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BPEt l< While We’re Happy.” Whoop the Indians-They’ve Won Eight Straight Now
•*' * ‘ 'L££* , .
’ jjgt,
W>»i»t» gTWWIwr* »w< •pr)ng^ | « M>y.
art«in4 and act gutta gay
BHKp;' Am 4 fuya with grouches get In bad.
HSB**-- Than who thoot Writes that moan and mop*.
MBPt-' Who 000 no eharm in May's auto flow*r*?
mght no at tholr namoo throo hundrod dope
OM hloaaom out In April showers.
*** And now thooo baooball lad* aro mad#—
Harris why for thorn May ha* no ©hear—
) ’.-‘Hip To 000 tholr lofty rocorda fad*
Away to bloom no moro thl* yoar.
I Wko to the derdud Club?
■BWII.Imw fptirtß |a given credit for making th« Cleveland club. There
M 4odM hat that he is a big factor In the whirlwind pace at
wMxk «k> iwdlaas are galloping down the pennant trail. The pop
ifzzßnir* Philip ho fat lata the Rip Van Winkle club of the American league
■lue g. tnoonaidorable thing. Out Speaker is not the whole amear
HHBLJ gK icHi. Too much credit can not be given Lee Fohl.
H§|| mmmkhtM a groan pitching staff hurl superb hall day In and day oat.
SBlHiltmO'NolL the Iron man of the team, be praised too highly. The
of the club, however, is found In right held. A young man
u|HßKrdf Elmer Smith la IT.
oiaoas nmnh was a busher who batted only .241. Fohl serioaaly
Vm back to the minors this spring, and would hare
BBBSpSg hod- thrrn been any one else to place in the outfield. Today Smith
[HBBsillflMr to .400 I***" any man in the league. He Is the sensation
Hilbßi Bio is not mere spring pepper. It Is pinch hitting
00ft. Smith is why the Indians have been winning so many
£ : -; B ML nniirr Spanker is playing ffreat ball, and while hts fielding
f|§fl§’HfcpilMMi OS to that of former years, his batting is even better. But
v :>•-J'Kjtog tMtffirid osHhlns has It oa him.
• wmmmmmmmm
glance at the records of the games played between Detroit
since Smith was discovered and the winning streak started.
Smith has driven in seven runs, while Speaker has driven home
Os ton <*««*«« to deliver in pinches. Smith failed in only three,
■BSCjafcar failed la four. This recruit may not last. If he doesn't, the
slip back. That dab is going to rise and fall, not with Tria
woald be batter off If they were not winning so steadily
> fgg Stolaln to bo aa end to this brilliant spurt, and because It has
Sportamlar. the comeback from the slump that is sure to come is
HHBHajphp the heart out of the club. Perhaps they hare the stamina
HHNKs Mm Ska. feat few baseball men belive that thy have. Orta inly
Srooger than that of the White
mp to come their way.
tore the season started. The
be a big slump In batting In
g star batsmen—not excluding
bo pitching far superior to that
There has been a complaint
1 weeks that the pitching was
etroft, St. Louis and Chicago
rhuckers wore not ready, and
e slab starters finished. Only
(tag. and. of course. Cleveland
w the twlrlera have been wild,
n bar* mauled them. Cobh’s
r true, hot R is impressively ;
fikttovtl sad fifth. Thom
owed the star batters of oach
ipring of the third, fourth and
aiding fact that more than 70
' the average with which they
tan half of them are batting so
1 of the hatting order aro far
ho dean up hitting for which
ind Smith batting fourth, are
il. the fifth man. is hitting only '
r and Joe Jackson tn the dean
and both Collins and Fournier
top* the Yankees with .2*5.
> fourth, are only .2*o and .245
tion at Boston. Both Shorten
hington. Rondeau and Judge
.145. Btnmk. hatting third, is
mb up man, la hitting for only
Her and Pratt, of the Browns,
stride. Staler, batting fourth.
I then any other dub in the
rver this spring. It will event'
Motion about that, because its
T wo aro writing of what ha*
« Mao than 276 Asa matter
1 tn tbs last 21 times at bat
■ average Is under .240. The
bottom of the order—we wore
lat would be too unjust to bo
go have kept the dub In the
L The players named are the
•th and fifth In their lineups,
th* season. The I*ll figures
Is that of I*l4. his last in tbs
loodeau’n to from the American
ue and Shorten sand Jodge’s
on the recognized sloggers of
l* SoSa iSS” l £i t 3l
■ W4UII Run. unm iet!!
iWI Alt AM MUter .. AM A*f
* ASn A33 Melrv .. ASS AM*
... AT* AOI Putt .. . A4O AO]
outfielder of the Boston Brave*
landed pitching he was the de>
t from the cellar to the garret
I dope and making all form
ured a world championship In
pping bis team mates by a mar
played in *1 games and batted
its spring be is slated for the
n. A major leaguer for three
iber Ownia? Well. Own is was
'as entered by a farmer at th*
■ trotter was worked In 2:10.
now and the horse became the
t»i# was started in a race, and
the harness gams. Ownie took
to driver drew up at th* fence.
