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Germany Declares War On France—Britain Defied l
LONDON, Aug. 4.—A naval battle is believed in program
off the French coast. Reports received from the life-saving
and coast-guard stations along the Yorkshire coast say that.
heavy firing was heard there at daybreak today.
It is known that a French squadron sailed from Brest
within the last few days, under sealed orders. The fleet is
reported as having passed out of Brest harbor at almosi he
same time that the German fleet was said to have v md
through the Kiel canal en route for the North sea.
R has been expected that the Germr.. s would at *
to raid the French coast before the British fleet cor id act
and it is believed by the naval officials here that at Vast a
part of the hostile German and French fleets have dashed.
War Bulletins
tSf r* _ fc. J —* /* t •*' 0+ « _ . • A ,%,■ r. «0 Jr .a j
BERLIN, Aug. 4.—Germany formally declared war on
France today. In a lengthy statement issued frodi the for
eign office, accompanying the formal declaration, it is alleged
that France has been the aggressor.
. The German declaration insists that France was the
first to violate German territory. It claims that while the
German forces were purposely held back from the frontier,
French columns destroyed the railroad bridges and trestles
In the vicinity of the frontier, while French aviators flew
well Into German territory and dropped bombs.
PARIS, Aug. 4.—German aviators killed 15 persons and badly
damaged the historic town of Luneville, in the department of
Meurthe Et Moselle, early today. In the early hours of morn
ing, just as the first faint streaks of dawn were showing in the
sky, aJ>ig Zeppelin dirigible sailed out of the fog. It was flying
low and as it passed over the church of St. Jacques a quantity
of high explosive was dropped. It missed the church and fell in
the square alongside. The concussion when it exploded was ter
rific. One of the sidewalls of the church was demolished and a
patrol of troops stationed there was annihilated. The dirigible
then proceeded over the fortifications, dropping other bombs there
and demolishing part of the embankment.
NEW YORK* Aug. 4.—The North German Lloyd liner
Kron Prini Wilhelm is today steaming along the Atlantic
coast In search of three German warships. The liner has no
passengers aboard, bat is carrying an enormous cargo of
coal and provisions. It was reported after she had cleared
port last night that her mission was to locate the German
warships and supply them with fuel and provisions. After
passing the Ambrose channel light she turned southward,
instead of to the northeast, the usual route of steamers
bound for Europe. . It Is now believed the vessel may return
here without proceeding to Bremen.
BERLIN, Aug. 4.—Placing responsibility for the break
directly at France’s door, Germany today formally declared
war OB her neighboring republic. The foreign office, in a
statement that accompanied the formal declaration, recited
specific violations of the Gorman frontier by the French;
named several Instances where it was alleged that aviators
had flown from France into Germany and dropped bombs on
unprotected towns, and, in con elusion, insisted that Germany
has always striven for peace, but that she has been hampered
at every move by “French aggression.’’
'PARIS, Aug. 4.—France and Germany are officially at
, war. The formal announcement was made in Berlin where
the foreign office handed the French ambassador his pass*
ports. Fighting is In progress near the Luxemburg-French
frontier. French aviators are reported as having attacked
German airmen near Loagwy, where a,battle is In progress.
Germans dropped bombs on historic Luneville, killing IS.
The city is aflaiK with the war spirit and the police are hard
pressed to control the antl-forelgn demonstrations.
BRUSSELS, Ang. 4.—According to the Burgomeleter of
Antwerp German forces have crossed into the province of
Limburg, tbe southeast province of the Netherlands. Hs has
received notification that martial law has been declared in
Holland and that the government will open the dykes and
flood ths country should Germany persist In an Invaffisn.
-• .
- ■ ■ ' I ! * ■ » I ■ ■■■»-■
Mysterious Monk Is Power
Behind the Russian Throne
RMpvtii, “The Rake/* More Powerful Than Czar, May Have
Said Word That Plunged AD Europe la Bloody War *
LONDON. Eng.. Aug. 4.—Gregor!
Rasputin, the all-powerful lay monk,
is tha shadow behind the throne of
Russia. Prom a mysterious parson
ha became an International figure re
cently by the almost fatal wound in
flicted upon him by n woman’s dai
Oregorl’s real name is Novyk,
“Rasputin” (the Rake), being mere
ly a popular nickname which Indi
cates his personal character and the
sort of life he leads. A fakir In
the roU of a prophet, Rasputin is a
gaunt, broad-shouldered peasant with
hypnotic eyes and long red hair.
But on his decision rested Russia's
attitude In the European trouble.
Some years ago the Grand Duchess
Serge, a sister of the Tnarevan,
mourning fer her assassinated hus
band, came Into contact with the
“holy man.”. Through her he was
presented to Nlcholl, the supersti
tious. The emperor succumbed to the
spiritual adventurer’s spell and the
monk behind tha throne embarked
upon bis astounding career.
The little father.ls as credulous as
he Is cowardly and crusl.. Surround*
ed by clanger, dogged by treason, the
husband off mentally sick wife, the
father of A doomed son, file csar
soon submitted to a strong man, who
1a tfeltbef sfoddfcra* not lrWffiT*
The v Imperial familiar aopuired
enormous teflaedce. The empreee,
highly Strang, haughty, embittered
also came under hie away. .Doling
the melancholia which followed the
birth of her fourth daughter “Holy
Rasputin" foretold the birth of a son
In 1204. The longed-for boy being
bon Joy became fright and Rasputin
played upon the imperial mother's
n !
