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CMflfeated by Food Inspectors
Because They Don’t Conform
To State Standards
Warrant Issued for Dealer on
Charge of Selling “Oleo”
as Butter
Business was practically at a stand*
•till on the Detroit markets for two
hours Tuesday morning, when In
spectors Hu lecher, Balks, Ugh thill
and Doherty, of the state dairy and
food department, confiscated about
700 measures that do not conform to
the state regulations. Peddlers and
hucksters made ‘k hurried attack on
the ‘ hardware stores in an effort to
Sit new measures that would pass
e Inspectors.
All slses of measures were among
those seised, from the half-pint to
the half-bushel. All bore the seal of
the city sealer, but. while proper for
grain, they were all short when used
for dry or “heaping" measure.
A huge heap In tbe center of the
street. In front of the county build
ing, where the measures were
dumped, furnished ample evidence of
the activities of Hie Inspectors. A
large crowd gathered about, while a
photographer “snapped” * the display.
Then the measures were reloaded,
and taken to the Jefferson-ave. dump,
where Inspectors Doherty and Light
hill soon demolished them, with axes.
On information laid by Inspector
Doherty, a warrant has been Issued
for Edward Roulo, No. 1750 Mlchi
gaa-ave., on a charge of selling oleo
margarine as butter. The so-call%d
“butter,” when analysed, showed a
refrigeration test of 26 cubic centi
meters. the foam test negative, and
artificial coloring present
Complaints from various travelers
that the Pullman company forces Its
. -waiter" to sleep on the tables of some
of the diners, will be Investigated by
the department, and If such is found
to be the case, drastic action will be
taken. It la charged, also, that the
cars are often over-stocked with fresh
meat, and some of it, as a result, is
held too long before serving.
Things You Nsvsr Hssr.
“No, madam, these eggs are not very
“You're sure $lO will be enough,
old man V
“What an ugly baby? Aren't you
ashamed to own such a little satyrT“
—Colubla State.
Tells How to Cali Fruit When
Sugar Sells At War Prices
In a letter to The Times, Miss Elisa
A Street, No. 113 Junction-are., com
menting upon the advance in the
price of sugar, which Is seriously
handicapping the. housewife in the
present canning season, sends the
following recipe for canning peaches,
pears or apricots, which requires
much lees sugar than is usually called
for in cook book recipes:
"Make a ayrup In the proportion
jof-lso caps of granulated sugar to
four cups of water and let it boil five
minutes. Drop in the fruit, which,
The Confessions of a Wife
“Can You Beat It?” Aaka Mollic.
Mollle came up to dinner last night
and as Dick did not come home I had
plant/ of time to listen to. the latest
tt newe in regard to her “Job.**
“You simply have to hand it to my
boat. Margie." she said in her slangy
| way. "He pqlled an entirely new one
' on me this morning."
"Mollle, Mollie, you must be more
| particular about your speech. You
l use more slang than a newsboy on the
V street It isn’t nice, by dear."
"I know it but whsa you hear it
a all the while you unconsciously drop
r into it Besides. I never use much
l slanf except when I am talking of my
( boss. You JUst can't talk of him ex
lidfpt in the idiom of the atreet He is
$ that kind of a man. you know."
•What daJyou mean h* that Mql
| llef** I asked curiously, for the Idea
f was new. timpie.
"Why, he is the kind of .a man that
disclaims any intarest fa*'anything
which he (fieribes
kind that has no uae fbr any woman
unless sbeW pretty—why he'd leave
For Yflnir Sewing Basket ~
It g a
Real Dogs of War, Red Cross Aids, On Way to Battlefields Strewn With Wounded
y >v * < 4^ v ja tV f{ *^r^nflM|W^MP^^^^WßßKa^ v? , **l
The celebrated canine ambulance divlaion of the French army on ita way to the front. This division is made up of the regulation ambulance corps, aided
by speolally trained dogs.
Palaver of
The Politicians
The Indorsements County Clerk
Farrell U receding In his candidacy
for renomlnatlon, prove that the pub-
Uo official who puts his office on a
strict business basis and goes in for
efficiency, makes no mistake. C. lerk
Farrells mail is heavy these days,
not alone with assurances of support
but with words of commendation for
him for the splendid manner in which
be has conducted this Important de
partment. Members of the bar, par
ticularly, Indorse the Farrell admin
There will be a happy lot of street
car riders on the Trumbull line If
Conductor “Bill’' Jones gets a nom
ination for the legislature. Every
man, woman and child on the line
knows and likes “Bill/’ and wants to
see him named to go to Lansing.
