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Vanish Princess May Wed Prince
Os Wales; She’s War Nurse Now
Princess Margaret, whose engagement to the heir to the British throne
to te be announced aeon.
IdUNUUN. Mmjr 12—Announcement
or tlub engagement of the Princess
Margaret, of Denmark, to the Prince
of Wales la expected noon. The
princess, although only 20. Is par
ticularly gifted. She has earned a
degree of doctor of philosophy.
In all war-torn Europe, the Prtn
cans Margaret was deemed the only
LONDON. Bar. M*y 12 —Of all
the world's children the most fortu
nate arp the happy, care-free chil
dren of Ame rice. From the White
tea ta the Black, from -the plaids of
Polahd to the English channel chil
dren hare watched the battles of
this war with fear and shrinking, or
have wandered homeless. In tears
and entering.
Orphaned and desolate children,
<m (fide' and too weak to speak
for them*#tree, hare died by thou
sands. killed hy hunger and cold
and war.
Will the war spoil the kiddles?
All ©war Europe, play Is all of ene
mtos, hatred and crude brutality.
In Germany the schools are the
•apply department of the army.
The ehlMren arc compelled by lew
ta eadf go physical training of aeml
milttary character. Said Oen. von
Weeks, addressing 11,000 Berlin boy
sonata: "You are reserved for the
tefenee of tho capital. The moment
may eotae whan the vary existence
af the country may depend upon
you and lads of your agh."
The youth of France has been
called to the colors. "We should be
gallty," urged the minister for war
to the chamber. "If we did not pre
pare and drill these soldiers of to
morrow who may be called upon to
■Batch tho final victory."
In England, non-military, compul
sory service for boys Is Imminent.
In the event of s long war the lade
who are now 14 must presently be
recruits. No time la to be lost In
orgsnjxinr a system of military
training In the schools so that they
may be ready for what fate le in
Aa Imperial ukase calls up Rus
sia’s new conscripts a year before
their time
France’s Ik-ycsr-old recruits have
left school or werk for training, slips
of lads, hard to (It with uniforms,
but hirh spirited and burning to
tight for Fraoa'-
la Pin, -ala every >outh of 17 has
;*een al-e:«dy summoned, and school
boya of HI yninpelled to commence
military drill.
Armies, are not made up of hu
man riff-raff, th« Incurably Invalid,
SARATOGA, N. Y., May 11—Bel
lot mg for bichops of tlir Methodist
church wllh probably begin Hntur
day, arcotdlug to art ton taken by
fraerel conference, which Thursday
directed that the Eplncopecy report
on that day the number of bishop*
It hen decided ahall be elected.
It la reported the number will bo
either flea or all.
The nilea for the election adopted
require that after the election of
Uetdpo. missionary blahopa. pub
Itching agent*, correapondlng aeere
tirlea and church editors ahall be
Soldier* Wives Want Allowance.
SARNIA. Onu May lS.~Wlvee of
soldiers it the front hove organixed
to dretilnte petitions asking the dt>
council to restore thoir monthly ai
lowanco to ffO. The allowance wua
out to |li recently hec.iuae of abort •
iff if fundi.
girl left, eligible to become the flan
cce of the heir to the British throne.
She Is the only daughter of Prince
Waldemar, of Denmark, who once
mused to become king of Bulgaria.
She la a niece of Queen Alexandra,
of England.
Princess Margaret has been serv
ing as a war nurse In the British
hospital at Harrogate.
the setr i-crimioal. or the feeble
minded but rather of Ihe very »ife
blood of a people.
The oi-ler the army. Ihe less its
cost to the nation. A boy can stop
% bullet ns well as a man —as Bis
marck said—but youth has less re
sistance, less endurance, and a
'arger claim on the future.
Only r it ions In direst need draft
their coming nen. For the next
30 years there will be fewer young
men In Europe than ever before.
Already the drain has begun, and
this Is one of the unexpected and
hideous results of the war. For
there Is nothin* In war quite so ter
rible as the tragedy of the boy who
Is forced to become a soldier.
A'l Europe knows that in all the
world today no children have such
opportunities for health and happi
ness as those of America.
