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Thin is Former Senator’s Reply
to “Milt” Oaknian’s Elimi
nation Program
“I'm not in politic*,” U the char
a< trri»tic reply at former Senator
John D. Mui Kay make* to Sheriff
Milton Oakinun'* declaration that the
'd* light of the coming Republican
county convention will be, not the
regency content, but the attempted
el.mil allull of MucKuy from Wuyne
couuty politic*
“I am too buny working for the law
firm of Stoll A Mac Kay to mix
in the political game," Mr. Mac Kay
added. ‘When a man iiaa been at bin
deal; from n o'clock in the morning
until f» 30 in the afternoon, he’a ready
to go home and get a liitle recreation.
“My interest in CYauk B. Iceland's
candidacy for tir regency is purely
I" rsonal. He hi a near neighbor of
mine and a warm friend. Asa friend
and a citizen I would like to see him
get another term. He deserves to
win, and I believe he’» going to, for
'he will be strongly supported in the
In hla published statement, Sheriff
Oakman refers to the MacKay-Yerkea
crowd as backing Mr. l.eland. Mr.
Mac Kay insists that there is no basis
for linking their names in this con*
vection as Mr. Yerkes alone is looking
after the details of Mr Iceland's cam
paign Mat Kny says he isn't even a
candidate for deb gate.
J. O. (’urwood’s New Rook
Tells of North Country
James Oliver Curwood, the well
known “novelist of the north," a na
five of Owosso. Mich., and a former
Detroit newspaperman, is in Detroit
on his way to Owosso from New York,
where he has been the last few weeks
in consultation with Duublcduy, Page
A To., the publishers of hla latest
book, "Hod's Country uml the Wo
man." Mr. Curwood returned in the
late fall from three mouths In the tin
explored forests of northern British
Columbia, where lie traveled 1,400
miles on horseback through country
into which no white mail had pre
viously entered. One half of each year
Mr. Curwood speuds in what he calls
"Hods country'," the land north of the*
rjreat lakes and south of the Arctic
circle, which he describes in his latest
book the laiid of the mink, the
moose, the tall spruce, the half-breed
trapper and the white mans trading
post. He has out trails through al
most every part of the far north, and
lias hunted all kinds of big game on
the upper part of the continent, from
walrus and seal on Hudson's bay, to
grizzlies, sheep and gouts In British Co
lumbia. Mr. Curwood claims to have
more friends among the Indians, half
breeds and whites of the Hudson bay
country than any oilier wuiite man
not excepting itien of "the company.'
“On one occasion w hen I was re
turning from that wonderful land,
which 1 have described in ‘Hod's Coun
try and the Woman -my wife and a
half-breed companion with me v\e
struck the camp of an Indian. JMutfo
sin by name,’’ related Mr. Curwood In
au interesting talk to The Times,
about hla recent exporienees. "Metto
sln, his wife and three children were
sick with the measles. In the nefrth
land measles is a desperate disease—
the next dreaded thing to smallpox.
Within a week Mettoain had buried
two of his children, and one of the
remaining three was about ready to
die. My w ife and ! got out our medi
cine case and for six days we camped
near, and attended to them until they
were out of danger. A year passed
and then came the sequel. One day
a bulky package was delivered to me
at my home, and upon opening It I
found SSOO worth of beautiful fox
skins, mink, ermine and sable. They
were from Mettosin. He did not know
my name, or where 1 lived, w hen 1 left
him. He had found out in hijf own
way. He had gone to the Hudson'*
bay post 50 miles distant, had found
out all about me and had got the
elerk there to send me the furs, which
probably represented two thirds of his
winter’s catch. Among the furs was
a slip of paper on which were Just
three words, w'ritten In English by
the agent, and with Mettosln’s name
under them, and they were ‘For the
Mr. Curwood’s latest novel. “Hod's
Country and the Woman" which was
placed on sale to the public Saturday,
Is being featured by Doubleday. Fags
& Cos., as the best book of their Jan
uary output.
Mr. Curwood is now at work on n
nature book for a publishing firm with
which he has a contract to write one
nature book a year, exclusive of any
other writing lie may do.
Pound Resurrects “States
Rights” Doctrine in St. ( lair
Heights Suit
Th*> views of Alexander Hamilton,
on the question of states right*, were
quoted at length, Friday afternoon,
in Judge Hosinef’s court, by Attorney
Jamei H. Pound, in defense of the
action of the village council of St.
Clair Heights, in issulug two addi
tional saloon licenses. Proseeutor
FYarer is seeking to annul the grants,
declaring that the issuing of the
licenses constitutes a violation of the
provision of the Warner-Cramton aet,
which prohibits a community from
having more than one saloon for each
500 of population. The last federal
census to he accepted as the official
report on population.
