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Jljt Tht AVarriage Os £
I Romance ofthe Sea
Captain Kettle waa the exception.
■ Ffrja apprenticeship to Jbe seas had
been thorough, and Tie wan always
noted for hit quickness. He caught
the man’a wrist aa it descended, duck
ed beneath it, and hove down. The
fellow’s elbow cracked noisily, the
knife fell into the water, and the rio-
Um shrieked.
•’You might want that knife some
day,’* aald Captain Kettle, and sent
him after it, broken arm and all.
But the other six Moors in the boat,
as though it was a signal, pulled
weapons and rushed In for vengeance,
and one of them beat down the cook
with his dagger hilt in passing.
Kettle took the attack lightly
enough. He ran up the ladder half
a doxen steps backward, lugged a re
volver from his pocket, and pointed U
with steady aim at the first mans
stomach. He ruahed —and was drop
ped, shot neatly through the shoulder.
Two more followed, and were shot
down, and the other three retired
hurriedly to their boat and picked up
the oars.
"No, you don't,” said Kettle, and
threatened them with his weapon.
“Into the water you get and swim if
you can, or drown If you- choose, or
--♦e •by sharks if they'll have
you. And if you’ve killed my cook,
who at least can make curry, ITI
plug the three of you.”
He forced them furiously over the
gunwale of the boat at the mussle of
his smoking revolver, and then stoop
ad and mads swift examination of his
“Ah. luckily for you cookie’s not
dead, and I think he’ll be round again
directly. On deck there, Mr. Forster
Send down a couple of hands and get
these sheep run up on dsck. They are
confiscated as lawful line and coats
for attempted assault and battery.’’
An anxious face peered over the
xall above.
“My God. Skipper," said Sir George,
“what’s all thia shooting*"
"Nothing, air, to be worried about
I was Just trying this gun of mine to
see bow high up it threw when it
fired I've come to the conclusion
that it takes a deal more practice
than I’ve been able to put in at pres
ent to make a really neat revolver
-shot I wonder if your Mr. Bergaah
could tell me whether the parties I
dotted, and who I see are all man
aging to swim ashore, are some of
bis fellow Berbers, or whether he’d
prefer to call them Moore.”
Captain Kettle ran nimbly up the
ladder, and in the gangway came on
hia owner wiping perspiration from
a high forehead with a tremulous
“The treacherous devlla," said Sir
George. “But I never saw a neater
“Thank you, sir.” said Captain Ket
tle touching his cap. “But In view of
what's happened I want to press upoi
you my idea that It would be as well
if we get across to the old Towers,
and took possession of her without
further palaver. I daresay Mr. Ber
gaah may mean well; as you say so,
I won’t dispute It; but If we are in fcf
a fight over at the other side of the
lagoon there, I'd like to get it over
before they have time to get ready
any more surprise packets for us.”
“Te-es,” Sir George agreed. “Just
let's go into the chert house a
When they were there out of ear
tffcot of the crew and tha door abut—
“ You know,” said the older mag
“what we carry as cargo?"
"I suppose you mean those Win
chester repeaters and cases of am
munition ?'*
“Yes. Well, I*ve sold the lot The
rifles ran me to four-pound-ten a
piece, and Tm getting 10 ounce* of
gold for every one, which la some
where In the neighborhood of 88
pounds per gun. The cartridges are
to be paid for at the rate of two
ounces a hundred, and they cost me
15 shillings"
Captain Kettle took a pad and made
rapid calculation. “That’* a bit over
15,000 pounds. I give you my best
congratulations, sir. That brings you
out with a big profit on the venture
already. And now I want, if you
please, as captain, to give yon a
mouthful of advice. When we get
that money on board, 1 want you to
let me steam back to Grand Canary
and bank it At the same time I can
leave you and the ladles ashore and
come back here and finish the job.”
