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fourteenth YEAR. NO. lit.
war clouds srax em mhb
Lttitode of Eaftasd In Rtfraln
h| Fran Further Benton De
mand* Relieves Diplo
matic Tension
When Proper Time Arrives Will
I Exact Full Reparation For
I Outrage
IImOUALES, Mexico, March 3.
I That tha United Statoa haa recog-
I ntnd Gen. Vonuatlano Carransa,
Ila tha Interpretation placad by
I Canatltutlafialiataa on tha send-
I Inf af Qaorae C. Carothora, apa
lalal afloat of tha Amarlcan atata
■ department to eonfar with Car*
I ranis hart.
I Mom bora of Carranxa’a oabinat
I refused to predict tha raeult of
I tha aonfaronca. Carothora to ox-
Ipaotad to urflo tha “first chief" of
I tha rebota to 90 to Juarex and
I direst peroonally tha Investiga-
I Hon Into tha death of WillUm S.
M Batesn, a Brltlah oubjaoL
I Carat hero had not appoarod at
I naan, hat mam bare of tha Con-
Iflltiiilonallota party * admitted
Ithap expected him. Ha will prob-
MV moot Carransa in tha MO
RdKwrasm hAras tkn hardstr I
■ .Urn goffm wsnraw
|Wasalaa» Sonora and Nogales,
NtW ORLfiANS, Ls., March 3.
|«*» Pedro Oaaaalpa, a Mexican,
Ivans slain hero and hlo body *
I thrown *ln a bayou In a auburb.
|(honaalaa waa known to blttoHy
I beta the admlniatration and often
ISrSuod over Huarta’o right to
InHo Mexico.
| That ha waa olain in a fight
lever the Mexican situation la tha
Itheery of tha poiiee today.
[WASHINGTON, March 3.—Great
ktlatacUon over Sir Edward Grey’s
Boraemont of American govern-
Kant’s efforts in the Mexican altua-
Hi waa expressed by officials today.
Etoetery of State Bryan received An*-
MX dor Page’s report of Sir Ed
[•id’s statement la parliament while
Itte cabinet maetins and Immedt-
Uty read It to tha president and
bsr cabinet members. Ha would
tetalk for publication, but hlo aett*>
Lotion woo evident.
[The announcement, regarded by
Bfrialr as backing up tha * United
Lieu even more than had been ex
acted, distinctly relieved tha in-
Matty of tha preaent Mexican crisis,
[ha moat acuta problem now remains
k Qon. Carransa. No reply haa as
at bona received from him to the
uoaf communication from this gov-
Mmdat asking him to modify hla re
bel to deal with the United States
ftbo Benton cone. Growing anxiety
ms Dolt here regarding the fate of
metav Bauch. Villa’s statement that
L had probably “bean slain by hla
latmlaa,” was regarded as ominous
El tha conviction grew that It la at>
nor Benton case.
fffir Lionel Chrdeovhte a long con
reran ~ ,<iK Bryan and
Unascllor Moore, of the state depart
bat Ho sold ho would “eventually
Eto Brasil.”
I LONDON, March I.— The British
Ltommont roaervoo toltoolf the right
■lttruptlou of Wire Strvks
Paralyzes Trading; Affairs
in Absolute Standstill
Copyright, If 14, by the Now York
Keening Poet Cos.)
NIW YORK. March I.—Business on
b stock axchaiißO today waa again
tjoflj curtailed by the Interruption
I tbs wire service end the interfer
iSS osnood by the storm. Trading
Hpurraw and !n moot reapecta Sign
s professional. Thera ware no lm
artnat price changes, and fexcept for
hi new low record few Now Haven
homo, the declines ware for the most
lilt bbtleui. /
)o Dm gaol hour trading came to a
tandotlll and thorn woo scarcely any
Mslmnm even la tha usually active
IMS. Moot of the foreign msrkete
mm weak, the llgutdatlou at London
m*t based largely os fears of. fas
ter dldteulttos at Parti. Tteoo re
am wore rather vague, being attrib
md to the Indirect influence af troa
-sib BraalL Tba teak Os Ocrmauy
ted# a ratter poor ohowtag m to
ay s weekly statement, Mag 9U.900*-
U oateand Increasing loans and die-
BlPlfMiMte, aad eatorpag ctr-
getroif %lutes
Judge Phelan Says Decision in
Graft Cases Will Probably
Be Made Saturday
Prosecutor and McNamara
Each File Freeh Bundle—
Shepherd Attacked
Judge Phelan will decide, probably
Saturday, whether to grant a change
of venue in the Glinaaa case. Attor
ney James McNamara, for the de
fense, Tuesday morning. Sled and
road 19 affidavits In contradiction of
some of the affidavits filed by Prose
cutor Shepherd, throe weeks' ago;
land the prosecutor filed the affidavits,
: already published, which some of tha
notarise employed by the accused al
derman gave him, taatifyiag to tha
manner of their employment
Mr. McMamam minimised the Im
portance of the affidavits filed by
both sides, in the “war of affidavits.”
