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Tht D—onriHr Admlntotratioo
PiM First Quarter With
Plylag Colon
Pimt Ragtag Has Revolution
liod Woohlugtoa Fori mad
* (Written for the United Prow*)
Democratic administration of Wood*
iow Wilson to 000 year old Wedne*
tiny. J*or Absolute defiance of ancleut
institutions end precedents It to*
t clipaod that of any other chief ex
cutlve, since the early days of the
' republic. Tho two bis things In leg
islative achievement were the tariff
and currency bills. Both are still
under Are and their success cannot
tioaUlvely be determined within an
other year. Democrats say they art
bringing about a condition or pros
perity in this country which directly
benefits the wage-earner and small
business men rather than the stock
holders in the big corporations. Re
ublleans dispute this and say that
be day of the soup houae la at hand.
But these are matters of history.
;t has been rather In the lighter way
*hat President Wilson has attracted
. ttentlon. The first thing be did
ifter subscribing to -the oath of office
vas to hand s real wallop to “so
• lety” as it Is represented in Wash
ington. Announcement was mads
that the Democratic simplicity was
>be the rule. Instead of gold-laced
unitary aides to trail hto every step
nd Interpose their bulk between the
resident and the common people, a
k-.vMan-garbed physician and a
usky, blonde, welbdrested secret
tnr Ice man lolled about, and the
•resident saw whomever his fancy
’ictated, untrammeled by rigid rules
a.id red tape. The office of his secro
ry was thrown open to the public
aerally and the president would
Merge from his private office fre
• :ently to mingle with the populace
ud transect business on the jump.
When congress assembled It got s
. ml jolt. Instead of receiving a pon
arous document from the hands of
v clerk which would be read In a
ng-song tone that meant nothing,
e president delivered hto first, and
.II subsequent messages in person,
making bis telling points with all tbs
• juphasls of the trained platform ora
ur with the result that, while the
rat message was listened to in si
! .hot, hto last, the trust document,
ss punctuated by real applause
fun friends and foes. And the pits
tent’s room In the capltol building—
n ornate chamber reserved' In the
• set for occupancy on one day a ses
f Jen only -has been frequently need.
Instead of sending for the members
« ie president went to them with the
-esult that patronage muddles have
been cleared up with unheard of ex
Instead of secluding himself from
the ftbwspaper correspondents grant
ing audiences only to the “cuckoo”
representatives who reflected admin
istration views, the president has
granted open audtenoes to all prop
erly accredited newspaper correspon
dents twice weekly. He has with
stood a fire of questions, often hos
tile, regarding- politics, and has an
swered even more frankly then might
have been expected, the only limita
tion being the ancient prohibition
that the president must never be
quoted directly.
That time-honored Institution, the
Now Tear’s reception, where Mike,
Ton* and Parry, their wives and their
frfteadi, flock to the White house end
stmeses tho president's hand while ho
elands like a mannikin in a death
dealing draught and tries to look ee
though he enjoyed R all, also went
by the boards. The reason given
tnll year was that tha president wee
sick and needed a rest Naxt year
thare will be an equally good excuse
And dame rumor whispers that oen
tala of tha other fixed receptions
■Mag similar Unas, art perilously
tear the discard.
TW first Democratic president since
Cleveland had the Mexican situation
bequeathed him by hto predecessor,
Taft Ho still has that problem on
Me hands, though he adopted unique
•BfiiifiWi w fiw it. pa* or IBfifil P*
tag the unprecedented otep of sending
to Mexico City a special envoy, John
find, to figure out ways and means.-
„ The Democratic administration
bumped into the Japanese question
early In tha summer, and that, too,
to atm pending. Likewise, the Pen
taut tolls controversy with Great
Britain and the demands of Columbia
for eottlement of claims arising out
of the saossaioa of Panama.
Tha Mcßayaolds-Wtteoa-CamiaetU
incident popped up to embarrass the
Democratic officials. President Wil
son Issued statements banking up hto
cabinet officers In their protestations
that there had base no attempt te
sidetrack tha "white slave" trials be
muse of Commissioner of Immlgrw
lieu Cemlnetti's influence here.
