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TUESDAY. JUNE «, 1916.
Text On Autos In Detroit Is
Hijf Success; Fresh Demon*
strut ions Arranged
Cyra* B. Olkon, president of the
o*yg»*nerHt«»r Cos., of Chicago, wrk
In IkHrolt, riaturday. accompanied
by his brother, f.ester B. Olsen, who
Is also an ofhcer of tne Oxygensrs
tor Cos., and a mechanician. to dem
onstrste the efficiency of the Oxy
generator as a saver of gasoline and
an eliminator of <arhnn In the mod
ern automobile motor.
The work was done In the Wol
verine garage. No IMS Jefferson sve.,
the demonatration being on a Saxon
Six and a Packard.
The increased Hmoothneaa In the
running of the motor was immedi
ately apparent In both ears, and the
cartoon which had collected In the
cylinder* was removed In a cloud
through the exhaust of the car a*
noon a* the Oxygenerator had be
gun to operate
The owner* of the cart* expressed
themaelve* highly plea.-cd with the
work of the Oxygenerator and are
enthusiastically recommending the
Oxygenerator to all inquirer*
After the rtr*t two demonatra
tion*. installation- of Ox> generator
»*n other cht* began and
all day Saturday and Monday, some
25 car* being so equipped
Name* and nddre**e* of these tar
owner* can be obtained from thr
manager of the Wolverine garage
Cyru* B. Olsen returned to chi
cago. Saturday night, after complet
ing the demonstration. I/ester B
Olsen remaining In the i |ty to com
plete arrangement* for the distribu
tion of the Oxygenerator In the v*
rloua garage* and automobile acces
sory dealer*.
Oxygenerator will he demonstrat
ed Wednesday and Thursday In the
1/Ovelnnd garage, Woodward and
Palmer avea
Radford Seek* Reinstatement.
Countering the action to di.-har
• ieorge w. Radford, of l>etrolt, from
practice In the t'mted State* court,]
started Monday by Solicitor General
I>avls In a petition to the supreme
court. Attorney T. A E Weadoek
•tarted proceeding* to haxe Kad
ford reinstated here He was dis
barred from practice In the Wayne
circuit court five year* ago.
Rank CU»rm»rr«
Tuesday'* rl**r»ni e- s*,l2* 12* 8"
balance*. I'*" 1.7*5 6.: total rl*a r.i p.-rs
t 'is to date. $x37,!'68.32<'53 total IMS
t«> i orre*pr>n<ltng it*t<, $541,213 2AI !*•
I A \
I Knowledge 1
I of Values: I
Southwest Corner Fort and Shelby Streets
Opposite Postoffice
Capital 51,000,000 J
Surplus & Lndivided Profits 1,9->O,OOO
Acts in All Capacities of Trust.
Such as Executor, Administrator, Trustee under
Wills, Trustee under Mortgages, Ajrent, Guardian, i
Receiver, Registrar and Transfer Agent,
Interviews Solicited.
to command the services of this
strong and experienced Com
pany. Your property will be safe
in our custody and you will he
relieved from worry over the de
tails of caring for it. Our entire
organization is at your service
and our charges are moderate.
Onion iyrust Company
Detroit, Michigan
Hoard of Commerce Wantn
( hicago Drainage ('anal
Tian Modified
Intent upon preventing the lower
ing of the Detroit river level which
would i» suit from a greater ouittow
through the Chicago drainage canal,
as ha* been proposed, officials of the
Detroit Hoard ot Commerce end sev
eral of the more important Great
hakes cities are bringing pressure
; to bear on congress to prevent the
passage of the bill In congress as
origiually presented, and are con
centrating their efforts In an endeav
or to piss a modified bill that will
limit the increased outflow through
the canal to 2.*0,000 cubic fret of
water per minute.
Kor some time Chicago officials
have sought to divert more wafer
through the drainage <unul a* a sanl
tary measure for that city.
Directly upon the introduction of
the latest measure, officials of the
Board of Commerce here made a
careful study of the proMem, and
learned that the Detroit river level
would drop six Inches were the
plans of Chh ago carried out. Car
r>ing capacity cl many ot the larger
vessel* would be lessened 500.000
'pounds, *UP h In a season's time
i would amount to an Immerse bulk
After a thorough Inquiry, they
I also learned tn:C 3 limiting of the
.mlHow of water through the Chica
go drainage canal tc J.>0,000 cubic
feet a minute more than at the pres
ent time world be sufTUient to adr
quatejy t iro sot Chicago's sanitary
Milwaukee would also be serious
ly affected were the orlgtr.a' to pa*b,
and offlclnls of that city have been
working with the local board. The
i’ioncer Irou Cos , of Marquette, on
Dike Superior also would Ik* sf
fe<t»<|. Austin Farrell, *he manager
of timt company, hx* Joined with
the hoard, and is working for the
pac.-age of the modified hill
NKW VOHK, tun*- B.—Flour: tjulet
an<l Hteady. Pork Hl*-n«ty, mess.
$25 :5 11 25 , lotr-1 (fillet middle
west spot Ill.AAgll.TA Sugar Raw
-i-.idj «'• at rlfugal, 98 t«*i, s*ioß'<(’
t> ■ • mu* ovail*. Vi t»-*t. $6 5*5. refined,
•li-adv. evil I'***. crushed. $8 *55;
powdered, |T T.'>, granulated. IT tid'd
T Tii Coffee Kin \o 7 on spot,
Tallow Stead> ; special. I•»v 3 x■, city,
y\ it 10c. country. loXi Io 1 «<- Hay
Firm. prim*. |l 55; N*> 3. fl 0.54/1 'u.
el-over. Art) |1 K l»re**ed poultry
I lull tmkey*. .Mtj 31c: < hU-kens. 1844
72< . fowl*. It'd 23 Me. duck*, lilt l,lv*
poultry St*ad> . g****. 13< <1 n• k*.
l*o . fowl*. 3rtfi22< turkey*. 22<-.
roosters, ll 1 -,'' < hlck*n. broilers, 13
•fi 1 •’> \ r. «'hee*r l'ii*<‘t tied *tit*
milk, common to *p*ri*!«, itt -vi l.
*klm*. common to *pe< ial*. 6*jl2'-<
An Executor should have an
intimate and constantly re
freshed knowledge of the
values of property and securi
This Company, through daily
transactions, gains exceptional
knowledge of such values.
CAPITAL and SURPLUS, $1,000,000.00
- Produce
DK i 11 1 'i i Mi'ti , June • Ths 11 t
receipt* of Ml< hlg.in Mtrawl'errle*
came in on Monday and w*i • follow
ed by further sinpmenta tbl* niarn-
Ing. so the Hl< hiK.oi *r*w,u may he
•aid to be on. Cnfoctunately I lie
train* were lute gmtlng In. ot mi lea*l
the fruit was late In gottlng on the
team track* and a* early buyers hud
gone home the lu-rrle* w*i- dlap*M«-«l
of to he peddlers, and probably- did
not bring sa much a* they otherwise
would. The Elgin butter ttcuket whs
unchHnaed thl* week, and poultry,
egg*, 'Treeto-d calvea and potato'-*
were called steady.
