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MM *1 Ma ftanw far fvkrurr
ami that Ike SIT man undar hia
aarnad total of «U 04.44 dur-
IMM* Walla, «f years aid, of Ha.
T !Tfess«'3 , sa I ffrs!»v"tta
«a police that ha wus hungnr. slok,
Uftd out of work, and waa driven la
4dhafL Ha Ih said to hava admitted
•hat ha obtained 911 from sales of
jstolen tools,
mm y Its oases, araaatad hr dataattvao
■n wla vraaa luvestlgattag tha rervot
bomb outrages ta tha Sicilian colony.
*■ waa takan to Lansing,'Monday night,
sap ahargaa of grand larcany and
highway rohbary. Local police had
, a|reulara announcing that ha was
.waatad thara. ;
HfifelMf JHdhowlsn, *7 years old. of
■h rfg Mltehell-ave.. fall from a
9a«ar car on Ctiene-sL, near Har
por-ave., aarly Tuesday morning,
'winking on hts head, and balag ran
■ gored unconscious. .He was takaa
to his home In a police auto, and a
physician summoned to attond him.
l«Mf Maaa of aakaawa origin drove
Wf members af tha faaoUy ad May*
dal Hassell from thalr cottage at No.
&iN Chana-st.. shortly before t
f oloek, Tuesday morning, but the
are department quickly extinguished
the lira, with loss of about |IO.
knw kross, a draa dark, waa takaa
fa Harper beanltaJ from hie roaming
house. No. W Brady-at.. Monday
night, on an emergency call that
ha had takan poison, hut hospital au
thortlicit, asked about tha caaa, said
'that the young man was “overcome,
and waa not suffering from poleon
' tag. They reported that ha was In
-ho danger.
is body of i. I. Coagar, who died 1a
pabhill Saturday. was kraagkt to
Detroit Monday for informant in
pmvood cemetery. Mr. Cooper wait
horn In flprlngwalle. Several yearn
• Ago hr became superintendent of the
Calumet and Hecla topper smelting
plant, a position he held until his
death. Pour sons accompanied the
.body 'ta Detroit.
Pftnnh li fees by a Negro gome*
SMtcker,/ who aosessded fta getting
her handbag, containing a rosary,
JMI, and soma car tTokets. Mias
Sfar/VeMahon. a tyaoher in ths
Du fft eld school, residing at No, sll
Beaublen-st., chased tha Negro for
fisMnl blocks. but tha fallow to*
HIM. The attack occurred at John
Me-Ot. tnd Wlllla-ave., Monday night,
dmaa P, Commlahay. of thla atty,
MMMfBt af the Ohio sad Michigan
Coal Cos., with aararal business asso
ciates. has purchased 2.45f acres of
opal, oil, aas and, timber lands near
Raleigh. U. Va.. from the Courtney'
Lumbar Cos., of Charleston, N. C. Thu
purchasers propose to form a stock
UMnpxny and begin mining oper
ations aa soon as possible.
H. Lee la rHtfsally IH la Grand
•n. Mich., whara he waa called
rneently by the serious illness and
. subsequent death of a near relative.
J. J. Lee. No. 843 Lafayette-ave.
want, father of the sick man, re
ceived a telegram, Monday, urging
him to hasten to his son’s bedside.
Me left for Grand Havsn Immedi
Met Walker, Ml yearn eld, was released
Warn the Mease af Carrsetlea. Men
day afternoon, on an ordsr of Gov.
Pherts, giving him permission to at
tend tha funeral of bis mother, who
was fatally Burned, Saturday. Hla
minimum term would have expired
tn nine days. Ha waa sentenced In
the recorder's court, Nov. 14, to serve
four months for removing contract
Mpt. Morris Mraaty, nt eae tlae n
waU-kaawa great lakea aavlgatar,
died Monday In the V. 8. Marine hos
pital. Capt. Brouty was 71 yaars of
age. ll« is survived by two sons
and two daughters: John and Kd-
Ward Brouty, Mlaa Lillian Brouty
and Mm Bart Garliek. Funeral ser
vices will ba held tn Sullivan’s chap
el. No. lIT4 Oakland-ave., Wednes
liter the velaateer Sra department af
npßasc Rsaga had battled far aeveral
hours against a brisk bias# tn a dry
Min of the Dwight Lumber Cos. yards.
Monday night, englnas 17 and I*. of
ifkPtlrolt department, were saut to
iMI 'hi 'the work, to prsvmtt the
Jprand 7 of the ftmmee. Tnr Big kiln
and many thousand feet of lumber
were destroyed by the flames, the
fees being estimated at aeveral
thousand dollars.
