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Steps In the Newest Dances
The “Hilarity Step** in the New Fox Trot *
J. Hervey J-»ume and Mi»j Wol.Lorn, who arc be.u ts featured at Midway
Winter Gardens, Cmcago, in this series of dances. Posed for this picture es
pecially for The Times.
The fox trot is now geneiaily cone <i and 10 be the most popular of the
new ball-room dances. It may b« do < r.bed a a combination of the old “ne-
Kio shuffle" and the more modern lttg.stcp. Its variations are too numerous
to mention. In tart, it may I > :>id of tiie lox trot that any step which is
done in unison with IN f•' » r r-»:>v he railed fox trotting.
Saginaw Carman, Temporarily
Crazed, Attacks Spouse
With Revolver
SAGINAW, Mich., Jan X— (Spe
cial).- —Harry Hillis, 40 years old.
former street car luotormau, is dead
and his Wife, Mrs Hose Hililb, 33
years old, is in hospital with two bul
lets in small of ber back as result of
Hlllls* attempt to end both their
lives at their home. No. 1245 South
Washington ave. early Mondaj morn
ing It is believed that his mind was
unbalanced. Mrs. llillis, from pres
ent indications, will live.
About 8 o'clock this morning, while
Mrs. Hlllls was in basement wash
ing. her husband came downstairs.
' His eyes were blaring us if lie was
insane." Mrs. Hillis says.
“I’m going to shoot you,” he said.
Mrs. Hlllls start*d to run upstairs,
and got two steps up when two bul
lets struck her in the small of the
back. She was abb* to keep on run
ning until she reached tin* street anil,
'sank on the pavement. Then she
screamed. "I’m shot and Harry has
killed himself." lie was found in the
basement, dead, with a bullet through
1 his right, check and right temple.
STATE SI M OF $350,000
LANSING. Mich.. Jan. IN. The
state of Michigan today received
$550,000 as the first monthly payment
of taxes from the county treasure**,
of the state. Os this amount $860,000
catne from Wayne county and $160,000
from Kent, the remainder being made
f up front the smaller counties Un
der the present law, county treas
urers are compelled to make their
first payments by January 15 and to
make regular pa> merits each month
thereafter. BALIJ2NGER.
Not Stubborn.
“What Is the shape of the earth?"
asked the teacher.
“How do you know it's round?”
“All right, IPs square, then; I don’t
t want to start any argument.''—Colum
bia Jester.
Phonograph Rouses Superb
Dance Talent In Maid of Seven
ml \\
11 Mnjß- l if
ml < littlAu aSp % I
\\ EM
Lena Baakette, aeven-year-old classic dancer of San Mateo, Cal., whose
remarkable talent was revealed when her mother surprised her improvising
fantaatlc steps to the music of the family phonograph. She is the tiniest and
most natural dancer in California, her native state. Lena has appeared at
many entertainments, and a brilliant future is being predicted for her.
Mrs Ruby M Zahn, who ‘ mothe?
cd" the mothers pension law In Mich
tgan. drawing up the measure and
securing its presentation to the stat<
legislature, believes that in its year
o f application It has been found wan.
ing in \nrioiiß respects, and lias
amendments which she has asked
Representative Charles Flowers to
present to the legislature. Judge
Henry 8. Halbert, of the Juvenile court
does not agree with Mrs. Zahn and
says he thinks the law should he giv
en a longer time to demonstrate its
fullest eUlclency.
"Some person*," says Judge Hul
bert, are Inclined to look upon the
law eutlrely as a ‘support* measure. I
believe that Its sole pui|M»se is the
benefiting of children, in 353 families,
involving 1.400 children, which have
been beneficiaries under the act since
its adoption there have been only two
delinquency and two truancy com
plaints. which demonstrates that it is
a good measure when carefully ad*
Mrs, Zahn would have the benefi
ciaries of the law include, women
Whose husbands are incapable of sup
porting them. and. also, the wives of
convicts. At present, only widows or
women who have been divorced or'de
.-erted ami wiih children u> provide
for are beneficiaries under the pen
sion act.