Apple* - Ken Duv «, 13.504/2. Buhl
win*. $3 50 414. Steel* R**d. It i*
bbl.: Rursets. |3'»,bid.. we»t«-in
box apple*. It.'sft 2.2<* box.
■gaanas—Good ar'pping etoca
II 25© t ner biiimti
■eaaa—-ITrSed Lima*. 8 4*497e lb
( altfarala Fruits, Cherries, i
apricots, 12.50 per box.
4'aiilltfoxtrr 61 S"WI 75 |<*r box
Cabbage-New. $2 50*12 <5 crate
Ikemr MMilr.tn h*»». JC-, N*w
lork, like; Swiss. 28183:. . mported
wtsa, 3#4*39c. lltnburgei, n*w. .'-lb.,
16Ho; 1 - It*., it'*'’, t.r’ck cream, ITc
long borna. 18 I*.. naisies. 1 ’i '•*
U\r |b
Diseased (atvea Fancy, It'tfl&c;
common. 12 *4 Lie Ih
|rpc*b 8 eaeiabiea— 'ir»»v pepper a
$1.J54i?40 '-rate l/"-' rii'' 1 A
e* long. ISlfSOc. i.mud. 1 *t "< <|.iz ,
lettuce. lOvf I2< ii ll* par*l»\.
25.' do*; cut unit - r*. hoihon-* 11"
1 to per do* . h"thou*» * mat«" * iv
4i 2 ft c lb . carrot*. II ; li.nn|» i .
head lettuce, l< <>» r* 11 .e o per
bo.; wax he xit * ami greet l>ea»i*.
• 1 5o hamper. Florida t..m*loi |l '5
Cl *SO ca * e arpaiHgie. sect ~| «, $ l'i
125 t'ox. a*•-* it p* .i*. *1 7'l| ; h'i
wati r* rt .*. JO < p*-r rat* ar* •r*
corn, $6.50 per Mil . p. r d"4
Grape Frail t«bt p-r > ive
Mwae; Fahv y w bU* **f llfflTe.
amber. lOttlD lb, extra tea. TO*f
per ll*
Hay Detroit ar.ippei* ar*- v<y ra
the following price* tor »*| P j h ,y m
car lota fob Detr>,i* No I
timothy, s2l 50'u 2 tand.ird ? ,n<-
"ih* |JO.5ftCl I r.-1 • i • . I
\.. igiftm i ■ \i* i
mixed. st*soti It; N * mixer, sll
ft 12. No 1 - vox el t . r I straw.
$7 60f»F,. wheat an“l -*ai uriw. s<s i*
OT per ton
I.emoß* $' fi t .0 r*« r
l ime* -$1 Inn/l V, ro t 1
Melon* ll-" Uy l*>r• » i >OO f p*-r
crate, ponies, $• > < rate
M"*br*i«int* .55'i t *•■ Ih
Oraage* Navel* l v ' .1 7 t*er box.
Valenclii*. I" 5 »x# t per b"X
Onion* T*-x .» It* rmuds*, yellow.
It o-i* $2.25 rat«
Flnenpple* $J 7 i'a ■ i"-r tiate.
$1 ’5 ■» I ■> per -• i
I’otnloc* hi’". sl'/ I tO, t). w
Bermuda; s'2 -V So Md . $’ hu, n*w
Florid**, s*: 7M ; id.l. $2 60 bn.
i triumph*. $2 75 p» r hid
Poultry ..i l|. • > 7t><- medvin
hep*, i<ii . *i(»K-, i ‘•<» |3»-. geeae, lift
I I2e, dn. k*. r* •" jo, ii
sir*n ticrrle* ;• i- t ( ji*c*, $.‘T»
rare. |f-qt. ca*e , $1 srtfl|.“s.
RißMllb CHICK*
Canned l.uon -a|l|h«*.
ral , baked boane, 1-lc., eu«fsoci
data loans. $., Si. Corn ; ,*n v
Via tie. fl 15. *tan>la"d. sl. Tab!*
beet», $1 25®1t1. Iva* Fancy early
June. $1 30. standard;), $1 Halmon.
tall. $2 30. flat. pine*. SOc Tomatxe*.
Si is. Marrowfat peas. Sir early
une, $1 50, *lfted early June. Il 40
per doi
Feed Jobbing price* in *4 hbl.
aaclt*: Hrfin. $24. standard middlings.
$25. fine mtddtingn. S7O: crack'd
corn $3?.: corn and oat cm>d. S2B ton.
Flour Jobbing trice* best Mlcht
fan patent. Is.SO sa-'e-nfl natent,
8 20; straight. $5 Ito pure rye. |s;
spring pstent, $8 So per bbl. in paper
ea> k*
Detroit Ofl—Raw lln«eed oil 72c;
h.dled lln«ecd. 72c gal In t>ari*l lot*.
Keroaen* In iron tarre* .'tamond
headlight. s.lc; perfei tt<>n. 85' pal
aclne. 10.9 c. red crown gasoline. 20c
Hardware —Nail*. $2.90 keg case;
annealed wire $2 90 per bundle; gal
x-nnixed barbed wire 2-polnt. $2 22;
per spool galvanised sheet*. 24-
I'Sllge. $5 Os. 27 gauge. $.>35 28-
* sl.(( 30-gawg< 11.9$ per rwL;
Kohl bronxed *'.«•*. alngle ha/vdled.
$0.50; double sl2 50 per dor. Ma'-k
he*t rm'tal 2? and 24-gauge $3 25;
78-gnug' s.l ■ 2T-gauge, ji 35 2'-
» * Be, f |0 per CXVf (' irilllff t.olt*.
»rtiw7l. 30. to *t"l S off l*rB« tb and
f. off rr schlfi* * "!»'*. small. sv» t 0 and
|0 off. larg' 1 i, 10 and 5 "ff ilat.
Hide* \- cure! hid**. I* I *. No
1 green hide*. |s< . N<» 1 cured hull*.
1 N 1 gi en t"i ll*. 10c No. 1
cured vent ki|, .’O' No 1 green veal
kip. 18c No I c red murrain, !*'•;
No. I green murrain. IB< No i cured
calf, lie N'u ; frets ctlf, 3Si No I
home hide*. $0 S’O I horse bide*. $5.
No 1 tali -w. 4 No 2 tallow. 7c.
No 2 hide*, ti off N 2 kip and calf,
me ofl • ! *kln is* to amuunt or
wool). 50.-(, $7 SO.
Sugar Market
Sugar -Corrected dally t>y W. 11.
Edgai A Soli v rystai d"min>>«-*, 2-lb.,
$11.56. IF>, 6-1 >, 11155. 1 sale tab
let*. $lO 26. Ci;t loaf. $ • 4'» cub* A.
