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DISTRICT NO. 8 (Continued)
H iinllnurtl from I’ugc «lu
Ypsllautl 1,000
laalu lt>i i I uti.in, 95a Fut **s t, Yp
»iluntl l.bht)
Harold Strothers. N. Saginaw,
P*rt»tiae ' . . . 1,00 *
K.lwhi.i ('nitwdun, N. Johnson-»t.
pontta* .... / 1,00-i
Wlvlon Marsh. ,'42 I'nriy-iii Pott
.1 ii
Ream h«il-v, 46 Norton.ixc pun -
Garland Kliott. Orchard l.akc-uv«.
Pan tin* i ,000
l*» 1 tel Hitchcock. *• Stato-UV*
Pontiac I.OOn
(Innltllii*< Itftnxiii, t'lark-st. Poll*
fiat 1,000
l unno- i'rolln, 3? Oakland-avf.
Pontta l
Norma Simpkins 23 t* Statc-ave,
Pont i 000
Father \ tii Wagner. .'>3 i’lark-at.
Pontiac l.'O"
. otllsc Hexmllli. Slato-H*e Poll
liar 1 '"'o
Until l*<>*-* If. t Perrv* at.. pontla* •
Funny ll.nls..ii. Monrot. Mi. h. .. 1 ,OCO
Mlldre.l .fuatln, Monro,- I 1111 1
t'lorentin Muurel, Monroe ... l.
Si r. In Mcin/inzer. Monro®
Florrie Young love, Monroe, Mien I.o'*o
Knhtenua Auatlil, Monroe 3000
Irene 11 gen frit*. Monroe 1 o,, ' >
Lawrence Mohr, Monroe L' l, >i*
<Jeo. Krondar®, Monro** l ' ,1, 0
Irma £apf, Monro® 1,000
F.dgar licnael, 122* Proape* t, Ann
Ail.or 1.000
Harold Glooheater, 012 State, Ann
Arbor 1.0»)0
Karl < Rochester. 012 State, Ann
Arbor Mich I *' l ' l
Honael. 1223 Prospect. Ann
A i Sol I 000
Paul Anderson, 715 H. Thayer,
Ann Arbor .. . 1,000
Knowles Madison. 1133 Michigan,
Anri Arbor... , 1,000
Donaki <la 1 hr.jith, 320 Oakland,
Ann Arbor 1,000
Virginia M«dt«ncanip, 1*27 stute,
Vim trboi ...... I.oo®
Harold dr*es. ;,3L Packard. Ann
Arbor 1.000
I.ucile Wlcketf, Packard*at, Ann
Arbor ... 1.000
Ruth Chrlatenson, Arch-st. Ann
Arbor 1-000
Harold dross. 535 Parkard, . Ann
Arbor 1.000
Oeo June. 53« Karon, Windsor,
Ont ••• l * ooo
Ken lot It Morrow, 97 Oak, \' lnd
sor 1,000
Earnest I,e Charite. 78 Caron,
W’ndaor ... I- 000
Louis Morrill. 75 Caron. Windsor.
Out 1
Alfred Cosens. I*>B Oak. Windsor 1,000
Jos Hollo ran, 39 Caron. Windsor 1.000
John O. Klammer, Navarre P. 0.,
Hachel Murphy. Royal < >»ik 1.0» 0
FI inter C Wlsgert. Navarre l.coo
Robert W. Cochrane. Romeo... 1.000
Harrv Humpton. Windsor, Ont... 1 on.;
I rts J Stacey, New Haven l.ono
drnce M Prehn. Dearborn l.oon
i:«lna A Phllbrlck. Mt. Clemons 1.000,
Manley II t’ampbell, Itedford.... 1 " n
l morv C Sch ult i Dearborn 1.00 1
Maud Stevenson. *2l Sandwich W
Windsor. Jnt l° ort
Frank Jnlirson P O Ho' 103.
Coldwater, Mich I,OOJ
Russell Clark, No. 2 Dcford. T’e
ford Mich J 000
Louisa Beard, R. R No. 2. Cen
terville. Mich.. 1000
Roman*. Hull. WMttmore, Mi-b 1
(llenn Snvder, Springport, Mb h. l.»80
Flossie Adams, R. F. I* No, 11. S't.
