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FHIII \ V AM) 1 lUKim F % IK,
Ti ui:» moi»a:u m; uimiv
) —I II !■»- >
Quick Action by Jackson Cor
poral Saves Lives of Scores of
Comrades—Grasps Light
ed Fuse
Presence of Large Quantities of
Explosives Cause of Much
Anxiety—Outrage Feared
CALUMET, Mich., Aug. 1. —Quick
n < 'he part of Corporal Floyd
— >»-i, ompauy L, Jackson, saved
ills lift* am! those of a score of <>om
ades, las. night, when Jos» ph Mahil
chioh, a gigantic Austrian striker, un
der wrest lot rioting, attempted to
explode three icks of dynamite in
he compan> H guard tent.
Mahilciilch was one ol three men ar
rested on the eir-rge 01 u.tsuultin* a
eihlft bos* aud confined In the guard
;eut awaitiug disposition of their
'•;u*es. He asked permission to smoke,
-nd when It was granted whipped the
dynamite, ready capped and fused,
com his pocket and applied a match,
t orporal Belcher grabbed the lighted
lose, extinguishing the Haines, and
rappled with the Austrian, who, in
pile of the fact that he was in Immi
nent danger of belug blown to atoms.
>ut up a desperate battle. Other
uards came to Belcher’s aid, but did
not dare to act tor fear of the deadly
explosive which the miner held clutch
din bis baud BeU her at last stu
< ceded in getting a grip on the fei
ow's throat, ‘strangling him until he
eleased the dynamite.
He was removed to the county jail
at Houghton under heavy military
Simultaneously with the attempt 10
dynamite Company U the theft of r.
urge quantity of dynamite from one
of the powder magazines near Hough
ton was reported to the military
.4uthorities. Just how much is miss*
i:ig officers refuse to state, but it h
dmitted that the amount is oousicl
*.rable. AJI dynamite and giant pow
t.er in the district is being seized as
rapidly i*J| possible, but there are
lurge quantities of the explosive it*
he possession of miners who worked
on a contract basis and provided tlielr
own dynamite.
The entrance of dynamite as a fac
tor in the situation adds more diftl
ulty to (lie task of protecting the fam
ilies of non-union miners. Owing to
l ie wide extent of tne strike district
it in Impossible to properly patrol res
idence sections, und gangs of idle
men, most of whom are foreigners,
are going from house to house, terror
izing women and children. Horrible
hreats have been made against some
of the women unless their hu bands
( ease working, the foreign el« ment x*
creising fiendish ingenuity In depict
ing the most revolting tortures for
tiieir intimidation. Asa result many
of the women are hysterical. So s*.
lions has the situation become th.-t
(Jen. Abbey is contemplating the es
, iblishment of concentration camps,
where the wive* and children of non
union nun can live under military
guard. Individual protection Is im
possible because of the widely s at
tersd homee of the miners.
Union officials deny that they have
• noouraged rioting, and say that tin*lr
organization cannot h<* held r» spon
sible for the acts of individual lino' 1
luma. They protested. however,
against the arrest of Mahllchich. on
the ground that the troops acted with
out reoueet from the civil authorities.
V plan to get a writ of habeas corpus
was abandoned, bemuse the union oih
ciala wear that martial law will be
declared th' moment thev attempt to
use the civil court.- as an obstacle to
the work of the militia.
Another fracas o< curved w hen I n
der Sheriff Heikella, of Houghton, ac
companied by a d'Mil of Port Huron
troops under command of 1 ieut. .1 A.
Course, entered a Hungarian boarding
house to arrest Lewis B odder, charg
<*d with being one of u gang whirl*
brutally attacked Gus Olsen, a mine
Sodder was found hiding In a cup
board and tired h revolver shot at the
officers the moment the door was open
ed. Several men grappled with him
and took away his weapon, while the
women o' the house threw hot water
and cans of red pepper rn the attempt
10 aid Bodder Outside, a mob of 2ho
attempted to r<‘ e ‘ ur the prisoner, and
'■niv th<- if" r'o(| bivonets of the sol
diers kept them ba< k.
