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‘ /Wf TO*UC, Max 4.—Advance* in
ggjgPpffijlE MW featured th.
O/P&S fm&H*illT. oT*». Am«H
dt, up I*2 and In
WW—g'llniHJ m TANARUS" 1 1 mter-
Marine at :♦ 7^.
•Vv v ,#«at MARKET
Inn' TOM. tlv 4.-HO th«
g«< to tke basest!
BMP&«rin Hm for the first inning.
=r%s£. ''|Sv TOT slock ex change board
la today considering th©
<rf the exchange from a
f o'clock, laatead of from
m. ——s
■PpVrtStocks I
hr Hornblower a Wf»ki.
Open Noon
IlllKllSpm “■* !i'»
HE I %.' u s ? a
gg||£gEßs:::::: 8% 8
■EEi.:::::: 85 8s
iTOwffW W>ln
—SBFv.v::: 'Bs ’BS
8" 8"
Baas&ai .tßa. r **S »»>
i'Wl—» 41 % 41%
g;;;;; ,»« ,J>*
WKe 7 :::::::::: 85 ‘U
|BS 85
sMMg-ga*a. 4!4 414
°* • K iJS
«K*., 11H S*\
Dapper.... «< ««%
&&*■ 4i% 44
IPTf*fpi» T M 4, s*%
WHBBMBm?!of a: c«4, «*%
■Ktegi p
,11 '»*
«**•••••• •“ J* *• H
.......... it lei
■»»»«»»»..». mt *1 s
4R ><H s*%
I&SSSHBUr* >B'* 'll''
all oe H 7% i«4
yPipn 44% n%
rlsllP^! 1 *7% •?%
eßHHw'Kre” 144 144%
WmßSmimL Aieohoi isi % U 4
TTTrrrßiiPil* *i% *i%
mBBOM * 44% 44%
Cippar Stocks |
■>§ • )
s is i k
K r T r :r
■Ps n 31 35
WC-.: it 2 SI 5 is* Si*
MMBT.v. hi ;s5 't>. *ls
lj % I|\
bßbbßelv.v. 2 s «e* •**
Bpi* i Jt I
Hjps # ■« •$
■pSiMi: is
Jw Ask Noon
t&t&iiglHW ill* 11 1 - n
"m*••••••••• 11.11 1 2. t0 1 2 on
iyt 12 90
3 TO
j 13 41
Provisions J
DETROIT. Mich, May k—Opening:
Wheat was unchanged at the open
ing In the Detroit market. Liverpool
and Chicago were steady anil «ulet.
Opening prices Thursday: i ash No.
3 red. »1.J3%. July. 13.24%: Septem
her. 11.34: No. 1 vhlta._ll.lt%■
The eora market Is Arm and
at 74 %c for caah No. 3; 7»c for No 3:
yellow, and 74%#7*0 for No. 4 ysl-
Oats are scarce and In active l*** l
demand. The market is firm at 44 let
far otandard; 47%c for ra.h No. I
white, and 43%6«4%0 for Na. 4
white. _
Rye Is quiet and steady at »4e for
caah No. f. . , ...
Demand for beans Is active and the
market Is quoted Arm at: #J *• • ,r
Immediate, prompt and May ship
ment. and S« *4 for June.
Seeds are active and steady at
|S7; for prime red clover. $*..5 for
prime aletke. and 13.23 for prime
Grain receipts at Chicago. Thurs
day. were 43 car* of wheat, 1.7 of
corn and 141 of oata.
May wheat in Chicago opened
Thursday at 91.33 * « 115 *. corn at
77% 4f 77 %a and t»ats at 4<yg4.c.
Wheat and -orn in Liverpool
dosed unchanged.
riirtbo uum
Wheat. May. down %e; July, un
cl-anged; September, up %c. Corn;
May. up %c; July, unchanged, Sep
tember. down %c- Oat* May. un
changed. July, unchanged: Septera
bar. up %c. F*rovtaioaa: Higher.
| Detroit Stacks j
hm a*a-d
Acme White L a Color 17% 14%
Do pH. 13 24%
Amer. L * T. Cq 372 274
Do, preferred 114 112
Am Public L'ttltttee Cos. 44 41
Do. preferred r.. ts tx
Auto Body Cos 34
Burroughs Add Mach.. 321 ....
Chalmers Motor C 0.... lei 144
Do. preferred »7% 141%
Charcoal Iron Cos. of A. 4%
Do. preferred S%
Cities Service Cos 134 IS*
Do. preferred 43% ••%
Coahotla Lead a Zinc. 4% 4
Com with R. P a L. Cos. 44
Do. preferred $7
Continental Motor Cos.. 34 37
Do. preferred 10%
D. * c. Navigation 41
Detroit Creamery Cos.. t| ....
Detroit Ediaon Cos 11l 113
Detroit iron A S. Co- .... 23
Do. preferred tl 13
Detroit United Railway »• 103
Det. Valve * fit C 0... 1»%
Ford Motor of Canada 374 3*l
General Motors Cos. 414 431
Da Ist pfd 33% 13%
Hoi land-St. L. Sugar . *% 10%
Ivon Silver M n ng Cos. 1U 143
8. A Krasge. com It 13
Do. preferred i#\ n
Maawefl Motor Cos 74 7*
Do. Ist preferred 13 34
Do. 2nd preferred 34% 37%
Me*lea» Crude Rubber .... 13%
Michigan Stamp. C 0... 333 ....
