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!W L M
tns Opening Ip
tillable I’rooerty
On East Side
iyo a k Land Cos.
ks Imoortant New
O 11. I - . 1 I*lt I \SII\
I* ” birr * «».. IVmth
»ro| Hi.l'.
1 commission in l au*ing was
■c* ently by the Highland Furk
hi I Oak Railroad <V. tor per
i to operate interurban cars
n Highland Park and Rti'ai
tie of the l>i|t-k ; suburban
y Iran wofrom a fiitu
andpoint and «l o from
int oi th*- growth of liin < . >.
Incorporator of <h» company
rurtn- F. S‘s *>h« ’iron, ‘T©i*«‘r?
1 t' '-'riEiMjm
*3* '4
■ *i n f ,
yA’• l ’*''
‘ * «sRP
B. •TF.l*tlK\««\
Ilf It ■ iw.itilM'r of ll.r t|p|ihrniMtn-
ItrWr I o ■ nil prnnilnrnt In ihr
Mtlt.lloti n( lhr lllckltNd I'arL A
Mill Oak Hallroad t m.
" “—~~— l
K Barber. John L. Austin. rharle**
* ft. Davidson. Fail <». Trobein, John
B. jChaddock and Henry Wfv.ptnan
Jr* all of Detroit and Highland
s Tile* incorporators have been work
tng for many week* quietly acquit
log the right-of-way for the system.
Tb« right of-w ay involved the pur
chaae of 1,*43 acres at a total to t
or f1,M8,000.
The new railroad will be a four
tiaefc ayatrm running next to oak
lund-avo. from the eas* entrance <v
the Ford Motor Cos. plant to the
heart Os Royal Onk. according to the
m«*o behind the project
Omkl tnd wx.la ik said. will be ex
trnded to tJje Fight-tiTlle-rd . who
le> the county liu<\ and approximate
l> a mile beyond th** point, when I*
will tut n In a westerly direct ion and
extend in ihe form of > boulevard
rpgrtUlel' with Woodward avc.. to t! •
'■ Ten-und-a half mil*- rd.. which is ih ■
r, county road leading to Royal flak
One net of the four track*, wnirl.
are to be laid on a private 'right-of
way directly in rear of Oakland avi
trill be reserved only for fast limited
* cam. The other track* will he used
for outgoing and incoming local traf
» fle
Kt The officials of the new road dc
that they were forced to spend
;v an additional $20,000 herauao of th*'
J aaiouncement of the Ford addition*
TM» additional cos* was caused
,I>> tie boost in land values when the
l Ford announcement was made. The
announcement said that 2,*.000 »<\
'■ dltlonal men would be employed by
i the Ford company. The land values
ip Immediately began to soar, anti this
I canned some trouble tn completing
Hin right nf-way of the new trolley
However, everything ha* been ar
ranged for, and the promoters *v
i. that that land ia* been laid out fhr
\ Immediate »übdiv|«iop purposes.
I' “MV expect that work will be
l Started on the railroad just a. soon
I. tut street crossing permit* can be sc
| cured and other routine matters *nk
f en tare of.” said Mr S4teph»-n-on
P “Al the same *ime wo lire going to
[ k*pea up subdivision pruperty all
r along the line.”
■Kina Troyonk l and Cos. which pro
itlOfed the new toad and who** offi
* CCfs are n F. Stevenson pres'dent
5 Jollli L. Austin, viee-presid* tit. Ro'
| art E ltarber. aecretary Henry
f Wigtmnti, Jr . trea urcr and < barb
* 8 Davidson, assistant treasurer ' •
L imitated the purchase of the rivti
f gfmnty ami he flannel it;* of the tier
Hgpfl transaction* w* r* <»> *• • i>n
F #d b* 1
l r»U»ldDbi»g a record'tor quirk htfmi
Bm acreage v\ ill nvr<h* .i ti,.