Yes, We Really Mean We’ll Give You a
$ 3.00 Aluminum Teakettle FREE
If You Order a
Citigas Garland “Special”
Range This Week
This is National Gas Range,Week—and
we’re making this offer to induce women ,
who have been putting off getting a range
to place their orders this week.
“But I don't want a Range for several
weeks yet," said one lady yesterday on our
“If you place your order now and have
the range delivered in thirty days, we will
give you the teakettle," she was told.
She has the teakettle—and the range wig
be delivered later.
Order Your "Special”
If you don’t wish to come downtown, just 'phone
us and let us send a “Special" on Free Over Night
Trial. Then decide after using it. If you decide to
keep it, you’ll get the $3 teakettle as a present. Pay
for the range on easy terms—ss down, $8 a month
with gas bills. S3B; $2 less for cash.
Spencer S. Thorpe Is Victim of
Live Wire Which Falk
From Pole.
Severely burned by a highly charg
ed wire that tell from a public com
mission pole on !jarned-et., between
RJvmrd and Russell-ate., at 1:30
o’clock, Thursday afternoon, Spencer
S. Thorpe. N years old, of No. 121
Bakerst., died as he was being car
ried Into St. Mary's hospital by the
police a few minutes later.
Thorpe was standing in front of
his garage on Larned-st. and was
directing traffic In and out of the
building. The wire, in falling, struck
him, several thousand volte passing
through the body. He Yell to the
pavement. The police rushed him
to the hospital They are conducting
an Investigation.
Thorpe is survived by hie widow.
W!th sll »hc boxes sold and more
than l/'OO tickets already disposed
of. officers of the Detroit Screen
club beM*vo that Arcadia will be
crowded to the doors at the first an
nual ball of this organisation, next
Monday nltht, the receipts of which
will go to the Actors* fund. The
World. (’aiaraount, Metro, Fox. Ca
sino, Mujestic, Universal, General.
Mutual aid other dim corporations
have taken from one to two boxes,
and the others will be given to
Mayor Marx aud other invited
Between 20 and 30 of the leading
sereen stars are expected here on
Monday morning During the day
♦hey will visit various automobile
plants end local theaters, and In
♦he evening, all will participate In
the bal festivities The stars will
bold Individual receptions, will ap
pear In the grand march, sched
uled for I*. o’clock, and will be In
♦roduced individually to those who
John H. Kunsky left for New
York, Wednesday afternoon, to in
sure th" appearance of those who
have agreed to come, and George
W\ Wet ka and Harry I. ('arson
'cave tonight. on the same mission.
!n addi’.on to those previously an
nounce 1, it ir. hoped to obtain Mary
Plekford. Anita Stewart and Earle
InvitaUons have been extended to
the menbers of the Drama league
who participate ir. the Shakesperian
.jrogran a: the Garden theater,
nert Monday night, to attend the
hall as quests of the club. Vaughan
Glaser and Fay Courteney, of the
Garrick theater forces; Roy Walling
and Mrr Walling, of the Lyceum
stock company, and the headliners
from tb; Temple, Orpheum and
Miles t' eaters also have been in
Nurses Haze Hospital
Girl in Ku Klux Style
Mies Lee wa» itttekM by mirees wearing masks, hospital officials were
told. '
CHICAGO. Mar 12. —When Mias
Edith I.ee. a nurse in St. Luke's hoe
pltal. reported a sister-nurse for
giving a patient cough drops,
against hospital rules, other nurses
formed n sort of Ku-Klux Klan
movement and hexed her so thor
oughly tho hospital authorities are
As M<sa |/ee passed through a
corridor In the hospital, It is
charged she was seised by a dozen
other nurses whe wore blacjp masks.
Miss l.ce was trust Into a closet,
the officials were told and thraahed.
The harers had partially disrobed
her with the Intention of ducking
her into rt bath tub filled with cold
water when the victim’s screams
brought the night superintendent to
?he rescue.
Used fdt Vi Century.
Caution ».
* 4Cf XC.WIX.U.».A«
■ 1 MM VAAl|V||
;V-' r: ;ft'^W Zy X vVy I ML
VI |L \
HA » \' A?
W\Jr//i i Vl^
■ • %#/1/ / / i
Mdect Ifotweffl!