I yelled to hts young son—th*
Mans, they're burning.’' Then
id won the best That summer
rotter was again sold, thl* Um*
1 on the grand circuit after the
litters the Southern asoocJsUoa
York and Bt. Louis that In the
iid to to anew batting record
in 16 consecutive games this
It tie Rock this year
# ... *
The Driver of Bob Burman’s “Ghost Car”
,jfi '
gp»«y- w/
Here i® an Irishman who fear* no Jinx In the Indianapolis race this
month, he will drive the car that B< b Burman built to pilot himself. Be
fore his death a few weeks ago, Burman realized the ambition of a life
time. He long desired to butM a racing car that would be constructed
along his own ideas and would contain all »he fea’uret* which long years
as u speed king led him to believe would make th. speedster de luxe. Bur
man completed the car before his d*-ath. but his life was crusbd out be
fore he could give it a speedway trial Kooney will drive that auto for Bur
man. and right now the greatest ambition in his life is to pilot that ”gho*t
car” just as Burman would want it piloted.
Pontius Finds Michigan
Football Men Indifferent
Reports to Work With
Forwards; Only 14
Turn Out
ANN ARBOR. Mich , May 9
"Brute’* Pontius is Indignant, The
former Mchlgan star, now assistant
to Coach Yost if the Mlchtgan foot
ball team, made a special trip ♦o
Ann Arbor yesterday to help get
the men tn line for a big and suc
cessful season next tall —and only
14 men responded to his call for
Pontiu* had expected enough
men to scrimmage with the latter
part of the week, and when so few
appeared for work, he vigorously
voiced his opinion of a school that
would respond so poorly in the face
of such necessity, when Yale. Har
vard and the ether college# which
turned out championship teams had
60 or 70 men m hand for workout#
through*" j? the spring.
Yost left layt week, and Pontius
came tor the purpose of improving
the poorest Hue which ever repre
reated Michigan, the forward wall
of last fall. That there was amph*
room for improvement and a great
need for add nal coaching, was
edmitted by Yost before he left,
when h< rec.uci.ted hi# former star
to return foe 1 few days to help
with the ’ come-hack” of the Wolv
erines In the gridiron sport.
None of the former first team
*nen came out for practice. Nie
mann and Dunne were playing var
sity baseball, and so were not ex
pected but Capt. Maulbetsch and
**Pat* Hmfth were looked for, and
so were Rehor. Weske and the other
tube of the 1915 eleven. fnle4*
more men make an appearance to
day. Pontius may give up the idea
of accomplishing anything rnts
spring, and will leave Ann Arbor
at once. The 14 men out were put
through a long passing and block
ing dr<ll.
A8 R H O A K
Bush. S. *. 4 ft 1 2 3 ft
VIM, n» « 0 1 l 1 0
Cobb. C. f. 4 0 0 « ft *
Veack If > * 1 1
t’rawford. r. f 4 0 0 0 * 0
Heilman, lb. 4 • ftia ft 0
To nag. !t> I 1 1 * J J
Htanage. c 2 0 1 2
Du hoc, p 2 0 1 0 » 4
| ‘Harper 1 * 1 • •
♦ Kavanagh 1 * 0 0 0 ft
Totals ...32 1 7 24 14 0
ab r h o a r.
• r'-ran*y 7 f 3 I 1 * 4 *
Turner, th 4 ft ft 2 2 <•
>p«aker. c f 2 1 1 i « «
Smith, r f. 4 1 3 0 0 0
Gandll » 1 11 1 0
Howard. 2b, 3 •» * 2 4 0
Ftmlnr, a. a 2 " 1 * » 0
tt-Nelir * ft ft 4 ft ft
Baghy. p 3 ft ft 1 1 ft
Totals 27 T 7 27 13 •
•Batted for Young In the ninth,
j ♦ fleeted for Stan.«ge in the ninth.
lasing* 1 2 2 15 17 11
1 Detroit ft ft 1 ft ft ft ft ft * —l
Cleveland oofto«)ft 1 2 • —3
Total base*—Detroit 7: f’levejand.
