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K&tingßack Slow Work—Tige Must Clean Up for Six Weeks to Get Another Chance
11 -t\
aim la ta tha waat for 15 game*. Three of the four caravans
KpSnm Mlt Os the orient are very much in the pennant race, and
,T : W-Y>C.Mfir J nr Itkalr to be for some time. They are from Boston. Washington
llllli^i?-^ a tv York. Detroit he* played a aerie* with each of them ami
iftfletf to wta a fame. If the Titers are to be In the race at any *tage.
IHBL MiMt trim these cluba. They must do it right now. or they will k<>
aecood h«tr of the season merely seeking to make up lost kp'u;.'.
HHBpfs flgbtlAf for an even break and is not penuant-chasing baseball
ts. the Tigers should win ten of these 15 names, that would sound
Witt bare to play better ball than they have for more than a
EL)I to do that much. Even such a hpurt. however, would bring 'bom
‘ ’ CSS'ffie invasion with only an average of .stH>. After the eastern clubs
H gaaiee with western clubs are on the program hortunat* l>
Winning purposes, eight of them arc with Cleveland. The In
wit b« going good, and the Tigers may get dropped out oi l -
forever in thtllT eight jousts. But the only way to beat other clubs
I* to boat them. There Is no prosperity in being aXraid of ’hem
of Juno and the first of July will give Detroit a golden chance to
Cleveland into the depths, and it is a chance they should welcome
S§g Bfjtigf Back Slow Work
MMBkW tafews an optimist to see Detroit winning more than 10 of these six
toon games That would be a dandy gait if Detroit were higher up.
Iras But OVOB tknngfc this schedule would give Detroit 20 victories in 31
HHPmCUBM before again touring the east, they would seek the land of the
Mbtf MDkWfth an arorage of leas than .530. The season does seem young
HHISpMt boating back, even on a brilliant winning basis, will be slow work.
Bftiilfc'A fiTp.. up in the next 15 games would not work miracles, al
ißfgbt t" ,k * the race close because It is the contenders who are
ft to Visit no. Bhould tbe Washington and Boston series be won. and
awoop scored on Now York and Philadelphia, the Tigers could
weotern dabs with an average close to .550, while the eastern
butting each others throat, and by then playing little better
iHKgSrfta* bail* could go oaat well placed. They will be lucky, however, to
BHBiHJys* ** those next SI games, and that will not send them east in July in
BHEuMUor than fourth place, or third by a very slight margin.
Stance After a Record.
ta one Tiger who is playing a grand game of ball this season
|*4* gun# la Oscar Stanage and he Is headed for anew major
BfSiSjM record. Oscar has caught everyone of the 42
Played by the Jungaleers this spring, and while be has
imlacad by Baker on a few occasions during tbs ninth Inning, he
EmEffTiartlttpated in so many over time games that his record Is a good
far eaeh joust. In all this time he has not been Injured in
WgffimNß&X-*™ bn* time taken out for him. Some 40 bases have been
Ok niwij lees Haul an average of one a game, but he has thrown
HHKIi base runners. He himself has stolen a few bases and on
be actually bent out an Infield hit. His batting has im-
Mil tt pnlals hi tbe peat week, and he is hitting far better than Schalk,
and m»a»«g tbe only catchers in the league who rival him in abil-
new he is as fresh as a daisy, and anxious for hot weather.
’ : >r Moriarty has made a splendid start as a manager. Handed a
that waa n tail end lemon, he has joined the lineup at Memphis
HHKkgtfiied no muck pepper that a very poor club has won four straight
' lip fluffing far above Its real speed. “Morrie” knows that tbe pace
11 | Mak, >j| bn Intends to keep It hot as long as possible, and in the
fleenre help from his major league friends. He is in particular
couple of pitchers.
Stirring Up the Tigers
bkUSINO tbe Cbkpgc aeries. In which Joe Jackson set such a re-
batting record, we wondered what Cobb was going to do
nil uay cat to perform better than he does, without giving them
Wt tbe answer In the -final Innings of Thursday 's game,
HHHObi-pflUdir bant out two tafteld hits. Ty hasn’t got his eye on the
il§iyFsßUh* tbflflfl two tremendous bursts of speed the old flame
forced draft It is not unlikely that Jackson’s big week.
ifcjfavta field, Is tbe ahock that has been needed to start the Genr
iflfidipffic again on the Milky Way.