William Avolla and Philip Verruig*
lio, proprietor of the Avolla grocery
nt No. lzi*B Pennsy 1 vania-ave., were
arrested. Sunday night, by Detectives
Kolb on charges of
i*/ion in connection with an alleged
incendiary tire in the grocery, the
blaze being extinguished with small
Fire chiefs called In the police, re
porting that clothing, souaea with
gasoline, and several pans of the ex
plosive, were in the room where the
fire, was discovered, burned papers
were found in various parts of the,
store, and In the living apartmeuts.
Police are also investigating a blaze
that did about $3,000 damage to the
dry goods store of Sam Schneider, No.
I*BB Danfield uve. east. Citizens re
ported that a man was seen running
away from the store shortly before
the tire was discovered.
THE. liell’HOlT l I.UES. TIESDAY, .1 A N CARY 19. 191 5.
i The annual meeting of the board of
trustees of the Children's Free hospi
tal rill be held In the hospital. fVed
nesuay rooming. Jan. 20.
The Altar society of St, Leo’s
church will give a card party Tuesday
al»» rnoon at 2 o'clock in Diamond
United States Daughters of 1812,
wll! meet with Mrs. J. C. Brownlee,
ano Mrs. R. C. Harrows, in the latter’s
home. No. 383 ('ass-ave. Mrs. Jame*
H. Campbell, of Grand Kupids will
read a paper.
The engagement as announced of
Miss Florence Alene Bow-den. daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius A. Howdeu,
of Loe Angeles, to Conway H James,
sou of Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. James,
No. 54 Paliner-ave. east, Detroit. The
marriage will take place in May, In
liO* Angeles.
Mrs. Henry I). Shelden will entertain
the Garden club of Michigan, In her
home. Deepdeue, Gross*? Point*?, Wed
nesday afternoon, Feb. 10. Maurice
Fuld, of New York, will address the
Miss Elizabeth Avery will leave the
end of the month for a series of visits
in the west, Including a stay with her
brother, Kenneth Avery, in Ixjb An
The Central High School Alumni
association will give a dinnerdance.
Friday evening. Jan. 29, In the Hotel
Cadillac. Dinner will be served at
8:30 o’clock and dancing will begin at
8:30 o’clock.
The 'cotton ball,” in Arcadia, Tues
day evening, for the benefit of the
kindergarten In the East Side settle
ment, promises to be a delightfully
Jolly and attractive affair. Mrs. Ray
mond D. Aldrich, general chairman of
the committee on arrangements has
had the assistance of able comralt
*ees and every detail has been care
fully planned to Insure the pleasure
and comfort of the guests. The danc
ing program will offer plenty of
waltzes ami two-steps as w r ell as the
S’ 1 ■,
" »
*' '■
fox trot, maxlxe, hesitation, and oilier
modern steps. Mrs. William Bielt
meyer, us chairman of the reception
committee, will be assisted 'in receiv
ing by the following group of attrac
tive girls; the Misses Pinne
gar, Sylvia Reona, Nina Wlgle. Ro
binu Anne McLeod, Catherine D.
Reynolds, Clare Park, Katherine
Young and Adelaide Gauthier. The ball
will be informal and the women
guests are asked to wear cotton
frocks. The entire proceeds from the
ball will be devoted to the needs of
the free kindergarten and day nursery
in the East Side settlement.
ile w aid Estabrook Holies, son of J.
E. Holies, of No. IDS Cass-ave., well
known to the legistimate stage un
der the uame of Howard Estabrook
and who has created the leading role
lu a number of moving picture drgmas
will devote himself to the “movies’'
altogether for the immediate future,
and will create the leading part in
Henry Ketchell Webster's story, "The
Butterfly,” which is to be done Uito
moving picture form.
Miss Mary K. Hartwell, matron of
the Florence Crittenton home, Mrs. H.
8. Earle, president of the Florence
CrlHenton circle and Dr. William Wil
son, superintendent of the’Crittentou
home, left Monday for Washington,
attend, as delegates, the national con
ference of Florence Crittenton homes
to be held this week In the capital
Firs Destroys Sandwich Home.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Benlteau. of
Felix ave., Sandwich, returned from a
visit to a sick relatives. Sunday after
noon, to find that during tneir amcence
tire had almost totally destroyed theti
home, which they had Just redecorat
ed and refurnished throughout. The
loss was estimated at about s'J,iMm).
