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Progressive Was Elected on Face
of Returns in Twelfth
LANSING, Mich., Doc. 10.— (Spe
cial.) —An error In the printing of the
ballot* In the twelfth congressional
district, caui*\d the board of state
canvassers lu session here today to
Issue a certificate of election to Con
gressman H. Olln Young, although on
the face of the returns, William J.
MacDonald, of the Soo, the Progret
sive candidate, has been eelcted.
In Ontonagon county, 458 vcjpes
were cast for Sheldon William J. Mac-
Donald, but in reality no such person
exists. However, the board of state
canvassers, under an opinion of the
supreme court, is required to canvass
the returns as they appear on the bal
lots, and this will take 468 votes from
William J. MacDonald and gives tluiv
number to Sheldon William J. Mac-
If this is done it will mean that
Congressman H. Olln Young will be
elacted by a plurality of 215. It is
expected that MacDonald will carry
the contest to congress If a certificate
Is Issued to Young.
According to the canvass of the
atate board, certificates will be Issued
to the following congressmen: First
district. Frank Do ramus (Dem.); Sec
ond district, Samuel W. Beakes
(Dem.); Third district, J. M. C. Smith,
(Rep.); Fourth district, Edward L
Hamilton (Rep.); Fifth district, Carl
Mapes (Rep.); Sixth district. Samuel.
W. Smith (Rep.); Seventh district,
Louis C. Cramton (Rep.); Eighth dis
trict, Joseph W. Fordney (Rep.);
Ninth district, J. C. McLaughlin
(Rep.); Tenth district, Roy Woodruff
Natl. Progressive); Eleventh district,
Francis C. Lindquist (Rep.); Twelfth
district, H. Olln Young (Rep.)
Only Three Changes Announced
in Directorates of Local
The three trust companies of De
troit held their annual meetings of
stockholders, Tuesday, but there
were few changes in the directorates
of organisations. * • •
The Ugion Tissit Cos., added two
new names to the board of dicscton,
filling vacancies which have existed
for some time. The new directors are
Henry M. Campbell, who has been
counsel for the company since its or
ganization, and Francis C. Me Math,
of the Canadian Bridge Cos., of Walker
ville. The other directors, re-elected
by the stockholders, Monday, are:
Henry B. Ledyard, Frank W. Blair,
George Hendrie, A. B. F. White,
Gerald J. McMechan, F. J. Hecker,
Henry Russel. Elliott T. Slocum,
Charles A. DuCharme, Harry A. Con
ant. Charles L. Palms, Philip H. Mc-
Millan, Herbert E. Boynton, Albert L.
Stephens, Paul F. Bagley, Burnham 8.
Colburn, George B. Remtck, George
M. Black, Allen F. Ed wards, George
H. Russel, J. C. Hutchins, Fred T.
Moran, J. H. Poole, Hal H. Smith. F.
R. Hathaway and James B. Peter. The
directors will meet later in the month
to elect officers.
The only change in the directorate
of the Detroit Trust Cos., was the
election of William R. Kales, of the
Whitehead ft Kales Iron Works, as
a member of the board. The other
directors are: John H. Avery, Frank
C. Baldwin, Arthur H. Buhl, Edward
H. Butler, W. A. Butler. Jr., James
Cousens, James E. Danaher. James E.
Davidson, Charles A. Dean. Samuel
T. Douglas, Frederick E. Drlggs, John
M. Dwyer, Frank W. Eddy, Henry Ford,
Frank W. Gilchrist, Julias H. Haass,
Benton Hanchett, Julian H. Harris,
Oren S. Hawes, Alexander I. Lewis.
Alexander McPherson, Sidney T. Mil
ler, Edwin C. Nichola, George Peck,
Daniel "L. Quirk. Jr., Walter Scotten,
Edward D. Stair, Ralph Stone and
Chester G. White. .
There was no change in the direo
tors of the Security Trust Cos., the
hoard being re-elected as follows: Ru -
»«ll A. Alger, John N. Uagley, Lem W.
Bowen, Henry M. Butxel, Emory W.
Clark, Dexter M. Ferry. John B. Ford,
William J. Gray, James 8. Holden,
Charles C. Jenks, John H. Johnson,
George E. Law-son, Eugene \v.
William Livingstone, Charles Moore,
M. J. Murphy, Charles O. Patch and
James D. Standish. The directors will
meet to elect officers, Wednesday, and
it la expected that there will be sev
eral promotions.
DETROIT, Dec. 10.—Up: CadwrelJ,
a - m - Monday; Jenks. 4:46 p m.
Down: Easton. 11:60 a. m.: Sierra.
1:46 p. m.; Durst on. 4:05; Shrlgley. 4:66;
Hines, f; W. H. Sawyer. Tuxberry. Red-
Xern. 7.
Matthews, 11.40 p. m.
Winona. 1:10; Etnproes Midland. 9 o
m ; Durston, 4:15 a. m.
Sewlt S«*. Mart*.
SAULT ST. MAItIE, Mich.. Dec. 10
tTp. Tagona, 3 So p. m. Monday; Hu
ronjc. I’aipoonge, 6; Olenellah. Corsica,
Turret Chief, midnight; Lakeland.
7:30 a m.
Down: Ball Bros., 10:30 a m. Mon
day; Midland King, Paine, 2 p. m. ;
Nottingham. 3; Christopher, 4; Regina,
Turret Court, Renvoyle, 5:30.