Mich. State Tel Cos »1 ....
Michigan Sugar C 0.... 114% 111%
Do. preferred 11
Miles-Detroit Theater.. 7% 3%
Minnesota Sugar Cos 17
Da. preferred *3
Natloaal Grocer C 0.... 33% ....
_Do preferred *4 *4
Pacific Gas A Electric 3* <1
Da preferred.. it 33
Packard Motor Cos 172
_ Db. preferred 194
Paine-Detroit Motor 14*
Parhe. Davis A C 0.... 14* 144
Ren Motor Car Cos 33 V 39%
Reo Motor Truck Cos.. 23 %
JMton-pulun Cos 43
Stud?baker Corp. 134 12*
Do. preferred log ....
Tewar's Creamery. *d *7 44
Trussed Concrete C 0... 37% ....
«.£? preferred new 10%
White Star Line i; ....
Wolvxertne Cement Cos. .... *%
. _ T, " X ' C *?ld"" ,< Ashed
American State i7l
Central Savings 234
9avtngs 2*S
Dima Savings 234
Federal Stale I*4
Plrat A Old Det. NaC I*4
German-American 17* 142
Highland Park State |*«
National.... 174 i»j
NatT. Bank of Com 293
Peninsular state l*|
Peoples State 274
United Savings Bank.. 234
Wayne County Home.. J 47
Detroit Trust Cos too
•peurlty Trust Cos 342 247
f nlon Trnal Cos 173
Oer-Amer. L A T. Cos. l*»
The following firms are privileged
°" tb « Esejumge.
Chrlyle A Povah. W a Hamlin A
Cos. Hu W. Noble A Cos. W. E Mom
A Bennett Smith A Cos, Sinclair
A Coula. Joel Stockard Cos.. Lewis O
Oortoi. W. E Reilly A Cos. Geo. M.
F*»t A Cos, E. F. Macerone a Cos.
Emmet L Sprague. Matthew Finn.
5- h B y: mou . 1 : * Cos, A. W. Wallace
* Cos. Wm. H Rose A Cos, W m . A
Beer A Cos, W. B McLaughlin. V. K
Pelton. Morrill Lynch A Cos.
j Livestock
f May 4 Hoga R»«-*lpt*.
;m * r *‘*t strong. 4cnlghcr. ml*.
•* and butrher*. 1*5999 94 wood
h**vy, t» 759 9.»5, rough h*»vy. ft 20
CattU: Receipt* 4.090. market slow. 1
weak, beer.a 17.94® 9 94. cowa and
heifers. 14 liot Ift; atockan and
feeder* SI to oft 41. Texans, f7to 9
* tt. pair**. 54 2599 35 Mheep R».
<wlpts. 11.900: market steady 10c low. •
vr; natlvs. 44*9 0140 western ft:j
JIMO ' Wa#ll.ll; western. It
>l n?-?2r?e r u m 4, '~ TorKr **M
*>*t*OlT. May 4.— Market »t<-a<lr;
best heavy steers. SV7SQ9. b*st han«ly
weiabt butcher steers. I* 2595 50
mixed steers and h.lf.ra, 17 750125-
handy lipht butchers. $7 25 07.74! I
lidht butcliers, f4 75 tr f; heat rewt,
14 50 07; butcher cows. 45 590* 25
common cow*. 44 7595 25. r ir .nen. U
*♦,**: a**.* I */?** bull* * T - bo os ns
bulla, 10 2494.5* ator* bulls. »5»4
feeder* |. 2*9 745 stockers, tiff
7 25; milkers and springer*. 5440 75
v *al ealsss: Mar net stead'-. b»sr
grades. It 50; otkers. 14.50 9* Hh« ~p
and lambs; Market steady, best
i a rj b^.* r * ,, * r ‘* : ,a,r lamba. »7 25 «*
125- light to common lambs |*7s«f
7: fair to good sheep. 4«50«7 50
culls and commons 44.5095 50 Hogs
Market .prospects i- higher
grade* |t.ssot 46, pig* f| 509* *5
»OMee--<7ra*m.ry extra*. 22c firsts
lie; packing stock. 22c; dairy. 25c
per lb.
. Nf». Fresh receipts, firsts, esses
Included. 2114 c; curent receipts. 20\r
do* Receipts Wednesday. 3.175 rases
_ tUJIt ■tTTEg.
SIX2IR. 111.. April 2t.—Rutter mar*
b*t : 2“ cents. Last week s
pries llf)4a
A. T. Watlfttf, traffic romima
•loner of the Detroit Board of Com
Bierce, hu rood red * 00 py of aup
ftanant Ko. f to official rlaextflca
tlofi No. 4t. which provide* for aev
oral Important change* in uniform
and export hill* of lading, effect Ire
June |. There may be seen by shlp
para Interested In the trancportaMon
■p 11 " ■" ■" ■ 1 " 1
fiffrXF/ 1 -iffUT 1 Vi // -tlj
Civic League Will Withhold
j Fight On Sunday Saloon
In Detroit far Present
The Civic league, which shows a
rapid Increase in Hi membership,
announces that whlio It has h plan
for th# dosing of Sunday m
Detroit, it 1* withholding It in order
that attention may not b« diverted
irom ’he state-aide campaign.