“You still think you’d be able to get
the Norman Towers out even If the
people ashore who objected were re
inforced by 200 up-to-date Winchester
rifle* r
“Oh, I don't deny that It will make
thins* a bit tougher, air. But I’ve
said I can do do it, and that seema to
me the end of the matter. At the \
same time, 1 don't mind owning to ■
you that with the ladles off the ahlp, ;
and safe elsewhere, 1 shall lose my
present nervousness.**
81r George chuckled. “You're only
heard half the deal, and when 1 tell
you the rest I believe that even you
will be convinced that Bergash In
tends to play fair. It's be, of course,
who Is buying the cargo. He Is going
to pay now, as soon as' he can send
for the . gold—which appsrently he
keeps In his wine-cellar, or Is It but
ter-cooler?—and bring it on board
here within a couple of days. But by
his own suggestion he doesn’t take
delivery of the rifles and ammunition
till we’re got the Norman Towers out
sos the lagoon, and are ready to sal)
with her In consort ouraelves. Now
then, my good Bklppes, play on that."
Captain Kettle thought a while, and
then sighed. "It seems simple But,
by James, to me it looks too simple
to bs wholesome. There’s no deny
ing that the market price of Winches
ters up-country In Morocco is a lot
mors than It Is In London or Con
necticut. but Mr. Bergash Is a man
with an Cngllah upbringing, and he
knows how to get stuff out her* if he
wants It Paying seven to eight times
their value for Tankee rifles Is out or
all reason. Why. he could get eren
those shiftless Grand Canary Ashing
schooners to run them across here
for Wf that.**
**! didn't haggle," said Sir George
rather stiffly, ‘nor did Mr. Bergash.
He heard what we’d got, and he Just
nttde the oAer in round flgures as I’ve
told you. 1 took It Perhaps it may
throw a Utile light on the matter If
1 point out to you that gold has rela
tively little value up there In the
Atlas. They can’t eat it, and they don’t
wear it, T gather that they can
get It by washing out the sands In
the local becks with comparatively lit
tle labor. As regards a guarantee of
good faith, 1 don’t see how he could
offer a more conclusive one than pro
posing to leave the guns In our pos
session till all chance of using them
against us would be over.”
“Well, sir. you are owner, and It
Is for me to carry out your orders.
If it doesn’t interfere with arrange
ments, 1 may tell you that when the
moon goes down and all Is nice aptl
quiet and dark, I mean to take my
gtg and slip across the lagoon to
ft here the Towers is lying and find out
for myself how things exactly are at
tho moment. The glass show’s sho
hasn’t an anchor down, and I've had
her against careful shore bearings,
and she hasn’t budged a foot since wo
came in here with the Wangaroo. Now
she was ranging about a bit when we
came to reconnolter in that surf
‘‘Probably shg’s on the ground.
Floated there at high water and stays
tight and quiet” •
“I’d be easier If she did. I reckon
the tide lift* some four feet. six. qj;
five feet Inside here. . and If she’d
grounded, on the top of high water,
she’d show two or four feet more side
at the bottom of the ebb. according to
how soft the bottom was. She doesn’t
do that. I put the big telescope on
her. Poor old Captain Famish loaded
her down with that copper ore to
within half an Inch of her mark, and
she floats at that without so much as
a hand's-breadth of change. No, Sir
George, she’s got water under her, and
she’s not anchored. The tides, bofii
ebb and flood, run round that bight
where she is at a good six knots, aud
still she doesn’t move.”
“Then she must be tied up in some
ether way.”
’’l’ve thought of a breast-fast, sir,
and I w’ent to the foremast head, and
stood on the eyes of the rigging, and
steadied the glasses on the truck so
that I could see right down on to her
’’Her decks were full of litter and
muck, but there-were no breast-fasts?’
"I*® afraid,” said Sir George Im
After thirty days of the most remarkable selling of Men’s
Overcoats in the history of Detroit's retailing —a fact which we think
the thousands of men who have bought overcoats here will bear
A Tremendous Clean -Up of
1,000 Overcoats at $14.75 Each
Coats Hitherto Valued From $19.50 to $30.00
There is every kind of an overcoat in this great collection that the imagination can picture.
Double-breasted Storm ULsters, English Guard Coat*, Motor Coats, Boot Chesterfields—and
all the rest
Materials include Chinchillas, Shetlands, Friezes, Plaid-Backs, Vicunas, Meltons and Ker
seys, in all the smartest patterns and colorings of the season —and plain blacks—
The sale will take place beginning Saturday morning and last until every one of the 1,000
cogts has been taken.