North Lake, noon.
Loses Both Feet; May Die.
MT. CLEMENS. Mich.. Dec. 10.—
Frederick Tewas, a car repairman on
the Grand Trunk railroad was probab
ly fatally Injured while at work on a
car at Chesterfield station, seven miles
. north of here, this afternoon. * Tewes
was working under a car and it Is be
lieved that he failed to put out the
■ customary signal. A switching train
came along and picked up the car,
cutting off Tewos’s legs and injuring
him otherwise. He was rushed to
Bt. Joseph's Sanitarium here.
if NEW YORK. Doc. I#.—Money on
coll, 6 per cent: time money, 6S per
P Sent for sts month*, mercantile paper,
K§ per cent: her silver —London.
14 11-14; her ellver— New York, «4>fcc;
I demand sterling. 34 14.44.
Jilted Man Wants Presents Hack
—Row Results and Whole
Story Comes Out
George B. Zilsberger, a cabinet mak
er, residing at No. 410 Beaublen-st.,
was lined $8 by Justice Jeffries. Tues
day morning, for "holding up" Mrs.
Nathalie Vickery'* husband at the
point of a briar pipe, in the Vickery
home, at No. 824 Riopelle-at., Satur
day night, and thereby hangs a tale
of “busted" romance, and an echo of
that old familiar wail about wanting
those presents back.
Zilsberger, defending himself
against the charge of disturbing the
peace, pleaded justification. He salt!
that two years ago he was engaged to
Nathalie Tifflsency, uow Mrs. Nathalie
Vickery. He said he deeded her hie
property, consisting of a two-family
flat valued at $3,500. and for which
Mrs. Vickery is still collecting the
rent, according to Zllsherger. He say*
suit is now pending on that matter in
the circuit court.
Besides the fiat, Zllsherger says
that he gave his fiancee a gold watch,
some diamonds, and other presents.
Theu he was suddenly called west on
business. That was two year* ago. He
received regular letters from Nathalie,
he says, but last February, in Omaha,
he received word that she had mar
ried Vickery. Ho came home,
it was all too true, and retained Attor
ney W. J. Hawley to start a replevin
action for his property and presents.
Saturday night, Zilsberger called on
Mrs. Vickery and demanded the pres
ents. She showed him the door ami
when he refused to go, her husband
was attracted by the rumpus and came
rushing In with an upraised chair, Zils
berger says.
Zilsberger says that he then drew
his trusty briar pipe, enclosed In a
black case, from his pocket, and
leveled it at Mr. and Mrs. Vickery,
commanding them to "back up," which
they promptly did. Then he gacked
out of the door, covering his retreat
with the briar pipe.
Mrs. Vickery insists that Zllsherger
leveled a revolver and not a pipe at
her and her husband.
Justice Jeffries imposed a fine of
$lO on Zilsberger for creating a dis
Zilsberger only had $8 with him,
and Justice Jeffries accepted that
Cessation of All Outdoor Work
Cuts List of Employes
From 3,500
Within a week the number of em
ployees in the department of public
works will drop from 3,500 to 300,
due to the fact that the weather com
pels the cessation of all outdoor work,
except the sweeping of the down-town
"We closed the city asphalt plant
Monday night," said Commissioner
Haarer, Tuesday, "Thirty-five men
wer© laid off. By Saturday ail the
paring work will cease We have
made pretty good progress this sea
son. The amount of asphalt laid since
July 1 is 300,000 square yards.
"The number of white wings will be
reduced from 115 to 25. It is too cold
to flush the streets and thiß accounts
for so much dust being stirred up by
the wind. The white wings are kept
at work only in the down-town portion
of the citv and it is almost impossible
for them to gather up the stray pa
per and waste when there is a high
wind blowing.”
Supt. Knight reported that no rail
road car* were available to send 80
wagonloads of garbage to the reduc
tion plant, and that as a result he laid
off the entire forc € of garbage collect-1
or*, about 78 men, for Tuesday. The
reduction company has all the other
garbage boxes at Us plant in French
landing, and there were no more
wagons available to collect the day's
garbage. The reduction company or
the Wabash railroad are blamed for
not returning the cars with empty
boxes .
Pleads With Body to Drop
Differences and
10.—A plea for the dropping of all
factional differences in the order and
the refusal of members of the order
to be governed by one or a Joz**n men.
was made by Gov. Osborn, during his
address of welcome opening the ses
sions of the fortieth annual conven
tion of the Stale Grange In the
Armory here this morning. Master
Hull called the convention to order
early this morning, and following a
brief address Introduced Gov. Osborn
speaking as a resident of the Soo,
governor and a Granger. The gov
ernor dived into a somewhat lengthy
"You will find no codfish arlstoc
. racy here,” he declared. "The people !
of the 800 through me want you to
make yourself perfectly at home, iuid
enjoy the hospitality that awaits you."
Speaking further, he referred to the
history of the city and surrounding
country, the history of the Grange
sJince its formation, and added that
the Orange had been responsible for
much of the general uplift of the eoun
try had enjoyed, and will continue
to eujoy. Following the delivery of
extemporaneous speech of the State
Grange officers, the convention ad
Journed at noon to reconvene at 2
o'clock, foe the transaction of regu
lar business.
Cotton prtree reported for The Time*
by Hayden, Stone A Cos.. Die. !4:
Opening Noon.
January 13 49—.. 13 39—..
March 12.60—.. 12 47—..