“There la no doubt that any ac
tion in thla direction would misdi
rect and impair the greater issue, **
the announcement reads, “for it
would direct Detroit's attention to a
purely local Issue, and to close the
Sunday saloon would rt-move our
municipal object le*-on
“It la quite apparent that a ma
jority of saloonkeepers would wel
come universal Sunday closing, for
they sense the death struggle of the
drink dragon."
Dr Ear! D. Downer, of Landing,
former United States army surgeon,
is in Detroit, having recently re
turned from Serbia, where hr served
in the Red Cross during the t>phus
epidemic, and in a military hospital
In Belgrade, whon Belgrade was cap
tured by the German Austrian army
Dr. Downer qv the entire battle
from the hospital roof.
“The city was ahelled by a cannon
that literally blew bouses intc the
air and plowed holes in the ground
15 feet deep." he aaid. “The city
then caught Are. driving helpless In*
habitants into the street in the
midst of bursting shells.
’ The Hungarian troops remained
or the bank of the Danube to escape
the volleys of rifle fire from the Ser
bian troops, bat tney finally mane a
da»h for the Belgrade ride, and a
hnnd to hand battle occurred, in
which gun* were thrown away by
the Serbs, and knives, daggers and
swords were brought into play. The
bleeding masses were clubbed with
the batts of rlfea About 2.000 Ser
bians made this last frantic «tand.
but only 10 survived, and they were
Dr. Downer sees no hope for p-ac*
until either Germany or England is
The auoltonum sL:ge in the I
Twentieth Century dub building
Tuesday afternoon was set with
oriental screens and hanging*, spring
blossoms. and gold 3*b. and a Japa
nese doll, to carry out the fanciful
ana poetical fklk of Dugald Stuart !
Walker, of New York, illustrator of
world famous fiiry tales.
Soap bubbles and the down of the
milk weed were in the air when Mr.
Walker recited bit a of fairy lore and
poetry and showed the audience his ;
original picture* which are painted
in water color* on card board and
have been uaed for the books of
Hans Christian Anderson and oth
This was the twenty-first birthday
of the club, and after the entertain
ment a reception was held, and re
freshments were *erv«d.
Grace hospital* twenty-seventh 1
annual report. Just Issued, show* the j
receipts were $2(5.572 Is. and ex
pendlturea $257,223 T 9, making a defi
cit of $1.C54120.
An appeal is being made for a
larger endowment for the various
’ tranche*, and more Interest and
help from Individual* Facilities
have become Inadequate with the
’ increase In Detroit’s population and
more funds are needed A labora
tory and research department 1s de
i sired. Other specified needs are a
new out-patient building, children’s
pavilion, nurses and employes' home
for the we*t aide branch, money for
supplies for the indigent sick, medl
cal "library fund, training school »n
dowm»nt fund, pledges of $lO to
SIOO per year to the cancer research
fund, contributions of bed linen,
rruita. Jellies, rnsgatlnea. story books
and flowers. CPliens are Invited to
give a certain amount of time and
Interest to the charl’able work of
| 'he hospital.
Attorney is Acquitted
Hawley O. Burke, a student law
yer. who engaged In a fist fight with
Arl E Woodruff, another attorney.
, in a Ford City court, was acquitted,
of a charge of assault and battery,
Wednesday afternoon, after a politi
cal enmity between the men had
been brought out during the trial
j Woodruff blamed Burke for the lost
of his position as village clerk of
Ford City, and worked against him
when he ran for mayor, according
to witnesses, helping to bring tha
1 election of hla opponent Threats
by Woodruff against Burke were told
| of. The clash came when both men
met In Justice Sana Rouci’s court
room as opposing counsels.
August Kukahn, .Aged 12. mod
Joseph kCnnan. Five. Take
Pasteur Treatment
Two ?mall bovs bitten by a dog.
which died on Its way to the dog
pound of acute hydrophobia, were
| take n to the board of health hospl
| tal to take me Paeteur treatment
| fv»r rabies, Thursday morning.
August Kttkahn. 13 year* old. of
No. 5s Woodatero aye, and Joseph
Cannan. live years old. of No. >5
Homer-ave, were playing in the
street in front of the Kukahn boy s
heme, Saturday, when a large shep
herd dog owned by Peter Ruble,
of No 6 Stone-sl., leaped on them.
The Kukahn boy was bitten on the
upper lip and his face was badly
lacerated. The small boy's left ear
was nearly severed by the vicious
brute’s teeth.
Fred Derschmsky. dog catcher,
was called and captured the animal.
Big Street Parade and Military
Spectacle Begins at
10:30 O'clock
Curiosity in r*-card to the recent
ly combined Buffalo Bill-101 Ranch
shows will be satisfied tomorrow
when th* big show will be here with
its 'nilPary contingent. Cossack*.
Arabs. Japanese Indians, cowboys,
cowgirls Mexicans, and others, in
cluding Buffalo Bill himself, famous
scout and Indian fighter whose fame
extends around the world.
The arrival o? the show will un
doubtedly stir things in Boydom.
The unloading of the show trains
is attractive to the normal boy.
As rapidly as poestble the para
phernalia of the show will be un
loaded aid transferred to the Jef
ferson ave. circus grounds, the flrat
day's location, where the tents will
be erected and arrangements com
pleted fc» the preliminary military
and frontier street parade, and the
performances that are to follow, at
2 15 and Hr 15. The establishing of
*he mili'arv and wild west camp Is
one of the mo»’ Interesting event*
incident to *how day.
