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All the News-
Honest Opinions
Big Fellow Merits Appreciation
of Fans All Over the
Unlike Other “Stars,’* He Has
Managed to Keep His Head
Clear of Silly Notions
A fiue tribute was paid to Ualiei
Johnson, the idol of the Washington
team, when close to 20.0UU people, in
eluding President Wilson, turned out
Saturday, which was Waiter Johnson
day at the park. It *** largest
crowd that has ever taxed the capac
ity of the big ball park Prior to the
game elaborate ceremonies were he. .
which culminated in the presentation
of a silver loving cup tilled to the
brim with money I’otnmlssioner
Newman, of the District of Colum
bia, made the presentation speech.
The celebration, which marked the
seventh anniversary of Johnson s as
sociation with the local club, touched
the heart of the big Swede His only
responses to the speeches and übeets
was a broad smile.
After having money and honors
showered upon him, the hero ol tin
day went to the mound and won a
3 to 2 victory over the Detroit team.
He was hit a little more often than
usual, but when a supreme test came
in the ninth inning. Johnson put on
extra pressure and retired the side
with the tieing run on third base.
Young Dausa. who pitched tor the
Tigers, allowed hut six hits Un
fortunately sot him the Senators
bunched the few hits they got and
made them count for tallies.
Washington fans honored Johnson
the man, as well as Johnson, the great
baseball star. His likable disposition
and gentlemanly conduct has made
the big fellow a favorite in Washing
ton and in all the other cities on the
American league circuit.
Johnson is one of the few “stars
to keep his head steady while soar
ing over the multitude. Young play
ers breaking in the big leagues ought
to follow his example.
Hoosier Hurler Now Outlaw.
Pitcher George Kaiserling, ordered to
Ban Francisco by the Lndlanapoli*
American Association club, joined the
local Federal league club, today.
R-C-H Wins From Packard.
R-C-H team took a 10-inning game
from the Packard outfit, Sunday after
noon. Mike Barney’s drive down third
base line, scoring Jackson who had
walked and stolen after two were
down, gave Carey's men a 1 to 0
Ever play roque?
Have you ever aeen roque (pro
nounce it rokei played?
Roque is not Joque; it is a habit.
In every city you may find a amall
body of foqu.es who have the roque
Roque is big league croquet In the
’7os when baseball had gone to the
dogs, croquet threatened to become
our national sport, but nobody woque
up to it west of Philadelphia.
The demand for a national sport
was imperative. There was a natural
aversion to cricket, so croquet had
the call until baseball pulled itself up
by its own boot straps and saved the
Croquet today is played by summer
boarders. Roque is the game of mo
ques who first learned to play croquet
—which explains why the number of
playera is limited. Roque is almost as
exciting as chess or tatting, but it is
guaranteed not to cause apoplexy.
Roque requisites are a past of at
least a half century: the beard of 1
patriarch helps and insures quiet. No
one wants to start the fireworks when
someone's grandfHther is making a
carom shot.
*'/ . THE ideal roque-ist at play.
i i
->1 WHIM,.
\\ I.l*. i V\ L.i\t.
\t m• 11 < ** •• v •’ **-* t Hiiniuii i*>.»l i• t
•|,.\.i ~i • s *>.■ • iietrult WM.ir;
w.i-u tot .v; 42.57 1 m i.fuis it'.t
Jini. a-" >2 5l >"■’ N A ork .'I *• • ■-a
\ ealerdn* '■ (•HlUfl.
No uatO** H 111 -lulcil
I mill > '■ (illMe*.
li. t t it ill N»• w V i>i k
i ’llii ,ik" .it Washington
i ’l, \. u. ml .11 thilmlflilila.
Si. LmiU .it Boston.
VI \ MUM..
\\ 1, IVi w L »• l_
V voi K ti 723 6SB Brooklyn 42 •*" 4,ii
I’t. llie- .'>7 >i.’' Boston 41 5 * 432
'hhugo 51 t 7 52" i’lncln'ati J. 4 '<l ;< ;*o
I'iltsP ah 4:« 16 IP si. Louis 462 :s '-»
I •■•lrrilNt '« t.MUieo
I f ~K o 12 B. u 5
i llt I-1II!' •» I I V Boston 5
|’ !||< !■ • St Louis >
\, w V riv I’lttsl null not * -Uul*- I.
