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t T Vi i jay rr*
Jowyfc Khoodla, thr "I’rumUrd I *■••”
ploarfr, aid kli wife and grand
Prosperity and Health in Back
to-Soil Movement for
City Toilers
Sweatshop Is Deserted for the
Land and Riches Long
And the Ixrd said, I have
surely seen the aftlictiou of my
people whicn are In Egypt. and
have heard their cry by reasou
of their taskmasters; for 1
know their sorrows;
And 1 am come down to de
liver them out of the hand of
the Egyptians, and to bring
them up out of that land unto
a good land and large, unto n
land flowing with milk and
honey.—Exodus iii: 7-8.
CINCINNATI, 0.. Pec. 10.—’The
Promised Land is a short Way from
Nipe Mile, 0.. which is close to Ame
lia, in Clermount county.
The inhabitants thereof came from
Russia to America. They found work
In sweatshops and homes In Clnclu*
natl tenements. Their children sick*
ened. Their playground wfls in the
dark rooms, on the crowded sidewalks
and on the fire escape landings. Eggs
were 50 cents a dozen and kosher
beef 18 cents a pound.
“No,” said they one to another,
“this cannot* b* rtw> Promised Land.
In Russia, at least, we had fleshpots,
and the air was free."
And they turned their faces to the
east, and Joseph Khoodln, a tailor,
was sent forth as a messenger to
search out the land, even as the wan
dering Israelites sent, forth to spy out
tha laud of Canaan 340** years ago.
and to report upon whether the land
was fat or lean, and whether there
Was wood therein.
And Khoodln, who is of the tribe or
Levi, searched througn Clermont
county, and he brought back word
that surely it must be the Promised
Land, for It floweth with milk and
And thither they Journeyed from
their sweatshops and their tenements.
Cracked and Swollen. Could Not
Sleep. For 2 Years Nobody Could
Cure His Eczema. CuticuraSoap
and Ointment Completely Cured.
•05 Low*ll Place. Chicago, 111 "Tbs
trouble began by my hands burning and
Itching and I rubbed and arratcbed them
till one clay I saw Utile rod
soree coining out. My
hands were disfigured and
swollen, and troubled me
■o that I could not sleep.
They were cracked aad
when the small sores broke
a white matter would come
out. I could not do any
hard work; if I did the sores
It e* e VjS
U h •» a
would come out Worse.
"For two yeare nobody could cure my
Weras. until one day 1 thought I would try
the CuUcurS Soap and Ointment. I used
warm water with the CuUrura Soap and
after tha* I put the Cuttcura Ointment on
my hands twice s day for about five or six
tnohths when 1 was completely cured."
(Signed) Sam Mamie, Nor. M. lull.
Not only are CuticuraSoap and Ointment
moat valuable In the treatment of ecxemaa
and other distressing eruptions of skin and
scalp, but no other emollients do so much
tar pimples, hlsrkhands, red. rough skins.
Itching, scaly aralps. dandruff, dry, thin aad
falling hair, chapped .hands. a«wt shapeless
nails, ear do It so anatomically. A single
cake of ('urtcura heap (She.) aad box of
Cat care ointment (Me.) are often sufficient
when all dh has failed, hold throughout
tha wertd. Liberal sample of each mailed
Iran, with It-p Skis Book. Addrsss past
ear* "Cntfiensa, Dept. T. Boston ’
w t end.*- faced men should use Cuticura
Quickly revived la (rrah air, after lit Ins la dark rotua of Claela
aafl Irormrali.
and although they have sweated and
toiled twice as much as in thi**».veat
shops. they have twice as muen
health, and the work of their hands
has prospered and their barns are
full and their eggs cost them nothing
and they produce their own beef at
eight cents a pound, and the play
ground of their children is bounded
only by the horizon.
Joseph Ehoodin, the pioneer of the
back-to-the-eoil wanderers, began five
years ago with 10 acres that were
mortgaged and now has IVo jgires
that a r e uniiiortgaged.
As far as the vision can reach from
the front doorstep of Joseph Ehoodin
! lie the fat acres of the former sweat
shop workers —the pretssers. foe tail
ors. the bastera and the finishers who
fared lorth in search of the promised
land ufter they had discovered that
it did not lie iu Ceutrai-ave. tene
.Most of th£m nave started with
S2OO and .i mortgage, borrowing
money from the Jewish Agricultural
Aid society.
