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Married Him in the Tomta To
Rhow Her Faith in His
Rlalted Her Life in Long Fight
To Hring About Huaband’s
NTCW YORK, Nov. 29.—'The tele
phone rang la apartment No. 5 la the
Springfield, No. 180 Clareinont-ave., at
half past 8 o'clock la the evening. A
quiet-garbed, cleareyed woman of
middle-age rose to aaswer It
•'Hello,’’ abe aald softly, "yes, I un
derstand. Y6u are my husband e law
yer. What? He has beea freed.
Freed! Freed!!” she repeated the
word with rising Inflection. "Thank
i_Jod and nay heartfelt thanks to you
and the Medico-Legal society aud
everyone who helped In the great
Then the woman who married Al
bert T. Patrick la the Tombs la order
to show her faith in him aud who has
been by bis own words the "brightest
guiding star” la hla life la the wear
ing- years during which he has been
in prison; the woman who has risked
her life to obtain evidence to freU her
husband, not only because she loved
him, but because sbe knew he was
innocent, gave way to tear* for a mo
ment or two.
For a moment she allowed the tear*
u> flow unchecked, then ailently she
sank to her knees in player.-
**l am too happy to weep,” she said
later over the telephone to u New
York American reporter. "Mr. Pat
rick’s lawyer has just told me not to
.talk. but 1 cannot help expressing my
delight at the action of Gov. Dlx, who
oaa vindicated the fair name of New
York state.
"Beyond this I should prefer not to
talk. It seems to me that it would
be wrong both to Gov. Dlx and to Mr.
Pardon Comas As Surprise.
••Everything has come so suddenly
that I am In somewhat of a whirl. 1
have been hoping and hoping for this
executive action lately. I visited Mr.
Patrick at the prison today and was
in Ossining until late this after
noon. But when I left neither Mr.
Patrick nor 1 had any idea he was
to be pardoned.”
“But tbe public is Interested In
you.'' Mrs. Patrick was reminded.
"You must even give anew photo
graph of yourself.”
Mrs. Patrick laughed girlishly. "It
Is true those old pictures of me are
horrid,” she said. TU tell you what
['ll do. I’ll give you my latest Pho
tograph, taken some time ago, how
ever, If you’ll agree not to Interview
in# further.”
The reporter consented and went to
the Springfield apartments where he
was met by a friend of Mrs. Patrick
with the photograph.
—While I am almost delirious at the
welcoming a free husband
once thore, I dread the morbid
crowds." said Mrs. Patrick. "But now
that I am to have my husband hack
nothing matters. At last, thank God,
I have really something to be happy
lor. I must thank the people, for it
was really the letters from the plain
people that caused Governor Dix to
pardon my husband.”
His Children Are West.
Patrick’s two children, now In the
late teens, are said to be out west at
present. These are children by his
first wife. He was a widower when
lie came to New York a short time be
fore the murder of Rico and boarde l
with Mrs. Annie M. Francis. Mrs.
Francis testified on his behalf at the
trial. They had already grown to
love each other, and before Patrick
became "legally dead” he married
Mrs. Francis In the Tombs. She said
she married him both to show her
'alth In him and to be allowed to visit
him In Sing Blng us his wife.
Mrs. Patrick has been living at the
Claremont-ave. apartment as Mn.
' Adele M. F. Patrick, widow.” Sh«
always told her friends she should
consider herself a widow until her
husband was freed.
Mrs. Patrick has been Indefatlgeable
in her efforts to secure her husband’s
release. Only two years ago. In the
fall of 1910, when It was determined
to make anew fight on medico-legal
grounds, imd the aid of George Fiancls
O’Neill, a brilliant young New Yorr
attorney, wqb enlisted, Mrs. Patrick
journeyed to Texas to get affidavits.
She returned with affidavits that In
volve prominent persons In Houston
with what she considered the "con
spiracy’' to keep her husband In Jail
Klee, the murdered man,' Patrick, the
condemned, and Charles F. Jones, the
sinister valet,.were all Texans.
Believes Plotters Shot.
Mm. -Patrick, following certain
rluea, engaged J. B. Brockman, a
prominent criminal lawyer, of Hour
on, to secure some offiadvlts for her.
Brockman was shot dead one night In
October, 1910, and Mrs. Patrick declar
ed that he told her neither her life nor
his would be worth the snuff of a
candle were It known they were ge
rurtng evidence In favor of her hus
band. Brockman went heavily armed,
she says, and she believes he was
killed because h« traced the trail of
fj»e Rice millions a little too far.