N.w York it Pit tsliurg h.
Boston ot t’liicinnati.
I’lullks ,)t St Louis.
Bt ookL n .it i ‘ l l l* »ko
vr \ > in Mi.
\\ L.Pct AV. L.Pct
Miivv ko- i»*. *4 *'.o" St. Paul 50 56.472
I, u j sv 11• *B *7 505 Kan L’tiy 5" 60 45-
Mintieat' 50 48 551 Toledo 17 6" 436
’oltimti .s 5: 4'.i.546 liutianap :» 6* *6-*
IrstrrilN)'* t.ames.
St l*uul 5-6 Kuiih.im fit' 1-5.
Minneapolis 7. Milwaukee 0
Columbus 2. Toledo 0
Louisvib 7. Indianapolis 6
\V L.Pct. \V L pi t
N< w.nis 68 36 654 Montreal 17 54 .46..
KocheSt i 60 46 566 Provid'd' 46 57 46?
Buffalo. 53 52.505 Toronto.. 47 57 4.».'
Bn 1 1 un're 51 51 .306 Jer. Cite 4162 304
Rochester 6, Newark 4
Providence 5-2. Montreal 2-4.
W. L.Pct. W.L Pct.
B Creek. 6n 27 660 Flint 4a 44 5v 1 A
Adrian 46 38.563 Kaxoo 3:' 48 4i'7
Jak.-aon . 47 41 .534 Huv Clt> 3» «
Saginaw 45 42.517 Lansing 334
\ e»terdn>’ft t.nmea.
Bay Clt.v 2. Battle Creek 1
Saginaw 5. Adrian
.Tack-ion 4. Flint 1.
Lansing 6-2, KaUiniusoo 3-3.
Today’!* (.nine*.
Lansing at Kalamazoo
Flint at Jackson
Lansina it Kalamazoo.
Saginaw at Adrian. V
I). M. c. CRUISE
The Detroit Motorboat club will
have its annual < ruise to Chatham,
Ont.. next Saturday. The flotilla will
assemble at the mouth of the Thames
river at 12 o'clock noon, most of the
skippers planning to leave the club
dock at 9 o’clock, for a leisurely run
across the lake.
A club dinner for the members and
their ladies will be gTVen on Wednes
day evening at 6:30 o'clock, in honor
of Walter H Moreton. the trana-At
lantlc pilot of the Detroit.
Personal equipment consists of a
sun helmet, a short-handled, long
headed mallet, a ball and a sanguine
disposition to help the illusion that
one is having a deuce of a time.
Roque is played on level ground
from which the sod has be**n peeled
Wickets aie the same as those used
Incroquet only narrower. The object
is to soqtie your ball through the wick
ets and keep the other fellow from
doing likewise
The game has its Ty Cobbs and
Hans AVauners Also its "Deadwood
Dicks," judging from some of the
fancy poqties which every grandfath
er makes when forced to do so.
After a particularly good play. lik»*
a home run or a base on balls, th**
fortunate one emits a cackle of con
tent while the opposition player
croques dismally.
This is the rooting limit, which is
another reason why th** game never
became our national pastime. The
American temperament requires an
explosion iKiirit
To th*- uninitiated, roque. as a popu
lar pastime, is a fine little afternoon
Fifty IMa>ers to Conies! lor the*
State Championships in Singles
and Doubles
Plh\ lor tiie Michigan r’ate tennis
t lmmpionahips m sit.glo and doubles
started Monday morning on tiie De
troit Tetiliis filths ii>tjt'> oil It', .si. s*
Fift\ player*, arc entcreti in the
singles, most of whom will also take
part in the doubles Among the .»ril
iant players who will content tot
championships are V H Rump,
three time* winner ot the stai* chain
plonshlps. Dr Owen, o the D T c
I Freddie Ford. C. (’ ; Bowers, the <’h*
(ago crack; Ralston Dougherty, o’
Williamstow n. Mass, C F Mclntosh.