The Vp feat jre of »he perform
*nce. a pen fro.n Buffalo Bill. Is the
new military “Preparedness" spec
tacle, which Is .-aid to be the moat
realistic display of l»« kind trer
*een in an arena Hundreds of peo
ple, Inch.ding representatives from
every br-nrh o' the U. S. military
«ierrlce. will participate. A great
battle between Uncle Sam s soldiers
and Slout Indians will serve to Il
lustrate the fighting methods of the
"boys In khaki " Buffalo Bill will
be in the saddc at both perform
The show recently came from
winter quarters. The parade, which
is all new. mil! have the ground* at
10 .10 and pa*» over th eusual down
town route B>ats will be on safe
•how div at S«nders. and on the
grounds. On Saturday the show will
*nove over to Dlx-ave. and Liver
Old Printer Die*
KALAMAZOO. May 4 —Willard V.
Corwin, pioneer printer of this dty,
who at once time ait. up by hand al
most *u of the news print'd In on*
of the local newspapers. Is dead.
Corwin was a victim of apoplexy
and hla death has surprised a wide
circle of friends. During recent
years he has been superintendent of
the printing department of Hender
son Aides Cos.
Investigate School Fire
The police are investigating the
origin of a mysterious fire which
started. Wednesday morning, in one
of the rooms of the Tllden school.
Brooklyn and Klrhy-ares It la said
that a screen was pried open and a
quantity of Inflammable matter wa*
thrown In the room and lighted
vessel nuu.n
«AL*LT STF, TmTrdk Mich. May 4.
—1 p M« aford. Kada, Corllaa, Tru»a.
dale, 4 3o last m*ht; Ol.niton. '* ;0.
Doric Ch*s Hutchinson. 10 20, lu/*k
son, 11. Congdon. Mtadacona. mid
night Samusl Morse, 1; Francis Rob.
bins. Louts Davidson. W. C. Richard
son. 2; Newbold 4; Yuma, Collins.
5. Siemens. Roebllng. 5.10. Rennsal*r.
4. Bin- k. 7; Bali Bros., O’Connor.
Hoover, 7 29 Pre, Delaware, t; flenry
Rogers. 9:24 Superior f’lty. .fennls,
«’orn«*l!us. Morris. 9 29; Kdenborn.
Scranton. 19
Down Beaverton. 7 last night,
Olenihee. 4. Sheadle, JO to. Northern
Queen midnight; Ream. I. Agaaats.
Oates. 4 30. Arabian. 5. H II Rob
bins. H. R Jones. 4; Maricopa. 4. Kd
monton. 4 29, Rixby. hitler. 10.
arm- york mom rr.
NEW YORK, May 4 riour: Dull
and unsettled Pork. Quiet, mess.
4249 24 59. Steady: mlddla
west spot. 413 2A9 14 49 Sugar Raw.
flrtn. centrifugal. 94 t»st. Ml 9 9 4 52;
muscoyade. 4s test 45 42 9* 75 re
fined. Arm, cut loaf. 44 55. crushed.
|4 4a; Dowd*rerf 57 *997 W, granu
lated. |7 4'• it 7 r,5 CofTee Rio No 7
on spot. 4*c. Tallow Wrong; spe
cial. lie; city, I9t%c; country, 19W9
14%r. Hay Firm, prime, 41 $5 9144;
No. 4. 1191 15; clover. *4915. Dresa
ed poultry: Quiet; turkey* 29 9 2*o;
chickens. 14924 c. fowls 14 9 2*c»4;
duck*. !x-n* Island. 2*9 2Sc Ltva
poultry; tnsettled. geese, 11913 c;
ducks, 14 914 c. fowls. 19H 9 30c, tur
key* 22c. roosters, 14c. chickens
brollsrs. 42 9 44c Cheese; Firmer;
state milk common to special*. 15 9
19*te; skim*, common to special. 19
Detectives Break Up Interest
ing Game at No. 2iH) Wood
ward Avenue
In a spectacular raid on a gam
bling room supposed to be operated
by “Poe” Hsll. s well known local
gambler, at No. 21H' Woodward av#.
Detectives Burkhart and Blttls, of
the free lance dhtston. arrested 21
men In the early Lours of Thursday
The room is situate! on the third
floor tn the rear Twx> Negro** were
on guard, one at the street door and
the other st ti e door of the gam
bling room The first doorman did
not know the oAcers and let them
In. They overpowered the second
watchman and rar into the room
while the game was in a roost In
terest ing flare No one escaped.
Hall was not in the place.
Releases from police jusuces were
obtained for several of the men be
fore they were registered.
The names and addresses of those
arrested are Alfred Martin. No.
Center et Adolph Kratrenbergcr.
Burns ho* el. Charles Mullen. No
104 John Kst t\ artvn Davies. No.
75 Elixabeth-*t. east; William Fiti
patrick. Franklin hotel, Christopher
Caropolenos. No 53 Grand River-ave.
east. fsaa<- Bradfleld. Hotel M**tro
p->b William Watson. No 4j7 Fif
teenth st Charles Paxton. No 111
S-vLurr. ave; Arthur Smith. Im
perml hotel, Frank Gibbs, No n't
Ca*s-ave ; George King, No 140
Cas> a\e ; Fred No. 339
Ca~s-ave.; Glen Averill. No. 38
Rolfe pi ; Andrew Faybrick. No 5J
High *t east; George Russell. No.
25.; Fxrst-ft.; Ben Crons. No. 441 1-2
Woodward-ave . Charles Fink. No.