M*y 12 44—.. 12.42—..
July 12 49—.. ft 24—..
December 12 13—.. 12 24—.,
Markets and Finance
V ). >TO('K MARK FT— Close.
Am .Vg Them 51 Am II Sug 49%.
Atral Cop 76**. Am Can 20%. Ain C II
F x-$d 54 V*. do p ( *-d I*, 116. Am Cot
i ll 34\ in l.oc 42, do pf 11)1 Ain
Hmelt «»%. Ain Sugar 15%, Am TAT
138%. Am Tob 2*6. Am Wool IS**, do
l»f SI. Anaconda 39, At eh 105%, B & O
104. Beth Htetd 35 %. B It T 8% Cart
Pac 261 '*. Cen Loath 27V,, do pf x-1%
S3 1 *. I’hra A V* 7*. .Chino Cop 414*. Chi
A U W 16%. C. M K St »» llf'N,. Chi &
N 126. Col K A- 1 32, <Vn GAs 13* V*.
Corn Prod 18%. I> »v H 162 V Ida Sec
Cor 20 %. Erie 31*,. do l*t pf 49. Gen
F.l ec I*2l*. c;t Nor pf 133 V <lt N (Jro
Ctf 41 I *. Mis iVnt 125. Int Met 17V do
pt 66 V int Harv coin 10 u K.m C ft
2C-V I,« h Vul 16!*. Louis A N 142. M K
A- T26Vdo pf **. M. Si I* 8: St Mlt
140 4* Mo Pae 4»v Nat Lead 55V %
Y O A W 111 V North l'ao JVnn
it it iso l *, iVo <: a* c no-*, cut* Coal
pf 86. IT.-hh St Car 15. luv Cons 18%.
Read 166 V lt**p 1 A H 24% do pf 86.
Rock Id 23 V d<- pf 4 4 4,. Slcsa-Wnefr
45, South l’ue 10*V «1« pf 78 V Tenn
Cup 36 V l'nion l’ao 14-V Texas 2%.
1’ S Hub com 62V*. I’ S Steel 6.'**. do pt
10l r S Bund* 10*.'v*. IVr-Car Chen*
12 u t’tah Cop 58. Wabash 4 V do L's
13 *\Veet Un Tel 73. Went Mfg 77 V
S S Kresge com 75',.
Reported for The Time* by Hayden.
Stone A Cos , I>ec. 10:
Open. Noon.
Auier Agrl. Chem Cos.. 34 *4 54 V*
Aim r It. ct Sugar st> 49',
Amul Copper ~, 78 76%
Amer. Chi* 26% r” 4
Atner Car A Fdy., x-50c 54V* 52%
Po. pfd. \-l% ll« H 6
Amer. Cotton Oil 54 4,
Amer. T.ocomollvc 41** 41*4
Pc, preferred 107 107
Amer. Smelting ........ 69 69%
\mer. Sugar 115 114%
Amer Tel. A- Tel *38% ISS%
Amer Tobacco 2S'»»4 259
Amer. Wool 2" 20
Po, preferred B<*% ....
Anaconda 39 38%
Atchison 1 "4 ** 104 s *
Halt A Ohio 103 103%
Bethlehem Steel 35% 35 v*
Brooklyn It T 87*4 *6 %
Canadian Pacific 26 1% 262
Central Leather 25% 2 6*4
Ches. A Ohio 77
Chino Copper 41 40%
Chi A Gt. Western 16% 18%
C. M A St. Paul 110*4 HI
Chi. A Swell 134% 134%
Col Fuel AT 80% SO
Consrl. Gas 117 137%
Corn Products 14 13%
Pis Sec. Cor 20% 2«J
Erie 31% 31%
Do. Ist pfd 4S % 48%
Oenernl Electric I*2 182
Gt. Nor. pfd 132% 133%
Gt N. Ore ctf 4>» 40%
Tlllnol* Central 125 ....
Int Met 14% 17
Do, preferred 60% 40*,
Int Harvester c0m...... 110 109%
I.ehlgh Valiev 169% 167%
IjOuls. St Nash 14 1% 141
M. K AT 26 26
Do. preferred 60% 60%
M St P A S Ste M Ry. 138% 136%
Mo Pacific 40% 40%
National I>ead 54% 54 a
N. Y Central 1»8% 109%
N. Y.. O A W 31% 31%
Norf A Western Ill*, 109%
Penn R. R 120 120%
Pro G A C 11l 1"9 %
Pittsburgh Coal Pr 86 15%
Press St Car 34 34
Ray Cons 19% 19%
Reading 166% 166%
Rep I A Steel 24 23%
Do, preferred ........ 86 *5%
Hock Island 22% 22
Do, preferred 4S’, 48%
Sloss-Sheflf 45 46
South Pacific 1«4% 107%
South. Ry 28 27 A'.
Do, preferred 79% 79%
Tenn. Copper 37% 26%
Texns ?2% 22%
T’nton Pacific 162 162%
U. S Rubber com 60% 63
F S Steel 64% 65%
Do. preferred 107*, 107**
F S Bonds 100% 100%
Vlr.-Car. Chem. Cos 40% 42
T’tnlt Copper 3h% 68%
Wabash pfd 13% ....