* -
Mayor Marx announces that he will
make political speeches eaoh night
this week.
, Supporters of Malcolm J. McLeod
announce that there are about 40
"McLeod for congress" clubs flourish
ing in the new Thirteenth district
The clubs range in membership from
25 to several hundred, it Is said.
Doctors and druggists all agree that
something must be done soon to stop
the sale of devices, Implements and
after being peeled, halved and with
•tones or seeds removed, baa been
placed In cold water to prevent dis
coloration, and cook in the hot syrup
until thoroughly heated through.
Place in sterilised Jars, allowing the
syrup to overflow the Jars and seal
immediately. Test the tightness of
the Jar tops when cold.”
“This method of canning we con
sider a very simple process,” writes
Miss Street. "We have used It for
years ami have never lost a Jar of
Jane Addams any time to follow Lil
lian Russell. He is the kind that muat
have a cocktail before and wine after
his dinner —the kind that in its own
mind is lord of creation, but in the
minds of even the women who sccept
the attention of this kind of a man and
feed his vanity, he is Just a plain
What an arraignment from a girl of
17. And yet many men would be aur
prised if they only knew the opinion
their stenographers have of them.
"Well, yesterday, about half past
one," continued Mollle, "In came the
bosa, having one of those little mouse*
colored women in tow. She really
looked about ten years older than ha
and I am sure that she stays at home
hlvfa/g and takes cure of the children
while her husband turkey trots about
the restaurants whsre the lights are
“She looked at me rather suspicious
ly end said in a frapped tone of voice,
*1 see you have anew stenographer,
'* 'James' wheeled about in his chair
and said: 'Yes, dear, and I want you to
know Miss Whverly because she is
one girt In a thousand/
“'Thank you, Mr. Denton,' I said
demurely as I aoknowledged his wife's
very cool greeting."
" 'You see, dear, yesterday I asked
Miss Waverly to go to lunch with me
;luat to try her and I found out she Is
a girl of the strictest principle—my
dear, she wouldn't go.'
"1 wish you could have seen his
wife's fact. It was another caae of
pretending. Bhe knew he didn't ask
me because he wanted to find out
about my principles.
"1 was furious and said: *1 am some
what curious to know what, under the
circumstances, you would have done
had I acceptedr * •,
"Poor man. ho had not thought of
that and he stuttered and stammered
while trying to And an excuse until 1
rather pitied him and continued, ‘I
don't know about ray having tbs strict
est principles, Mrs. Denton, hut I do
know it Is not policy to mix social re
lations with business relations and I
am not going to do so if I can help It/
“Oh. how I wanted to tell her, Mar
gie, that If I hadn’t a principle on
earth I would not go with him. lam
glad I am in a position to talk up to
him. but, Margie. I am thinking of all
those other poor %trla who are sfrald
of losing tbelr Jobs. What would they
do when an occasion liks this arises?”
"I do not know, Mollle, —I do not
(Tw Be Continued.)
so-called patent medicines that are
advertised to cure, but which have
no curative powers. Not only by such
fakes are the needy poor robbed of
their hard-earned money, but very
often a serious Illness is permitted to
secure such a bold on & patient while
experimenting with the frauds, that
a cure is impossible. Arthur E.
Wood, candidate for state senator, In
his political talks, promises. If elect
ed, to Introduce a bill creating a
board of four druggists, four doctors
and one layman. This commission
of nine will pass on the possible mer
its and curative qualities of all patent
medicines and devices before they
may be advertised and sold la Michi
gan. It is Intended that a small tax
be applied on such articles so as to
defray the expense of the commission.
Alex J. Groesbeck, candidate for
nomination for governor, will address
the Colored Voters’ Oroesbeck club
of the Fifth ward, in Union League
auditorium, Tuesday night.
Dr. Banks B. Duncan, candidate
for one of the Republican nominal
tlons in the Eighth ward, has prac
ticed medicine there for 20 years
and is well known. His friends say
he will make a strong run. •
l i i■.■■ ■ ..
Justice of the Peace Fred E. De-
Gaw's claim for another term in that
office is sustained by a record which
proves that the law and the facts
have guided his decisions. They have
always stood the test of review, be
yond which fact nothing is needed
to testify to Justice DeGaw's ability,
widely appreciated by the members
of the bar.
