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Wt . ai^aKaVine'
It was the home of some very small
P«opl«. This much Snow White
oould »eA at a glance for everything;
stools, table, beds, plates, cups and
Iw*2lbs»r -'ias’>TKi test»! ' oQ ...» ■. , *.-«■* +.«*. ■:%>
saucers were all tiny In size. Hut
they were as clean and pretty a.-, u
picture. In the center of the lloor
was a little, low table set for a meal.
There were seven little plates, seven
knives and forks and seven drinking
cups. Close to the wall there were
seven little beds, each covered with
a spotless quilt. These appealed to
poor Snow’-Whlte. for she was so
tired. So she decided to eat a Utile
porridge and drink a little out of
each small cup of wine and then go
to bed. The first little bed was too
long, the next was too short. Some
thing was wrong about the no\< It
‘was not till she tried the seventh that
Rhe found one which was really com
fortlhle. Then she cuddled down and
went off to dreamland.
As soon as It was quite dark the
owners of the little house came
trooping home. And what do you
think? Why, they were seven little
dwarfs. Hut they were good dwarfs.
When the candles were lighted they
noticed, right away, that someone
had been in the house.
From the disordered table they
turned to the rumpled beds, crying
altogether In shrill little voices:
“Who’s been lying on my bed’’’
But the seventh saw who was
“Attain a Boyish Contour ”
' Jy Hfl
t‘j '3?™ m mm
ji '
( TWWjj )ggf
Til# birds #r# singing In the tress;
Th#y'r# happy as tns day la long.
If w# could gat onr food frr* w#
Would also way bio worry son*.
0 4A
lying on hi bed and he called all the
oth«*r little d*art's to see beautiful
sleeping Snow-White. For it xureH
was she.
"Oh. oh, oh"’ cried the little
dwarfs. In soft whispers. “Is-n't she
beautiful? We won’t ’• ake her."
They all went to their own little
beds, the seventh dwarf taking turns
sleeping with each of the others an
hour apiece during the night. The
next morning when Snow-White
awoke the little dwarfs gathered
around her bed while she told them
her story. After they had heard about
her cruel stepmother anti the long,
lonesome days she spent In the wild
woods the masters of the house de
cided to let her stay with them.
•‘lf you will take care of our
house, wash mend, clean and keep
things all In good order you may s*av
here." said the dwarfs. Snow-White
thought she would like this plan very
much and she agreed to stay.
Fach morning the little masters
went to die for gold In the hills and
each night thev came home to Snow-
White. Fverv day before they left
they warned the ll*‘le girl not to let
Now that the women are going cor
setless or at least are striving to
make themselves appear uncorscted,
you can almost tell the character of
a woman by her hips. There is the
plr’ who has "waggly” hips. You
know the kind. They look ns though
they were going to be put out of
Joint every step she takes. I always
put this kind of a girl down as having
an unbounded desire for the admira- ;
tlon of the other sex and little intel
lectual caliber.
Then there is the girl who looks
"slip-shodded ’ around the hips. Her 1
dress never quite fits over them. It is
higher or lower than it should he In j
the front or hack. This girl is lazy. ,
Then you have the girl who early be
gins to take up a settled look Rhotit
the hips, she has lost many of her j
Illusions and enthusiasm and will l»e
the girl who will show age early. If
she Is fleshy she will si>on haie what
Is railed the "middle-aged spread," i
and even If she is thin her abdomen
will he higher and more noticeable
than her hips.
There Is very little need of a girl
wearing corsets unless she carries too
much flesh. If the ordinary girl will
be careful of her diet and keep herself
to the right proportion physically and
If Bhe will stand properly, walking on
the halls of her feet, she need not
worry about the line of her hips; this
line will be perfectly natural, free and
It Is quite the fashion nowadays to
have this line of almost boyish con
tour. The modern idea of Venus is *<
much more girlish figure than that of
the famous dc Milo, and It Is very
hard for the matron to attain these
You know the French say that
beauty Is only attained through great
pain. We of the modern beauty cult I
do not believe In this. We think that i
beauty means health—-both mental,
and physical health-and I am glad,
to say that health Is not painful. Rut i
we do know tint health means sacri-i
flee of a great many of the so-called !
pleasures of life
The woman who would retain a!
youthful figure late In life must take
a grea f deal of exercise even when *
she wishes to keep Mill. She must
not nllow herself to get Into any habit
of Indolence. She must eat plain food
and never gorge herself with food or
drink simply because she likes them,
and. above all. she must k»*»p herself
physically buoyant by choosing the
THE DETROIT TIMES ' max l » i3.
anyone In. because they were sure
the cruel queen would soon find out
she was there and try to harm her in
some way. 1 Snow-White promised to
be careful.
