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Bite of
pure ion
1 1,-
Ppteal Life of Hu-
Kfitnity In Condition
m of Flux
Bknomin ation a l
Hpernal Reorganiza
iFTjtlon for Efficiency
E Is Theme
Khjfttt tlmrx erf urn i‘.-< ' '•>
S groat dr a! alou' it.*- M*<>
RpMftlogs" of the’Em' i iiurvl.- - <>f
Hi ”Ma> Meet ir nut
S* May in the utoDl i h>r roo*t ot \
jjjjHjji grant denoniuia’L .m
BUcta four )«•*!> 'lie .'-c M*
Hp||copal church. u«».» in on
KpßTil. addins t*«p«tinl iM.[>oiUu-»•
HK doo month, h<-< lesi i*: .i u’.lt Tj u
■iMl contention of rh> I To 1 ' a
church ul~o iim-h« t.hi.-
|Sjpr, but 4n October,
lull. Major KMincrlnK' of the pres- |
Month, anltle from the Mes not
gebeiMl r-oab .«r*
|Kbnational contention- of the j
HHUuMt Biptbu gt Minneai-oli* |
southern BantiM> at A-he- '
WKkM north ’ rn Cm >'•> unar: -
§Sptt*y£ City and of the south
m$ dfabyterians tu OrlaLda, Kior
K ? |iMtnnnj the average, church
Klhh#lffoff* on his accustomed *si
sessions of the hir'i .ot
withou* any
of spirit H*
IpM rush to the bulletin boards
pM|i what legislation v as pas
rtwHHk the day—and he would
HB If ha did. Acme inter**- 1
the proceedings of the?-*
9|oaMMl!e«. assombhi* and omon
{{^■fVcua fined prettv mu< it to min-
MfBKIM church officers and a
9p|dMßNporiion of lay tr.cn One of
problems of church life
the extent of the
which the gtn*raJ ni<>-
KISHS People have in the affairs
and <lexiosnin*!ior:«
lpS|i widespread suspicion '.‘.a:
gg§,J«prefeasioneliy engaged in
matters are r.rrn-r re
§pM{| .their Interests from the
Pfil Ilia of the church mem
*■* **
|}Sfc#s#eneral meenars tfi
iie church in review.
ity dajagned for the
lhe sitrts of religion,
t the times with re
nit y are studied and
efficiency of the
L How to serve the
tdly. aid to extend
» church, is the
f«. Asa matter of
9* is largely taken
tine, administrative
; administrative ♦ ffi
-1 first place: a g*-n
--rinal purity was the
cf ecclesiastical
of practice, rather
l faith.- hold .he at
» ohurche* today,
bis stir has been
periodical attacks
dog tea I seminary tu
resbyterlau droref
manor aeems to be
eljr a shrewd move
rt the denomination
map of men. in the
stical politics. This
11 the Other Mav
bring more heed to
I the hoards an 1
each other, than to
if henry or ortho- J
sslon the Methodist
nfereme adopted
tvs tu favor of re
southern Methodist'
so Baptists con von
coming to a closer
l eaeJt other. Both
heir denominational
pi, so that In due
to met go the
M rt»-p iI:,|TH
‘■’ JMMWt. Mot«■ *'fTot-v*>
a, ‘*° n * i pr * ir>
‘l#* ttm » jo111» < on,
■ L%*» MttM • ouiu
i MVtbWMt,
%6£)Wmmt rn (b cuh bn bMB
|vAM*ll |lt tb Mrttort rhttreh.
, IpMlhlMi which the Joint oom
will he *glular> upon
■MWfrtlta'i'MM and preshy.
.._. JMmIIi b®d»»«, wi'ftv the two
■ jil " , ' 1
' ’VBpi • iu<*
hd*th. It t« not it r
congre«»ii.<n- of
diki i-
T&* ; JkjMlltf »|M hi- tOI * . VO I' I
'- -SVfcrW tteue dividing
«m»rr »*r Ire* of
'-J''’ 'W of
Mk>jmu ot i)..
Succinct Sentences From Billy Sunday
Th»-re is many a fellow trying to
work B'M.in shell itmt on Uod to
Manv a man p _ ays when he is up
ucainsi it. but when he can stick
his thua hs (n his armholes and take
* pair of scissors and cut his coup
on* off I* I* “Good-bye God. 4'll see
| you later '*
N’o m.-in nfi get do* n and pray
• Thy ktn-dem route" and have a
beer wagon back up to the door
nr* t day. No man tan pray Thy
Mu',;doii' come" and look through i
•he Uot* m of a beer gla.*s God
wont st»nd for It
Peop!*- # .rav and If God answered!
tHeT jt v e - hey would say. ’Why. |
lord S*e VO', there* 1 didn’t ex-j
rs-rt you. ’
G >d > s to take many a man and
. van’ hi! on h.> back and shake
shroud • v. r him before he will
! pray
if m»*»i o ( you m.-n were to pay 1
-ack w* it you’ve gotten through
truiiinb n; Iran-actions your w ives
woildD't !•» wearing diamond* in
their e^r*.
