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SATURDAY. MAY 27, 191«.
engage woman
JACKSON. N. H.. Moy 27.—Went
worth hall golf links, situated hero
now boasts tho only woman goif
professional In the countr). Mrs.
Dunn Webb, who enjoys this dis
tinction will give lessons on tho
short nlnj hole summer course, sell
goods and conduct a repair shop.
Mrs. Webb Is the daughter of the
Elmwood Park la now the scene of actual buiMlng operations. The cellar diggers
are busy. Stone, brick, lumber and other building materials are being hauled to the
scene of activity. The first house in EJmwood will be the most important house ever built
in Detroit The possible exception would be the first house built in these parts, con
structed by De la Mothe Cadillac 215 years ago.
Detroit’s First House
It was part of the firet '‘community” in this section—and that community idea did not
differ much from the community idea at Elmwood. Cadillac had'the same plan in view
that the creators of Elmwood have.
He and they—and all sensible folks from the beginning of civilization—agree that the
primary waeendal of happiness,
health and maces* tn life is a
good home hs a good neigh
The plana for the ftnt
Elmwood home were drawn
by Captain J. A. Mason, an
architect of wide experience
in the art of community build-
L inf. His experience in this
work in European countries,
which are world famous for
tbetr ideal communities, and
in this country, marks him as
an authority in his particular
The First
will contain 6 rooms—a cozy
living room with a pleasant
bay window at one end, and
one of those even-attractive
fireplaces at the other; a light,
pleasant dining room; three
light and airy bedrooms; a
kitchen that the wife will be
happy to work in; a modern, complete bathroom—and an attic where odds and ends may
be «tored. There will be a full cellar of brick and cement floor. The heating will he by
hot air furnace. There will be running water, electric fixtures and other necessary conveni
ences that are to be found in the most modern city home. The house will he built ot
white stucco, with red and green trimmings. Then there will he a roomy front pdrch and
» beautiful lawn sloping gently away from it
We think we can build such a house for—well never mind how much—suffice to say
that this is a house for the man of moderate means. Ilut the man of wealth will be glad to
Wa would like to tell you more about this wonderful house. We will if you are
sufficiently interested to ask for further details
The Samuel A. Merchant Cos.
Peqptaet jUdg* TeL Cadillac 588 Q
Detroit. May 20. 1916.
Notice la hereby given to all per-
Sona Interested that there hava been
lad In thta office th* following
Mamed aaaaaamant rolla:
Roll No. IS6I. For grading and
paving Grand River avenue from the
north line of Thornton avenue to the
south line of Joy avenue.
Roll No. IMS. For grading and
paving alley No. 633, being the eaat
and weat alley between Second.
Woodward. Howard avenuea and Vir
ginia Park.
Part 1 Is due and payable within SO
day* from data of thia notice. Farta
2, 1 and 4 become due and payable In
,one, two and three years respective
ly from date of thin notice, together
with Interest, at the rate of 4 per
cent, from the date of the confirma
tion of this roll.
If either of said parta one, two.
three or four shall not be paid when
they become due, & per cent, penalty
and Interest at the rate <>f 7 per cent,
from the date of confirmation of the
assessment will be added and the
premises assessed will he advertised
and sold as provided by law.
B-7(P City Treasurer.
OFFICE of the department
Detroit. Mich. Mar 25. 1916.
Sealed proposals will be r. reived
at the office of the Department of
Public Works, Detroit, Mich., until
Thuradnv, June 1, 1916, at 10 o'clock
a m. eastern Standard tirr.e, at
which time and place they will be
opened, for furnishing
Sixty (60) Election Booths
to he In accordance with specifica
tions on file In the otflee of the De
partment of Public Works.
Hldd-tr* are required to file n certi
fied oheok In the sum of 1400 with
the Department of Fubilc Works, be
fore the proposals are opened, condi
tioned that .h.nild they be the low
est bidder# they will within five days
afW being awarded the oontrs<t bv
the dcpui t .nent. enter Into contract
with surety company bond In the full
estlmu'.sd amount of contract.
Checks nrd pmpo’als to be placed
In rwpn.-.ite envebifes.
The right ;»» r*J»rt anv or nil pro
posals ■« einrt .m dy reserved. All
peoposnle to be made in duplicate
oeo n. rr..\Kr.r.i.
lt-71 ■ Comml-sloner.
Ordinance No. 375-A.
A\ till III* 4\i 1-1 In amend Section 4
nf < hunter .*»'t of the Compiled (»r
--ihnan<'M of the t il) rs Detroit for
the .ear lilt I*.
run ILF of tiik city Os dmtrott
Section I. That HectUm t nf Chap
ter 43 of the Comp.led f udlnanc. nos
the City of Detroit lor thg year 1972,
late Tom Dunn, who v/aa a noted
golf Inatruotor and golf ur«4iltecu
She waa Ihe first w oman instructor
In England and tuught golf In 1901
at the Princes* Oolf club, near Lon
don, an organization devoted entire
ly to women
At present Mia. Webb 1* giving
about 90 lessons a week, and her
pnplla Include two women cham
pions. fihe la the wife of Prof.
Webb, the new professional at the
Ilrae Burn Oolf club.