( Mirths of more item tu s. p» ii<
b glare*- of property. iHMgiitg in -tr*‘
r Worn 2if»lto lsA«t;r< Th. smo-n •
l tmid
f Brojtcrn
j |M«t to Th. ’lh* t *
I iMMat was paid for on* a. r<
[ fa
K‘ i Itoftt of the «111 ll Ml -
Austin the latter w.n
Pitattwa altorto r in HtghUnd ivo
ih *' ,v ‘ %i m "
ML* tit*i lei »Ontra* t» fm .
/o/A tommy (o Old Tammany Host, Ac/cJ 74
$ y V' f .’
> ■;*
.* , I
-... »*'■. Yf ffl-i v 4
.•rtiipPVA’d 'i
' A' s 3
_ >]
. _•
h *+ ‘«f e >u:pt.--*r a i machinery
cosiirg ii.‘ «>.**• - ample proof
v !k?troi? ■t. bu.!'>'** -bould *r>-
•'* r* - uj he North
Woodward -eeiinn.
V p* - nt t* • F iril company is
employing 2V )<V men in three eight
r shift* 9 men . a< h..
If tfansnoFai icq facilities -ire ro
•« ! !r tnadequgt). r.> rrperiy rare {or
•end dis’r- 1 • •'Hi Oiploy* v w'-pt
w.it it be in f o>;r months from now,
'.then They »il! he working
men tn two of 14.'-uo men
Whit? tn one year with SA/*AO men
• O' e . iht hour si .ft T' S s T*e
Ford pine
Kor<l employe* can purchase good
horn** a*'.d they will have them as
near the Ford factory a* possible
Practically all the land nurchs'ed
when the railroad right-of-way was
••• <• id •■ • ;
hod o.i* jn su ’ v js»on property, say
rlie promoters of the railroad rnm
. er.y. TANARUS! >rtl employ , s
alone. 1» is ~_r--*f** with their
famil ea «%• r: pc -.re a rV' nearly
a large as < r.d Rap a- *>>r
>ubdlvtalon property .built lip. Oak
landatr. i- to become the principal
thoroughfare for »ha' territory
Investment There Mean*- Big
Returns, Says Jas. (*.
HI J X »IK* C. IMI ld K
My belkve in inv*-stteg in ouN
ward xVood’vard-ave property Is i
based or. the fact that ! {>e|ieve that
ihe ultima'e growth of !>•• *toit 1*
in that direct ion
Woodward ave is the main ar
terv nut of iw-troit and I believe
that all th** re-!ti*»nce properly in
the city will locate along thi* high
way. I* i.« the natural growth to
wards the interior
I srarted with my brother 15 >ea r ?
ago in a mode*t wav on lower Wood
ward-ave (telling butter and egg*.
When 1 took a lease further up
Wood ward-a ve for o'ir ‘'‘ore. e ery
one told me I wa* making a mi*
take That * mistake” if *tKh it
may he called wa* the mean* of v go .
inr into the real #-*tatf> huamnaa. I
I early rcal:*ed that rw'rott would
~t*ir y -have- to grow nu’
Wwidnard aip. di»irlrt [ *tart*-d
first with a subdivision next th*
Ford plant In Highland Park thi*
aid* of Koval ftak. and 'old If out
in short time, bat now I am operar i
itig in Royal Oak. out ;n th*- hill
,»f tic in,x>in f,e|d country, where that
land is ideal for re-ideri<«- purpn**-*- j
The elevaiion of the land t- ih** j
high* .-t In the county, and one to
be demred by tho?« who want per;
man* nt home*
In one *ubdlvt«inti w* are -*-IJipg j
All Women Need
a correctly, occasionally, to right a dw.rd' r , 1 «tomarh
«hi< h IS the cause of so much sick headache M, rvouv
X^M.a d i u S J T JI !3i r " s!h ' 1 <*** rehef fr .in stomach
troubl, s is assured by promptly taking a doc- ~r two of
Beecham’s Pills
TTir-r *rt on th- Kver a '
• ’*f n , r , art* v, stable n c „, 7 ' 7' 1 " ’ 7 «**»*«.
igrewbte titertffra* nd»er ■ harm***
A bo* of rv-rh,m-« pfll, tS# h " , .
many annoying trouble* caused by stom*ch ii! H 7, 7 th *
iu ’ foundation
For Better Health
l)in.t«m(4W „| y I u
j ■ .. I
t, 1
I- ■ /
'% ■ V *
< Princess Sequeyan.)