$8 #6. \X\\ pi wd. i'il, I* 50. otaii
dsrd p*• w «i*.i $x «6 granulated,
extta coarse. S' 20. granulated, fine
In bulk. $* «:■. g. a> ulatrd, 3$ lb >"t
tons. ssi '> crystal domino mm., 2
lb and 6-lb artons, in use*, $> t>,
crystal domino gran. IIK .**e*. $h 45.
diamond A. 9*15 enf* 'tinners' A
SB. No 4. 4* "5. No 5, If. No 6 $7.96
No. 7. $; 91*. No. S. $7 85. No 9, S7BO
No 10. $.75; No 11, »TTO, No 12
$7 85 No 11, $7 IP'. No. 14, $. 0". Up.
26. $7 60 BOn-CSklne mixture. SB.
beet granulated. $ 7 <7> p* r 100 lha ,
household powd., la, 24 to cats,
$2.40. Do, 46 to cose $4. To -jir .»*•
t’Hlt'Atßi. June 6 Bmt'-i Extras.
28\4129c. first «, 284/28 *.*i dairy
extra*. 27*a4»28c, first.*, 26 1 J7c
Kkk* Prime ordinary, 1 B'#'ii 2°c.
firsts. 2/18*4121' t'liee**". Twins. l''«
ti 14',r, >oung Atmtlcs*. 11 '-.'n I 4 ,<■
l/lv*- poultry Fowls, 18b»c, • 111. k
li'S III'; g' • *e. lO'.flJi turkey-, 2"'
f’cti toe* Kecelpt* 18 car*. Mlchl
pin. Wl*«'onsln, .Minnesota mi.l Mhm.
f 1 dr 112
Financial Notes |
It is i* port* <1 that John N Willy*
ohta.ned a share f<> the con
trolling interest of the \\ Illy a-Uvrr
land Cos.
The t'herrx Height* t.and C" . th-.
Vnxcia Cos,, and the Detroit Applldn
Heady Hoofing I'o filed srthd* * "f t*
smiatlon with County Clerk Farrell.
F 1-7 \Ve(*a. who ha* represented
the l.oiilsvllle g- Nashville railroad
in Detroit for seveisl years, will
I'VlV'' shortly for hhanghai. China, f*>
le,..,ine agent "ssh« Canadian I’m-
Iflc ocean service «|* part m> nt in
China *m| the orient, lie sail* June
1•. II K. Porter, of Cincinnati, will
ucceed him.
l-'i l*nda of Theodore F A. Osins,
assistant cashier <>f the Wayne
• ’minty and Home Havings bank, re
iiienibered Monday that it w«* just
25 >•* ar* ago that he started with
th*- Wayne County Having* bank ll*-
w.i* th* recipient of many floral re
membrances. > When Mr Osina en
tered the bank's employ, H Dow Kll
»»"(| wna president.
Motor Pr."lucta Corporation, a con
solidation of five automobile equip
pent manufacturing companies In
Detroit an*l Ann Arbor with a
nraneb in Canada. I* issuing to.fwfl
<hm * * of stock, no par value Earn
Ing* are exp* . t*d to rdn.w about
sll a share the tlr«t year of Ha In
«<>rp* 1 at ion.
The merged SVI Ilya-Overla nd Chal
mers. Hudson a*ui otlier companies !•'
be imliided In the latest com bine of
automobile menu fa*during Interests
xx 111 probably I.* known as the \n*r
ban Motor Corporation, If no legal
difficulties Interfere with the use of
that name The corporation will have
4 capitalisation of $70,000,000 prefer-
red stock and about 260.00" common
Mburea of no par value. The exact
number of common aiiaica baa not
been do* bird, iim terms <>f acquisf
turn of *• 1 tain block* of minority
*lin K * in *"in> of the t*omi>anies h.tv*
not i*« *-n dosed.
A. H Marten* A Cos., **f New York
und Toronto, uud illr-cb, Lilietitlial
A Cos of Vm York, hi »• offering s3,*
!•(>9,00S clex of Toronto 6 per cent
serial gold bond* maturing 1917 t"
191 M~l prices to y l<drt 185 per cent
on the maturities up H> l'*2l. and 4 95
per esnt "ii the maturities frt»m 192.
to llt 18 City of Toronto h**nds have
been <|uite iiontilAr with American
investor* and this l**U*' should prov*
parttiularly *<». as the bond* ar* la
*ued on the aerlut plan with pro
vision for payment of principal ami
Interest In New York.
The Harnett Oil A Has Cos., of
5\ heeling. 55' Vn.. announces the
election ■ f 55 E. Culp ag president
and I. \| Stephens as vb e-presbient
Mi Culp 1* one of tbe most widely
known prsetb-al «dl experts In the
niid*||e west He was for year* gen
••ml manager "f the western division
of the I'ure oil Cos and ha* had w'de
experience, nut only In the tVest Vir
ginia field*, where the Harnett prop
erties arc located, but al*<> In Penn
sylvania. Ohio and Oklahoma oil dis
tricts Mr. Culp was formerly vice
president and general manager of
the Treat A l 'i.*vsf"id Cos 1. H
Htephens, for years field expert for
the Standard <>|| Cos., is Widely known
as an expert In oil properties

DETROIT. June *; -Cattle Market
st* ".>. ijuot■*t ion* are for fed
for gra -*er* •1•• <1 n■ t 7>o* t7s* best
h'HX \ *t .is, $• 50 4il". b*-*t handy
w. gi t bub he! steer*. $8 7)»4>9?5;
mix- i »**••• ' * and heifers, $x 25 sll'-2,
inim■ Ix lit 1,1 h it' hi is $7 5"4i 8 2.*
I lit blitchel* $• 50 4# 7 8". b«-st C"W».
s'. 75i» 75" t" t b* r •ow *, $8 50 if,
mi 0 . n < .w * s.> 15 7 4 1 unn*'i *, $5 "o
II |so he-* h' IVy bull-, s"4| 8 bo-
I gna bull-, 4*;'o», 75. feeders. $744
77 5 -t.. k'l*. $*>504(7.50; milker*
aid pi in • r». 81.50. Neill I'M I V-’S
Milk l .1.5 o- lower best. $11.60 W
|] 7 5 ot to . $-i» 1« 5o Hh*-ep and
. .lut.- M«1 k* 1 »o ep steady latnl -
J lili.-lot !.<-*• lamb*. $1". fair
iamb., $-. 7 .’•< 7 J 5; light t*. ■ «>mm"n
Ito b* »5 7 . » 25. -|>ririg lamb*. sll
I 1 I•, - .<>•! -1 ■ < ,I, sßfl « 50;
lull ill - 'tiuiorv. s:4i I
Hog* I’.g- $- 50, yorker* and mix
* 'I, $9 Jo 'l* :♦ I".
E5-T HI'I-’ FA I/O. N V, June 6 ~
*'i*tib Heieipls, two car*, best dry
f-d giad~* »tea«i>. grasser* 25c low
• pr.ini- —t• ■* 1 , »!<*!( I" 75 butuhsva.
sxso(u 75. set 11 • w , $.5 s"*(x; kaif
•r- $7 4i ■. bulls, 14 0 5.21.