Order*. va r issued, to all <cntrl s
• oday. to hoor to kill, o anv etipnipt
is made to break through the lines.
Till'. UKtlilKII.
F«r Ortrnli Mini \lflnil>t Frida? «’>•!
*ntarda? fair. •hillonr.r; tem
iirrMnrf! m»«!rrnlr llabi Mf«(f I)
r*t liO<wr Mlchlgnn: l-'ulr Fjrt'lio
rnd Mturitic
For INv* I pper I * )•<•<<.' I Imh) '<> dkhl
i-rdtt 'Unilx mul fair u«yMhrr Frl
•lav nlaM cad
For the l.onrr I nkfii i !.rhl l«» n-ml
••rnle w«st nrd fitir weather
.I'rldor aUlit Mud «nt«irdnr.
Oar >«*nr Hi>r Ihilt • M'uhcoi tem
iirratarr Tit limimj r•• mean, «‘lt
•rn pcoel plt til In w t ak'ea.
Tor aim "111 -«ef Hu’l n. m
and rlae nr*!"' at I''.’tl n. rn.
The miMtii will rUf> a*tnr«tn« at mm
a. ».
t’SF.n MOTuscvn •-« ».f p ats»ifl-»r»l
makes, sp* «l hrr.u'n* •** », i .s.
Ing tachb fui«t l«n«e* *1 * > >•. •« *• t>
• 'frr’a <*o«* *v nU.-r «, , • n
Orstlot. ClT»ep rVnul t' "* My
MOTOHnrl.i> K V. payment* Pope
Dayton. Y- le M«-lk»t und .Totvu*' r
12 models from $l5O to f.’Ti, from ’
10 J! P W»nrtere<~e’a Rig Store j;d
Oratlot Optn evening*.—Adv.
§ droif tnes
Great Scheme Proposed for Uncle Sam, Coal Miner and Consumer
to Be Partners In Alaska.
f I
& fl EB
Tills is a dollar’s worth of coal.
' What makes it coat u dollar?
There Is ♦»"» cents worth of labor in it.
There is it) cents worth of Interest aud rent, in it.
There is lf> cents worth of the use of machinery in it.
But this ouly makes $0 rents Sure. The other 10 cents is PROFIT.
What will Lucie Sam do with this protii? He proposes to give 5 cents
of It to the MAN WHO MINES THE COAL, in addition to his wages, aud
cents of it to tlie MAN WHO USES THE COAL, as a rebate.
Adjournment Taken Alter Pros
ecutor Shepherd Finishes De
fense of Jury Panel
Will Take Time Assigned to Col
league, If Later is Unable to
Ormond F. Hunt, counsel for Aid.
jGllnnan, who was expected to finish
tin* argument on the jury’ challenge,
was seriously ill again thlß morning,
und will not be able to come into court
again for several days. The indispo
sition was a recurrence of the attack
which caused his t» mporary withdraw
al several times before.
As soon as Prosecutor Shepherd fin
ished ills argument Janies McNamara
for the defense asked an adjournment
to Monday and it was granted. If
Mr. Hunt Is not able to return then
McNamara wiH clo e the argument
fo%the challengers.
In concluding his argument this
morning the prosecutor discussed the
exclusion of saloonkeepers from *the
jury’ lists. This was an entirely legal
exercise of discretion, said Shepherd,
and wns not arbitrary. The saloon
keepers and politicians were not ex
cluded out of prejudice against Glin
nati or any other defendant, but be
cause the commissioners thought they
would not be good lurors
He ln r roduc»id, also, several new
cases to p r ove that the exclusion of
citizens of the Eighteenth, Olinnan’s
home ward, was not an abuse of dis
SPRINGFIELD, 111., Aug. I—Wom
en cannot sit on juries in the state of
Illinois, according to an opinion by
Any.-Gen. Lticey. The opinion was
given out following a request for In
tormation from a Justice of peace of
Virginia. 111.
Exports of Belgian plate glass to
the United States decreased from
r>GB,l9» In 1911 to $223,80t in 1912.