Tammany tr end* of . Richard
Croker. who reigned a* boss nearly 1
to year - ago and who •ow Tt
veat sos age have r* *eived word I
that the Wigwam Chief * Indian 1
ride, the Princess Sequovah. *x
s*ec»s a visit o: the «:ork. The old !
boss, who retired from Tammanx
politics with a for”?ne. was rr.ar
ried in ebntarv 1915. He is Ih 1
lieved to be worth several million
dollar* Anew •. ir sll conmlh ce
his affair*, for he ha- five children
tn the rotted States, by ,» former
were and halt-acre U>t- be ause we
realise that the average workman
likes to own a -tun.l 'arm of bl
own If real estate in. rea-*
th»* purchaser under r arr.mg#
make a handsome r-roflt <>n h:a .in f
ve*rn:cTF TF ’- •- • j ■ ..1.-11-A
--about »ira mice Th*-' sr* bveatad fn
?h* beautiful Flo-':: •' t . . - di«
trirt. wh’- h i-■ * c t . .. •• • » . •
far reruov. and from the !;t?>cer» of !
the low. r land • • ■ .*n Highland!
Park aud Birn rngh.im
In the Norwood s-icd.- tsion w.
have re*ltjed ’he desT*- of the axe-
J l Ml> l*re.H( K
t*r,MY-l-n»n, r«-i»l p»(«|r its«|*r i, kn
«*»<lnll»»« in Xartk U nudn<ir*l-*,r.
age workmen to own a -mail botn**
of his cmti and have platted ’he lot
in a re and half-acre sue- If th*
Investor de-ir s to *uhdivuie id*
whole property - a tburban real
I have found in niy vari*d expert
.-Sfft’e property for they get rto the
home* and bring home ’he Je-son o'
In fa- 1. they ar* putting it ail over
*be men in the n,after o? sale*.
We have one of the mos- loyal
I '
; the property rid not *-*r.d up. The
I reason my and ai- swon*
'-n ar* ao' cevsfui, i- be, a e they
have gr.od properties to .•el),
Detroit Yarn ggn t 3#ate*
Hou**on defea’e-r •». r«.. * ■.*, i
ond team Thur-di.y ; * 0 **.’ Th* j
xecond retp-i r**Hy corr.pored
!-g B rn» v m and Fu .* r. bu' made ]
PCI. r*fte hi*
fr b r, g•. - ) s t ( * t, • « <i
Detroit .. . o •, o is i) r,
•■‘"'■r I *.* f *■ »:i<) Allen Jan.rr,
to G ve Avvay "Oarrondt ’*
FORVfCKf) K - Mr- : <; H l*e
*' *' p ** dtai'iond farm” In
Harper COun'y w n * *o , ve a 4i«
7m T;r.r: #
-nt and ojimoun’rd _
Hr. \f art *i r ~ »I
rnn \ ar.<l .•? K f Hifkfy vrlll I
%irr; iT ** r * month*'
Conducted by PAI'L PIFRCB.
Menu Additions
Material- T»q larg. .mmib* rs
one small onion, one small gree 1
pepper. two table«iHtons French
salad dres-ing. *alt and pepper t*
t |i>* t <*,
Way of preparing t'hoose large
cucumbers of eipia! leng'h. tbit »c o
two section* after trimming off th*
end.- Sha;*e into baskets, relit-'
ng ali of the pulp but a very ti n
wall. Chop this pulp and mix
with the onion and pepper a!-o
chopped then add the salt and p- !>
per and the -aiad dressing b
ihe cucumber basket* with ’hr mix
ture Chill and serve with the •- h
Materials Ope cup sugar t’ •'
eggs, one cup mashed potatoes ' r*
pared as for the *■«!>!. i r*
fourths cup milk, two roundlt u
spoon* baking powd.r o:-• h. ::: -a
spoon nutmeg and r’our «,» -
Way of pre arinti B< ir r -c
--end > .K:ir together r.’;. >' r
very hcht. then add the po*»?-**■-
Sir *o cups ffout w-h
meg and baking powder ad i<. I
ihese together w.' k the r M x
well and add enough more f r ■>
make a-• - - ' ’ ’e*
handled. «bill. m ’ - •• r •
*nd fry : r -!• \ \v
«• !• •• • • *
four choice lets. • ••ax - - ■ •
salad dre-'.'.tf
Wax o* p? : T' f : * • * t d
plftt'e M ‘ •• ■) !> *o -‘fve mix
. ; ■ ■ * r ■ 4
Matenai? One .tree tart apr'e.