Wist. Fn. Tel 73 73
West .Mfg 76 % 76 %
Quotations by Paine, Webber A Cos.,
Dec. 14: Open Noon
> Arizona Commercial .... 33
1 Adventure © 5
Algornah 2 Vs 3 **
Allouez 3*l 35
AiuMigumutod 75 l » 76 *■*
Butte Balaklava 3*. 3S
Boston A Corbin 4V*
Butte Superior . .* 39 53'*
Calumet & Arizona 71 , 67
Ca turret A Hec1a....... 525 515
Chino 41 41 .
Cc ppar Range 49 '* 49
Last Butte 13’* ISS
Franklin 8
Green Cananea Bt* *
Giroux 33
Goldfield I*4 14
Indiana 14 18*> 4
Granby 64 62 4
Helvetia 70 70
Hancock 22 4 22
Hancock 22 4 22
Inspiration 174 174
Isle Royale 30 39 4
Lake 244 *«
I.a Salle 44
Michigan . 2
Miami 25 25
Mohawk 60 58
Mayflower 13 14
North Butt* 30 394
Fond Creek 25 24 4
Nlplsslng • **»
Nevada Consolidated .... 19- 134
Old Dominion 524 R 24
OJlbway 2 4
Osceola 192 199
Quincy 76 73
Hay Consolidated 19 4 194
Superior A Boston 14 14
Shannon 124 124
Superior 37
Shattuck 29
Tamarack >3 39
Tennessee Copper 374 3«4
Utah Consolidated 19 104
U. 8. Min A Ref. Cos 414 «•
T>o. preferred <9 4 49 4
Utah Copper 6*4
Victoria 3 *
Wolverine «... 70
Wvardotte 1H *
Old Colonv 74 *4
Am 7-lnr, 27; Adventure. 6; Alaska
Gold Mines. 94: Artz Coml . 34: Ar
cadian. 24: Allouez. 36: Almma, 24;
Boston A Corbin, 44; Bsv State Gas.
*»9 Butte A Superior, 3*4 Butte A
Balkl Copper. 34 : <"*l A Artz . 374;
Cnl A Hecla. r,?0: Chief 1 1-19. Chino.
41**: Copper Range. 60: Davie Daly,
14; Fast Butte. 14; First Natl.. 19-13;
Frsriklln. 84: Olrouv. 34: Orddfleld
Cons. 14: Granby. *3: Gr Cananea.
*4 Hancock. 23 Helvetia 70. In
dians. 124: Isle Royale. 29 4: TeUd
Creek Coni com ’>3, T«n Salle 3; leks,
24 Mnann Valley 114; Mayflower,
14 4 Michigan. 2 Miami Coni>er. 26N:
Mohawk, f.B*-. Ner Cons . 19 4 : Ntpls
sing 8»* North Butte. 31; Oltbwsy,
24 Old Colonv. 8 Old Donv 53 4: °*-
reola. 102 4 Pond Creek, 25 Qulnr-v,
75 Rnv Cons. 194: Shannon. 124;
Shattuck Artz, 284 South lake, *l4;
Sunerlor Copper. 39 Super A Bos . t’4 :
Tamarack S3 Trinity. 4 4 Untied
Fruit com., 179 1 , Utah Cons, 10V t ;
'Utah Copper. 64 U S Smelting. 4 14:
do pfd.. 49 4 , Victoria, 2; Wolverine.
69: Wvandotte. 100.
Copper share sales reported for The
Time* by Has den Stone A Cos.. Dec. 10
Adventure. iar>; Atm.ek H»o; Allouez.
259; Amalgamated Copper. 4547*. Ain«-r.
Zinc. 1917: Boston A Corbin, 100; Butte
A Ralaklavn. 195; nutte A Superior,
kM" calumet A Arizona. 593. Calumet
A Heel*. 77 Centennial. 110; Chino,
105 Copper Range, 933 -I»alv West. 5;
Frist Butte 825: Franklin. 197. Qlrnux.
8'»o Granby. 743; Greene Cananea.
1349; Hancock. 176; Indiana 38$ In
spiration. *10; tsle Royale. 756. Kerr
Lake. 10 Nike. 1000, I.a Salle, loo;
Mason Valley. 199. Mo\flower, 472;
Mi *o*l, 56; Michigan. 50; Mohawk, 13*.
Nevada, 202 New Arcadia. 566; Nlpls
sing, 160; North BilttC. 2346; North
f.ike. 140 Oljbway, 1097 Old Colony
Mining. 11*2 Old Dominion. 436. Os
ceola. 10.3, Rond Creek. 10.16: Quincy,
6; Ray Con*, 145 Shannon. 4209 Shat
tuck Artz«*ns, 335; Superior A Roston,
939, Superior. 356; Tamarack. 113;
Trinity. 4*lo Toulumne. 60, 17. S Ref,
1959 do pfd . 129. Utah Apex, 990; V|e.
torlu, IJv, Wiuuna, 446; fi«Uirlo\ 80
DETROIT. Dec. lo.—Close: Wheat
Opened steady on Tuesday notwith
| standing the bearish government re -
, port that wuh Issued after the close
ion Monday Other conditions on -don
day were bearish, including a heavy
Increase in the visible aupply.
The government report iliuwi 32.387,-
000 acre* of winter wheat sown, com
pared with 33.215,000 bu a year ago
and the December condition 1» 93.2
This is better* than expected, both as
to acreage and condition, but it had
scarcely any effect on prices The for
eign situation is n<»t ao very bearish
and dealers are advising caution In
selling wheat on decline* The Ameri
ca: weakness of Tuesday put some
pressure on Liverpool at the start, but
the effect was offset .»y reports of rain
In Argentina, where harvesting is In
progii-ss, and the large decrease in the
European visible supply. South Amer
ican shippers are not putting any pres
sure on the market.