It is an opportunity not to be missed by any man who has not yet bought his new coat
Another Shipment of
Norfolk Suits at $lO
We handed out 260 of the Suita last Saturday, alone.
Men marveled how we could sell them for ten dollars.
To match them you will be obliged to pay sls to $lB in any
other store you step into.
Blue serge, black worsteds and snappy novelties. All in the
belted Norfolk style. $lO each.
Take Note —
Mackinaws, $7.45
lb* same identical styles that usually sell for $lO. All the lutest
patterns aud color combinations. Complete sizes.
CSscond Floor— Msns Bulldln«)
Iks lines b Hat a “Stool Paper.'’ Us Subscription Usl Is la die City Directoa
patiently, “that all this tedious tech
nical detail is a hit beyood me The
Norman Towers is there, and you say
afloat, and that’s all that really in
terests me. We’ll pull her out when
we are ready. In the meanwhile I
can tell yon 1 am preity thoroughly
saUsfled with my bargain about the
guns, and the main thing 1 am con
cerned In now is to keep Hergash »»;
a good humor. I’m off below for a
cup of tea, Gome as soon as you’re
Sir George got up and lett tbe chart
house. Oq the deck outside inquisi
tive eyes stared at him but he spoke
to no one. He was distinctly ruffled,
and hoped to And a more congenial
atmosphere below. In the companion
way he met his sister. She waa white
faced aud trembling. He lo<|k her
arm in a large firm hand and looked
at her curiously.
“Is —he —hurt?" she —asked. “Oh.
George, how dreadful? I've only Just
“Is who hurt?”
“Captain Kettle.”
“He Is not. 1 thought perhaps you
were inquiring about one of your dark
"Why? What do you mean?”
"Weil several of them are hurt, 1
gather, pretty badly. Your little cap
tain must needs pick a quarrel with
some local boatmen as to whether he
should pay 10 shillings or a pound for
some sheep, and then, when they
naturally objected, he proceeded to
shoot down about six of them.”
‘‘Presumably he was risking his life,
and 1 suppose that’s what it amounts
to, In your Interests?”
"If you call cheese-paring over 10
shillings at the riik of upsetting a
deal for 15,000 pounds helping my in
terests, I suppose he was.”
She stood staring with round ayes
over his shoulder.
“You only of your money.
And vou know he might have been
killed—killed! OX If he had been! 1 '
Sir George tightened his grip and
shook hi** Is ter’a arm. gently.
“I say. you know, Violet, you. must
pull yourself together. I’m qulto
aware It’s only to me, but you’ra
rather giving the show’ away.”
"And do you think 1 mind? Ha
knows. There’s truly no secret about
my caring for him. Emily knows, for
that matter.”
"Emily? Oh. you mean the stew
ardess. I gather she was engaged u>
him at once.”
“I believe she,was. It’s broken off
now. I don’t know why, and didn’t
Inquire; 1 was grateful enough for
the bare fact. I want him myself.
George, and I m 3 an to have him.”
‘ But I say, old lady, that’ll hardly
do, you know. Os course, I twigged
you were putting In a pretty hard
flirtation with the little man, but
then, of course, that’s only your way.
You always did flirt with everything
in trousers that came along ever
since you w era a six-year-old. Btlil
there are l mlts to everything, and
dash it all, when it comes to cutting
out your own maid with her young
man, well 1 call It bad form.”
“I’ll admit wlat you please, Includ
ing the flitting It began with that
1 suppose. Hut it’s got that now.
I’m hit. I’ve Ifever felt this way
about auy man before, and lt’a th-i
real thing come at last, George.”
“You mean you’re really in love
with the chap?*'
“That's the usual phrase.”
“But you can’t marry him. Hc’l
an awfully decent little fellow in hla
wav, I know, but. dash it all. Violet
do look tacts in the face. He isn't
our clip. .'f you want a husband, you
absolutely must get one out of you.’
own class. If you've r-ally made up
your miud to marry, why don't you
whistle up lngleborough again? He's
a very decent sort of chap, and •
know he’d have you Uke a bird. II
you married this Kettle. >ou know
perfectly well everybody would cut
No Denying the Fact—
There's Only One
Womens Handkerchiefs
At Exceptionally Low Prices Saturday
—Main Floor
And Still Another Nighty Sale of
New $2 Corsets
AH Absolutely Perfect
and in all sizes, per
pair, Saturday ... ’.