crate the ■.•• pie and ir.'x i* »Fh
the cheese and crearn Season to
At -! *. v ■ t
lice* o? buttered brown brend. ' ut
-n-.efed with a d-my
Ma'erials On* quart shrtr.ic-.
'Mjr r,.ers 'WO . p- w >tt-r
'wo cup- W-h.N k. J of one
Start Your Monthly Payments In May
ik ,
An importantly Improved vs n<»t»• |*| u* r |» ( ; ino m;in
ufactured complete in our own great factorie-.
(Greatly increased production mal.i, th price* p,re>ihlc.
fteffular ip
,310 Woodward Avc.
t’m« • on aP ?• it poon paprika.
• a o."* - i,f. two tablespoon*
g:,*’ u'« and httine, French salad
- j-r >p.i ing INM and • lice
u cticitnii'-rs reserving one halt
• . y . iin * . s Place the other
>a ■ i .in, add Lhe water
• • n < 1 -**ft P is* tlir*)ugh
m • ! add th** }*t<K'k. lemon
. p* pjw'r and ?he g»-l
- *1 ll t .tt tie cold -w it
j - r. and >'\id over hot vtatet
mo i pale green with harmless
t, - ab'' coloring Decorate a
r i: with shrimp**, till with
j • H.y * r.d -• t on |ce to harden
t -i and ft.i the tenter with cu
>•• * i>. -and lihrunp-s cut into
-and combtn»»d with French
, d-e>Mttg This is a beautiful
t— L LATEST thing in bread.
v ih.iv n o ith in the Land of
• v ar** * xperinienting
„ v. wh* vt flour, of course.
! • co■ ion and the corn gave the
1 .«■ ,va and bread the peanut crop
: r - peanut butter, and the
v Fir tjini t v uho v^ould
e\p*MMti .■!*** wii* l t'read in
. h .v- - *>n carried on by
K n't K• \g-iculturitl Kx;*eri
Cor.'.nt: mot,. - 'lt M Mien
' - t \;-. -and mixture.* of flour,
rta |ati; .*• :i reinforce!, wrap
; :-s hr r* ad were tested. The
mi?. • -tins experiments, per-
L i-i.-.. .'A :• h a
1 , . t s f.t)# Whi.l ?
t 1 y r «» a u fn > i l)pfwtt7( i hi*
x * . . t K»atl n.ad
110 r - intx* and. is »vid to readable
g : g. - oj and 'o !iav.. a rich, nut
i■' ••? :f:;:
< ’ w, {jf ij ir’iixj H** ?is a nii^
* v'■ ••» v, ■ <
Tt * ’ » f'* f-*; jjil ft 9 ' *h< front yard
•• r. * £ j? w jth hot
r tp. t % lrf tf'
r v u*it v * »tfi rt h ano
• . . . -••• -'• 1 *r<t » v< * n
nut* ri v> h of ,Jnrns*H" t n^*A*#* r
k, tjy.T • * ;r h ?r • n in«- htul r»’ #
*r.<\ baking \n ho? itove* Bur
_ufr# sovi ff ,i ' nix ard bak^
* rs viltj hre-af) through hard
| Men's report im
; United, any* iu part
••('Ot tunned flour./ tonutin.nf no
-larch, ibuUf BfU per pet A protein
! and 10 per c* nt tat. whtle wheat
flour contains «t>o»tt 70 per cent
-lurch, 10 per . rent protein untl l
p**r cent fat From tin so apprnxt
mate analyse-. tt is readily deduced
[that by judicious tu \itig of th* two
Hour we mav git :t mixture tlt.it
‘'ill approach a balanced ration in
Itself By varying tin- protein nin
lent of th* mus ire a bn ad can be
made for one whose nitrogen con
sumption ts small or for the du)
laborer whose nitrogen intake is
'erjr large.