Study does not hurt a child unless
the atudy time is taken from time
tiiat ’should be spent In out-of door ex
Overstudy and lack of exercise
make thin, bloodless children, it is
a combination that provokes St. Vitus'
If yofir child is thin and pale, list
less, Inattentive, has a fllckle appetite
arut is unable to stand still or sit
still you must remember that health
Is even more Important than educa
Sec to It at once that the patient
does not overstudy, gets at least two
hours out-of-door exercise every day,
sleeps ten hours out of every twenty
four and takea a non-alcoholic tonic
like Dr. Williams' Pink Pills until the
color returns to cheeks and lips and
the appetite becomes normal.
For growing children who become
pale and thin Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
are ndt only safe but In the great ma
Jority of cases they are the very heat
tonic that can he taken. They build
up the blood and strengthen the
nerves and assist nature in keeping
pace with rapid growth.
The Dr Williams Medicine Com
pany, Schenectady, N. Y., will send
you two books on the blood and
nerves if yon mention this paper. If
your child Is very young ask for the
booklet “The Care of the Haby." Your
own druggist sells Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills— Adv.
Girl Mho Charmed Russian Duke
Makes An American Conquest
BanffMg? L * vfcjjEb «
\ ' V^W
f** \
-Atari* TkLleTv
"The most beautiful American girl” is soon to be a bride. Miss Marie
Taller is the beauty, and her title was bestowed upon her by Grand Duke
Mlchaelowitch, a Russian, who paid many charming compliments to American
girls when he last visited the United States. Miss Tailer’s fiance Is 8. Bruce
Wing, a successful New York business man.
In an address in Moose temple,
day afternoon. Emil Seidel, former
mayor of Milwaukee, declared that
Socialism will gain strength as a re
sult of the war in Europe.
"Those who profess to know,” lie
oaid, ‘‘will tell you that French, tier
man, English and Russian capital
-tarted the war to destroy the germ
of Socialism. The war. Instead of be
ing a destroyer or that germ, is a pre
lude to u peace In which internutlon
alisin and Socialism will etyerge
stronger than ever."
Mr. Seidel pleaded for votes for the
Socialist cause, declaring "This will
not be a free country until men can
demand Jobs instead of asking for
Detroit Tlniew’ .lot* PrlnfluK D*nnrt>
mrnf.-Matn 4520.
Pianos, $173, $l5B, $162, slsl, Etc.
Player-Pianos, $298, $325, $239, Etc.
At Our 34th, and Greater-Than-Ever Annual *
Just Commencing at Our Warerooms, 243-247 Woodward Ave.
Our inventory has just been completed and it shows a vast number of rental and exchanged Pianos and
Player-Pianos In our stock. The Christmas season brought in an exceptionally large number—more are being constantly
received in the ordinary course of business. So large has this stock become that it interferes with the proper display and
handling of new instruments—spring stock will l>e arriving shortly—space must be provived—and this clearance, with its
vast assortment, its startling reductions and its splendid bargains is the result.
Remember: Every instrument has been carefully overhauled, adjusted and tuned by our experts.
Player-Piano Specials
SSOO PIANOLOENO Player-Piano, dark
mahogany, Salt* C9QQ
price I . J) Z *J
$650 GRINNELL BROS. Player-Piano,
mahogany. 88-note, beau A | A
tlful lone; Sale price. ... .sp* Ivf
$450 WOODWARD Player-Piano, oak.
mh note, excellent con
dit Ion; Sale price Ju J
SSOO BAUS Player-Piano, 88-note;
mahogany; Sale (9Qfi
S7OO 9TUYVESANT Pianola Player-
Piano, ns note, uietrostyle, thoinodlst,
automatic tracker; (£ a t r
Sale price only gpT' 1 D
$650 SYMPHONOLA Player Piano, ma
hogany, 88 note, automatic q r r
tracker; Sale price.
S6OO 9TUYVESANT Pianota Player-
Piano ; piny* 88-note mualc; met re
style ; them odist; mating
any; Sale price ) JOJ
Bench, drape and assortment of rnu
h|c, FREE, with each of these great
bargains. COME QUICKLY!
Headquarter*. Grinned Rldg.. 243-245-247 Woodward Ave.
Pennsylvania Fried Cakes—Beat 1
cup of sugar with 2 eggs until light.