Johns. Mich
Kdward .l>>n* s. Jonesvlll.-, Mich. 1,300,
Rachel Grennay, Fxiwlervllle,
Mich i-000
Gerald O Woodworth, Salem,
Mich •
l.vle C. Kenney, K It No. 6. Nash
ville, Mbh 1.010
£ola Kgloff. Mt. Pleasant. Mich. 1.060
Gladys Bennett, Flat R<»< k. Mien, l.i •
Mich. . . 1.000
f»11 •» C. K nechtel, Reed city.
Mich. 1.060,
Alexander Doepker. R. F. I*. No.
2 Box 92. Shepherd Mil li 1.130
Ralph S Weese, linlay City,
Mlt h . i 1 0 •
Rut it L. U--y. Allt-nvllle. Mich. . . t.liO
Ih.vld (ami, !07 Olengary-st .
Windsor, Ont I.*‘oo
J-eroiln L Aogell, R I - ' I* lit No.
1, Salem, Mich 1.200
Alma Hill ikes. leike No. 1 Box.
90 Clare, C". Mich. I mi.)
Kenneth Sheldon, Caraonvllle
Mich., It F I*. Nil 3. Putnlui • i*. t "
p.-rvl I.acv. R F. D No t, Hollv
Mbh. , 1.020
S.lvla A Grenell, Marcellos. Mk-h. 1.1 to
Mabel c Lambert It F D No 1
Columbia vllle. Mich. ...... ... 1 3*o
I.ovd Pr*>r, It. I'. 11 N<» 3, Port
land. Mich 1.240
Here is a Chance to Help Your Favorite CANDIDATE
Friends of the contestants can greatly aid them in their effrotts to win
Shetland Ponies and Carts or other prizes offered by the Detroit Times.
Candidates will need all the help you can give them; their time is limited,
the contest ending September 30. Don’t cause them extra steps and time
calling upon you when it is not necessary; use this subscription blank and the
time consumed in calling upon you can be used to advantage elsewhere.
Prepaid subscriptions sent direct to the Contest Department, with request that votes allowed on the same be credited
to a certain candidate, may be accomplished by using: the blank printed herewith, and the proper receipts will be sent to the
subscriber and candidate. Bv filling out this blank you will help vour favorite candidate win one of the
40- PRIZES— 40
8 Ponies and Equipment, 8 Scholarships, 8 Bicycles,
8 Gold Watches or 8 Pairs Box Seats to Broadway
Theater for ten Weeks.
Use this blank in making nominations. Fill out as directed and send
to the Boys’ and Girls’ Pony and Cart Contest Manager, The Times,
Detroit, Mich.
Nomination Blank
Date 1913.
Contest Manager, The Detroit Times:
\ ' r V • \ \ l N, \
Street No Age
Town or City District No
This nomination counts 1,000 votes. Only one nomination
blank will be credited to each contestant.
Vine FI Vim. liruiui Clt\. Midi. , !.»<*'*
Glenn Rudd, 741 Statt-*l. Alpena
M|rh I.Oimi
Roht Puschinsk>. Alim'. ti Oily,
Mbh 1,000
Lawrence Zebtfr, Britton, Mh’h.. I r ' '
Frank I*. Beadle. Melvin, Mich... I.SOO
Lewis Kh liman. Milford. Mu 11, l. i'oi
Mod*-stlne Kyser. Culdwutvr, Midi t,•**{»*
Ho*.aid L Pierce, It F D. No. 2
Katun ItaphlM, Mich i,J4"
I *a\ id Frank Pulley, 107 Main-si.
Plymouth, Mich IT
Cccjf Miller, Town Ransom, Mich. 1,14#
Mart K. I,« I kwood, It. It. No. 2.
Quincy, Mich 1,280
Anna RadcllfTe, 4th-*t. Wv
andotte. Midi .
l.awtun Carpcnt*'! Bronstgi, Midi. 1,000
Lloyd Whitney, R. F, |) No. In
Litchfield ] u (J
Hazel H Atkina, R. F. I>. No. >.