5*5 Columbia-at. west. Charles Mon
roe. Burn* hotel; Hugh Higgins,
Burns hotel, and John Pool. No. U 0
6.00!) Tom moil Shares Traded
In Wednesday; Advances
a Point
i harcoal Iron common, in which
trading has been exceedingly active
on the Detroit exchange the last few
days, went up one point. Thursday
morning. More than *.OOO shares
were traded in. Wednesday, and the
demand for the stock continues
keen. At the close of the morning
call. It was bid for at « M. and of
ferings were at 7. Wednesday it
was quoted from 5 1-2 to * 1-2. Most
of the sales were made at 6 3 4.
Most of the stock 1* coming fro.%
England. It la believed, as the grea.
er part of the company s aecur’l4
have bona held there.
Caroline WaUoo has uom nut two
pair of roller skates, and she is
roa<*y to commence on the third, but
I —her stepmother say* "no,” and so
'all kinds of things are happening In
(the Watenn home. No. 262 Flrst-st.
Caroline's foster parent would
gladly satiate the rolling desires of
her ward, but she f>am It will make
her a “rolling stone.” Tuesday aft
ernoon she started off to school, but
never reached there. Her father
threatened to put her In the deten
tion home, for playing "hookey ’ and
Tuesday night she disappeared.
She left a note saying she was in
I the river. Afte r walking the streets
( for hour* and notlfvjng the police,
{the father returned Just in time to
greet Caroline at the doorstep This
» is about 2 o'clock In the morning
Caroline |* big for her age—l3
1 years, but she never has been on
speaking terms witn “work” and sel
dom finds any enjoyment in the two
room home of her parents.
Her father Is seriously consider
ing sending her to a farm this sum*
m-r where she can roam until the
cowa come home.
AT 1916 FAIR
0. W Dtckinaon. general manager
of the Michigan state fair, announce*
that premiums of $25,000 are to be
awarded exhibitors In the draft
horse breeding claesar. at the fair,
which will be held In Detroit. Bept.
4 to 13. This la an Increase of 25
per cent over last year.
Michigan exhibitor*, who are prise
winners, will aleo be glv«n addition
al awards equal to 25 per cent of the
original premiums
There will be rlaaaea for mules
also, and s>4s In cash premiums will
I be awarded, beside# prises for mule
foot hogs
**W# bellere cur live stock exhibits
at the 1 »115 fair will be larger than
cv»r. before." aaeerted Mr. Dtrkln
! son. "We can assure prospective
j exhibitors that the Judges will be
men who are thoroughly competent.
: and have reputations for giving fair
| O NEWS |
(Special)—An unidentified boy
about eight years old. with light
hair and stoutly built, was killed
late Tuesday two miles south of
Birmingham, on Woodward ave, by
a southbound D. V. R. car. The boy
was walking south between the
tracks and accidentally stepped over
on the track. He was brought on a
PUR. car to the Birmingham pow
•r house and later taken to the un
dertaking rooms Roy Annette, su
perintendent of th© D l*. R, Wiley
Belle, undertaker, and Dr. N. T.
Shaw scoured the country around
the Twelve Mile rd but could not
find out who the child was. He
wore a dark coat with a white stripe
in it. a red sweater and dark trou
Frank Wwy. of No 147 Wav*rtjr
•*' has r#oov«*r#<l from an iiln«**n
of th* na.*t f-w wrrks
Mr «nd Mrs Joe of No
2* Doris-a vs, ar«* the rejoicing par
ent* of a daughter.
Mr anil Mr* W O Thomas r*>.»v#<l
Wednesday f-« m No 74S P-«*ed-na
ave to Vo 31 windetn*re-a% r
Miss F.ffle Armstrong, of No 13*
ha* returned to her
home after a visit with relatives at
Fort Wavne. Tnd
Mrs r*se of No 7 1 « Highland
avn_ la.jrijotirijj in TVlr **or. Ort
Mr and Mra S. E > * r V
Monterev-ave. ire -pending the
week St Marlette, Mich
I.lojrd *jte%ens’>n. of North Street.
Mich . ha.* been visiting Mr and Mra
Henry Stevenson, of No lift Mon
Guv Kills has r-turned to Ma home
at No I4i> TuveJo-a after a visit
with hi* mother In I-’lorida.
The Ifer-She rluh ha* heer or
ganised hv sever*! voung women in
Highland Dark Their meeting* nr*
held every Wednesday af*er»v .»n at
t K elr dub rooms at No ;ra ftp hton-
Mrs II Hood and children, of No
14» Mrlein tvt are vDitlng in Fort
Wavne. Tnd.
Mr and Mrs Rrnnn and family
have moved from N » 14* Monterev -
ave. to No 314 Tutedo-ave
Mr and Vfr*. |(enrv -sfevenson, of
No 2l*t Monterey-aye are rnterta n.