, Ift. BserlTWe hit*—Du hue 2. Gandll.
stolen base—Vea-h Two-base hit*.—
• "if : Gran-y on baaea—
Cleveland I; Detroit. 7. Bases ».*i
balls—«#fT llnifi.tr. 1, off Inibue.
Hit* snd earned runw Off Baghy. 7
hits I run In * innings, off Duhuc,
T hits, t runa In • inning* Hit hy
pitcher —By Dttbuc. I i Watnbs«snaa|.
strscii out- By Baghy, * hv flehur,
11. I’mnlrea—Evans and HlldebraSd.
-toe's a Mseswr." said 4 larke firlf.
11l two smut* ago. after lo*lna hi*
claim to Joe Orftcss. ftrlff may He
rlgflH* bet to Ms peeaeaf farm the em.
< awaft li sgsir Ia aka Ilk* a realary
American League.
W L Pet. W L Pet.
Hf Itnd IS T <«2 Boston 1*11.474
WMh ton tl 1 57* Ohtcagn 1« 13 4JS
N Y'*rk II « 579 St le.ut* 711 Hi
Detroit lull. 17* Athletics 712 Ml
Teday's Gian.
Detroit at Philadelphia.
St. at Washington.
Cleveland at Boston
Chicago at New York. •
Yesterday** Hess Its.
At Boston—-
Inning*. I 2 1 I S 4 7 S • RHK
New Tork l n « i o n n o 2—« 1 0
Boston ... 0# 0 00**0 o—o J 0
Hattsrls*—MogrMge nn*l Alexan
der: Orceif. M- Hale and Axn-w.
t'mpir^s—Owm» and Connolly.
At Philadelphia—
Innings. I 2 II S < T I I RHK
Waah'ton o;<*i>naoo *—2 4 4
PhlU'phla 1 00 0 2*41 •—4 12 l
Batten** — Johnson. Boehllng a n*l
Air-smith and Henry. My»o and
S' nang I'mpirra—Dinecn and Nallla.
National League.
wr. pet w it Pet.
Br ky . 14 4 714 PhlUisa « 1 ',<.4
Boston 10 5 «S7 t4f |»uf* Jft 14 SOi
Oifeago il *> Pit’shurg *1 2 42ft
Cinnati 1110.524 N. York 213 133
New York at Pittsburgh
Only ore game scheduled.
Tea4erd»r'a Reaolta.
At Chicago—
rnnlngs 1 2 I4J 4 71 1 RHK
Pittsburgh 4)4o44«»ftft l —l 7 0
Chicago . . 4 ft ft ft ft ft ft 2 • —2 7 1
Batteries - I'oof.er and Wilson Mc-
Connell and Allen. Cmptrea—Kl«m
and Emslie
srv’ovn gaMK
Inning* 12 14 r, ft 7 * * RHK
Plttahurgh ft ft ft 1 3 4 2 ft *—« Ift 1
Ch ieago M M i | 1 ’ *—4 4 4
Batteries- Ms main and Olbaon:
Packard Hendry Prendergaat and
Alen T’mpire* Kl*m and Kmalle.
At New York
Innings 121(11711 RHK
Boston. . . 0 2 3 ft 0 I Oft ft—4 1* *
New York ft l ft ft 1 ft ft ft o—2 & \
Batteries Ragon and Oowdy Pal
m«ro. Stroud and S<-hauer and Dooln
I'mpire*—Bigler and Eaton.
At Brooklyn—
Inning*. 1 2H51711 RHK
Philapl, a ftftftAftftftn 0— ft 4 1
Br'x-klyT*. . ftxftooftftO • —2 I 0
Batter),.*—.Alexander and Burns.
Deli and M-'arty. Umpiras—Quig
ley and Byron
Watching the
The raba split Tft-M to a OaaMe
bill with tbe Pirates, fy Wllltama*
long (Ism la the Oral game waa tbe
aaly tblag that aaveg the Tlakrrltes
from losiag bath games.
Tbe warlS's rbsmyioaa eaald get
oaty three bile •« WagrlSge. af lbe
I A etlff OrabMag waa baaSeg Wal
ter Jobaawa. Tbe Afblellea «4tax* tbe
alar twlrler from tbr slab la the
eighth sal waa fram tbe *eaatara
« ta S.