Their wives helped loyally in the
early rtrugglef Many of the men
continued to work in the sweatshops
jin the first months, while their wives
managed thd farms.
The other day there was announced
the Incorporation of the Ezf& Building
Sr Loan association. And that was
i the first oflcutl record of the success
of the sweatsnop men who became
It meant that they had gone into
the banking business.
And they gave a Biblical name to
their bunk. Tney called it the Ezra
Building ft loan association, after
the Prophet Ezra, who led the chil
dren of Israel back to Uro soil from
And now. that they have well es
j tabllshed themselves in the material
things, they are going to build a
I temple In the center of their posses
sions as a memorial to Him who led
them into toe Promised lAnd.
The Rev. H F. MrDermand. pastor
of the First Baptist church, Kalkaska.
Mich., has resigned to accept the pas
torate of the Jeffcrson-ave. Baptist
church. Detroit, succeeding the Rev.
Charles 9. Wolfe, who has gone to
Mr. MrDermand was in charge of
the Kalkaska church for eleven years. ‘
He is well known among the llantisis
of Michigan, having been engaged in
slate work for a time. He has been
president of thp Michigan State Sun
day School association, has served as i
educational teacher and Held worker 1
for the Baptist Young People’s society, 1
is a member of the home and foreign
mission board of lus denomination,
and has been u member of different
| committees In connection with state
I and national movements.
Dr. McDermand will assume charge
of his local duties about the first of
! the coming year.
Schedules of property were filed by
E. O. Wftsey, In the United States
court, Monday afternoon, for the
. Grabowsky Power Wagon Cos. t agaiust
which Involuntary bankruptcy pro
ceedings have he*-n commenced. The
assets were listed at s7Mbit7*?. and the
liabilities at $388,578. The assets In
clude real estate amounting to $168.-
4-012; cash on hand, 117.324; bills,
notes, etc.. $*.3,851*; machinery and
tools, $108,273: patents. slsh,ouo jair-
I sons) property. sl22,f>**7; open nr*
founts, $126,011; insurance, sl.ouo.
ind claims S2BB. The liabilities in
j elude taiee, $5,482; wages. $792; »«n
--nemp'd claims, $338,586; notes and
bills, $43,706.
R. P. Sanf.ii.i. a student in Ithaca,
iN. Y., claim* his food supply costs
ihtm only 85 cents g weak. i
People of New England Stales
Want Congrean to Inves
tigate Deal
WASHINGTON, Dec. 10.—Congres
sional probe of the Grand Trunk-New
Haven traffic agreement, now being
investigated by a New York grand
Jury, was demanded of the house rule*
committee today, by witnesses from
all the New England states.
In support of Rep. O'Shaugbnessy s
resolution, to have appointed an in
vestigating committee of seven, wit
nesses told of the &!leg»*d agreement
between President Mellen of the New
llaveu, and President Chamberlain, of
the Grand Trunk, through which, they
charged, work on the Grand Truuk»
New England branch was stopped
overnight, irreparable damage done
JrW iv I
“In the commission idea, the head
of a department is responsible for his
acts, and there Is no chance for him to
shift the reponslbility to another,"
said John Z. White, speaking before
the civic club of St. Paula cathedral,
Monday night.
“Such a government !g less dumber
some and gives opportunity to get
something done. Suppose a ship in
a storm at sea were under the con
trol of one of our city councils, with
Us whole string of committees, do you
suppose that it would ever get Into
Mr. White believes that the initia
tive, referendum and recall are neces
sary checks upon the commissioner to
make them responsible to the people.
“The necessity for these wa* appar
ent," he asserted, “when the Houston,
lex., commission became tyrannical,
and so they have been introduced by
the cities which have since taken up
this form of government, in Des
Moines, la.; Spokane, Wash.; Grand
Junction, Col., and leaven worth,
Mentioning the Leavenworth case in
conversation Mondav. Mr. White re
marked. “That was one of the worst
governed cities of Kansas, now It is
one of the beat; not any great change
of human nature, you understand, or
a visitation of the angels, but merely
the introduction of a system that
makes good government possible."