. Twice during the past year the
pfusMent sidestepped the women suf
frage question—declaring both times
that ts leader of tho party, ho oonld
not Initiate legislation unless the
party platform specifically so da
During the year, the thirteenth
While house bride went Into history.
Mleq Jessie Wilson marrie* Prencto
Bew#e Sayre, lata to November.
Moeokaepers passed the word
sround, Saturday, that (here were to
ha "goings” oa Sunday, and aa a re
sult, many places which have bate
fuauflug wide open, ward closed tight
ea the first Sabbath In Lent Nobody
demand to know where tho scare
it triad Police Commfatouer Olllee
m IS quoted as saying that ke didn’t
knew anything about it
•pmMMto Wvmem*. No fuss and
wKitua The plalnTneat kind that
looks right. 4 dimes fwmiiaa Co* u
Joka KL-et. Phone Male 14017
Husband Has CaOfid OraaMnaal
ly Since Marriage, Youag
Womb Telle Court
Pretty Blanebe Powley. Fltb three
long curls cuddling her shin, eat In the
witness chair in the eourt of domestio
relatione, Monday, apd told a story ot
a spasmodic honeymoon that estuoded
over several month* but In which the
bride and groom aaw each other but a
few days.
She brought suit against her hus
band, Magana Powley, and declared
that they warn married oa a Saturday
night and that the waa deserted Sun
day afternoon. Tbs next beam from
the honeymoon came e few weeks lat
er, when Eugene visited hto wife for
three days, bn three other occasions,
they lived together e short time.*
The last period wss made exciting
by Bugene having n revolver, a knife
and a rifle In hto room and Interspers
ing his love avowals with threats t"
“cut hto wife's heart out,” according
to the story pf Mrs. Powley. He ended
the session by trying to shoot hto
mother-in-law, she said, and he was
sent to the House of Correstlon for
66 days.
She testified that her husband told
her be married her to get a home. The
case wss taken under advisement.
The council committee on streets,
Monday morning, decided to allow the
gasoline tank stations to reman in
the streets and granted applications
for the installation of six more. A
delegation of automobile wee pres
ent to protest against the removal of
the tanks. Aid. Keating, who sent in
a divided committee report to the
council, last Tuesday night, one re
port advocating the remoyal of Ml
tanka, explained that be was stifi op
posed to tanks in the streets, but
would not oppose the committee’s re
port when it goes in, Tuesday night.
Tuesday morning, the committee
on ordinances will take up Aid. Bar
nett's fender ordinance. Many motor
truck owners want the ordinance re
pealed, claiming that It to Impossible
to find e style of fender that will re
main on the front of a truck any
length of time. Barnett declares he
will defend his ordinance, which to
Intended to safeguard the lives of
children playing in tho streets. The
alderman claims that the motor tfuck
owners can find a suitable fender If
they are willing to pay the price.
To assist the department of publle
works Mn its campaign against team
sters who persist In dumping mud in
streets and alleys, Aid. Hess will pre
sent s resolution to the council, Tues
day night, requesting the mayor to
cancel the Uoeuse of any teamster
found guilty of violating the ordi
nance. Commissioner 'Peake 11 esti
mates that hto department spends over
S7OO a year removing dirt dumped la
the public thoroughfares.
Robert Holarek, a 13-year-old runa
way from Toronto, was taken from a
freight train In tue Detroit yards, early
Monday morning, and turned over to
the police, who sent him to the De
tention home.- He told CapL Breault
that he had escaped from St. John’s
Home for Boys in Toronto, and had
beaten his way to Detroit on freight
trains. He to held for investigation.
BUsa didn't cross the ice, but she
did cross an alley fall of floating
cakes of cobblestones, etc., and in
her bare tootsies. At least she ss
testified, Monday morning, in the
court of domestic relations, where
she brought suit for divorce from
Robert B. Davie.
Elisa, like her namesake of Uncle
Tom fame, crossed the raging waters
of the alley in greet tribulation.
Bloodhounds were not after her, but
aa Irate and peevish husband armed
.with a rasor, was, she said.