<>f Norfolk. \'a Phil Miller, of D* i a
fur, 111.. George l.ang. of Walkerville
ont. I.indauer. of the Chicago team,
.-rid Floyd the Detroit veteran
Following are the drawings for the
, first round
i A' I" o dOi k Kaltschmnlt vs L**w
| is. Owen \ s \ II Bundy. Pay lot \s
I Brown. Merz ts Green. Ralston
Douglitv \u Mclntosh. Morse vs Liu
dauer, Robinson v> Steven- Stone \*
Henderson. NY*ilson v- rrquhurt. H
H llnndav \s Flovil, Donovan v 6
I Rice-Wray
11 o'clock A B. luting vs Hodge*
'Bowers vs Ford. Miller vs Coulter.
George l-aing vs WcKtdbtirv, K. ||
ITought.v vs Walters, Clark vs Cleary,
Campbell vs I »r. Lee
Noon Walsh vs Paddock porter
vs Andrews
I '3n o'clock—Brookes vs Foster,
iaitiy v> Wright, Gardiner vs. Owen
or X Bundy, \ LoSeuer vs Floyd or
H Bundy.
Tennis Stars Work Out Under
Ideal Conditions On Chicago
nta stars, who will compete tomorrow
in the national doubles tournament at
the Onwentsia club, reached Chicago
today and worked out under ideal
weather conditions on the Onwentsia
The winners of the western, south
ein. Pacific coast and eastern cham
pionships, will meet in the semi-finals
tomoi row. \ ictors in tomorrow's
matches will compete on Wednesday
for the honor of meeting Maurice K.
McLaughlin and Thomas e Bundv
present champions, in the challenge
match at Newport. R. I . Aug IS
The southerners. Robert Sheldon
and J. B. Adoti are not given much
consideration because of their show
-11145 in atngle of the western tour-
Fhe coaßt ftiani radian and
Griffin, and the western champions.
By ford and Burdick, developed Satur
«lav, are believed to be almost evenly
matched Experts predict however
that Touchard and Washburn the
eastern champions, and the western
s-rs will bp the contenders in the
if"" ~tz;— -
Box Score
~SMturilay’« (iHiiir. **
Bush. . s * % ? '] */ ?, A E
VrawfoM r r 5 „ - ;; J J
/;•» • 1 " I
"• .1 ", ,j , 1
' ! 11 V 4 6 m
Moriarty. 3h 4 „ 4 ~ ; (
Dau*s. t . V.: •> o •*. 1
U ASH LV»T< »\
m. n . i r A R B II O \ i 7
M'>*"l lei, 1. f | i ,) - a ,
1- «» Mer. .lb j i 1 „
Milan, if 4 n i.
< * adl1 ’ lb * 1 7 ii (>
M'lrgun, 2b 3 " I I 4 l
< r alVo ' r 1 i o
Act sin. r. I j n if ~ „ j
Ali Brill•• s. s ii ti
In smith. • .3 u n o o
Joi:net>ri. - o 1 a in
Totals * rjo i; v -
*l4utt*.f| f, M ruunt in ninth
I 2 3 1 5 6 7 *6 It
• t rf i ]t •. t. 11 ii ti i ~ a j
ashing ton .<> n n j j n n ,
Ttvo-htu,. Tilt-- (lundil, \!..r•_
(’rawford L--rt .in in ’>.-tri , p
VYiisinngti.il 7 First h.i*.- .-n t.,,||s -
• T!' Dauss 3. ..ft l..hns.»n 1. F’lrst bu*-
• n errors—Deir..it \V i«• . n«t.
Struck out By I» uss : i.\ Johnson 4
I‘easel i.,,11 ,\|i K»• . Tim. 115 \t
tendance— 20.006.
NE\\ A OHK. Aug I—At a meeting
of the < hanipiouship committee ar Mit
<»lh(» of James E Sullivan, j* a _ s ,j*-
' ided to hold the Metropolitan division
4 ' >' chiimpioiiships at Travels l*i
nnd. tinder the auspices ol rite \ew
A nrk Xihletle < lull, on Saturday. Sep? I
2" Ihe ttnly other t tub to ask 10l J
Du- games v.as file Irish Amerb an A
and tills retjuest « is withdrawn he 1
lor ° any vote was taken, leaving a j
deal field tor the Winged Foot orgatif
zafloti. If had been evpe* tetl that a
rerpiest wotild to re. eivc<| iron Syrn
cuse. but it tailed to matetialize
George Mathew-, o! the Long Island
Athletic Hub, was chairman n| tn>*
meeting, and the othei 111
’verr Jones, Irish American A
Matthew Hatpin. New A urk A t
Fred Delaney, Xavi* r A <’ E i.