Attorneys for the village quoted
Hamilton to ahow that h federal
census should not be called Into af
fairs which operated within the. boun
daries of a state.
Judge Hosmer, after hearing the
arguments, said he would reserve his
"Well,*’ said the lawyer for the vil
lage officials, 'that's what Hamilton
says, and he was a lawyer, even if
tome people think he wasn’t much of
a statesman.”
Detroit rimes* Job Printing Depart
ment.—M-i (fl
Pleasure and Commercial Cars Exhibited
At Auto Show by Detroit Electric
j|. IL' -tii
Making tools and jigs for Detroit Electric cars. The Anderson Electric
Car Company, builders of the Detroit Electric, have the largest plant in the
world devoted to the manufacture of electric pleasure cars.
The Anderson Electric Car company,
manufacturers ot Detroit Electric
pleasure and commercial cars, are
unusually well represented this year
at the Detroit Automobile Show.
Tile Detroit Electric exhibit is di
vided in three sections. In the elec
tri" pleasure bar department, the new
Model Cabriolet, uud the new
brougham are on view. The snappy
appearance of the new cabriolet is
sure to attract unusual attention this
year, while the roominess and general
elegance of the brougham models to
gether with the new simplified mech
aursni ol the Duplex Drive model is
also Interesting.
In the commercial car department
ar< shown one of the new 4.000,

Present Demand For Studebak
ers Indicates Probable
Scarcity Soon
U J. Ollier, sales manager of the
Studebaker Corporation, says thai,
any way lie tan figure it, there is go
ing to be a big shortage .of Stude
baker cars around March 1. Mr. Ol
lier's statement is wortii listening to.
for lie bus traveled trout end of Hie
United States to the other,‘not once,
but several times within the last
three months, besides taking' short
trips into Canada when occasiqu de
manded. * ,
"Everywhere l go," said Mr. Ollier,
“I hear stories of returning prosper
ity ami a confidence in permanent
good times. In the west and middle
west the farmers are holding on to
their crops, awaiting the higher prices
sure to come. The south is confident
that cotton will reach unprecedented
figures and the flurry that occurred
in the eastern states upon°the news
of tin* outbreak of war in Europe
seems have passed. There is a
general feeling of optimism that ar
gues well for the future."
Studebaker lias 20 factory branches
in various big cities of the United
Slates, and over 400 wholesale* ties
men scattered all over the countryside.
Mr. Ollier makes it a point to get
around once every two months. lie
says he has yet to receive a report
unfavorable to a big sale of ears in
the spring.
"It is a fact,” said Mr. Miller, "that
December, January and February
have been always considered as the
poorest months In the year in which
to sell automobiles. Ana yet. all
through the winter our sales have
been gratifyingly large. In some In
stances 1 thought the increased de
mand for Studebaker cars was due to
the redoubled efforts on the part of
dealers and salesmen; in fact I was
sure it was, but when the demand is
national in its scope and I receive
constant reports of people walking in
to a salesroom and buying cars for
future delivery I am sure that the de
mand is a real one and is not being
“My advice to dealers," continued
Mr. Ollier, "is to carefully canvas the
field and place their orders for cars
early. If they don’t, someone is go
ing shy in early spring, lor we have
not been able to accumulate a reserve
of cars and the output of our big De
troit plants is being shipped out day
by day in response to the demands
made upon us."
Adam Kwit'ikn. 25, Mary Uaronska,
Julin/L<mto, u 7; Mary Kaeynlu, IS.
James Prak* s, 22; Ada Morgan. J 9
Prank titahup, 20. bopinu s\ ij-aoh, r*.
Witludd Dobrowskl, 35. tleleiiu P.
Itaw Inska, 28
Ferdinand Zebrow sky, 25; Katherine
Seikowska, 20.
Henry T. Williams, 34, Huston,
Mass , Lu< > \\ lit er, 31, Lb: t rid t
John Krsieminski, 24, Wyandotte;
Lu twlka Wiegllcka, 20, I»• trolt
John Zclik, 25. Vh tuna Kutodzlej,
i:mil Struuss, 25. Kat \ Till, 20
Anthony Karpinskl, 23, \gnea Miot
ku, JT.
Stanislaw Ulowniak, 28; i'va Zowis
iki, 20.
Ignazia * Hoolo, 27; Mary Tunbi.-reU,
Prm-st HotTman, 2S. Philippine isl
ands. Caroline Crawford. 2a. Detroit.
Peiix Mlotkowski, Mary Multrk-
Avskl. 21.