Justice of the Peace Edward Com
mand will step Into the office of pro
bate judge, if nominated, and elected
to that office, by way of a deserved
compliment from the voters and a
promotion won by merit recognised
by all who have watched his court.
Justice Command has the Important
faculty of tempering justice with
mercy. He has been known to find a
judgment against a poor woman for
a grocer's bill and then give the
woman the money from his own pock
et with which to meet the judgment.
Among the numerous supporters in
the campaign for nomination are
man and woman in the lowly walks
of life who thank Justice Command
for a square deal in "the poor man’s
court." The fitness and the ability
of this candidate for the office he
seeks, permit of no question and he
will undoubtedly give a good account
of himself in the primaries.
Bringing boys and girls into court
for juvenile delinquencies, and the
resulting decrease in parental disci
pline and control, are two agencies of
crime that can readily be eliminated,
according to George H. Carlisle, can
didate for one of the Republican pro
bate judgeship nominations. Court
experience of any kind degrades a
child, and tends to arouse an antag
onism against the law and its meth
ods, Mr. Carlisle explains. The prop
er method of dealing with juvenile
delinquents is through their parents,
he says, and juvenile courts should
have power to bring parents to court,
to answer for the conduct of their
children. Thus would the child be
spared the court experience, and par
ental control be bolstered up.
Malcolm J. McLeod, candidate for
the Republican nomination for con
greas in the Thirteenth district, start
ed the final week of the campaign
with a rush, addressing a large noon
day meeting and three big night meet
ings. In Mr. Addison's residence, No.
43 Maybury Grand-ave., 800 cltixens
were present, while In the Bricklay
ers’ union hall, High and Cass-ave.,
the place was Ailed to overAowlng,
necessitating an sddress to the men
not able to get in the ball. At Six
teenth and Milwaukee a gathering of
300 men and women listened to Mc-
Leod close his strenuous evening’s
The McKinley club of Detroit will
hold a smoker in the Armory, Satur
day night. Sheriff Milton Oakm&n
will preside and the chief speakers
will be Prosecutor Allan H. Fraser
and former Judge James O. Murfln.
Prospects For Renewal of Ex
ports Sends Price Up
Four Cents
CHICAGO, Aug. 18.—Wheat futures
Jumped more than four cents on the
Chicago board of trade today on Iny
proved prospects for a renewal of ex
port bualneaa to Europe. Reporta from
Boston. New York and New Orleans
indicated that shipments of American
wheat will begin leaving In a few
days for British sad French porta.
New York Senator, in “Keynote”
Speech, Scores Initiative and
SARATOGA, N. Y„ Aug. 18.—Plea
for a slmpllcation of governmental
processes, an appeal for “sanity in
reform," an attack on the initiative,
referendum and recall, and a review
of the Democratic party’s record with
the statement that "enterprise halts
because It distrusts and fears the
party," were the salient points of
Senator Ellhu Root's keynote speech
before the Republican state conven
tion here, today.
Root declared a popular revolt had
arisen against party directors, with
out the legislature. The initiative
and referendum are not proper pan
aceas for this condition, however, be
"They are not the true avenues of
escape," he said. "They are retro
gression. They are abandonment of
representative reftorm— based upon a
surrender of state legislatures to per
Reforms recommended by Root
were that the governor or heads of
his executive departments be given
seats In the legislature with the pow
er to Initiate, but not to vote on leg
islation; a definite budget plan; short
ballot; slmpllcation of the judicial
code, and a more speedy method of
Impeachment and removal of Judges.
"The threat of a third party has
practically disappeared." Root de
clared. "It never had any real sub
stance apart from the powerful per
sonality of Mr. Roosevelt."
Frank Selke Loses Life in River,
and Companion Haa Narrow —
Falling from a canoe which cap*
sized as 4 two small boys were at
tempting to launch It at the dock of
the Yeomans Box Cos.. No. 274 Wight*
at., Tuesday noon, FranJk Selke, 14
years old, was drowned, and Frank
Kass, about the same age, saved him
self only by clinging to a pile until
he was dragged to saXety by men on
the dock.
The Selke boy's body was recovered
by Harbormaster Kling off the foot of
Ueb-st., shortly after the drowning.
The Kass boy hurried home to noti
fy the parents of his companion, who
he said, lived on Forest-ave., near St.
Aubln-ave., and was a neighbor of his.
Coroner Rothacher was notified, and
took charge of the body.