Gud w ’I h> at the prayer of the 1
worHn * non in the mines Just a
quickly a>- that of the president of 1
the company whe owns the grottnil
V’e h'v* men who can write their
: hecks for a million dollars, but
these checks are not worth a
pUavnnc in heaven
Red whisky and the church hav*
nothing rn common.
Graft has got the strangle hold
cn religion and tbe church.
You cannot produce good conduct
by mere legislation.
Go bctie and live your religion.
No m-n can stand for the dirty.
God lorsnken. beli-born. iniquitous j
south and along the bolder. All tb*
I declaration:* of comity by general
conferences and aesemblies have not
availed to extinguish this evlL At
pretent it is largely due to escea
sive denominational ***l.
Yet the sentiment t gainst thu>
practice, and In favor of fullest oom-
Ity end unity. Is ateadily on the rfac
in all the churches. In the various
non-ecclesiaatical conventions of re
ligious workers, such as the lay
mens movement. ;he Sunday
schools Christian Endeavor and the
Youug Men a Christian association,
there is only one sentimrnt. and
that la for cooperation. Perhaps if
I the laity were put into control of the
denominational gatherings for a
period of five or ten years some
thing radical would happen.
All sorts of diflleul* and baffling
new problems nowadays engage the
at ten .on of these gene ral confer
ence* and assemblies and conven
tions-—lssue# that were entirely be
yond the range of the thought of the
churches a half century ago. The
entire congeries of q»te*tions united
under the phrase. "Social service.*’
have come to claim a right of way.
Immigration, and the growth of
cities, with the passing ot the old
frontiers, have transformed the
home mission enterprise. The rise
of state universities, with the diffi
cult situation of caring for the
spiritual needs of the students, have
created anew set of problems in
Christian education This whole
subject is receiving expert and unit
ed attention from the church lead
ers, and Christian education Is now
In a plate of commanding import
The relationship of the church
board* one to another, which is the
foremost question with the northern
Baptists, is mere or less an Issue
with mII denominations. The Atlar
tic CHy Presbyterian gereral a*-
>ombly has np the possible consoli
dation of its board of education and
of college work. The personnel of
l>oard officers is always n.ore or le«*
of a question, and It has been en
gaging m<i< b of the attention
of the Methodist Episcopal general
cv nference.
Church newspapers, which cost
the Methodists n deficit of $37#,-
2M.13 during the past four years,
are one of the grave problems of
all the churches. How to elevate
rellgioua Journalism to the plane to
which the public ha* become used tr
secular magarlnes, and at the same
time make it self-supporting, is one
of the big and taffling questions of
present day religion.
Never before have rhur*h assem
bile* convened in *o crif h al a period
of the world’s history. The spiritual
Mto AM thought of humanity Is In a
bj|» of Itu. Thn* far, aruld a 1
world wide crtatr. that hat tc c'o prl- t
maeiljr whh mee’a aplrtt*. than* ha*
bate an dear. chalUng ag word of
spiritual leadership frtm the ohurch- ;
ea. Perhaps this month’* meetings
will somehow answer the world’s ex
portation. For, beyond doubt the
'stale of religion’* |n the world Is
the paramount la* tie before all
(’)ilieitau horde* today.
The H4Hy Hunday fampslgn •ml
our part In It,” and ’’What is the in
spliwtiua of the Bible?” *rc thr lop)<g
of the wrtnnni In the Treat.,n Meth
odist. the Ijev. Kina I', Reach, paa
ter In connection with the •ronlnii
w titcti. a <in*st|on box regarding the
iUHte all! he ue*4
r al««n huatness and remain tine to
test « Civet*!.
Y»*u wunt the kind of religion «hai
make* you a. home and kiss your
” ife
Priver can move God and (*od
can mo* e tilings
I'll p-y tout «wr fare 10 any city
I ev-r I'vsti In. snd If 1 don’t ;>rac
♦li-e what I pr-ach 111 teavn thi*
pJatforrr trmnrrow
Its n t a question of a pay cn
velo;»e whether |eopls ar»- pure or
im pure
S»»if t reservation ca’.l* the com
muntty. ’be chur< h fh'* nation, to
rail on tNlr knee* before J»‘*u*
Ijpt Xb church of Jesu* Chri*t
spend a dav with God and well re
write th» hlstor.’ of old whisky
1 soaked Ktn*a- t’lty
\Vhat \ sad p.cture v» e make o
!e*U* Cb"l:t’ No wonder Givd *
photograph gallery Isn’t packed
with folk* looking at It
N'v man lives unless he -a t'hri
tian He may ex *t. bi t thw * no’
G->d p-ovtded -ahation and if yo;.