NEW YORK —Demanding sanitary
workshop* anti a lf> per cent increa e
In wages. 2.60 b rag pickers have Med
up that •'industry” here
NEW YORK —Inhabitant! of Flush*
ins will have 3R..’>00.000 chances to
rat crnbs. The fisheries commisstmx
just liberated 11 femuli crabs carry
ing thu ? many *gg«. in Flushing creek.
TRENTON, N J Friends of Char
les S hroeder gave hitn 1100 to buy
c'>rk le>T§. Before ho had a chance
lo obtain thorn thieves made away
with the money.
bureau is to be opened on the Board
walk, It will be a place where bash
Bov of 15 Years Finally Suc
cumbs tg Burns Sustained at
I)ouble Funeral Held, When
Woman Sees Husband and
Brother Interred
CINCINNATI. 0.. Aug. I—With the
dead in tin motorcycle tragedy at the
Ludlow. Ky.. motordrome now* num
boring eight, physicians expected to
day two more victims would die.
The eighth victim is Herman Davis,
, 15, who died last night. He was
burned in the rain of fire that fell
! upon the spectators when the motor
eycle of Odin Johnson leaped over the
guard rail and the gasoline tank ex
■ ploded.
Little hope is held out for the re
covery of Michael Carney, of Lima,
Ohio, a delegate to the Moose con
vention. who also was burned. Sev
eral months ago Carney lost his right
arm in a railroad wreck. Mrs. Ma-
Hn da Buchtmau. whose daughter.
Ethel, was killed, Is also near death.
A double funeral took place this
morning from the home of Mrs. Jo
sephine Patterson. In one casket, lay
the body of her husband William; In
the other that of her brother, James
Carter. They died yesterday within
a few minutes of each other.
| J. H. Rush, Cleveland, manager of
the American League of Motorcycle
Racing, surrendered to the police to
d iy on th echarge of voluntary man*
j slaughter preferred against him.
Manager Eberhardt and A. R Wil
ber. assistant manager of the Lagoon
uark, similarly accused, surrendered
late yesterday. The men are to be
ararigned tomorrow.
The league officials will decide
whether motorcycle racing will con
;finite at the Lagoon. The races ached
-1 nled f«r Saturday night have been
j called ofr.
Missouri mines produced nearly 1.15-
000,000 worth of zinc and lead In 1912
| Horseshoes attached by bolts around
he hoo. have been patented In Fust
ful bachelors and eligible maiden*
may become acquainted.
B\G HARBOR. L. I.—''•Goodnight,'*
said one minute after nine it night
by any girl under 16, who is not In
her home, is n violation of anew
curfew law here.
SOT'TII\MPTf>N- Th® biggest liner
Imperafor, is on her way to New York
with over 700 first cabin passengers,
the latest list ever carried by a
AIX LES RAINS When Chauncey
M. fiopen tried to enter the villa lies
Figure*, his way was blocked until
somebody whispered excitedly that he
was "the second president of the
Cnitcd States"
FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 19 13.
President Wilson and Secretary
Bryan Consider Sending Peace
Envoys To Mexico if Order
is Not Restored
Evidence Proving Ambassador’s
Connection With Huerta May
Be Produced
WASHINGTON, Aug. 1. —Mexican
affairs furnished the topic for discus
sion at a conference between Presi
dent Wilson and Secretary of State
! Brvan today. They considered the
plan which the president has Tn te
serve should the negotiations now in
progress in Mexico City between lead
ing Mexicans, who are trying to
| frame a peace agreement, prove fu
tile. This plan, while details of It
|are withheld, contemplates sending to
Mexico a representative commission,
headed by a high official of the state
department, possibly John Bassett
Moore, the counselolr. to Investigate
conditions, and recommend a peaceful
The president and secretary of
state have I en informed that the
negotiations in Mexico City have al
ready progressed to such au extent
that the resignation of President
Huerta is imminent.