Sault St*-. Mat)*' 1 os'*
Mark Hill, St... Übrldgc. Midi . l.'oit)
Vile* Morphy Wayn®. Mich .... 2.97 •
Joet-piiluc *ti S’. .Ininas, I.* N. llain*
tlion. Ypsllanti i.no.)
Kdna .M< |»> riiiutt. Loudon Out... . 1 .»*•»(>
Hern y L Mel.lruni, S M C. A. Mt
Sli-ert C Kherl.-ln. Sehewalng,
Mlili. r,0)0
Thomas N Rovu| ouk ... I.OOn
I,ull i m |( 1ux.,1. Wdlkervllle, < (lit. j,dt '
.las II tlarrltx, Jr.. *P.t t'hlppewa
ave R 11. \ (lie, Midi 1,001
Elsl. M IVrgusun. Hamtramck . I.COJ
Karl L Gagat R« dfuiil. Mbh . .. I.oot>
Kllzabetli K Kthli. Wyandott®,
Mich l.'thi'
Geral Russell, By run. Mich 1,000
Norman Dirnff. Ida. Mich 1,000
Lam** Thomas, 1132 S. State. Ann
Arbor, Mich 1.850
Marjorie Bolton, Coats Grove,
Mich 1,000
Beatrice Humphrey. Fbly. Midi I. J• •
Vernon J,lnd«roth, R. 2, Manis
tbilie 1.000
Clara Slot rs. It 2 Flint, Mbh. I.e* *
Krnest Walter easier. It. 1-'. I>. No.
Hi. Ovid, Mich. . 1.54"
fra Tahndlc. 96 Cheri > Wx'andotte i an)
David Greenhurg, t.*» Wyandotte,
Windsor l, t *'*o
Loyal Prey*-r, Portland. .Mich. ... 1.000
Hurry Russell, Kewadin. Mich. 1,000
Herbert Luerke, Kind*-. Mich. .. 1,000
Uet'tha M<'Fad*bu, Port llojie,
Mich 1.000
Mildred Marks, 2nd St Monroe, 1,000
David Crow), 107 Glengary Wind*
nor, Ont. 1,000
Laura *llll, It F D No I, Avocu,
Mich I,'lit
Phebe K. Raccons, 2L*> Mb hlgan.
Übion l.oou
Harold Gross. 5.15 Packard, Ann
Arbur 1.000
Mary Wheat, SpritiKpori Midi 1,"6i
Bernice Hopper, 310 Lorkwood,
Alpena I 3r, i
Irene F. rstle, New Boston 1,050
Marie Baxter, 205 K'. I’erry-st. Al
blun . 1 t(f*(l
Clifford Bob' t-n, Capac, Mix'll 1.0*")
Klliutt Thuipe, ** 1 ivt. Mieh. . , 1.00 I
Caroline K Horndt, It. F D 14.
Hu\ 66, Reading. Midi 1,000
Florence Stunflebl, W illismst uri,
Mli'li 1,000
Paul Warren. Snover, Mich 1,«.*l *.
•Vlbert Mlda Inkster, Mich., It. F
I>. No. 1 i.ooo
Angelia Pet* rs< n. Allen, Mich., It
F. 1* No. 1 .'* i ,<cio
Helen Fox, Marshall, Mich I.o*o
Miss Tubbs, 13 15 Water St Katun
Rapids 1,000
Martha Schiller. Shelby, Mich 1...01
Roy Matteaon, Rusetnish, Midi. .. 1.020
SUED FOR $75,000
Thuml> Cal tle Shipper Asks
$75,000 Damages for Per
sonal Injuries
PORT HURON, Mich., Aug. 2.—Cor
nelius Nmint, of Melvin; Peter Nunia,
01 Mlaiu*?, and Samuel Soules, of Ap- i
plegate, have begun suit for $76,000 j
damages against the Grand Trunk *
railroad. The plaintiffs accompanied
a shipment of cattle to BntTalo and
were Injured. The company refused
to settle on the ground that tlie men
had signed u release to the company
from any claim for damags before ac
cepting transportation. The shippers
claim that as the cattle were their
own property they hail the riglft to
accompany them and were regular
City Wins Fight To Secure New
Huilding To Replace Rurneti
PORT HURON, Mich., Aug, 2,
(Hprcalj. Tho Pare Marquctt® Uai
rnad <'o, must ®rm*t n new u®p<n in
Port Huron to supplant the structure
which was destroyed hy fire Jan, H,
HH3, The new building musi be com
pleted lit November, according lo an
order jusi isbtmd by th« state railroad
i commission, 'l his action murks ine
**nd of a biller mmiest between the
city aud railroad company.