lush It eway. you're a fool'
Some Ciristlana roll to church
In an automobile and then throw
five cent* In the collection plate and
»ing "Je*us Paid It All
If Co.' can t nrake an appeal to
you on the ba.-ts of decency, he
won’t enm religion down your
How ixr you go with Jesu* de- j
pen*** on v-hat you take with you
when you start
It's th» even, uniform Chri« , tAß
life tha* conn’s. — Kansas rity
Times *
The rltnatng love of motherhood’
will b« tJi* topic of the ji a‘ l<><k
ermi'fl of the Hew tv C. jn
the Hrn Mcthixjtat Pr<>t**t*Bt. Siin-
Aay morning At • p m he will
on 'Three observations “
The Rev IJoyd C T •nuKlae. of Ann
Arhor. will prewch ,n the North A..- 1-
ward rongrewational wt 10.3<r Th-«
, Itev. Cheefer Burge Emerson »11
t epewk In the *»»ninr on “Women
1 and democracy. In celebration of
1 Mother a dajr.
A Mother s day aervlce o:!! be held
In Simpson Tabernacle *t 11 o cio< k.
under the direction of the t!*v. E D
Dtmond In the evening meeting a .
r Young People's service will be held j
Christ tan church at Grand Utver
and AlJendaie-ave . will ho and a sp< tal
Mothers' day *>r irf in the morning
and In the evening service the Rev 1
T. I’ Arthur will dei.ver My bwcca- I
laureate sermon "
The North Woodward Methr>d »i •
congragation will hear th» Rev H C*
Pear*-# at the 1« Jo services, and In
1 tne evening lir Bln. kstone will deliv
er an Illustrated I'ctur* :na dor- ,
'|n« the revolution."
' Mother * |s the sut jert *#)•' ted
; t>y the Rev. Lloyd II Miller for hi* •
* morning Sermon tn the Woodward
ave Christian The topic for the n-n.
, Ing sermon will be 'Home. '
I Charles R. Lin foot will address the
International H'ble Students'
.in O. K K temple No. U Alevandr n».
lave. west, at 3 o'clock in the after
noon. The topi, Wil :
dren of the seed."
| Tne Rev r>r Steadman, of Mbion
.college, will pr«»f h at t»*»th m'-rn ng
♦ and evening s« rvices ,n th<- Ki.rier
Memorial Methodist.
Hervtcea In M'<Jr*trr tnsr.tute f-r
the wm|( will he » H folx-vs. 6*gm-
I nlng at ’p. m Sunday. speaker W
IH. Venn, singer. Mr» Hoyle. Vlon*
]*Jay, atereoptlcon pictures life storb-a
'good music Tueaday. sp-aker ‘he
Key. J. B. Oliver, H.ghUn 1 Park
singsr Mr* tVlthe Ww|n*vUy, rr, I.
week rally, led by Mr Carrahln in
stitute »-holr will sing Thursday,
speaker, the Rev. C l T*on« r cen
tral Christian 'hurrh; singers. M»<-m
j ilnndjr and rollings Friday, *p**k
! *r, the Hev R m«s*ll. Ca<lii
i lar-ave. Preahyterlan church. *:ng»r.
; Mra. Hoetger Saturday, ope-n *r> * •t•
• Ing l*d hy Hen Rrnsn.
I’Pr*r*redne*a for pear#, will »•»
the subject of the Pev. TVm T
, Javjuesa, In the Jefferson-are. Prsstiy.
t*rian. Sunday morning, at It o>lo« k.
I»r Jacques* will also preach In the
fh»lrr«rt hall at 7 W In the evening
Katherine Kent Alfhouae will
apeak in the First New Thought
church, Sunday morning, on ’T’omln
lon ' In the evening Lou I.a ft
K»-rr will «r.«ak on Mfeal thyself'
The talk will he followed hy practical
The Rev. fieorge F. Oullen will
pr« a-n on ‘The debt we never pay'’
in the observance of Mother* day In
West f Jrand Boulevard Metho«liat at
11 o clock in the morning ’’Mother’s
da.. ’ will t»e the topi» of the aermon
lof the Itev. Howard A. Field at Ih*
evening service There will be apncial
mualc and special decoration*
fn Trumbull-ave Trs*t»yterlan "The
church of a thousand welcomes,''
•'F'arenl a I»a*” Will be the order The
morning theme *.f th« paator the
ltev It V Huston, will be "A falfh
-Ifu| mother tvening topi' 'An ant
loua father ‘ The orcamat. Mlaa
•Kenya Itoae, will feerder the follow
ling number* at the opening of the
(evening aervtce at ? .in •'Kllsnbeth’a
i Prayer 1 ' iTannban-er i. tt’agner, 'Air
l»u Rpl.” Ohjra. 'Har.tr « I.
Wagner: '*Th«- ?/i»t Phord,' Sullivan.