The administration has under con
sideration making public a sharp re
buke to certain elements in this coun
try who are carrying what the presi
dent lias termed to his callers a cam
paign of misrepresentation. Inspired
stories of imlmnent foreign interfer
ence in Mexico, the administration
evidence indicates, are put forth by
certain persons having big land min
ing interests in Mexico, who hope to
reap a golden harvest through Amer
ican Intervention. It Is positively
denied today, on the authority of the
president himself, that there has ever
been received here either en official
(or unofficial threat of European inter
ference if the United States does not
consent to intervene with its army
and navy to restore peace.
The president believes that the
better class of Mexicans are a unit
in desiring peace. He hopes that the
pressure from within is ho strong
that this result will soon be attained.
He is understood to have told cer
tain of his calelrs that inasmuch as
It Is now* positively known that he
will never recognize Huerta, Mexi
cans generally can be depended upon
to rally around anew leader.
Tht* attemnt to line up the senate
committee on foreign relations against
the president has failed. He has been
assured by Senator Bacon, its chair
man. that no action will he taken
without his consent. Bacon asked tHr*
president for evidence, in his hands,
which refutes the story told by Am
bassador Henry Lane Wilson, and it
will he presented to the committee at
Its next meeting. It consists of docu
mentary reports prepared by different
Individuals and it flatly contradicts
some of Wilson’s main statements.
It Is understood that It concerns the
alleged close relations between Huer
ta and the American ambasasdor. Un
til It has been thoroughly considered
there will be no action by the senate
committee on any of the resolutions
now before It which deal with Mexi
can affairs.
FOR $200,000
Attempt Will Be Made to Hold
Railroad esponsible For Fire
Loss at Perry
OWOSO. Mich., Aug. I. (Special)
-—The Grand Trunk Railroad Cos will
be made the defendants In a stilt for
$200,000 damages as the result of the
fire which destroyed the business sec
tion of Perry .IMch., a few weeks ago.
The fire is said to have started from
a spark from one of the company’s
engines, snd the various owners of
property that was destroyed will as-
Mgn their interests to one of their
number and bring suit. They have
engaged local attorneys who are pre
paring the case.
For Fine Tatlnrlnit «»e«- J. Fred .leu
r Ins* cor. Rroai|na> and John ft.—.Mv
LONDON—More thnn a quarter mil
lion London children were not vac
tinatod In the past year because their
parents “conaelentiously objected."
PITTSBURGH—One Chinaman In
Jail here entered America in a box
ear. via Canada, at a cost of $2,00n
Another crossed the Rio Grande j>n a
Mexican’s back for a quarter
CHICAGO- -Cook county real estate
and personal property -is worth $2,-
965.091.29*. according to assessment
figures, nltis that which escaped,
• ■ #
CHICAGO-Zm. M McMahon. Oak
Park hlar ksmlth, fumed his shop in
to n social center and held an Ice
His Grand Dad
Discovered Ireland
0 i
The 26-year-old Duke of Leinster,
will visit America soon, to look, it is
said, for a bride. He holds a large
assortment of perfectly good titles.
Members of Probe Committee
Still Peeved When Sessions
Are Resumed
Manufacturers Charge Former
Lobbyist With “Double-Cross
ing” Them
WASHINGTON. Au*. l.—Still ir
ritable after yesterday's free-for-all
arguments between committee mem
bers, counsel for the National Asso
ciate nos Manufacturers, and the wit
ness, the senate lobby investigating
committee today prepared again to i
lake up the cross-examination of Mar-1
tin M. Mulhall, from the list of ques- j
tlons prepared by the N. A. M.
There still remain 135 written ques-!
tlons to be asked Mulhall today and
tlie committee agreed to permit the |
counsel for tlie N. A. M. to Interpolate (
additional questions, where tlie wit-;
ness answers made this necessary. i
The questions submitted by the N.
A. M. were framed to discredit Mul j
hall's declartion that he paid money ;
to J. H. McMlchaels. former chief |
page of the house; Harry Neal and !
Harry Parker, janitors of the ways 1
and means committee, and Frank j
Feeney, a labor worker in Philadel-j
phia An effort will also be made to
prove that while Mulhall, after his
resignation front the N. A. M., was
writing protestations of friendship to
N. A. M. directors, he was secretly at
tacking them and endeavoring to* soli
or give away the letters and docu
ments in his possession.