- ■ /
/ lam file ArchifccflX
f This is the firsf home Jjui liin n.
l ELMWOOD PAttK from rtie w \ »
Imncfalow plmi
L flufin. . * -11 t WSHf
TYm photofTaph ihowt Captain a. A. Muon, who draw up the plana for tha Amt Elmwood home. He 1» a
racornlitd authority, In Suropa and In tho United Staten, on the design and construction ol community hoinatf.
be and the same In hereby amended
to read ns follow a:
Section I. Ttu-rc shall be twelve
districts In the Third Ward, com
prising the territory us follows:
(The Third Ward shall embrace
the lands within the following boun
dary lines: Beginning at the Inter
section of the National Boundary
Line with the center line of neauhten
street projected; thence northerly
along said line and along the center
line of Beaublen street to the center
Bne of Ilolbrook avenue; thence
northerly along the center line of
Brush street to the northerly Bne of
the city; thence easterly along the
northerly line of the city to the cen
ter line of Ooodwln fevenue; thence
southerly along the renter line of
Ooodwln avenue to the center line of
Ilolbrook a\enu«, thence westerly
along the rknter line of Holbrook
avenue to the center line of Oakland
avenue; thence southerly along the
center line of Oakland avenue to the
center line of Murston avenue; thence
easterly along the center line of
Maraton avenue to the center line of
Melrose avenue; thence southerly
along the center line of Melrose ave
nue and Hastings street and said cen
ter line of Hastings street projected
to the National Boundary I-lne;
thence westerly along said National
Boundary to the place of begin
ning )
(Unless otherwise designated, all
street boundary lines of districts are
the center lines of the streets.)
First District Bounded on the
north by Monroe, south by Detroit
River, cast by Hastings, west by
Hecond District —Bounded on the
north by Adams, south by Monroe,
east by Ifa-nlngM, w.-st ny Beaublen.
Third I Metric!- Bounded on the
north by Napoleon, soiitn by Adams
east by Hastings, west hy Beaublen.
Fourth District Bounded on the
north by Alfred, south by Napoleon,
east hy Hasting*. west hy Beaublen.
Fifth District —Hounded on the
north by Kllot, south t»y Alfred, cast
by Hastings, west by Beaublen.
r Sl*th District —Bounded on the
north by Canfield, south by Kllot.
east by Hasting-*, west hy lteaubicn.
Seventh District- Bounded «>ii the
north hy Frederick, south hy Can
field. east by Hasting.*, wcat by
Klghth District—Bounded on the
north by Plquatte, south hy Fred
erick. cast by Hasting-, west by
Beaublen. f
Ninth District- - Rounded on the
north by Custer, south t>v riquette.
east by Hastings and Melrose, west
by Beaublen.
Tenth District Bounded on the
north l>y Philadelphia, south l»y Cus
ter. east by Melrose utid Oakland,
we»t by Beaublen.
J*Jlev*nth Dlitgi 'I Bounded on the
north by Westminster, south hv Phil
adelphia, east by Oakland arid Onod
win, w'eat h/ Beaublen nod Brush.
Twelfth District Bounded on the
m*f 10 hy rlty limits south by West
minster, cast by Goodwin, west by
B*-., 7. This ordinance shall t|)«
Immediate effect.
Approved Mm <?:>. 1916.
omwr R MAUN.'
Attest: May ur.
B-7J9 City Clerk.
Passenger* are traveling between
Toronto and Detroit in Increasing
numbers, according to A. E Ed
rr.onde, of the Canadian Pacific rail
way. “To meet the growing traffic,
we have decided to run anew night
train between Toronto and Detroit.
SATURDAY. MAY 27. 1916.
Ordinance No. 373-A
A \ IIHItIN t V K changing the nnmr
of Cottage Grove avenue to Witt
Section 1. That the name of the
street and highway heretofore known
ns Cottage Grove avenue, be ami the
same Is hereby changed, and shall
hereafter be known and designated
as Witt avenue.
Sec 2. This ordinance shall take
Immediate effect.
Approved May 2.1. 1916.
- Mayor.
B-7SO City Clerk.
Ordinance No. 374-A.
AN ORDINANCE to amend Section 13
of Chapter M of the Compiled Or
dinance* of the City of Detroit for
the year 1012.
Section l. That Section 12 of Chap
ter 61 of the Cpmplled Ordinances of
the City of Detroit for the year 1912
he, and the same Is hereby amended
to read as follows:
Section 12. There shall be ten dis
tricts In the Eleventh Ward, com
prising the territory aa followa:
(The Eleventh Ward shall embrace
the lands within the following bound
ary lines: Beginning at the Intersec
tion of the National Boundary Line
with the center line of Chrne ai"eet
projected; thence northerly along
said line and along the center line o*
Chens street to the Intersection of
snld center line with the center line
of Joseph Campau avenue in East
Grand Boulevard; thence easterly In
said boulevard to the Intersection of
the center line of that port of the
Grand Boulevard east runmnx In a
southerly direction: thence southerly
along the center line of said Grand
Boulevard e«at and the center line
of McDougall avenue and said center
line extended In a southerly direc
tion to the National Boundary Line,
thence westerly along the National
Boundary Line to the place of begin
(Unless otherwise designated, all
street boundary line* of districts are
the center of the streets.)
First District—Bounded on the
north hy Monroe, south hy Detroit
River, east hy McDougall, west hy
‘ Hecond District—Bounded on the
north hv Maple, south hy Monroe,
east by M.'Dougall. west hy Chone.