'the autijert of the Itev W II Wni
Ih.vie a aermon In the North Wood
ward Treab) ter ian at 10 3'* w ill b»
’’Helpvra or hinderrra. ' "Mother'a
vday” will he celebrated at 7 Jd, wh»-n
the eiihlect _ »>f the sermon will he
"The nation's gicatest need ■M'hrle
(ll an motherhood ' A spertalH sdprtt.
progiaio „f mualc in w btrp the
’ han>. violin, and organ will g>- used.
la planned The emblematic ffowsr
will t>« wot n
In Kieiier Memorial the Rev. »1 E
*teilm*n w*|l i>r«Srk at te o’clock and
it T Vt the nooning aarvtce a
th.M. «<f h to>* and girls wiR stn«
Th« s'lbject of Rabid Franklin's
serni.-n. smuts > morning, in Temple
ft. tt> til « II l>e "Mother and child."
s, t:.ra l*eu Itt at IS le
the inierntna the Rev. J. P Mac
t - nal l It gbTartd Park Prsshytsr
an w ! ll take a» his theme “Ttie
sill'll i'U!*h In the evening tie
u tt »;•«•*k on 'The garden of thi*
«. iit Vondav the (castor leavea on
tvs oilaNion ,if representing the l*e
•i. 1 Pieabyterv at the general a»-
«. ■ h.v sh' ii ,-onvanes m ktlanth
Cits Ma> 1* Mr* Msclkmsld will
1 'npattv him This diurch Is tn
-11 Hi' tri-ranpaiftk h n, l w! ’'
b.« represented at the women s mass
:* e. t 'tu in be held knmlay afternoon,
'n THnlty Methodist. Highland Park
In the K rst Baptist, the morning
»•>’% »• «%ill he w “welcome aervlce
t, s. new mentbera. The communion
serv.ie will follow the weles>mtn*
- -I'lii.ir.v In ttic evening the Rev T
1 v iters nil prea< h a mother a da>
«e,in. it taking as his topic. “Christ’s
treatment of His mother The ch *lr
» rentier a special musical pro
Tu. R*v Eugene Rodman Shtppen !
e i 1 rea h n the First t’nitanan tn
• r .rn ng ..n “The beret' 1 and the ,
* ...'e •' aiming to reconcile liberty
«n<l union In religion.
Ti e Rev K. H pence, of the Fort
; yeabyterlan. will preach in the
ring <.n *ll hen one doubt* l»-ve,
and in the evening on “Another
♦ nee Communion will be «>b
. r\-■n the -corning Th» Womans
xt »,r will me-t MOl da» aft»'r
n at : to oclutk tn the Church
The llev J. seph A V.»n« e nltl oc
1■ j the pulpit at both services tn
the First rre*b)t*r:an lit* subject at
ojo a ni will be “The supreme
orait).’' and in the evening In . n
n -:on with the • 1-anlng -up cam
paign. he will speak on “Cleaning
up »T>e *. wn Next Wednesday even,
w II '«» the menttil) evening wit 1
men. and »r Van e sill speak
on “Job. the man of patience.”
The Rev John Wellington Hoag
anr. urn-e# a spe. :al mothrr • tla> pro
gram r. the Woo.)ward• »»* Baptist :
Sunday evening. The ministers m*«. ,
sage will be on "An Old Testament
mother and the music by the church 1
quartet and the numbers of the 15- |
minute mforniwl aonif ser't<e wit', be
selected in elebration of mother's
day Mr H*-ag will also preach at
1<» : i in the morning Bible school
at 11 »5.
David i King will *pewk Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock In Higher
Th ught hall N :13 M oodward-av*.
• ont numg the *ubje«-t. Threads of
Desttnv ur.der the sub-title “Astral
and sub-human plane* of .-onacsous
'>•*• The evening Cnity meeting
w II b« . .'nducted as uWial by Mar
in the Jeff erson-ave Saottst, Moth- I
er • day .SMI be observed with spe
cial rr.ustc and special perm-'O*.
“Angler and ffshertnen" and “Hi*
nv-tb*r will e tt;» Itev Amos Muy
w »o«t - serm-m subjects in Cass-ave
Meth-vdist. Ct.-s and !*elff*n-ave.
otx.tr union service* will be held at
noth morning and evening sertvee* in
Central Pre»by*erlan 'The world that
God love* will be the topic of th
sermon in contnuatton of the ae
ries being preached on "The love of
The observance of Mother* day
tn Grand River-ave Baptist, wul
■ onst.st of morning and evening ser
mons by the Ktv. Frederick M w hlte
paslwr, w b«> w ill talk <>« Tribute*
our mothers' in the morning
snd in th* evening on “Honors to our
father- ‘ The ordirvan<e of baptism
w.|l be administered at the evening
garet Wood, assisted by Mrs Klip-
P-nger. and the Thursday af'ernr.on
class >0 aelf-healiftg by Alice V liy
vis. who holds also a free h*alir«&
cllnu. follow,dk the lesson
The Rev H Sidney Bullo-.k will
dose hie work with the Muri»on-ave
Baptist with two sermons. Th*
morrong «ervi-e will open with bap
tismal ceremonies, followed by a
short talk on the tmt»ortanc* of
chur h membership. Thirty n« w mem
bera will be extended the 'hand of
f*ll<>w»hip.' After chureh membe*.
ship wha»T will h* the topic for the
evening »»rmon.