Desirous of closing all business be
fore the court before starting on his
vacation. United States District Judge
Arthur J. Tuttle, Tuesday morning,
heard and granted the petition of Hal
H. Smith and other attorneys repre
senting the underlying bondholders
of tho Pere Marquette railroad, for
an extension of time for the prepara
tion of the condensed record to be
presented to the United Btates cir
cuit oourt in Cincinnati in the appeal
from Judrfe Tuttle's order for the is
suance of $4,000,000 of receiver s cer
tificates to meet the mors pressing
obligations of the system.
A rule of the circuit court of ap
peals provides that records of testi
mony shall be Aled in what is known
as “narrative form," that is, with all
immaterial portions cut out and with
all else condensed as much as pos
sible without the sacrifice of any ma
terial sense. Under the court's order
the appellants have until Oct. 9 to
preaent the amended record.
The parties to the appeal are W.
W. Crapo and George W. Morley, the
New England Trust Cos„ Old Colony
Trust Cos., International Trust Cos.,
and New York Trust Cos., underlying
bondholders. Their appeal applies
only to one-half of the $4,000,000 Is
aue allowed by the court which Is
given preference over the securities
held by them.
Pontiac Firm la Bankrupt.
George O. Hewson and Joseph P.
Nowaske. of Pontiac, partners, doing
business as the Rapid Electric Cos.,
filed a petition In bankruptcy in Uni
ted States court, Tuesday morning,
scheduling liabilities of $1,415.41. and
assets at $450. John C. Ward, Battle
Creek contractor and carpenter, filed
s bankruptcy petition. Monday, sched
uling liabilities of $2,300 and assets
of SSSO.
Board of Commerce Members
Will Get Compilation of Data
The Detroit Board of Commerce
will send to its members, Wednesday,
copies of a trade bulletin being pre
pared by Traffic Commissioner Arthur
T. Waterfall. It will contain about
seven pages of facts and figures that
may have a bearing on foreign trade
of local manufacturers.
“The bulletin is designed to give
the shipper a condensed view of the
situation he will be called upon to
meet in getting new foreign busi
ness." said Mr. 'Waterfall, Tuesday
"Naturally, It will deal chiefly with
conditions relative to South America,
since the trade relations with that
continent are about the only ones ma
terially affected by the war, outside
of those with the nations actually en
gaged in the conflict. Os course, it
.would be useless to take up the
countries now at war.
“The bulletin will give the amounts
of Imports into the different coun
tries in the past; will tell where
those supplies have come from, and
will describe in a short, concise way
how far those previously existing
lines of trade have been lmirfered
with. It will also give summaries of
Insurance and freight rates along
lines which are now used for freight
shipments and estimates of costs by
possible new routes."
This publication will give the mem
bers of the 'Board of Commerce the
benefit of what Mr. Waterfall was
able to learn on his trip to the east
last week.
Makes Protest Against Applica
tion of Former Owner of
Penobscot Inn
James A. Fitzgerald, one of the
former proprietors of the Penobscot
inn, made application for a transfer
of the license to No. 35 Oreusel-st.,
In a meeting of the council liquor
committee. Tuesday morning. Aid.
Ooldner, in whose ward the saloon
would be located If the transfer were
granted, objected to the proposed
change, and, at his request, Anal dis
posal of the matter was laid over for
a week.
‘Tve heard reports about this af
fair that don’t sound good,” said
Aid. Goldner.
He refused to comment further on
the matter.
Alleging that the Thomas Rein
forced Concrete Cos. received the con
tract for paving Thlrty-Arst-st.
through misrepresentations that the
concrete pavement is cheaper, 50
residents of that thoroughfare, Tues
day, Aleda protest with the common
council. The residents. In their peti
tion. insist that they petitioned for
paving with cedar blocks and that
this pavement is both cheaper and
better than concrete.
Science now f tells us that the time
honored custom of powdering, roug
ing and painting is an abuse of the
complexion and makes the skin shine
because they, make It unhealthy and
oily. Os course, we have known for
a long time that in most cases pow
der and rouge give an unquestioned
artlAcial appearance to the face which
can be eliminated by the use of a
good face lotion. When you wish to
save money and be absolutely certain
of the purity and effectiveness of your
lotion. It is very easy to make ene at
home by getting 4 ounces spurmax
from druggist and dissolving it in H
pint of hot water to which you add
2 teaspoonfuls of glycerine. This lo
tion is easier to apply than powder,
does not rub off for a day or an even
ing and looks like part of the skin,
so giving a natural, velvety bloom
while removing shlntness, surface
discolorations,. such as rings left by
collars. It cures Irritation and pim
ples, does not rub off and show on
even dark fabrics and does not clog
the pores, thus stopping proper tkln
Mr*. Wadsworth Warren, who ta
traveling In Alaska, la now In Sitka.