The White Woe waa aa eablblftoa
game al Krle. Pa. ,1* ta A Twelve
doubles were made.
to a Her Jabaaoa wssa’t tbe aaty
fallea atar. Tbe Badgers drive aa
tbe I* bit Ilea waa fee mark far Alev
aader. wbf eaec-ambed ta a a ta a
ANN ARROR Mich . May ».- The
MWhlgnn trnnl.*. tegru leaves Friday
for Its '*nnuiil eastern trip. Capt.
Crawford. Bwityer. Mack and Codd
will rnnk" th« trip. Th* Wolver
: Inea will meet Rensselaer, May 12;
| Drown. May 15; Yale, May 14; Ij>-
hlgh Yhj 17; iAfayette, May 12;
Inhna lioitkln#. May 19; Navy, May
Recruit Pitchers May
Carry Brunt of Hurl
ing This Week
Tigers are in tbe vast, still clinging
to the first division but sporting a
second division average. Today
they play the tall-endvre of the
league, who are so hopelessly weak
this year that It took them seven
inning* to knock Walter Johnson
out of »he box yesterday. Mean
while Clevelard is at Boston. St.
Louis at Washington, and Chicago
at New York. The east is all set
for Its first with the west tht*
Beyond question Detroit ha* the
easiest picking of all four western
clubs. Lut it «o happens that then
isn't any picking in the league this
vear so easy that It won’t frequent
ly backfire and lick the everlasting
tar out of a pennant contender
These Athletics haven’t a fornuda
Me Itneuo yet. but like Cleveland'*
1 roster, there are a number of very
; capable plaver# enrolled, with some
vounnster# who make up in enthusi
asm what they lack in skill.
Walsh and Strunk, in the outfield,
are remnants of the championship
machine. 9o Catcher Schang and
First Me-eraan Mclnnie. l-ajote, on
recond 'a still a great second base
man. Tbe res* of the club i* new
A youngster nsmed Pick is playing
third base, and another by the mon
leker of Witt has succeeded Barry
at shortstop Some days Oldriu?
rlays in the ou*field. but ye.-terday
a rooki“ bv th* name of Thompson
broke into the lineup. All the pitch
er* excent Bush are young, and
-‘onie of them are working splend !
ly. Th* best of the lot seem to b
1 Crowell. Meyers and Nabors
Mans?* ' Jeunmgs of the Tizer-*
: ha# *boi:» mad** tip his mind to *.
, what b~ should have done la t
spring, to-e.lt. nve his young !>i»c‘s
er-* a grid trial early in the season
xnd use them regularly if po.*-ible
Cunningham is sure to work in tbi
series. Dubur probably will b
*aved foe Washington, a club that
he can neat ofteuer than any other.
Dauss I* sick and Rill Jame# in dis
grace. Fovele.-aie. of course, will
work tomorrow or Friday. Very
! Mkely either Frickson or Boehl*>r.
!or perhiM>* bvh. will be given
, chances this week. A good utart for
j either wuuld h- ip out a lot.
; If rttcre weren't so many Smiths
In the world. Detroit might have
won that game at Cleveland yester
day. although Gagby had the boys
eating from ht. 4 hands. This Smith
' has developed a deadly aversion to
right field fenre-4. He bounced three
blows off the rcreen at Cleveland
yesterday and i* o of them account
ed for all the scoring by th* In
dians. Right field is short in the
Forest City anc this fn< t undoubt
ed lv helped M*. Smith Monday, hu:
after wrtehing him daily
j *he blenr-her screen in Detroit, which
is by nr revanJ close, we con* hide
| that the distance makes no d.fT* r
*>nce to Mm. One can't help won
dcrlng what l.e will do wheri h*-
1 strike* the Polo ground# at New
I York In n few days.
( Dubuc exhibited a ratal Tiger
weakness yesterday. He allowed the
majority of batters to work him into
tba old 2 and 2 bole, and then he
to groove the ball. This up
hill Bitching really lost the game.
Detroit had five scoring chances, of
which the flr*i only was cashed
The Hasse Business
Was Built On Honor
The “One Low Price to All” system has prevailed
from the start—and it has made us thousands of
friends, who have found it much to their advan
tage to come here season after season, year after
year, for their clothes and furnishings.
Our Suit* Are Winner*
Every new style for the .Spring and Summer—
choicest novelty fabric*. *»rip*d flannels and staple
weaves In nu*d**!s for the busltiesa man snd young
*ls.oo to *35.00
J.C.Kasse 6- Son
Tailor* Clothiers Hatter* Haberdasher*
i .. ...