Bliss to a colored lady and tips
the beam at over 100 pound* Just
how she "Jumped" out n window be
fore her flight waa a matter that
puttied Judge Lacy. She testified
that her husband appeared at mid
night with a* demand to open the
door or he "would kill her" and that
her flight followed.
She also testified that after return
ing riuu a uulursd —excursion —at
which she had been very popular,
her husband also waved a rasor and
announced hto Intentions of doing a
little original research in tho matter
of the physical formation of hto
wife's throat. Tho ease was taken
uader advisement.
Mrs. Laura Lynch thinks hut tittle
of her husband's abOttyi as a shopper,,
according to tho testimony ah# gave
In tho court of dnmartto relation*
"Ho cam# home on nay night, roar
honor," tho testimony ran, “wth
nothing loft of hto week's pay but
two bottles of whisky and a hall pap."
Just what ha was firing to do with
the hall pup waa net disclosed, fihe
edded that the went away shortly
thereafter to visit, and although gone
three smelts, dM not hear from Mm
husband, Frank Lynch, until she re
timed home, When she found a let
ter oa the diatoc table In which he
•toted that "he did net think they
were metes or soul nmapenloas. and
that ho would he happier with these
who were more congenial.
"He to new a stoma fitter la tha
Pontiac asylum," she raid.
When this testimony cam* the
wife seemed puttied as to why every
one emlled. The* case .was talma
uader advisement
Plrca to BaHlmsrs.
were unroofed and heavy damage done
here by the storm which is still rag
ing today. While the storm was at
fu height three disastrous fives broke
out. , The English Lutheran ahurah,
Beckett Fertiliser Cos. and Canton Dis
tillery were destroyed. The'steeple
of the ML Cavalry P. fi church uaa
blown oIT ? '
Two Dying la Hospital* aa Ro
•oR of Italian Out
CLBVBLAND. 0.. March I.—At least
190 police and detectives were to
day engaged to a determined search
for members of a band of assassins
and gunmen terrorising the foreign
section her*
Climaxing a two-weeks' reign of tor
ror, two men were dying In hospitals
today as the result of three attempt
ed slayings within four hour* Blaglo
fildoti fell In front of hto homo on
Cherry-et. with two bullets in hit ab
domen. Pierced by nine buckshot L
Saminello fell dying within a block of
the fildoti crime an hour later. Mr*
Josephine Mercurio attempted to tell
detectives something of the assassins
and wss silenced by a knife in the
hands of her husband.
fildoti and Samlnello were shot flown
within a few steps of where Joseph
Caravila was assassinated s week ego.
Ail of the,assassins are unknown.
Police fear further outbreaks in the
belief that powerful foreign secret Or
ganisation feuds are at work. Both of
the wounded men, though dying, stead
fastly refuse to name their assail

Thin is the Last Day For Making
Declarations On
The income tax office, in tho federal
building, will be open until midnight,
Monday, to receive the last-minute
statements of those wretched enough
to have incomes of more than S3,UOU.
There wss a great rush, Monday
morning, of the prosperous-looking, to
whom the revenue flag, with its verti
cal red and white bars, on the federal
building, seemed the most threatening
thing In town. The desks in Room
232 were crowded with leading clti
sens, making out statements. One al
ter another they were sworn by Dep
uty Collector Little, at the rate ot
about one a minute; for there was
scarcely a caller who did not ask 10
questions shout the propriety of what
he was doing.
Those who are subject to the income
tax, and who have not filed declara
tions before midnight, Monday, faoe a
stiff penalty. The set provides that ts
they are discovered within throe years
the collector of internal revenue may
add five per cent to the amount of the
tax, and assess interest at the rate of
one per cent n month from the time
the tax became due until it to paid.
A telegram from Commissioner Os
born, of the Internal revenue depart
ment, Washington, put a stop to the
giving out of figures Monday. Tha
commissioner ordered that no statis
tics bo made public, and the local of
fice oonstruej) the telegram strictly.
Not even the number of applicants for
certificates was annoeeoed.-Tolril an
qUlrica, Deputy Collector Little replied
by flashing the yellow message.