IHIHHKBiiP T *— h *r la duly Impressed by the great start made this
MSSijfc American league clubs, but be is inclined to be skeptical
flslr flnlflb “It’s all right to go like a bouse afire, says Hughey,
u bouae afire doesn’t last long.
» { Hw Paasiitg of the Battlers,
HXUSOO dropped into a reminiscent mood the other day and
ffiMflf bewailed tbe passing of the ’’scrappy” ball player "There are
’■sv?\-£n ■SCSv IbiWC of na left in tbe majors,” lamented be, “Only three of
aid IkM fighting ball players, and from what I learn by feeling
HKBBEMMddf thfl paoplo Who pay the freight, they still like our stuff. The
HRHjrtWP an Johnny Brers and Otto Knabe.”
Bfe#what Baraoc njn Is true, there are no two others. Otto Knabe has
gapreaaad to the ash can by the Pirates, and we are told that
fcHyitglitfit aoul Os Johnny Brers, who has been knocked cold by more jabs
than any other man In baseball, and who has come up
ary time, has at last been squelched. Gagged by his own club
the taaa, sad abused by the umpires, the Trojan has this spring
Kjj||pa< to Ofaa his mouth on the diamond. His pepper is gone, and with
HpSiitttad the pepper of the once wonderfully aggressive Braves.
lllbjfclifcAlfia the dope on Brers, but we hare a notion that someone of the
QmMhElp coming back. The other day the Giants journeyed up to Boston,
’WT*m thalr apithall artist, Mr. Anderson, to the slab. Before the game
■Hi jtxinssitld rary far, Mr. Anderson anointed s ball and then yelped in
Somebody had anointed the ball first, and thereon was
BpdS appHoattrui of rory potent liniment.
• Tht Squelching of Evers
Hr'yigß TOKRENTB of erttldam that hare fallen on Evers have done
mPvwrfcf Srebrand a great injustice. Always he has been known as a
■smßy-’-- ightlag ball player and n crabby one. In the heat of battle, he has
1p,, 1T - often mode stormy protests. But he Is s gentleman, an intelligent
■Hweipi a master of deror repartee. His manager is very fond of
HGEmftfS baseball, particularly since by that style of play he won a world
and became famous. With the exception of Evers, the club
HKBftSpnftiaalty Intelligent. In an effort to follow their team captain, the
rory raw. Their wit was coarse, their repartee vulgar and
■HjPEp|(tad in abuse. Much of this was hung on Evers—far too much
■lQiMtrly was ho criticised last season that he was nearly driven front
gliijjptft*, The attacks wore carried Into the winter. This spring he has
|jk# WON to aay daring a game. This is his explanation:
rtaaon for keeping quiet so long this year has been the con
lllfJllipß hounding and criticism I hare bad to stand for and I am get
llPHig along on wall physically and financially that i don't have to stand
ths past winter I received two notices -one from our
and one in the form of s resolution*passed by the league at
Bpß| wfttter mooting— both apparently aimed at mrf and j just sat down
KiM thought It over and concluded that if they wanted to gag me I
■BBld give Id to thorn.
Hsk^Tho’antagonistic attitude of Governor President Tener (as he calls
toward me has prompted him to term my acts as rowdyism
Kfgrill aay at any time or place that I am no more of a rowdv than
HKElibd* l s the truth were known, not half as much. I have vet to lav
KClittMßw ** tunptre or cut a player or bump one. H nd all mv lan
kna been spoken so that I can say I have yet to of
our last trip to Pittsburg two of our players get into An argu
MMI a spectator back of our bench over Mr. Klern’s remarks to
VEkMtahy and the nest day 1 was roasted hard by two papers for in
■S&BmW* afootator. During It all I was out coaching at first base
fIU not looking for and never will ask sympathy, but this sort
rjflfr. raw Injustice la such that I will welcome the conclusion of
HHH^WmOWdf tin whea I can lay aside the old glove and shoes and
gßWLtjjjsg Mgae people a law things,
HfcTßpSw going u Start tn the very near future to land a job writing
■fiKiWMMng whloh wfll allow me to remain at home When that time
lit them sling their mad at some other mark!"
Jack Johnson Discovered.