Mrs. Patrick had nothing to say last
night concerning the self confessed
murderer Jones. It is believed, how
ever, 1 that the central figure in this
most amaxlng case recentlv died from
the malignant disease of which he was
a victim.
Process BUTTER 3?C
«Im H«.«e Hmhil Mil * hfMfrlfH
frMmfrT nt r»n«»»*tHhlr |»rlpf«.
for .
I'rMn nnH S^fwr.layt
2-lb. Roll Hiih-6radi Olio - 45 c
5-lb. Pitkafi - sl.lO & 51. 15
Inif*r4f«l «•«! l>*mMl»r < of nil
liMt, and flr.i-rlo— Too* and r<t#fr«.
Van nan r»tr M.H
U-m-N Oatral T#«rtiWr tfarkst,
II •• n C adillac *©nar*.
Rootievelt Will Be on Hand and
Johnson, Too, Prob
WASHINGTON, D. C.. Nov. 39
"Col. Roosevelt will certainly attend
the national conference of the Pro
greeslve party at Chicago on Dec. 10
Christmas is in the Very Air We Breathe at Hudson’s
Now for the joy* of a busy, happy Christmas-tide!
This is to be the daily life of patrons and salespeople of
the “7'wo Big Store* in One” for the next twenty-one shop
ping day*.
Baby Sets—Embroideries—All Sorts
Embroidered material for
baby dresses. Dainty flouncing,
baby yoke edge* and Inserting
to complete dree*. Boxed In
white or holly boxea. Ribbon
tied and Christmas seal, $1.35
tc $2.75.
Dress patterns—waist allovera,
underwear sets, baby seta—in
voiles, and fine Swlesea, French
embroideries and fine novelties.
Good selection. Excellent quali
ties and best wogk In hand
machine patterns. .The em
broideries purchased will be
Back Combs. Barrettes, Bandeaux
Brilliant Showing-Prices Attractive
Tomorrow we would Ilk* to
show you a line of fine gold en
graved back combs and bar
rettes set with sunken brilliants
at 50c, sl. $2, $6 to sl6 eacn.
You will be pleated with
these—the eitrrtm includes am
ber, shell snd pearl gray.
Aluminum Pina and Barrettes
In a large assortment of beau
tiful designs at sl, $2 to sl6.
Toyland Is Joyland
Here Are a Very Few Suggestions—All Joy-Producers for Children
Self-Winding Friction Loco
motive, 50c.
Never-Stop See Saw; Toy In
terests boys and girls, 25c.
Japanese China Chlld’a Tea
Set, neatly decorated Tea Pot,
sugar and cream. 6 cups and sau
cers. 6 plates, $2 value* $1.26.
Babv Dolls, full Jointed
bisque head, 50c value. 29c.
Iron Frelgflt Train, noat
model, gold trlmipod, 1.60 value,
Boyß’ Scout Drum, 9-lnch head
with slicks, 50c.
Good-Bye! (
Final for Daylight Silks in
the November Silk Sale r
Here Is a last day clearing aale of black and V
colored alike, satins, foulards, novelty voiles, 1
marquisettes, charmeuse, messallnes and novel- \
ties. Some of these are regular stock numbers
In limited lengths; some came Just for the great
November 811 k Sale Just closing Saturday.
But throughout the entire dayllghted silk de- V
partment you will And silk bargains. Silks of
quality, style and dependability In wear. You
are welcome to look whether you buy or not.
$3.50, $3, s2.£o Novelty Voiles,
Mousselin*s, SI.OO
We have selected from our own stock all
broken assortments and numbers to be dls con
tinued in the following textures:
Bordure Mousselines Tour
Ombre Chiffon Voile f_ . ,
Brocaded Tinsel Voiles / Selection
Egyptian Novelty Bordure Voilesj jj SI.OO
Satin Bordure Mousseline \ w
Persian Stripe Marquisette / Per Yard
Charmeuse—Charming: Satina
About 26 pieces of Satin Charmeuse to be
cleared out quickly—good selection of colors. $S
values at, per yard, $1.58.
SI.OO Yard Wide Measalines, 75c
Balance of selected lot of all silk messallnes
—shown on bargain square; $1 value, yard wide,
per yard, 75c.
Bordure Foulards
Last of our regular $3, $2.60, $2 Bordure Fou
lards to be closed st, per yard. 790.