B seder to attain greater efdeleaey
ftp the work af patrolmen la the
dawn town district. Capt. Ernst Mar
quardt of the central station Issued
an ordsr, Monday, abolishing tho
regular “bast” system, and giving
his tnen more freedom of movement.
They are not required to report from
Ms certain aignal box at any oar
thin time, but are held accountable
far their section of territory, end
Horrid Piraplis
KJI[ Dimples
Ll Stuart’s Calcium Wafara Will Be-
I Move tha Unsightly Slemlehes In '
I ta Short a Tima aa to Saam
I Almost tmpaaalhla af SaHaf -
I Tha crowning beauty of a woman
■ bar akin. She may hare only ordin
(ry features or even a coarse, heavy
fetalMr of face, but If aha la the poe
leeeor aT a floe, colorful skin, aborning
Haorau health aad a pure blood, aha
Irul grow attractlra to ovary eye.
I ’• I m •
■Mt Slrt.’ < 'Betty haa a pretty faoa
K'Mpoata dimples, but tha pimples
■VheMan: “Stuart's Calcium Waftaro
I mould remove them In a Jiffy.*
i The groat trouble with the majority
mt mow la that they try to raloovo
■WSitv OQt * id# t fmamatlna ate
Mtha dSnculty la federally impure
blood atream
% TCP la Mack or bloa or brownish
Ksh flmtead of ruby rod, aa it abouM
Calcium Wafers go into
Bfc§ Steoeh with tha food you eat
btetoms a ptrtoftiw Mood aad
SU;o* te > vary t hnparttfa?ffThs
pted aM imickly remove them from
IB*S£r mm tha poraa aad tha Hay
jdteiUmj* thtsmm., TMt act
jjmjßm * tel oaua
are regarded more In the light of
“free la nee" officers than regular
“beat" men.
Mefteftee af Deeds MoM aeelaresjhaf
his toiee "indicate** that jmrSlng
people are buying homes In the out
skirts of tho city, in great aumbem
iS VSL&*'SXX l< S f S2Hr u ?r
ssr Mjj&ryK ores
LlfT deads filed, bu Incmos# of ill
over the same moath of lttt. There
wore LUO mortgagee en lncresse of
77. Tkm fees wore 11.141. ff, an in
crease of fl4t.il.
Judge Pholua gave aevea men who
asr Spw fir ssswr at
Wednesday to move out of their
quarters, whsn health board officials
reported that It harass lived on tho
Sound doer of tk • outldlng, and
at coadltleas la Urn Quarters of
ths humans wore very bad. Thomas
All. proprietor es a rooming houso
at No. lift Andorson-et.. was sent to
the workhouse for If-days for har
boring If man tn tho attic of tha
honed. with two wlnuowe about a
foot aquaro aa ths only ventilation.
Patrolman Deal am la M. Coats, retired,
for ausay years the driver of ths
patrol wagon of ths central pre
cinct, was stricken with apoplexy
while attending a performance tn
tlft Luna theater. Fort-st. and gt
Aubln-ave., Monday evening, and
died before assistance could reach
him. He served Sft years on the
farce before being retired, and prior
to that had served seven years u a
fireman. Ons son. Amiable 11. mats,
is a detective In the central bureau.
Hie widow and another son, Beuju
min A. Coats, survive.
Re by And* ram, IT-year-eld witness
against Charles K. Bosk and hie wife,
or No. 41st Hlllger-ave., held on the
charge of contributing to Jhe delin
quency of* n minor. Was taken from
her home at No. 329 Hart-ave.. to
police headquarters, Monday after
noon. In the open police auto for
merly used by the flying squadron,
exposed to the gase of the curloua
aa the machine sped through ths
strests. The girl Insisted that ths
pair hsld wars Innocent of ths
charges against them, but Mra. Bush
Is said to have confessed, and tha
girl waa held aa a wttneaa.
The Beard es HeaNh will held a spe
cial meeting, within a few days, ta
take up the matter of recommend
ing er. Incineration plant, such as
the Board of Commaree favors, or a
reduction plant as rscoramendad by
Commissioner Fenkell, of ths D. P.
W. Health Officer Price declines te
ex prase an opinion, but intimates
that Incineration Is likely to be the
scheme favored by the health board.
When the Board of Commerce com
mittee submitted Its report, some
time ago, In favor of Incineration,
the health board gave Its assent te
that scheme. Since that time there
has been a change In the Board of
Health’s membership, so the matter
will come before the board again.