Ilaif. Mohawk A (’.. Herman Ober
(übrssinu. A\ »-st Sitle A Al t' \ \i
ter Messrs. Haltitn and .lone, had ,i-k
etl for the « nampionwhips ill behalf ol
their i* 4»eciivc . !übs. t In- forniei m
noitueed that tiie New York A t'
would waive on t ie 1911 «ha til piol)
ships If Slier* Ssful this year
Tills announcement w i followed by
Hie w itli.lrawul of the Irixli Ament an
ivipiest, and the i uniiiiiltee viged in
favor ol 110- \» w Aot k A The .«.
Moil tak*-n, \est»u da v pi actp a /
fc'lla's the 191 t cltailiplOtir ‘dyh to the
AA'iiigcd b*m' olgauUaliuu.
.1 U K < Ol) 41 Hk.
The "Iron Man." who tuts gun? through two world's series without de
feat. rejoins the Philadelphia team at the crucial stage ot' the battle for the
pennant and Connie Mack will play him for his trump card in the tough
contests to corm
Watching the
I ht* t übs i-ruwtiol I'ltlsburttb
t.ui of (bird |»lNt-«- over MindHJ*
whl.-h inn > br s.iiii*- i-oiisi.ln tton •«*
Owner >lurph> lu tlrw of bl» sU'tr
iiient eiirlj in ihr m-iih>u ms to «lu
ii lii u tbi* peimniit b> uu li-unnir
I be Keils nml < Hrillnals s*\
lilnvrs iikiilu, *l. I.ouis taklatt '*l*
tbi* i-r-llur iii.slt lon. Veteran .lonuu*
Miliit hel|*eil the Itiiis «|ov« il ili.s
ton by d**llverlnn three hits In
four times tit list. One »*its a triple.
Krrurs it> Kmilie un«l lloolnn
»vrre r**»p»*nstble lor one of *• •
Louis* runs nml Dnoliin bei-anir so
riled he threw the bull *■» the
lirMiidstand lu Mrutestiuit “K" 1 "*! «
dt-i'lslou id I ni|tlre Orth.
| NEAA* HAA'EN, Conn., Aug. 1 Gou
siderable concern wa- exureused h«vre
today, following the announcement
that no action will be taken until
September pr probably later, in choos
ing coaches and fixing a coaching pol
icy for the Yale crews.
Capt. Charlie Snowden has gone to
Europe and will not return until’ late
In September l nder tin A u!e laws
the captain is v* sted with sole au
thority •(> appoint a coach and direct
the policies to lie followed by the
Griffith to Meet White.
AKRON, Ohio, Aug 4. Fight fans
today discussed with interest the ,m
--notincemenr that Johnny Griffith,
promising Akron lightweight, had been
matched fpt .1 12- round i><>ut with
Charles White, of Chicago. Tin* go
will be staged here. Labor day after
> NO,
•' ’ ' .j
rSsS§ t/
Kleeinß White-Slaver to Get
5.'10.000, W in, Lose or Draw,
If Bout is Staged
BOSTON, Mass., Aug. 4— Sam Lang
ford. tnrough his manager, Jo** Wood
man, today confirmed the report that
he has agreed to meet Jack Johnson
in Paris this fall t<> settle th*’ “heavy*
weight championship of the world."
According to th*- announcement the
i light is to be 2o rounds. Johnsou is
to receive a s:h),ono guarantee, win.
lose or draw, and Langford l* to n»-
i **iV** 25 per c*'tit ot th** gross re
ceipts. Leading tight promoter* esti
mate that, the fight '- ill draw more
than ?loo.out) at the gate.
S. &. S. Ties With Giant*.
The s. a: S.-Lincoln Giants game at
Mai k j.ai k Sunday* afternoon, was
called at the end*of the ninth inning
• 'ii account of darkness, tiie score be
ing l'ouu-all "Eddie ’ Schram pitched
a good game for the local club, hut
five "t>oot*" prevented him from get
ting a better score.
••Champeen’’ Fight a Draw-
Bf'TTK, Mont . Aug. 4. —"Freddie”
Hicks, of Detroit and "Jimmy" Clabby
a third-rater, stalled through a 12-
round bout Satnrdav night. The ref
• ree called it a draw.