ing Vfr Stevenson's mother from
Port Huron
Mias Milne Fierce of No 40 Ten
nyaon »ve„ is entertaining this we-fc
at her home. \tl<* Kfhe \rm*tr.-nc:
Os No 114 Met nr avo
Mr and Mrs H»nrv ha» e moved
from Avaion-ave. to No. 1«? Mon
terey -ave
Mt«a Helen Bradley es Vo »1
Monfefey-a\e , la entertain Ing th.*
we*.k M'** Marguerite R- g r* -n. of
No -I* M gh|and-a\-e
Mr and Mr« Mosher, of Vo
Bii-hton-a\ e. are fnter*air.‘n« \l>-
Edward Jewel and s-n fr >n Man
- Mich
Mr* C r BradLv; of B omeo I*
visiting Mr and Mra r F rtradU v
of No 271 t ortlsnd- .ve
Mra William Tompson of No 33;
Massachusetts -are . has recovered
from a short lllne**
Mr and Vr« McDonald moved
Wednesday from No Ml Grnnd-at*
to Royal Oak
John J Smith, or \*o 7S Victor,
are. is confined to his home thro>. kl\
Mi«s Gladys <rnlth. of No 1 «. 7
Bereaford-ave, has reco» *rrd from
an Illness of several week*
William .**ehrish*m. of v«* it; Vl<
tor-av». met with an a'-cident Tuc«-
day while working in the F rd Mo
tor factory and fractured hla arm
He was taken to the F.-rd hf>*pftaJ
Raymond fV.y, «.f No. Tennv
aon-ave, left T ie«dav for Akron. O
where he will make h*a fijture home.
Claude Swartz, of No 10 Grand
av» east, has returned from a trip
to Toledo. O, where h» had h»e n vle-
Itlng friends and re|atD«-«
Mr and Mrs Schup*<c r , r, f No, ;v,
Town *end-ave . moved Wednesday to
No. 1 11 Orard-ave east.
Hr* R A Jkmt'fnn. of P*trott
sr>*nf Tuesday with h<-r daughter,
Mr* W. I Minran, of Ft m I ark
A L Moor*. of PonMar will a/1
<lr»M the rv>ncr*gatton*| rhur rh
qu*t this evening There will h»
• hort response* from ln.*| pastor*
■nd rnunlr by the Hoval r-ik or> he*
tra A lorir attendance t* e*pc-f.-d
K K Mohr will addre** all infer
• ated Sunday school worker* tomor
row evening In the t'onvr»r*Mooal
rhurrh He rom*« tinrtrr the auaplr**
of thr Oakland CV»unty Sunday s’< bool
association and 1* an rtprit on thl*
Paul Oolke’s three.year-old child
la rrrov»r!n* from a vary «r»»r* at
tack of pneumonia Or Anderaon wa*
the attending t-hyalctan
A choir rehearsal of ut John’*
Miaalon will be held this rvrnlny at
• In the church house
Th* fr#e mall del|ve rv etarted Mon
day mortiln* In Blrmlnghim
Mlaa Marne Daniel*. of Detroit,
spent Tuesday with friend* here
Mrs. Cornell!* Smith ha* *<dd her
house <>n Mamllton-ave. to Fir!
Mtldf*. of thl* r*la< e.
Mr* K H»auch has .old her hou*c
on Purdy - *t. to Jam*, rampheil, of
this place.
Mrs F. A Doyle, reader and lmp»r.
aonafnr, will rive an entertainment
Friday eyenlnr In the Flr.t Bap'lat
Th» Raptl.t Tnurr Peonle - . union
m»* Tue.day eyenln* In the home of
Mra Harvey c'arter on Merrill *t
Ira Reid ha* »old his house on Oak
land-ava. to Peter Anderson, of Troy
nilhert pelkey, of Detroit and Mrs.
.fan* f'rossman. of Detroit, were mar
fled Tuesday afternoon hy Justice A.
W rampheil In hi* Offlre
Rey O I*. Conley has , returned
from f'annon Falls. Minn , where he
was railed by the i.rlou* illnesa of
a brother
Mra Hay Vanderford has returned
from a yfslt with her parents. Mr
and Mrs Benjamin Swlek, of Borneo.
Mra. Stephen Hill. age fill years,
died suddenly of neuralgia of the
heart Monday evening In her home
In Troy township. Sne la survived
by a husband, one daughter. Mrs Ida
Wooley, nf Os»ord, three sons, Pban
cey, O eorge and Frank at home. The
funeral will he held Friday afternoon
at 10 o’clock from her late home.
Burial will take place In Union Cor
ners cemetery.
The Birmingham high school hall
team wilt play the Boyal Oak team
at Royal Oak, Friday afternoon.
Karl Barr of Flint, spent Wednea
«ay In the home of bis mother. Mrs
ietta Farr on North Wood ward-av*.
Mrs Wilbur Psnwsrden. of fThat
ham. Ont., la a guest In the home of
her mother, Mrs. John Tooley, on
The Birmingham high school hsll
team will play the Pontiac hsll tesm
in Pontiac, Saturday morning
C. P S Price has returned from
Cambridge, Ohio, where he has been
attending the funeral of hi* father.
Dr H. hT Price, aged 71 year*, of that
place, who died of a complication of
John Ifeth Is 111 In hla home on
Mrs. June Wllby, of Detroit. Is rls.
Itlng her parents. Mr and Mrs. T. W,
Brad field, on Lincoln-are.
Mrs. Grace Todd will give a birth
day party Saturday afternoon for her
daughter. Helen. tu their hone on
ltay .s< hoonover, of Detroit. spent
Vednrntay in the home of hn broth
er. Bern Schoonover. on I’ark-st
Bernice Vunderford, of South Bend.
In! I« a guest In the hunt* of her
f.ither. Kay Vunderford. on Merrill
The retrain* of the aeven-year-old
hoy who wu killed Tuesday after
noon h> a L» IT. K car at the 12-
\li le -1 and . two miles aouth of Blnnlng
ham, on Wood ward-a ve.. have not yet
been Identified, hut are attll In Datnes
a lir|| « undertaking room a on Wood,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomaa Brown have
R..he to San Kranclaco, Cal., to apend
two montha
Mr*. A. H Abbott haa returned
front a winter'* atay In St. Peters
burg. Fla.