CHICAGO, March 2.—William Che
ney Bills, former Cincinnati leath
er manufacturer, on trial tor the elay
lag of hto wife, attacked his own an
cestors as mentally and physically
unfit when he was recalled to the
stand today In an effort to save him
self from the gallows on an insanity
“My grandfather was a religious
fanatic," swore Sllto. "My father was
strickan blind when he was a young
man because of some constitutional
defect. I, myself, vu subject to
feinting spells end fits when I was a
Robert M. Hoses, of Cincinnati, and
hto wife, aged parents of the mur
dered woman, sat within If feet of
Ellis when he mumbled these sen
tences. A deputy sheriff watched
them to prevent a possible demon
stration. Hosea’s lips quivered as
Bills left the stand but he remained
WASHINGTON, March 2.—Suf
fragists drew first blood In their
fight to have the Ulilted States sen
ate pose an amendment to the con
stitution which will give them the
ballot;‘this afternoon, when n mo*
tion by Senator Rood to lay oa the
table the motion of Senator Ashuret
to take up the amendment was con
sidered was defeated, 47 to 14. De
bate on the amendment was then be
Mrs. William fihlnk. of No. 4fl
WladereL, who had worried because
har husband was unable to find work,
became suddenly violent, Saturday,
night, and ran amuck wttk a hatchet
the shattered the door of a neigh
bor’s house, and picking up Dolores
Trupiano, a six-year-old girl, dragged
tho child to J. Dolor's undertaking
rooms, wbtle she brandished the
hatchet la one hand. Police overpow
ered her and sent her to tho deten
tion station.
Dr. Edmund Vlertel. well-known
druggist at Chena-et. and Forest-eve.,
was haM up in hto ofltoe by aa armed
bandit Saturday evening, and robbed
of his ring and a small amount of
money. He cohered lb# bandit late
hto ottos, thinking ha wiatod medical
attention, aad was quickly "covered"
with a revolver, aad ordered to head
over hto ring aad npdbcy.
Flames torch Hemee
Fire caused by aa everttoated stove
did shoot ItOt damage to the reef,
dense of Mice M. Cohen. No. tt2 Har
iheoev* Monday morning. Dam
age ot about SIOO waa done to the
rasldsnie of Oscar Human, No. its fit.
Antoine at.. by fire of unknown ori
«t* v),
/ dUraraMraMtoha / <
pfitosCftTi? jSrVSf 1 * ******
Qtiickly Diamiaaes Suit Against
FrsnkUn Hotel For Drawing
Color Line
Plain Americans Decide His
' Highness Cannot Collect For
Fractured Dignity
A horse doctor, s book-agent, a prin
ter, a tinner, 4 baker and a nonde
script Amerlcsn citizen gazed with un
awed eyes at a prince or royal blood.
Monday morning, and the horse doc
tor even signified his contempt for roy
alty by chewing tobacco and decorat
ing the floor of the court room in
which the prince' was—until called
down by a bailiff.
Frederick Bouman, a colored prince
from Africa, also other places, sued
the Franklin hotel for S6OO. He claim
ed the hotel refused him lodging on ac
count of his oolor, although ha had
been allowed to register.
The prince sat on a cane-bottomed
throne and held hto silk hat in hto
royal hand and held high hto royal
head. Hto papa 1s s king in Zuluiand,
and hto grandpapa was a head hunter
or something ferocious, and, as a
youth, Prince Frederic wore a hone
crown and a band of paint about hto
“tummy." Hto people fed him cocoa
nuts and compliments until he left for
England, nnd once in England he went
to school. Thus, Monday, ha combin
ed the royal haughtiness of spirit with
the true nobility of British culture.
The Jury, however, after looking hto
highness over seemed to think that
the only difference between him and
those who waited on the levee for the
Robert E. Lee was in the legend of the
kingly papa, and as Prince Fred had
no scepters or crowns or any little
thing to establish the validity of his
story, the jury looked upon him as sa
ordinary ettisen of color.
They found he had no cause for ac
tion, and Justice Command dismissed
the case.
The prince will return shortly to
New York, from whence he came n
few weeks ago.
