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" »» ■*
pNr Also Win Select
' Twr
tefcmmUMO PARK, March 11-
EpigplMA Put promtoea th* liveliest
lit * rfUaae elections in
ffitese Meaty, Monday, whan Clar
fS « fl lit tar a formor atato aen-
S'lHi na istlut Donald Thom
SSi sew prMtonr of tha Till***-
Cfiratora have bora laauod by the
ratteea wttorttn la which the
■fitip — admlnlatration la aald to
njgM eaaandod public money unwise
g R it tMMiod R paid »»l>
llkt frost property which it aot be
«ar oeoi, aai f1.47t.76 to one attor
M# Mr h ,l4lfa l oaaoa that ahoeld
f. { ImumAs ®C
'Tfito#* attorney. It la also claimed
rflll# far paid a aalary to a health
Sloor before the oStee waa created
sflsff ThoaMon booetere are aaklnc
AM i e alert 100 on the grounda that
'sf hsflt tha water department with
in tha appropriation and placed It
assn a paying bnala; that it waa
Jirsifh hit efforts the sewer prob-
IhM • with Detroit was Anally set
tIM, thet his organisation of
ffhe Tillage paring department has
ppred money for the tax payer*
: Both nominee* urge the bonding
St the Tillage for ft« 6,000 to be paid
to Detroit tor sewer outlet.
The Manor question will figure in
the electlona of Radford. Plymouth
gfihd Nortbrllie. The prohibition oar
aew in control of the admin
Mntha of Plymouth and Northrille
SP 4 the **weta 0 of Bedford, where
gh»s to one . . ...
' WYANDOTTE. Mich. March 11.
• iffiimTT election* in the down
rivsr towns end Tillage* will be very
iififftot. eonordlng to" indication* in
Skeae town Is there any apparent
’ggaht ea to the outcome. In the
•them, either there is but one party
ta the field, or there la but one can
y- Wyandotte win here the moot ex
'pUfiig rote, any obeerrers, ax there
SIS IS rrr* 4 * for the commie
idea aswlaatlnn* of which hot eight
aanM| Pa elented la the other office*.
>'|hnro will be no ‘contests, unle**
**irrllCag In’* le resorted to by a
atiaag petltlral organisation The
poauest administration, which will
JM alasoat oompletely out of the city
Slftttoß after Monday’s election, in
SeSfilfinMtoM the poMtleal situation.
fjffVtol •iffxlrm to similar ideas. One
pMplneat ofltolal said. “BVery voter
who to a man should coma to the
•*palto. Monday, to guard against any
. aagnatoed attempt to run the eleo
■' ftoa***
*L .The asadktotes tn Wyandotte are
cgSr gmjnr Charles Gartner and
Kfifallor C. Lambert. M. D.; for city
Sldrfc, Charles Block: for city
fsaamuer. James C. Headman: for
pruamtoilnurr* H. 8. Amiot. Ed
hud C. Bryan, George Roberts.
'tihavlM B. Kroger. Robert Oaaley.
ffeeeph Cramer, August Scbrock.
TTed Bicbbauer, Thomas Benjamin
CraeweUer and J. 8. Me
fiMeUfUln; for conatgble. John Me
rtoery, Isra Greater and Charles
h Tnwtm «cotsm will Mtoet the foi-
candidal**: For preeMent.
; |#MMa UUer; tor clsrtt, Leonard
jtm tor trust** (three nominated).
tSpggg* Itfohn.
rJIM William O. Perry is the
tftfer mMMate for the preeMential
chirk** oiae% Oolum
tv candidal* for the treasurer’*
iMMtloi. and the three trustees
tfll he William Solo. Chariot Bege
ift 1 mA AMtkmr ItM-im
WMMDOrnh March 1L Sweep-
Km ttam wunUng^throogh
itettree of the Detroit
to reached the eoauela
' Mas a# eftea, ahem the peer service
m the Wyendotte-Treatoo line, et
JMhrily hi the “Woildng men's
r 'iaaara." It wee decided by that
heir la coaler with the railway, oil!
r atala The D. IT. R. representative*
HmM the establishment of a
Mack oyataai of dispatching «di. b
.la Isteatfei to eliminate the long
waits |>d the coafustoa. resulting
4wm the telephoning of ordere, at
dlnsatsher in Trenton could not
gMSSksn of all the ear crewt. Just
'll SON an the system can be estab-
Mshsl. pdMal saM. all dlupetctrtng
weald be done by the block signal*,
nsa slat lag of electric light* at the
trerleue ewttshoa aad “y'**.