HHwfewttNMKWOlf **■ hotbed up again. Ever since he left England
jjfjfcgfc«a4 01 ■wlaglng toe of Johnny Bull's boot, the
KHfjMWbr OhamfOM has been under cover. Now he is in Spain, con
u haxmg tqadamy at Madrid. It la said that among his
oJ l2mh < lp tl |m daNatod ln two
Washington Comes for Three-
Game Series—New Faces
In Lineup
Tiie Nationals of Washington,
which are pitching, hitting and
clowning their way to an American
league championship, arrived In i>e
troit ibis morning ready for the
series with the Tigers
that starts today. There are several
strangers in the National lineup this
y*ar One that is sure to be in the
game is Judge, he new first base
man who came from Buffalo, in the
International league. He is a field
ing marvel, but a comparatively
weak hitter.
In the outfield may be Rondeau,
who was a Tiger catching recruit a
few years ago. He was not much
of a catcher, but In the American
association he was given a trial as
a fly-chaser in an emergency and
developed into quite a gardener. He
has been used frequently by Griffith
this spring. Another new outfielder
is Barber, who may appear during
the series. A third is Jamieson, who
also came from Buffalo.
Among the pitchers who are
strangers is a young Mr. Dumont,
who has done excellent work this
spring, and Harry Harper, a south
paw developed last season at Minne
apolis by Billy Sullivan. Gallia,
Boehling and Ayers are also on tbe
job, and so is Walter Johnson, who
is slated to pitch the Sabbath fracas.
Griffith’s pitchers have not gone so
well this week ae hitherto this sea
son, and the club lost four straight
at Boston. There is no reason to
doubt tbe strength of the staff, how
ever, and it la certain that the
Tigers will see some fancy books
before the weekend is over.
Washington carries a circus in
connection with the hall club this
year. Nick Altrock, favorite of tbe
fans for nearly a generation. Is
along, and his baseball tricks will
again be a headliner. Altrock has
a real rival on the club this year in
a rookie by tbe name of Tom Saw
yer, who Is an acrobat of great clev
erness. He takes advantage of his
skill to stage stunts In the coaching
box that are a scream, his line run
ning chiefly to imitations. Tbe work
of this pair of comedians is very
entertaining and adds to tbe fun of
an afternoon at the ball perk.
Inasmuch as it is the custom to
permit the Tigers to see no more
right-band pitchers this year than
necessary, it would not be surprising
if Manager Griffith started Boehling
this afternoon. Both Harper and
Gallia could work, since they have
not performed since Wednesday, but
Boehling is a bit fresher.
Dubuc la the morning choice for
the Tigers. Nobody except Cunning
ham has pitched since Wednesday,
however, and everybody else is eli
American League.
W L Pet. W L Pet.
W'ihton 241*.800 rhlrago n2l .482
rie'Und 25 17.695 Dctrait IS 33 .43W
N. York 22 IS .57* Ft. Louts 18 25.390
Boston 22 18.550 At’letlcs 15 24.385
Yritrrdar'i Rraallt.
At Ft Louis—
Innings. 123(58789 RHE
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 «* l 00 o—l 8 1
St Louis... 2 0 0 0 0 00 0 • —2 * 2
Batteries—Klepfer, Combe and
O'Neill: Wellman and Severold. Um
pires—Connolly and Hildebrand.
No others sccheduled.
.. Today# Games.
Washington at Detroit.
Boston at Cleveland.
New York at Chicago.
Athletics at Ft Louis.
National League.
w L Pet. w L Pet.
Rr’klyn 22 15.595 Ronton 18 20 .474
X. York 21 1* .588 Chicago 20 23.4*5
'Phillies 21 18 638 PltWrg 19 22.4*3
Cln’nati 21 23.477 St. Louis 19 24 443
Testerdaya Results.
At New York—
Ins. 12346«789 10 11 12 11 RHE
Cln. 201000000 0 0 0 1— *l3 2
N. T. 00 0 3 001 00 0 0 0 o—4 9 1
Batteries—Mitchell and Wlngo,
MathSwson and Rarlden and perrltt.
Umpires—O’Day and Eason.
At Brooklyn—
Innings. 123458783 RHE
Pittsburg o*ooooo2 o—s 8 0
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 o—2 3 1
Batteries —Mamaux and Gibson;
Appleton. Marquard and Meyers.