Third District- Bounded on the
north bv Waterloo, south hy Maple,
ea**t by .M' Dougsll, west by Chene
Votirth District -Hounded on the
north b> Gratiot and Arndt, south
by Waterloo* cast by M liougull. west
by chene
Fifth District—Bounded on the
north by Mack, south by Gratiot and
Arndt, cast by McDougall, west by
Sixth District—Hounded on five
north by Superior, south hv Ma< k,
east by M' Dnugall, west by Chen*
Seventh District Bounded on th*-
north by Foyvst, south hy finpector.
en i l»y Meftougalf, west, !.> Chene
Eighth Dlstrh IV-Bounded •• v. the
mo t!> ii • -b-t . i». outh ■ Fort i
east by M< Dougalk west by Clune.
starting Sunday, June 4,” Mr. Ed
monels nays.
“The new train will be splendidly
equipped with all modern appoint
ment*, and will be provided with ex
cellent alceper* and day roache*. It
will leave Toronto af 11:60 o'clock
In the night, stopping at (Salt, Wood
stork. Ijondon and Chatham, and ar
riving In Detroit at 7: SO In the
morning. The train may he boarded
any time after 9:30 at night, ao that
the traveler can go to sleep In the
Samuel A. Merchant, Preiident of the Samuel A. Merchant Company, and Cecil G.
McCoUom, Treasurer of the same Company, are grateful to the Wot Side real estate
men who aided in the work of securing a strong vote in favor of the street car franchise
In Ecorae Township.
‘‘The returns indicate that the franchise was adopted almost unanimously," Mated
Mr. Merchant. “The largest number of votes cast against it were in Kiver Rouge, where
we understand the vote stood 75 for the franchise and 15 against it. The opposition,
If auch it may be caJled, was due to some idea that the tra.ck should run down Vixgar
Road instead of St. Cosme and to some extent to an idea that the new car line might
possibly involve some liability on the Township. As to \ isgar Road, we feel that is a
matt« that should he taken up by tho*-e interested and pushed to the front by them, with
jhe idea of the entire power of the Ecorsr Community getting behind it if it is the
thing to do. As to liability to the Township, there i« none The franchise was granted
to Mr. McCollom and myself to enable immediate construction of a line on the St Cosme
Road west from Jefferson Avenue to the westerly limits of the Township— also on Fort
will be at Elmwood all day Sunday, May 28th, to explain thf Elmwood I’lan >ti detail to you.
automobiles are at your service To reach Eltnwood take am West 1 ort street
through rar Get oil at the end of the line. Our autos will meet you there. Or take .nr
local interurhan car going out West Fort Street, pet off at the St. Cosine Road Elmwood
lies at the intersection of the St C'osme Road and the car Hailes
New, Interesting Circulars Ready
Our printer has been working night and day on two row circulars. < )nc is a i , r*-at big
affair telling vou about the advantages of Elmwood Park .*« a hfftre site .--.i a> a profitable
investment, ft contains a beautiful picture in three colors showing southwest Dc'tuit an!
the location of Elmwood. .
The other is an attractive eight-page circular whicn tells in an interesting way the
story of the Elmwood Plan.
We would like to have you see both of these. You can pet copies by calling at
the offices of
The Samuel A. Merchant Cos.
Penobacot Bldg. Tel. Cadillac 5880
Ninth District- Bound'd <>n the
| north by H.ndrb- street, south by
j Frederick, cast by McDougall and
Boulevard, west by Chene
T<-nth District -Bounded on the
north bv the Boulevard, on th<- sooth
bv H'-nurte, on the east by the Boule
vard. on the west hy Chene.
Sec. 2. All ordinances or narts of
ordinance* Inconsistent herewith are
hereby repealed. Tn!s ordinance shall
take immediate effect
Approved May 21. 1916.
Attest; Mayor.
B-754 City Clerk.
Ordinance No. 370-A.
A\ OHDIV4M F. to nine ml so ordi
nance entitled “An ordinance tn
amend an ordinance entitled *.4n
ordinance to mnetid an ordinance
entitled 'An ordinance to nmend
nn ordlnnnce entitled ‘tn ordi
nance to nmend nn ordinance en
titled ‘ln ordinance to amend "ec.
till of nn ordinance entitled 'tn
ordlnnnce to amend Hec. Hat, llhl,
lin, Itdi. lid, I(fi. Hat. ilk*,
nil. ItJ*. Ilk*. III*. Km*, lin),
nm. itpt, 1141, nr*, ini, nn.
I(u) nf Chapter 14.9 nf the Com
piled Ordinance* of the City of De
troit for the yenr ll*Ol. nnd nl*n hy
folding new *ectlon» thereto to he
known a* Sections Hr I nnd Itw),
approved March 4. *1*1.9. a* ap
proved Aagnnt -It, 11*14."
Section 1 That *n ordinance en
titled "An ordinance to nmend nn or
dinance entitled 'An ordinance to
amend nn ordinance entitled ‘An
ordinance to amend an ordinance en
titled ‘An ordinance to amend an
ordinance entitled ‘An ordinance to
amend Sec. 1(1) of an ordinance en
titled 'An ordinance to nmend See.
1(a), Kb), 1(c). lid), Ke), 1(f),
1(g). 1(h), 1(1), K.D, 1 (k). 1(1), l(m),
1 (n), l(o), l(p). Ha). 1 ( r). li*>, Jit*.