Wolf of Wall Street Alleges
Law is Evaded By Big
WASHINGTON. March 2—Rebates
are paid to the United States Steel
corporation and its subsidiaries by
eight different railroad and steam
ship companies In the form of "div
idends," according to Lavld Lamar,
the "wolf of Wall-et.," the first wit
ness at tha “stool trust hearing" be
fore Interstate Commissioner Har
lan today..
The organisation of the corpora
tion, said Lamar, included securing
the control of several railroads and
was perfseted in accordanc# with a
pre-arranged plan to place men who
could oe controlled in the offloes aad
directorships of these roads.
<Q—ttoeea ftr—l Peg* One)
hearts to secure Immediate action
while If they wait the same result
will be attained without the unneces
sary sacrifice of human Uf*
The president does not consider the
Canaan developments quite as seri
ous as they would seem to bo oa the
Gen. Carransa, the president be
lieves, is anxious at the present time
to stand squarely on tho letter of In*
te national procedure whether the
toots justify this action or not The
Constitutionalist leader, the chief ex
ecutive assumes, desires at the pres
ent .time to observe all of tha digni
ties of hto post aa leader of tho revo
lutionary party, especially in hto deal
ings with foreign governments.
The expedition to view Benton's
body hss act hesa ahnnisnsdi—to
wns held up by Gen. Villa's order
pending a reply from Carransa as ti.
whether it should be permitted. VlYlt,
it to explained by the administration,
to now recognising Carransa as the
supreme authority In nil matters ef
fecting the revolutionary cause in
northern Mexico. Carransa having aa
turned the position that England it
self should have requested thte lave*
tlgation the British government da
dines to do so. Tho United States
acting on England's request, te pro
pared to complete the Beaton Inquiry.
Carransa hss been told this. The proa
ldent to hopeful that he will decide the
expedition may continue, if he re
fuse* the matter will not ho pushed
until such time ee the United States
government believes It propitious to
do no.
But England, with the approval of
the United States, will refuse to hold
communication with Carransa at the
present time. To do so would be to
recognise the belligerency of the Con
stitutionalists and In view of the fact
that England considers the Hnerta
government the only government now
existing In Mexico, it considers the
Carransa position, as now announced,
designed only to force a change In
Great Britain's policy.
So far as the failure of VlUa to as
sume the offensive and move on Tor
repo to concerned, the administration 1
considers It proper. Villa has told
Amerlcsn representatives that he In-
Man Killed In fitreet Identified.
George trump, who roomed et No
64 Beker-et, was the man who waa
run down and killed by a fire engine
at Mlchlgan-ave. and WayaoaL, Fri
day night. A woman living at tho
house Identified him ns a roomer, hut
knew, nothing of hto friends and rela
tives. f '*
Colorado has eight women city
tends to be fully equipped with men I
and ammunition to carry the campaign
direct to Mexico City before be takee
the defensive.
The president said that reporta of
a coalition against the United States
policy on the part of certain foreign
powers were nttterly unfounded. No
attempt has been made to float a
Mexican loan In either France, Ger
many or Belgium. Huerta Is living
on forced loans and the addHalstra
tion here believes this cannot con
tinue long.
So far as the Vergara case la con
cerned, Charge O’Shaughuessy wired
that the investigation ,is proceeding
"Ith all due diligence and that be has
the promise that the Texan's slayers
will be punished.
Carransa informed Secretary of
State Bryan today that an lnvestlga
tion of the disappearance of Gustav
Bauch had been started by him.
The refusal of Carransa to accept
from the United States representa
tions In the Interest of the subjects
of any other nation was the occasion
for an Important conference at the
state department today between the
British and Spanish ambassadors,
Secretory Bryan and John Bassett
Moore, counseller of the state depart
ment. All refused comment.
B)L PASO, Texas, March 28.—United
States Consul Marion F. Letcher ar
rived here today on a special train
provided by Oen. Francisco Villa. He
was met at the station by George C.
Carothers, special agent of the Amer
ican department of state, snd at once
went into secret conference with
Charles Arthur Percival, representing
the British government.
The conference is regarded as sig
nificant In view of the fact that the
commission appointed by the Ameri
can and British governments to inves
tigate the death of William 8. Ben
ton, n British subject, was not allow
ed to go to Chihuahua City at planned
Sunday. Constitutionalist oUlcers, who
refused to allow the commissioners to
board a train at Juarex last night, de
clined to comment on their action to
day. It is believed, however, that they
acted on Instructions either from Gen.