Umpires -Byron and Quigley
At Boston
Innings. 12.1 468789 RHE
Chicago... 00000000 ;—j ( 2
Boston. ... ItMIM 1 o—l 7 0
Batteries McConnell. Igivender.
Packard and Archer; Tyler and Gnw
dy. Umpires- Klgler and Harrison.
At Philadelphia—
Innings. 123458789 RHE
St Louis... 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3—3 8 0
rhllaphla 0 1 00 0 1 0 0 o—3 8 1
Batteries—Ames, Williams. Mead
ows and Snyder and Gonial**; Pe
maree and Burns. Umpires— Klem
and Email*.
Today's Games.
Chicago at Boston.
Pittsburgh at Brooklyn
t’mclnnatl at New York.
St. lv>uls at Philadelphia.
American Association.
W TANARUS, Pet. W l» Pet.
In’splls 23 13.839 K City 20 1 8.628
LoiTvlll* 2(17 5*5 Toledo 18 17.486
Ml sp its >0 15 .571 St. Paul 14 21 400
Co'mbua 17 16.621 MH’ukee 1 1 29.276
CLEVKIjAND. Juno 3—The Uni
versity of Detroit baseball team ar
rived In thla city today, for a game
thia afternoon with 9t. Ignatius col
lege. The Detroltara will go to Ni
agara tomorrow to plop Niagara unl
, uwbWf*
l. I . / *
Michigan Soccer
Owing to the park b «; ln * »*!*
able for Sunday the final for the
Michigan »tate soccer cup w *| | l l , n £*
be played this week-end. but will be
played a week from Sunday *1
klafoney * park. S V-iii?,*° r wVr« *to
Ruick Thistle*, of I-lint, were to
have settled which i* the champion
soccer leant in Michigan.
However. Soccer fan* have as fin*
a battle to watch Sunday, at they
could wish to see. this being the
game between Riling ‘ st V* .*, nd i
troit* at Maioney s park at I®-*#
o’clock These two teams ar# fight;
tng for the championship of the sec
on* division of the league, and have
tied the score on the two previous
occasion* they have met th, “
Detroit mu«t win this game to tie for
first place as the Stars are two po nti
ahead, owing to D*« r ® u a fovfjUad
came three week* bar*. The result
will be In doubt till the final wh»*tls.
Detroit* are alight favorite*. *«*»»»*
game ha* everyone guessing. Referee
\V. Miller ha* charge of the game.
Parke-Davls and St Clair Height*
have M league engagement at herrv
Kleld klck-ofT 10.30 o clock. -Both
teams Joined the league ***•
and although they both remain in
the same position they are *"\*?y*
to secure as many points »»the
Referee Mtllman will handle the
George Healey. P" ® f
Michigan Soccer association, ha* been
appointed second vice-president of
the United States Football a*aocia_-
tlon. Congratulations. Heorga. Mr.
Healey ha* done a v**J
good work for soccer in **•*•
•tat*. and too much credit rannot be
given him for hi* untiring f ®.\
the advancement of soccer
during the past si* y«* r : and
polntment is a deserved honor and
reflects credit on Detroit soccer.
Cricketers last week made «r» of
third place In the second div Islon
league tale. This is an achievement
of which they may well * . pr ?iJ,_
This club was only organised this
season and most of the members sr
new to Detroit football but the
splendid way in which they have
hung together and S<>n* out after
the points in every game has earned
them a place of honor at the close
of the season From » very poor
start they have steadily Improved,
changing adverse criticism in tne
early* stage. 4to admiration a* the
season advanced. A glance at their
goal average will show how hard
they had to strugrle to make head
way against the older clubs. Th y
have shown good sportmanshlp too
in not claiming points on several oc
casions when their opponents failed
to appear, preferring rather to play
the match at a future date than ob
tain points for nothing. Only two
team* in the league best them (ex
cept Thistles who dropped out) tn»*»
being the two teams at the head of
th* tabl*, ind th*jr b#it th*
Crickets twice aptec*. The Peculiar
thing is that the two near bottom
teams should have played a tie game
apiece with the winners of third
place. Cricketers showed the stuff
they were made of In the state cham
pionship also. Altogether the < rick
etera have proved themselves a good
bunch of sportsmen, and a club the
type of which the association would
like more lam penning these few
words of appreciation as I think these
new teams should be encouraged and
their merit* credited.