1 1 ■"" ~ 1 ■ i ■■ l
Young s'nglvd In the Ihlrd. and
Stallage pulled the hit-and-run with
which Le is becoming adept. Pep
pulled up at ihlrd snd scored on
Dubnc’s fly to center. Hush singled
in thl* tnnlac hut Vitt and Fobb
failed l«» move him and Stanage
Veacb started the fourth vlth a
single and stoK*. but w« not heli*ed
arouml Stnnagc started the fifth
with a valk. bul wa# stranded al
♦bird. Dubuc started the eighth with
a tingle, and VIU pickled another,
cut nobodv scored Harper ptach
hit a s'ifv blow In the ninth with
one down, but was glued to first.
The Indians were passing up
none scoring chances too. tn the
early portions ot the game, but
Friend Smith warmed up In the sev
enth and singled to the fence to
start the inning. Oandil sacrificed
and Wambaganna singled, and the
count was tied. Graney doubled to
right in the eighth, and Speaker
drew a paaa. Smith doubled to
right, two runa scored, and the final
to .nt waa J to 1.
IY our Summers Go Better ||
thanks to the soda fountain—soda n
fountains are better, thanks to H
—the drink that made the soda fountain &&
a national institution. That's because ff
it gave them a useful, wholesome, deli- 188
cious and refreshing beverage to serve. rOl
Send for free booklet " The Romance of Coca-Cola.' ’
Toir. Haley delivered some of
the fluent bowling of the season
last night, when he rolled five
gxni' i al Sweeney-Huston’s for
an avt rage o( 225 and a fraction.
Four of the live games were
more than 200. two were 246. and
a thud wai 246. Fred Galster
happened to be opposing Haley
in a Greater Detroit tourney
match, and hlr excellent average
of 194 didn’t do him any good.
D A. B. A. To Meet.
The Detroit Amateur Baseball as
sociation will meet at the recrea
tion commission office in the Far
well building tonight. New dube
reeking membership must have
their er.triee In before May 15.
XVI Heats, (eta. a* 4 eager. F»r
eteei Barber. Waellagtaa. a*
toreta. Atbellleai niiftfttHrk,
•raves, a* Fala*rre. (Gaela.
iid* ta ftiae. rite ead eiis
TOW RROto'V.l WtftftTßßM
FREE c,M " n( First Raa Feat are
rnaa Pkalt rtara, istae ta im.
DETtOfT— - touioht at mg
Mats. Wed. A Sat. at SMS
West Weak* -Tba Mtrffi et a Matoas."
GISH - •££
Deilrt a-T«e g. a*. Mata. eM eeeto toe.
GARRICK - rj-trs:
la tba Fewer fel M I Mill
«—4, eyjfflyw
Sad Mawv Oftbav famßta
pgTnotT etvea steaxiess
Peat* li. a. it It g a.
toaadward aad CaSgas Are. Osaka.
TUBBDAT, MAT t v I fit.
Will Fight 20 Rounds at Buenoa
Aim If Monty la
NEW YORK May Light weight
Champion Freddie Welsh and Chal
lenger Charlie White are today prac-
Tidily matched to meet at Buenos
Aires. Argentine, sometime In late
July or AtiguHt. Pans there have
offe'-ed $20,000 Tor the bout; If the
money lx posted the boxers will
lea re here July 2. The bout, if
staged, will be 20 rounds.
Dlcket* are now being made to
hare Jnok Britton and Ted bewls
meet In the Argentine capital, also.
We merer batt meem mmtr mum get
m M««h slrMar* Mt at ■ railed
strike aa i eagles Blit Brras.
MastafctfiMCa.* ,vi? Bar
I««1m WMt A Phllm laulM*|
DtaHtaMHi A Dncmi Naxlat Bran.
a Raton rraiß Waat»S*l.
IJUtSttHtm, 4, Stto, TAG, ».mT||
I'raal ABM Altrartlaaa. ||
Ulwilkar Mark aa4 Valla Salto
I2|ra.l Tfc* I’aaalaaai DaatoV*B
W Salaa Jlaifrm lla**tk*ra« A la
|3lllai *TSa Kalaaai Jalla Oar Mai
■a® wliaaa A 4abr*|.
lallaa* Wafa. ISr.
Nail—ErH Iratla'a Rl« Daw.
I.rraaai Maak ta. wMh Ray WaiHai
<■ The Fortune Hooter
Wfflt Aafalaa TBawaa* MHaaaa."
THE CMAMINfi I ■Ytwa extra
iSSSto TH« Qlfti.

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