A leading north western house suvs
farmers' deliveries are the largest In
their experience and Chicago reports
a good class of wheat buying Last
year’s winter crop was cut 6.000.0**0
acres by w Inter-kllllug. which leaves
the present acreage very large. Wheat
was dull and steady, closing at the
final prices of Monday. An cosy spell
came early, but dhl not last.
Corn declined %c, outs were firm, rye
lost lc and beans declined sc. Clover
seed was unt hanged.
Wheat quotations. Cash No. 2 red.
lfos. December opened without change
at $lO5. declined to 8104% and ad
vane, and to $1.03; May at 11.09%.'
lost %c and advanced to 81 09*,; July
opened at 92%c. declined to 91%0 and
advanced to 92 %c; No. 1 white, $1.04
Coarse gruln quotations Corn, cssh
No. 3.46 c. No. 3 yellow, 3 cars at 49c. j
No. 4 yellow. 2 cars at 47c. Oats: Stan
dard. 37c: No. 3 white, 2 enrs at 86c;
No. 4 white, 1 car at 34%c, 1 at 36c;
sample, 1 car at 33 %c. Rye: Cash No.
2 C2c. Beans: Immediate shipment.
*2 15. prompt shipment. 12.13: Decem
ber and .fnnuHry. *2 10. Cloverseed:
Prime spot und December. $11; sample,
20 bugs at $9.75. 8 at $8.25; prime al
stke |l3. sample alslke, 12 bugs at
sll 25
Receipts In the Detroit grain market
Tuesday Included 800 bbls of flour. 1
cars of wheat. 18 of corn. 9 of oats. 6
of barlev and 1 of rye Withdrawals
were 1.410 bbls of flour and 12.900 bu
of corn Stocks are 888 713 bu of
wheat. 150 054 bu of corn. 70.956 bu of
oats 59.916 bu of barley and 51.350 bu
of rye.
Liverpool wheat closed *«d higher
to %and lower and corn unchanged to
%and lower.
Receipts of wheat Tuesday: Wheat.
| Kansas City. 37 cars, sgulnst 14 a vesr
lego: St Louis 96 000 bu. against 20 oOA
bu; Chicago. 34 cars, against 30; Min
neapolis, 629 cars
358 cars, against 722 Winnipeg. 523
cars, ngainat 741; Omaha. 32 cars,
against IS.
Primary wheat receipts were 1 947 000
hu. against 717 000 bu a vear ago.
F>norts of wheat and flour Tuesday,
396 COO bu
The world’s visible supply of wheat
Increased 2 2*5 OAO bu last week.
Toi.rno t.Hti\ 4>i» prodi'C*.
TOLFDO. Dec 10.— Wheat: Cash and
December $1.05%: May. $1 10%; July,
92 %o. Corn: Cssh and December.
49%c: May 50c: July, 51c. o>»ts: Cssh
end December, 35 %c; Mav 36%e Rve:
j c*s,h 62c. Clro-erseed: Cish and D<>-
i oember, sll 10; February 911.20:
March $1117% No. 2. 110 40; No 3.
*10.15- refected. *<* 80 Alslke: Ca«h
land December $12.75 - March. s,,>ao$ ~>ao
TlmMhv: C-»«h and p*remh»r, $1 9R;
February. $3 03*4.; M->r-h •” fts. But
ter. eggs and hav unchanged
Noon—Wheat- December unchanged:
May unchanged. Corn: December up
%c; May up %o. Oats: December up
*4c; May un %c.
Cloew —Wheat' December up *4«:
May up v;c. Corn: December un
rhanged; Mav up %c. Oats: Decem
ber up %o; May up %c. Provisions:
Dec ~ 83% 83% 83% h*B«/.
Mav... 39 % 8«% 88% xaBS%
Julv. . . 96% 84% 85*. tsß«%
Dec... x4T»; X47V, 47% x 547%
Mav. . . 47% 4*> % 47% *e4Bt«
July... 48% 49% 48% b 49
De\... 31% 37% 31% xb3’»%
Mev .. 3?% 37% 87% sß*»%
Julv... 32% x 32% 82% xb32%
Jen. . . 18 f>7 19 07 18 77 1« 95
Ms v .. 18 60 18 65 18 65 18 60
Ten... 10 46 xlO 47 10 32 sl« 87
Mav . . 10 IS 10 17 10 05 10 07
Riba —
Jan... 10 10 12 xlft a; to 07
May . . 987 x 9 00 987 s9 90
EAST 111 FFAI.O Opealag.
Dunilag A Meteas* Live Mock Report.
EAST BUFFALO, N. Y, Dec. 10.
—Cattle: Receipts, twenty care mar
ket. steady; best 1,250 to 1,500-lb.
■ terra, $909 60, good to prime 1,200 to
1.310-lb. steers, Js 0 8.50, good to prime
1,100 to 1,200-lb. steers, 17.751/8;
coarae, platnlsh, 1,100 to 1,200-lb steers,
$7.2507.50. medium butcher ateera,
1,000 to 1,100 lbs., 13.75© 7.26, butcher
steers. 950 to 1,000 lbs., $6 4007. light
butcher ateera, $5.750 6 26; best fat
cow*, s6l/3 50; butcher cows, s6l* 5 50;
light butcher cows, $4.2604.60, cutters.