William I’alts, 33; Pearl Wilson, 34.
Theophllus Henry, 2tl, Detroit, Pdna
A. Tygh, 2*>. .laekson.
Andrew Balmas, 27; Josephine Step
len. IN.
Kalph Sines, 2*», Bowling Green, u.;
ljn\ik Modi pit, 22. same.
Joseph Mnrsuiik. 27, Detroit; Paulina
M lewlndoneka, 18, Hamtruim'k.
Thomas W>att. 31; Lilltun Beaure
gard. 22.
. Vlneet> Malei/iki. 23; Antonia Piut
r.ala, 20
Wojclch Kazara, 28; Anna i.atehou.
Martin Oorski. *8; Kathai lon Nown
kowskl. 34.
Isatior King. 28. Mollie Wilson. 22
.lames Lawson, 20; Marvin Harrison.
John IT. Hall, $3, Grand Rapids: An
nie Death, 58, Detroit.
Albert Coosfsld. 28, Detroit: Margnr
ett Paqitln. 2*>, Cheboygan.
Patmund Walcryxk, 22. Lena Ltsi
kowskl, 20.
Joe (tagsl, 24, Beaale Moyherown. 18.
Joseph S. homberg, 28; Celia Konkel,
21. v
Bantu*] Holstein, 38; Alma Huppet.
Malms* Mustntesc, 24; Kon> yunda
Bartoaik, 13. . *
Walter It. Meyers. *l7. Detroit; l,uli
Schmid, 20, Itock Island.
Detroit Times’ Job relating Depart
ment.—Main 4 520.
pound Detroit Electric trucki-. com
plete with body and a 4,00(* pound
chassis stripped for the convenience
of engineers or others who may care
to stiid > the construction.
The vehicles at the Detroit Electric
truck exhibit are duplicates of those
ipurchased for service in Eng
land. which rendered such excellent
service that duplicate orders are being
| constantly received.
In the third action of the Detroit
Electric exhibit is the industrial truck
lof I,uuu pound capacity. This ingen
ious storage battery truck shows an
advanced development in the direc
tion of simplicity and efficiency, and
is meeting with strong approval in
many businesses as a means of con
serving time and labor.
Flans To Show Them I p With
•‘Pieces’* Over His Own
Executive Relieves “Inside
Dope" Will Make Great Hit
With Public
Mayor Marx proposes to priut some
"inside dope" on municipal matters,
which lie thinks vvill .be of general in
terest to the public. Beginning Feb.
1, a large bulletin board will be dis
played on the outside of the northeast
corner of the city hail, aud ou the
bourd will appear daily bulletins over
the mayor s signature. The mayor
promises some red hot bulletins as
soon as he gets his baud iu the pub
Kshing gamp, lie will act as ediior
iu-ebief of the bulletins, bis secretary,
Edward TANARUS, Fitzgerald, as news editor,
and-“ Bob" messenger iu the,
executive ofiice, will operate the print
ing press. The bulletins will be print
ed in large type so that they can be
read at a considerable distance.
'I wish it understood that 1 am not
going into the publicity business for
the purpose of doing any mud-sling
ing.’’ said the mayor, Saturday morn
ing. explaining his bulletin bourd idea.
"The bulletins will contain informa
tion for the general public on matters
of importance, such as the street car
question and others. I propose to tell
the public just what are th“ motives
behind some of the opposition to my
plans for municipal ownership. I will
also correct sonic of the misrepresen
tations that have been and are being
made concerning my office and munic
ipal improvements that I am advocat
ing. if necessary I will tack pictures
of certain pr-ople on the bulletin board
to illustrate my little articles. The
bulletins will be read by thousands of
people daily. 1 will sign each bulb-tin
printed so that 1 can be held person
ally responsible for every statemeut
The mayor feels that he has been
the target for unjust newspaper < rit 1-
cism. It Is understood that the mayor
has some “pieces” already written
that he is anxious to have the public
Oeorgc Theodore Hamilton, director
of the Detroit'School of Design, will
give a talk on "The Relation of Art
to Life," before the Northwestern
Woman’s club, in Diamond temple,
Monday afternoon. Miss Jessie Scott,
contralto, of Windsor, and Mrs. liegi
nald Steele, soprano, will give musi
cal numbers.
With the W bisters
The following scores were m ule hi
tlie- Satiirjlnj g-am* -if tin* |>.-t .>• t
Whist clubs
Past and Weal—Jl. L. Brown and C.
1 Ullchrest. plus sl-3. Mrs. li L Hrown
<nd S A. Common*. minus 2 2 : JI, Mrs
A. It. Sane and Thomas Watson, minus
3 2-3.