Wytndottt’a Btcatr football i.sm
Mleyt the Detroit Koeoa slevsn. S\m
-IBr morn lag. at llik) o’clock, in
IHui Bad park. Local elaysr. arc
a fwmtettd to tab* tht site o'clock
ffadeoeadont eowicr* took tbr««*
Mum* from tbe It. A. Cos No ;
e ■feta. PMpar eveaiag. in i/o..ii*’*.
E VMW ntcMnt oocaiml plt< #> in the
Hv.mgn atandina*
*O Mr .„0
■BrnTSSEßpitatesve* trend* *. f"» .«
BjwKMmw r a*t* la via-
tttng Mr* (libaon. Fhestnut-st * <
John Duff »u arrested. Frida”. by
Patrolman LlMenthal for alleged
begalna and dioorderltne*s
(*. If. ti A. meets Twidity roninn
In C. M. H A. ball
C’ommtasloner «‘ht»rU» Gartner. Fn
day. turned the *»lve* •Mowing I
■team In the ne« f>rtO K XX turbine
engine at the Municipal r>> w • r plant.
U C. it A meet* fiffvoncaday eve
ning in Ci M. R. A hall
Wyandotte Sunday ■••hnol grnina*
Hum clasaes will be discontinued tip.
til Thursday a* the Roy's rluli build
»ng will be used a* an election booth I
nest week
High school basket tall players
were defeated, Frtdav er rnlng. In
by the highi school team
there by • score of li-.l
Rev Potter, of Komeo. ha* re
turned home after visiting friends in
the ▼lllag*.
lira. W. F. Search, of No. ** H-gh
land-eve.. is confined to her home l*y
• serious Illness
B. Ralph Kd wards, of Vo 277.1
Woodward-are.. is making a tour of
tbs eastern states.
Mr*. J C- Lainb. of Romeo is ri
fting with Mr and Mrs. C H Sike*.
of No 1* Pllgrim-ave
A. Walt, of No Ilf Cortland-are .
ha* baen verv 111 for several davs
Mr*. T. H Brown, of No 47 Eerrls
*va„ has returned from »n extended
visit with her daughter, in Milwau
kee. Wls
William Helming. of No *4 7 Reree
ford-ave . is confined to bis home br
a severe attack of rheumatism
Mr*. C. Parsons, of Corunna, Mich
la viaittng with Mr* F Oddr. of No. '
IS* Oerald-ave.
Mr*. L. C Bookout. of No. 11 P*s- i
■ dens-sva. has returned from ar ev
tended vl*it with relative* and
friend* In Indian*
lfr*. E P Winnie, of No «« •
Handlers'e . t* spending * fen la>
at N*w Boston, where Mr. Winnies
father is very 111
Miss Ethel S* holl. of No. 11? Mon- i
terey-ava., is confined to her hotr^
by tllne**
Miss Jane Wallace, of No 15*
Davison-av*.. who ha* been ill for
several days, ha* re> or» reii
Mlaa Anna Shipley, of
Mich., is a guest of her l'r I
McClurg. of No 17*5 Woodw ard-ar, e
Christopher Oregorr of
Branch. N J.. who tin* b* en visitln*
with his sister. Mr* Ti C Meade ■'* ,
No 122 Grand-ave east, f.-r sereral
davs. ha* returned to his home
The Infant son of Mr and Mrs
Ella of Buena V'lsta-ave. rre«t • re
covering slowly from the *-ri •• >-
hurns around the bead and shoulder
which he suffered last we*N
Mrs. A .T Pearce. «>f Oak G• *
Mich. Is visiting her daughter. Ml**
Portia Pearce, of No. .It Beres.' jrd
ave for a few days.