Present standing of leagues:
Clubs OP W T. D F A P
tCaledonia t* I« 2 * «*
Nationals 1* •' * « r®
St. Georges 11 * •* * 1? ,5 11
tßesudette Utd. 11 < * 9 rl
Packard 10 .< S o 1- 10 10
Buicks 12 < « 2 10 13 10
Rovers 1« } »? 2 8 20 «
All Scots 1* 1 11 * 5 28 4
fTwo points awarded for opponents
playing Ineligible man.
tTwo points deducted for playing
ineligible man.
Clubs GP W L D K A P
Rising Star.... 17 14 1 3 77 14 30
DetroTts IT 13 2 2 61 9 28
Cricketers 1* H 5 2 27 29 24
Roses 1* 10 r ‘ - <f 28 22
Celtic 18 9 T 3 25 13 20
Parke Davis.... 17 8 9 0 27 39 18
Thistles 18 4 10 4 14 14 12
Wyandotte .... 17 ’ 11 1 18 82 11
fit Clair 17 < 13 0 9 80 8
Wolverines ....18 118 1 It. 3
LANSING, Mich.. Juno 3.—Nego
tiations for purchase of the golf
course by tho Ijinilng Golf club will
be completed today, according to an
announcement made by President
Elgin Mifflin. Sr
At a meeting of the members of
the club held in the Chamber of
Commerce, Wednesday night, the
decision was reached to buy th*>
grounds which have been occupied
under lease from J H. Moores since
the club wa* organtied tn 1013.
The grounds include a nine hole
course and a clubhouse. While the
course Is smaller lhan desired, the
purchase was deeded advl.sahje in
order to save the only course avail
able In or around Lansing.
Mlsa Bleanor Sears, the most ath
letic of American society glrla,
went through the women's Pennsyl
vania and Eastern stales tennis
tournament to the finals, but found
Molla RJurstedt between heT and
the championship. The Norse girl
won the finals In straight seta yes
fiisllsi Ifca flam asst k»a4 .Qai
la stakt-frlawaa J*» psR Mala 4M»
100 Two-Year-Olds In Rapids
Sweepstakes; Parse Will
Be $20,000
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Jun® 3
Popularity of the 1917 sweepstakes
for two-year-olds instituted by the
Furniture City Driving club is at
tested by the large entry list al
ready received aud the late entries
which will be made before the books
dote. Dr. S. E. Dodson, president
of ’be local club, already has 22 en
tries and Secretary Klein as many
more, so that with the late arrivals
estimated the ll&t of juveniles prob
ably will reach a total of 100.
Grand Rapids led the trotting
world In listing this event, which
guarantees colt owners an oppor
tunity of seeing in competition the
colts they purchased at the New
York show lau January.
The event guarantees a purse of
$5,000 and being sweepstaJtes the 5
per cent paid for each entrant will
bring the purse close up to $20,000.
Twenty entries pays the guaranteed
amount. With 100 colts entered the
grand aggregate would reach $25,-
The presaged success jf this rich
e\ent undoubtedly will bring Cleve
land. Detroit and Kalamazoo into
line with similar programs with a
resultant series of race* cf inesti
mable value to colt owners and an
assurance of good races for spec
GRAND RAPIDS. Mich.. June 3.
—Just before the track team from
Grand Rapid* Central high left for
Ann Arbor to compete in the atate
meet, it was announced that Dinnie
Upton, coach of all athleticf\,at Cen
tral for four years, had signed a
contract for another year. Upton Is
well known for hi* successful foot
ball and basketball coaching.
NEW YORK, June 3.—Frank Mo
ran, heavyweight and runner-up to
Jess Willard for the championship,
will start training in a few days for
his bout with Jack Dillon, the Hook
ier bear cat. in Washington park.
June 29.
The agreement Just signed gives
Moran $25,000 for his share, with an
option of 40 per cent of the gate.
Dillon will get $15,000, with an op
tlon of 25 per cent. The purse la
said to be the largest ever fought
for in a bout not for the title
W*r u,
There is a world of
satisfaction in owning
a motor car that is a
constant source of pride
—a car that reflects, not
only your good taste, but
your good judgment as
Such a car is the seven
passenger Paige Fairfleld
* * Six-46* * — $1295, f. o. b.