Add 1 level teaspoon of Halt, a little
clunamou and 3 tablespoons of melted
Dissolve 1 even teaspoon of soda In
1 cup of *oui milk. Stir well and add
to egg and sugar mixture, and add
flour enom-b *'• • n soft dVgh.
Cut in si' ’ n f Ht
C#4 * W ST' i i
For lurante tad Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Just a few dollars places a Piano, or Player Plano, in your home weekly or monthly payments
to auit your convenience.
This must be a short, decisive clearance, and we’ve made pric e* and term* accordingly—DON’T
DELAY- brighten and gladden YOUR home at on< * with one of these beautiful Instruments!
$275 STERLING Piano, rosewood; aai n
Inventory Sab* price 1 O
$275 MENDELSSOHN Piano, mahogany; <*OQO
Inventory Sale price
$250 BRADFORD Piano, oak; £* |
Inventory Sale price sl\)Z
$550 STEINWAY Piano, ebonlzed; C Q
Inventory Sale price* O,),) ,)
S4OO MAYNARD Piano, walnut; C7CQ
Inventory Sale price
$275 HUNTINGTON Piano, oak; C 997
Inventory Sale price «pZZ /
$450 WEGMAN Piano, oak; C 779
Inventory Sale price.... oZ/Z
$350 HALLET A DAVIS Piano;
Inventory Sale price «pZZO
$350 SMITH A BARNES Piano; Cl 4*9
Inventory Sale price. Ij 1 t)Z
S4OO BELL Piano, mahogany; C 1 C 1
Inventory Sal** price
Year'll Free Kxrhangr Trial
YftU avail yourself of this rare chance for Rivlnif, knowing absolutely that you are protected
In the greatest degrea.
New Era Association Declares
Ninth Annual Twenty -Five
Per Cent Dividend to Members
We Laugh Again
serve largest in the history of the Association. The aver
age age of the membership is lower. Over $25,000,000 in
surance in force. Over seventeen years old. More than a
million dollars paid to beneficiaries and over SIOO,OOO paid
in cash dividends. The widow gets a Square-deal hen with
out quibbling or contests.
First—Fraternal Insurance without the lodge.
Second —Majority rule of the membership secured through the
Initiative, Referendum and Recall—a real guarantee agalnet fraternal
old age freeze-outs or sellouts (consolidation, re-insurance, transfers,
Third — Our Flexible Level Premium Plan —that of rebating to
members any excess charge.
Fourth —Bixty days’ extended Insurance without money on deposit:
in other words, you are In good standing in the New Era xitNwiyh de
Fifth —Ten per cent optional cash surrender value at age sixty or
over. This is some different than being "kicked out.”
Reliable fraternal organizers, competent old line agents, success
ful lady solicitors making good as New Era Managers. More hustlers
are wanted. Insurance experience not necessary.
Apply to General Manager New Era Ass’n., Chat. O. Sharrow, Ho
tel Pontchartrain, Detroit, Wednesday, Thursday, two to four p. m.,
January 20th and 21st. Thereafter, Home Offices, Grand Rapids, Mleh.
For Best ResnftsArfeertise nrTheTimes
The New Era Cabinet
and Senate in special ses
sion, Home Offices, Friday,
Dec. 18, 1914, received re
ports showing a 25 per cent
decrease for the year’s cost
per thousand dollars’ insur
ance in force and declared a
twenty-five per cent divi
dend to co-operating mem
More than Six and one
half millions new business
written in 1914 and the re-
$350 VOSE Piano, walnut; j nn
Inventory Sale price <«plOO
$315 HUNTINGTON Plano, oak; **y ao
Inventory Sale price
Inventory Sale price Ot)UJ
$275 SMITH A BARNES Plano; 7
Inventory. Sale price 3)Zll
$275 OLIVET Piano, mahogany; (e-j ro
Inventory Sale price,... ) IJO
S4OO CORL Piano, walnut; C9/tn
Inventory Sale price
Inventory Sale price
$350 FARRANO Piano, oak; C 1 7 0
Inventory Sale price Mid
SSOO kNABE Piano; C9Q9
Inventory Sale price t*
S3OO ROYAL Piano, mahogany; i ro
Inventory Sale price and 1 JO
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