N O V E LT 7t
motordrome track
In tut* "m*BH-aud*otit" rar®, feature
of tonight's program at the Detroit
it. 1 .. >i.x.*.i*' ii.c auer In last position
will have to drop o ut at the end of
»v«ry mile until there 1® only one
man left on the track. A race of this
character bring® a contest at the close
of every mil©. The members of the
Dcircll ».:d Chicago iesms will meet
in a handicap contest, Sunday night.
The men yvlll be handicapped accord*
lug to thmr showing during the series.
United States May Take a Hand
in the Railroad Strike
The United States department of
commerce and laboi may take a hand
in tho Pere Marquette strike situa
tion as the result of representations
male by grand officers of the machin
ists' union to ecretary ol 1-toor Wil
The union men alleged that the
Pere Marquette equipment is out of re
pair utul In a dangerous condition as
the result of the strike of machin
ists and boilermakers at the Saginaw
and Grand Rapids shops.
l»uis F. Post, assistant secretary
of labor, is making an investigation
and will report to Secretary Wilson.
Amelia Tuppert, It* years old. and
Anna Schultz, aged 19, both living at
No. Hl<»4 Helen-ave., were lollln g ca
noe In the grand canal at Hell** Isle,
listening to the band concert, Friday
night, when the canoe tipped over and
both girls were thrown into the canal
They were rescued, and alter having
their clothes dried in Belle Isle sta
tion. were taken home in a police
Free Lunch “Walks Plank.”
NEW HAVEN. Ut., Aug. 2.—’l h.‘ law
abolishing the free lunch fn saloons,
passed by the last Connecticut legis
lature, became effective, yesterday.
Subscriptions are what count in rolling
up votes.
Here is the schedule of subscription vote
values for first period ending August* 23.
By Carrier or Agent Votes Given
Price New Old
Four months SI.OO 2,000 1.000
Six months $1.50 5,000 2,500
One year $3.00 15,000 7.500
Two years SO.OO 35,000 17,500
Just think of it! $35,000 votes for a two-year subscription. That is easier and more profit
able than collecting coupons, worth only 10 votes each. Os course the coupons will help.
Candidates will be advised of every subscription sent direct to the Contest Manager for them
by friends.
lu(Ison Bradway Presents ( it>’s
Advantages Before National
Convention in Winnipeg
Retires as Treasurer After Fine
Record—Janies Schermerhorn
In List of Speakers
Detroit was a factor in the success
ful convention of the Natioual Asso
ciation of Real Estate Exchangee*, in
Winnipeg. Manitoba, this past week.
There were 26 or 30 members of the
local exchange in attendance, mak
ing the trip in two special cats.
The retiring treasurer, E. A Love-
I* . . was an active figure ill the thiee
days’ proceedings. He has made a
splendid ofll* ial and has won great
popularity with all.
.lames Schermerhorn. publisher of
The Detroit Times, spoke on the rela
tion of newspapers to the interests of
the exchanges under the title. Fourth
estate aud real estate. He ad
vised the formulation of a code of
ethics covering both advertising and
selling, similar to the declarations of
the recent convention of the Associ
ated Advertising Clubs of America
in Baltimore.