Paige-Detroit Meter Car Company
D»«r«4t, MUhigaa
Distributor# for Detroit
279-281 Jofforeon Ave. Tel. Cadlllae 366
Big Upset Features Finals for
M. I. A. A. Baseball
ALBION, Mich., June 3 Interest
In the Michigan Intercollegiate field
and track meet in progress here haa
been overshadowed by the unex
pected upset in the race for tbe M.
I. A. A. baseball championship. Oli
vet came to Albion a topheavy fav
orite. but yesterday afternoon was
nosed out by Albion college by a
score of 4 to 2, and eliminated from
the finals. In the morning game.
Kalamazoo beat Hillsdale in a slug
A victory for Kazoo in the finals
today will give that college the
championship. A defeat for the Cel
ery Eaters would make the title a
tie affair between Kazoo and Olivet,
on percentage.
Hillsdale and Albion are running
strong in tbe track meet, but Kala
mazoo is sure to figure strongly In
the events today. The track cham
pionship is ezpected to go to either
Hillsdale or Kalamazoo.
EVANSTON. 111., June 3—With
Illinois and Wisconsin favorites for
Anal honors in today's sixteenth an
nual track meet of the Western Con
ference Athletic association here, in
terest was centered on what Bingo
Desmond. Chicago university Negro
sprinter, and Bob Simpson, Missouri
hurdler and jumper, would do.
Illinois 1» expected to count heav
ily on the work of Mike Maaon.
Pogue and Husted. and Wisconsin
on the ability of Mucks to win the
weight events.
Twenty-live colleges are entered
In the meet.
NEW YORK. June 3 Benny
Leonard, who received the unani
mous newspaper verdict In his last
bout with Lightweight Champton
Freddy has been matched to
meet Welsh In a 10-round bout here
June 15, it was announced today.
The men will make 135 pounds at 2
Thurston allowed no runs and but
three hits yesterday, and Northwest
ern high defeated Eastern by a
count of 11 to 0. Eight of th« Colts
pranced to first base on errors, and
many of those who happened to be
on the paths at the time romped
home on the same mlsplays.
45 Auto Racers Expected to
Compete In Elimination
Trial* Next Week
CHICAGO, 111., June 3.—A record
breaking entry list has been an
nounced for thd running of the Sec
ond Annual International Auto Der
by at Chicago on June 10. 39 cars
being on the list that will line up In
the elimination trials on June 6,7, 3.
In view of the fact that the entry
list does not close for 24 hours lends
tbe local speedway officials to be
lieve that there will be more than
43 on the final roster. This is
double the number that started at
Those already on the list Include
all of the great drivers of the pres
ent day with tho exception of two or
three torelgn pilots who have joined
their commands in the war sones.
That the local race will be the great
est ever run Is the opinion of the
experts in looking over such names
as Dario Rests, Ralpe De Palma,
Eddie O'Donnell, Ramey Oldfield,
Ira Vail. Aldo French!, L. Chevrolet,
Eddie Rickenbacher, Pete Hender
son. Gil Andersen, Howdy Wilcox,
Ralph K. Mulfnrd, Billy Chandler,
Josef Chrlstaens, Johnny AM ken and
Tom Alley.
Only 33 cars will qualify for the
event. In order to qualify the first
33 must do better than 90 miles per
ANN ARBOR. Mich. June 3.—For
one of the very few times this
spring, it appeared yesterday after
noon that the University of Michi
gan had a baseball club. That’s
because Miller hurled a beautiful
game against Notre Dame, holding
the Catholics to one run. Thus the
two counters, scored by the Wolver
ines, was good for a victory. Th#
game went 11 Innings, and was won
on s triple by CapL Labadle, and a
wild pitch.
Watching the
vrsTiiaotr* homkrai
V* sera. UsSgcn, •( Ma«ae &,
Wellwan. of the Brewaa. had hta
tlai aUra aarfclas •* the ladlaas.
He fce)4 the ( levelaadera to ala eeat
tered bite aad aae rwa after bis sab
ellarbed tbe a a ate la tbe Irat nltb
twa raaa.
Tbe ladlaaa dropped bark ta aee
•ad place.
Tbe (otaafa loat tbelr drat siaa aa
tbelr boae graaada alaea they start
ed tbelr apeetaealar w laalac atreak.