William Bogerson. It of No. .'i r
Hlghland-ave . is confined to his
home through a <enous illr.e -
Miss Jennie Puckering of Milf<> i
Mich . la the truest of her sister. Mt *
Samuel McOlement*. of No Itx
Davlaon-s ve
Cha*. L. A. Worthington of Grand
•ve.. brought suit ag»in*t Fred
Jrdfers fr t wl,
misrepresentation- in sale- .-r rh+ •
Cnlted Tire and Repair hurir.es* or
J#<Ter*on-ar e.' The >*tt* wa* brutighr *
before a Jury in Justice i-magan -
court, Friday afternoon The r 1
rendered a rerdict of 170 ft .n far* r 1
of the plaintiff
Mrs E. Carpenter, of No 20* Cor*
land-ar e . who ha* been *'ifrer nR for 1
several day*, with a »- wr, attn
grippe. 1* now- recovering
Dwight Edward* of Woodwar- 1
• ve., who ha* been ill for man' da*--
ha* now fully recor ered
Mr and Mr*. II J MrPo igall. <«'
No. 7* Buena Vlata-*-, west, hare
■pent a few days this we«k with
friends at Bloomfield Height*.
Mia* Mable Richardson, of No '
Ferri»-«ve.. 1* confined to h»r hon •
with the meaale*
Mra. Mary Adam*, of No. 29 Grar
•ve. east, is rapidly rorval»»< in*
from • serious operation whi h *h.
recently underwent in a D-troit hos
pital. In a few week* she roni-m
--plates leaving for Atlanta. G* for !
a visit w.th her daughter.
Mrs. J. E lewis, r,f Ka*,,r.
ave.. Is recovering from a totr- ill
Mis* R. Fletcher, of No lnj Me!-
bourne-ave, entertained the girls oi
the Renior oia*a of the high •>, hool. ;■
Saturday aftem«,,n. tn her h«m»
Fred Kline „f >•„ Highland .
ave.. who has been serto i*iv <ll rr ;t r
a serer for aome time. Is elow-K <-..n
Huherd Hartman, of No Jos p.i«j
dena-ave, j, suffering from a „v,r,
attack of quinsy.
In Suburban Pulpits
Wraadette krtbsOUt Kg4*«wgal
Morning service at lrt, ermon hr
the minister, the Rev Luther K
on ’Van a man w-ith a
wrong start ever make good’
Sunday school at 12 ;tw
Kpworth league at 4 tn
Evening service at 7.30. Topic of.
pastor a sermon, **A new venture in
Wraadstl* »f. Wtevea'a l-el»<-..pni. |
Morning service at 10 30. Sermon !
by the Rev. P. O H. Robinson, rector, i
Save Your Hair
JL wL f jS* You are getting bald! The appearance of dand-
I niff ,OOS€ hair °n your clothing or in the comb
| J f re all the Pr °° f > ,<>u nei>d - Handrnff kj|| M |h> ||||||, L ,f~
j ‘Till*. - «t & time maybo—but kils it. The contagion
AOM dandruff must be summarily routed out if you are to
JfW escape that final and inevitable result-total baldntas.
aowi Newbro’s
|«PHagWaUWItIT T T .
jr\ rierpicide
Jr stops falling hair
I R There must be no delay. The regular and inttdli-
I £* nt of Newbro*» Herpicide should begin at once
I JU 1 first application will remove all traces of dand
m rufT / stimulate health in the hair of the
sca] P and prevent the hair from falling out. Herwi.i
fhfM Kira. cdp will nave your hair—save you from chronic Lalil-
I 4 4>l z Z nf “* s ' rt ha * H delightful odor and is most romfoi t
tor. m nw WILL S/$f E IT lnK and coolin,r t 0 the hea^*
I Try A Ten Cent Bottle /jV
lft v s s “ CouPon /$#
I yf M an d Guaranteed at all toilet /$/</*,
I W Sm ?oods counters. * >
W jf
I mW~ Applications at the
I better barber
I— f«hops. /*/
GONEHI fttfT /&/*' . #
on The (Spirit tn t’brlsi. a set krs.
Sunday school at 11.3 c
Evening srrvi* » at '3” Subject
of sermon. ”Th,‘ piai*< oi lore’
Hbrrtlra Xlelhod'sl I Hutch.
The Iter. S 11 It, iisltaw will pr. .t h
at the 7 30 s»rvb-c.
Trent** l*re*lulen»* 4 HarvU.
Morning -e.rvic*' at 1” Berm oi
l> the paatoi, the Rev. George
Sunday school at 11 7®.
Christian Endeavor at *>
Evening service ni 2~ ’ ->« i mon r
the minister.