Accordion Pleated Voiles
$3 numbers- all shader-wide width—special
price per yard, $1.98.
59c Measalines at 59c Yard
Splendid color range In all silk messallnes,
59c value at, per yard, 39©.
$1.50, $1.25, $1 Novelty Silka at 88c Yard
On special bargain square-lot of yard-wide
fancy silks and satins—to be cloeed out quickly
st. the yard, 88c.
$1 Lumineaux at 69c
Yard-wide blark lumineaux at, per yard, 89©.
$1.50 Taffeta at $1.09
Pure dye Black Taffeta Silk at, per yard, 91.09.
$1.25 and sl.lO Black Silks at 88c
Choice of Peau de Hole. Taf|eta, Lumineaux, Du
chesae and Moire Velour at, per yard, 88c.
Plone-Vili Store.
GroooS Floor— Main Store.
Grooad Floor—Wolo Store.
ew re.
aud 11, and Gov. Johnaou of California
may do so,” aunouuced tfeuator Jo
seph M Dixon, national chairman of
the Bull Moose party, In outlining the
plaua of the committee.
“The naming of an executive com
mittee w ill be authorized by this con
ference, the committee to draft a
aeries of bills carrying out the plat
form pledges on questions of social
and industrial justice made by the
party. A Progreeaive party caucus In
cougress will support these bills.
“The Chicago conference will also
consider ways and means for conduct
ing the Progressive propaganda dur
ing the next four years. In this dis
cussion Col. Roosevelt will take part
boxed, ribbon tied and sealed,
ready to send or give.
27-Inch Swiss flouncing, ruf
fle lace trimmed, hemstitched
and scallop finish In patterns
suitable for baby dresses and
fancy aprons. Two special
prices at, 50c and 75c.
Ribbon headings, fancy join
ing headings, embroidery edges,
walsting, corset cover embroid
eries, embroideries for baby
pillows, emhyolderles for caps
and doll dressing —at all want
ed prices agd good assortment.
Ready tomorrow —a great as
sortment of Hair Bandeaux In
brilliants, made with aigrette
attached. Also many novelties
in separate aigrette effects for
dressing the hair.
A complete assortment of
plain back combs, barrettes,
plna In the new "La Casque."
Also many other styles At popu
lar prices.
Picture Puzzles, animals and
birds, 3 sets In each box, 25c.
Celluloid animal Roily Poly,
exceptional value, 25c.
Never-Stop Running Soram
bolo Top; amuses young and
old. 25c.
American made Mechanical
Auto U. 8. Mall Wagon, 98c.
Child’s Washing Outfit, in
neat box, every piece mamma
has, 50c.
Toy Clothes Wringer with
rubber rolls, adjustable, an ex
act model of large one, 69a
simply *» our of tbe leader* of the
So far a* 1 aw aware, mere axe
no differences among the leaders of
the party * bleb could Justify the
statement that Mr. Plnchoi or Mr. j
Garfield Is seeking to oust Mr. Per
kins from leadership. Some newspa
pers have been very bitter, but the
fact should be kept In mind that no
special attitude bus been taken by
any one man prominent in the move
ment which would Justify thla assump
tion of disagreement.”
Dixon said that he could not pre
dict which one plank or group of
planks in the Progressive platform
would be emphasised in Its legislative
program for the coming season.
This Christmas particularly we, at Hudson’s, have been
emphasizing early preparedness and early shopping.
Os course, you’ll shop whenever you please and do
our very best to serve you whenever that is—
About 500 New Coats
Go On Sale Tomorrow
New Coats
Usually Marked
S2O and $22.50
Here’s a worth-while
shipment of three
hundred new coats.
Not very many for A
great store like this,
but they’ll make A lit
tle excitement before
they’re gone.
There Are fine blank
and nary bouclee and
astrakhans and a good
ly Assortment of sib#-
lines, chinchillas and
novelty mete rials in
the group. See them
all and choose early,
H 650
Suit Sale
Groups at $35,
$29.75 and $21.75
Velvets and corduroys, blue and
black fabrics, novelty mixed cloths lr
many shades —made sample fashion —
style, fabric and tailoring superb and
distinctive. Three fast-going groups
at the prices given above. And you’d
better lose no time, please.
| The Jewelry Dept. Sparkles a
In Its Magnificent Xmas A tire V
A Hundreds of fade and fancies, together with those staple things In O
Jewelry, enlivened by the lateat artlatlc treat menu, are foregathered at
W Hudson’s for the benefit of the early Xmas gift buyer.