The e- ngregatlon of Rurns-ave
M.tJk.,d:et w ;»J h*ar thr Rev f>r W
.1 Balw.er in a sermon on "Mother
lore at the morning service Th*
evening «e rV I r e sermon topu will be
“The evolution of personality."
Th* Rev r R Oliver will preach
tn the ino ning In
M»th<xl «• The ev-ning sermon will
be delivered by the Rev Frank Min
Special servle-* In observance of
"Old horn* evening will t.* held tn
I ..rest-ave Prest.ytsrtan Mav Jt. »,
celebrate the anniversary and re
union of the Third-ave. t nlon Kun
day school and former members of
the church. Dr. Barkley will prea< h
Sunday vesper service of the y w
r A. will be tn ehargr of the edu
cational depsrtmeni ar.d will be ad
dre seed by Dr f'arolyn fielsd. of
Battle < T' ek, not*d woman lecturer.
Her subject will be "Woman and tv
twentieth century." All wom*n ar*
Invited to attend
The Jefferaon-ave Methodist w,|l
hol t aper ial aerviees ,f, r.haerVM- e
Os Mother'a day. I»r Felton w M
prea. h on "Two mothers’ in t* ►
nvjrning. and :n the evening < n 'T>,e
fatal barter
The Itev Frank Foster Fttehett
r>a»t' r. will dir* l t fh* services tn
f.raod H ver tv* Method)*’ Wh*r»
the Rev F.dward V.rrtrson will pres h
on Tte tattle we tight at the m orn
Jrg meeting In the evening f>a\ and
ncott will occupy the pulpit.
In the Central Methodist, In the
ahaero, ~f the pa»to r . the Rev it
loafer Hmlth. at the Heneral con
ference the |'e V f. f. I.lmond of
Hlmpson Tat>*rna‘le .hur't. will
prea- h in the evening service and in
the rooming the Rev R. M Ark.ns
wilt speak There will *,e a «pe. ial
music .1 s«wv|ee Jn the evening hv the
chorus choir, and on Funds, evening
May 21. the <horus and soloist* wilj
offer an eapeclally elaborate pro
Two special service* have been
planned for Monday In the y-rat t”on.
nr.gatiMul in the morning « *pe
» al setfmon. ‘‘Her lamp goeth not
out commemorative of the sentiment
of Mother's 'lay will t.e preached hy
the Rev. .1 P 11IIget The ItaugMers
of Veterans will attend this service
In a body The evening srrvlee at
7.S ft will be a special musical pro
gram by ttie choir, as«i*t.-d bv Miss
Theodosia Kldrldge, violinist
The morning sermon them* In
Westminster I'reahv teriwn will be «
Communion address 'The Fellowship
of believers " In ihe evening, the
second of a aerlaa on '"Ancient j»eo
f|e in modern drea*.’’ ’Th*- modern
’harlsec, ’ Will he preached by the
l|ey \Vm Real Oantx
Orant XI Hudson superintendent
of the Michigan AnH-Fu'oon league,
will speak In the Fores|-ave Trc<-i>
teetan at the morning service lie
will he accomparled by Prof .h. '
• 'arroll. of Berkeley, « « %bo dr
Ihe soloist of ll|. set v'. » In • >
evening the tV*ft ||in«|er leugi,.- ( etc
t’tatc* M-ihe a day al •».! . Tn<
ltrv I E Bradd-ld wil preach un
'Needed \ndr»w
lit the North Woiwlward Mrthmlld
th- B*V 11 a. Pc.ir.tb W--o. late pas
tor wilt pr- ich in th* nt irning on
"The A l' P * of -* I'hriitlan tn
the evening Di l*la‘ ketone will as*
llvvr an llluatrate*l |e» ture on f hina
during tt*** I*■ v.ilul l .* 11 said to be *
thnllinc miri at ve ..f re.-*nt historic
event* tn the 11. nt Music *’v th
quartet ch»*ir. and a e- l*» by Lawrence
Smith, t-n.ir
Th* Rn R M \ 1 kins "111 preach
in i>otrat V-tl 'Hei on --* king and
saving si t nt >r 1-i -• r ce. in.'
II il’tlAl
Woodward Avenue Baptist
Coiner Winder.
k Rev. John Wellington Hoag.
111 )J « m Regular service
7 p in Mothers' Ikty service.
St>o hI music Minister's theme.
\n *dd I*, tat'-nl Mother"
i; .* led H >*lc **• h.'id meets at II 13 j
Fir -t Baptist ('hurch
Woodward at Pingree-wvea
Hr*. Tks«s* J. \ tilers. 11. 11.
i IS * I* r \\ • I ..me to new
m-mbers Hand it Fellowship.
j Communion.
7 :•> ( m -M. t'ei« Day s*rvtr* .
i s-t.-iM-.il i Treolmenl *>f
1 Hi* M-ih. ____________
m \r 11 at
Grand River Avenue Baptist
Dr. Frederick M White. Pastor
I- jii Trit*ut« t • <• r Mother* ’ '
7 t'«—“Honors t > Cur Fathers ' |
Mrdtnan.*- f Baptism.