North nnd South Mrs. s a. Com
mons and C. P Paldne, pin- 2 2-3; Mrs.
ll J. Kastentiuru and J. \V. M><\iu-*>’
plus 2 3. Mi- V c. Taylor and K
Treadway, u.lnu* 3 1-3.
The ladies' nipht name. Thursday
evening, ptoved a popular event In
whist eipi |»- • six tables contenting for
the honors. The following snort's were
P.asi and West Mr. and Mrs A C.
Mtellw im-n, plus 7 f*-t>. Mr. and Mr*. J
W M ,- ca».laey, plus 2f*-C; Mrs X M
Mcott and R. \ Treadway, plus 1 5-fi.
Mrs IV. G. Beckwith and P p. W.
Bright, minus 3 1-8; Mrs TV. D PM*
worth and T M Pratt, minus 4 1-$; Mr
and Mrs I K Horan, minus 5 l-fi.
1 - North- fts4 Keorrly -Mr. uml ALra,- J,
W Stain* r, plus lit Mr, am! Mr*.
; S A. Commons, plus 4 la. Mrs. X C.
Taylor anil W D. PMsWorth, plus 1-fi:
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Bnxlne. minus 7
5 Mr ajuLMrs. P, J Menu, minus 8 5-R.
Atlantic City, New Jersey
The Leede Company
Best Way to Get to the D. A.D. A. Show by Street Car or Auta
5 M 1 5 Xp * , .
nil iinn |! ■ r j m i?i
j JCf rest SOW AVE
S~a"iDirec< Route io Auto Show
iTp .1 —j'| *r B gjj _ \ * h 1 ft
1 jjky you want to see FIRST. wN
Tl*) g | IFT For this is the SIX that’s a year ahead in
v' x 'rA " M Tl C\ price—the SIX that’way last summer was
, dA? j[ fllß' P CL Vv, \ji * selling at $1385 when every other Light Six |||||||
? / was priced hundreds of dollars higher. mhh|
■ *•* | And before you look at another car, you want H||j|
■ yT|r" , i \jlf / at $ 1385, simply “ because' it’s a Studebaker.’’
' •' x ”n •*/ The refinement and good taste ol the Stude- Hfl|
': > baker design will attract you at the first glance. HHK
I. " 1-..M'" V ‘ --IgM Hut beauty is a tiling you v m tudge with your
V -Jr* own«-\es. A'U! u.uIAN Tsee tl-ie
’■ HIDDEN quality that counts in a Studebaker.
S " ,! >e Stmictiaket - g<>
-TytffV J 5 \Mtti >• u S|||B
*« >■'«• six m-< •
ting Its AND It'S Ut’Kl UP. siio-.v \ u
UtiSts- \ this SIX IS FASIKST-mlic.g ihr EASIEST- &n6
' 1 % i ’W <1 i* li rA 1 \A |L driving car you ever rod? in ; to show you the long
' h 1 1 jgK !' ■' \* j! ' l Btroke. rxifss-powft motor !■ 1JL.1.-flouting rear
* V 'Wm For the for any man who wants th. luxury,
The Automobile Equipment Company. 1*25 Jefferson Avenue
_ M ■ _ _ • Touring Cars, 50c per passenger per
Kings Auto Service h#ur -,j t °., and
W ,\(#rth 4 fit 2 corner Mendrie Ave.
North tlil .1 1 2-44-6-8 Woodward Ave- W.
~ MOTOR CAR $1,165
1 I’htine f.raiitt 7**4l. J. K, 1 alrnllnr
W 7*x \t iHMliuir*. T. 11. smith
H-rj linker *-ar will hr on exhibition nf the xnlrxrimtii after .Inn. 16.
Crasser Motor Cos,
,m wv-ii<«inl lir., *-i v\ !..*•
i'huur Grand 3471.
li«- m mm r r* hoods stampings L
] Holman lYltg. Cos. radiators |
121 • I Mil Writ Jrflfrtnl Mr«l lifts. TANKS • Enamelinv I
. i— T " 111 1 ■■■-'■ " 1 —————P
Insure Your Auto •
Long Manufacturing Company
Manufacturers of the *ellkuowu "Long' typ# of gae «d»iu« cooler*
Wt make a specialty of repairing of all Kinds
Cameron to Rivard Street, on Eaat Grand Boulevard
■ V artt ftf 0 A <'n»»|it»te liar—Wi.l l» IMsfl
Art ■ ■» wmm fJ tn<KKMCY>Dn i.i% to.
t WMOI W .»♦»«!onnl I*f. IVtrolt. IHcH
r.n“ FASHION GARAGE ?■? Rlftl
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