It took tbe ( laetaaatt Reds IS rosads
ta tara tbe trteb.
Matty was aat aa aaeeeaafal tbla
Mate. Tbe veteraa star was era eked
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tbe third.
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teeath while Merkle held the balk
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with a real reaelartty. Tbe Pirates
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ta caaoea with Raataa aad Philadel
phia respectively.
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tbe Bralaa faar hlta. Three af theaa
ware made la tbe alatb.
Auto Races Sunday
Art Klein will be an added starter in the 100 mile race at the State
Fair Grounds Sunday aft a moon at 2:30 o'clock. Other noted speed
pllota who will atart in the century run are "Farmer Bill” Kndicott,
George Clark, Johnny Ralmey, Eddie Hearne. Kilpatrick, Johnny Malt
and a half dosan others.
100 Miles—ss,ooo in Prizes
In addition to tho century grind, there will be four special event#
on the program. Klfrleda Mala, noted woman automobile driver, will
attempt to lowor tho track record for one mile. Three hour* of
spectacular racing will be offered the Detroit fana.
G. W. DICKINSON, Sec’y-Mgr.
1 ». r. VAI/noa MOTOR BALMS CO, Mate DMrltolsn. I
| rat Weed ward Ats, DetreM. Greed MM ffer deeraaeteattoa. |
Hollier Eight or Roadster $985
"« ■wwjji
HuomobUe Crasser Motor Cos.
v . IHMM Wasdwaod joa»
i / /. J f l . » aW * * * i.. A/L ./m /j
Wolverine Schools WiQ Bo
Lucky to Win n First At
Ann Arbor Today
ANN ARBOR. Mich.. Jun# 1/
Grand Rapids Central la the only
Michigan high school which has a
chance to win the state Interacho
lastic track and field meet here this
afternoon, and that chance Is nick
ering. Shaw high, of Cleveland, has
qualified more uieu than any other
school, but Oregon (111.) high stands
as good a chance to win as any one,
according to the dope- This little
achool has sent two real stars in
Loomis and Landers, and this pair
has cleaned up more than one meet
this spring. IxH>mis Is a brother of
the famous Chicago runner. These
boys are very likely to run away
with a lot of flrats and seconds In
the dashes, short runs and hurdle*,
and they have a knack of picking up
a lot of scattering points In the Held
Joliet high ranks next to Shaw In
number of men qualified, with Oregon
following with nine. Toledo Scott,
Crane Tech (Chicago) and Grand
Rapids are next with seven. A num
ber of schools got three men In,
among them Ann Arbor, D. U. 8.
and Detroit Eastern. Muskegon put
In two men and so did Pontiac. Bay
City Eastern was the last Michigan
school to break in the finals, but
one man landing from the up-state
This morning It seemed probable
that Michigan schools would not get
more than one first place In the
finals, this afternoon. The one
chance la for Gleason or Wasbrook,
of Detroit Eastern, to win the pole
vault. The other Eastern man to
qualify was Walbridge, who took
third in the slow heat of the half
mile run. Detroit University school
got Pond, Robb and Swift into the
finals. Pond was second in the shot
put. Swift won the slowest of four
heats In the high hurdles, Robb
was third in the fast heat in the
quarter-mile run.
"The annual cruise of the Society
of Automobile Engineers, which will
be held aboard the Noronlc.’ flag
ship of the Northern Navigation Cos.,
will be the longest voyage of Its
kind in the history of the mid-sum
mer meetings, and promises to be
the best cruise of all,” said W. A.
Brush, secretary of the 1916 meet
ings committM while discussing the
arrangements being made for the
cruise, to be held June 12-16. "The
total distance to be covered by the
‘Noronlc’ In this cruise Is 862 miles-
From Detroit to Mackinaw- Island,
our first stop, is 303 miles, and from
there to Killamry Is a distance of
183 miles. From Killsmey to Owen
Bound Is 89 miles, and from Owen
Sound to Detroit Is 307 miles.”
MILWAUKEE. Wis.. June 3.
Charlie White. Chicago lightweight,
won the fastest )>an)e of his fighting
career here last night, when he de
feated Rlichle Mitchell. Milwaukee
pride, |n a 10-round bout. White
turned every trick he knew to slip
over the sleep punch, but failed. Six
rounds were White’s, two Mitchell's,
and the other two even.

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