II g- lt< cel id * 20 ears, lower
he*ivv, s:* 5"4(9 «5 t yorker*. $9 85fy
97" Pn », t •
Sh* ep Kei-e'pt*, two ear*. *trong
ton lamb*. sll till 5o yearlings, s'• ->0
4iflo; wethers. 67 7.'4(8, ewes, s*J»"ij
i %•»
t'tlves: s.’>4s 11.76.
( Hit AGO 1,1 A F. **TOCK
I'HII'Ad", June 6 rings Heeslpfs.
ll.ftou. m.irk'-t, lo< lower, mixed and
but* hers, "5 11 ’I 55. k:'-"d hesx
$:• 264(9 45, lough heavy, s9<('*ls,
light, $8 xo o '.* 40. pigs, s*i 804( 84"
Cattle Receipt*. 3.000. market
st'.tdy, tieeve*. $ x '<( II 15. cows arid
heifers, $2 76 4(9.60, *t*i<k*-ts and
feeders, $61(9. Texans, $8'?0 4(9 50.
calve*, SB4( 1 1 25 Sheep Receipt*.
14,000; market *|oW. J 5 1|.45< |nWer.
natlx-e, s7l( 8 20. western, $7 20 7/ 8 25.
lambs, 67.754(1*>. western. sßtyin.
4 I.F A Fl. AND 1,1 A F WT4ICK
CLES'EI/AN!». June ti lb g* Pr
ompt*. 1.5"". Do iugnei y inkers,
mixed and medium*. s , *.4'*4i9 14. pigs
(8.75, rough*. $8 fto. stag*. 86.75 Cat.
tl* Hoelpt*. 3 iut*. stead). Shcey>
ani, lanib* Receipt*. 3 ur* st*-H'ly
Springer*. sll I'alve*; Keeetpts,
1*0; *l*adx . top. $1 1.75
TUI.Kim 1.15 K rtIMK
TOl/KIM 1, June 6 H"g* Receipts
light maiket 54j10« lower: h"*v,*»,
s'• 35R9 4" mediums'. s’• 30 <1 • H.
>orkera. $8.504/8 "A g«M>d pig*. I*s"
ii x ’5. Calve- Market «t*-ad>. Hh* •|*
.sod lamb* Market steady.
S re« omtnrndstinn of the dir* * tor
that the rapifsl *t*a - k be Rpir i-'d
frt'Pi $.4M.U00 in $l,O 04.ot** will be
\ot* I Mi ux Hu fiiM'kh* bier- of thi*
II KhlsP'l I’srk State bank *>f llfuli
land Park in a -i»*wial mectinc ir.
th" bank offices, June 1!'.
What plan will b" followed in the
distribution of the Stock has not
hern decided by the dirm 'ortt. pro
vldint; that Inc *nrica*e is sHitction
ed by the stock'ioiicra.
In I'.mji tDr* Hicliland P.itk b'tat"
hank was opened with n (iipitalui
tl«»n t»f $40,000. la. ter iho siotk was
raised to $10o.00(i. a few tncnlha lat
er t<» $200,000, and to $r»0o,ooo i«o
yearn ago This l-ai’k is associated
with Ford Interests.
How to improve methods < “
freight handling nnd eliminate
freight congestion nre two questions
that are to come before the I nltcd
Yardmasters’ association. which
opened Its third annual convention
In the Hotel Taller, Monday.
On Wednesday, ihe delegate -
their wives and guests, including
the traffic managers of Detroit bus
mess concerns, will Inspect Detroit >
terminal facilities, making the trip
Try a special train Luncheon will to
served on (he train.
Marriage Licenses
Jacob C Robinson. 24 Katherine
Mefoxlfg. 19
.Mari in Hogs laky. 22; Veronika
Markowaka. ?S
John t'harle* Mndigan. 26 f’.-:irt
Mallet. 22
Rot.ert J K*rn. 41. Halfway F.tsa
Patiiw. 21, Detroit
Martin f/l*ow*kl, 21; M>*r\ Regott.
William Treter, 33. Toledo «*lg.-i
Mat Hen. 30. snme
Frank O tJraves. 35. Nellie t.nrn
ley. 24
Joseph Ryaa, 29. Eleanor Flotkle
wlc*. 21
58'iadlmlr Duhorlk. 2$ Mnrv Kape
kar. 25
Heorge F.gbert. 22 Oladva Rough
ten. 23
Charle* 1* Onxvlaa, 23. /}*rtrude M
Rlbolln. 17
Charles Anderson. 21 . Lulu Yninir
Cred Thiel. 27. Detroit Helen
Pnuke. 24 Roger* *'ltx
Cliarles HelD* 00-l. ; P. irolt, Ntarx
7,eigl er 26. Mull I*. |*a.
Charles Fniichey. 2J. Anna ta*Toiii
neau. 18
Alexander M< Donald. 28 Maraaret
llendersoo. 24
Floyd Flower. 22. Trenton Ada
Morrow. 26 *ama.
Ralph Hayward. 22. Myrtle \'ap
Axerv. 24
John Hrhlaf. 21: Clara Rertram, 23
Frlnttwg—the plain neat kind—-that
Is right—Times Jnh Dept Alain 4.%2n
*’'*dt with order. if charged. 7c a
N' transient art vcrtlslng Inserted
fui I'-km than lac with cash; If
Chang' and 18r |>. r Insertion.
• ilh'Vi rates apply to all claraU
fi< attorn \< ept Births, Cards of
Thunks, Obituaries, Meeting Notices,
Births. loath*. Tarda of Thanks
and M-'tiim Not lira Minimum
chat_rs. .75« f..»■ 21 words or less. Each
additional word. I l-3c.
Marriage Licenses.
John Norel. 24; Etta Craft. IS.
Lrnest Km i la.-. .'2; Susan Taylor, 27.
It.i ltd) Natle, IH, llowlett lira's
V.in Riper, I*. Detroit.
Adam sko< z* n. 24, Mary Zwlaskla
wfl /.. |
John F i leer, 20; Oleta K. Wang
le r, 2 2
it \ I ‘at on. 21; Marguerite Netame.
xx idialaw Clrolak, 26. Elizabeth
Pr*\ try toWhka, 23
ll.riv l<Hii|{iiah 2‘2; Cora ltat
if k. 20.
b< ■ * Koi'.l'liuk, 24. Maggie Buol
ku, 2 2
\X i It Itnaaell, 24. Elanor Gil
bert. J‘J.
Noii it >t ,\ar\ln, 21. loretta A
XX a . i v
in 1 -tt.it k. 21. le ria Kuhn, 20.
i lloldcii, 4" Agnes I* An
I.’ inskx. 22 Hoae Hliltn-
I•• > . ■
Mi Ii- .i Finny Ed II stein 21.
