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Seduced to patrolmen,
MmpAs Makes Big Shakeup ia
DaparUaaat, Flatly Denies the
Action Taken, Then
Hides Himself
panted Men Are Bitter, Accus
ing Cemmisiloner of Stab
bing Them in Back
White Supt. John J. Downey, acting
i order* of Police Commli*loner John
Uteaple,. vu notifying 14 vdteran do
ictlvee that they would be given their
mce of retiring at once, or donning
urolman’e uniforms, at 10 o’ciocte
oaday morning, the commissioner
Mly denied to a Times reporter that
f knew anything about such a con
■uHated action.
['Why, I don’t know anything about
hat nil," he said. “What you say
Mat 14 men being celled in to eee
te superintendent, end about a ru
pr that they are to be set down, is
B news to me.”
Shortly after delivering himself ot
111 above, the commissioner put on
li hat and left bis office,
rtoa see. It was like this/' said
mi. Down ay, after the detectives had
[ft his office, some forcing smiles,
mg plainly Indignant over what they
Smed a “stab in the back,’* “the com
|MMMr has spent much time ip
koctire bureau. with hie h ad fun of
Isl ids# that we had’ tda many old
Win tbere. In New Y#k and other
Uie that ha visited to get pointers,
I hays be saw young men on the Job.
fd he wanted young men here, it
Mkh bitter doty for me to notify
■Se men, with whom I have worked
w years, that they were no longer
anted In the detective bureau. 1
ke to hand a man a promotion, but
lia hard to do the opposite.”
[Not one of the men told that they
Id outlived their usefulness in the
jtectlve bureau will do service as a
Itroiman. Several handed in their
■lgnations at once, and the rest will
fclow. Some had contemplated re
ining within a few days, and one,
elective Lieut. James Cotter, had
litten out hie resignation Saturday
id Wee planning to hand it in Mon
ty morning.
iNo arrangements have yet been
nde for filling their places, but it la
Ittelred that younger men will be
(Nfht in from the outlying preclncta.
Rhe men who were dropped, wltn
Mr ages, and periods of service *n
p department, are: Richard Jordan.
MUM officer, G 5 years old, 30 years ot
By; Thomas Holland, detective, 6tf
levs old, 30 years of service; Ase
I (Caatlaaed m Peg* S*tm)
Ison resists
111 Npt Intervene in Mexico,
No Matter How Serious
Pressure Becomes
LONDON, Marsh 2.— Under
teretery Aclend es the foreign
•Sloe this afternoon announced In
he house es eommene that Secre
ary es State Bryan ordered the
lenten expedition te be held up
•esuee the state department
•dined the project unsafe at the
resent time.
It was explained by Aclend that
bagatelles to the foreign office
NM Sir Spring-Rios, ambassador
H Washington, stated that the
emmleaien organised te go to
Mhuahua to view the body es
miiarn S. Benton would not start
MtH Ben. Villa gave hie eoneent.
Inff Oerreependent United Frees.)
WASHINGTON, D. C., March 2
isti President Wilson reeUsee the
ormeus cost la lift and money which
mod intervention in Mexico would
ML Is made very plain today. The
If executive emphatically explain-
S natters that he considered the
itted states too big to have its hand
Sdd tor any selfish reason. The
BMtest declared in tones whose
Ntar left nothing te the Imagine
I that the present policy of the
Mat States would be continued no
Ear what pressure from within or
bunt la brought to bear to force hie
& president instated to hie call
l that' most es the people who are
baalb te bare things done In Men
New Rules Promulgated by Fed
eral Jurist Aim to Han tea
Attorneys’ Flimsy Excuses for
Postponement Will No Long
er “Go” With Court
Federal Judge Arthur J. Tuttle has
promulgated a set of rules to sim
plify practice in hie court and to re
lieve the docket of n number of cases
that have encumbered it for years, it
la the first Important step that has
been taken by a local court in the
fight against the law’s delay, about
which there has been so much talk
by former President Taft and other
noted Jurists.