Hu) of Chapter 14!> of the Compiled
Ordinances .if the City of Detroit for
the year 1904, and also by adding
new section* thereto to be know f n
a* Sections t(v) and Hw). approved
March t 1911,' a* approved Artgust
26, 1914," he and the sum* |* here
by amended to read ns follow*:
Section 1(1). The fire limits of
the City of DetS'dt shall also in
clude nil that section of the cltv
bounded a* follows c*n the east hy
the center line of Sixth str* et on
th* south by the National Boundary
Line; on the went by the center line
nf Minnie street, extended and a
line running parallel with Fort «t'-ee»
nnd 1 .V> feel distant northerly "f
the north lin*- (hereof, fm?n Die
center line es Minnie «treet. •x
--tended, easterly. t<* the center
Urn- nf Twelfth str*-«t thenc* north
erly along the center line of Twelfth
street to the center line of |>nhllo
alley, extended, lying between How
ard nnd Abbott streets; thence east
erly along the renter line of said
nubile alley to the center line nf '
Sixth street <m the north at-* 1 all I
thel M - Men of the I'ltv nf Detroit
described , wlt hin the following lim
it*. *n r!i; c«m *.*. inn «■ the tn
t * <• t en 1 1 llm Y f ll.fker
street with the center line of Wt
bright lights of Toronto and wake
up to find the sun blazing down upon
the fair city 'Where life Is worth
“We believe this service will
make traveling from Toronto to this
city much more pleasant and will
relieve the tendency toward conges
tion which Is becoming noticeable
during the present busy season.”
New England's big preparedness
parade takes place today In Iloston.
Houles ard from the westerly
limit of the Village of Oak
wood to the westerly limits of
the Township,
“Also over the Raup Road
from the intersection of Raup
1C ad and Fort Boulevard t<>
the intersection of Ran; Road
•md St. Cosmr Road. If will
be a double track system, in
the center of the road
“There has long been a de
mand tor such a street car line
to meet the expansion rr<|iure
ments of Detroit westerly. In
our own section, Elmwood
Fark, KOO lots have already
been sold, and in the other
subdivisions the total of lots
sold will reach large figures.”
This line will run right
through Elmwood l'ark, en
abling the workers in the
down river industries who
will live in Elmwood Park to
reach their places of work by
a short ride of perhaps ten
The Public
Is Invited
The Samuel A. Merchant
Cos invites you, and everybody,
to visit the site on which the
Elmwood community will lie
built. A large corps of men
who know all aliout our plan
hush avenue. thenc#- southerly nlong
th<* cetilei lino of Wabash menu* to
the renter lltie of lliiwhiil street;
thence eil(itcrl> ltl«>ng the c*'llt#'i line
[of Howard street to the center line of
i Vermont avenue th* no. southerly
along the renter line of Vermont
| avenue to a point 150 feet northerly
i from the tioith line of Fort afreet;
thence easterly on a lin** parallel to
and lf>o feet northerly from th*
north llye of Fort street to the cen
ter line of Twelfth street; thence
i northerly along the renter lin* of
Twelfth street to the renter line, ex
tended. of the alley lvlng between
Abbott street and Howard street,
thence easterly along the center line
of said publlt alley til th* * enter
line of Trumbull avenue; thence
northerly nlonu the center line of
Trumbull avenue to the renter line
of Maker street. thenrr westerly
along the renter line of linker street
to the place of beginning Excepting,
however, lot 4 of block 6'.*, Woou
hrldge Farm subdivision. Also ex
cepting lot eight t S). block seventy
one <il>. of the Woodhridge Farm
subdivision Also excepting lot IS
block 5. Luther BeeeheFa gun. ©f
part of the ],ognon Farm, and lot
47 of the sub. Os lot No. 2, of the sub
j F. C. No. 27. known as the Is>gnon
Farm. Also excepting lot 14 sml
east 31 feet of lot 15, Luther M#>#*rh
er's suh of part of Lognon Farm,
known as 131 Maker street. Also ex
cepting lot 3 and west half of lot 4,
subdivision of Woodhridge Farm,
known as 117 Baker street except
lng. however, the easterly 22 feet of
lot IS, subdivision of lot 7 of Tri
v%jy* Plnlm 27. recorded .Tuly 21, 1 353.
lilher <55, page 142 of Deeds’, together
with an easement of 2 feet, ndlacent
to said easterly 22 feet, on the we f
side thereof, and running parallel
therewith, being known as .132 Ab
bott street
Sec. 2. This ordinance shall take
Immediate effect.
Approved May 23, 1913
B-791 City Clerk.

Ordinance No. 372-A.
A3 OltltlN tXK to amend Hn'tlim II
at an ordinance entitled “An Ordi
nance prescribing certain limits
within the City of Detroit where
lank shops or whnt Is commonly
known ns n Jank shop for the pur
chase. storage and sale of junk,
rags, old rope, paper, bagging, old
Iron, brass, copper, tin. empty bot
tles, slush or lead, shall nut here
after he used, established or mnln
talaed and the storage or buying
and sellina of junk carried on, and
to repenl nil ordinances or parts
of ordaunnres Inconsistent hrrr
Hei'tlon 1 That Section 3 of an nr
dlnsnrr* entitled "An ordinance pre
scribing certain limits within tie
City of Del roll where Junk shop* or
what Is commonly known as a Junk
shop. f«.r the purchase, storage and
sale of Junk, rags, old rope, paper,
bagging, old Iron. Was- copper, tin*
empty bottles, slush ot lead shall n**t
hereafter be used, established •
maintained and the Storagn. or Inn
lng and selling of Junk carried on.
and to repeat all ordinance or parts
of ordinances inconsistent hm#tth
be an<l the samo Is amended to regd
as follow -
Mec. .1 No building. place or lot
where Junk rags, old rope, paper,
bagging, old Iron, brass, copper, tin.
empty bottles, slush or lead, shall be
hereafter used, establish*tL or main
tained within the territory within the
City ol I>etroit described as follows:
All that |*orti**n of the etty bound
ed on tin north by Canfield avenue
on the south by the north line of
W oo*l bridge street on the cast by
the west line of Cheiic street, and on
the west by the east line of I*e
quindre street.