I‘. i. i i«.indr\ .loaephllie Jor
l*i«r»ri • H'-oert, 21 Mattie Myeia,
Nr D T M'loch*. 23. Gertruda V
II iii- i tnati .1
Ii ii t. Pr/>* d-ki 22. Detroit, Mar>
<it ■ - «\ k. I>, ilr *en lie Id,
i •••■pi Kw i• nlawakl. 24. Stama
la*x i /.'liiiske, 2V
led i- *'t mm it a 21. Flint; Helen
M i*m r i, lot r olt
• 1 \ xx smith. 27. Detroit, Nellla
I. I»a I-. n 22, Brighton. tint.
lohn l llerr. 22, Lutth \6 . Tyre,
lei - Maroni. 21. Anna Debin. 21.
Nr* n ia* Ha han, 12, Anna Frldee,
dm.ill Kahl. .4. Stafania Denies
'X 1 1 *• r \V Parks 27 Kuth Keha. 21.
Jo.»> pc l«< oi.uk. 21. Zolta Obenlck,
Al< Iph Walliaer. 33. Marguerite
Vallade In
!4i*|d<n simmoiki, 26. Catherine
Pfelft'l 27
lirw in Kttzerow, 21, Cleveland;
11 1/- I Schoth. 21. Detroit.
' .t'l W <'iimrnlnga. 21, Ann M
He he haw I It.
David Haro (ton. 20 I’aullne Krhaa
f» r. 2'j
I- -i'll Splttler, 22, 'Wyandotte,
Gin* \ S;tld'-. IX, name.
• harlt .« Hlllig, 21. Ida Ro#s. 26.
• i iel Mo*kovit• ■h, 21; Anna Oher
nokov. .1.
• i Murphee, 21 , Sarah Ram
m), I o
I•- Mayhem 100 Gladstone
'•nm e| Santilh, *>7l Orleans. Galtano
i ',n !,«<•<>. 17 H"|c"tnh; Giuseppe Serra.
i.'.“ xlfrod GlUHeppe Genuiao. *> Hale.
i ingelo, ]6l Illinois Karl B
Kauffman, 174 Stanley; I a-Hoy Hu
ber. 2'»2 Ittllger, Arthur Bashaw. 107
Engle Urn J. Piaget t. 521 Con
tinental. Abe Ashman, 111 Iceland.
n. k V Nielson. 1241 Penriavivanla.
,\l ik • \ln hal> k. 1114 McKinley; Fran
cis lairell l-ansing. Guatav
ski p«/.ki Milwaukee. Charles F.
Ward, sal s* >b'irn. John F. Hans* n,
3.,7 Dubois. Stanley It Houghten, 10*
Tw ent %-ttrst. Adolph la hman. 731
Krskin*' John F. Kuaaell. 217 Fourth,
Si a rile > I Gallon, 20ls liussell; Ahra
bam Sarochkin 32!* Krsklne; Max
Hi sman. |7!» ICowena. l/dmun ,1. llo
\an 121 It. aide i li.irlos I, Guns. 13
.toss. r «"H-i t lai ui- Pearl. 27t Hrady,
< iil>. I.ci do. I!Ht Krsklne. John
hxmtn-ki I l'b*> Twenty-fifth Joseph
Miratnotife . Russell Elmer Gold
t > nt. I„‘ Ibnf'in. John Sttakay, 511
Dearbon los pit L Sullivan, Urge#
I *pit.il st> Hina I’oage, Providence
t • ;iltai Si, hnlHti Me>**rs, I**l K.
• 'olutni ii I'oll.i S Paul. 115 Schiod
• i Gbi-it i 'he>lit oiigh Woman's hos
jdtat cini'i Klas'i. Woman’s hos
i• . ’ t.... j... i. ipi iitppart. i Mpruca;
Lcaioi • I-. \lbr« tit. -os McDou
k ;i Datid Tugman, 2*2 Htandon.
lie not'd II I'm. t.M Tw ent> -eight li;
A ,il -1 Xn-'-'-uw, 7”.7 f’ennsylv anlg.
laoiiaiil >l, I. I! ah"p 241 Seehaldt
XX ui (irnli.im, 317 Delaware; Claud
t. Creuo. *tkl XVaterloo; Stanley
Hronisjti-wski, 2; 1 0 K. Canfield, Siati-
I. > Walc/ak. 231 I*7. Willis Henry
Hiitmi. li*s M'tidrir. Jtobt. K. Schle
brt, 10" XX. Philadelphia Alfred C.
i»ol,|ti* r 1.M5 \x>st 1 5rnnd-hh and.; An
gust Van Collie, 275 HycHSte. Fred
Johnson, 12 72 Kercheval: Alfons
Maertons 725 Mtef-rd Morris Yudo
vltch, 171* Deltnar; ftosarto Comlg
linrl3s I min'd K.; John Sarnowskl,
1 *i '* Thirtl'th; Paul Negendank. 1151
McKinley Martin Novles, 441 Gl<-n
--du|e. Ituljdi Hums, 3* Palma. James
M- Finland. 153 Hastings: Harry
blill'-r. 20 Mnr»'ntette; Krnest Schaen
't\g. I2' ; Maplr. Julius Saloweke. 2272
Navy S:itnue| Mautner, 347 Theodote
John Clanoski, 111* Ingeraoll, Otto K.
Krueger. 171 Mt. Klllott: Summer
Arnold Host, Harper hospital: Ar
thur J Noyes, 42 Greeley: Peter
11. 12 N« xx ton Tony itekoxskl.
tool Clione. John A Ger monprex.
2215 West Grand-hlvd.; Wangxel
Daxls. Woman's hospital; Walter
Slasakiexvlog, 134 Thirty-second; Ijor
en A. Burdick. Woman's hospital;
George F Tlet/.e. 1 |'*7 Canfield; Alex
atidi-t .la'tale. 2<n Dearborn, Josef
St.iil, 111*0 Campbell; John Todar, 4
Hiitnes Morris Wallenstein. Harper
s| if i i< i Itlcigg 766 fllopsila
Johana Hitler. 271 Tillman, 11
in- umnnig Joseph ICd
xvar*ls '*so Gratiot, 42 years, gastrl*'
ttloet . Walter John Wilson. Receiv
ing hospital, 1i years, fractured
skull Marlon Kill, 713 Baker, sexen
• la's, pi point urity. Margaret Km, 713
Baker, four dtixs. juematurltx; Jo
seph Hxpaneewskl, Harper hoaoital.
aliout 2 !* vears nephritis; Mrs Mary
Tarnowskt. Hetman Kiefer hnspltti.
about 21 'ears, t'ulnionsry tuberculo
sis. Win. S Hell, 522 Toledq. 61 years,
tohnr pnpumonia. John Gray. 4*4 V*
\li Klllott. about .35 x ears, cancer of
"• i ■* vx Mrs Mabel Clgrke, \x>*t
side stinitorliini. aboul 35 years, drr
-1 in ■ * G Morgan. |S4
XX' XX'arren. *l2 xenrs. vslxulnr henrt
disease (Inland I*. Hlmby ijio Beau
hsri uloaia of lungs
Albert McCann. Herman Kiefer hos
pital, 17 x*ais. pulmonary tuberculo
sis lack Meberi y, Free hnspltay. 3
x > ars. empyenta. Versarla Gertlmsan.