Ex-President of Venezuela and
Followers Have Upper Hand
In Falcon
BOGOTA, Ang 1. —The revolution
started in Venezuela last Monday ap- j
parently is a genuine one, according i
to further reports coming here today
from Venezuelan sources.
If is noi doubted that the move wua
Instigated by adherents of General Ci
priani) C’aatro. ex-president. General
Carmelo Castro, h!h brother, is said
to be in command of the r**b*-ls In
Tacbira, and It has not been denied
that the former president is back in
Coro, in the state of Falcon. Is In'
the hands of the rebels, it |s said,!
and most of Its ofTi< luls are in prison,
wjth the exception of General Leon
Jurado, the governor, who escaped.
Tite total diamond production in the
Transvaal for 1912 amounted to 2.*
131.405 karats, valued at $11,616,232,
Increase over 1911 of 288,157 karats
representing an Increased value of
i cream aortal, with a lecturer ami mu
[ Medan a>* added attraction*
| CHICAGO Winnie Flatley. 31,
bounced a chair of the head of Lizzie
! Varley, who sang "At the Old Maid's
Ball,’* with meaning and interpreta
tive glances. The Judge Uncharged.
j MIIAVAI’KEK Milwaukee women
ma> wear bloomers, silt bathing
sklrtH. men* bathing Kiilth, or what
ever they Mk<* at the beaches so long
ah theV wear something, announced
'/Major luring /
l'B()RI.V 111. —Because aif Injury re
ceived In a fall caused hint to i<#'e
hi* fiancee. M Ollerv sued a transfer
1 ccmimm* for SIO,OOO. /
Important Step Taken by De
partment of Agriculture to
Guard Housewives
Move is Made to Further Sale of
“Remedies” Already Proven
Tune* Washington Bureau, Metropoli
tan Bank Building.
lishing 10,000 notices of Judgment un
der the Insecticide act of 1910, secur- !
ed against manufacturers of com
pounds sold to prevent moths in cloth
ing, carpets, furs and textiles, the de
partment of agriculture hopes to pro
tect housewives from buying such in
secticides sold under names which
will deceive them as to liieir contents
or with labels that promise results
that the compound does not give. In
this way also It hopes to deter other
manufacturers from shipping In inter
state commerce similar products false
ly labeled or brundeU tO ingredt
ents, efficacy, and contents of the
The decisions published were ob
tained in three cases under the in
weeticide set of 1910 brought against
the Lewy Chemical company, in New
York, N. Y., which pleaded guilty in
each case.
The first case was brought on tlie
ground that an article shipped into
interstate commerce ami designated
as ’ Extra Refined Camphorated Flake
Compound—Destroys Moths and In
sects,'' was misbranded because the
substance did not contain camphor
out naphthalene, and would not de
stroy moths and insects as promised
when used in accordance with tite
printed Instructions. The court iin- j
posed a fine of $25.
The second case was based on 1
the adulteration and misbranding of a
product shipped in interstate com
merce us "Cedar of Lebanon and Cam
phor for the Prevention of Moths.”
Analysis by the department of agri
culture established that this sub
stance did not contain camphor but
consisted wholly of chips of cedar and j
that these chips wore common red
cedar and not true "Cedar of Leb
anon " [n litis case the court suspon
ed sentence.
»The fhlrd case was based on the
misbranding of an article, shipped in
interstate commerce, known as ' Ex
tra Refined Chinese Tu Na Camphor
Compound.” Analysis showed that this
preparation was neither camphor nor
camphor compound but consisted of
naphthalene. Moreover tin* package
contained less than the one pound
staled on the container, and the arti
cle was not maufactured or produc
ed in China. In this ease also the de
fendant pleaded guilty and the court
suspended sentence.
The importance of securing convic
tion in such oases is that it enables
the government to publish widely to
the people a notice that convicted
manufacturers have been misbranding
or adulterating their products. More
over if any manufacturer, after being
convicted. Is guilty of a subsequent of
fense the law provides that he "shall
be fined, not to exceed $;!()o or sen
tenced to Imprisonment for not to
exceed one year, or both such fine and
imprisonment. In the discretion of the
NEW YORK. Aug. 1 —The slock
market opened quiet and higher.