$3 7504; trimmers, $3 5003.76; beat fut
helf* ra. $7 $ 7.60. medium butcher heif
ers $5,751* 6 25; light butcher heifera,
$4 ?506 26; stock heifer*. S4O 4 26; best
fording ateera. dehorned. $6.6007; fa.r
to good atockera. $5.2605.50; light
common atockera, $4 8004.76;* prime
export bulla, $606.26; brat butcheh
bulls. $0 $f 05.76; bologna bulls. $4,500
6; ato<k hulls, $4 6006, beat milkers
and springers, $65 0 75; common to fair
kind $40060.
Hogs: Receipts, SO cara; markat,
lower; heavy, $7.80; yorksrs, 67.700
7 80; plga, |7.60.
Sheep: Receipts, 20 cars, market,
strong, top lambs, $8.60, yearlings,
$6.600 6 60; wethers. $4 400.4.76, ewes.
Calves: 66 012
EAST BUFFALO, N. Y.. Dec. 10
Cattle: Receipts. 500 head; market, ac
tive and steady; prime steers, $9,250
9 50; butcher grades, $4 50 0 8 60.
Calves: Receipts. 126 head; market, ac
tive and steady; cull to choice, s6'**l2.
Sheep and lambs: Receipts, 6,000 head;
market, active; choice lambs, $s 260
860 cull to fair, $6 6008; yearlings, $5
06 50. sheep, S2O 4.76. Hogs: Receipts
6 969 head, market, active; yorkers,
$7 75; pig**. $7.600 7 66; mixed. $7 80;
heavy. $7H00756. roughs, $1 5007;
stags, $6 0 6.50,
CLEVELAND, Dec. 10.—Hogs: Re
ceipts, 3.50'»; steady to 5c lower, me
diums and heavje*. $7.70; yorkers. $7 66;
pigs, $7.40. Cattle: Receipts. 5 cars;
steady. Sheep and lamhs: Receipts.
15 cars; $8 15 to $6 Calves: Receipts,
150. $115006
The Elgin butter market waa off a
half c*9nl yeaterdgy. and prices in all
the leading markets are quoted easy.
Thr big deal just now is. of course, tn
poultry. Receipts were fairly large,
although not excessive, and everything
promised to clean up In good shape.
Not a great deal of drwsaed poultry Is
coming as yet. but next week dressed
stuff will he wanted. Christmas greens
are appearing, and there Is Increasing
activity In all kinds of goods suitable
to the season »
Asslea Fancy. $1.7602 26, ordinary,
$101.60 per bbl.; box applsa. $1760
H**«ss» -Good shipping stock. 61.60
0 2.26 bunch.
Henna—Dried Lima, 707 Ho lb.
C'*t*llMower—s2.26 0 2.60 dot
4 elery—Home-grown, 160 SOo do*
4 s l>h*|» —* *0126 bid.
Cheese ■ Wholesale prices: M'cblgan
lata 16H017e, New York flats 11*4 0
■lnc, llmburger, 17 S0 19 Vfcr; domestic
Swiss. 21 0 23c; Imported Swiss 210
2l*c. _ • _
( hesfaatw— Italian, 1010 c lb.
Craakerrto* latte Howes, $9 bbl.;
68.26 hu
< briefasas Greran— Evergreen wreath
lug. 860 76c per roll; holly, $3.2602.60
per ctaie.
Persian, new, 5 % u <o per lb.;
, Kurds. 9% Vloc lb.
Urease* t «lyea—Fancy, 12013 o; com
mon, 6tf9c lb.
UrtaseS Muja—Fancy, l(fle; 100 to
Uu lb*.. 9% iglOo lb.
Kl«» lniported. new. !10110 lb.;
i Callfotnia. 25c lb.
Flaaa lladdlea—9 if 10c lb.
Freak \ rgriabira Cucumbers, hut
nouet , $1,254(1.50 per lion; lettuce, hut
house. B<u 10c lb.; spinach, 75c bu;
green onluna. 100 dug.; beets. 35 <9 40c
bu. turnips. 50 V 60c bu; rutaoagaa. 400
bu; parsnips, <&c bu; hulhouse toma
toes. 20 1* 26c lb.; California tomutoea.
sl76|st per 4-burket crate; hothoua*
asparagus. $3.60 dos.
(•riipr Fruit— Florida, $3 254/3.75 box.
i.rupra—t ataw has, 15c per 4-lb. bas
»t*»sr>—Fancy white, 16^117c: am
ber IDG extracted. B*»4|9r >a
Ila>—L>et roll shippers arc paying tha
following prices for baled hay In car
lots. f. o. b. Detroit: No. 1 timothy,
$16,504/17; No. 2 timothy, sls® 15 50:
No 1 mixed, $1313.60; clover, light
mixed, si: Ul6 50. rye etraw, $ 149a#
10 50; wheat and oa* straw. $8.60(0 9
Hide* —No. 1 cured hides, 14%«'; No.
1 green hides, 12c, No. 1 cured bulls.
11 %c, No l green bulls, 10 %c; No. 1
cured veal kip, 16c; No. 1 green veal
kip, 13c; No. 1 cured murrain. 13c; No
1 gn <*n murrain. 11c; No. I cured calf.
lsc; No. 1 green calf. 16c; No. 1 hor so
hides, $4. No. 2 horse hides. $3 Sheep
skins. as to amount of wool. 60rCl $1.26;
No. 2 hides, -c off; klp and calf, l%c off
l.emoua— $ 6.25 ((( 6.50 box.