We secured another special purchase of 65
dozen of these high-grade regular |2 Corsets,
at a concession that permits us to sell them at
98c a pair. Every Corset Is absolutely perfect.
There are no “seconds,” no discontinued mod
els, but every one Is a late model and all sizes
sj-e to be had. Os a well-known American
—you’ll recognize them at a glance—they
offer an exceptional opportunity for saving. Iu
the medium low bust, long hip and back style,
with two pairs of attached hose supporters, shirr
string and extension clasp. •
—Third Floor.
uf the mans remarkable bargains that will Inter
«*t all Whether you need Haiulkei chiefs for yourself,
or If vou want to koine a* Carlalnius gifts. our en
largad and complete Handkerchief department offera many
advantages, principally among which »r« the record
low price* and the high character of the merchandise.
with handsome Venetian lace edge, in a 'arg.j
variety of designs.
Sale price, tomorrow wP US
with hemstitched or Madeira border, beautifully
embroider ed in many handsome 9 Raw
designs. Sale price fcOO
KKRi lllbl'S, hematlt. hed tnd with handsome
embroidered comer. Tomorrow at 4 f~|
choice so- ■ W
t'HIEKS. In Cross Har. embroidered. Plain hem
stitched with embroidered corner* and other
styles. Wasrafti-d.«lM|‘»r» Q f n n RAa
linen Tomorrow « PtJC
She plucked away her arm, and
faced him defiantly. "And do you
Imagine I’d care? D'you think I’m
not heartily sick of the whole crew
of them? Anyway, you aI all people
have a precious small right to give
advice on such a subject. You did
yourself what you’re advising me U
do. You married a woman in youi
own class, and a bonuy- mess you
made of It. You stuck one another
Just six mouths If 1 recollect tny dates
aright— M
"A year, your spitfire—"
"Call it that if you like, and for the
last three you haven't speut 10 ulghtu
under the same roof, aud only tho.-e
by the accident of being asked to the
same house party. You married ac*
cording to rule, and 1, with your flue
example before me, nm going to mar
ry to please myself. That Is, If he'll
have me."
Detroit's Favorite Store For Nearly Half A Century"
Four-Post Brass Bed Outfit
Colonial Four-Post Brass Bed
45-lb. Genuine Hair Mattress
All Metal Diamond Weave Spring
Complete as Pictured
Terms—s2.7s Cash; $2.75 Monthly
The Four-Poster
Brass Bed
The bed la a replica of one of
the classic designs in fou/-pos
ter wood beds of the colonial
There la a certain grace and
beauty In the lines of th's bed
that distinguishes It from all
other styles. If placed In a
group of fifty beds you would
he certain to pick out this bed
from all the others as the one
that you would be most proud
to possess, and in its possession
you would, in this Instance at
least, be on common gt>und
with one whose Income Is far
gteater than yours.
The Price
After reading the
foregoli.g descrip
tion. I-W.GO muat
aeem Ilk* a rldt. u
luualy low price to
irtAi, and It la; thi
bad Iteelf If offered
at tho prl< » of Uki>
entire outfit would
find many buyer*
(The Above Illustration Is an Exact Reproduction of the Complete Outfit.)
"Oh, dash It all, there can be no
question about the man snapping you
up. if you’re fool enough to chuck
yourself sway on him."
She laughed rather bitterly. "Aud
you’ve been boxed up in this wretchtd
little steamer with him all these
weeks, and know him uo butter lhu:i
that? My dear boy, I’d be the hap*
piest woman in the northern hem
isphere if I thought Owen would take
me this minute, even if 1 hud to go
aud ask hltn inyself. Hut, us It is, I
Know he's got nothing but civil word*
for me—at present —and 1 believe I’m
the most miserable woman uow or.
earth in consequence, li will take
something desperate to wake him up
to the fact that he can really love
me. and I'm getting my scheme in or
"Whut mischief are you up to
r.rtTlt IN ABI.Y ami Indisputably the greatest, largest, moat com
/ plete, most up-to-the-minute Santa Claus Headquarters In Mlch'gan
ami positively without a superior anywhere In America. A atoca
to select from that la actually greater than all the combined stocks of
other Detroit Toy and Doll store* —and the goods are here to prove It.