Section 2 This ordinance shall
take immediate effect.
Approved May 211, 1916.
n-778 City Clerk.
■ ■ - ■ ■
OFFICE board of poor
Municipal Court Building.
Detroit. May 25. 1914.
Sealed proposals will be received
bv the Board of Poor < 'ommlssloners
until Wednesday M.< 31. 15*16. at 12
o'clock noon, (m furnishing and In
stalling in the Receiving Hospital,
corner Macomb and Antoine streets,
necessary awnings In accordance wtth
specifications on tile In this office.
The bidder whose tender Is accept
ed will he required to furnish with
his contract an approved surety com
pany bond in full amount of contract.
Indorse envelope > >ntalnlnc bid
“Proposal on Awnings” and address
same to the Board of Pour Commis
sioners, Detroit. Mich
The Board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids
R-785 Secretary.
NO. 3
Detroit. Mich . May 25, 191 C.
Sealed proposals will be received at
the office of the I *ei>artment of Pub
lic Works. Detroit. Mieh.. until
Thursday. June 1. HUG. at 10 o clock
n. in., Pastern Standard time, at
which tiri.» and place they will be
open* 1 for furnishing all the labor
and material and paving and repav
ing streets and alleys named below,
within the limits mentioned, in the
City of Detroit, with the styles of
p.tvi mont stated.
Asphalt Concrete
N<-te Bidders mu -t submit s*mpl r *
of the asphalt and fluxing oil pro
posed to be used, along with the
bills, samples of asphalt. 10 pounds;
ts oil, on** gallon.
MONT KITH ST. (Paving)
Prom tin* west curb line of MeKln
1. V to I'll eit.-t line of Vine wood, 24
feit wide, with Asphaltic concrete
tNatut *1 laUie asphalt* on 6-lnch
concrete paving.
From the east lin of Fast Grand
Boulevard t , the west eurb line of
Field, f* * t wide, with Asphaltic
com ret** t Natural l.nke asphalt) Oil
6-lneh concrete paving.
HEARD A\ E. (Paving)
From th«* north Urn* of Fort to the
north lin* of < uitfield, 2*l feet wide,
with A ■ 4*l ait it; .concrete (Natural
(!, ik asphalt) < n 6-in< h concrete
LOU AN AVE. (Paving)
From tit* \\ t tori* Bn** of .-pring-
Wel!.- to !|. I t < Ill'll line of I.awn
,l.i |, j., f. t wifi., with Asphaltic
concrete (Natural Like asphalt) on
a-ii.cli t iiu iili: l aViU.'ji.
Sheet Asphalt
From the loith lin* of McOraw to
the ,-H.it curt, line of vinewooil. 26
f. w le .with .-beet asphalt <N* -
turnl lak u phalt) on 6-inch con
>r*t. paving.
From tile present terminus of
pavement to the <*a *t curb line of
>-,,lfa\. _*«; fc* t wide, with cedar block
on 6 inch c<»ncr* t<* paving.
One-Course Concrete
ALLEY (Ravins)
First south of and parallel to Grand
River (also ■ i-t ami west alley*
front the west line of Fifteenth t**
the east line of Sixteenth. 20 feet
wide, with on* -corns** concrete.
ALLEY 6.11 (Pavinu)
Fast and w< t all* y In block . bo
twet Ittiw- al. 1.1 SUI . W.-sl (Band
Boulevard and Lothr.-p. 20 f* < t w Id**.
With on. out;. cMtict.t** paving.
ALLEY 635 (Paving)
In block I * tween Baldwin, Heyburn,
St. Paul and K**r* It* val, 20 feet wide,
with on*-- ~itr.- < t. i-te paving.
ALLES 636 (Pavinu)
In block betw* *n B.tblwln, Sey
hut it. Kercheval and Waterloo. 2ft
f*«i wide, with one-cour.*-* concrete
With Prick
Note—Th<* brick for paving the fol
lowing alleys will be furnished ami
d**llv* red on or contiguous t*> til**
work b> th« (hty of Detroit, ric*. ol
cost to the < ontriu tor
ALLEY 637 (Re-Paving)
In block between Third. Second,
Lafayette and Howard, 2n feet wide,
with brick on o-imh concrete paving
ALLEY 63* (He-Paving)
In block betw**< n Fifth. Fourth, La
fuyetto and llnwatti, J*> > t sv 1 d v, (
with brii K <»n H-imh <onrretc paving i
\H»essment Estimate*
4X2 cu vds excavation.
775.34 llnal feel of curbstone]
(n< w*» straight.
1039.12 s>i ><ls a. phallic concrete 1
(Natural l..ik** .isplialt) on 6-lnch
concret* paving.
”n.74 cit yd.* concrete under and
behind curb.
illy Full mates
41 cu. yds. excavation.