“Your honor win remember theuV
terly mendacious attack on my salt
and my associate, made by tha prose
cuting attorney In the last evasion of
the cose,” he said, before reading hla
affidavits. “He accused us of having
been connected with the securing pf
false affidavits. Thai the statement
was unfounded made It no lees ma
licious. Them waa no reeeon why
myself or my associate should not
have employed parsons to take afl
davits; we would have teen reprehen
sible only ts we had employed them
*0 take fraudulent affidavits, or bad
Incited them to take such statements.
We neither employed them or had
Mnhteg to do with the v nature of
their work.”
The soort Important affidavits which
Mr. McNamara read worn those of
Joseph tvere, notary public, and Ed
itsamm s» Sms)
ORAND RAPIDS. Mich., March «.
Victor L Palmer, financial tend of the
defunct Michigan Boggy Cos., of Kata
masoo, stood enute la United States
district court here today whoa ar
raigned on fin Indictment charging him
with using the malls for fraudulent
purposes. Judge Sessions ordered a
plan of not guilty entered end eel the
trial ter March 17. He was released
on 910,000 tell furnished by his father.
Palmer was arrested Is Kalamaaoo
last night by United States
Rehlaeoa on a secret indictment re
tamed by the federal grand Jury.
It le charged umt Palmer seat out
alleged misleading letters to various
beaks throughout tte aafftij regard
tag the fiaaaetni tints* of tte eoucera.
LmX «r: slab's
If Mrs. Ella Flagg Young, superin
tendent of the public schools of Chi
cago, acts as the talks tha reason why
she is a power in the life and poli
tics of the Windy City, la not hard
to discover.
For 15 minutes, Tuesday morning,
ahe talked to newspaper man in the
Hotel Pontchartrain. She answered
questions if ahe knew the answer and
did not talk if aha didn’t She knew
exactly what she wanted to say, she
said It, and that waa an end of It
There waa no evasion and no ramb
ling about through a base of words
or fog of ideas.’
She talked from tba standpoint of
an educator, a politician, and n wom
an. She had two interests, her sex
and children. She admires both
’’The business women are affiong
the beat mothers on earth,” ahe saidT
“Not the best because we cannot
make a positive class on an abstract
theory. But they are among the best
Why? Because they are In a posi
tion to teabh the children the truths
of life ss It Is. and not aa It Is re
flected In the words of a husband wr
others. When a woman mingles with
the world in a business capacity she
FI rat Rees—-4-year-olds and up, C
furlongs; Sc ha liar, 7 to 2. ! to 6 and
7 to 10, won; Blais Herndon, If to 1.
5 to 1 and 6 to 2, second; The Eurk
esa, 20 to t 9 to 1 and I to L third.
Time, 1:17 2-6. Mias Priority, Garrard,
Clem Beachey, Hugh Gray, Hans
Creek, Ben Pryor, Camarada and Fawn
also ran.
Second Race—4-year-olds ‘and up,
selling. 6 furlongs; Moieant, 2 to 1, 4
to I and 2 to 6. won; Nellis S to 1, 7
to 6 and 2 to 6, second; Bodkin, 16 to
1, I to 1 and 6 to 2. third. Tims, 1:11.
Woolgete, Benedlctlnia, Auto Maid.
First Aid. Cnpt. Carraody and Wood
Dove also ran.
Third Race—3-year-olds, sailing, 6V4
furlongs: Plsaae Weiies, 12 Ss 1, 4 to
1 and 2 to 1. won; Miss Oajrle, 6 to 6,
2 to 6 and 1 to 4. second; fiemcmleg.