Robbed While on Car.
MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. I- Lldor Get
tleson .of Chicago, reported to the
police late yesterday, that he had been
robbed of diamond rings and other
Jewels valued at s2.fioo while riding
on a street car.
For Old and Young
You older people will please read the
Contest Talk on the inside and learn
how you can assist worthy young
hustlers for prizes.
/ You rCad it. too. boys and girls.
Five Sallies Fail to C apture Gus
tave Kehan in Home, But
He’s Finally Taken By
Man Becomes Suddenly
Terrifying Neighbors by Fir*
ing From Windows
Firing alternate volleys from a Win
chester rifle and a big revolver, aud
throwing the neighborhood; into a
panic, Gustave Kehan, who became
violently ihsane, Thursday night,
made a fuedal fortress out of his home
at No 43 Yernor-at., and held the fort
all uight against repeated sallies by
the police, who attacked, singly and
in squads, five different times during
the night, finally capturing the maniac,
at 5; 30 o’clock. Friday morning, by
strategy, without the firing of a shot.
Terrified neighbors first notified the
police shortly after midnight, that
Kehan was ring volleys from the win
dows of his home, apparently labor
ing under the hallucination that he
was attacked by skulking enemies,
motorcycle Officer Dan O’Connell, of
Vine wood station, was sent to the
scene, but a hasty survey of the sit
uation convinced him that any at
tempt to nal) the crazy man would
be suicidal His superior officers
agreed with his diagnosis, and it was
planned to try a sort of demonstration
in force, with the hope of scaring or
(on ing Kehan into submission.
Tin- living squadron wag rushed to
tin- barricaded house, where Kehan
sat t a window, clutching the revolv
er, and with the rifle across his knees,
keeping a sharp lookout, and incident
ally watching carefully against any
attack from the n-ar.
Another squad of men from police
head quarters was sent out at 3
o'clock. In command of Ueut. Sulli
van. and they tried various methods
of dislodging the man, agreeiug.
though, that it w’otild be foolhardiness
to rush him, and that such tactics
would result in unnecessary blood
Lieut. Sullivan sneaked into the
house, thinking to take Kehan by
stealth, but when he (lashed his elec
tric lamp on the stairway, prepara
tory to ascending, the light fell full
upon Kehan, standing at the head of
ihe stairs, with rifle levelled. Sulli
van heat a hasty retreat, but the offi
cers kept the house surrounded to
prevent tin* maniac’s escape.
At 3:3b o’clock, another attempt
to rush Kehan, brought a volley of
shots, und a retreat by the police.
At 5:.30 o’clock. Patrolmen Barron.
Sr hold and Grogttski, of Vlnewood
station, resorted to strategy, and were
successful. Barron, watching the man
for the slightest movement, talked
with Kehan, us he sat in an upper
window, with the rifle across nts
He kept up a running conversation
wiih the insane man. while Schnetd
and Grogltsky stealthily entered the
rear of the house, In their stocking
feet, and crept up behind Kehan, who
was absorbed In his chat with Bar
(roallanH na I'agr Tea)
Apparent Miracle Saves Pas
sengers When Train Leaps
Track on Bridge
M UNTIE, Ind.. Aug. 1. — Derailed, go
ing ho miles an hour, in the middle of
a bridge across Bell creek, n miracle
saved Big Four passenger train No 2t*
from figuring in a serious wreck,
shortly after midnight. Not a pu**en
ger or trainman was Injured. Four
crowded Pullmans lei* the nack. Two
>*teel rails were driven through tto
floor of one Pullman, but did no other
C’OLUMBUS. 0., Aug L—lt was re
ported here today that Rodney J.
Diegle. former sergeant-at-arms of the
Ohio senate. In the penitentiary for
bribery, mav be pardoned on Aug 10.
the day when former Senator L. R.
Andrews’ term expires Andrews was
also convicted of bribery.

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