“The average digestibility »*r the
different elements in cottonseed
Hour compares favorably with that
of other foodstuff*. Altogether it
seents that cottonseed Hour a- a
j food product lias latgp possibilities
j In the actual baking of cottonseed
J flour with wheat Hour, not mot*
than a JJo per cent mixture has b» • n
suee»-sf.ful. Tlw» protein of co.tou
j s* ed flour has properties different
■ from the gluten of wheat flour, the
j chief one of these being that tt is
! not at ail elastic
j “A -erles of Panes with cor on
-<*d flour produced th* following i*
’ ilt** t*»>rt*>;:-red flour stin*.!..ated
(fermentation It caused decrease in
h.af volume by wen’ *nmg or dibit
leg the gluten of the wh»\< flour
When more than 75 gms of cotton
eed flour is added the gluten t>
weakened lh.it >ut”,cient rise for
i ‘ tKtt.t c ipnot *.• - « uft and r •
I- olor r. «einMe« that of King, r
j bread when »s much as twenty pet
| cent of epttonsecd flour is added
I The loaf has a ri* h. nuttv flavor
hat i- highly pleasing, and t
! the Opt ion Os those w 1)0 have t r>. it
jl that the flavor Is un improvetueii*
; over the straight wisent flour ."
Wheat, barley rve. corn. nc»
peas i > *jro* - t *: ’ un.-eotl the
fam: 1 v can thrive on poorly bas.d
i bread It is a nattia! 1 <>tue «, re. \<>r
’ lie A • * ! ■ - .ill t
p« rfect loaf of "read. -w• *?. n’j"v.
’ rne grained, well-baited, ha* a \ «t
I -.table asset. j?he nerd never come
; to -van’ t* rough ho k of a » a to
l make her living \ good baker is
! seldom out a j" 1
The e?-gag‘ tnent ’-a ' non: :< > and <
; Mt-- F’.of* r,. ■ F-. -chi dig' ,*
: Mr a; and Mr* Alfred I''"" ' <>: Sr
{ Hair jl* :gh<s. to Warren ijun* >n
! Olrlh W ■'f <
Feed 1 fiia Hofry Re^uUtrly
Iv.;, t ...» . t interfere «iin
f> " ./ I' if*:*.*
« Mlbrtitvtt IB
one t!,-*t t- '•. ■ V eiij..> «.
t-t c* . sat
i« >* relaC-'.le * :« »fMirt«h imt.
h.l..*'- ... |l ure;** w 1 And l*
alw *> re,i.ty .mtpk mudulcßiMio.
Ask For and Get
pple Butter
Chili Sauce
• • ni^Mvto —lit'-I Mini*
The Williams Bros. Cos.
Os fp+tratt
Lower Milk Prices April Ist.
Commencinjf Saturday, April First, the Summer Schedule
of Towhi’h Milk Pricea goo# mto effect, as follows:
Towai s Perfectly Pasteurized Toward Perfectly Pasteurized
Milk, Cream.
Per «|t. He—l3 Tickets for SI.OO Vi pt*- He—l.l Tickets for SI.OO
lx*t Towar’s —the proper and be 4 Food for
“p f'
FIRST" baby—the best milk for every purpose—l>e tht
c hoice in your home. Clean, healthy cows, car*-
fully attended —a bijr, modern, “Sunshine” plant
4 for CJarifyinsr and Pasteuri'inr make Towar’a
Fv the choice in “Horne* that ( are."