The Outing club^Tthe Y. W. C. A„
will give a launch ride In Lake 8L
Clair, Thursday evening, from 7 to 9
Mrs. Leon Flnck and Miss Eleanor
Bowen are on a three-weeks' lake
Mrs. Wylie E. Woodbury, Charlotte
ave., entertained at luncheon Mon
day, for Mrs. Clarence A. Vetter, of
Mrs. Frank returned. Tues
day. from New York, where she has
been visiting since her return with
Mr. Blair from Europe, last week.
Mrs, William JofuT Simmons, of St.
Louis, Mo., Is the guest of her sister,
Mrs. James Ogden Lenox, No. 1079
Dr, Rebecca and her
mother, Mrs. Beath, left, Saturday,
for a lake trip to Duluth.
The marriage of Miss Marjorie Ce
celia Oagnon, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph E. Oagnon, to David N.
Wilkie, will take place Thursday,
Aug. 20, In Holy Trinity church.
Dr. and Mrs. "(Carles E. Albright
and Miss Eleanor Rohnert are the
guests of Mrs. Frederick L. Sivyer,
Lake Shore drive, Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. C. TuthlU and Miss
Helen TuthlU, No. 3032 East Orand
blvd., and Dr. Grace Clarke, are vis
iting friends In Toronto, on their way
to Lake Joseph. Muskoka.
The Duross Pleasure club held the
annual banquet, Saturday evening, in
the club rooms, No. 499 Ashland-ave.
The guest of honor was the Rev. Ivan
Hay. of Canada. Miss Beatrice Davie
gave piano numbers.
An Informal party will
be given Tuesday evening on the roof
of the Y. W. C. A. building. A musi
cal program will be followed by re
Mr., and P. Bayley
and Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bayley
and little son are spending two weeks
In the White mountains, stopping In
Bethlehem. Fabyan. Bretton Woods
and Crawford Notch.
The Master's Voice.
“We have come,” said the chairman
of the committee, "to ask you to take
this nomination. The city needs a
man like you—strong, brave, self
made, self-reliant, owning no master,
fearing no man."
The great man wav visibly touched.
“I’ll not deny," said he, "that your
kind words have shaken my resolution.
I trust that, if elected. I may Justify
your confidence and prove that I am
Indeed, strong, brave, self-reliant; that
I own no master and fear no man.
Suppose you wait a minute till I see
If my wife will let me accept?”—N. Y.
Clerks in the stores and shops of all
kinds In Mexico smoke while waiting
on * ' ■* J '
If Is So Easy
To Get Hid of
fßy Using
and a little
Goticura J
Ointment }
occasionally that it is a pity
not to do so in all cases of pim
ples, redness, roughness, itch
ings and irritations. Nothing'
better for skin and scalp.
Samples Free by Mall
Cuttmvm So*p MM ointment soM thrmebout tM
world. Liberal samp* of aacS mailed in*, with 32-p
book. Addraaa “Cattcera,” Dept 17H. Boatoa
■ -
l KellermaN
T In (hr World's O roe trot lawtntla
I Nltfht at Sil3—3ft*. 50e.
T Undue* Dally AtSiSO —Ms.
Wring tbe Children to Matlacc.
AADPirUMatb T«#o.,Thnrn.dk *ot.
A Few Seat* «4c.
Fifth *eo*oo— Seventh Week.
Double Blit Every Performance.
Coimo Hamilton’* I Prime one-act play
tireat Play I by Edgar Oua«t
The Blindness I The Rlohoo
of Virtue | of the Poor
CADILLAC bwplesque
it pa. Hotel t'ndlll.ir
Neat Week—“HELLO, PARIS.*'
Mate. *aa. Toe*. Thars. Sat. Price* lOe.
20*. .to*, few Me. Week-day mat. 10e.30*
Next Week—AT P!*EY RIDOF
gAI | V THIS week
r nr Ki.fcsQt’B
Matinee and *tarht.
With Ora Entail. Tiny Barefoot and.
Mnoele Dancer.