Jud son Brad wav, chairman of the
committee on state legislation, made
a report recommending the enact
ment In every state <>f uniform laws
for conveyance of land and taking ot
acknowledgments. Mr. Brad way also
represented Detroit eloquently in the
symposium of five-minute addresses
on the claims to distinction of the
various cities participating in the con
vention He said in part;
But Detroit is more Hhjji a beautiful
xity W v have « writ In u**t prospe. it>.
Wht-n other c ities talk of dullness t\ r.
fs no dullness In Detroit L*o > »*u kn >*
gentlemen, that w*- were tin- only lavye
city In the country, where hank clear
ings Litxe shown a substantial ytr.ln
each month this year. In May our g...i
was 13 per rent, while *'hieago (t.urwl
only one p*-r rent and Boston .N*-w
York, Baltimore ami t’in* innuti arti .11 >
lost. Dullness, rhli' Uluiis Why, >\ *
spent $ I!' 000,00 u in buildings In 1911,
l2S.ohb.ibMt in 1912, and six month! >f
1"13 show a gain of s6,l*Ub. We eitr
tilth in national building, being led oiuv
by New York. Uhiladelphla. f*hh ago
end Los Angeles
We are a gfeat manufacturing * t\.
w«* hi*' the sixth In the country In
in inufacturing. We make more sto\ * s
t*. in any other cit\ in the world W®
make more varnish, aluminum castings,
lidding maehines. overalls, soda unds i**.
produeta, <lrugs ami phannax e.iF *1
suppli*ste«-l freight cars, nutomobM*-
«(cess**ri*'s and motor <ars and nun.<a -
ous other minor arth'le* than anyo'her
*Mty in the world. Did you * \t-r bear
of an automobile of any account ti*»t
wasn't mad. in Detroit. The Fhalmers.
Ho- Hudson. Hup, K.-U-11., Abbott,
L**/.iei King, Keeton. Kritt P.tvknrd.
Max\v*-11. n.troltei Ford. v’*' !
illae. St luU-l'nk* r. Pa Hi' ami 21 other
makes besides ih«* Jackson, the * U I-,
It***. ;xlid Oakland w Dixie are made 111
our suburbs and tin oeiroii ami <•* lu
ll* II electrics.
A inanul icturl'ig « ity ! Why, gentle
men, we hax'i' tin greatest manufac
turing plant In the world today. One
plant, only ten years old. occupying ov
clusive of assembling plant, t*v<» ami a
Make All Checks Payable to The Detroit Times Company
SMrxdt @Times
Enclosed please find $ for months* subscription to THE DETROIT
TIMES, Please credit the VOTES to which I am entitled on this subscription
to Candidate in District Number
Name of Subscriber ~
4 , City or Town
Please Deliver Paper by or
By Mail Votes Given
Price New Old
Six months SI.OO 5,000 2,500
One year $2.00 15,000 7,500
Two years $4.00 35,000 17,500
.ill 11. l lli ili fill of 11.f1,' ,j,.
• tuple ii>. lV"i*V iVii'ii ulot liluliif » t •
•IK 3*m,»mi*» .1" lojuolit 1 1 » p. r >».i i ,1 .1 j
Moliiim their prudi i for iiOM iHui,-
•>*"*, unit b\ making a i'm rv
profit of tfSM titan 1 per cent. tiny jay
mii .timuul dividend <>f $ I 0,000, a hi .* r« t ,
capital of 9 2.0**0,000 or a profit <>f 50 » I
r>i*r cent. Dining April, May and Juno
tilts yrm 11» *• > umdv :• Jmotor ourh •
(lav, or mu »*\ **r> 21 aeronda of Hi<-
*-ig!it hour working day. We
Dm* niunufait urinu plant* making auto
moMJ*-* .tint automoldW uccpHaortvs.
and. Krntlmiien, w*■ nutdi- 2h0,000 motor
power iturhlnt’ii taut \ ear, which In
owr 00 per vent of all the motor <■ r*
iitinie in A merit tt A mauufuetvirltt/
city 1 Why. our manufacturing product*
Increased from fx<boo(),oini to S3BO,
into in twelve vents. and our populati >t»
doubled during tin* mm me time \\ •*..