The annual business meeting and
election < f ofrtcer* of the local chap
ter of the Kpworth League wa* held
in the home of Mlaa Jessie t'latk on
Tueaday evening financial report
show ed all indehtedneaa paid and a
email amount of money tn the troaa
ury. The following offlcera were
elected to the various offlcea for the
ensuing y. ar President. Koy u.
Clark, re-elected, flrat vice-prealdert
KdwarJ VI Bogart, re-elected, second
vice-president. Mlaa Gwmeth Pick
ett. third vice-president. Mra E. M.
Bogart, reelected, fourth vioe-preai
>lent. M<a* Jessie Clark, re-elected;
secretary, Mis* Carrie Flaaella; treas
urer. .Mi** Mar*.*rethe Weller, pian
ist. Scott Montgomery . assistant pi
anist. Mra C. It. Van Valkenburg.
chorister. Carl VanValkenburg The
h<-xt meeting will be held In the
home of Itev. and Mra. F. 1. Walker
the first Wednesday evening of June.
Several from here attended the fu
neral of Mra. Charles Fendt, In Farm
ington. Monday afternoon. The de
based waa the midher of Mra. Frank
S. Neal, of this place.
The members of the Berean Pible
class met in the home of James Sea
aiona Wednesday evening
Samuel W M.d.ean ha* been elect
ed to the village council to flit the
v t -alley caused by the resignation of
Hugh C Farrell, who removed to
Detroit. Mr M* Lean wa* a member
of the village council for several
vear* and was an ardent dry worker
during the village campaign
Th-- W esl minster Guild met Wed
nesday »■ venT ri g Tl\ The ~ h owe of Mew
Claud- .1 M Kahan Miss Beatrloa
Whltelent assisted In the entertain-
Misa Maiel Terklns will entertains
number of her young lady friends In
p. r home on First-st., Friday even
ing _
Mr. and Mrs Robert C. Cameron
have moved to Detroit.
The ladles of the local Maccabee
order will giv» another one of their
"hard-t mee" partlea tn Cattermoles
hall Friday evening
Arthur P Phillips, formerly of
Brown City, haa hern spending a few
day# in tiie home of Mr. and Mr*.
M 11 lam Phillips t ... _
T «’ of Wo.
man 5 club, will oArbor and
Bird day in tbetr meeting Friday af
ternnon Several children are
making bird houses, etc
i >w'rg to the election of Samuel W
Mi l,nn to the Village council and
the vacanrv of the office of marshal
i «used thereby. Ernest Lvke ha* been
appointed to that poaltlon by Presi
dent Charles s Filkm*.
Mr and Mr* James S N anDyns
and #on. Wayne will spend the week
md with Detroit relative*
Th» Paeon famllv haa movad from
l*nt mettle t > TpslUntl. .
The l psilanti X association
meeting th «t wa* to have been held
In .1 me »t the linm* of Mr* D •*
Quirk Will he held on Saturday al
t P n~ at the Quirk home At this
Mute M'n loi ir.t drover dmlth win
, v e' * tylk on her Interesting ex
periences tn the »d*e of suffrage In
California and Europe The reason
ssh- change n date I* because the
■ tat*- #*#<>• at ion desire# t<» have
meeting* all over the «tate mi Satur
day Every live woman I# Invited
to attend .
Th- youngest pupil To appear tn
t’rv# *♦ t « r^f t*«l *4 by th^
I|. • 1 1 •' hool o f \! isle, la Ithe.ade
»- p. if. i son of Mr ind Mr# Wal
ter Pearce r.f this city In spite of
the fact that the little fellow I* onlv
pipe year* old he t# able to plav such
selection* as Beethoven'* "Mln'iet in
r,.- and • William Tell.'' Anthony J
Whitmire of this city, I* hi* Instruc
* Invitation* have been received by
resident# of Tp*tlantl to attend the
conm -■-p. »mert exercise* of the t'nl
versify -« hool f--r Nurses to he held
Th-ir«*liy evening In Sarah Caswell
Argell hall. Ann Arbor.
<lrr tr.hn*-*r was a hualneaa vtal
tor in fonts. Monday
Warren WooJaey ha* been confined
to hi# home for a couple of week*
with ton*ititla and quinsy
Conrad Kraemer and family have
moved from Stockbrldg* to the
Frank Painter house, on Mllea-*t.
The -.mdltlon of Rodney Morey,
who suffered a raralytlc stroke, re
mains unchanged
Mrs. Ida Grove* haa returned from
Cadillac, where ahe haa been spend
ing the winter and la visiting st the
h. .m* of her daughter, Mra John
ll< wens. . _ .
The Adrian quarterly meeting of
the Friend # church will he held In
the lo«al Friend's church. Friday,
uat'irdsy and 'iundav Dr and Mra
Harper and daughter all returned
missionaries from fturmah. Ind, will
t .Ve part In all the program*.
Fred Kmerlck haa returned from
a winter's sojourn In f-’an Antonio,
Mrs *• W George haa been spend
ing a part of the week In Detroit
The Congregational Toung Wo
man s guild will meet Friday after
noon at T 10 o’clock at the home of
Dr ard Mr* R A Clifford
The Normal baaehall team will Play
the Hillsdale learn on Normal field.