Trent an krlkmllM « Hurcb
Morning service .«i 1” b'. Sermon
by the mlnlsui. ll •• Her Llno i K
Smith, on ”Faith *
Sunday school si 11 3''
l.pwortli league *t t* I**
Kvenlng service at 7 *•
I rnrrr Hrr»h* lerlan I Hnrt H
Morning wor.-lilp at I”
Sunday school at 11 1*
Christian Endeavor at * p m
Evening service at T.V*.
\t xaagotte »‘re*hr trrlan r Hurcb.
Morning servb e at It) 3“ rvtl. ser
mon by the pastor, the *;e\ May son
H. Sewell
Sunday school at 11 W, t laude »'
Satterlee. superintendetif
Christian Endeavor at <t 3P
Evening service with sermon l>y the
pastor at 7 3®.
Uta*<l*ttf 4 •■sreuaflenal « kun-k.
Morning aetrvlce at 10 > Sermon ,
by the pastor, the Rev Chari*
Jones, on "The grace to forget
Suntlar school at 12 m
Chr*«tUti Endeavor at « Lean
er. Miss Marguerite Harpham
Evening a*rvlce at 7 to Topic of
minister* addte** "The man who
built a wlndowle** house
\l)**U*tt, Ev. l.utk. Trinity 4 fcurek.
Morning tervne at I** Sermou bv
the pastor, the Rev F C Bauer, on
“How to meet the temptations of the
Sunday school at 11 30
l>n».-n service *r 7 5' 1 F*.ngi 1
Sarnion on "The »< r n<l irial of’ our
Sav> >ur
i Note Rev A Ebendiok Os Riv«- -
Rouge, and the Rev Bauer will e\- j
« narge pulpc* on March .4 and
March 31 *
Hirer Houac t.raee Bapllsl t Hun k
Morning w. <sh-p at 1® 3 (> T->p ,r
of the Rev S E Samuelson s sermon
The best testimony
Sunday school r' 11
Eventng service *• 7.5 o clo- k The
Rev. Samuelson w.l preach on. i .e
life of life "
Klver Hou* MelHodU* « Hareh.
i Combination Sunday •ch-tol *n *
morning service at 10 .’•« ph. ,{ ev
I. U Blakely, t a*t 'r rr.ll ;.r*a h
i on. ’ln Satan* sieve, a’ this *erv
iC*Junlor church *' 3 p m Mr*
Blakelr will speak
Erworth leag i* s’ * 15 Miss Grace
i Hershstein will lead **n th<- topic
•The urgency of a g , *ii task
Evening service .»t .do The min
ister will prea. h another of a
of -erntons on. W hat would lestis
do"" The part cular subject for thi*
Sunday evening being ’None of your
t business . _
lti*er Kmu, t krl»i Ev. l.utH.
, Morning' «erv -e at 1 r n
1 th- ;>d c the Rcy \ t .r> I'jjf.
Sundav e< Dooi a • 2 l- *n
I^eUten. servii ea’ 7 o s- rm u , y
Vite p tef-rr # _
1 , v.f. Rev r«• *au- f
i change pulpit* oh - • cer,i ng.
Mar - h 24. and Marm >
Hirer K«*lt< > » Hureh of th* idrent.
R*gular -ervue s’ w th *f rr t M ’ T 1
Ihy th*- pastor, the Rev Harry Ridley ,
\\ v an HiplUt • hfirrto.
Regular service at 7 30. Bermon h
ti e minister, the Kev. »“ • ** •
Rr-»wn on “t hurvh h -«mni -g*
| is the fir.-rt of a series of sermons ->n
thl* general topic.
Sunday school at 3
B V I' l‘. devotional at ►> »• T •.
• T-,. Life of rh* Saviour
Fred I/iomu and son Ij»w--enr». of
Muir Mich sr* spend c * 1 '* *"i>
at the home of utlo Loon *
The tX'oman's Relief r orp*. the
Northville Woman* r| jh. tee K:e_s
Daughter* and the Woman’s Chris
tian Temperance union lisve |, ; e.|
,t*Km*nl* der-lar ng that th- m»ni
! tiers are un»mnieuaiv ;n favor of a
dry N« rthrllle Th»'- are . o-ope-si
I ins In every possible w*y the
I drr worker*
An **fFo*-t »» 'em! made to * i «.«e
' thr- *ek<U>)<, church' *, theater-*
on account of several case, of 111-
reported as diphtheri-i It .« al
leged that the action >* be ng
ter-d by those not wishing the »*."
rangement* made by those in favor
of a dt y Northville to h- carried out.