* _ .
BOSTON. Mans.. Dec. 10.—There was
a near-panic at the North atution atop
the elevated, at the rush hour to
day, when a<»me one dropped a smoul
dering cigarette on the new station,
and the wind fanned it into flames.
Two trains, parked with pusst-ngera
were waahed through the blinding
smoke, and flames. Following trains
were held up for IS minutes rntil the
Are was controlled. A score of women
In the trains, which ran through the
flr.i, fainted.
No matter what ails your child, a
gentle. thorough laxative physic
should always be the first treatment
If your child isn’t feeling well;
resting nicely; eating regularly and
acting naturally it In a sure sign that
[lt’s little stomach, liver and 80 feet
of bowels ure filled with foul, con
stipated waste matter and need a
gentle, thorough cleansing at once.
When cross. Irritable, feverish,
stomach tour, breath bad or your lit
•n* has stomach-ache diarrhoea
sore throat, full of cold, tongue coat
ed: give a teaspoonful of Hyrup of
Figs and In a few hours all the clog
ged up waste, undigested food and
sour bile will gently move on and
out of its little bowels without nau
sea. griping or weakness, and you
will surely have a well, happy and
smiling chiid again shortly.
With Syrup of Figs you are not
drugging your children. Being com
posed entirely of luscious figs, senn«
and aromatics it cannot be harmful;
besides, they dearly love Its delicious
fie taste.
| Mothers should always keep Syrup
of K at* bandy. It Is the only stomach
liver and bowel cleanser and reguta
tor needed a little given today will
save i vi k < hii.i tomorrow
Full directions for children of all
ages and for grown ups plainly print-
Jed on the package.
Ask your druggists for the full
uat:i»*. “Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna.” prepared by the Callfornl*
Fig Syrup Cos. This Is the riellelom
tasting, genuine old reliable. Refuse
Janythiug else offered. —Advt.
aud freight rates left in control of the
New llaveu mud.
Among today’s witnesses were the
mayors of Providence, Woonsocket
and Pawtucket, K. 1.; Lynn H. Mli»*.
representing Gov. Baldwin, of Corn
necticut, and Vice-President Butler, of
the New Haven road. The latter ap
peared in the interests of his cor
It a special committee of seven Is
appointed, it was slated as probable
today that President Mellen of the
New Haven road would appear before
hearings in Boston or Providence.
-10,000 TRANMEN
Freight Traffic In Tied Fp
and Pu&senger Service
LONDON, Dec. 10.—All of the rail
way men in Sunderland, York ami
Leeds today walked out, in sympathy
with the 3,000 strikers on the North
eastern railway, swelling the total of
those out to more thaa 10,000.
The labor trouble has practically
tied up freight traffic, and seriously
hampered passenger ti importation on
the roads afTected. and business of ah
kinds is at a standstill.
The collerieg and iron foundries of
the territory Involved in the strike to
day, were preparing to* close down in
definitely, unless the disagreement
was settled.
The strike is ostensibly for per
sonal liberty. Engineer Knox, of the
Northeastern, was reduced lu rank, be
cause he was drunk. His fellows in
sisted he had a right to get drunk, so
long us he attended to his work. The
railway officials refused to reinstate
Knox, and the men struck.
Home Secretary McKenna, today re
ceived an appeal from the reduced
englneman, Knox, iu which he de
clared that the charge that he was
drunk, was not supported by evidence.
F. R. Gaby, chief engineer of the On
tario government’s hydro-electric com
mission. appeared before the Windsor
city council and Board of Trade, in a
joint' meeting. Monday nlsht. and
stated that Niagara power could now
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It had not yet been the custom of tbe
commission to penalise any city for
falllUß behind In Its consumption, Mr.
Gaby said.
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sor would have to be used by the
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leu territory; that It seemed sa
though there was no chance to pass It
on to Detroit, because of the influ
ences brought to bear to keep it out
of that city.
No defluite action wag taken iu the
meeting, but It le expected that tiie
transmission lines will be built aa far
as Wludaor within a year or so. Tho
wires are now no farther west then
St. Thomas, about 110 miles east Os
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Chatterbox for 1912. 91.
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