1 Oc—2oc—3oc
LANSINO,' Mloh. Au* Id (CM
cl»l)—It to ,ip«cls4 tut tOB M>
board of equalisation wiU /.Minima
its work and adjourn fey
Judging by the progress made
morning at the flrgt formal hMItM!
Poverty plena, which were in fvidgnOk ,
at the sessions of the equalisers tfxre#
years ago, were lacking, the rqpra—n
tativea who appeared before the board
this morning expressing rmhhlT
lsfaotlon with the
fixed by the state tax odsunUdlP
However, it la expected fits IS
fight will be made to have
county figures decreased.
Although Alcona county waa zsdned;
91.032,786 by the tax commission over
the figures of the board of super?!*
ora of the county, ne representative
appeared to enter complaint todajk
Supervisor Leighton, of Alger ootmty,
•uted that the taxpayers were gall*
fled although the county was boosted
91,377,112. He complimented the tat
commission on Its work.
Allegan county’s representative aald
he had no complaint to make as the
figures for that county were decreased
986,162 over the amount fixed by tbe
board of supervisors. Alpena county
waa Increased 91.698,480, but no pro
test waa made. Antrim county, boost
ed nearly 94,000,000, waa not repre*
sented. Baraga county, decreased
9181.438, and Barry county, Increased
9352,393, were not represented at thv
hearing. Bay, Berrien and Brand
counties were not represented and ns
protests were made to the board. ’
— ITT A-flreet Saving,
‘John, if I should die, what would
you do?"
* Start a bank account!"—Judge. '
of Music
Pounded in 1874. Acknowledged
by the leading musicians of Europe
and America to be one of the fore
most Institutions of its kind In the
Every Branch Taught. Sixty thor
oughly skilled Instructors.
Public School Music and Drawing.
Academic Department.
Fall term begins Monday, Sept. 14.
Year book on request. Address
ieiß Woodward At*. Detroit.
“Niagara to the Sea”
Also Over
Lakes Superior and Huron
Fifteen hundred miles of Lakes,
Rivera and Rapidt. From the
headwaters of '
2iH , „* ’ i‘. "
The Great Lakes
To the brine of the
Atlantic Sea Board
With stopovers at New and Old- -
World Cities, aa well as charm
ingly situated
I v ' . *'i t > *<
Summer Hotels
“Where the sea breesea mingle *
with the pine." Tripe for a Bay
to a month in duration. Let us
tell you about them.
H. Foster Chaffee, P. T. M.
Montreal, Canada
Established 1840
Fastest Steamers In the World
, (Subject to change)
Cainpania, Wed., Aug. 26,10 a.m.
Campania Tues., Sept. 15
Campania Tues., Oct. 6
For information apply
21-24 Stato SL. New York
PSaladUaLr « Orient-
H Es ™ P* l JPreeneat
V Tears ' laVl
M EjnL# Round World Tour*.
fall lafedwattoa
apply Canard Idao. Rl-M RtatiMt. N.r,
Fill* -MATS. 3ISO
1 1,000 NEATS 10c
Detroit Aato Oithtstfs
With Helen ( anper, Arthur Windsor
aad Reeoo Leroy'.
W’lLSOif BROS.—•'That's All**
■■■■. ■— •
BUr' MaMoee Dotty.
Mr. I Mrs. Fredtrk Vosfcer
Juliet' i\y. Bar*Y Bercsford A
Cos.; Hoey A,Lee, Corelli A Oiliette;
Iren* & Bobby Smith; RoedWrs In
vention; Ej Key Staters; Moorso-
Scope. . ■ /
GAYCTY j ywic. daily
* kiln •< Mat... M,
the Prize Winner*
til “A Broadway HeaeyaMa”
Next Week—-College Girls
Where you can See the hfsatlful Detroit
driver and the tltamdr. paasing ,i
up and down. «
Cool, quiet and
Ladies not admitted eve
ning* without escorts.
The Ktlto Dao.
Jans!* Moran and Anna II Simpson,
popular Detroit singers, have bean
\ engaged fop ahottosr week
Tae Famoitn W bltlna Trio
Aubrey (Tettlamnn. Joe Qu.ilirri,
Dan Noeher.
are nlao re-engaged Re sure
nnd hear thdfh.
l.ernt Nntfth’o Or*-l»e.*-e.
With food specialties nnd service un
equaled Prices moderate. 1
entrances: Foot Thlrd-ave. aad oc

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