2t02,1 to 4 and out. third. Tims,
i:ll. Water Lad. No Manager and Je
suit also ran.
Fourth Raco—2-year-olds and up,
selling, 1 mile and 2f yards: Feath
er Duster. 4 to 1, 7 to 6 and I to 6.
won; Jacob Bunn. 12 to 1, 4 to 1 and 4
to 6. second; Dick Deadwood. i to 1,3
to 1 and 4 to I. third. Time: 1.44 2-4.
Earl of Savoy. Effendi and Golden
Treasure alto ran.
First Race— 2-year-olds and bp, sett
ing, 6 furlongs: tern* * to 2, even
and 1 to 2, won; promt. I4UI, 4 to 1
and i te 1. second; Woof, If to L 6 to
1 and I to 2. third. Time, l:161-l>ep
King Earl. Upland King and Judge
Denton H also rax.
absorbs the truths aad tte. lasts of
tha world. Armed with ttett film earn
teach the children of b*r®XdJ»w
best to avoid the pitfalls ffterakfc
heat to realise ambitions and wfiffit
ambitions to realise. The sheltered
home may also cover a sheltered
mind. I mean the sphere of woman
Is what she makes It aad the restric
tions of the home may also restrict
her sphere of usefulness.”
80ms one mentioned eugenics aad
Mrs. Young snapped ter words out
like the snap of whip lattes.
”1 don’t like eugenics In connec
tion with the school,'* eh* said. ”H
puts tte matter of sex squarely into
tte work of tte school. Bax doesn't
belong in schools. Children have 90
sex. f mean young children. In the
high schools, whan manhood and
womanhood dawn, It Is different. We
had lectures la the Chicago high
schools on personal purity- 1 sent
out 20,000 letters to tte parents of
the children tettthg them es tte fftte
end advising that no child send listen
to the lectures if tte parent temw
proved. . Only 300 out of tte 10,000
The question of school boards
(CmUebM w Page Sevan)
JUv R, Miller, 116: Tod Coen. Ill;
xMlss Cottonwood, St.
—second RSce—fetfTfng. a S-yssr-old
and up, I furlongs: xMssbaMi, 60;
Bangl 02: Eddie Foy. 62; xSafty. 06;
xCharley Brown, 106; xTfeat Boy, lit;
xEvran, 100: Darkety, 169; king Stal
wart. ioai -fran.act ioi; fekasi Ooots,
106; pomplon, 106iPrlnso Winter. 106;
Great Friar, 100; Dr. Mfibl, I*l
r w
_ Fourth Racs—iorser-efde and up.
Candelaria handicap. 1 mils: Swish,
67; Serious. 102: Just Rad. 66: Vested
Rights 08; Orlln Krtpn 102; John
Ryrdon. 102; Curtlso* Iff; BsrtOstty,
Fifth Raco—S*year-olds and up, 0
fnHcnrs: Peter Oiimm. 07: Lady Pen
*oo: *Rro White. I#4: Jewel of
A»ja. jf00; Masurltn. lit; Minnie Bright.
Iff; Salola, 102; OemmelL 106; But
terbnll 106: OoldVlnn. 106; Annual K
tsrsot, 110.
Sixth Kace—s-yasr-olds and up, 6
furlongs; J Nolan, 101: Lone fitsr, i«i;
7*2 Sidney Pe
ters, 10I; Cool. lloTornmnds Cunning
hamr no; Hamaey. 110; Palatable, lit;
xCniclum. Ilf; Gray’s Favorite. Ill;
Fort Johnson. 116; Anxelua. Ill: San
sen. 116; Nans Nick, lit „
xAcrrentlce altswnaee claimed.
Cloudy and track fast.