Judge Tuttle's rules were formulat
ed Feb. It, but the first occasion for
their use will come up with the open
ing et the March term. Tuesday.
Even then, their full effect will net
be seen, as the docket will not be
read until Monday, March 14. The
rules of the court prescribe that the
United States marshal must obtain
three bids for the printing or the
docket, end send them to Washing
ton. So word has yet come from
Washington as to which of the three
bids for tbe printing of the March
docket has been accepted, though an
urgent wire has been sent to the cap
ital, asking for an order to print. It
will take several days to print the
docket, ao Judge Tuttle has postponed
its reading for two weeks.
But on Monday, March 16, there will
be a crowd of attorneys In the court,
for over 1,400 cases have been put on
(CMttssei m wage tett)
Paralysis of Wire Service Re
sults In Utter Stagnation
of Business
Ceprrtgkt 1014 By The Sew York
■Create* Wees c*.
NEW YORK, March 2.—That this
would be the dullest stock market
day of the year to date was deter
mined by Wall street when business
'began this morning. With wire
aerrlce connecting —New —York and
the outside world paralysed, with
attendance on the exchange floor
greatly diminished and with appar
ently no incentive to buy stocks It
ia indeed surprising that ao much as
06,000 shares were dealt In during
the five hours of trading.
Business was entirely of a pro
fessional character and though prices
for the most part dosed with
losses of 1-2 to a point, as compared
with Saturday, the declines register
ed had no special significance.
Europe sold stocks here at the open*
lng, and thus determined the course
of price movements. It may be
that the foreign selling was baaed on
the Mexican situation, but if this
was so. the same Incentive to sell
stocks was not found hare. Lack of
support, rather than pressure of
sales, accounted tor the net result
of the day’s price movements.
Apart from the effect of the storm
In limiting business, the market was
influenced by the, unfavorable char
acter of Saturday’s bank atatemnsi
and additional poor railroad re
turns for January.
I msmMMi -s
Metre* aad vMsittri Xml«t night
and VwNsy. fair with rising tem
peaalarei brisk eawthweat Se went
Uwn IClehlgeat Probably fair Vea>
«ay algbt aad Tweeter | Heflag aa
**,*#ssTA vW * Vi w rSumai.
fa. se • *• a. m is
Hi • H an is
•a a a if aeea is
•a. m i* Hr Si
•ae year age tateyi Mlgbeet te—■
lyisisw, SSi leweet. 4| aieaa, IS|
ewar w*sd49Ds^p,
at*Af«ed*a* tonight. ttngff-oria?
tral Band .New dancaa taught. Phene
Grand 4H7.
warn tellte MSI, bee adv.
Amusement Page.—Adr.
President Gilmore Will Not Tol
erate Dirty Tactics In New
Ontlnw Organization
CHICAGO, March f.—" Put the lid
on the rough stuff," will be the order
Federal league umpires will receive
at a meeting this week with Presi
dent Gilmore. Gilmore said today that
before the Federal representatives de
parted after their Saturday meeting
they suggested the gathering of Indi
cator handlers for the season with
that point in view. Managers were
warned yesterday that the new league
*lll tolerate no rodytem.
First Race—Selling; I furlongs: Billy
Stuart, 7 to 2, even and 1 to 2, won;
Dick’s Pst, 6 to 1, 2 to 1 and even, sec
ond; I>r. Dougherty, 3 to 2. I'to 1 and
out, third. Time: 1:18 2-4. Silicic,
Theo. Cook and Protagoras also ran.
Second Race—S-year-olds and up;
selling; I furlongs: Caetara, 9 to 2. I
to 2. i to 10 won; Ralph Lloyd. 3 to 1,
t to 2 and 4 to I, second; Province, &
to 1, 2 to 1 and even, third. Time:
1:11. Spellbound, Camel. Servlcence
and Dally Waters also ran.