But one day what do you suppose
<r —
TTislmi/i. vifS
visis}*. ‘/JV
Iff one SP-fibe' /AT
O Arts "3^
, pjJlerihysiSpr
Friday, May 2nd. BTORE NEWB 222-228 Woodward Ave.
* wl-s VaV imtsi/ v
& 8t
hi £
If We Supply Your Hat.
It will please you and cost you much less than if you bought
it downtown.
J. E ROCHO, 349 Chene^Streetj
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Donaldson, of
j Detroit, are guests In the Hotel Wol
cott, in New York.
j Detroit Teachers’ association will
give a concert and dance, Friday eve
ning, In Central high school.
The engagement Is announced of
Miss Elizabeth U>omls, daughter of
Mrs. John M. Dyar, to Joseph Dil
worth, of Pittsburgh.
I The University of Michigan Qlee
! and Mandolin clubs wUI give a con*
jeert Friday evening. In Columbug hall,
i under the auspices of Michigan
alumni. Dancing will follow.
Members of Detroit Institute
of Science will spend Saturday after
noon. In the woods and fields uear
the Fight-Mile road, the outing being
the first of the season.
Mrs. John Avery and Miss Eliza*
beth Avery have opened their sum*
mcr home. In Oxford, Mich. Miss
Florence Avery, who Is making a trip
around the world and is now traveling
In Japan, will return to Detroit the
end of June.
The annual May day children’s par
ty of Detroit lodge. No. 34. B. P. O. E ,
will be held. May 23. Besides the
children of Flka. the party will In
clude children from the various
orphan asylums and homes of the
An exhibition of pictures by Gart
Melchers. the world famous Detroit
artist, is hanging In the galleries of
the Detroit Photographic company.
The subjects a new side to Mr
Melchers’ art atul versatility.
Mrs Frnnk W.~Sluhbar<? entertain
ed at luncheon. Wednesday. In her
| home. Id Groase Polnte Shores. In
: honor of her mother. Mrs. Frederick
St. John Lockwood, of Norwalk,
A concert free to the public, will
he given, Friday evening, In Central
Methodist church, by members of the
Detroit Conservatory of Mui c faculty,
under the auspices of the Epworth
Miss Lucy Hlnchcllffe, Is In St.
Louis, where she will sing at the
opening of the Jefferson Memorial
bulkling In Forest pafk, the dedica
tion ceremonies to take place, Satur
Clarence W. Hubbell, formerly of
Detroit, chief engineer of the bureau
of public works In Manila. Philippine
islands, will give a talk on his work,
in Manila. Friday evening, before De
troit Engineering society, In tho
rooms of the Employers’ association,
in the Stevens building.
The ladies of the tenth division of
the First Congregational church were
the guests at an afternoon reception,
Thursday, of which the host««ses
were Mrs. John S. Moffatt and Mrs.
F. I* Bird. The reception was held
In Mrs. Moffatt’s home, No. 31 Peter
® —
l£ the annual meeting of Michigan
conimandery. Txvval legion, held
Thursday. In G. A. H. hall, the fol
lowing officers were elected: Com
mander. Julian B. Dickinson; senior
vice-commander, George E. Newell,
Flint; Junior vice-commander, Gen
eral Charlea C. Coolidge; recorder, F.
W. Swift; registrar. C. L. Williams;
Special Saturday
Offering in Dainty
► Dress Patterns
1 These patterns consist of everything
! to complete the gown, and range in
f price at
$ 8.00 SIO.OO
$12.50 $15.00
and up to $40.00
a pattern.
May Sale of
You know the quality and the selection
we offer in embroideries.
Brides, Graduates, Summer Girls and
every feminine member of the household
will find it to their advantage to come to
this great May Bargain Sale of Embroid
Regular 19c quality for 10c
Regular 60c quality for 25c
Regular SI.OO quality for 50c
Regular $1.25 quality for 750
These ar# a few of th# special price#
chancellor, C. Frederic Hegenaan;
treasurer, llenry Dufflelil, uml chap
lain, William l'utuaui. The annual
banquet wa» held at tl o'clock, with
Prof, K. W. Dow, of the University or
.Michigan; Kirkland It Alexander,
I Habbi Leo M. Franklin atul Etiggr A.
| ۥ ueMt. u s apeakera. Musical numbers
were given by the Tuxeilo male quar
[tet and Mlhh Ethel Miller Peach
I ijiy—
I ‘'iicir of the I'irat Presbyterian
I church will give a concert, Friday
j evening, In th** church The program
will be presented by Mrs Hoy I.it lie
field, soprano; Mrs. Knima Iteyer
Lewis. < ontralto; Harold Jarvis
j tenor; Samuel Slade, bussp; t,hris
jtlan Henrich. organist; assisted by
Mrs. Helen Wyrlck Shafer, reader. ‘
- (*V . -
Under the auspices of the Young
People s union of the First Unitarian
church, a dramatic and musical pro
gram will be given, Friday evening,
in the church parlors The princlpai
number will be the one act English
comedy “The Dumb Fake,” urted by
Miss Bessie W. Springer, Miss lads
Englis and Henry Inglis. Others to
entertain will be Guy Brewster t'adv
George C. Bowles, V. If Block and
Mrs. Elizabeth Day Head.