The two meeting* schedulc/1 for Sun
day evening would have to 1- called
in th* -vent «>f .>n order f.-rhld
dlng public gathering*
A meeting of the Northville .chord
ooard r*-»iilt*d in that l.ody n--' -|e*-rr
[ ina anv a-tion toward the closing f
the school hoard necessary Health
Officer Dr Thomas H. Turner was n
j Toledo when the special meeting of
'the council was called at 11 o L k
, fridav morning ar.d the me»t:-g •*■*«
'adjourned until 7:30 o'clock n *he
l The Pontiac Knight* < f Pytf :<t*
I will he her*- Tuesda • ening as
i guests of the Northville lodge. The
fortuer will appear in uitfontt
The M K I at-He r- Aid soclfty *»tH
meet in the home of Mr*. Frank s*.
Neal Tuesday aft> • to-oii
Mr |ii-o.i, I ... k«t and daughter Ll
ii .tea, of Detroit, rli e|ii-lld!n», th. ,
| r.-<-k-« nd as th*- guest* of Mra. Hcuty
W.dmsday *uiiiiik the Wastmla*
ter guild of the l r e*by ter tan church |
"ill give an entertainment in the \!
*e uin theater. A thi«*-Klm feature. ■
•x’lndcrella.’’ will l*e given, ttid a!
pU'yiet hr the guild K.rl* ttt!•*•* .
Th.- Lady IVa tot The hlgn school I
'lUartct will remlei -o-lecllons. led I
hv i'sincipal B X -MrA’loy
\ -inyas* "f th** employes of to*'
differ« nt factories as | . their stand
the rr« i an.l "dry question has
given the following result Net’ll
rille t'ondensina and t’tiee**- On. 1#"
Per cent American Bell and Foundry
i',., *• i pet rs nt Munp-on S- ale and
Elertru »*o, 30 p*-t cent I nloit MU
and Lumtor t’o 70 H' rent. All of
the al»ov« «vn - r’l percetage* fa
rot th. villa,, dr' The Globe Fur
tillur* fi'. s employe- tl*r> favor dry
br 73 per cent .
The form implements, etc., or wit-
Ism K Ei win w re sold at pu bite
tntcUon on the farm premises r rwl »
Mr. Krwm recently sold hi* farm to
a Gratiot county farmer
Edward Session* and familv.
Waterford, have leased 'h* t’laud--
Walter* house on Grave-aye.
y large and enthusinstt. auriter
greeted th. Normal coll, go girl* or
'Friday eren.ng at the Senior-Junior
girl* indoor m» et h--hl in the Not
i -rta! grnirasiuni The erents includ‘
basket ball, balance beams, tnd'an
clubs d.,.»h. volley ball. r->pe cllmt
I -ng. tra-eltng rings swimming folk
' dancing, running and high Jurr.i * ;
•rar-'hing. Swedish and Newcomb.
Chief of Police Cain on Frida i
•lotlfled the M higan Pressed st. ••
;c 0 . of Detroit, to repair the *t o-tt
mg and eaves trough* on it* hutlc
Img a* i Toaa and River-*ts.
I whs done according to a resolution
I passed fir the common council i r
• the city
The last Normal faculty recital *-f
' ‘he present terns of school is an
nounced for next WnlnMduy evenlt •
.*t y o lock in the Pease audltoritir
The program will be given 1-r Mi
Georgia Ri. hard son Baskerville at
Carl Linde^ren
The Vpsilantt Industrial **»••• t..