K— Race—3-year-olds and up;
saiMM 1 mile: Heater, I to 1, S to 1.
andeven, won; Adolante, 20 to 1. • to
I, and 4 to 1. oecond; Prince Winter,
•tol,t to 1, and ovea, third. Time,
1:40 I-*. Anglo D* Larabertha, Myrtle
Marlon, Arbutus, Lord Elam, Jim Caf
ferata, Eddie Mott, Fastoso, McAJlan,
Patrick I*., Ajax and Lady Mcßride
also ran. _
First Race—Puree, 1300; 4-year-oldt
and up, selling; • furlongs: Scarlet
Pimpernel. 117; Fawn, 111; The Turk
eaa. 110; xCarmarada. 107; Hans Creek.
113; xHugh Gray, 100: Beversteln, 114;
Ben Ptor, 114: Clem Beaefey, 114; Gar
rard. 113; aMise Prlmtty. 107; xElele
Herndon, 107; gchaller, lit.
Second Race —Puree. 1300; 4-year
olds and up: selling; I furlongs: Wool
gate. 117; First Aid. 114; Motaant. lit;
Auto Maid, US; Inspector Lee trade.
114; xßodkln. 101; Benedtetfna. 117;
Nello, 107: Wood Dove, 107; Capt.
Carmody. 114.
Third Race—Purse $800; 3-year-olds:
soiling; ISt furlongs: Jesail. 101;
xPtesee Wells. 102; xSurpaaStnjr, 16*.
Ml aa Oayle, 109; Water Lady. I*7; Old
Jerdan. 104; aNo Manager. 9).
Fourth Race—Purse. 9*40; t-yeer
elds and up; selling; handicap; 1 mils
and 10 yards: Karl es tevsftr, 110; Dick
Dead Wood. 97; Oolten Treasure. 1*1;
Jacob Bunn, 191; Feather Dueler, 111;
| *n?fh Race—Puree. 1100; 4-year-elde
MONDAY^.,MARCH 2. 1914.
U<o; xEthelbur* 11., lot; Martre, lit;
Ollie Richards, 110; xFrog, 109; Coun
try Boy, 14; Jsuquin, lit.
Sixth Race—Purse, 1300; I-year-olds
sad up; selling; 1 mils and 20 yards:
xFloraJ Crown, 116; Stairs. Ill: xAg
juer, lot; Tay Pay, 109: xPort Arling
ton, lot; xCynosure, lOt; xKnlght of
lit; f/Aiglon, lit; My Fellow,
xApprentire allowance claimed.
Weather, clear; track, good.
First Race—3-year-olds and up; t
furlongs; selling: Mabel Clarkson, 103;
Largo, 102; Woof, 102; xJildge Denton
11.. 10*; Dr. Bailey, 107; Unalga. 101;
Upland King, 110; Pop Gun, lit; King
Earl, 114; Dahlgren, 114; Lae Harrison,
J!., 114; Grtxxly Bear, ill; Binocular,
114; Dr. J. B. Berry, 117; Dromt, 117.
Second Race —3-year-olds; 7 fur
longs; soiling: Myatlo Boy, 97; aLAttle
Bit. 91; J. Nolan, 103; Old Gotch. lot;
Kick. 102; Thomas Hare, l<0t; sDurin,
Third Race —3-year-olds and up;
selling; I furlongs: vLamb’s Tall. 103;
Stella Graine, 108: Baltimore, 104;
Brigham, lot; xMarsand, 107; Garden
of Allah, 103; Zetiotek, 103; Roadmas
ter, 110; Chilton Trance, 111; Lady
Young, 112; Shawnee, 112'. Hollberg,
113; Billy Myer, 114; Sixteen. 114; Pld
Hart. 117.