Utbl- s- hold at : J u * to* k
M UT'liT
“Friends of Israel”
Meet ng f..r Bi de stud' at « hai -l.
No »1* Hu' ngj jt S'lndc;. Ma>
11. at .t p rn
Alt are cord-aiy Invtt-d
t Fourteenth Avenue Baptist
Fourteenth and .Vntotnetta
HF.V. U A. qt VRHIVf. r«v.
Ik th a m—’ Honor ins M-th-r
7 tn p. m "A Good Mother *
CONOUKO (Tin k Xt.
f A ,{> Congregational
Woodward gnd
J. Percival
1 am —“Her lamp Oi »rh Not
Out ’
7 JO p m —Miiniu! jjervic*
cokt.RLr.inu> il.
North Woodward
Car.' W owdward and Rlalae.
Rev. Chester Burge Emerson
lh:3h Rev Lloyd f* rknjgigs <yf
Ann Arbor. w:l| prc.i. h
7 JO—Pastor will speak on "Wom
en sr i D- •
tlon of Mother- Day.
Brewster Church
Trumbull and Warren
Mac H. W allace, Minister
Services 10:30 and 7:30.
Woodward Are. Christian
Woodward and Jos*phin*
ft RV LI»YT* H MfI.LBR. Pastor
Jb jn a rn —Mutijei-t. "Mother.“
7 Sh p m. - Hubjeet "Home."
f MRI«TI I >.
Christian Church
r.rand River snd All*ndal».
F P ARTHT’R. Pastor
11a m Mothers’ r>*y service
7.30 p m —"My Ba> < siaureat* «*r»
mon ”
FFiac op 41,
St. John’s Episcopal
Woodward-ave and Hlgh-st.
A House of Prsver for All People
Rervleea every Sunday 7 3'» h m.
»n*l II a ro.. 7 bi |> m . and every
I*V*dn*adny at 7dO | rn In th«'
KPIfM «»P4ae
I” - Oeovge's riiHrcg. rr,r~ YTowsrff
1 and Mth Hur lsye. lo.jo a. m and
7 30 p. rn Holy ortitnunlon, serorjd
and fourth Sun<t.u •/«. vi.in » rh,
other Sundays. * a m. Sunday .
* grliool, 12 riQ.,n
1 1 ' ”7
firand River M. K. Church
r*-.r Oraryd HP. - • r-t '.f '•-aw
Mev. Frau'* 3.*t»-r FI ek-it,
l*usf nr.
I*,';* ■* u. H»v a■! Slum-on,
“Th- )' .»«!*■ tt - * ■ ,f."
mrichril Ilf*” will b# lb* topic of the
R*v K /l). Hlmnnd at the averting
A Mother*' ilar aervlc* will,
br het<l at Ift't* tn Woooinrrr Metho
dial, lnatallatlon of Epworth league
ofAcini* will he held at the evening
The lte\, B J tVFlahert*. of Dub
,i). will preach »•. for. tht Protestant
ktlsslonnrv alliance of North America
'ii St Andrew*' hall at i o'clock In
the afternoon At * o clock Hail Bar
ren will preach
In connection with the aut BHuticr
North Woodward Methodist I
Episcopal Church
Wm4wN and Melhawrae.
10:30 a. m.—Rev. H. C.. '
7:30 p. m.—Hr. Blackstone,
"China During the Revo
lution. ’* Illustrated lec- •
C aatnhell MethadUt (tarrk
M NN'IMI 11>1.1Cantor
lif 1" a m.— Itev. I H Oliver i
‘ 1* f» m.— Iter. Frank Miner.
JelTeraua tee. M. K. I'karrh, tor
M.irll-.roiia'i I’.ntiT. iHH'tili 11
lt>»n .M -rnink. 11 "The St.>rv
of Two Mother*" Evening. ft —i
| "The Fatal Harter."
method hit.
M«r„* Or. Methodtaf k'.ptaeepat
I knrek. •> Hit i* .ibil A|li>' ii" •
Win J H.ilmrr I*l*. inlni<*» r.
Hiin«la> . 1 •>• Mother I.ove 770
The f:volution «-f |Vi»un*iin ••
Tnk. J*-ft••r#«»i» -»r K*r hcvnl iSt» r
| man • ,*r to Hurno. short a*lK to
Atni ' Com-
- -■■■—i
Ike Preplan HrlkndM Episcopal
rkarth Twent
Baser and i‘<*reer-»ta Kiti- l*
Bet.i h. pastor 1*» 3ft a m. 'The
Willy Sunday ''ampaigrt, and Our
Pare ir It 7 ’.it p m . ‘What '*
j th* Inspiration <>f tl « S. r \»-
ture*7" “ In a aerie* of sermons
allot,t the H.hle
r«M tie. tlrlkoilUl Kphrnpnl—
t M irntnp eerman by lio K>!* n
►' p*. n " ' aglera * n«l Fl«h»-r•»»> n
livening su'Ge, t. *HI» Mother

Simpson Tabernacle M. E.