Saturday . , .
Attention of teachers and student#
la called to the early morning '’bird''
walk, which Is plannad hy the civic
league for Saturday. Everyon* I# In
vited. , ,
Mr*. E A. Lyman !a recovering
from an operation In W Joseph's
hospital Ann Arhor.
Rev W G Duma, of Monroe, will
; orctipy the Presbyterian pulplL Run-
The Congregational Aid society
met this Thursday afternoon at the
home of Mra George Holmes, on For-
Consolidated Ugbt & Power Cos.
Chippewa Construction Cos.
We as Receiver of both the abov* named companies, will offer for
sale all of their asset*, as per conditions outlined In Order of Sain en
tered by Wayne County Circuit Court In Chancery, dated November
12th 1913 and as per further Ordgr entered March 11th, 191«.
THK POWER COMPANY Is fn operating company doing business
In Michigan, at Alma. Shepherd, Mt. Pleasant, Rosebush, Clare, Cole
man and Gladwin. Its power Is generated by one Hydro-electric and
one Auxiliary steam plant at Mt. Plaaaant and one Hydroelectric and
one Auxiliary steam plant at Clare, and Is transmitted over about SO
miles of high tension lines to the above town*.
THE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY was organlicd for the purposa
of building certain properties for the Power Company. Its Assete
consist of certain local Distribution Systems, material and Dam Bltea,
and a partly constructed Power House.
The Assets of both companies will he offered for sale at Public
Auction at 12 o'clock noon. TUXSDAV, MAY ISTH, 191*, at the south
erly or Congress Street entrance to the* Wayne County Building, at
For terms of sale and further Information, about these properties,
Apply to
Detroit, Mich.
sat-avs. weat. A hualneaa and devo
tional hour was followed by a social
The condition of Glen Seymour la
believed to hr very serious, and fear
Is being entertained that he will not
The front of the Davis and Kish
lar dry good* store la now with a
coat of freah paint.
Dr. A. II lersun, o f Ypetlantl. and
Dr. A. W. Stalker, of Ann Arbor,
are registered at the Adt Ipht hotel.
Saratoga. N. Y.
The first of a series of three trav
elogues on Italy wa* given Monday
evening In Prase auditorium, when
Mlaa Ia I* Van Kirk gave an instruc
tive talk upon that country, which
she supplemented with some remark
able pictures The other talks will
take place on succeeding Monday
"Personality” w-a* Dr. C. O. Hoyt's
subject, Monday evening. In an ad
draws before the Normal Bible cla*s
About 110 wa* cleared hy tha
Westminster Guild from the Ml***t<n
arv pageant given Friday evening In
ihe parlor* of the Presbyterian
Mis* Marne R Oahand was In Ann
Arbor, Tuesday, to see her father,
Wm M Oahand, former Ypsllantlan
editor, who I* a patient In the Fn‘-
veraily of Michigan hospital and aitf
rerlng with a fractured hip bona.
C O. Whitney returned. Monday
evening, fn.ni a several days’ flatting
trip, near Grayling
Mr#. Joaeph Glaason haa returned
from Traverse City, where ahe was
called hy the Illness of her mother.
Mr*. Rutter.
Misa lintel Eaton, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Katon, la visiting In
Mis* Mabel Kenny, a well known
Normal graduate «vho«r home la near
Hamburg, haa undergone a second
operation in Dr. Peterson's private
hospital, Ann Arbor.
A large barn will soon he raised
on the Klager farm on th* Wes.
Northern Pacific stands an ctc«l
lent chrrnce of reporting for the fis
cal year ending Jtipa 30 the Isrgeyt
actual rurplua for stook It haa ever
shown. Not elnce the fiscal year
1903, in the days before the st. Paul
roust extension compel! ion, has
Northern Pacific hal *a year like tha
present one. For that year the bud
plus for dividend:-- was $24,907,766,
equal to fdightly over 10 per cent on
the $248,000,000 Mock.
In the Ding months ended March
31. last, the rond’s increase In net
operating Income wg.i <2 per cent
over last year, and on iha» baslß.
the surplus for stock for the year
about 10 k per cent representing a
balance of about $28,730,000.
100 Per Cent On
Your Money
W* are prepared to give yr.t*
full particulars of how flfl down
and #lO monthly for nine mouths
will return you isurt, which la
llMit on your Investment. 1 ovrg-r
amr tint# will bring a propor
tionate return. This la n*>t a
speculative Inveatnfent, but 1#
based on a security as good as
a bank and managed by a repu
table Detroit company of year#*
standing Thousand# of dollar*
are being made now hv Detroit
Investors along these lines with,
out the rl«k or losing one dollar
Re*t Detroit and bank reference*
glvrn and a sworn statement of
our financial standing Call. t*te.
phone or addre#* for full par
ticulars of thla remarkable safe
and legitimate Investment. Ap
Manager. 410 F*re* Brass Bldg.,
Cadillac 71*4
Apply to uit and w* will show
you how each $lO down and $lO
monthly for nine months will re
turn you S2OO. Gilt edged land
securities. Call or Telephone
410 Free Pres Bldg. Cad. 736fi
New York Stock Exchange
Boston Stock Exchange
Chicago Stock Exchange
Specialists in Motor Car, Cop
per and other Shares
J. J. HAYES, Manager
201 Penobscot Building
Detroit, Mich.

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