11.98 lin**.il f**< t of n**w curbstone
In *2-4’ K. 2-io' u M*><l i circles fur
nlsh**'l by contra* t<• i.
xV.filJ e.| pi- n...phalllc concrete
(Nitural l.ik* u'phalt) on 6-in<*h eon-
Cl < t** p*l V IIIK
i u ><l concrete under and
behind * urb.
36 Bn* >1 f* ***t. of retaining stone, old
M< ulna curb may be used.
Assessment Estimate*
31:* cu. yds. • xoavation.
5.(»; Bn* ul fe< t of curbstone (new)
straig ht.
77 122 so yils. Asphaltic concrete
(Natural l.nk* asphalt) on 6-inch
* onrrete paving.
I 4 34 cu. \d*. concrete un*l**r and
behind curb
( lt> l-kllfiintes
II i cu \ «l* **xi avatton.
*2 lin* nl le t *.f n* w cur bstone
(stra gi.ii.
56.54 lin*.tl feet <■' new ciiri'Stone
In (l-i* U, 1 •»' K M* I * clrcbs fur
ni<*li* <1 t>) contractor
EM. >2 | yds A**i*l>nltle concrete
(Niit'ital I ,ii U > asphalt) <*n 6-inch
c**m i '*t* pa\ ng.
toll cu yd- ton rrfe uti*l**r otxl be
hind curb" |
92 llncnl fe#*t of r*» lining stone, <d*l
Medina curb may be used.
HEARD AYE. (Pavinu)
Assessment I .»t Imatcs
2716 cu. y*ls. rtvutton.
41 16.30 lineal f«*«*t of curbstone
I new i slrn mm
.'■999.29 s*i ills \-phalli** concrete
(Natiirn. l..»k«* (uphalt) on 6-lnch !
Con**“ele pHVirr
II*). PS yds. concrete und* I and]
b* hind curb. I
... C*«y Bstlantw
**• ®u. yds. excavation.
/ : 06 . feet of new eurbstons
. °f »sw eurbstons
,n 04-4 R Med.) circles furnished by
cont raetor.
.J*R *1 sq. yds Asphaltic concrete
(Natural Like asphalt) on 6-lnch
Concrete paving.
22 28 cu yda. concrete under and
behind eurb.
i 'i?** 1 f***t of retaining stone,
old Medina curb may be used.
LOGAN AVE. (Paving)
Aeeeeemeet Estimate*
1«93 cu. yds. excavation.
3".>0.76 lineal feet of curbstone
(new) straight
4'06.65 sq. yds Asphaltic concrsta
(Natural Lake asphalt) on 6-lnch
concrete paving.
*l 61 cu. yds. concrete under and
behind curb.
City Estimate*
204 cu. yds.. excavation
2!* 05 lineal feet of new curbstone
125.64 lineal feet of new curbstone
in (4-10' It, 10-4' R Med.) circles
furnished by contractor.
479.21 sq. yds. Asphaltic concrete
(Natural bait* asphalt) on 6-lnch
concrete paving
9.92 cu yds. concrete under and be
hind curb.
214 lineal feet of retaining atone,
old Madina curb may ba used.
Assessment Estimates
441 cu. yds. excavation.
771.52 lineal feet of curbstone
(new) straight.
1114 42 sq yds. Sheet asphalt (Na
tural Lake asphalt) on 6-lnch con
crete paving.
21*.64 cu. yds. concrete under and
behind curb.
City Estimates
72 cu. yds. excavation.
16 lineal feet of new curbstone
45.94 lineal feet of new curbstone
in (2-4’ R. 2-10' R Med.) circles fur
nished by contractor.
129.09 sq. yds. Sheet asphalt (Na
tural Lake asphalt) on 6-lnch con
crete paving.
2.78 cu. yds. concrete under and be
hind curb.
14 lln**Hl feet of retaining stone,
old Medina curb may be used.
Assessment Estimates.
1579 cu. yds. excavation.
15)37.68 lineal feet of curbstone
(new) straight.
7 7« sq. yds. cedar block on 6"
concrete paving.
52.37 cu. yds. concrete under and
behind curb.
City Estimates.
129. cu. yds. excavation.
102. lineal feet of new curbstone
222.44 sq. yds. cedar block on 6"
com-rete paving.
421 cu. yds. concrete under and
behind curh.
7R. lineal feet of retaining plank.
ALLEY 633 (Paving)
Assessment Estimates.
212. cu yds. excavation. *
474.55 sq. yds. one-course concrete
”15. lineal feet of retaining plank
City Estimates.
32. cu. yds. excavation. '
71.29 eq. yds. one-course concrete
1.71 cu yds. concrete under and be
hind curb.
64 lineal feet of retaining stone,
old Medina curb may be used.
ALLEY 634 (Paving)
Assessment Estimates.
561 cu. yds. excavation.
1712.15 sq. yds. one-cqurse concrete
lineal feet of retaining plank
City Estimates.
4. cu. yds. excavation.
22.22 sq. yds. one-course concrete
0.5.1 cu. yds. concrete under and
behind curb.
20. lineal feet of retaining stone,
old Medina curb may be used.
ALLEY 635 (Paving)
Assessment Estimates.
379 **u. yds. excavation.
1468.44 sq. yds. one-course con
crete paving.
1215. lineal feet of retaining plank
City Estimates.
ALLEY 636 (Paving)
Assessment Kstlmntes.
4 43. cu. yds. excavation.
1 746.44 sq. yds. one-CQurse con
crete paving.