Fourth Race—4-year-olds and up;
selling; 1 mile: xAnne McGee. 91;
xMary EYnlly, 102; Princess Industry,
103; Hasson, 104; Cloud Chief, 106;
Blue Beard. 108; Amon, 109; Prince
Conrad. 109; Acumen, 109; Dutch
Rock. 11l
Fifth Race —3-year-olds and up;
selling; t furlongs: xßeal Worth, 99;
C. K. Davis, 104; xßtcht Little, 105:
xJessup Burn, 109; xVisible, 109; Ham
Grigsby. 110; Baron de Kalb, 119;
Lacs sad ora. 112; Nila. 112; Oomul, 114;
Ben Oreenleuf, 114; Charles Ooetx.
114; Inlan, 114: Originator, 117; George
Oxnard, 117.
Sixth Race —Selling; 4-year-olds and
up; 1 mile and one-eighth: xPhlllls
tina. 91; xllope Ho. 98; x Miami, 98;
xl<ambertha. 98; xMoonlight, 'll; Defy.
101; Jack I<ax*on, 103; Kelsetta. 107.
xApprentlce allowance claimed.
Weather, clear; track, fast.
From a Htoff Correspondent.
GULFPORT, Miss., March 2
Twenty-one members of the 1914 Ti
gers are now In camp here and be
fore another sun goes down, there
will be several additions to the pre
season roster.
Oecar Vltt, Dell Baker, H. Heilman,
f, W. Fltseimmeae and Mickey Kav
anaugh arrived late last night. • Vltt
and Fltsslmmons camo from Ban
FTanclaco and were delayed a day or
■o mj tbe floods at Los Angeles.
Earlier In the day, Walter Plpp,
George Burns, Bobble Veach and Ray
Demmltt put In an appearance. *
The weather is dear but the wind Is
4'harp and Manager Jennings set his
tuen at Indoor work this morning,
lic)lng that he might he allowed to
unn them loose outdoors this aftsr-
r Thera has been but one outdoor
workout state tbo Tigers landed here.
That was te* Monday
Pitchers will atari serving them ug
to the he tews en aa aooa aa tetdoer
I work sen begta. YONKBE.
SALARY OF $65,000
Makts Proportion for 3-Year
Managerial Barth to McGraw’s
Pecrteaa Big Six
CHICAGO, March 2.—President J. A.
Gilmore of the Federal league today
wired Christy Matthew son aa offer of
166,000 to manage a Federal league
club for three years, and invited “Big
Six” to meet hi min New York on
Thuibday to consider tbe offer. Gil
hiore’s telegram, addressed to Mstty
st the Giant’s training camp at Mar
lin Springs, Texas, follows:
“Newspaper reports state you do
not take Federal offer seriously. Get
acquainted with Federal league offi
cials and be convinced we are not
four-flushing. I will give you 646,000
for three years’ services as manager
Federal club—6l6,ooo In advance. If
satisfactory, meet me Waldorf, New
York, at my expense. Wire answer,
Chicago Federal club headquarters
announced today that ground will be
broken at 10 a. m. tomorrow for the
new federal ball park here.
CHICAGO, March 2.— The South
Chicago police declared today they
were satisfied that Mrs. Robert D.
Purdue, formerly of Battle Creek,
Mich., who was found (le»d yesterday
with a bullet wound near her heart
and her throat slashed, had commit
ted suicide. The wounds In her
throat were superficial and the bullet
wound caused her death, according
to a physician.
Her husband, Robert Purdue, told
the police today he could assign no
motive for the act. He will be a wit
ness at the coroner s inquest. v
EL PASO. Texas. March 2—John
Harmon, an American agent of tb*
Mines Company of America, has been
slain by Federal sympathisers, st
Madera, according to Information re
ceived here this afternoon.
CINCINNATI. 0., March 2.—The
public commission today formally ap
proved tbo application of tho reor
ganisation committee of the Detroit.