I.iutro— *1 1.25 dog.
Ouloua— Yellow. car lots. 454/50c;
Store lots. 60 V 65c bu; new Spanish.
$1 25 per crate
I Poultry—Springs. i3i/14c; hens. >2
(ji 12c, roosters. 9tfloe; ducks. 16V
16%c, turkey*. 18 V 19c lb. Dressed
I poultry: lien*. 1314 c-; spring*. 14ff
16c; ducks. 17(51 18c, geese. 16t/16c; tur
keys. 19fc20c lb.
l*laeapplre—s4.so V 5 cratS.
Potatoes— Mlchlga n. 56 t(6oc per bu;
.sweet Potatoes—Jersey, kiln dried.
$1 60 per crate.
Tallow—No. 1,6 c; No. 2. 6c lb
Cm uaeg tiooUe—Apples, gala, s3.s*;
baked beans, 1-lb., 504* 60c: Lima beans.
$1tf1.25. Corn- Faney Maine. $1.10;
standard, 9Uc. Table beets. $1.26 if 1.40.
Peas. Fancy, euny June. $1.30; stand
ard. $1; soaked. 60 4)’7oc dalmon:
Bockeye, tall, $2.25; flat, $2.40. Alaska,
reds. $1.90; Alaska, pinks. $1.20. Toma
toes. $ 1.40 49 1.50. Marrowfat, $1.15;
vaily Juno, $1.20; sifted early Jung
$1 40 por dux.
Feed—Jooblng prices In 100-lb. sacks
bran. $23. coarse middlings. $24; fine
middlings. $29, coarse corn meal id
cracked corn, $29; corn and oat chop,
$22 per ton.
Flour—Jobbing prices: Best Michi
gan patent, ss.6**; straight. $5 20; clear.
$4.90; pure rye. $4.80; spring patent.
$5.10 per bbl. in wood.
tlurg**are—Null*. $2 case; plain an
nealed w ire, $2 per cwt., galvanised
barbed wire. 4 po.'nt, $2 a6 per spool;
gaDanUed sheets, 24 gage, $3.35, 26
gage. $3.51; 27 gage, $3.70; 28 gage.
$3 t 0; 30 gage. *4.10 per cwt.; single
bit axes, bronzed, $9.00 per do*.; pol
ished sl£ per do*.; black sheets, 22 and
24 gagv, $2.55; 26 gage $2.60; 27 gage.
*2 65; 28 gage, $2.70 per cw t.; carriage
bolts, small, 75 per cent otf. large, *6
per cent off list; machine bolts, small,
per cent large, <6<g2%
per cent ofT list.
01la —Raw linseed. 49c; boiled iln
■eed, 60c; Diamond headlight kero
sene, 10 %c; perfection. 11c; Eocene,
18c. Crown gaaoline, 18c per gal.;
turpentine. In barrel lota. 46c gal.
Frovfslone— Mess pork, S2O; family.
S23AJ 24c; clear backs, $224/24c: hams,
I6'u-17c; briskets, H%iTl2*<r r r shoul
ders. 14c: picnic hams. 13 %c; bacon,
17 4/19c; lard. In tierces, 12c; kettle
rendered, 13e lb
Sugar*—Correct ed dally by W. H.
Edgar A Sons: Crystal dominoes, 2-lb.,
$8.46; do 6-lb., $7 95: Eagle tablets.
*6.75; cut loaf, $6.25: cubes, $5.70;
XXXX powdered. $6.70; standard pow
dered, $5 65; granulated, extra coarse,
$5.35; granulated, fine, In bulk, $5.25,
granulated, 25-lb. cottons, $5.30: crys
tal domino gran. 2-lb. and 5-lb. car
tons, In cases. $5.55: crystal domino
fran.. HF cases. $5.65; diamond A.
5.35; confectioners’ A, $6.30' No. 4.
*6.16; No. 5. $5 10; No 6. $5.05: No. 7.
15; No. 8, 14 95; No. 9. $4.90; No. 19.
$4 85; No. 11. *4.80; No. 12. $4.75; No.
13, $4 70; No. 14. $4.70; No. 16. $4.70;
non-caking mixture, $6.25: beet granu
later, $5.05; household powdered, l’s,
48 to case, $3.50.
Butter—Board prices are: Creamery,
extras. 36c; firsts. 33c; dairy, 32c; pack
li.g stock. 21c per lb.
Eggs Current receipts, candled,
cases Included, 30c per doz. Receipts,
1,010 cases.
Bond quotations reported for The
Times by Hayden, ?tone A <’’o., Dec. 10:
New 2a registered 100% 101%
Do, coupon 100% 101%
New 3s registered 102% 103
Do, coupon 102% 103
New 4s registered 113% 114%
Do, coupon
• I
CHICAGO, Dec 10 —Butter: Extra*.
Bflr*t*. 30<y330; dairy ixtrui.
SBe. flr»t*. «»'« 29c. Eggs: Prime flr*t»,
24*4®25c. Cheese: Skims,
young: Americas, 16 Vi if 16 *’V , h Live poul
try: Fowls, 45fc&0c; ducks. lJitflZVfcc;
geese. 13 '& 13 Vjc.
j NEW YOKK, Dec. 10.—The metal ex
-1 change closed dull. Spot copper,
|l6 87V* bid; lead. |4.25®4.40.