( dpTUF | — r (Id and 5600)
Wayne County Creamery
r u n s CALL TO
A call will be issued in h few
1 days by the Republican county com
mittee for the caucuses to select
delegates* to |ht* county convention
Vpril 's in Concordia halt On Unit
date delegates to the national and
district conventions will be aeUcted.
In Wayne county the district con
vent ions of the First and Thirteenth
di-tricis will he held Vpril la. In
the afternoon the county conven
! !•' b ! held I ! tUO'Uillg The
| di-trdelegate* from the Wavne
townships that are included in the
J si\rh district, will not meet, how
! . ver until May in (Irand Rapids.
I- tlistr let ii ■ b gate from the
Wayne* townships in the second ill
ini will meet April ?:*. ui Ann Ar
j >or, where the district convention
i "HI he held The *i\t]) district
j state convention delegates probably
will serve as distric* delegate* Mj)
I well. According to computations
j m U* by S* ■ T'Carv is nuts Xlward.
.of Me *:ate Central iom.niillee the
i !i: f distnet. incliidiug th* l east side
•f IV tror. w .11 send Mi delegaf. to
e o strict convention, and the west
dc or thirteenth district. ;»i dele
gules The -t\th district townships
i iu Way ri* will have l'» votes.
The emrigentent is announced «»r
m * vt r' >!>•'' at. no.« of vs n
i I >hn n Lagley. to lohn Edward
; W oodrsfl o V w V ork
The New Idea in Marketing for Your Table Supplies
vto cave the whole n’orrmq to yourself and rna*"ket by phone You can
jet tee same joed ser vice acd hrgn quality as though you came m person at
Cor Woodward A Henry
Our Canned Goods Our Own Brand Coffee •’rh un r vturttmlnrtr, rh»
Special for Saturday or.
1 r * *'* hri«t. li llnrurrml.
vr::.;:," per can >•—..‘l.' '"10c , 25c
.... ) . r - t «lllitinl;i tll|M lllhm.
Mari M.-rs liii«|ihrrr|e< 111 WHIl« rk I‘l.klr*. '.c>
< M rw r „ per doz 25c
51.00 ""/.V:'”*;; v* 25c
r*.'.'.’.;Assorted '.*..*•» • *7*
■ n I C 25c
Our Own Brand Tea , t «-***.** v,,m. 9l -
I re.h • )i(tntir i A £jl
* *.'»••** »*<»!« VlUr.l •
hlM.knrKfffß, or- VVh.ir « l.n-r o« Huttt r. or.
-11. |>Wli* fcJV* I ..Mill lloNrt. Alt i 4DC
Green Vegetables and Fresh Fruit Like Midsummer
Vr« Hip* Tnmm»M, . . . V.r I \ir H l.iii K r Crape I rule.
I rrnrk V ri!<• hokra, I rrHik I iidlv j, f »*X«*
r«rvlM, r»r*».pv Irrnrt *%%rel !*••- , v
<nf > •%* ! «• mngf-m. i< fVK*, tor
fiifortt. <• rrrn nnd \rll«m Mriuu, Mttri 11, 1 Mrj«B te et,
Mrrtt»M*lii I'oiitorg, Mrrminln <<i ■ . ling %ot»lr*>. j t.*r
-n.l a„ Bn ,a|, n„l.,„a. m r.h««r. 1r... • '«»r
■ler leaf Mini llrkil I etture, i.rrrn | rr>h
t’epper* I IEK I'lbmi, « rlap I tl.r*. 1 IVmhr. « '
Irmlrr II M)l la hr a. t BNlllimi r. I If
»'*• I irriil* nn<l Inrnlpa, llnl I’lr <mm<- i •. <1 t r«nl«rrrlr-a i TVr
>*••»*. VI ua hr oum a, HMnMiifla. I ruiiioi, # ic.