12J I'tanklin, one xear. cholera In
fantum Mergtne Hrulcrk, 306 Can
tteid F... one year. ' creiu osplnal men
ingitis Vincent Dnbousyoaky, Sc«,tt
ami Orleans, about 15 .ve*ra. arterio
sclerosis. Anna Pankutn It 2 Superior.
I 1 days, marasmus, Ruth K Rutter,
lit First 52 years, carcinoma of
uterus. Car K ffeltnann. 231 XX'ater
loo. 17 x ears, apoplexy: Made) Naxv
rockl lil Farn*xxorth, fih years, lot.ar
pneumonia, John J. Hurlsy, Ford
hospital. 47 years, earclnonia of stom
ach Janies Walsh. 643 Uvernols;
one year, measles, M ary Kudrtk.
Harper hospital, five years, status ly
mohaflctis. Killian Rohlnaoa, Herman
Kiefer hospital, two years, dlpii
therln I’annle Kanetaky, Children's
Free hospital, four months, maras
mus. Win. o Heath, Reeslvlng hos
pital. about 61 xenr«. In'jttest pend
ng Anthony Sage, 371 Abbott. 67
years, xalxular heart disease, Kllen
■Speke | 752 j-'cotten. 14 years. ln*|tiest
pending, Irene J. McCraw. 66 ig>ng
xvorth, two months, marasmus Pearl
Igxtigstreth Grace hospital 26 years,
senttc embolism Opinila Depkowskl.
14l Copland, ongjregr, broncho pneu
iionm lames H. Rehurrt Harper hos
pital. 21 'ears, lobar pneumonia.
Klanahan Cleveland 324 Mnyhury, 61
years, senility; Gordon K Bowman,
273 Fourteentn. nlna months, broncho
nneumonla. F.mlle
fayetts F. two years, septic infrctioji
of gland; F'redern h rt*-hrader, 7mi
Oallavue, >4 years, • hrmtli intersti
tial nephritis Adolph Krvlnck. Prm
IcJeiice hospital. t<* years chronic
nephritis. Helen Krus 547 lorest f...
sexen months, broncho pneuiuonls;
Fdward Chundralnskl. 3fti Hupei lor,
nine months, broncho pneumonia
Nancy McVlcgr. 932 JcfTerson *3
years, senility; Gladys Jenler. Ilt*r
ntan Kiefer hospital, txx o xcar.*, lar
yngeal diphtheria Geraldine Knx
an.tngh. 66 Jackson, txvo years, aep
tleemia. Kllsax et Spires, l ,*a ?fa< *»tnb
thre*- months, cholera Infantum
■|¥ ■ » ■■■■-! 1 - ?L‘ L l, g *? ———
KKIK.I SOX June 4, 1914, suddenly.
John, beloved, husband of Hduin
Ferguson Plel and brother <>f •>i>-
aeph, H.xitiu#!, ' William and Georg*'
Ferguson, aged 54 years Fun*ta!
from residence. 656 Townsend.
Thursday at 2 p. m
11 an DIF June 6. at her mothers
home, 42S Ferdlnand-ave . Fanny,
beloved daugi tei .>f Catherine and
the ate XX illlam llardle dear sister
of Katherine Funeral W’ednesday.
2 p m . from residence.
DM 11.1,1 M - June 4. at her residence,
Godfrey apte, 521 F'ourteenth-ave..
Mrs. Catherine McCallum, beloved
niother of Mrs. C A. Wills. Miss
Nisi. Anna Itelle. Thomas and Fer
guson McCallum. of Detroit, and
Alexander McCallum "f Ht. Thomas
Funeral serx Ices Tuesday ex’enlng,
4 p. m. Remains will he taken to
Ht Thomas, Wednesday morning,
for hurlal
PITTING!:!* June 4. at her resi
dence. 30 Taft, Marguerite, beloved
wife of Rearl Plttlnger and d<• xr
daughter of Mrs L XV s'o'ing and
slater of Mrs. John Hch'll a nil Mrs
I* A White. Funeral from resi
dence Wednesday at 2 p m. Burial
at Bvergrcen
4TIITT -June 4, 1914. af his residence.
1700 Jefferson-ave cast, David. I>r
lox'eij husband of ID-lene Auatfn-
Stott Funeral Wednesday f-om
reslden, e* af * 45 p, SH F’eter sad
Paul's Jesuit church at 9 3x> o'clock
Burial at Ms Olivet
' Trx Bemb Floral Service "
“Flowrrs for Everybody”
The L. B*mb Floral Company,
Albert Pochelon
Main 2h f 't 153 Bates-st.
C. E. BIRD & CO.
Funeral Directors
27 West Hancock Ave.
Phone Grand 315* Detrol*. Mich.
A YOI'NG MAN for soda fountain
work Apply at 111 Mbhignn-ave
24 Porter.
37® Michigan.
ley-a v«.
BARBER wanted, steady Job; sll
guaranteed 434 Gratiot.
BARBER wanted, first-class. sls and
half oxer $22 34 1 Dlx
BARBER xvnntp.l sls. half over |2l;
steady Job. 541 Dlx.
BARBER wanted good guarantee
lias Wood ward-a ve.
BARBER wanted, steady man; sl4.
half over sl9 477 Gratiot.
BARBER wanted; sl6. half over *2O
132 Park-blvd
Young man with experictice tn ledger
and general office xxork steady po
sition for right partx W F Ifurd
Cos., soi) Campbeil-avs.
BARBER wanted 4 Park pi . corner
ROY tn learn pattern making X< me
Pattern Works, sixth floor, 11 W
ROY with wheel 22 West Adams.
Rt'H n* *VS -No Sund i x xx-,irk Roerths
Penobscot, 43 W Fort-st.
BRIGHT n«»Y for light offl-e work
good chance ,*nd good pax most
he willing, honest amt clean De
troit Pressed Steel Cos., Employment
RRIGHT Yi H'N'i i MEN xvanted to at
as salesmen at news stands oti
flreat T-ukes steamers salarx and
expenses A|>nlx National Rail'xav
News Cos., 43 Front-st
Detroit Times Job Printing De
partment, 77 B;igley*ave.
WANTED—Bright young mat* about
17 years of age to work In rnn l
room. App’v Mailing Dept. Detroit
Times. 73-73 . : F.
WANTED—Experienced shoe .utters.
Address Krlppemlorf-Dittmnnn Cos.,
422 Sycamore-st., Cincinnati. G.
WANTED -- Experienced hoiise-tn
hni.se canvasser. G**od salary sot
reliable and energetic man Apply
Circulation Department. The De
troit Times.
util* 6% ANTED—EI >1 Al l.