Villa or Oen. Carrania.
The general feeling here hi that
the order was issued by Carrania fol
lowing his action Saturday night in
refusing to discuss the Benton Inci
dent with the United States govern
ment. on the ground that it was not
a matter of American concern.
Aid. Dingemaa, acting mayor, stated
Monday morning that he la witting to
take the responsibility of appointing a
school Inspector In the Bleventh ward
to succeed the late Henry Meihm, pro
viding the two aldermen of the ward
can agree on n candidate. At present
there are no less than it candidates
after the vacancy, according to Dingo
man. Mayor Marx will not return from
his western trip tor another four
weeks at least, snd Dtageman says ha
sees no reason why the vacancy
should remain unfilled If the proper
man can be found.
The firm of Barnett A Terras, con
tractors, may have made a little
money by building a third story oa a
two-stonr permit for a building, which
they sold to a Hungarian, but both
members of tbs firm decided tbit they
would toko 10 days in the work
house. prescribed by Judge Connolly
Monday, rather than pay Anas of SIOO
apiece for their business acumen.
The W. B. Jarvis Cos., oharged with
tolling a revolver to Alpheus Moore,
the bandit shot dead a few days ago,
without his presenting n permit from
the superintendent of police, was
represented In court, Monday, by
Manager Richard Jackson, who ad
mitted that a clerk, Arthur Bchwelr,
•luce discharged, bad sold tbs weap
on. The information was amended
to Include Bchwelr as co-defendant
and the case postponed for n week.
Men Dies of Starvation.
Starvation was a contributory
cause in the death of John Cavan
augh, 2S years old, who was too proud
to ask aid, and died in Will Allen's
lodging bouse, Saturday, while talk
ing to some other roomers. Pneu
monia, due to lack of nourishment,
was given aa the direct cause of
death. Bach night tor a week, Cav
anaugh had applied at pollee head
quarters for lodgings, and had been
given a ticket to Allen’s place. He
oame here from Owoaao, and was a
member of the Owosso lodge of Whs,
and his father Is a well-to-do resident
of that city. His body was shipped
to Owosso, ♦
Men Killed By Train.
—Michael Slabs, 48 years old, of Mo.
188 Rademacher-ave., who was struck
by a train at the Green-eve. crossing.
Saturday, died In Solvay hospital,
Sunday. Coroner Rothaeher la in
an olectlon of parliamentary represen
tative* for the city of Constantinople,
all the government candidates were
elected. A similar result was ob
tained throughout practically the en
tire empire.
Ho Biek Headache, Bilious Stomaoh,
Coated Tongue sr Constipated
Bowels by morning.
Get a 10<«nt box now.
Turn the rascals out—the headache,
biliousness, indlgastion. the sick, sour
stomach and foul gases—turn them
out to-night and keep them out with
Millions of men and women toko n
Caacaret now and then and never
know the misery caused by a i*xy
liver, clogged bowels or an upset
stomach. \ - \
Don't put in another day of distress
Let Oascareto deans# year stomach:
remove the sour, fermenting food;
tabs the excess bile from your liver
and carry out all tht constipated
waste matter and poison la the
bowels. Then you will feel great
A Caacaret tonight straighten* you
out by morning. They work while
you sleep. A 10-reat box from any
drug store means n dear head, sweet
stomach snd clean, healthy liver
bowel action for months. Children
love Caacaret* because they never
grips or sicken.—Adv. 7,
hospital row ns
Donations For New Building fur
Over-Sunday Pnriod Totals
PrevlMMly ••fcMtrledged. SSf*SIAST
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c«*H to.ee
cm a mas
i uk aa.ee
h o. urigßi rne.ee
G. W. pTt!77 SAS
ArtSer MeGraw SAMS
William KrkSta tW
lataraatlaaal Athl*le «i*b ISAS
cash ssa.no
William Cevhaaaa* SSAS
t'laiMM A. Ltabtoar
Walker S Spaldlaa ISAS
Ckarlaa S. Kaater SSAS
Ralph Sterna SSAS
Baraka a*. Staepal A Oa.. IIM*
D. M. Newhra ISSAS
DavM W. Raat SSAS
M. K. White SSAS
Trrmeat WeedraSt ...... SUU
«#. M. D ISAS
W. O. Harry SAS
Ckarlaa R. Talhet... SAS
W illiam TANARUS, Dmt MAS
A. a. Phleter IAS
Oerathy Pattevaea IAS
D. R. Pavaaaa SSAS
F. R. Hathaway SSAS
Oeerga Deaalgaea ISAS
Rehart DeaalSaea ISAS
Jay Baaaatt ISAS
E. F. Mayae SAS
Total SH.WT.4T
Another big day in the Detrolt Tu
berculoel* Sanatorium's campaign
for $50,000 for h new 50-room unit
was recorded, Monday noon, when
the total for the over-Sundny period
reached $1,284.50.