K**r full nml lull' dliikklhh t lie
icMtiie **h* nil (hut «•«»»• I«l Im- ilr
nlreil. llro«kl>n (mulled II hit*
mid (he ( 11 h* 15. The«e Included lim
douhlen, tour triple* mid fimr home
runs. l.eM*-h led the t iilim ulth m
oliiKle. triple mid home run.
C anadians Meet in Ancient Pas
time on Site of Historic
I'ort Malden
The largest bowling tournament
ever held in Essex county start***! at
Amhetstberg, Monday morning The
bow ling green is on The site of old
Fort Malden, overlooking the Detroit
river oOld and sliver * ups will be
contested for
Following are the entries
F Stotts, U It Oxl. v.
KlnK«vill»* I. L Marber l!ss*'X ** !l
lord XV it.dsor It I’atrfui. I ..-unM aatoii,
vs < V It r jsort. W m I*u>i \V s I"" ID
Vmlu i’stlong \•< t’ Firth, London H
'i Si ott, Wlii'lillhv, \h \\ T t'xrttlew’,
Harrow it |* «>v«-ih»lt, Xmh**r*tl>ui v
** XX .1 Hr* a>l WTtiitsor F M I'.*’’ -.
Vmlu rstl ng vs |*. Tasker Sandwi h
!• F. Frt.e ltldgetown v* || <\ IluU.
\X a I ker \ 111.
I'lr»l Itoniiil.
AX' S I'll Ill'll. A'lll erst tuirg. \s ’*•
Elliott, <’onitoM \\’ <; Msrtln, \NTo it
L>, vs I *1 Montgomery. St Thoiit.i■*
s v Tripp t'lor-Mii «• * h h He; i*ii .
Harrow *' XX'igle. Kingsville. \-
<« Itrown XX'comlns \\ tl VX'iDmi,
I-etitnlm*ton, vs <?«*• Lain*. Rl*!g»t >wr
<}urt\ l; I'anttii. AinlnTstburg, vs \ I
It irns, Vinhei’sttmru ,f<din II iniiott,
indwell, vs XX’ I*'. I'ox le>toloP .1
II I.oviA'nn *>. Amtierstburs is K. It
Hretl Fsse\. 1.111 lejoli tl. I! Ik£ll ga t **, v*.
XX’ T Wilkinson. Vtnln rstburir II
«' 1t y . Windsor v» K •' Ham*.
\llle i’ ** (Tordon, London \s. .i M
w te»driiiin I’etii Ha. H \A\ *’o\ I,< im
ington, vs I. Stevenson, London .**
Maed '.aid. t'oplestnt.. \s <’ \X’ XX *•'*-
ster Harrow. K *’ Kerr. X\'nlk<r\ Me.
vs .1 Hun hi Thwme*\ ll|e *’. BRH'U.
<’i ithnni vs H I’oberts Kkn«>\ T XX"
Sims. \\ •st Lorne. \s X. *’ H iiinti X
lam Harrow \V L Colw ell. W’.ill.e s*
t nrg, \ - Hr XX’alker Wheitle* Dr
I’l- i* ini vs Or Rogers !\s.-»*\
AVm Dunbp Petrol la \s *' l'lgeon
narrow * Hoathe Comber. v*» R.v
t V Crawfotd I'-sex t»r I A Wrerlit.
l.orton/vs \ (I Itri'ivn, Amherstburg.
C \ Cud'h A mbei st bui g SenrtV. Ks
si v \s XV • I I.iowney Windsor '
( ling XX’lndsor vs Innti s Rl.iek
Kingsville Rev A It Firiiev. Ani-
vs J. Ml t ton Hutton. T>**
Kellv. Flor* nee \s I H pettvpieee,
Vm 1 erst to, rg R P S> rritch. .Xni'o’-t
t'lirg \ s \ Raines Fsse* II Mi -
Suei-n, Windsor vs, Hr Teeter. Air
» N*R\V YORK. Aug. ' 4.—William M.
Johnstone the California tennis star,
entered the .tiltlt round of the New
York state lawn tennis championship
toil ay Johnstone and Pate played
flu* only match scheduled yesterday.
Johnstone won in straight sets.
Stanton. Golf Chamo.