GOOD GIRL for general housework,
no washing. Apply 112 Daxter-blvd
lUu nc Walnut 529
It KHPKCTA BKE married woman »o
work in rooming house 2** l.afay
elte east, corner Biush
COMPETENT GIRT, for general
housework. 49 Eliot.
an English -apeaking girl for gen
eral housework In apartment. 3 In
fnmllv Call at 226 W. Hancock.
BRIGHT young indy to work In store
and house, good home and good
wages Holt, 1 776 Mack
DININO-IH ioM wnltK Girl for din
ing loom xxork Grace hospital.
DIHHWASHKRS want'd, $22 month,
board «n*l room. Hotel Normandie
DIBH6V AHIIERH $7 w< ■ k i unm and
hoard. 26"Jl Jefferson • a«t
ENERGETIC KAPY to list rooming
houses. Fa> every night Irelanu.
311 Majestic bldg
GENERA!* MAID fat rafei
en.es 47 Marston-ct Phone North
r.ipr ..
stairs work, small family. 101 Ar»
644 rsrh D. i
GIRI, wanted for hops, work and'a*-e
of child 2 Olynn-et Phone Horn
lock 497.
GIRL xxante.j f.<r general housework
no washing, good wages. 134 Fred
WANTED —25 women for
laundry work; no experience
necessary. Parisian Laundry
so., 43 Grand RKer-ave.
Owinsr to the constantly in
ci easing number of calls, we
require additional operators
Pay while learning. Advance
ment rapid. No slack season.
Michigan State
Telephone Cos.
Cor. John R. and Madison.
| GIRL that speaks German, to clerk
In bakers store; bring good refer-
I ernes 713 Michigan.
[GIRL fur clerk lit a con feet Ibnery
st'.r* . must be well racotninanded.
1354 l-'ourt..* nth-uve
| GIRL for housework and to help
xxlfh children Call 3119 Jeffer4on-
XV*. *M|*l.
I* *sou • I.at >uia School of Poniilar
M isit M Frances Berry, ('aalltac
391 5-J. 96 Mroad way.
WANTED 25 women for
aundry work. No experience
1”> < '.rami River Ave.
KOR *\ ii —xiis. i:i rx \ ini i
And Ladies’ Hair Goods
> t* . * J-
Best made Wijrs and Tou
>ces in the world for the
money. Ladies’ Hair Goods
wholesale and retail. Fine first
quality F'rench Hair Switches
and Hair Goods. Prices riffht
in present Hair
Store—lß79—over 37 years.
2 Doors from Bagley Ave.
KNABE PI XN'i> for $255; regular ss*l4
alyl* l , full si**-, rctinlshsd; roaa
wood; tinusuallx »»**i ton**; splen
did condition. Special bargain this
Wrtki I'a x vx«*kl\ or monthly
OR INN ELL BROS, 245 Woodward.
fom profits by building thla xv«y.
Cull at In 7 Ford l.ldg or phon*
Main 3410 for full Information and
Typewriters—Late Models
Underwood, Corona.
Aqjo It »yal. Smith, Renting
|vSMsl ton, $lO to »o 0; or rent
JagSttSmm $1 to $3 month Detroit
HiMjpiy Typewriter Cos., 149 Jef
ferson, near Woodward.
Main 4 101.
sl7 1 FDR SINGER PIANO, was $359.
fine oak. mi'dcrn in every detnll;
-pl.-ndhl condition: full, pure tone.
Easy terms, call at once or phone
GRINNKU, BROS. Branch. 67 Mon
SODA FOUNTAIN, billiard and pool
tables, new and second-hand. Geo.
Marsh Cos.. 29 K. Atwater. K 7. term*.
Typewriter Bargains
sls to SSO. dire, t from factory, eaay
terms IM'ERWomD, ROY All CO
| Ro.N \. *tc Renting ft.fill up f,arg-
I .st stock in citx r . U. S TYPE-
I \X RITER i’* *. Cadillac 6695 Cam-
Mi* Martlus, nest Detroit opera
I house
i ELECTRIC HT tTIC ihe ip alngle st*-
I tionarx iiim disc, over 5 feet high:
( ... t.ihle sl3 takes it f->r quick -at"
GRINNELI. BROS Branch 57 M..n
r> >e
lb *< xi - lin nitiin- for rooms e*>*n
> |>l. t»- $1 week Sumner, Mirtt k tth.
STORAGE furniture, nearly now bar
gain prior Sumner Cos.. Mien k Ith
Sara A smith, 213 Wnnrlw'd; also hem.
stitching, buttons covered Oh’v 2912
ALADDIN GARAGE. $ »•'..«.5. All ma
terial complete. Shipment made
dux' order received. Call 107 Ford
bldg., or phene Main 3869.
7-SKAYKD PACKARD *'XR for sale.
JHi GiiUiot -a vi Cnihllni .3 Ilx
111 MNl>x OPPDRTI Ml llix
I QUICK PROFITS Rulld «n Vladdln
lliuiae ».n >"tir lot and make qub k
and f>rofltab|e turnover. Call *>>>7
Ford bldg oi phone Main 2820.
tioxrt TO I.oan
CONSTRUCTION t.n.\ NS -Liberal
amottnt*. J. F. Weber, 204 Gratiot.
Detroit Land Contract Cos.
, 812-81 1 Hammond Bldg Cad 5*14
'NOTICE- If any poor girl is in trou-
I ble needing advice, frlendshlj* or
help. \x NT. ~r call on SECRET XRY
west, Salvation Army.
debt* contracted by my wife, Nora
Hat mi'ii IBlgned) C x Harmon.
t o Itß \ r— Hill SEN
Hannan Rental Agency
A fire lint of houses and flats. Call
In i i'ison at the oldest and largest
real estate exchange In Michigan.
1 McGRA W ni-DG
- ni x i _ iiomtx
Cor. I.Piii*d itrd B.it*s only a blork
from Woodward «n>t .lefferson-aves,
and onlx hull a block from the new
fnterurbnn 'xaitlng room Extra
One rooms gi 75c. $1 and $1.50 per
x i uii iiii SNI) • IRTIfd
ACME -tfcage mammoth xxaiehonse
S'oiati, nun ng M '*4'* 41 illlman.
i Cl-.NT i! XI. STMp. XtlE '•<*.. moving,
pa'k'rig fireproof rat'-* right. Xto
tor vans for suburban moving.
I Phone i id Ila 88
ROE HI BP *s storage. Cartage and
Pa- k c •'ff> - ''"l Xlfr and (tldge 424
PARTY V'X'fN'G to Callforn a can
rent pa*-; of car Central Storage
Cos. Ca.llllac 69
u ixi ro irY-NIICBILANROt'I
CASH for o|,t false reeth, gold crown*,
broken Jew. Irx. diamond*, watches,
etc, fot' val i paid Liberty Rfg
Cos 37 \x oda'd. «t*i floor ei*.x*atfxr
|WF EX< H ■ WOE x 'iir old furniture
for nexx o' give you ca*h. Main
2 "0* 142 Mlchigan-ayg
l ull »V . t. — K%II 34 0
FLORIDA- -Catoosahatchee River, 324
acres, fronting mil* and half on
Piste RighwMx Write quick for
description and price. Addreas
D*>ak A ydelett, Tutlahoma, Tenn.