Petes gfsmpsim. giving his address as
No. M Goldaer-ave« Detroit, was
found in the. streets of Monroe,
Mich., about t o'clock Tuesday morn
ing. In a half-unconscious condition
from cold and exposure. He told the
Monroe authorities that he had
wall.ed from Detroit to Monroe,
Monday. Tho man was thinly clad
and withaot coat or hat Inquiry by
the Detroit police, Tuesday morning,
following a- request from Monroe, at
the Goldner-ave. address, brought
the Information that Stemnelss’e
family refused to have anything to
do with him because of his habits
and ths fact that hs had broken
promise after promise to reform.
The local police say the man Is an
old offender. v
The Wesus Taxpayers* league es
Michigan effected a permanent er-
Kntaation, Monday afternoon. In the
ard of EM u cat ion building, elect
ing the following offloera: President,
Mrs. Clara B. Arthur; first vice
president, Mrs. J. WL Galley; second
vice-president. Mrs. Susan M. Sel
lers; third vice-president. Mrs. Sher
man L. Depew; fourth vice-president,
Mrs. Alex. McDonald: corresponding
secretary, Mrs. John Hickey; record
ing secretary. Mrs. Franklin Latham;
treasurer. Mrs. Robert Y. Ogg. Meet
ings *11) be bMd every second Mon
day, In the Board of Education
building. City Asaeaaor Nagel gave
a talk on the tax rate of Detroit and
Michigan. The purpose of the league
tw? to
Detectivo WUI Likely be Chosen
For Work of Court of Do
mestic Relations
A conference Iraa held, Tuesday
morning, between Judge Lacy, of tha
court of domes tic relatione, and Supt
of Pollco Downey, In whieh the lat
ter attempted to And out what eort
of man la headed to' taka tha place
of Detective Cottar, who haa bean
handling the outside work of tha
court, aad who mas one of the 14
man who came under tha department
at, Monday.
Judge Lacy said be wanted a man
who would work more toward tha
patching \tp of family dUßoultloa than
toward a record of grrests and con
notions, aad ha ate asked that tha
man bo oaa of esperlonee and sound
Judgment. Supt Downey auggeeted
Detective McCarty. Ho la acceptable
to Judge Lacy, aad will probably be
appointed. The Judge mpraseed deep
regret at toeing Cottar, who ho said,
Is a moat effldaat oSear.
■ls 4 posiUenopefie to Ihla coortT
will attempt to secure Mr. Cottar.”
he aaid. “At present there la no va
cancy hut I look tfpah Cottar a* ao
valuable that 1 wUI certainly ask him
to accept the flrat one that dote ap
Diphtheria mas discussed by the
Wayne County Medical society, Mon*
day eveatag- * Free admtaletratton of
anti-toxin was urged by the commit
tee whloh haa had marge of the tub-
Jed Itrsoemjaeadsd that manufac
turer* of aatl-tosta be asked to reduce
the -etossC their packages, to lessen
the dost It denied that 1U effects roft
tow the use es aatHoxin. it advo
cated culture aad careful diagnosis la
all suspicious cases.
A committee of flve members, bead
ad by former Heelth Officer Guy L.
Kiefer, wee aimed to keep la touch
with the public health situation and
cooperate with the Board of Health.
Dr. George N. Crtto, of Cleveland.
Inventor of the new aaeeethetle, no*
voealuo. told how this drug prevents
brain thank from aa epsraima.
aotmMLK sarrgpnrr
Mary JMM, St yearn old, objected
to a met es teem potatoes ahd ooer
mOk. Th costers, she said la, tha
court Os teameUe relatione, Toeomr,
bar fcmbond, her father la latr nWk
her metherdhmfe gft teg mdkmm
■EMM tar aatifta. «w atH.li
She said she fled tern the Same, a
farm bouse ea tie 9fmm rt* safljer
to'mMMriottM Vtir^fmaSh
Open-Air Rallies WiU Be Reid
In Every City and Hamlet
in MlcMgan
Whole Country To Join In Giv
ing Impetus to Votes-for-
Woraen Movement
Mlchlfan will witness the greatest
suffrage demonstration in her his
tory, May 2. In response to * call
Issued by the official board of the
National Woman's Suffrage associa
tion, tho suffragists of Michigan will
on this data hold open-air rallies
everywhere, where even a small band
of suffragists may gather. All tha
organisations co-operating and in
dorsing suffrage lor women will be
asked to aid in this demonstration.