SVUINAW. Mich., Aug. 4. —Phil
Stanton, of Grand Rapids, defeated
Antiur 11. V incent, of the local club
lor the golf title of Michigan Satur
day afternoon. The match want to
tlu* thirty-sixth hole, ami Stanton, who
won the state title in 1907. finished
one up
I hr I'lillllra outhit Ihr I iirdlntlls
mid hail llttlr trouble takluu the
gam «.
Main salesroom rinil service station, AS7-091
Uoodnard. Telephone l.rnnil 2i:tft; aervlee at«-
«•«»*» 112-111 l-'nat Lraml Boulevard, East l()«*| aer-
ELECTRIC alee atatlon C, IT 11* 4 Inlrtnounl Ave., North 4S2S
Punctures Never Leak if D IID jHIOTfUIT let na d#m.
the Tube Contains Utjttt nO IUN t “
Briscoe Hfe Cos. Radiators ■===*
4 OHNK.It WOOUWARII AND BALTIMORE. We repair nil kinds.
i- 1 " _..j
North | 2 009 Hendrle^^^^
■ ■ ■ II I ' ■■■——— JS_.
May We Save You $1,000?
Telephone North N, for Demonatrntlon.
Eleotrlo Automobile Company
1221-122;) W nudn nrd Hrtnrra I'almer nad llendrle.
It. KKTTI.KM'EI.L Hall Main M». Detroit, Mich.
■ i 1 ... i. . a w
Oldsmobile Wo ° dw ™i'i, 5" 01 '
Grand 34144) City 34140
JutAmcwfe _ 34,1 ci * 3471
Drtrott-HuDmohile Sales Cos.
Insure Your Auto 8
HI ..... "■ I ■■ , mm I
'. .. :- v ... r i mjm
• h M !'■ fl [> I Eveep4lonall« enoipletr eiiolpment.
, |T* & i Mlehlaan Broach.
“|\M u - B < I ÜBpJP 1 a I 72*« W •arlnard-aie. I'hi.nr l.r'd 3Sdi.
v i ■ J—T ; — A J Ear4orvi |.a«%fon A HiichNaaa-ave*.
dftO Uoadaard Avruu#. I’houa <>raa«l 334 4— l City hKv
~,,! . i. l/c .< . •••
Ralph L. Yonker
Coach Vivian NickalU Hopes (o
Capture Laurels at Boston.
N. Y. and Philadelphia
The Detroit Boat club oarsmen will
tow in big eastern regattas at Bos
ton, New York and Philadelphia, the
latter part ot this week. The crew
is now in Boston preparing lor th*
contests on th** Charles river.
The members ot th*' club are en
thusiastic over the tin** victory ot
th** junior eigh* in the Canadiun Hen
ley at St. Catherines On?., last Sat
unlay. defeating the crack Dominion
Coach Vivian Nickalls was disap
pointed o\**r the tailur** of the senior
eight to capture first honors. His
« Tew finished second at Winnipeg in
th*- intermediate lours Hi** Detroit
crew was going well when the rudder
broke and the boats were compelled
to drop out of 11lie race. The soach
expects all his crews to make a good
showing against tin* eastern clubs.
Stock Yards Favorite and Willie
Ritchie Seem Likely to Hook
Up At Last
< HICACiO, Aug. 4. —Chicagoans are
going to have an opportunity of seeing
a match between Packey McFarland
and Willie Ritchie —the pugilistic plum
ot years.
Negotiations were begun by Frank
Mulkern. the Milwaukee promoter, for
a 10-round contest between those bit*
ter ring rivals. He plans to stage the
s* r;tp in th*- Hippodrome, the largest
boxing arena in Milwaukee, early >n
th** fall. Mulkern says he has Packy's
assurance that he will be tickled pink
to box Ritchie, and that he is pre
pared to offer tile lightweight cham
pion a barrel of money to face the
stock yards idol.
Figures on 35,000 Gate.
Mulkern asserts that a contest be
tvx.vn McFarland and Ritchie would
pack his arena, which has a seating
capacity of 4,7*00, to the roof. Basing
his belief on previous contests helu
in Milwaukee, Mulkern asserts that
the match would draw a $35.000 gat*
H* said that Ketchel and Papke drew
$21,000, and that the proposed con
test between McFarland and Wolgust,
which was prevented by the governor,
would have brought close to $40,000
into the box office.

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