we ii ive one man uf.o t tit ink | la at ■«! on
tilling J.ildp Ilflil ellhil feet of gas p«"
• la', which t* sufficient to cook dim er»
for 160.oat* families. or would hum
miiu.iiiui \\ elMluit li lamp* ,i whole even
And we are the t.u*i'-*t tl l \ mi t'e
globe. foi w•• h>vo more t eleidione . 11
per line per day than any otfici eit itt |
the world and with nil of It. we Im'. •*.
i lie lowest bonded debt per capita n 1
Nnierlr.i it he I tin SIV while ('tihago's
s2*. and N”ew York's s'*l2
People are coming to Detroit rl '*it
now at the rate of 910,000 per ye.ti and
rn« it people own thelt own home.* in
lietroit than in auv other «■ it > m
America and there were over 50.* 00
sales %>f ie.il est.it* iintde In 11*12 /ml
who is reaponaible " Why. the [)< fruit
Ifeal Kstute Board, of course.
Weekly Report of Builders' and
Traders’ Exchange Shows Re
newed Activity
The week Just cloned pave at learn
some promise of renewed activity in
building circles, according to the re
port of the Builders & Traders ex
change. There was a healthier tone
to the general field and some par
ticular activity in the direction of
apartments and residences.
A branch for the Germau-American
Savings hank, at Mt. Klllott ami
Maek-aves., was in the list of new I
work, and a minor brick theater on
Mack-ave., near Sheridan-ave.. for F.
.1 Stevens and Richard Helm, kept
up the record for new amusement
st ructures.
mi ii.him, iM'itmT*.
<f S Uoinhurdt. 762 Ftohtis, 2-story
rrfinu- dwell., 24x26x18. shingle too? lot
'•‘ H - * "• "f Crane, bet Lambert ami
Human, f l. 800
Oe.i M. Ke« t«au. 204 Vlnewood, I
;«lur\ frame dwell. 22x:i*>xt*, shingle
roof |,.t 56 w. s Evans, t.et, Ounlnir
and Lodge, f‘loo
r* rank Diispwn. 15 Wi Ilia mu. l-*(nr\
frame dwell . 22x32x1.1. shingle roof, jut
L’ " - •• r Spring wells hel Cvprn and
Malta, 11 .Ooii.
lames Jones. "4 7 Renlteuu. i store
frame dwell. 12x18x10. shin,.!. r,..,'
lot 1 9 S. e n. Falrview he( DliaiU--
VolS .mil (outlie. s4<>o.
Frank Stroud. r»o** Thlrtv-ni>» st ,
1 Si-story frame dwell.. 22\.:**vH sh.iti-
Clt* roof. Jot 1, w e W’oodloW h»*t
*Vl'li and Mi-Draw. $1,677*
S Slu.lnk 683 Mat per. 2-siorv *\ tm.
dwell 26x44x1 8 shingle roof, lot t;7
<* * St. A ilhln lo t Hale und Alack
owner Paul Mirth, Mil Lelatul 4_ >r• •.
1 'lias X. Putter. Romulus. Mi. I * ).
ht«• r > c ement IdU garage 12x1 *.< j, snin-
roof lot '.*Sl. V\ H. At till. |. let
Cadet and Regular- owner. I, A Wcl U
661 Artillery s2.io
John Howell, infil Helen
frame dwell.. 24x4axlt, shingli r..of, lot
10, s s. (’hnrlevadx, la*t. nimwoocl and
MeDotigall; outlet <«**o Moots, Water
loo. n i Dubois. 12.200.
M. Bockousky. til IJ\ingston, l-stot\
frame stor# , 16x26x12, gravel roof, lot
If,", w. s Cameron, hot. Westminxte
and Lyon owners, A Stein and Rec
konskv. 271 Brady', S7OO.
W. M. Snyder ill Fischer. 2-atm y
frame dw»ll., 24x42x1 8 shingle roof, lot
1 0. v s. I 'l»ehei hot. (Jratlot and Ltm
bert. f2.r,nn
Will St. John & Cos. o Add At
tractive Feature To Subur
ban Subdivision
A park fur tin* benefit of the* public
und particularly the residents of
iirlxs Home i'urk, anew suburban'
subdivision, is to be laid out on Wood
wtnl-ave, fining Palmer Park, by
Will St. John A Cos. Mr. St. John is
an enterprising young real estate man
who has been for twelve years active
, )> engaged in lug real estate Improve-,
rnent h.