tion will gire l*» annual ban quet |
Tueadar e.ening. March 14. xt tl *
Masonii tempi- Hon Frank Mu '
land, of Toledo. O. eg-prasident ’|
th* Rotarr club of the world, w
’ e tlie principal speaker 111* su 1
evt will he “B- go»xd for someth ne
The comm'ttee iti i harge are )*• • •
dent charle- M- K*n’ii, of th» N<
: nal George M <lau«iv xnd Wlllia**
Kmgh t
Justice gtadtmiller. -.n I rider
heard 11>•- .»m of •’ H Crane r *
lojili Vs.tier l»ei-ts:olt waa 'rWrvo
in the matter
The M- h ga- -tat* Normal colie
ha* Juat completed -ending out '
Invitation* t-> high « ht'ol* of this
• rate (no. inr !,.»•• "u* .'fit’ popti*
ask *ig • tie • •< • » iir •11 foi a*i it' •
.- h . i • -- * ■ to irn.'i e»it
» V, st ■— N , ~»••
-• r I tra' v •* -rv
-free Tlie . ■*+'•■ gi d«s!re* .til r• -t*l
ML *

: quired to rd.ir a' le i*t two games
X* the M K t ,1 l -t-indrr mon
I Ing y w Rant f C
eprc*<titu’ . ■ C* anti -a’. »i
leag i», will x, t w vr the e- ,-nln..
service };. Jl-id - (eeSoll r» iI,
preach ill "Itedis -or »-rr ..f self
the C,,ngr.g.it t-.il Su -it
mornittg. Rer dtu'i M :llen. superit
•fendanf of th- Grand Tra ■ *-r.« •! -
, trie*, will talk lh» anti--alo
, tCHgue Vt the v*-s|*-r s.-rvi -t
p Pi. there »| -be special Is-lit
rn . #i<\ and an addle*, by M- * yy C
•■'rust, to which the ,-*t *» i, < i* i;i- it-
Th* me: - 1»*« w ill n>- >■: «i- •
l If Will Prof Mark Jefferson pr-
I Z Ih--
X» th- -t Em man wt * louth-r
--:C F »
XI--, a:--r tu-tw • •; and sr t r*'
Hi* »v*nuit «te-, t wi! i • »,
Fattier s XX’ l ll S‘:-pe*r-e
The f in.-ra -<f ti. ■ -g* I'.Hi r '
. many year* a ftotel . - -
. m-r for luaxi-. of t *i- I- • I.•
- boarding h**»****-e n >**4 , (
Idled in the Hikin' hotel. Th.ir-C-•
, was held ip I tat rui t r e st. r-Ta . idi I
t-unal in th*> ,l*«i«h **eni**r i>rv
Bardt. 43 rear.- old. tme li-n- fr .i. j
Philadelphia. 14 wm< ago
The third annual hanuwat • f lie
Ma.'Otnb Reptibll ar» < luh w ,11 *.<» 1
held In Rome.). J'rlda *• *.,iirur
'•1 i: I .
<lre,*ed hv sever -I -if C*Y i . f -.ru
'4 r - p •- . | I i■ ,
ri* k K. It* v. <>-■ -I»t l.tje' > 1 .w- v i
* * ••• w ' q
'Temena will <arir i—**- p<,,pl.-
M. D. Sy, of R
In a suit started in r -lit -.-art hr
for lld.d®t) damage* cle a)l*g»-
tbat h erid*»r«ed a n* ’• h -! - r
f 3,000 and that th* • (i a . p,,i
jb'n rod a * t>*r aßr-.-nir:
Ph• rlff Fl»rt»ae !»,• •.« * < * f, IT
Duluth. M.nn. t>> luma bark ' I' <rK*
’ll* whin*. arre.t.-d there rerentpy
-.lid Willi id ll> Xc» :«•!«•*
lonnty. on the ihr of
...it ton Hawkin' ha* »'i» ,v ' St i
iti..M 11. I.ft New Baltimore a
Th» ,fl tfin»*r»*l of tl»*' >•»«•* ' lr " •
Intte Kullnisn, who did x-• * r-'«oM
of Itijm le* Mi*t aim'd M» * *’hioa«“
4tltO H' *' til ** tl * • V' IP l»t Wl IIP* ' '
i*rnnrtn from Do* l> >'•* of >• r fir-
Mr km I >1 « T'lon'io* I Shoemaker.
South dal ta. . .-'lf' * * •
**-j** l*o il in.l fOred !n Mt I IrlcM l.
mi«l m*.'* '*i.i rlt\ her home iiitu
two voam .go.