I Aid. Sherman 1-Jttlefleld will Intro
duce an amendment to the dog ordi
nance in the council, Tueaday night,
I to permit dogs to run at large wlth
-1 out muzzles except in June, July and
■ August. The present ordinance, pass
*ed at the Insistence of Health Officer
‘Kiefer, requires that dogs running at
j large be muzzled In all seasons of the
year. Dog owners claim that the or
dinance Is not being enforced, saying
that only a small proportion of the
dogs running at large without muzzles
are destroyed and that there Is a great
deal of discrimination showed by the
!police department in this matter. Lit
,tlefleld's amendment will be referral
to committee and the dog owners Will
again “fight It out" with Dr. Kiefer.
The committee on ordinances will
not report In favor of Dr Kiefer s
suggestion that an ordinance be pail
ed permitting the health board to
summarily destroy dogs known to
have been bitten by other dogs af
flicted with the rabies. The present
ordinance requires that dogs so bit
tern shall be quarantined for a reason
able period, and that if rabies do not
develop they shall be returned to
their owners. The board has the
authority to destroy rabid dogs and
the committee considers this suf
were some wld** fluctuation*
on the iHitrolt Stock *xr*ang*. Tues
day,- though there was not much
tng Southern f'allfomln Edison. which
I ha** keen ft leader recently, broke four
point** to SS hid, though offering* are
held at 100. t’ltlea Service common
wa* hid t»P three point* nn<| h h*lf to
11IV*. wltn offering* up to 11*. t’oni
monweultli Power dropped ha. k three
point* to 64 Mil Detroit Edison wa* a
half lower to 131 a**ked and offering*
w.-re with hid* **arce. Detroit
I Creamery I* In demand and worked up
in M”*vter to I*4* hid. American Ship
j building common Ipat two point* to T.S
hid. and the preVin/ wn* down the
*ame amount to Idd with offering*
■ at 106 A hid of 102 appeared for Pack
ard preferred with stink- held at 108.
Some offering* of Ren Par came Into
the market at 31V* ITnltad State*.
Radiator wa* a half lower to H hid
E.«*tern Michigan Edl*on bond*
*tr*ngthen*»d a quarter to »»*. and
offerings war* up to 100 Vs
Ii. e Michigan Savings Bank
At the Close of Business November 26th, 1912, as Called for by
the Commissioner of the Banking Department
Loans and Discounts, viz: *
Commercial Department .$1,626,164.38
Savings Department 330.51 5.87
Bonds. Mortgages and Securities, viz:
Commercial Department $ 418,013.19
Savings Department 2,732,902.08
Overdrafts 258.0 u
Banking House 64,073.09
Furniture and Fixtures 8.277.57
REBERVE Commercial Savings
Due from Banks in Reserve Cities. .$123,952.97 $355,000.00
Exchanges for Clearing House 45,275.03 None
U. S. and National Bank Currency... 142,744.00 139.000.00
Gold Coin 14,520.00 50.000 CO
Silver Coin 10,638.80 None
Nickels and Cents 667.71 7^4.29
$337,798.51 $5JV94.29 873,592.80
Checks and Other Cash Items 12,181.58
Total $6,065,979.96
Capital Stock Paid In $ 400,000.00
Surplus Fund 150.000.90
Undivided Profits, net .- 73.704.59
Commercial Deposits Subject to Check $1,757,045.06
Commercial Certificates of Deposit 7,115 36
O-tm-rf Checks 17,418 62
Cashier's Checks Outstanding. 10.337.31
Jue to Banks and Bankers 41,148 78
Savings Deposits (Book Accounts) 3,415,732.91
Savings Csrtificates of Deposit 183.4d3.33
— 5.442.275.37
Total ...$6,065,979.66
BTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wayne—ss.
I, George Wiley, Cashier of the above named bmk, do solemnly
swear that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief and correctly represents the true state of the several mat
ters therein contained, as shown by the books of the bank.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 3rd day of December, 1912
JAMES G. DALGLEISH, Notary Public.
My commission expires July 9. 1916. '«•
Correct Attest:
The Detroit United Bank
Strictly a Savings Bank
Made on improved real estate or to
build, on terms attractive to the
paid on deposits from the day of deposit to the date of with
Bend for booklet BANKING BV MAIL.
Address all correspondence to The Detroit United Bank.
206 Griswold St. ( Detroit* Mich.
Seeking Undoubted Security and a Fair Rate of In
terest Are Invited to Investigate the Facilities of
Cor. Qratlot and Riopelle Sta. 102 Washington Ave. (Arcads)
Cor. Michigan and Junction Avaa. Cor. Woodw’d and Piquatte Avea.
Cor. Ruasall St. and Lyman Placa Cor. Garfield Ave. and Ruaacll St
2200 Jeffaraon Ava. W. (Delray) Cor. Baker and 23rd Bta.
Onion <M Company
Certificates of Deposit
on automatic renewal forms provide fop
the remittance of interest each six months
in the same manner that dividends are
paid on registered bonds or stocks. If de*
sired, certificates may be issued in joint
names payable to either person or survivor*
Write for booklet.
“A Safe Four Per Cent Investment”
Your Co-Operation With THE TIMES in
Behalf of Clean Journalism Is An
Alliance for the Public Good.

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