Ministers in scores of churches,
Sunday, appealed for funds for the
fight against tuberculosis, and tbs
result of their pleading will be seen
this week.
Only eight days remain before
tbs appeal for funds will cloM,
March 10. However, a few snter
ttanmente will be given after that
day by societies and dubs which
wish to rales money for the sanator
The Epsilon Omega sorority an
nounced, Monday, that It will give a
tea In the Hotel Charlevoix, on tbs
afternoon of March 14, for the san
atorium fund. • Local talent will en
tertain the guests. Tickets at 15
cents each may be secured at the
sanatorium office, No. 11$ Woodward
arcade, or from members of the sor
Tickets have been sent out tor (ho
minstrel show of Friendship lodge,
In the Garrick theater, Friday after
noon. Many desirable seats are still
held for sals at the box o*ce, how*
N. Bowden, detective, 52 yean old. 59
years' service; Patrick Kean, 54 years
old, detective, 25 years; James Get
ter, detective sergeant, 55 years old, St
years; George Bycraft, dstoetlvo, 55
years old, ST years’ service; Osrwsl
lus Sullivan, dstactlvs lieutenant, 91
years old, *7 years* service; John
Buhr, detective lieutenant, 45 years
old, 25 years' service amt Juan; John
Sterling, aged 52, detective, 24 years*
service; David L. Thomas, aged 55.
detective, 24 years; William Gratis,
aged 4s, 22 years’ service; Frank
Lemond, aged 50. 22 years’ serviao;
Joseph L. whltty, aged 44, 21 years'
service, and Henry G. Wilson, aged 45.
20 years' service. Detective Wilson
has been sick for a year, and expected
But Detective Lieut "Jack” Buhr,
Evwy Woman
Knew* That
instead of sallow skin and face
blemish— she ought to po—css
the clear complexion and the
beauty of nature and food
health. Any woman afflicted
or suffering at times from
headache, backache, nervous*
ness, languor and depression
of spirite-ought to try
the safest, surest, most con
venient and most economical
remedy known. Beecham*s
Pills remove impurities, Insure
better dipestion, refreshing
sleep, ana have an excellent
general tonic effect upon the
—whole bodily system. Theyhave
a wonderful power to improve
the general health, while by
purifying the blood, Beccham’s
Pills clear the skin and
The Complexion
M eeaeyuhoru, la baa*. We.. 25*.
Ha sesame sbaaM fail fa nai tbs velaabla
dbsstosas with cvanr baa.
ikftur tuawm mlSmit
■ *=#=>Engraving &
—~ <§ ■ Dt SIGHING
J o^ |^| DCT^ t rhca
■ 1 - 1 —IIMtt l- 1
u« with It, rfSLv?,'
"Many of the msg
itihed their 25 years srSSVt
others were glad to hS
hail been planning Or fSjjri ' -
to Detective Bohr,
sick, but he really Si agy3SHHHH
he might be. .
“The fact of the
commissioner vasts • imA'mm
tective bureau. Ho
police work in other ettimL
impressed by the IWM Wh
were on duty.” ' ' ■mmi
Ashed, or Saturday.