On Ktooo veiling Mer.-h t, tn**
local k 11 1 * ioh tit of ihe high eohuol
wint ih- mrl* «f Owomo high *. h.>*>l
will mm ir, M•. 1-* leaf s,.rln«< In
barkrt bnT) a*rr* for th- champion
ship of l hr• .t >te
Mnlth'W !*lu.«h bf» Frliiui for a
huimow trip through the eon- b to
Include Hirmmgliam * n** Nf" i' l
leu n* Hr h«* Uik* lumber in- t
on in Alabama
Mr and Mr a U»i h*rt ♦;
t'at taraiiHii" N V who for three
11 Store Advertising]§
lOfu.S. WM wl should be News im
A *r rVAI \ f\ll ill ll iEb fi B, A. Bfek. A+~r"*f*4 r. W.Bfm C* . I gr:;
r I |\Jv '1 Bmmtm n. mmJ Chmtrmam of the Rm*ul A- 4. C. mt W B
ot I W HO in this day and age spends time on IEE
11 >j stale news? Then why should retailers I |EE
comptroiki *-"• 1 S expect attention for the commonplaces, repe- A CEE
1 [v'ti’f - *B , , B
Ija J »*„ B | titions, exaggerations, misstatements and hashed- | BE-
II P IJI/IIJP lirilf lj over facts so often presented as advertising? EE
~—'sß ' i ***-•■ S Imagine a store employing 2,000 people, mainly =
rEifc IHIICTP ITCj 0 young and in their prime, who concentrate their EE
EEgj *i-UUu 11l ILuS 4 thought and effort on these things: EE
Secretary of Cor.T?- C e o« The selection, creation and adaptation of ===
—nsf Clares America Has Ar* * 1 fievv anci becornin & styles in wearing \ =
• * 51. -s ~
m rVDI n - ‘ The economical production tot these styles' ~ r ~
Li'i * /n the most attractive and serviceable ~
nil OnCnil \ materials and by the best workmanship — E=
uHtv |j;.i The distribution of this apparel among 1 ESE
ill Opr CPU lUyftl men, women and children, by the mat
111 viCwUl satisfactory and efficient methods. =r
isl Senator ijjl
M^ sr, Qg Sto-is £,j*l The doings of this great organization can fairly be—
called news. EE
EEqs LOlilCl |- iIL Bl £ « printing this news *ts advertising this store E==
pip niff jr nrifTrrl l is a rcal scrvicc to the community which it EEE
did I nliil LlllV 1 scrvcs * And, as might have been expected, has EE
~jg|| il met with success to the service
Ejjj r *Mocr? Cos. Consoftdatedll I rendered. ifc^s
SB MtfJ Beo;amm Moore & Cos.. 2 1 1
153C00.000 Concern. Sg Any retail store can do the snrr? thing.
new plants to be EJECTED jj(B The instructions are these: jfeg
a Local Faciil> Ar<M\rTr\ ure Choose a merchandise field you are cap - ferE
!C\ |,3 able of covering. Then cover it.
‘ I Know all there is to know about your j=§|
\3U\o™ if I I branch of business. pss
J Have enough of the right goods at the
—tet- A I r i£ht prices at the right time.
lSan ds of B 9 Tell the people about these goods fre - lEE
Satisfy ALL calls for advertised goods ,
r££ i emmf no matter what it costs do this. ill"
fcVAPCO hcar mucJl about advertising “with a punch.” I==£
"Auto. Asa medium of communication between interests I=E
lAm SIDJUM nm 4. n S as nearly mutual as are those of the retailer and 1
d/kd ht i •"WiOße customer, advertising “with a pull” would seem to
«W to /mm PiffQii | be much more appropriate ft|SE||
r Tori, jt- I:
Zf* * fYr * Advertising is telling-nothing more or less. If E==z
r>rjjfirC\CQ \ you, Mr. Retailer, have news worth telling, you KEE
IBTIUIW « , w jjj fl n( j no difficulty in getting an audience. jtEf
vnUOIU- Advertising—truthful, informative advertising—
— needs no defense. It pays its own way. It tells tr:
!V s thc
)ut of new and easier ways of doing their work — lE~
* «» of greater satisfaction.. It makes better mer- ps
f chants, better stores, better homes,* better people.
mt. \ T \T/T0l!I Advertising o the other kind deserves no defense. ~'
11 faUs ° f >ts own weight
ft’ I Thto la «na da aarlaa to Adverttss Advertising, by tbs AasoHated S'
s Advsrtlaln® Chiba and tha World (headquartara, Indianapolis). Writs l* 1
(f&Wr * ' * 1 ' for buoklat, wrlttan fcw boyars Ilka yooraalf. Bvary man or woman - ■
CoW>mOd>t4 ** WiU ** Pt ° fl, * b '" \
M I k 1.,n k' '»l‘ >f f) ll'lrds
*i <r., 1 1, t' f'if tholi bi.mr totlny.