Grand Hirer and Macs
li on rn - Mother* Day Service. j
7 3<» i m Young I'roplt * *»rv: e
__________________________________ !
Central Methodist j
Woodward and Adams
Ih 3'i a m . sermon bv
"Seeking and Savina
< :•* p m . sermon by
•The Mnrirhefl |fe
Organ miiilr, 12 3* to l. flail» !
Fin*- ‘ horn* choir Seat* free.
!" ' |
| First Methodist Protestant
j Gratiot md Bellevue Pastor W. O
j Marrer. kft/« fan ton. 11 a. m
“The Clinging I»ve of Moth'-,
hood ' I p. m 'Three Ob*erva>
tion*. '
INTERS %TIO\ 41. Rtni.K «T 1 tIKITt
-- ■
Speak* at O. E. 8. Temple. 43 Al
exandrine rot, at .7 p m Sub
apeak* at O. F., S. Temple 4ft Al-
“The Children of the Seed.”
A i*o lecture at ft p. rn.
Seat* free; no Collection.
s%».EM ntu,
Salem ffall
Cor lirooktyn-ave. and p*rry-st.
Sunday afternoon service at 3 30
Gospel aervlce 7 30 p. m.
Euclid-ave Church
l f > a. m. —Sunday pchonl
II a m.—Wdbatory »»rmon hy
fil*hop II II Fout. I».I
ft 30 p. m —Young People 5 * meet
730 p m —-Dedication aervlce. he
Hiahop Font. a**lafed by Her. fi.
K Shull. *tatc puperlntendent,
and Itev. F. M Davis, f»rm»r
Wednesday, 7 30 p m —Hp- < lal re
ception and platform talk*
Y. W. ©. m.
Sunday, May 14, 4 p. m.
Speaker—Dr. Carolyn K.
CreiHel. Topic—Woman and
the Twentieth Century.
Soloist—Miss Marie Hine
■l■l■.- ■ -V- - - -
i., • v \ '
* r. n. r. a.
Men's Mass Meeting
3:30 P.M. !
Rev. 1. E. Brad field
| O cr tra Concci'k 2:30 I'. M.
campaign *>f the Wayne county dry
campaign. co/mulUr* th* follow ing
will ilrlhvr tutoresses In Detroit
churvhe* Sunday morning Grant
II alvvti. slate superintendent Anti-
Saldon leag'Jfc Korea*-at«. Presbyter
lan; Waitir, JNJlo»hal. Trinity M, th
<»diat Highland Park Edwin Simp
*on. Grand Hl\>r-av» Mrthodlat. Wil
liam P l*>>«tt, FI rat Congregational
Evening aildt rear* are a* follow*
Grant Hnda <n. Trinity Methodlat;
W alter J. tlitahal, Mt itop« Congr*.
gntlnnal. Edw in Hlmpaon. Tracv
M-thodl*!; William P. la>.ett. Eaal
Grand lloutavard Methodlat.
"The Friend* of larar*." will meet
Central Presbyterian Church
Car. Grand Rtvar and tacond-avaa.
Rev. HurH Jack. D. D.
ra aTon
10:30 a. m.—Communion
and reception of new mem
i 7:30 p. m.—Communion
with st»rmon on “The World i
That tiod Ixive*."
A cordial invitation to
these services.
1 )
North Woodward Ave.
Presbyterian Church
AC Philadelphia.
10:30—"Helpers or Hinder
7:3o—“The Nation's Great
est Need." Mothers* Day
Chorus. Soloists, Harps
Fort Street Presbyterian
Far* aad Tklrd-ala.
Eilward H. Pence, Pastor
! 10:30—“When One Doubts
7:3o—“Another Chance."
Jefferson Avenue
Presbyterian Church
REV. J. r* FtTSriIE.N, JR..
11 a. m.-—Sermon by Dr.
Wm. T. Jaquess.
“Preparedness for Peace."
3:30 p. m. — " Happiness.”
j Leader, \Jiss Ella Aspen
7 p m. Hrrvi' rat Chalmara
t Motor hair.
i Forest Avenue'Presbvterian
REV. J. M. R k NKI.KT, 11. D.,
i | f i .o ;i m —Hun Grant ,\f
bprakrr. Special Sololat Prof
l A *'arrr>ir
7 to p m Needed - Andrew."
He v f K Hradheld
Hear One of These I
Mfill.YINO Grant Hud-on *ta *
n Fore*t-avr pe»*hytertan rhuroli
di*t tlflfhlard Parki, Edwin Himr
William i’ Ixivett. Klret «’ongreg«
EVENINt* tlrant Hudson, tn
In Ml. Hope Congreg*t tonal. Ed i
William I’ l«e<vett. in East Grand-1
W AkNE i"i d'.NTY DRY C,
First Church of Christ,
Arcadia Auditorium. I
iXieiiUßi, Woodward A Sttmson
Second Church of Christ,
M/Montiat East Grand Bl\d.