I l*i ii a I k !»<•«> I«tr i A. Hone I* •« • n.l el *h. Innn ll«h. ,h!. k eti
18c 15c&25c
~, , * •»«»l‘ , «* Hr«l tikalik 'nl-
JSC »»<*•*>. aKriinpa. pn • | w. *
I'lnnnii IlMtlilir. ' *f- 18c SOc 15c 8 25c
l\ > lifi.'r.. .l 11, rrlntc.
lGc 25c k , r Jsc2sc3Sc
In the Sanitary Meat Department
New Shipment Wilbur'- Famous llothou-e Spring I*imb
Ihf corn fed. How
kind. v
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<;«r. •sr* J*hrop»Mre—
r*sf in th* land
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Ilrra.lt of I.N.tih for
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mill I
Order Friday for First Dcliwries Satinda>
10 Phones to Take Vour Order—Cadillac a 110
I9i :i9:j.:i9> woodward am:., cor. iikmu
Rain Put* Out Prain* Fir*!,
s/l l\ V/ K.is Mur* hdl ILtiit
le xiingui luil u prairie flic tlfit uuro*
• ■ii iivt-i bho.it »•.^lit s*'* ttons ot land
;in Kill*worth and Sulim* counties.
The* Ida/*- i i»rt»• • I vi -tertliiy, dfntto>
iim con-'iti* tabid lm\ mid a dozen or
[more* small, butbling Vbout I'm)
|m« n loii-Mi! th* itr* ' verai liotirs V
number ot lurnt h«»u *s m the* path
f lin* flr** >e t* *M iy afternoon we*n*
-av ed ti> H c tiling*' in the wind.
Ilnrr* I sutler la atlll under IHe rnrr
•*i ph'alelHiia Mini there ItMvr hv«n
in* jierfornialt*'* i in the tletrrlek
I 1- ' ■ *t * r- aim . Mollduv • venlllg,
wlfll lha in.1..,| of. h ■ •»n»edt*,n
*v a <'*>in|>elb-il in dlainivs luk mi*
d»* t*< \h I,.*ud* l I-* sulTvrtng
1 pi .. c ui. Inry n*,'it Is. It i* Ju«t
pKaaiUlt ihst he will In .tide to
*t»p**r Friday vVerdng
Fried ( hicken Southern Style
('an be * twily and d**licjou*iy
pr«*ptr«il with
Made from pur**, full » r««m milk.
Drink and Drug
halm, an.Tf»afull > Iresled. \V
In** r the i.rl« uni .hurl lime
IrriilNteMl. V e*t*-l uhlr <-)*Nip*>i«i«i|
• i*.l hnrmleaa. *> l x 1 1. **nr in
I Ir I re 11
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l et. I.nan.l .Ui'. J -7 < >m* fir lit-■ »e.
All mrri - fr-d f.tm K
young pig p<irk.
I. lliiailt of I Ifflr eiu
»\i '•M.r
Morn« rre>"r uur uu
Sur« v i* Jlu»t v» n ‘ vr•
‘ ' it 1 ; .* !1 pu. r
T>'*rk -in. i r r.-al-. n..
v« . i r f r
Ot.r ottn niaUr l*tirp
e..rlt laHtatr 9
Ileal, li.
Our l nrlirntrd llaiiip
• hlfr -mianicr I" |
<un pty tii'.r*', C>ut v .hi
• n t OC
better. it. ICC
l-'mtH e«rK I rmlrrloiii
and ‘ pflrfr|lit.
I’ltKlltli Sllieil
rtirrd Huron, 'ic,
[, r IU . . »wC
11. ml Ind« lie«l ll.iii.-t
Mum.. 4 l
; t , . f,,r ,M 15c
' * ’ "i > • > «... in*
i 11. • i *t errft.
Hilt lion. la, ,| ro'infer
22c to 25c
i It.>l«t Krfllr IliiM.t*.
14c to 18c
-Irlol.. Mr.k,
llnml.ftru <• I rid.. |C_
If. 11l
l.cnt l holrr llrl.ltrl
* nrnrit 1 9 ' /»
ll> ,f. It 14;. C
" > • ,ind Cot
llrrn.l ». f o _
■ i i.ff. i
*k»«l«|,-r II »inrl« r
22c & 24c
'lmlnii, 11 18c 8 20c

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