It takes but one visit here to convince you, but you may come ever so
often and see something new every time. Don't forget to bring the
These few Saturday Specials In the cauae of early buying:
•1 CHAIR* for children— these
dgndv little chairs have uphol
stered seat and are 34 Inched high
to top of hack. Mis»io,n "Tq_
style finish •
finely finished with three bow
folding hood. Special OR
Saturday wWkir AS
—Fifth Floor
gine. Pullman and observation
cars, complete with over 10 feet
of track Real $lO OR
value w ■ ■OU
3IK- II It I'M *—seven Inch alze. with
double heads. Sale QQ
f1.r.0 Distil K DOLLS, 2< Inches
high, full-Jotntsd with solid wood
Joints, moving eyes, hair eye
lashes. and parted wig, QQ A
Our special, at “OO
See the Free Demonstrations
THERE are scores of attractions to be found on the Fourth and Fifth
Floors that will delight both young and old, but we desire to call
espsclal attention to the free demonstrations that will furnish
plenty of entertainment and amusement —the celebrated “Bings" Walk
ing Dogs—" Lionel" Electric Railway systems—Anchor Blocks. "Mysto"
Magle and many other Interesting features
A Good Strong
Diamond Weave
Is vital to your comfort at
night and this spring that
we had specially made by
the firm of Haggard & Mar
cusson, of Chicago, 111, will
do away with uiose restless
sleepless nights and with this
Hair Mattress will giv« to your
tired body the relaxation and
rest that it Is so much In need
There are 38 helicals at both
ends of the spring as well as
a steel band at each side to pre
vent sagging.
"You’ll find out wbsn I begin to
make use of you. Oh, you uvoan
•cowl at me like a cheap actor. You
are all the brother I’ve got. and you ve
made a mess of It yourself, and you re
past help, or 1 would give it to you If
l could. I am all the *l«ter you have,
aud I’ve never asket’ you for anything
big. «nd uow that I’ve inude up my
mind what's the one thing in “H ®-
life I want and shall ever want. 1 m
•Imply going to mike yoa help g*
It for ine."
"My dear old iclrl. I'd be vert K lai
to do anything I could for you In rea
son. Hut I toll you it s
preposterous of you to tbiuk of ® ar
rying mv skipper, and frankly. J' ,,u
must look upon me ns the opposition.
Mirchanla* National bank, Rt. ***• *•
is about to erect a sky-scruper to cos
f 1,(100,000.
Only One Real Santa
Claus Headquarters/'
■ TERN, two phones, feet of
W ire and batteHcs. AIV feauyW jj
to put ifp Rule price .V O
The KID IIODY DOLL, 1« Inches
high. Jointed hips und knees
Moving eyes, hair eyelashes—and
with shoes and Aging
stockings “WO
son's latest sensation. Lead them
with a cord and they walk. Many
S''.": SI tos4
reprints of 60c issues by Alger,
Optic, Mrs. Sheldon, etc. ORn*
Nicely bound-—good paper
M AL9— Hears, Camels. Mules,
Dogs. Elephants, etc. Get right
on and ride—they
break ... $1.25 to $25
Fourth Floor*
Think of it! A 45-lb.
Hair Mattress
In the first place the hair used
Is of a good grade, the strands
are short and curly and Inter
twined by a flberous process
that adds to the resiliency of
the mattress and at th« same
time increases its life and pre
venting lumping.
The ticking is of the finest
grade of art tick and the tufts
are cotton tied, a full roll Im
perial edge surrounds th« entire
mattress to insure Its perma
nent shape. The weight ot this
mattress is exactly 45 pounds.
The Terms, $2.75
|2 ?& when yoq
Tnske your purchase
and |X 75 monthly
la all that you are
required to pay to
possess this brass
bed outfit, and In
the evsnt of loss of
employment or HU
nee* or any unfor*
tunate circumstance
that may incapaol
fate you we do not
expect you to pay
one penny.

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