolan and
Now Madam, Here Is Your
Grand Chance to Secure a $25 Spring^
Tailored Suit at $18.75
All this season's suits in the most de
sirable styles and colors. Every spring
suit in ihe house in our regular sls group
with the exception of blue and black seiges
which are staples, w*T be included. These
in this sale lot are mostly plain serges
and whipcords, as well as a few fancy V/
mixtures in grays and tans. The
opportunity is too good to overlook, flwj
Just the suit you’ll need for traveling
summer and at a good, clear saving ofJV.
$6.25. But you ought not delay as they
will go in quick order when one can' l Y
select from such a gathering of suits as at
as this at $18.75. JR
IQO Tailored Suits Worth sls
and $16.50, at $8.95
Os course, we hope and expect to sell
the whole one hundred Saturday. This
is a final clearance mark down that means
business and it means a quick response.
These suits are mostly fancy mixtures,
but they are splendid styles, qualities and
materials, and have been found all this
spring season in our sls and $16.50
groups. Asa final clearance it’s a choice
now for $8.95.
Wash Skirts at 69c
Quite a group of these, but not so many\as to make them
stay here longer than we can get action from this advertisement.
Not the latest styles, but just right for every-day wear. Both
white and colored materials in the lot. The cloth patterns arc
good. And here is another point that’s real interesting, these
skirts were marked as high as S3OO, choice, Saturday, 69c.
Third Floor —M&ln Storo.
Lenbarr. with a travesty mindread
lug act.
* V*
Th« headline feature la the MUe* |
theater next week, will be the Bon
har** troupe of foot juggle re. laetead
of using inanimate object# they juggie
on** another around la a surprising
manner. The act haa been featured
wit haeveral of the big clrcuaee and
in the New York Hippodrome. J. Lee
Klare and company will offer the dra
matic playlet. Taking a Chance.*' in*
which the characters are a gentleman
ly burglar and a atock broker. Nancy j
Neville and Remington will
offer a brand new girl act, displaying
some stunning gowns. Swain's train
ed rats and cats will entertain the
little folk.
Page Three
1 fflP 1
j 11
| im
New English Madras
Just Received—Other
Wash Fabric
You’ll flftd 150 pieces of ‘the fin
est English Madras you ever sow
on sale tomorrow. One of the best
makers on the island across the
water furnishes this Madras. He
uses the best, yarn and It is beauti
fully mercerized. There is a va
riety of patterns for every purpose.
The prices are a good feature for
you can buy 35c Madras at 29c and
25c Madras at 19c.
White Klaxons, 25c.
Imitate linens very cleverly;
shown in various stripes, checks
and Jacquard designs for white
waists. Special, per yard, 25c.
29c Bordered Pongees, 19c.
These come iu white grounds as
well as those of natural linen
shades. Some with dots, all with
Persian borders. 29c values sell
at, per yard, 19c.
25c French Ginghams, 18c.
Fifty styles of these plaid ging*
hams for women's and children’s
summer garments. 32-inrh width,
25c value. ner *Vard. 18c.
50c Printed Voiles, 39c.
These are French voiles printed
in floral and novelty figures and
finely woven. They are 27 inches
wide and make very dainty sum
mer things. 50c values, per yard,
35c White Poplins 15c.
This highly mercerized fabric is
of fine, heavy quality. Any one
of four different Jacquard designs,
all very tasteful, may be chosen
for a tailored waist, a skirt or any
number of pretty summer wear
ables. 35c is the usual price, so
this fabric Is very special at, per
yard. 15c.
Second Floor—Main Store
The Basement has these
Useful June Gifts
Every one excels in utility and
common sense attractiveness, and
will be valued by anyone lucky
enough to receive such a practical
Gas Irons, 0-lb. size, complete
with nihim: and soose reck; guar
anteed to heat evenly. $2.88.
General and Standard electric
irons, 6-lb. size, complete with 6
feet cord and stand. $5.00 value.
Mahogany and wntte enamel 1
electric portable bases for sllil
shades. $2.50 to $lB.
Wire frames for silk shades,
special styles made to order, 80a
to $1.25.
Smoked Bamboo Shades, silk
lined. $1.75 to $2 98.
French plate mirror, bevel edge,
adjustable wall Style, 980.
Coffee Percolator with aloohol
stove; «-cup slse. SB.BO.
Basement —Mala Store.

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