Toledo 4 Toronto railroad to Issue
bonds In tho sum of 62.606,096. Tho
application was filed by Judson Hsr
Young Brick Mason Charges
Silks and Other Finery to
Prominent Citizens
Admits Working Fraud Scheme
Hard, But Refuses to Divulge
Girl’s Name
Joseph J. Kreucber, 23-y ear-old
brick mason, giving bis address as
No. 406 Rlopelle-Ht.. was trapped by
Detective Max Grossman, by moans
of a “dummy” package, Monday
morning, after he had obtained more
than SIOO worth of goods on other
people's accounts in downtown stores,
*"4 had lavished silk hosiery, gloves,
and other vanities on a sweetheart
whose name he will not divulge. Ho
Is held on a charge of grand tercosy.
t Kroaehsr eood the names of John
/. Barium# Gustsfus D. Pope, of No.
212 Iroquols-ave., and E. J. Marta
when ordering goods.
« Mr. Barium’s complaint that goods
were being charged to him led to
Kreucher’s downfall. Many store
keepers were notified oy the detec
tives to advise them if anyone tried
to charge anything to Mr. Barium.
When a messenger boy called In the
Spaulding Sport shop. No. 264 Wood
ward-ave., Monday morning, and
asked for a aweater and boxing
gloves, valued at 617-&0, “ordered by
Mr. Barium." Detective Grossman was
waiting for him, and had the clerk
give the messenger a "dummy” pack
age. Then the detective trailed the
measenger, and saw Kreucber get the
package at Griswold and Cllfford-ats.
Kreucber, arrested, confessed to a big
string of such Jobs.
Using Mr. Barium's name, Kreucber
confessed, he obtained a tftfi cigar
ette case from the Gralnger-Hannan-
Kmy Cos.; gloves, silk stockings and
other finery for his sweetheart, in the
Newcomb-Endicott store; a safety
rasor and a gold knife, valued at sl6*
from tbe W. B. Jarvis Cos.; a “fitted”
grip, valued at 646 from Tuttle A
Clark; and more silk stockings and
more gloves valued at sl2, from the
J. L. Hudson Cos.
In tbe T. B. Rayl Cos., he had s
safety raxor, valued at 66. charged to
Mr. Martx. and in the E. J. Hickey
Co.’s store, he got 66 worth of un
derwear on the same “account/*
In Traver-Blrd’s store, he got five
silk shirts valued at 626. on Mr.
poprs aeeoiiht, and he used —tfir
same name in obtaining a |lO safety
rasor Jn Henry C. Weber's hsrdwsrs
Much of his plunder was sold to
pawnbrokers, and the police have re
covered that, but they are still
searching for the young woman who
hat “oodles" of silk stocking* and
Arctic Threat Will Be Almost
Forgotten ,By Tuesday, the
Weather Man Says
Spring is coming, asserts the weatn
or man. Tbe blizzard of Saturday
night and Sunday is being rapidly put
“on tbs blink” by warmer weatber in
the northwest. Slowly rising tempera
tures are predicted for Monday, nnd
by Tuesday tbe threat of the Arctic
will be almost forgotten.
It was quite cold while tbe btgn
wind lasted. At 7 o’clock Monday
morning it was six above zero, a fail
of three degree.- during tbe night.
Tbere was a drop or 38 degrees in as
many hours, from Saturday's high
mark of 44. Th«» wind also hung up
a 88-sign, for that was its velocity
during tbe night,
The moving in of the high area from
the northwest will muse sunshine for
a time, and a Mitigation of both the
cold and the wind What may happen
arter Tuesday, deponent sayeth not.