The residents of the (Irix subdivi
sion yvill have a park between
them and the roadway and tin* prop
erty will ne restricted to the most ex

_ IS
pensive class of houses. It is hoped
to make the district one of the mos*
beautiful in tin* city.
Mr. St. John, who is laying out ihe
park for purchasers of homes in the
new addition, is enthusiastic over the
prospects of suburban property. "The
only difficulty is in getting land to
sell, lie said "The real estate out
look was never better and there are
hundreds of buyers who are looking
for desirable homes in the outskirts
of the city.”
The houses in Orix's Home Park
will have to be put to a high standard
in construction and design, and wi 'l
all be set in the center of tilt* lot on
which they stand. The restrictions
were made unusually stringent lie
cause f .iie promoters hope to equal the
Indian village and other similar dis
tricts itt tl»e quality of residences built
in tite park
The installment plan or handllndl
real estate subdivisions, which lias le*
come so popular In Detroit, and which
lias made so many hundreds of home
owners amongr Detroit's working
classes, will be again put into effect,
this time in tin* Kercheval Highlands
Ck 79nhHHHL|
t **%&\A t :'mXr _ jf
IMiibdiv isiou. being plated on the mat'-
ket b> the Stnrniieitz-Doveley Cos.
Ketvneval Highlands extends front '
i Mack ave, to kercheval-ave., traversedr
by kitsch and Xewport-aves. It ta but
la few minutes' walk from the Hudaon,
t Loiter, Chalmers, Anderson Forgs and
Continental factories, and in other dl-
I lections, but a comparatively short
distance from some of the moat ex
clusive and highest priced residence
sites in the fast growing east end. 1
Notyvlthstandlng the uuusual value
that attaches to these lots, he Sorm
tcitz-lAJveley Cos. will sell them at
troin XJbn to ssos, and at only $lO
down and $"• or more per month. The
restrictions confine the business sitae
to the Mack-ave. frontage, and all oth
* rs to exclusively residence purposes.
"At these prices, Detroit's percent
age of home owners should be mate
rially boosted.” remarked Mr. Storm
-1 teltz, in connection with this offering,
i Saturday and Sunday automobiles
will meet prospective purchasers at
! Newport and Jefferson-aves., or at the
Mack-ave. car line and the Ig»zier sac«
; tory.
For th*- person wanting a little ideal t
farm within a few miles of the cHj’f
limits, Kyster Air Howarth’s Clawson
i subdivision yvill prove worthy of in
l vestigation. The property ranges from
$250 and $550 per acre, and, accord-
I . i
ing to tii** promoters, the soil is good,
drainage conditions perfect, and price
; eusonu hie,
With each farm lot the purchaser is
I given shade trees, one apple tree, one
I I eat, tint* peach, one cherry tree, JSS
j strawberry plants and one grapevine.
, There is electric light and telephone
service. Clroceriea and coal are deliv
ered at tin* door. The purchaser has
till the healthful environments of th*
farm and all the conveniences of the
Flint. Rochester or Romeo cars pase
Hi rough Clawson, which is just north
ot Royal Oak. Kyster Ar Howarth’s of
fice is at No. 507 Majestic building. De
troit. >'
I ■—
The 'o\i<- tendencies of alkaline'
I waters have been corrected with nl~-
, trie a< id experimentally by an Aus-.
fraliun chemist, which leads to the
bi-liof that vast areas of unproduot
iye land may he safely irrigated in
that manner.
The World-Renowned Bath City
and Health Resort of
of 20 miles along picturesque De
troit. River and Lake Shore.
Cars leave Grlswold-St. Waiting
Room every half hour for Mt.
Largest and most beautiful Bath-
Houses and Hotels in the world.
I Open all the year round.
Page Seven

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