In different communities different
kind of rallies will be held, the large
cities necessarily conducting meet
ings differing from those in rural dis
A nation-wide resolution will be
adopted, calling on congress to an
swer the demand of the American
women for political freedom. The
plans will be carried out by the ex
ecutive hoard of the state association
and every hamlet, village and city
will become a part of tho state-wide
demonstration. Newspapers will be
asked to aid In v carrying out the
plans. ‘
From lake to lake, from the cop
per country to the southern boundary
will suffrage sentiment and enthusi
asm prevail and every suffragist and
suffrage society will be expected to
participate in thle greet rally. Unique
end varied ere the plane being made
by the state association. Mass meet
ings will be held, also parlor and club
meetings, and literature will be dis
John Quinn Says He Wag Pound
' ed With Crowbar and
Shot At
Asa collector, John Quinn does not
stand .very high, according to UM
story he told, Tuesiliy, In the prose
cutor’s office.
He said be attempted to ooUect sl7
owed hie wife by W. 8. Archer* I
termer, In Denton, Mich.; that When
he arrived at the term. Archer met.
him with n crowbar and used It to
such good effect that hla arm was
broken and hie head cut open. He
added that aa be fled to eeoape the
crowbar. Archer fired at him with •
Quinn waa accompanied by Archer’s
brother-in-law, who declared Jin.
Archer was In fear of her life from
her husband's temper. Warranto
were sworn out for Archer's arrest
and for the arrest of Clinton Atoms,
an employe, who is said to have aid
ed In the heating of Quinn. The
charge Is 'assault with latent to do
great bodily harm.
Owners of moving picture theater#
operating on the second floors to
downtown blocks were served with
orders to close their places today.
This stolon wee taken by Deputy
Btats Fire Marshal Robinson in accord
with the action ot the supreme oourt
In sustaining the Initial order of tho
state Are marshal. This ordsr mot
strenuous objection on tbe part to
moving picture men aad the result
ing salts were taken to tho state's
highest tribunal
All theater owners notified today
promised to close their places Bator
The theaters effected are: Jewel
No. SO Michigan-***., owned by August
ed by the Detroit Theaters Cos., to
which W. F. Klatt Is presldsat; tho
Michigan-ave. theater. No. $H Mtehft
gan-ave., owned by J. E. Blooker.
LONDON—In a box to old hooka
supposedly rubbish, sold for 2$ cents,
at Winchester, tho purchaser found a
three-volume first edition of Pope's
Homer, autographed by tho author.
NEW YORK—"Zee grand insult,"
hissed Rene Francois Joseph De War
ren, duke of Werron-Hnrrey, after o
woman worth $5,000,090 popped the
ooetoion. Rone declared he'd wed
the woman ho loved If she had only
a million.
tab Backache aad Lumbago light
Out Withs Small Trial Bottle
of 014 St Jacobs Oil
Back hurt you? Can’t straighten
up without feeling sodden pains,
sharp aches and twtageoT Now list eat
That's lumbago, eolation or maybe
from a strain, and you'll get blessed
relief the moment yea rub you# back
with soothing, penetrating ”81 Jacobs
GlL'* Nothing alee takes out sore
ness, la meases aad stiffs sae so gulch
ly. You simply rub It ea aad oat
seams the pah. It to perfectly harm
tom aad doesn't bum or dtomlar tha
Limber ap! Deo*t suffer! Get a
mmß trial kettle tern say drag mate,
aad after eetog It Jam mm ymfii
Israel that yea ever hod hesbeihi,
tomhage or eetottom became year
baek win saver hart or come say
mam mtoanr. ft mmr dtoeaantots
l •
ffis* (?.7V//e^ssit.
CHICAGO, ill., March B.—Miss U.
Toliefßon challenges any woman sklei
In the Uklted States to a test of skill
tn her favorite pastime.
She was born over In Telemarken,
Norway, which It the original home of
ski-jumping. She Is a member of , the
"Norge" Ski club, of which she Is ths
only woman member.
BRUSSELS—AIbert king of the
Belgians, who broke hla arm riding
a horse, secretly took np aviation
and has twice piloted an aeroplane
with passengers, qualifying for a pi
lot's license.
Among the exhibits at the stats
poultry show in Wichita, Kaa., was a
gander owned by P. P. Dose, of Nor
wick, said to bo $6 years old. Ths
bird was hatched tn Pennsylvania,
moved to lowa shortly after tho Civil
war, and was brought to Kansas In
a coop tied to the back of a prairie
*3O See Norton’s Casket^O
Automobile or
Funeral Service
Our price U one price to ell. Come end select
th- finest stock of good* In America. There I*
one who can surpass ue. We have the beet there
Is made, and
at One-Half the Price -
you eaa set elsewhere. We do not buy from a Jobber. These goods
some straight from tbe factory to us. Do not buy from • book or
catalogue. Bey from oer stock room. One pries to everyone.