Vll.*ll'.*<• liMiiii i lda<*. former uolii't
i.fb. ■> In rltl.'all> ill mt hi* hußir
i on M.ilf.Mt xt.
ll.ir. I>* \H«mi miii of I'r anil Mr*
\ It \!l* r.. . re* fr.'in «n
til... k i>l f |n* iinn'ii IS
\ S ffiiiti.' nirrtlnjj n 11, held
Tbur'.i.i.r iirirrn n*n m ih«* Blrmma
b.-itn « i • li.xi*-. rb • follow In* °*
P. n \> * r>' o’, i t«*«t I'rralilviit, Mia.
a .1* <lv. vl.*a-pr«!*ulanl. Mr* h'rank
i, i.ioti .•■.■r»>iHr>, Mr* .l»»hn llanim
fir* i.nrrr, Mlaa lt»*il> Talifvrro
Mr i'r. nun Rloharrlauii «* 111 •»!
; l'r*r 'i • o - ..ii Martin at.
l:.*w rd K*r*lnn-m. of Itlrmtni:ham.
i < ll" ■* 111 llio Itlui* ll.“'k
>ri p Khi'. t, iirld in IHrmln*hani.
Ti r >\ . ■t,. n.*a»i. \%h**n br br.'l r
. . ( ~|t >f t.’> bird* ll*rr> of
■ on. Iti»* uri'.'M'l bext
mark.man with a tally of Ht bird*
i:i* » • |’> ri m. of ltl(u*mrtrld lilis.
hna .i-n otia-half « l<*a in tlir* Har
bour iro|>by « oiiii'nt
Oi'i.r*!' H Aldrl. h, «itr<l kf> dt« and of
lu'art tr«>iilda. Thurada* tilKhl. In Hu*
lioiiir of III* »oii, \"*• in Aldri.'li, on
piarra-at. Hi* la survived »»>- a ul.low,
one dau*hter. Mr* ilnli«*rt (ioriluit,
of liatrult. ami |«.i son*. Kmnh, wl».>
it it emir- roll, it > m Ann Arbor, nn.l
Vrrn, **f thi* ida. r The fttni*ral will
b«> held tbit* afternoon at tln> home of
til* son The remain* \t e taken
thin afternoon to laihaon f >r b rbil
It.* It l Kiltie, of |i.*tioit, v* ll
prearh. M 'lnliv oventn* In Hie Mi*-
h|nn • hnryh. on I'laive-at.
Mrn Mart.-n t'lisbe I* viaiUn* her
dutiable!. Mr? Harr* Allen, in De
• •.il Ind* of laoirde* Hoi* Name
nonet* will lake eonimnnion in M
bod*, Suivlav morning
sipeelal bualneaa will be tranaa.’ten
by the t'lopia club. M.indu* evening
in .* speolal aeaelon
Pne. ia I aarvlcea will ba
I lieln In Oiii lardy of Lainrilna rhtfvli
l.ver* Wnlneeilay « venin*
Mr*. 11. J. Ilatnel hue returned
1 tionn* after it month* vielt In <‘hl
Tw. ntjr birth* and el\ death* in
Kanruary were reported by tin* vll *
laaa <li rk.
• ’milt I TIT, t'. O. of l l *., rneei* Mon
day evening In Ht. Y X. hall.
<y\H«N ll.len I’attenaude. Wnt ,|ef.
i feraoti-av e., ban recovered from a
i .*i«>rlou* lllne**.
llla'i H. hool eenlora ha\. elected
I the following officer*. Hre.l.lvnt,
! Kveretl l**ba.rie, * li-e-pr« etdent. Nor
man De tlrave, ae. reta iy• 1 1 ea * urer,
Marcella l.afferty.
To lengthen the lead the* ha*,
rained. Preehyterlan Sunday achoo
worker* will endeavor to g»t a ref*
ord attendan- e. Sunday, t» donhl*. i.
po.alble. the attendance of the Wyan
dotte ttaptiat ediool. with whom th»
local organlsailon I* competing.

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