And at no time In the past have the selections been quit* ao worthy of the at
tention of those who want the best in the various price ranges.
We not* Just a few of the very newest and moat, desirable thing* for the benefit
of Saturday shoppers:
An 'extensive assortment of bar pins
in sterling silver, gold-front engraved 20-
karat stock; also stone, enamel, com
binations of amethystsSaapphlres, topaz and
olivine set with this collection Is
composed of the very latost foreign and do
mestic novelty creations, especially suitable
for holiday gift*. The price range Is 26c,
50c and upwards. OrooaS Here.
$5 for Silver Toilet Sets of Quality and Beauty
These are beautiful 8-plece eeU, consisting of large plate hand ™^r° r - 00,11 b and
brush, all silver mounted, In a great range of artistic designs. Price, $5.00
Sterling silver Manicure Seta, 60c up
to $lO.
Toilet Pete, sll to $35.
Nickel and silver Shaving SeU, with
mirror, cup and brush, 50c snd more.
Silver Military Brush Beta, $♦ and
Smoking Stand* In braee—th* floor
style, chair height with match bo* holder
and two cigar rests, large aah tray, solid
at 61.75.
A note about Ivory floods —Our assortment for Saturday still re
mains complete, but the sale of these goods has been so enormous
lection of the tame. Present Indications would predict a complete
Jp' dearth of Irory goods well before Xmas day.
Oreee4 rises—Male Stere. ✓7^
* 6 * Two Big Stores In One
iNy 7 / 7 / 4
TAir* Floor—Mela Storo.
EL PASO, Texas, Nov. 29. —H. B.
Dari*. United Slates district attorney
of New Mexico, is awaiting instruc
tions from tiie Washiugtor govern
ment regarding an Invasion of New
Mexico, by a band of Mexican rebels
according to dispatches from Albu
querque and l,as Vega*, today.
Tbe advices say the Invader* ap
pea red early Thursday near the towns
of Monticello, Falrvlew and CuchllH.
Sierra county, and at last accounts
were threatening to raid these place*
The sheriff of Slerr* county reports
.that the dtlsens of the three towns
sls-S2O Value
Coats derived from
several small pur
chases, totaling, per
haps, 200 garments,
are In this group.
Gray, navy and tan
chinchillas in three
models, black and two
tone bouclee, zebra
stripes, as well a* nov
elty mixtures. The
styles and materials
are the very lateat
and from $2.60 to $7.60
can be eaved tomor
row on one of these
coats at
< Girls’
Winter Coats
Extra Values
What coat for daughter of 6 to 14?
Here la practically every coat warn
ed by girls and their mothers Jus*,
now. Styles much like mothers' as a
rule, and materials and quality of a
higher order than usually found in In
expensive costs for girls—
Soft, wand chinchillas, beautlfu*
mixtures and the fine cheviots and
other rough cloths at all prices up
ward from $4.95.
One entire case devoted to the display
of Hat Pins In the small, neat shapes with
medium-size tops. Sterling sliver snd gold
plated amethyst, sapphire and assorted
stones set with brilliants in cluster effects;
brilliants In ball, pear and cluster effects
Included. Prices, 25c, 600 to $3.60 each.
Table Smokers—Separafe ash trays,
also ash tray combined with match holder.
In nickel, brass and glass. Extra large as
sortment, 26c and more.
Glass Cigar Jars with metal tops, 60s
and more.
Oold and silver Jewel Botes, Powder
Jars and llalr Receiver* —a whole large
table to select from. Price*, 260 end more.
Ebony Toilet Sets, consisting of tbr'e
pieces (brush, hand mirror and comb), In
choicely lined boxes, $1 and more.
have armed themselves expecting an
attaok The authorities are marshal
lug special deputies and a fight Is
feared if tbe Mexlcars persist lu the’r
threat*, it Is expected the federal
authorities will take <ogmzance of
the situation Immediately.
’NEW YOHK. Nor 2».—Money on
call: 6 4*9 per cent. Time money: 6J*
per cent Inr six month*. Mercantile
paper: 4 per o*nt. B»r silver: Lon
don. ?» S-f« pence; Ntw York, un
changed. Demand sterling: tt 84.6*.
Dr. W. J. Morgan Is In New York
advocating a world s fair to be held
on the sites of Tyre and Sidon to aid
In the rejuvenation of the Holv Land.