154 4. lineal feet of retaining plank
City Estimates.
(None )
ALLEY 637 (Re-Paving)
Assessment Estimates.
26 4 cu. yds. cx**nv«tlon Including
old ps' ing material, cobblestone, etc.
666 67 sq. yds. brick on 6” concrete
I 357 lineal feet of retaining plank
f'lty Estimates.
ALLEY 638 (Re-Paving)
Assessment Estimates.
198. cu. yds. excavation Including
old paving material, cobblestone, etc.
666 67 sq. yds. brick on 6” concrete
360 Bn<*al feet of retaining plank
City Estimates.
The time to be set In the contracts
for the completion of the above pav
ing Jobs shnll be as follows;
Montelth Ave Aug. 1, 1916
• 'nnfleld Ave Aug 1, 1916
Beard Ave Sept. 1, 1916
Is*gnn Ave Sept. 1. 1916
Milford Ave Aug 1. 1916
Pacific Ave Aug. 1. 15*16
Aliev 695 July 15. 1916
Alley 634 July 15. 1916
Aliev 635 luly 15. 1916
Alley 656 luly 15. 1916
Alley 417 July In. 1916
Alley 638 July 15. 1916
Raid streets and alleys to fie paved
and re-paved according to the sriecl
ftcMtions for asphaltic concrete adopt
ed January 25. 1916. one-course con
crete adopted February 29, 1915.
sheet asphalt adopted January 15*.
15*15, brick adopted January ”6, 1916,
the estimates of the City Engineer
as above, and the charter and ordi
nances of the City of Detroit.
Bidders will state the price per
cubic yard for excavation, price per
lineal foot of curbing, price per
square yard for paving or concreting
and price per lineal foot for retain
ing plank <>r stone, etc.
Bills will only be received for the
entire of the work or material for
any street or section of street as
per quantities stated in the estimates
and the bid will be accepted which
i*< the lowest on aggregating the
abo\e details regardless of any error
of > (tensions or footings made by
Bidders must deposit with bids en
cb*i***l in separate envelope a certi
fied cheek payable to the order of
the Department of Public Works of
Du* Cli> of Detroit, ns follows:
Montelth Ave I 300.n0
Canfield Ave 200.0#
1 Beard Ave 1.000.00
in \ve 1,200.00
Milford Ave 300.4(1
Pacific Ave 860.00
Aliev 413 10*100
Aliev 434 2**o (in
Alley 635 300 00
Alle’v «16 ”4)0.00
Mlev 637 300.00
Aliev 628 200.00
Which sum will l*« forfeited to the
City of Detroit In case the bidder
i fails to enter Into contract, subject
, to confirmation of the Common Coim
| eii within five *|ays after the secept
-1 xnce of his tender hy the Department
I of Public Works.
Tin* bidder whose tender Is accept
i • 1 will be required to furnish with
' he contract an approved surety com
pans bund to the City of Detroit In
| ilo* f ill amount of the contract price
, for th*- work conditioned on the full
and faithful 4>.*rf*»rman**e of his part
of the contract
The contra* tor shall be paid In
I bond** for first paving or the proceeds
ili«'r> of If such bonds are purchased
hy Ho* .Sinking Fund Commissioners,
according to law.
No bid will be accepted from any
person or firm who Is in arrears or
default to lh<* City of Detroit.
Specifications in details for th*
above work may be had on applica
tion to the secretary.
Th*- Department of Public Works
expressly re»cr\e* the right to reject
any *>r all proposals
All proposals shall he made in
B-774 Commissioner. *
the iiwfe;
Hectlon 1. TUI MmJHH
read ns follows: ''''
Section 16. Thera
*een districts In tho PIftMMSH
Ward, comprising tho torrafWH
a* follows: (Tha>lfUf*i£WWP
shall embrace tho tends WltfMHB
the foiowtng boundary UaM(|Hf|
ginning at the Intornothg TjpgJ
the National Boundary lino wIBH
the center line of lit. llUlHjfl
avenue extended; theneo BNNn|
"*>l. along said line and ateMnS
the center line of Mt. bRImM
avenue to a point 160 foot XlrtKT
of the center lino of doot*dHEN
•FT 1 H . It. 12 E.; thonco «&K
and parallel to the centor litllH
said Sec tion SI to the ceate* 9H
Center line avenue; tIUMCj
southerly following tho
line of a ald Center Line aYOMwB|
to the rear line of Pfiy«t«Hj
< lalms In Harper avenue; theiMfM
westerly along tho rear lino mM
1 rlvute Claims to tha centedna
line of Field avenue; theno* H
•outhi rly along the center !tn%')
of Kidd avenue nnd said eantoT
projected to the channel la
the Detroit river between
island known as Belie Isle ParS'if*
and the mainland; thence eaetor.' *•
•y along the channel hetweog) A
said island and the mainland to \
the channel at the easterly end
of said Island; thence snuthnrflMj
along saul channel to the Na
tional Boundary line; theneof'
westerly along said NatlonnEvl
Boundary line to the place off
(Unless otherwise .lesignatod*
all street boundary lines of did* ■
trlcts are the center line* of tho .
streets )
First District— Bounded on :
4 the north hy Lafayette, south bjr*
Detroit River east by
west by Mt. Elliott, also the on« "j
tire of Belle Isle.
Becond District— Bounded on
the north liy Lafayette. soutA
by Detroit River, east by PteStlMl
west by Concord.