DetreH and 1 lllsllri Tsiedt) MM
TODAY’S Ttsrmufrilßi.
aa a is Man gg
r a. is 11 a • S
ItS‘.:::::‘.:8 IK::::::::S
; Bpria-e mfribmp, Ms fete sad
te ftetkers. The ptela neat bite that
Hffur Detroit Broker Pltfids
With Joist Plmlbb to Consent
To His Parole
Confined in federal
Fled From Michigan Following
Conviction Here on Charge
of Larceny
U — mmmmmmmmrn , t -
Judge Phelan has received a letter
Iron-. Hume H. West, former Detroit
broker, sew in the federal prison in
Atlanta, da., serving a sentence for
fraud.. West asks Judge Phelan to
agree to hie release on parols. He
complains that Judge Clabaugh, of
Washington, sent him up for six
years in the belief that he would be
paroled at the expiration of one-third
of his sentence, bnt that the convic
tion of the Detroit court, from whose
jurisdiction he fled, prevents him
from being released.
West was convicted In Detroit of
larceny by conversion. Ho was
charged with telling some stock, en
tnuiied to him by a Parke. Davis A
Cx employs, and devoting tte pro
ceods to his own use. He fled from
Michigan, while out on ball, pending
an appeal, and was subsequently
beard of in various parte of tbe coun
try. He wee finally caught In (he
garb of e priest, a role in which he
had succeeded in perpetrating a fraud.
West writes: \
I know that In fleeing from De- '
troit t mads very poor return for
the kindness and consideration
that you. on many occasions,
showed ms; I realise that I for
feited all thought or leniency that
you might have felt like extend
ing to mo; and that 1 betrayed
tbe trust end confidence of my
friends. I realised the conse
quences of my act too let#, end
i 1 have no adequate escuse to
|. offer; but the hours of regret
and retnoree have been long and
1 have suffered a bitter punish
ment. While knowing that I
have sacrificed your considera
ttsß 1 can only hop# that you will
feel that t have. In some measure,
•eld tte penalty.
Were I the sole sufferer ( would
never ask for clemency; but
aside from the debt I owe- the
law there Is e debt and duty that
I owe to my wife end four smell
chttdreq. They ere absolutely
iCnHswl Fs«e Sevvei
Would Improve Beufletuek
WASHINGTON. March I—lmprove
ment of tho Ssugstnck harbor, Michi
gan, to the exteat of reverting tbe
garth beak of the Kalamaaoo river, ea
Initial coot of 912.040. ate 9400 yearly
up-keep, waa recommended to cos
grass today by tbe war department. '
.atia.vai-.jsr*;'' *** ***•
T*Bb Both Anttriaui übd Nmtfcm
sl League Presidents He Win
Not Countenance Tampering
CHICAGO, March 3. —After a long
distance conversation this afternoon
with e player whom he would not
name, Preelden* J. A. Gilmore, of the
Federal base bell league, eeat a tele
grain to Governor Toner, of Pennsyl
vania, president of the National league,
end e copy of the same miff tigs to
President Ben Johnson, of the Ameri
can league, warning both major prox
ies to “keep hands off” Federal league
‘ “Have undisputed evidence that
some of your clubs are endeavoring to
sign Federal league contract playeraT
read Gilmore’s message. “If yen' do
not stop such methods, we will Im
mediately withdraw our policy of fair
play end give you a battle at your
own game.”
President OUmore had no comment
to make on the announcement by
President Bomers, of tho Cleveland
Naps, that he would fight In the courts
for possession of Pitcher Fred Bland*
lng, signed by the Kansas City Fed
erals. “Let* them go ahead.” was his
only remark.
CLBVBLAND. O. Matter L—Presi
dent Somers, of the GleVefiKhd Nape,
today snaouaced that te )e ready to
go Into the courts for the possession
of Pitcher Fred Blending, now signed
by both the Naps and (he Kansas City
Federal league teiun. Blending la now
en routs to Athens, Qe., to Join the
main squad of Napa. Somers am
nonneed. Similar action will be taken
If necessary in the case oIS Pitcher
Kahler, Somers added.
CHaCAGO, March 3.—Manager Joe
Tinger announced the complete ros
ter of the Chicago Federal league
squad that wW toevw for spring train
ing quarters next Sunday. The play
ers ere:
Ad Brennan, pitefaer, Philadelphia
Nationals; Claude Hendricks, pitcher.
Pittsburgh; Tom JOoGulre, pitober.