Rut everybody knows that early Christmas purchases are
more satisfactory all around.
See how splendidly ready we are Saturday.
Ribbon—Notes of Hudson’s Finest
Seleot ribbons tor holiday
Beautiful brocades, tapestry
and gold antiqued -for shoppfng
and dress bags; fancy ribbons
In floral designs, two tone taf
feta ribbons, high lustre eatlns,
fancy and plcot edge; gold
metal and taffeta ribbons, plaid*
and Roman ribbons. Self col
ors In Jacquards and Brocades
holly and mistletoe novelties,
single and double face satins,
moire hnd taffeta* in qualities
and colorings. as
sortment complete for selections
at every wanted price. •
High Class Mesh and Beaded Bags
—From These You Can Select Aright
The largest and most com
plete linn of German sliver, gun
metal, gold-plated and fine Im
ported bead bags In Detroit
now awaits your inspection.
Two entire cases devoted en
tirely to tht* display of the lat
eat novelties and styles In bags,
vanity cases, coin holders and
small raosh purses. Only tho
oldest and most reliable makes
are sold In this department.
Holiday Towels
Fine linen towels aro a com
plete holiday display In them
selves these days. Here are
Irish and Scotch linen towels
from makers of the best For
quality and finish you’ll find
these Christmas towels remark
IP* . A Word About Yarns
A Just to advise you to buy It while the stock
jg| I* at Its best. We are agents for ‘•Hear Brand"
Yarns. Also we carry a complete line of the slipper
voles for the much-made crochet slippers. Infanta*,
children’s, women’s and men’s sises. 20c to Stc.
Early Xmas Shopping in Art Good* if
Especially Advised
UrwsS H—»■.<>!■ Steve.
Porto Rico’s Insular fair will open
Keb. 22. 1913. in Baa Juan, and will
close March 2.
Five and 6-lncta Fancy warp
print ribbon of excellent quality
and coloring. New designs In
light and dark shadings, 25c.
Wide Ribbons for bags in
novelties and high lustre satins.
New colorings and combine
Uons. Per yard, 39c to sl-25.
Blx-lnch Moire of excellent
quality and finish; all wanted
shades; a popular ribbon for
hair bows at, per yard. 250.
Seven-Inch plain taffeta rib
bon ; food .stiff finish apd-bow*
well popular ‘ shades. Pw
| yard. 25a
Gross* Floor—Mata Storo.
German Silver Mesh Begs in
614, 6, 7 and 8 Inch frames In
very select designs, covering s
great variety of ideas. Prioed
at $2.98, $3.48 and $6 to $25.
(Borne are very special values
for Saturday).
Sterling silver Card Cases,
Cigar Cases, Vanity Boxes and
Coin Holders not only make an
interesting exhibit, but are ot
sered at very special prices.
Qr*a*4 Floor Mala Storo.
We might mention hemmed
and hemstitched and scalloped,
plain, fancy and embroidered
numbers In all sites from the
small guest towel to the extra
large ones at 25c to $1.50 each.
Seeood Floor—Mala Storo.
Art Goods
Christmas Tidings
of Great
Interest to Gift Buyers
By all mean* don’t miss an early vlalt to
the Art Goods Section. When we saw nil the
pretty little new things this morning It didn’t
seem to us that the women of Detroit would let
them remain long on our counters and In casaa.
Certain It Is that the early visitor will be well
repaid by a much better chance for selection.
Bee tomorrow —the new silked and rib
boned Xmas tioveltles In hat pin holders, fancy
silk vanity bags, whisk broom holders with
whisk broom, pin cushions In a large conception
of styles—you'll wouder how such elaborate lltr
tie ideas can be sold at such popular prloes.
One targe Table of Pillows
Filled ready for use—satins, cretonnes, tap
estry, hand-embroidered goods and leathers.
The prices. 750 and mors.
Special in Trinket Box
Bit dainty drawers In prettily oovered and
ribboned case—colors red, lavender, pinks and
blues—a special Xmas number at SBo.
Sewing Baskets
Handsomely fitted In a variety of clever
Ideas at 25c to $5.75.
Art Collar nnd Cuff Boxes
Also glove and handkerchief boxes, necktie
holders and boxes. In fascinating erstonns and
leatherette effect#— all at popular prices.
Pillow Cords
For your hand embroidery, silk or mercerised,
260 and 600.
Page Nine
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