A few years .back a particularly
groat sCahdal led to hit exile to To
bolsk. Leaving the capital he fright
ened the empress by prophesying
that “something terrible” .would fol
low oloee on his banishment When
the tsarevitch fell ill the calamity
was Interpreted as a fulfillment of
this warning and the tsar, yielding to
the pleading of the tsarevna, permit
ted Rasputin to return. ' ' ‘
So powerful is the mysterious in
fluence exercised over the colirt that
Russian War Dirigible First Picture Showing What Dirigible Car Looks Like
■ * * % . ' ' : • '•*** , P ‘
m - * . . - 'So r^F\h\ nT'" ** t*** «■■** *»* t ■■»' "and 3t' vt' f' ' "
gg * m^nm^mmnnpp^^^^^^wmpmnir^ . +■ *■'**#% '■'*■■■■ • v : * t drffiHM|fK4*flffi y *«• .•
di^Tiii : f . 18h-.r ~*'l■*&*'«' ■ J*-'*'?’
Russian officials acknowledge openly
the necessity of first placating the
monk who dictates to the emperor
when seeking, a favor from the
throne. Por years no question of Im
portance has been decided by the
tsar of all the Russlaa or hls minis
ters withoat the council of the most
sinister personage In the empire.
He alone prevented an Austro-Rus
slan war last year, he alone brought
about the ministerial upheaval of last
March. , The official censor formally
forbade the press to criticise the beet
hated man in Russia, grand dukes,
successful generals, even Count Wit
te are forced to attend hls audiences.
The Monk Iliooor, whom Rasputin
supplanted in the tsarevna’s favor,
denounced hls rival’s double life,
thrashed the “holy man” In hls
church at CaarUln, and dragged him
round the building by hig long red
hair. For this exhibition of muscular
Christianity Uiodoirwts recently ex
communicated by the sacred synod.
Some montas ago Rasputin’s mis
ooflttuct was scathingly denounced In
the duma, and M. Goutchkoff, then
leader of the Octoberlsts, published
la the Voicd of Moscow some state
ments proving “the charlatan’s” sin
monk behind the throne should bf
banished to Siberia. A'fortnight ago
an Imperial order decreed thAt Bag
puttn should return by special train,
with all honor, to his birthplace.
While walking with hls eon, Dmitry,
to the postoffice of Pokrovsky a young
peasant woman approached him,
veiled, as if to beg an alma, and
stabbed him In the abdbmen with a
military dirk. With terrible perti
nacity the had tracked her victim
from the * Crimea to Petersburg,
thence to western Siberia. There
she bided her time for a fortnight.
The dagger of vengeance was ?4
Inches long. Gueseva had carried It
2,400 miles under her shawl. The
terrible attack was something more
than a woman’s hatred. Gueseva
comes from Xsaritzln, e district where
the monk Iltodor enjoys hls greatest
popularity. She acknowledges her
self a follower of the mystic Hell
— ;
• tSf'-
* •
odorus, who, with Bishop Hermogea,
was ruined by Rasputin.
- w 71 Mmmmlmmm StkcM^.
to steal free rides on Deror
Raoer and Prussians headed them off.
See fen at Belle Tele bridge.—Adr.
Job Printing Dnn* Rl a b«. Time*
Printing Cn.. ft John R-st.
LONDON, Aug. 4.—ln an official statement issued fnffi
the French embassy, it is announced that a German army,
proceeding from Cologne, has invaded Belgium at Verviere.
The Germans are declared to have seized the railroad and to
be advancing in force by armored trains flanked by motor
cycle corps.
PARIS, Aug. 4.—Word that German troops had mt
foot on Belgian soil aroused the greatest excitement here.
It waa semi-officiaUy announced, however, that the French
war ministry had prepared for such a contingency. Gmmor
ship continues very strict on news regarding the movement
of troops. However, in view of the fact that the government
takes the news of German encroachment on Belgium calmly
it is assumed here that French troops have been concentrat
ing along the Belgian border.
* j-u
BRUSSELS, Aug. 4.—Germany has again threatened
Belgium. In a second note served on the foreign office to
day the kaiser demands that Belgium consent to Germa*
forces using the railroads to cross to France. If this diriaiiil
is refused the German ultimatum says war must be de
King Albert has replied that under no circumstances
will Belgium consent to the violation of her neutrality and
belligerently announces that the army will oppose Germany's
passage as long as a man is left alive.
It is reported that a strong German column has invaded
BelgiuiA at Venders.
This act of Germany is in direct defiance of Britain's
ultimatum that Belgian neutrality must be preserved.
ATHENS, Aug. 4.—lt is officially stated that tkeMP
ish government has ordered the mobilization of Its army.
The announcement says that the action is taken as a precau
tionary movement. Despite this there is a general belief that
Turkey has an arrangement with Germany whereby she wffl
assail Servia, thus releasing most of the Austrian army to net
against Russia.
'’ v /' 1 ,pv, y ,?fy r

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