The marriage cf Mrs. Man- r
Moore to K*rank A Kinney w;i q' t.-t
ly celebrated, Wednesday evenin ~v
the Rev. Francis ,T. Vn- \nt \
Miss Elizabeth Crotty ter < f ■ ...
bride, and Alfred K. Wilson vein t're
attendants. Mr. and Mrs. Kinney will
make their home at No. 37 Chandler
An Illustrated lecture on “Constan
tinople,” by Director A. Jf. Griffith,
of the Museum of Art, in the West
minster Presbyterian church, Friday
evening, May 9. will be one of the
features of an excellent program of
music and literary numbers, to be
given for the benefit of the Homo of
the Friendless.
In the polar regions there is one tn
habitant to every ten square miles
RuMlnesM-llke Printing. No fuss and
no feathers. The plain n*-et kind th.t
looks right. Times Printing Cos., 1
John R.-st. Phone Main 14;>«.
m RATES REDUCED—Phone M-3462 for Messenger
I MCUIfTHM lUMIQ K * fab ' u,hM ,MT * Freezing Rooms on Premise*
1 nCW lUli A Nmu 239 Woodward Personal Supervision
This Brass Bed Outfit $lO Cfi
Including Cotton-Felt Mattress I
Two-Inch Post Brass Bed
All Metal Spring —
Terms—sl.so Cash
Bbb#bb^^^_|b SI.OO Monthly
m I JKxJI KJ/mfn V/HH UilHm 1H H
You Save Exactly $11.50
By adding the* actual valuation of tho pieces together we tret the sum of S3O 00, subtracting
$18.50 from this amount leaves $11.50, of your saving if you take advantage of this
offer, and every dollar of this saving is real. Thore is no compromise, no
“ifs.” “ands” or “huts,” it is as though coal was reduced in tho same
proportion; and couple this saving with the terms, $2.00 Cash
and $2.00 Monthly, and the Raving is Still More
The Bed
It Is exactly like the illustra
tion. made of two-inch genuine
brass posts with heavy center
plllarH and has large husks
‘ aurffioUfttinir'Tinr pnirr. Ttny
laquerlng is the best obtaina
ble. ami is impervious to th*
effect of soap, acids, etc. It
can bo had it*,either bright pol
ished brass or dull satin finish.
The regular \aluation of thin
bed is sl'*.t)o.
The Mattress
Comfort is insured on this
cotton-felti l mattress, and tho
splendid grade of ticking in
which thiw mattress is encased
sssures its (itirabillty. Hear in
mind that this Is not a make
shift mattress, u combinat on
of by products, etc., but an all
cotton felted mattress. « very
part of it, and is valued at
Low Shoe Bargains '
We made a special purchase of a larje lot xA’ ’flu*
blimps Oxfords and Strap Slippers from the Thos. G.
PlAnt Cos., Boston, makers of tne famous Queen Quality
shoe for women. Every pair of this lot was mad* -to«
bring $3 to $4. We now olfer you the advantage of tbh .
buy and give you your choice of the jCC I
entire lot at. ..
Colonial Pumps
I nJ'N. In P re tty tan calf, some gun metal
l styles, patent Oxfords and soft dull
Oxfords with light and me-
X. N. dium soles; regular $3 and
\ rV V *3.50 grades. Most all sizes
\\ and P r * ce d at—
Two Strap
/ Fine two-strap dull leath
( rr and patent leather Slip-
V pers; regular $3 grades;
all sizes; also choice of
several hundred fine
\ X sample Low Shoes;
V I \ regular *3.50 to $4.50
\ grades; sizes 3 to 4 y»\
\ the pair, only—
Xj $ 2.45
Famous Shoes
215 Woodward
The Spring
It is. as shown In the picture,
t f all metal construction, heavy
wired woven center, supported
with coils ami reinforcing
hands, warranted not to sag
under the heaviest strain, or
will not sink to common center.
This spring has never sold sep
arately for less titan $5.00. and
even at this price Is a splen
did value.

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