OCienVlHl, Near Jefferson Ave
Third Church of Christ,
Kenilworth Hall,
acieimni, Woodw'd A Kenll th
SEItVirF.S at Ift *« a. m Sunday*
and * p m Wednesday*. Humlay
Evening Service* at 7:30. Sun
day School 13 o'clock.
Fisher Arcade, 319-2*l Wood
ward Avenue. Open from 9 a.
m. to 9 p. nv; Wednesday* to ft
o m. Sunday* and Ilolldnya
from 3.30 to » p. m.
Conditional, or Uncon- 1
tional ?
Trumbull-n v*. 4’hapwl. Trumbull
aVi-., near Ragg.
Sunday Night
Stere«,ptlcon preliminary, tjuaa
tlrins: What I* the m»ul? the
Spirit? A cordial welcome.
MCROY T. MfVIEA. Speaker.
Higher Thought Hall
N»a. 11-44. 11l kk «m*4w ard.
It a ff». —"Thfjiidi of fiestlny,"
♦ •art II I 'avid ('. King,
lli m "The Spiritual t-Tfe.” Mur
aaret Wood and Mr*. Kllpp>yi
j Wednesday, Ali. m.—Mia* t'bfl*-
. Mtie (IfeentlHilel,
Thuradav. 3 p m.—"Healing.''
I A Ilf V r>avl*_.

First New Thought Church
, 43 Winder**!. |
KakTHKItINK K 1 '.N’T Al.Tlml sk ]
\ .. . *•!! apeak.
J* 3d a at "t'ofnlnion "
7 .*• p i 'M< at Tin *, If
# v h r< *et |r a| »\ or k
I 1.0-i 1.,14 K ii
.SATURDAY, MAY ll v 1916.
at 330 o'clock for Hiole study ift
the chapel at WI3 lluatlnga-at
—— t" /
More l*t»n ICi.OOO men nn»l wotu
an- tre »>v|,.^,( V tl H* Riareli In New
v orl. toCuv In Uie parade orgitnlved
by the 'b'clhc** intererdft of that
city tn rtlr ti» local Intereei •'»
better mWtarjr, naval and InduairlAl
Kaitn hand* employed In the vicin
ity of Moffett, Okla.. recently went
on strike for higher wage*.
Trumbull Avenue
Presbyterian Church
Trumbull. Bralnard and Qd. Rlvai.
Raymond McD. Huston,
Mini a tar.
10:30 n. m.—"Mothers'
7:30 p. m.—“Fathers’
"The Church of a Thousand
raicanYTKiu an.
Westminster Church
Woodward Av. & Parsons SL
Rev. William Beal Gantz,
D. D., Minister
Morning < 'omnuinion Ad
dress, “The Fellowship of
' Evening “The Mtxlern
I “
Scovel Memorial
Grand River, NiQraw and Wil
Rev. James D. Jeffrey
Dr. Rol>ert J.
Preaches morning and
. ... ...... • ,i .... -
F’irst Presbyterian Church
W MMI-irft-Kf. awtf Imand.*t.
Rev. Joseph A. Vance, D. D.
10:30 a. m.—“ The Supreme
7: :30 p. m.—" Cleaning Up
the Town."
Highland Park Presbyterian
« Ml RC H
<*(,r Cortland and Woodward.
Paator lt«-v .1 I* MacDonald
A m —H»rmou -“Th- Whole
Church. *
P m Sermon- "The Garden of
the Soul'
1.K4T1 NF.
fry Speakers Sunday
auperlntendent intl-SMloon te*gne.
Walter.! Ifoahal. in Trinity vieiho
ic>n In Grand Rlyer-ave. Methodist,
rrlnitv Methorliat; Walter I
tn Simp-on In Tracy Mctlio.|l*t;
vd Methodlat, ,
The Uttermost Salvation
la preached by
At 4ft Grand Klver-ave.
Service* J So and 7 30 p. tn
First Unitarian Church
Wood ward-ave. and Kdmund-pl.
Eugene Rodman Shippen
■ a
• ni "The Heretic and
the IMaciple." Mr* .Mnr«hall IVh*<>
U rn Churtli school, I’rofe*.
atonal, paid teachers.
12 15 p m Adult < M**, i.p, n
all. atudylng the history of l.ihe,ai
r -A - - . -
Protestant Missionary
Alliance of North America
St Andrews Hall, 111 f'otiKreas
st E. Honda). April I«t h at 3
O clock l»lt. H. I G'FI.AHKRTY
Os Dublin Ad>nti«*lnn I ft,-. Bring
your friend* At * k. S»nl
Rnrran Subtect, r>un|e| ,h. II
Douay version used kdrnlsHlon
free Bring your Bibles
I Nik F.Rk kl.l*T
Church of Our Father
4 aan and Foeest-avea.
Willis A. Moore, D. D.
We believe in Ihe Fniversal Kath.
erhood of God
Ift: Strndav school
11a m —"The Psychology of
\\ orship."
ft 3n. Young l’foplaa Christian,
t nlot! service ‘
; .10 P m. Address Hr Moore
"The truest for Ifnpplness.*'

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