Bo shares fee ■hates, door ereoe, oandelakvo, vugs, atteodaaee or
A. RL BORTOV, mgr,
Undertaker aad Eabohaor, 759-7*l Michigan An
You Take the Long Leg,
WeTl “Scrap" the Short One
There ere many paints that we will be glad to tell
you about get ranges no matter where you buy your
etovo. Let ue tell whet we knew about glees even
doors, oven thermometers, gee range lighters, gee rang*
insurance, etc., ate. You ere euro to mako a better
purchase If you talk ta ua before you buy.
Detroit City Gas Cos.
Washington and Clifford A 2325 West Jefferson
Your Co-Operation With THE TIMES in
Behalf of Clean Journalism Is An
Alliance for (he Public Good.
Representatives of Operative
Force See Manager Alfred
No Agreement Reached
Offletra of the Ord«r of Railway
Condsctort, the Brotherhood of Rail
way Trainmen and the Brotherhood
of Locomotive Firemen and Engi
neers, consulted General Manager
Frank U. Alfred, of the Pere Mar
quette railroad, Monday afternoon,
regarding the prospects of an Increase
in wagee. The general condition ot
the road was discussed, but thqre was
no agreement on the wage question
Whether the men will appeal to the
federal oourt, as did the telegraphers,
who were granted a small increase,
Is still undecided.
Prank W. Blair, one of the receiv
ers for the road, will leave, Wednes
day, for New York, to attend a meet
ing of the Pere Marquette security
holders, Thursday. He will urge that
It Is to the interests of the bondhold
ers to keep the road intact, rather
than foreclose and force n division of
the system.
Mr. Blair will return Saturday, ana
on Monday he will attend the meet
ing of the stockholders, at, which a
committee of U will bo chosen to
act ns advisers to the receivers In
getting the affairs of the road into
Five Michigan men, it in said, have
already consented to sot on the com
mittee: Albert B. Sleeper, of Lex
ington, former state treasurer; James
B. Peter, es Saginaw, attorney; W. L.
Clemente, of Bay City, manufacturer;
W. R.'Roach, of Hart, manufacturer,
end Benjamin F. Davis, of Lansing,
The <0 days of leeway granted af
ter n failure to pay interest will ex
pire Mmy 1, but it Is expected that the
court# of the bondholders will be de
cided long before that date.
NEW YORK—lnsanity, disease and
desertion are causes for divorce so
holy as marriage, Dr. Btanton Colt of
the West London Ethical society, de
clared to n lecture.
When you buy a gas
range be sure that its legs
are Tong enough to bring
the oven up on a working level.
This style range is called a “Cabi
net” and has the oveng on one aide
and the cooking top on the other,
both railed to the most convenient
height. This saves all stooping and
many a weary backache for the
tired housewife.
Long legs on your stove also
make it easier to sweep under and
give you a handy place for pots
and pans.
Don’t buy short legs like
this any more than you would cut
off the legs of your kitchen table.
to the only |utnntce that yott frsmj|j|!||j|^B
Genuine Jam
Your Physician Knows PlebAiif l
Sold only in one size bottle, itevef -
or otherwise; to protect
Mats. Tues, Thur.. Sat., 10-Slc. few Mo.
Every evening. li-tl-lOc, few at Tea
WAMUrOTM rursaa.
nmoVSZAfiii'JflZ'iZJi ii m.
J. Hartley Muien 1 Bi«UaUe CeeeeSy
et YaetbUYe and LaecMe*
Peg o’ My Heart
With ELSA RYAN Sg«.fts«^
Heat mteerite Clark ta “TraaelK.*
AVENUE SnSt 1 raa'uiauu
Seek toy Hsrttoa H. day.
Prleeei 10% Ha IK Sew IK
Week day Matftaae, SSa SOe.
West Week ■ Ttoe Twe Orptoaas
Heat Week .Hilly WateiH W Skew.
itise a a. to II > a,
MHaato lie aad ISe
will >eiaia epea aet later ttoaa Morek
is. Your lest opportunity to skate et
the famous old rink. Wednesday even
'**’ ”RU»E PARTY” .
Special Muelo and Decorations. See.
Z‘gx r 2ep~r
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That will be with the de* l
tails of your production — *
not with power problems.
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ments at the least expenditure of j|
time, trouble and expense to you, ,jE
and with the best results. :,|E
Lee us tell you about S
for your plant
'Hie Edison • jJMM
Illuminating Con^fl
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.. .- f - H ;.* . l: . .’.-iljnSffiHH

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