Third DlNtrlct— Bounded on I
the north by St. Paul, south Sraj
laxfayette, east by Concord, w#a| 7
by Mt. Elliott.
Fourth District— -Bounded on
the north by t»t, Paul, aouth bjf •
Lafayetete. east by Field, W#S|'-\
by Concord.
Fifth District —Bounded pn
the north by Waterloo, south BJM
Bt. Paul, east by Concord, woghl’
by Mt. Elliott.
Sixth District— Bounded on -
the north by Waterloo, south by
St. Paul, east by Field, west hf
Beventh District—Bounded oi .
the north by Berlin and
extended, south hy Waterldd#
east by Field, west by Jit. Bl* .
Hot t.
Eighth District— Bounded on
the north by Mack, south bv
Berlin and Berlin extended, east
by Field, west by Mt. Elliott. ,
Ninth District— Bounded on
the north by Sylvester, south »jr
Mack, east by Bellevue, west by
Mt. Elliott.
Tenth District — Bounded on
the north by Canfield, south bjf
Mack, east by Field, west by
Eleventh District— Bounded ftf'l
the north hy Warren south »y
Sylvester, east by Bellevue, went
by Mt. Elliott.
Twelfth District Bounded
on the north by Warren, Grand
Boulevard and Oratlot. aouth by
Canfield, east by Field, west OF ,
Thirteenth District— Bounded
on the north by Kirby and Klr«
by extended, south by Warren,
east by Field, west by Mt. Ble -
Fourteenth District— Bounded .
on the north by Lambert and
I*ambert extended. south bj
Kirby and Kirby extended, east
by Field, west hy Mt. Elliott. "*
Fifteenth District Bounded
on the north by Strong, south
by Lambert ana Lambert ex
tended, cast by Field and Fron
tenne Boulevard, west by 111,
Hixteenth District Bound
ed on the north by the northerly
elty limits, south by Strong ave.
nue, Frontenac Boulevard and
Harper avenue east by Center
Line avenue, west by ML El
liott avenue.
Sec. 2. All ordinances or
parts of ordinance* Inconsistent
herewith are hereby repealed.
This ordinance shall take Imm#«
dlate effect.
Approved May 23. 1916.
B-783 City Clerk.
Ordinance No. 371-A.
AN ORlirnM'K to amend 9eetlN
Ten <HI). C hapter Wlxty-twa (SSV
of the compiled ordinances •( thM
t Ity of Detroit.
That Section ten 410), Chaptar
slxty-two <<!2) of the Compiled
Ordinances of the Pity of Detroit
for Ihe year 1912, he, and ara
hereby amended so as to read as
follows: > •
Section 10. All sidewalks shall
l>e so constructed that when com*
plcte the top surface shall cols*
cult* with I In* grade of the spscg 1
between the curb lin** and ths
streetTllnc. Which shall he a un
iform in* line from the curb 11ns
Ifwariln the street line with 4
r'se of one 11) Inch In every
three feet, and on unpaved streets
shall conform to a line establish. I
ed by the City Engineer and to
a uniform grade satisfactory to
the Department of I'uldle Works,
sind shall (when deemed neces
sary by the Department of Public
Works) be relald to the proper
giade when so estnblielud when
paving said street. Whenever
sidewalks are ordered on any ,
streets where none have hereto* :
fore existed. It shall be the duty ■
of th« City Engineer to estab
lish n sidew ill; line on said
street for at least a distance that
the sidewalks have been or ars
about to l><* ordered by setting
stake-; about two hundred 420*1) *
feet spirt (or as near-as may be), *
said stakes to designate the outer
edge of the sidewalk from ths
lot line and the record of the
same -hall he entered in a hook
to he kept for such purpose In ths
City Engineer's tiffin* \ll prl* >
vate driveways crossing the side. 5
walk spare must lie constructed
of stone, brick or concrete from
the rurh line to the lot line, and
placed at a, grade to he fixed bjr
the Pity Engineer. The material
to he used in construction of
the driveway and manner of their 1
construction to he determined In
each case by the Department of
l’ubllc Works. (Approved April
22, rd, 1912).
Paragraph A--No person shall
construct <>r maintain any Vfosaln.
Art Marble. Tiling or any Color- 1
r*l Material; Name, numbers or
advertising In my sidewalk space ■
(meanlhg the spare between ths '
lot lin** of th#» proper(g nnd ths j
curbstone). ,\nil provided further,
In case of iiroi# <»r vaults in side- 1
walk space the Illuminated pave- , J
rnent shall have In the tup cost pv "w
the concrete n#.t less than two <IJ J
pound* of No. 10 Carborundum I
floated Into every fifteen <131,J
square feet of surface specs be- jl
tw#»n th>- prism or glass sidewalk s.
lights. No such Mosaic, Art Mar*
blc, or Tiling. n**w existing lit m
anv sidewalk space shall he re- .J
paired hut entirely removed with. *■
In five i.>i days upon n«»tlcs from i J’
the Department <»f Public Works
nnd if su* h notice Is not r»mpllS(t S
with within the time specified and
herein th* Department of PublJo
Work* will proceed to runsr* J
the same and assess the *<Mtt .M
against (he abutting property, tem
case of Illuminated areas to
repair. <1 the r.*#inlr.*d
carborundum h* rein prnvldaift* fl
shall t*e its# *1
Approved Ms v 21. I*l3
\t(• t nioiuin LiM»«AT. iTI 4M
B-752 City Clwfc*

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