Chicago Federal*; Irwin Lang, pitch
er. Local Semi-Pro; C. J. Watson,
pitcher, Cubs-MUwaukee; Henry
Schmidt, pitcher, Milwaukee Bemi-
Pro; John Olaser. pitcher, Local
Semi-Pro; Thomas Prandergast,
pitcher, Peoria; Dave Black,
pitcher, Local Sami-Pro.; Arthur
Wilson, catcher, Giants; James
Block, catcher, Philadelphia Nation
als; William Kllttfor, catcher, Phila
delphia Nationals; James McDonough,
catcher, Chicago Federal*; Georg*
Mulyaney, catcher, Claslaeeti Oaml'
Pro.; W. R. Jackson, first base, ChK
kaas;. John Ksding. first base, Chi
cago Federal*; Fred Beck, first bees,
Buffalo-Boston; W. Z willing, first
base, Bt. Joe-Boston Nationals; John
Ferrell, second bars, Chicago Feder
al*; John Grennrr, second bnee, Lake
Forest; Leo Kavanaugh, second baas,
local Semi-Pro.; Rollls Zeider. third
bass. Box-High landers;; Jeaee Stan
ley, third bees, Chicago Federal*; Joe
Tinker, shortstop, Clnclnnntt-Chlcego;
Al Wick land, outfield, Cincinnati; Cad
Coles, outfielder. Baltimore; William
Miracle, outfielder, University of Min
nesota; Max Flack, outfielder, Peoria.
Bergt. Harry Scott, genial guardian
of the Inner sanctum In police hand
quarters, or In other words, the Gor
gon at tho gats of Commissioner Oil.
Isspie's office, returned, Monday, af
ter a three months’ furlough, which
he spent in California, recuperatlag-
He says that the floods were not bad
enough to overbalance the sunshine,
sad he returned feeling In the pink
of condition.
CHICAGO. M.rcb 3—Rrmtt Kb
gtohart, 11-yeer-otd son of Timothy
W. Rngishart, the ”duke es Ridge
rote,” a millionaire rani aetata denier
of Oary, lad., haa been mixing since
brat Tuesday. He ted 9000 wbsn
Inst seen. It to fsered he may have
been kidnaped.
mSSsf rSnf jStv
■;/* /fi;.V4M
yj ’ ,l ill a
Whlob BeeVfnkrSa|)m^B^|||^g'' > * fc -. 1-1
lOBIACy niTtf ffift]."*-?-" -.. ’-! v.v/v^^
WOO. or
trelvably tool forinr, '•- >nBF%IBI
Servia hu dreoaiMi^pMM^^^B
hard enough. < and t U^rooiaj[S/ < ' %•-
Poraon ia awake. aM la f«tt33iß
alon of hia faculties, to
moat Irresistible forces
Servia'a dream It a imKMSS^
oeaa la the recent a**—'
dream dreamed in tbe^\a2||§
oeaa of the strength end Stl
it haa demooatrated It FTtjQwl
dream ia to pot back o*.
the world the old Slav mSm^m
over r2nnto° r *T t V*' <kn^(^WW
meriPand **** M ‘ to °'
If l^Stlcal
Slav race ia
acattered aa the Jews, iimS|B
without a country, and it Ie 'isßb^
dream to
ticular nightmare
Austria. Austria looa
bully of Europe, had Mt itfhfSß
gradually gobbling
poeaaoafon of Vl^ffirfSiSS^
"amr' HeradiTovln*. 1
who have not only tha
origin but tlra same desire torp^jK
to this possible Slav'kJngSbmhSS
two motives, la the £«t fi3m.
entire southern half of thgffMM
Hungarian empire is lahohltgi ||Hm
by 81a va. They have never bOsyj§H
under the Austrian yoke Tis
those would hlgc t maUu^MMS9^^
* The f f^l^ U yss^ißa>!r?^B
bit ion of Austria. This smiflßSlffi
ever, the recent Bslkan whir WMm
lieved to have forever thvaftiMfcMfci
ika having passed late tbo hdtiK
the Greeks. The ciwatlse'Olj||fcpt;&
kingdom of Albania, whsoa-MHg
la guaranteed by the pewoss. iHpl
her dream of a
and naval base uu that
Ad rtatic. WhUe Austria has
obliged to renounce her
lion. It hasn't -aWehmtoA
her attitude agsfteet the BWM.-n ,
attitude Senria la eo*ftMa|o v*\
day mean war MdjMl
war will be the <IEH|
Slav provinces ihte a MMt|
plre. : "'V

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