. *
HMitMiM Walts ta—frt t —is in* 91
at itmtsifa testgfct. —Adv.
one emu
New York Faces
AU Trains StalM,
Snowed in and Wtran -‘‘Jp
Blown Down -■, jS
7 • / ' j&r" ••
■ ■■ ‘
Scranton, Pi*
Hemmed In Two bm*Wmm
ii siMi
metropolis of tho eeewtty -'mmfffl
paw tonight Isolated,
paralyxod undsr a
•now moro thou
in danger of a ssHeue ohrtrtP#'ffig
tion should tiro brook out
At 4 o’elesk S4a
had boon snowing Kara.
for praetloatty 84
was no sign of a briak
■toady fall. At loaat a
tons have loot their ImMB
storm. Tho woathor
matod that a fool
fallon at that hour, bo* Ifr rt wffii
fort to kosp somo of tho
town Stroota agon far .trgMgJMa&g
in tho
had drifted "hi a. rtplf '■(PHHH
throo to four foot la please. >;.ss
’ kMAA a|M|; d|flfcv-fIUK/fSS
gmmiaiar umSsd, m*Wmm
ingtsn troto of ttm.faangMM^w
■rTlYfy Ifll# mwmvilfvpg
lata. Others art stlirunwgimp, r '
Noporta rocsivod tato this
noon oavsod tho
honsion for tho safety of 40 me*; £
on sight eoal bargos off fwb’ 1
Island. Thrss tugs towing the, and
bargo# woro foreod to mmmf.fw
owing to tho storm and wMH IN
hoavy soa crashing leo against /
thorn It is foarod they, may :
founder. No revenue epttera
wore available to go to tho
aneo of tho bargee.'
NEWARK, N. J., Marsh Jtr-
Snowbound since 11 s’eieok fiat
night on a Pennsylvania tram $
near the local station, Vlas Pr<M
dent Marshall this aftamssh
gratefully doollnod tho
Ity of Mkyor Austin tilt
tenderer Th* 'ln pirsalOMfey
use of tho mayor's Kama. ' Me.-’ ‘ '■<
Marshall eaid ha wlehad to fT' |
main an tho train to rooob Wodh -•
ington ae toon ae pswlbie. M -'
NEW YORK, March 2.—With / IdM'
road tracks piled deep with SSMbir; M)h'
p graph and lelepbons lines dapra atd
traffic o£ every sort completely tMC
up, the entire east was today pasahrasd
In the grip of tbs worst stofss In
years. A blinding snow, driven bofSfe
* high gale, continued to swirl and
drift throughout the storm iscfloa this
afternoon. Railroads canceled their
trains entirely. No attempt was mast
to carry passengers and reports wars
lacking on trains from ths want duo in
here yesterday.
[.oases ass result of tho Stone WIM
probably run into 'the mlllioaa. Mea
ger reports received frost tho l#
roads indicate that staggerlhg damago
has bean done by tho high wtad art
heavy snow.
A foot of snow had fallea hags MK
day. Weather bureau officials pgR IR;
storm might abate this sftanosn ar'
tonight, hut ths tie-up is now ae Mn."
Plate that It will require days for tho
cities and townr of the oast to dS#'
themselves out. * ■£§{
The New Tork stock exchange «4,
practically ao bugle— ia the at* <
sence of communtentioß with any
other part of the country «w!*c Rr
wire (ommunlcatloa.
Os 35 ships due at this part teddy?
none had bean heard from up tn noon j
Pour vessels due yesterday WOTS MMr
u ore ported at Quarantine. .
From ail parte of the eoaat camo r¥
ports of vessels iu distress. Wlhtffft
was issued against any boats faartML
the harbor here and cone loft t-Ti
piers today, incoming sisamanijMliM|
ncld up outside the harbor with dMMpS
chance of their being able to duefemßjj
lure tomorrow at the earliest. 1
Way Down-Bast village aceaee «Mh|
enacted In upper Broadway
wind during the night drove th*AlPl|H
into keyholes sou when the temp Mfr?
tore dropped locks were froaou Ml
Scores of ehopkoegers spoof IMR;
trying to break into thoir own MMM§J
In Washington Heights atatMM§N|||
borrowed hot water from her mmMm
and patiently pocred K lata tlflgni-;:
while men and women
■tore to store hopelessly
milk for chiMreo. ’
Poughkeepsie. K. TANARUS, HMm—
Newark, ft. U op#
I —m MM Mi

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