Get the Round Package * Aak For and GET S
A *3 Aluminum Teakettle
Guaranteed for 20 Years
.You’ll agroo whon you’vo examined thle teakettle that we'rf
conservative when we eay It’e a three dollar value—li-gauge
aluminum—well Snlshed ■ wooden handles. Thle teakettle la
net .a ’’second” and It'e guaranteed for 20 years’ service. Every
woman knows the advantage* of aluminum wart—why net order
that “Special” new and get thle teakettle free?
Main 3500 Range Department
The bazers scuttled away and
when the frightened nuree told of
her experience, the hospital authori
ties could find no trace of black
marks or the “vigilantes."
186 Sioux To Be Citizens.
WASHINGTON, May 12.—T0 con
fer citizenship on 186 Sioux Indians,
Secretary of the Interior Lane and
a party were on their way to Yank
ton. S. I). Thursday. A brand new
ceremonial, in which the Indian ap
plicant shoots his, last arrow and
takes up the handle of the plow, will
be used.
On the whole, the climate of Ger
many Is temperate, and. considering
the extent of the empire, remarkably
i inform in all its parts.
Made from clean, rich milk with the ex
tract of select malted grain, malted in our
own Malt Houses under sanitary conditions.
WesfJ and children thrive on it. Agree* with
the weakest stomach of the invalid or the aged.
Needs no cooking nor addition of n.ilk.
Nourishes and sustains more than tsa, coffee, etc.
Should be kept at home or when traveling. A nu
tritioua food-drink may be prepared in a moment.
A glassful hot before retiring induces refreshing
sleep. Abo in lunch tablet form for business ansa.
Substitutes Cost YOU Sam* Fries
Take n Panka&o Home ,
A supposed spy, who leaped Into the
river at the navy yard Thursday,
when discovered by a guard, was
shot, and sank from sight. Navy iqSi
are dragging for his body.
officials at toe yard believe that
an attempt was made to damage the
United States submarine L-8, or at
Reduced Prices on Smart
Tailored and Silk Suits
We are showing some very charming models
tailored on severe mannish lines with the slight
ly longer coats now in vogue. The skirts are in
very simple flaring effects.
Bright, broad stripes, combinations of two
materials or of contrasting colors, are the domi
nating notes in Sports Suits. We are showing
some very handsome patterns at unusually low
Silk Suits, too, are here in a variety of dashing
Now that you have seen out
handsome building and tremen4
dous new stock —
Now that you realize the won
derful facilities we offer you— i
Let’s get down to business — 1
Designed Elegantly, Yet Usefulness anq;
Comfort Are Predominant— !
Three handsome pieces perfectly matched as you see above. The davenfold becomes 4
splendid bed at night, a very neat piece of furniture. The rocker is strongly built; M;
wise the chair is constructed for comfort plus service. You dh /a
may choose either a golden oak or mahogany finish, uphol
stored in high-grade imitation leather, either black or brown
Spanish. The price of the complete suite is
Pay $3.50 Cash, Balance Easy, for the Entire Suite
fyonfes Outfitting CM
least to obtain information oomife*
log It.
Guardsmen May Enter Waal rail
LANSING, Mich., May 12.—00 r.
Kerri* has received a telegram from
the war department that under the
terms of a bill passed by congraaa
on May 4, Michigan was entitled to
appoint three members of the Na
tional Guard to take the competitive
examination for admission to the
West Point military academy. Co*
Many of
these grace
ful designs are
exclusive all
have an appeal
ing beauty.
Smart Womens and Misses Wear
250-254 Woodward Are.
didaiaa mast ha lilmgjjV
it me St. moat he
in tk. |Wi m*
■ ** 11
adopt compulsory
aoeideat, etelnaae, lipSBHB
■I- ..*» Ifc ,nwii.iS*ii
The kiagdom of Pima ffH
mart than twioa aa mating
ciUaa aa al of tba other IB
stataa together. 'gm
in price .
You will be
gratefully sur
prised to find
how low these
beautiful crear
tions are priced.
A Complete
All of tha popular
shades sad colors
and all of tha ap
proved modes la
this favored mater
ial are shown ta
our Coat Section.

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