I HI! v XI ) -|||,.||M X< CItOPKRTt i
MONTCLAIR, 612 ! 1 'J j
Duplex of 5 loiinia *in.l sun i**rl<>P. 1
fireplace, modern In every wavt 1
price s'*.»oo, payment of |2.|o« ra«
WARREN WEST. 967-71 1
4- flat, price 46.40 U; payment
of SI,OOO down, balance eaay; an- \
nual tentul fltiO.
Cadillac 14 39. 126 Dime Bank <
- ■■ ■ ■■■l,- ——
Fl.o4)|<g. RENTS FOR s72*) A ■]
PRH'K THIS WFF.K. *4.269. B
719 MAJESTIC BLDG. CAD. 7s*t. -
l-F'amily F'lat $350 Down
»-Room (’ottage... SSOO Down
i-Rogm ( ottaxe... S4OO Doyhi
•LKoom House SBOO Down
5- Classy Bungalow.
7-Room Classy Bungalow,
$650 Down
Prices on these from $1,600 to
Can yen beat such prlcaa? Ba# tag
and pick vour choice
Cad. 317. 408 Cham, of Com.
WHITNEY, Near Dexter 3
Twn-famtly. 45 - ft. lot. preeaed brtcll
ftont. etrictly modern, double ga
rage. side drive; rent SBO p»f
nu nth Price *8.399; $3 399 caah.
Two block* from Grand River. B
room* and hath. 4 targe bedroom*,
full basement, hot air neat; garage.
For appointment see p. A. Riittcrg,
Main 6934. 703 Majestic Bldg.
$5,800—51,000 DOWN
Located In Highland Park. flea*
Ford's; 6 rooms In each apartment;
hardwood floors and finish; sw 11$
decorate; separate furnanea. htr
not hitv this place and cut out Ida
Cherry 3140 2nd floor Farwelt Bldf.
- - • - —. 4a»
HEtIE l* a dandy country home, new
bungalow type, with city Improve
ments. out Grand River-ave, ••
room and bath, furnace, lot *5 ft.
bv 140. and the price only $3.7.i4,
$.V»u down, balance $26 per moMtU*
or to suit.
go 7 Cham of Commerce. Main 2488.
Residence Will. 412-J. Ring 1.
On* block from t-a .salle-blxrd.. ai*4
West Grand-hlvd . choice, reetrlctefl
ncig hboi hood . fully modern. Be#
Howard Steele.
Cherry 3160. 2nd floor Farwell Bldg.
Price*, term*, streets and nuniWH
of over 2m> different properties per
month A telephone call will out
xon on our mailing list. Cadillac
773 or address Dickinson Real
Estate Exchange, 23 Campau bldg..
Detroit, Mb h. ,
North Woodward Brick, slate rnof,
*tor>e porch, large bring roniM,
l,ii,k Are place, bratiiiful flec»»ra
dons srd flxtur*-*. mshogany Bn
|*h, Istae lot, double gaisge, aid*
dr I X'c. 816 494
Main .30 39 7U3 Majestic Bid#.
HF.RE is X DANDY tittle hungaldflNf
in Str.' tbmooi sub . the Oro*»l
pomt r of Grand River-are.; !0 ft.
lot l>\ 129. it has 6 nice rooms
and hath, electric Halit* dsndv
porch, garage. Price 85.2' , 9 66*8
■ ash, balance «29 n*f month l oUla
XX iii doxx “kI. *97 t’l anther "f Cunt
io>'i ci Main 7450 Residenen,
Walnut 412-T. Ring L _____
5-Room House, $298
Complete material for building a *•
room ■ ottur s7l*B Save four prof.
It* Pail r.uT Ford bldg., or pbon*
Main 5 864.
*(, i X'.x NCi >c\’ EP. Two-story single;
$ 1.9 su. Walnut 5404-W.
K44H a \ I,lo—\ \4 4XT 1.0T4
High-Class Building Sites
Xtktnson nil ft . near Bvion . .. . sl,4**B
! .' t.kin.-'on. !0 ft., near Hamilton. 3.594
i I,nncfell*'w, 44 ft nr X\ llson.. 2.4’*i*
; EdKon. "" ft., near Wilson ... t.'**”
■ chlcßgo-ldvd., 5" ft nr Wilson 5.f!*4
Bui 'ingnup 64 fi . m Hamilton 3.4< 0
I t.di , n lo\ farm. '9 ft. near
t,u Salle 3.40*
I Longfellow. Joy farm 3.oa*t
Glxnn Court, .'ln .ft., nr LaSalle 1,89**
tllvnn Cottrt. i" ft nr Twelfth 3.7*40
Cal Mr, Peterson.
Parker. Sehunk & Fry
741 - 7»7 Ms lest If Bldg Msln 69?4
I" iki \< ; for an e x .■*;••
»mn;il bargain In choice north a‘d"
building lids' Atkinson, corner
XX llson: Hazelwood, near Quincv.
Must sncrlflee need mom 3 - now.
i ixx ner, 28 ! Holden-gvc
ROYAL u.xK LOTS Have small
e<| it It ,v If taken for <a»h at once.
Pox S. I*ctrolt Times.
SIOO—DOW N—s 100“
in lot In our
new Macomb Park sub , out V*n
l> kc-.i'* and Elght-mRe-rd.: on*
,i,dlsr xxeek'v <>r small monthly
nsxments will t.a> for It. Prfc**
yi ~o to st4o, you can’t help but
:nake nmnev <>n this small mv»st
in* nt Com'' out todsxr. take Har
per enr to M* Olivet cemetery out
Van I*x ke «r>d our auto will tufcs
you tc subdivision
Lori* XX \ItPOXX BKI. Hale* Mrr .
Cifflce xo; Cham. ■ f Commerce Main
243" I.esfdener XViil 412-.7. Ring 1.
Modern Bungalow $595
Completr material t*.r building flvs
m modern bungalow sr>ix übtp
ment sam*' day order recelv*4.
t'all 447 Ford Mdg or phone Haig
g I IS*, 21 ro< ■!>>*,
•team heat, ham, woudskad. cbHtß*'
ci paik. >ut*lde cellar, targe k*r
den Also hlgh-elaas fastest motor
boat on lake Dr. C A. Det'ou, loojl
b*«x J 94, Pontiac, Mich
XX XVIT.It-—l4B. at, KtTXTI *
LDT OWNKRB - Double yoxir ordin
ary dtoAt a by building an Aladdin
Rradl-Cut House Quick erectlOd,
extremely low ceata Call at saia
407 Ford bldg, or phone Main tli|B

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