Aral of the
changes in the department, sriNHi
er any ehnngsa la the wfiHliil
bureau, long threats**, wmo*lllll
to occur, Commissledss < : -OmUSm
blandl y rsmaihsiA ifiSBSl
none whatever.” y iffl
At the same tlma, the os*mrfs®ll
tion squad was hshM
along the tamo
struck the doteettvo hiitoWLMflg, IS I
Eleven of the oldsst mhß'
tral precinct wsro traMSsrtoC
lying stotkms, and ymtogto 'M
brought in and put or Ifeo hsiiTw
the heart of the elty.
"A lot of the old jt'mP
first precinct had SR Ids* (hat ißi
had life jobs wftlmi IMBI JH
work.” said one
of them never had a potto# muter SHl
In a year. Other, younger MIBIG
ambitious men, wsra *«**jk» ZSsm
than 500 eases in a— —-
crepancy showed up too sMifl
there is new blood now, to haSmSH
one on his toes."
"Just a matter of depavtsMßf mB
ness for the good of the dmnmtefflSH
was the way Bopt.
to those traastora whea ssfaifflfll
them, Saturday. TANARUS?.
story building nocnplsd hs mi ; ilii
Optical Cos., sprsadtona
Dolph fouretory drugstore sa-Jp
and serose an alloy to Ete
building occupied by the KumS
and Hat Cos. gutting
with damage estimated aMMH :'7i
r- - tna m mSK
iwui hcm
of bonds’!
the ciTrn
Sealed proposals will bo lOMUSl—
this of flea until it VM —sih<3H-i
tral standard tint* Meadajr* I—NB—iß
1914. at which tiros they wfit ho 4§m(||
ad, for the purchaao of ftl MB-Ctl
bonds of tha City of IWfiS?- 1 .
PubUo School,
Sower. 11,140.900; *«»—XtA-sBI
M 76.000; PubUo Health. SMfßte
Orado Separation. $196,9991 NN9H|
Building. 970.000. ; v i* -*£99—l
Said hondo will bo taml Im the SH
nomination of SI,OOO oaetb or «W MS—l
tiple thereof to bear Interest SflMKi
rate of four per cent per OMMh fISB
able semi-annually, will —v——P
March 1, 1114, and Win
year a. Principal and lateredt pMflfej—||
In lawful money of the United
of America, at the oan—i
bank of tho City of Dm—ll »!■
city of New York, or at tho odeS
tho City Treasurer, at th# dpUON^eB
*bonda are aQlhorfSji
charter of. and tho laws oNmIkSB
tho City of Detroit, and WpomM
of the Common Counoil of the Os WM
£sdCUjr*° and ““
By authority of an act of the l—lpm
lature approved June It
Exempt From All Taxation hi thollMß
«... b. m
form, but will be exehapfoA
iatered Bonds at any ttii epos SpH
plication of tha owner . -3
Bonds can only ho delivered at JhH|
office of the City Treasurer ia tho CWyg
fi- iktroll, and accrued iniarent
be charged on delivery.
Under the law. then# heeds oaMMd.3
be sold for Icm than par. ■
Tha right to reject any or all USKI
is axpreasly reserved. .Iff
A-.?. bg<x agsfc»!
Pet St MU
Sealed proposal* will bo reeolvod Si/’f
this office until it o’clock noon, eeafijcJ
tral standard time. Monday. March M£l
I*l4. at which time they
td, for commission to be said for thhA
sate of the following bonds: liTiflH
Public School. f1.996.Mb; • Pp—BM
Sewer. $1.1M.C09; h»Wf* WftfgM
Public HeaFlMj RWM
tirade Separation, 9lM.Mti
Building, s7o t «oe. „ _
Bor.de muet he sold for par S— —El
crued interest, and no conMMMlflKßfl
be paid until all ara sold. ■ -11!
Tha suceeaaful bidder ahm hJ|M
chase Five Hundred Tho.unßß4.JUSfc&fcl*a
of Water Bonds of the City Sf
on the same basin ,
Bide must be acrampnnMS Jj— Bill
tna h.Bgrihtaffl’K...-.
toed faith. . ■ Tr^are^aaM
The right te rajeet »—ifflMtlSfl
is expreaaly

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